The following information refers to FactionsPlus 0.6


This page contains a list of SOME features in the FactionsPlus plugin. There is so much more packed into the plugin though.


FactionsPlus adds a really great scoreboard to the side of the screen (if enabled) showing a rank of Factions.

Enable this configuration option via Config -> Extras -> Scoreboards -> showScoreboardOfFactions

Faction Warps

Create and remove warps in your faction land that your faction can warp to!

This is by default configured so only leaders and officers can make them, but you can configure it so that all members of the faction can create warps.

You can configure how many warps can be made in the configuration file.

Faction Jail

Faction member been bad? Easy fix, send them to the jail! Great role play element.

To ensure this isn't abused, once a member is sent to jail they can not be attacked or die. You can also configure this so there is a warm up for being sent to jail, this way you can jail a player out of combat when they're nearly dead.

Once un-jailed they return to their previous location.

Faction Announcement

Need to let everyone in your Faction know something quickly?

Let them know with a Faction Announcement. This announces a message to the entire Faction. Once you re-enter your Faction land, you are also notified of this announcement.

Faction Bans

Want someone out of your Faction for good? Give them a Faction ban, it'll kick them out and stop them from re-joining.

Faction Rules

Easily allocate your Faction rules.

Faction rules can be setup to show rules when people first join a Faction.

Extra Admin Commands

Administrating a server can be tough. So I've added several new commands to help with that:

  • /f factionhome [name]: Teleports you to a Factions home.

WarZone Improvements

With FactionsPlus you can disable certain commands in WarZone's! Just add them to the disabled_in_warzone.txt, for example. If you wanted to disable the command "/spawn" then you would add "/spawn" to a line in disabled_in_warzone.txt. Each command must be on a separate line.

You can also enable a permission, factionsplus.keepItemsOnDeathInWarZone, to allow players to keep their items when they die, in a WarZone (default is disabled).

SafeZone Improvements

Safe Zone's can be enhanced with the new configuration options safeZonesExtraSafe and protectSafeAnimalsInSafeZone.

safeZonesExtraSafe will ensure that no player takes damage inside a Safe Zone.

protectSafeAnimalsInSafeZone will disallow players from killing safe mobs inside a Safe Zone, such as a Sheep or a Horse.

Server Protection Improvements

Several features have been added to improve protection:

  • Change where shops can be created with allowShopsInWilderness, allowShopsInTerritory
  • Change what animals can be killed inside Factions with allowFactionKill*Mobs, allowFactionKillNeutralMobs


Date created
Jul 19, 2013
Last updated
Sep 08, 2014