Faction Need


# Default Configuration File for Faction Need Plugin.
#This is the default message after "Player needs a faction"
Message: Would you be kind enough to invite him? :3
#Your server name goes here.
Server-Name: Server
#This is the seconds divided by 1000 before a player can do the command /needfaction again. If you would like to configure. Use the seconds times 
#1000 and put that in here. Currently its at 10 seconds.
Delay: 10000
#This is the fee that is need to use /needfaction. At default its 5 dollars
Price: 5
#This is the currency name in your server. If it was a RPG server, it might be "gold" At default its "dollars"
Currency: dollars
#These are the lines of the sign for /needfaction. If a line doesn't need any words just do ''
  one: I need
  two: a faction!
  three: ''
  four: ''

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Date created
Dec 20, 2012
Last updated
Jan 11, 2013