About HeadMap

This plugin allows players to create maps with pictures of their heads. Just place a player head and map in a craft box. This works great with the TrophyHeads plugin.


Craft face maps like this:

Craft body maps like this:


  • Players can craft a head map with just a head and a map. (Shapeless)
  • Players can craft a body map with just a head and 4 pieces of paper. (Shaped)
  • Players can create a head map with the /hmcreate command. (Requires permissions).
  • Players can create an image map with /hmcreate command. (Requires permissions).
  • This plugin does not edit chunks or blocks. It utilizes the CrafftBukkit API to place images on maps.
  • Connects to Mojang Skin API server to download player skins and cache them.

How to install

Just drop the jar file in your plugins directory and restart your server. Update config.yml as needed. Update permissions.


headmap.create - Allows players to use the /hmcreate command. (Default: op)

headmap.face - Allows players to craft head maps. (Default: true)

headmap.body - Allows players to craft body maps. (Default: true)


See config.yml


Spawn a head map.
/hmcreate ([player | image])

Spawn a body map.
/hmcreate ([player]) body

Spawn an image map. The image must exist in the HeadMap/images/ folder. (png, jpg or gif)
/hmcreate sample.png

Spawn a bunch of images from a folder. (Place folder in HeadMap/images/ folder)
/hmcreate <folder name> folder

If you have a folder named plugins/HeadMap/images/bannerfolder then do this:
/hmcreate bannerfolder folder


See github.

Dev Builds

See Jenkins.

Known Issues

  • The colors are not 100% accurate. This is a Minecraft limitation.
  • Images larger than 128x128 may cause lag. The plugin will resize images down to 128x128. It is recommended that you resize them manually before using them with this plugin.



Change Log

  • v0.0.11 - March 29, 2014
    • Fix recipes
  • v0.0.9 - January 12, 2014
    • Add folder option
    • Properly add map to inventory instead of replacing item in hand.
    • Remove mob option. (Use MHF_ names instead)
    • Include helmet in face render
  • v0.0.6 - August 20, 2013
    • Add mob skulls
    • Fix NPE (sometimes when player quits)
  • v0.0.5 - February 20, 2013
    • Fix class casting exception (onPlayerQuit)
    • Fix NPE (when loading invalid maps) and remove them from maps.txt
  • v0.0.4 - February 17, 2013
    • Added permission nodes
  • v0.0.3 - February 16, 2013
    • Added body maps. (Use one head and four pieces of paper)
    • Added the ability to map any image. (/hmcreate image.png)
  • v0.0.2 - February 11, 2013
    • Cleanup maps.txt when users burn them or they despawn.
    • Add default skin for when unable to download from Mojang site.
    • Don't error when maps.txt is missing. (First run)
  • v0.0.1 - February 10, 2013
    • Initial version




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  • Avatar of MikyoM MikyoM Apr 01, 2014 at 20:35 UTC - 0 likes

    @cnaude: Go

    Works perfectly now, thank you!

  • Avatar of cnaude cnaude Mar 29, 2014 at 23:07 UTC - 0 likes

    @MikyoM: Go

    Fixed in HeadMap 0.0.11.

    SDF | Fixed Plugins BFAK:cnaude,99361,b703b55cc7c33b67a0dde6d0e3e3b46833573e8f906baec978d45c87a0139279

  • Avatar of cnaude cnaude Mar 29, 2014 at 15:25 UTC - 0 likes

    @MikyoM: Go Yeah it looks like something is broken. I'll get a fix out as soon as I figure it out.

  • Avatar of MikyoM MikyoM Mar 28, 2014 at 16:52 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm running

    CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.7.2-R0.2-15-g2f3dbd3-b2992jnks
  • Avatar of cnaude cnaude Mar 28, 2014 at 16:33 UTC - 0 likes

    @MikyoM: Go

    What version of CraftBukkit?

  • Avatar of MikyoM MikyoM Mar 28, 2014 at 16:31 UTC - 0 likes

    @cnaude: Go

    I am using version 0.0.9 I don't get any error logs

  • Avatar of cnaude cnaude Mar 28, 2014 at 15:47 UTC - 0 likes

    @MikyoM: Go

    What version of CB are you running this on? Are there any errors in the logs?

  • Avatar of MikyoM MikyoM Mar 28, 2014 at 15:18 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a small problem, the plugin seems to spawn the maps well but neither i or the players are able to craft neither the head or the body. I've verified the permissions and it all seems to be fine Any way to fix this?

  • Avatar of cnaude cnaude Feb 21, 2014 at 01:26 UTC - 0 likes

    @_Magno20_: Go

    Yeah I recommend always resizing the images to 128x128 before trying to use them with HeadMap. The video is nice. The only feature that seems to be missing is the banner feature. You can create banners by specifying a folder name with "/hmcreate <folder name> folder".

  • Avatar of _Magno20_ _Magno20_ Feb 21, 2014 at 00:52 UTC - 0 likes

    Okay! Thank you for replying back and using my video ! I hope I went over the main parts of the plugin (sorry if I missed any out)! With the images going blank it only happens to certain pictures when the server is stopped and then start back up. I think it's to do with image sizes. I put the image in that was 128 x 128 and it seems fine with no problems! Some large pictures seem fine that arnt that size which seems strange. Good plugin ! Hope to here back from you soon!



Date created
Feb 10, 2013
Last update
Mar 29, 2014
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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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  • R: v0.0.11 for 1.7.4 Mar 29, 2014
  • R: v0.0.9 for 1.7.2 Jan 12, 2014
  • R: v0.0.6 for 1.7.2 Aug 21, 2013
  • R: v0.0.5 for 1.6.2 Feb 20, 2013
  • R: v0.0.4 for CB 1.4.7-R1.0 Feb 17, 2013