175 - Spleef Suggestion - Player Visibility While in Game


Hey, could you add it so players visibility is set to true while in-game or players can be visible while in-game. Some (many) servers have the vanish player item in their hotbar and if you set players to invisible and join a spleef game, it saves your inventory but deletes it from your hotbar so you aren't able to set players back to visible so that's an issue having invisible players.

So, add player visibility to true while in-game would be cool, or even in the lobby as well?

Cheers! :)

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    Hey, sorry for the late response, but please try upgrading the HeavySpleef 2.0 as this has been fixed. You may use the release build over here.

    If you want to make sure arenas/games are properly migrated, please use the dev build over here as the release version currently contains some bugs which results in a conversion/migration fail when upgrading.

    Please create a new ticket if the issue still persists after upgrading.

    Regards, Matze

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