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News: CraftArrows 2 is here! It's almost like an entirely new plugin!

Crafting Recipes


CraftArrows 2.0 is almost a complete recode. A lot of bugs have been fixed, arrows have been added and more features added. However, as a result you are required to use a NEW config file. You can copy most parts of your old one, but you have to do it manually. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! BACKUP YOUR OLD CONFIG!

CraftArrows adds 24 new arrows to your server. Each arrow is highly customizable, you can disable, set the duration and power and even change it's crafting recipe! Some arrows have special settings like: Auto-Cleanup, Block-Damage, Extra-Damage, Heal-Amount etc.

PLEASE NOTE: These arrows are NOT identified by ID's. They all have the SAME ID as the normal arrow. If you ask me to give you the ID's, I will IGNORE your post. Get a better Kit's plugin which supports lore/name!

Currently included are:

  • Teleport Arrows - Teleports you to where ever the arrow hits
  • Shuffle Arrow - Change position with the player/monster hit
  • Poison Arrow - Apply poison to your target
  • Weakness Arrow - Apply weakness to your target
  • Blinding Arrow - Blind your target
  • Confusion Arrow - Confuse your target
  • Explosive Arrow - Create an explosion where your arrow hits
  • Tnt Arrow - Explode on contact with a player/monster (doesn't destroy blocks)
  • Crippling Arrow - Slows down your target
  • Lightning Arrow - Strike down a lightning where ever the arrow hits
  • Piercing Arrow - Does bonus damage on armored targets
  • Razor Arrow - Does bonus damage to unarmored targets
  • Fire Arrow - Sets target on fire, sets blocks on fire
  • Pull Arrow - Pulls enemy hit towards you
  • Blood Arrow - Heals for an configurable amount when hitting an enemy
  • Torch Arrow - Places a torch where you shoot the arrow at
  • Net Arrow - Places webs around a location or player (Setting to auto-cleanup)
  • Water Arrow - Places a water source block (Setting to auto-cleanup)
  • Sound Arrow - Plays scary & loud sounds to whoever it hits
  • Push Arrow - Pushes stuff away from you
  • Vortex Arrow - Sucks enemies in the direction of the arrow
  • Forcefield Arrow - Pushes enemies away from the arrow
  • Wither Arrow - Shoots an actual witherskull
  • Ice Arrow - Turns water to ice
  • Medic Arrow - Heals hit player

All arrows can be individually disabled in the config file. The duration and power (where applicable) for potion effects can be changed to your preference. Blinding and Confusion don't scale with power (This is how it works in MineCraft!)

Additional features (can be disabled):

  • Skeletons now shoot ALL non-environmental harmful arrows (no explosive arrows)
  • Skeletons drop special arrows
  • Dispensers can now shoot special arrows using: CraftDispenser

Video for v1.1

It ended up a bit longer than I expected, skip towards the end if you just want to see the config

Permission nodes:

Unless you disable a certain arrow, everyone will be able to craft it. If they do not have the correct permission, their arrows will act like regular arrows. Not using a permission plugin? Simply set "UsePermissions" to false in the config file!

  • craftarrow.all - Allows the use of ALL arrows
  • craftarrow.tnt - Allows the use of the TnT arrow
  • craftarrow.lightning - Allows the use of the lightning arrow
  • craftarrow.explosive - Allows the use of the explosive arrow
  • craftarrow.teleport - Allows the use of the teleport arrow
  • craftarrow.blinding - Allows the use of the blinding arrow
  • craftarrow.weakness - Allows the use of the weakness arrow
  • craftarrow.shuffle - Allows the use of the shuffle arrow
  • craftarrow.poison - Allows the use of the poison arrow
  • craftarrow.confusion - Allows the use of the confusion arrow
  • craftarrow.cripple - Allows the use of the slowing arrow
  • craftarrow.piercing -Allows the use of the piercing arrow
  • craftarrow.razor - Allows the use of the razor arrow
  • - Allows the use of the fire arrow
  • craftarrow.pull - Allows the use of the pull arrow
  • craftarrow.blood - Allows the use of the blood arrow
  • craftarrow.torch - Allows the use of the torch arrow
  • - Allows the use of the net arrow
  • craftarrow.medic - Allows the use of the medic arrow
  • craftarrow.push - Allows the use of the push arrow
  • craftarrow.sound - Allows the use of the sound arrow
  • craftarrow.water - Allows the use of the water arrow
  • craftarrow.vortex - Allows the use of the vortex arrow
  • craftarrow.forcefield - Allows the use of the medic arrow
  • craftarrow.medic - Allows the use of the medic arrow
  • craftarrow.wither - Allows the use of the wither arrow
  • - Allows the use of the ice arrow


2.0 So many things:

  • New arrows including: FusRohDah, Medical, Vortex, Forcefield, Ice, wither, water and more!
  • Infinity arrow bugfixed for real!
  • Water and Net arrow now clean up after use
  • You can now specify META-VALUE of a crafting component
  • Almost a complete re-code.
  • Skeletons shoot special arrows
  • Skeletons drop special arrows and more!


  • Added "Amount" variable to each Arrow in the config file, it sets how many arrows should be produced per craft.
  • Fixed a update loop that caused the plugin to try to update on every restart
  • Improved teleport algorithm to preserve the players view direction when teleporting, instead of inverting it in the direction the arrow was facing.


  • fixed blood arrows throwing an error if health was full

I tested this with 1.5.1 (CB build 2717) and neither crafting nor shooting arrows threw any errors. Please update to a newer build AND more importantly CHECK YOUR CONFIG FILE FOR ERRORS! Nullpointer exceptions often means your config file is missing something/a material is incorrect.

If the error persists, delete your config file and restart your server. (back up your config beforehand if you've made changes).


  • Added Net Arrows (Webs spawned not yet configurable)
  • Fire Arrows now set blocks on fire (can be turned off, see "BurnBlocks: true", set to false)
  • Added option to turn off Infinity Enchantment not using up special arrows, will now shoot normal arrows instead (Default is off, if you want Infinity enchantment to work set "InfinityBowWorks: false" to true)
  • You can now set the name of the arrow.


How the config works:

Check this page.

Errors/Issues/Problems/Can't get it to work?

Use the ticket system:

Try to provide as much information as you can such as:

  • Errors (if any)
  • CB-version
  • startup-log (the complete!)
  • Steps to reproduce error (if possible)

And anything else that might be important. Incomplete tickets will be closed.


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  • Avatar of UnwrittenPaper UnwrittenPaper Oct 10, 2014 at 18:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Update for 1.7.10 and add more arrows, pretty please. Read More Here, here, here, or here.

  • Avatar of ajisfree ajisfree Sep 26, 2014 at 06:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there a way to incorporate a smart bow into the plugin? A regular bow could shoot all types of arrows, but a a smart bow could have a its own crafting recipe and would be able to toggle arrows. Basically you would have like 12 poison arrows, 3 explosive arrows, and 43 teleport arrows. when you left shift + left click or something it would toggle through your arrows. So you dont have to switch anything. This would only toggle for arrows in your inventory. A way of displaying the arrow your on would be by the bows name, or use the Boss Bar GUI. Then the name of the arrow would be the boss name, and the HP could be the amount of arrows out of 64. So you could also have a visual representation.

  • Avatar of lskitto lskitto Sep 21, 2014 at 08:51 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello... This may just be me, but the Crafting Recipes .gif does not show ALL bows. Please Update :)

  • Avatar of Premx Premx Aug 28, 2014 at 15:38 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey dude, ive a Problem.

    The "Piercing Arrow" makes no more than 4 damage. I have set in the config the damage to 30, but it just does not make more damage.

    BFAK:90948197,e7bf5163b5bbf2442eabeb7fc20691aec551838d8a70871598fae1173369106b premx_logo

  • Avatar of airport33 airport33 Aug 10, 2014 at 13:06 UTC - 0 likes

    I realy love this Plugin, works fine with craftbukkit 1.7.2 AND HIGHER

    Will there be some new Arrows soon ? *_* An Firework Arrow or something like that :D

    Last edited Aug 16, 2014 by airport33
  • Avatar of CreepCraft CreepCraft Jul 16, 2014 at 17:24 UTC - 0 likes

    Yes, I'm still alive. No, I'm not doing anything bukkit related atm.

    If you want me to update, read the fucking description and make a ticket with the error. No error, no update. Some people say it still works on the newest update, some just cry out. Please, common sense.


  • Avatar of AppleCraft88 AppleCraft88 Jul 15, 2014 at 21:55 UTC - 0 likes

    I cant get skeletons to drop these arrows I THINK they might have when i first got the plugin but maybe not and anyways, now they aren't. The SkeletonsDropArrows and SkeletonsShootArrows are true, but they don't do either, and when i switched normal arrows to never drop, only bones dropped from skeletons.

    EDIT: Fixed it by reinstalling plugin

    ALSO I was wondering if you could make a quiver for these arrows!

    Last edited Jul 16, 2014 by AppleCraft88
  • Avatar of Javi420 Javi420 Jun 16, 2014 at 04:51 UTC - 0 likes

    U think when there's a problem with a new update , this will get updated too or it might b abandon?...Ty

  • Avatar of thief001 thief001 Jun 11, 2014 at 06:42 UTC - 0 likes

    how about the second download in the list? that that says:

    R: CraftArrows 2 for 1.7.2 Jun 04, 2013

    Running a little Swiss/ German Homeserver @, Bukkit 1.7.9 RC0.3.

    Want to sniff arround?
    Be my Guest! (Just maybe dont wonder, if noone answers to your non Swiss/ German askings..)
    Guestaccount enabled, alowing to use Lifts and Carts, so you can get arround and look at things (no mob agro, for gods sake :) )

    Would like to hear your thinking in a PM, if you dont mind (Complety Optional)
    Never hurts to get some fresh Ideas :)

  • Avatar of Solistika Solistika Jun 11, 2014 at 04:15 UTC - 0 likes

    <<reply 2174469>>

    I may have accidentally downloaded the 1.7, so I'll try again, im also on Spigot.

    Edit: Nope, still doesn't work. I can make the arrows, they just don't do anything when fired. Oh well I'll find another one.

    Last edited Jun 11, 2014 by Solistika


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