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< . . . Description . . . >

This plugin allows to customize all Death Messages (supported by the bukkit API and some extra ones i made) for your server with colors, variables(victim, killer, world...) and much more.

Due to public demand this plugin also allows to customize Join/Quit/Kick messages to have both kind of messages into one plugin.

For each death cause/event you can customize 1+ message/s, and the plugin will randomly pick one on each death/event.

Able yo use any Unicode character in the messages, even not allowed by the bukkit parser in config files.

< . . . Current Features . . . >

  • Fully Customizable Death Messages and (OPTIONAL)Join/Quit/Kick Messages:
    • Each death cause has it's own custom message (or list of messages, 1+) for the plugin to randomly pick on on every death.
    • (OPTIONAL)Each join/quit/kick event has it's own custom message (or list of messages, 1+) for the plugin to randomly pick on on every event.
    • Full Color & Format support (

  • Non-Allowed characters by the bukkit yaml parser:
    • (For v2.8.0 and older) - As bukkit yaml parser does't allows non-english characters on configuration files i've made tons of variables to replace them, so you can use any of them anyways.
    • (For v3.0.0 and newer) - Variables for non-english chars removed, you can use any Unicode # in the messages like "%u_00f1" for "ñ" or "%u_2623" for "☣".

  • Tons of variables to use:
    • (Death Messages) Killer name, victim name, material of weapon, proper name of the weapon(by anvil or other plugins)...
    • (Both, Death and General Messages) Player name, world name...
    • Weapon Material names shows as "Diamond sword" instead of "DIAMOND_SWORD" (which is the bukkit default material name).

  • All messages are toggleable by player:
    • You can disable all Death or General Messages for every single player with a simple command.

  • Error messages for conflicts with other plugins (displayed in the console).

  • Full PvP Messages Broadcast customization, you can:
    • (1) Don't show any.
    • (2) Show them as usual.
    • (3) ONLY show PvP Death Messages.

  • (Optional) Silenced Worlds: worlds in that list NOT will receive ANY Death or General Brodcast Message, perfect for massive death worlds with tons of hardcore games to prevent chat spam.

  • (Optional) Linked Words: linking worlds allows worlds to share death/general messages, worlds out if this list will ONLY see it's own messages.

  • (Optional) Debug Mode:
    • Enabling this option will BROADCAST useful data about the Death Process, which will be useful to find plugins conflicting with Bukkit normal events.
    • You'll be able to check: Victim Name, World Name, Last Damage Cause Type, Last Damage Cause (Reason), and Damager.

      < . . . How to Use . . . >

      (I strongly recommend to use a nice text editor to edit config files like Notepad++)

  • If you just want to see the default (Death/Join/Quit/Kick) messages with colors you just need to paste the plugin in your plugin's folder!

  • But of course, the intersting thing of this plugin is the "config.yml", just open it and change all the default messages, add colors, use variables etc.

  • There're several variables you can use:
    • For Death Messages:
      • as Player Name (dead), Killer Name (if a player), Weapon Material (diamond sword), Weapon Name (The Candy Killer!) and world in which the player died:
%playerPlayer (Victim) Name/%killerPlayer Assasin name (only for player kills, PvP)
%weapon_materialMaterial name of the weapon wielded by the killer./%weapon_nameMeta display name of the weapon, instead of the material one, if there's no name it'll show the material one.
%worldWorld name in which the player died, can be used in any message.

  • (For v2.8.0 and older)Also, bukkit parser don't accept non-english characters, so i added variables for most common non-accepted characters, so you can use them anyways:

Some Use Examples

  • How to Setup, Description etc (German) - User Video! (Thanks Flocki909)

    < . . . Commands & Permissions . . . >

/dmdeathmessages.user<Shows a list of commands.>
/dm alldeathmessages.user<Toggles on/off both, Death and General Mesages for the player.>
/dm dmdeathmessages.user<Toggles on/off Death Messages for the player.>
/dm gmdeathmessages.user<Toggles on/off General Messages for the player.>
/dm reloaddeathmessages.admin<Reloads the "config.yml" file>

  • REMEMBER! you can use both "/dm" or "/deathmessages" for commands.

    < . . . Next Features . . . >

( I wish you to have the last word in this, so please vote in the "Next Features" poll and post your ideas in the Forum and tell me what do you want in the next version! )

  • v3.0.0 incomming! Vote in the poll for more features!

    < . . . Changelog . . . >

< . . . Known Issues . . . >

You think the default messages have typing errors?:

  • The messages by default in the config are the MINECRAFT DEFAULT ONES, so if you think some of them are misspelled please complain to mojang.

    < . . . Errors / Issues - Troubleshooting . . . >

GETTING "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" ON START?


  • Plugin won't load!
    • Your server version is the same as the plugin one?
  • I get tons of errors!
    • Try to remove all the plugin data (jar and folder), start/stop the server, paste again the jar in the plugins folder and start again.

      Nothing Works? Other Issue?


      < . . . About the Author . . . >

When i start a server with dozens of plugins i have the same fear... will plugins break with this build? Well I can guarantee my plugins WILL NOT! cause i'm an active programmer, i'll always update my plugins to work with latest RB CraftBukkit Builds, so relax and enjoy. BUT WHAT HAPPENED?! Yes i'm less active these days due to bukkit "shutdown", work, familty you know... but i'm still working on it :)

Also, you can hire me to make a custom plugin for your server, just ask!

< . . . Donations . . . >

This is a free work, i'm not gonna get rich with this, so if you like my work, want to speed up the development or get custom features, please feel free to donate, a simple $ is enought to buy me some cookies :)


Last page update: 31/01/2015

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