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How should we create boundaries for a lobby wall?

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  • Avatar of alienbrett alienbrett Mar 25, 2014 at 07:27 UTC - 0 likes


  • Avatar of EJH2 EJH2 Feb 13, 2014 at 16:18 UTC - 0 likes

    worldedit would be best for this kind of plugin, because the worldedit interface/api is already user friendly, and the commands are easy to learn.

  • Avatar of Vandesdelca32 Vandesdelca32 Feb 13, 2014 at 16:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Use the WorldEdit selection, cause that would be nice.

    -- Vandesdelca32

  • Avatar of john01dav john01dav Jan 03, 2014 at 01:42 UTC - 1 like

    Use the worldedit api if it is installed, but if it is not then just add in your own wooden-axe functions (perhaps a commend ex. /hg setleaderboard that sets the current worldguard selection to the leaderboard). By adding in your own you are removing the dependency on worldedit, but by using worldedit's only if it is installed you are maintaining compatibility.

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  • Avatar of Iandavid123 Iandavid123 Nov 04, 2013 at 22:42 UTC - 1 like

    Maybe a diamond axe as the wand so it uses the world edit wand but made with diamonds so it doesn't conflict.

  • Avatar of pupnewfster pupnewfster Aug 23, 2013 at 13:59 UTC - 0 likes

    @minecraftpvprox: Go

    tsg? do you mean sg and I have been thinking about possibly doing this.

    @Huffmanbrandon: Go

    As I said I don't like having anyone HAVE to get a certain plugin to run it. But maybe making our own "wand" to do it

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  • Avatar of Huffmanbrandon Huffmanbrandon Aug 22, 2013 at 19:31 UTC - 0 likes

    Maybe you could hook into worldedit wand? :D

  • Avatar of minecraftpvprox minecraftpvprox Aug 22, 2013 at 16:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Maybe you could type /tsg tool and it it would give you a item. then with the item you could select 2 points. these are the boundaries.

  • Avatar of pupnewfster pupnewfster Aug 10, 2013 at 18:20 UTC - 0 likes

    @lchesb: Go

    We want to make our plugin not require other plugins to function. If a plugin doesn't get updated or it conflicts with other plugins then that lowers the quality for those people who can't install it we possibly could make our own kind of "wand" and have them use that depends how many people vote what.

  • Avatar of lchesb lchesb Aug 08, 2013 at 19:57 UTC - 1 like

    World Edit?



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Jul 19, 2013
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Jul 19, 2013
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