Lifestone device

Lifestones are stationary devices that players can attune to. When they die they are resurrected at the last lifestone they used.


  • An admin can create lifestones throughout their server.
  • A player punches a button to attune to the lifestone.
  • Upon death or /command, the user will return to their last used lifestone.
  • Users can then choose, build and decorate their own respawn area.
  • Lifestones can also serve as save points in adventure/event worlds


  • Java 6+
  • A permissions plugin.


  • MySQL
  • WorldBorder, for randomTP command.


  • Add the Lifestones.jar to your server.
  • Added Lifestones' permissions to your permission plugin.
  • Enjoy


  • /lifestone : Recall to your lifestone.
  • /lifestones create : Create a lifestone at your location.
  • /lifestones reload: Reload the plugin and config.
  • /lifestones randomtp: Teleport to a random location in your current world.
  • /lifestones list: List all registered lifestones.
  • /lifestones tp [index]: Teleport to a lifestone from the list.
  • /lifestones near: Get the nearest lifestone to the user.
  • /lifestones attunement list: List all registered attunement points.
  • /lifestones attunement tp: Teleport to a player's attunement point.
  • /lifestones attunement setdefault: Set the server's default attunement point, new players to the server get auto attuned there.
  • /lifestones release: Release attunement to players current lifestone.


  • lifestones.*
    • lifestones.user
    • lifestones.admin
  • lifestones.user
    • lifestones.recall
    • lifestones.attune
    • lifestones.release
  • lifestones.admin
    • lifestones.create
    • lifestones.breaklifestone
    • lifestones.modifyprotectedblocks
    • lifestones.reload
    • lifestones.randomtp
    • lifestones.list
    • lifestones.near
    • lifestones.attunement
  • lifestones.attunement
    • lifestones.attunement.setdefault: true
    • lifestones.attunement.list: true
    • true


  • mysql: Typical mysql info.
  • preferAsyncDBCalls: Run DB save/loading in a separate thread, helps aleve lag.
  • setUnregisteredLifestonesToAir: When breaking (removing) a lifestone, set all the lifestone blocks to air.
  • protectLifestoneRadius: Block radius around a lifestone to protect from modification.
  • debugMessages: some debug messages.
  • attuneDelay: delay in seconds to attune to a lifestone.
  • recallDelay: delay in seconds to recall to a lifestone.
  • protectPlayerAfterRecallDuration: Duration in seconds to protect players from PvP after recalling.
  • randomTPRadius: Radius around 0,0 to random teleport someone.
  • rowsPerPage: How many lifestones per page to show in the list command.
  • lookAtNearestLS: When using the near command, aim the user in the direction of the block.
  • callBlockPlaceEvent: Call block placement events so other plugins can log the lifestone place/break.
  • localeFile: File to pull message strings from.
  • allowPerWorldAttunement: Player returns to their lifestone in the current world.
  • fallbackToOtherWorldLifestone: Fallback to attunement in other worlds if player hasn't attuned in their current world.

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Date created
Nov 27, 2012
Last update
Apr 24, 2013
Development stage
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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  • B: 1.7.0 for CB 1.5.1-R0.2 Apr 24, 2013
  • B: 1.6.0 for CB 1.5.1-R0.2 Apr 21, 2013
  • B: 1.5.0 for CB 1.5.1-R0.2 Apr 17, 2013
  • B: 1.4.0 for CB 1.4.6-R0.3 Jan 11, 2013
  • B: 1.3.0 for CB 1.4.5-R1.0 Dec 19, 2012