FactionsPlus Internal Libraries

FactionsPlus Internal Libraries

I have created several libraries to work with Factions. These libraries are free to use if you give credit accordingly.


The FType Library or Faction Type Library is a simplistic way of getting what type of Faction, a Faction is.

It can return either of the following:

  • FType.WILDERNESS Wilderness/None.
  • FType.WARZONE A Warzone. Requires having PVP ON, and permanent ON.
  • FType.SAFEZONE A Safezone. Requires having PVP OFF, and permanent ON.
  • FType.FACTION A Player created Faction. Requires having a Faction leader and permanent OFF.


if( FType.valueOf( factionHere ) == FType.WARZONE ) {
    // Is in a warzone .. 

The source code is available on GitHub.

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Date created
Jul 19, 2013
Last updated
Jul 19, 2013