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Mobs will randomly become "infernal", then they will become mini bosses. They get a random amount of random powers, a name tag proclaiming them "infernal", and when they die they will drop random enchanted loot. I saw this mod for Forge made by Atomic Stryker, and thought I would make a version for Bukkit. Most aspects of this mod are configurable.

A picture of an Infernal Spider:

A picture of an Infernal Chicken with the boss bar:



Poisonous: Gives player the poison effect.
Armoured: Give mobs full diamond armour or a resistance effect.
Blinding: Gives player the blindness effect.
Withering: Gives player the withering effect.
Tosser: Tosses the player around.
Thief: Steals the item the player is holding.
Quicksand: Gives player the slowness effect.
Bullwark: Takes less damage.
Rust: Damages the tool the player is holding.
Sapper: Gives player the hunger effect.
1up: Has 2 lives.
Cloaked: Is invisible.
Ender: Can teleport.
Ghastly: Shoots fireballs.
Lifesteal: Gets health from damaging player.
Sprint: Can go fast.
Storm: Strikes the player with lightning.
Webber: Makes a web at the players feet.
Vengeance: Gives damage from being hit.
Weakness: Gives player the weakness effect.
Berserk: Damages the player more, but takes damage from attacking.
Explode: Explodes on death.
Potions: Throws harmful potions at the player.
Mama: Has a slim chance to spawn three babies of its type.
Molten: Is immune to fire/lava, starts a fire on death and lights the player on fie.
Archer: Randomly shoots a volley of arrows at player.
Necromancer: Shoots wither skulls.
Firework: Fireworks explode from mob when hit.
Gravity: Levitates the player for a while.
Flying: Mob can fly.
Mounted: Riding on another mob.



/im help

/im reload

/im info

/im getloot

/im spawn <mobname> <ability1> <ability2> <ability3> ...

/im cspawn <mob> <world> <x> <y> <z> <ability1> <ability2> ...

/im abilities

/im ahowAbilities



Permission to use the commands:




1. Drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart the server.

2. (Optional) If you want the boss bar then install BarAPI, then set enableBossBar to true in your config.

3. Edit the config and pick the enabled worlds, mobs, and drops.

4. The download only comes with 3 drops, get more here:

5. Do /im reload

Here is an example config:

#Chance is the chance that a mob will not be infernal, the lower the number the higher the chance. (min 1)
#Enabledworlds are the worlds that infernal mobs can spawn in.
#Enabledmobs are the mobs that can become infernal.
#Loot is the items that are dropped when an infernal mob dies. (You can have up to 64)
#Item is the item, Amount is the amount, Durability is how damaged it will be (0 is undamaged).
#nameTagsLevel is the visibility level of the name tags, 0 = no tag, 
#1 = tag shown when your looking at the mob, 2 = tag always shown.
#Note, if you have name tags set to 0, on server restart all infernal mobs will turn normal.
#If you want to enable the boss bar you must have BarAPI on your server.
#nameTagsName and bossBarsName have these special tags: <mobLevel> = the amount of powers the boss has.
#<abilities> = A list of about 3-5 (whatever can fit) names of abilities the boss has.
#<mobName> = Name of the mob, so if the mob is a creeper the mobName will be "Creeper".
chance: 100
nameTagsLevel: 1
namePrefix: "Infernal"
nameTagsName: "&f<prefix> <mobName>"
bossBarsName: "&fLevel <mobLevel> &f<prefix> <mobName>"
enableBossBar: false
#effectAllPlayerAttacks means that for example if the player damages a mob with the poison
#power the player will be poisoned no mater how he did it, even if he was using a bow.
effectAllPlayerAttacks: true
enableFireParticles: true
enableDeathMessages: true
#A message from this list will be chosen randomly, player=Player's name, mob=Mob type, weapon=Weapon player is holding.
  - "&cplayer &chas killed an mob&c!"
  - "&cAn mob &cwas slain by player&c!"
  - "&cplayer &cowned an mob&c!"
  - "&cAn mob &cwas beheaded by player&c's weapon!"
  - "&cplayer&c's weapon &ckilled an mob&c!"
  - "&cAn mob &cwas killed by player &cusing a weapon&c!"
  - <all>
  - PigZombie
  - Skeleton
  - Zombie
  - Spider
  - LavaSlime
  - Witch
  - Wolf
  - Creeper
  - Ghast
  - Giant
  - EnderDragon
  - WitherBoss
  - Bat
  - MushroomCow
  - Cow
  - Sheep
  - Pig
  - Chicken
  - SnowMan
  - Ozelot
  - EntityHorse
  - CaveSpider
  - SilverFish
  - Blaze
  - Enderman
  - Slime
  - Squid
  - VillagerGolem
  - WitherSkeleton
#Set a ability to false to disable it.
poisonous: true
armoured: true
blinding: true
withering: true
tosser: true
thief: true
quicksand: true
bullwark: true
rust: true
sapper: true
1up: true
cloaked: true
ender: true
ghastly: true
lifesteal: true
sprint: true
storm: true
webber: true
vengeance: true
weakness: true
berserk: true
explode: true
potions: true
mama: true
molten: true
archer: true
necromancer: true
firework: true
gravity: true
flying: true
mounted: always
#Power configuration:
mamaSpawnAmount: 3
vengeanceDamage: 6
berserkDamage: 3
moltenBurnLength: 5
gravityLevitateLength: 6
horseMountsHaveSaddles: true
armouredMountsHaveArmour: true
    red: 255
    green: 10
    blue: 10
  - Spider
  - EntityHorse
  - Slime
  - PigZombie
  - Skeleton
  - Zombie
  - Witch
  - Creeper
  - WitherSkeleton
  - Wolf
  - MushroomCow
  - Cow
  - Sheep
  - Pig
  - Chicken
  - EntityHorse
#Potions are applied to players who have all the required items every 10 seconds.
#The potion lasts for 10 seconds so you get the effect as long as you have the items.
      potion: "HEAL"
      level: 2
        - 1
        - 2
      potion: "FIRE_RESISTANCE"
      level: 1
        - 3
#The min/max amount of powers that a mob will get.
#NOTE: the amount of enabled powers must not be less than the maxpowers.
#healthMultiplier is what number the infernal mobs health will be multiplied by.
#If you have healthByPower enabled then healthMultiplier will do nothing.
#dropChance is the chance a dead mob will drop loot, the lower the higher the chance (min 1)
#xpMultiplier is what the normal xp a mob drops will be multiplied by.
minpowers: 3
maxpowers: 7
healthMultiplier: 4
healthByPower: false
enableDrops: true
dropChance: 1
xpMultiplier: 8
enableFarmingDrops: true
      item: 267
      amount: "1-2"
      durability: "60-90"
      name: "&6Excalibur <itemName>"
        - PigZombie
        - Zombie
      powersMin: 1
      powersMax: 7
      lore1: "&eThe sword of the Righteous,"
      lore2: "&eUse only for good!"
      minEnchantments: 2
      maxEnchantments: 4
          enchantment: DAMAGE_UNDEAD
          level: 6
          chance: 1
          enchantment: LOOT_BONUS_MOBS
          level: "1-2"
          chance: 50
          enchantment: DAMAGE_ALL
          level: "3-5"
          chance: 50
          enchantment: DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS
          level: "1-6"
          chance: 75
      item: 261
      amount: 1
      durability: 100
      name: "&4Justice Bow"
        - Skeleton
      lore1: "&cThe bow of Justice."
      lore2: "&cSteal from the rich,"
      lore3: "&cand give to the poor!"
          enchantment: ARROW_INFINITE
          level: 1
          enchantment: ARROW_FIRE
          level: 2
      item: 373
      sub-type: 16452
      amount: 1
      durability: 90
      name: "&5Potion of badness"
        - Witch
      lore1: "&dToo many potions"
          enchantment: LOOT_BONUS_MOBS
          level: 4
        - "give player 264 3"
        - "say player got some diamonds!"

For more enchantments see this list:



An animation about an Infernal Zombie:

A plugin spotlight:



There have been instances of incompatibilities with other plugins, any plugin that changes mob names or messes with mob spawning may cause some problems. While they may not be game-braking you may see some weird things and some features might not work.

Known incompatible plugins:
- LeveledMobs v15.0


Upcoming Features

- IDK, ask and I might add!

- Definable Particles?



If you have a problem please create a ticket and include the error (If there was one) and a link to a paste-bin of your config.
If you just post the error in the comments section or PM me I might not see it. Thanks.


MC Stats

This plugin sends info on how many servers and players are using this plugin.
If you wish to disable the usage stats, look at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.



If you like my plugins and want to help me out:



Check out my YouTube for more Minecraft awesomeness:

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