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NOTE: This plugin is currently in development. I have created a home for it here to get some feedback. ;)


15 March 2014: Added some polls, please vote here and here!

11 March 2014: The second alpha build is now available! Please make sure you refer to the instructions for use and please provide your feedback in this forum thread. Thanks!

26 June 2013: The first alpha build is now available! Please make sure you refer to the instructions for use and please provide your feedback in this forum thread. Thanks!


IslandCraft modifies the terrain generation to create an ocean with many islands; each island is a single biome. It allows players to purchase islands (with diamonds) which are protected. Some islands are non-purchasable and (when implemented will) occasionally regenerate, allowing players to gather new resources without needing to generate new chunks.


Savanna Plains Mesa Extreme Hills Desert Cold Taiga

Full size images can be found here.


Terrain Generation

  • IslandCraft modifies the terrain generation of the main world to create an endless ocean of islands.
  • Each island is made of a single biome.
  • Players can purchase islands (with diamonds) allowing them to build there.
  • Some islands cannot be bought, allowing all players to farm them for resources.
  • These resource islands (when implemented will) occasionally regenerate, allowing players to get new resources without needing to generate new chunks.



  • /island examine - Get information about the island you are standing on.
  • /island purchase - Purchase the island you are standing on.
  • /island tax - Pay 500 minecraft days tax for the island you are standing on.
  • /island abandon - Abandon the island you are standing on.
  • /island rename <name...> - Rename the island you are standing on.


  • /party join <name...> - Join a chat party.
  • /party members - List members of your chat party.
  • /party leave - Leave your chat party.
  • /p <message...> - Send a message to all members of your chat party.
  • /l <message...> - Send a message to all nearby players.
  • /m <player> <message...> - Send a private message.


  • /suicide - Kill yourself.
  • /waypoint add <name...> - Create a waypoint at your current location.
  • /waypoint remove <name...> - Remove a waypoint.
  • /waypoint set <name...> - Change your compass target.
  • /waypoint list - List all waypoints.


  • Right click with a compass to change its target between: spawn, bed, death point and configurable waypoints.
  • Right click with a clock to receive a message with the current time.



Whilst you can use IslandCraft by itself, to use the protection features you'll also need WorldGuard and WorldEdit

There is also optional support for Dynmap


  • IMPORTANT: As IslandCraft heavily modifies the terrain generation, it is only intended to be used on new servers. DO NOT INSTALL THE PLUGIN ON SERVERS WITH AN EXISTING WORLD. You have been warned.
  • Place the above plugins and IslandCraft-*.jar files into your <server-root>/plugins folder.

More details on the IslandCraft wiki.


More information can be found on the IslandCraft wiki.

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  • Avatar of funkay91 funkay91 Jul 23, 2014 at 01:18 UTC - 0 likes

    @hoqhuuep: Go

    Hi hoqhuuep,

    Thx so much for your answer. I i try and the result is very cool.

    I have a new question ( i suppose i'm note the first), will you devellop a version of your plug in for the new version of bukkit/chauldron ? and may be a date of a new version ? for exemple 1.7.9 or 1.7.10 ;) I ask this question because each develloper have his version of bukkit/chauldron but for user it's very difficult to find a version where we have all our prefered mod/plug-in


  • Avatar of hoqhuuep hoqhuuep Jul 04, 2014 at 08:56 UTC - 0 likes

    @funkay91: Go

    Thank you for the further explanation I understand now.

    The 2 parameters you need to change in config.yml are:

    "island-size" - this is the size of an island from one side to the other. If you want islands about 2k or 3k set this to about 2560 (it must be a multiple of 32).

    "island-separation" - this is the distance from the center of one island to the center of the adjacent island. It must also be a multiple of 32, and must be greater than "island-size". The distance between the islands is "island-separation - island-size" so if you want the small oceans possible you must set this to 2592 (that is island-size + 32).

    I can't say I've tested the generator with islands that big. I expect it will lag quite a bit when it generates them. Also, "island-size" is really just the size of the box the island will be generated in, the island will generally be smaller than this by some percentage. As your island-size is very large, this area of surrounding ocean may also be large. So if you are using "island-size=2560" and "island-separation=2592" and the oceans are still too big there's not anything you can do to make it better with the current release.

    I will try this myself and see. I didn't expect people to want such big islands! ;)


  • Avatar of funkay91 funkay91 Jul 03, 2014 at 12:17 UTC - 0 likes

    @hoqhuuep: Go

    Hi hoqhuuep,

    I work with tinouane56 on a new server, i will try to explain our project.

    We try to make a big map (20k blocks by 20k blocks)with your plug in with this conditions : - Big mono-biomes island ( like your plug in can do) with about 2k or 3k blocks by 2k or 3k block square - Small ocean between two island ( we want one player can see the other island from their island

    But when we try to configure your parameters if we try to make big island ==> Ocean are big too or when we try to create small ocean ==> island are small too

    This for this reason we ask some help ;)

    Thanks for first answer and i hope you can help us

  • Avatar of hoqhuuep hoqhuuep Jul 03, 2014 at 09:39 UTC - 0 likes

    @titouane56: Go

    Sorry I am not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could make a picture to show what you want?

  • Avatar of titouane56 titouane56 Jul 02, 2014 at 21:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello, To start sorry for my english is not my native language! Would it be possible to generate my biggest island without enlarge the ocean If it possiible can you explain me how to make it with your plug in !

    Sincerely, titouane56!

    Last edited Jul 02, 2014 by titouane56
  • Avatar of hoqhuuep hoqhuuep Jun 28, 2014 at 00:41 UTC - 0 likes

    @videogame57: Go

    Thanks for the comment! I will definitely make sure the next release is fully compatible with MultiWorld/Multiverse/etc. It has been one of the most requested features, and makes complete sense.

    Your second point interests me. I've already thrown away all the miscellaneous features leaving only world generation and real estate. To be honest, the real estate system is actually more complicated for me. Perhaps I should aim at making this plugin only about the world generation (I could get that released within the next couple weeks), and then later release a separate (as in separate BukkitDev page) compatible plugin for the real estate features.

    This would allow y'all to use the world generation features now while I try to come up with a good real estate system. It'd also make updating for new versions much faster as I would only need to update this plugin and not the other.

    Anyone have opinions on this?

  • Avatar of videogame57 videogame57 Jun 27, 2014 at 15:59 UTC - 1 like

    Will this be compatible with MultiWorld? Or will it overwrite the main generator automatically?

    I want to see compatibility with MultiWorld without all the paying for islands stuff.

    Hatsune Miku CraftBukkit 1.7.9

  • Avatar of Zillew Zillew Jun 22, 2014 at 11:52 UTC - 1 like

    Really looking forward to this!

  • Avatar of technowix technowix Jun 16, 2014 at 22:05 UTC - 1 like

    *sit on a chair and wait* don't know what to do :'D

    Last edited Jun 16, 2014 by technowix
  • Avatar of tazz260 tazz260 Jun 16, 2014 at 01:29 UTC - 1 like

    yay cant wait for you to update been dieing to use this on my server

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