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Jenkins What is Compass Navigation?

Compass Navigation is a very impressive teleportation plugin!
It was originally developed for a private server but, they insisted I shared it with you!

Right click with a compass in your hand, a chest GUI will open. Alternatively, right-click a [Teleport] sign, or use the /compass command. All of those are configurable.

The config allows for LOTS of customization, including:

  • Size of chest GUI
  • Name of chest GUI
  • Items representing teleports
  • Names of items representing teleports
  • Colours of names of items representing teleports
  • Descriptions, a.k.a lores
  • BungeeCord server teleportation
  • Essentials warps as teleportation location
  • Price of using the teleport
  • Enchantment glow
  • All teleportation locations including yaw and pitch

When an item is pressed, it will teleport you to the location in the config.

Other features:

  • The inventory cannot be edited in compass mode. No deleting or stealing items.
  • Only teleports in compass mode. No glitches / cheats in normal game.
  • Very advanced/customizable.
  • Ingame setup command.
  • WorldGuard, Vault and ProtocolLib integration!

|Ingame pictures |Usage (Install)

To install, just place the jar into your plugins folder and either reload or restart the server. Edit the config as shown below!

Compass Navigation can be setup either ingame or in the config. We'd recommend setting it up ingame because it's easier and reduces the chances of errors however, some things may need to be setup via the config.

See Commands to see how to setup in game. |Commands

There are three commands:

  • /compassnav help - Get command help
  • /compassnav reload - Reload the plugin's configuration
  • /compassnav setup - Set up your compasses' slots ingame!
  • /compassnav update - Check for updates manually Permissions

By default, players now have "compassnav.use" and "compassnav.sign.use", which allows them to use the compass. Full list of permissions:

  • compassnav.use - Just to use the compass (gives all teleports/warps).
  • compassnav.use.slot.<slotnumber> - Exempt this permission to prevent usage of a specific slot
  • compassnav.admin - To use all admin commands.
    • - To be able to get command help
    • compassnav.admin.reload - To reload the plugin's configuration
    • compassnav.admin.setup - To set up compass slots ingame
    • compassnav.admin.sign - To set up [Teleport] signs
      • compassnav.admin.sign.create: To create [Teleport] signs
    • compassnav.admin.update - To check for updates
  • compassnav.perks - To use all perks
    •<slotnumber> - Bypass the economy price for a specific slot
    • compassnav.perks.use.region - Bypass the WorldGuard region flag
    • - Bypass the disabled worlds list.
    • compassnav.perks.cooldownprevent - Bypass the PvP cooldown
  • compassnav.sign.use - To use signs

Disabling compasses with WorldGuard

To use the WorldGuard system, first create a region:

  • /region define [region-name]

Now to disable compasses in that region just set the "compass" flag to deny:

  • /region flag [region-name] compass deny

That's all you need to do!


I had similar issues, but do not fear, they are easy to fix. These things worked for me:

  1. All items you use for the icons are named accordingly following the IDs listed here: Data values
  2. At the bottom of your config, remove the "disabled worlds" section. [if not using it]
  3. You can also try using a YAML Parser to make sure your config file is spaced correctly: YAML Online Parser

Hope any of this helps! One last note...

That's it, have fun!

Plugin images made by yours truly, Andrew Abosh.

Our sponsors:
Punchcraft FoncusedCraft Caldonia

PLEASE consider donating if we've improved your server. We would love to receive something for our work, even if it's only very little- it adds up.


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  • Avatar of Mcabrigas Mcabrigas Mar 28, 2014 at 16:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Can someone help me? whenver i try to enter /cn help only two commands show up update and reload. T_T is there something wrong with my config? please help

  • Avatar of navbarry navbarry Mar 26, 2014 at 21:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @PixelMC1976: Go

    Your bungeecord server name is not in quotes: Example: 'prison'

  • Avatar of navbarry navbarry Mar 26, 2014 at 21:51 UTC - 1 like

    == PLEASE READ == ===== The new version is not bugged out! He simply removed the setup command! To setup your config go here: ===== For an example config look here:

  • Avatar of TheEpicAlmaz TheEpicAlmaz Mar 25, 2014 at 09:35 UTC - 0 likes

    Guys the new version is bugged, Use the old ones (thats what i did :P)

  • Avatar of FlaaffyPlaysGC FlaaffyPlaysGC Mar 24, 2014 at 16:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Lol just use the older versions I did that

  • Avatar of PixelMC1976 PixelMC1976 Mar 23, 2014 at 01:50 UTC - 1 like

    I want the old CompassNavigation back

  • Avatar of freewinner freewinner Mar 22, 2014 at 19:37 UTC - 0 likes

    Ich bekomme es nicht eingerichtet und wir sind auf das Plugin angewiesen! wenn ich auf mein compass Rechtsklick mache erhalte ich eine Fehlermeldung (You do not have the inventory "teleport" ich weiß nicht was ich machen soll? :( Hier mein Code:

      reloadMessage: '&eSuccesfully reloaded CompassNavigation!'
      noPermMessage: '&4You do not have access to that command.'
      cantUpdateMessage: '&eSorry, but the auto updater is disabled.'
      updateSuccessMessage: '&eSuccessfully updated CompassNavigation!'
      updateFailedMessage: '&eThe update was unsuccessful, please check the console.'
      notEnoughMessage: '&eSorry, but you do not have enough money.'
      chargedMessage: '&eCharged &6$<price> &efrom you!'
      cantConnectMessage: '&eSorry, but that server is offline!'
      warmUpMessage: '&eTeleporting you in &6<time> &eseconds, do not move!'
      cantUseMessage: '&eSorry, but you can''t use the compass here.'
      openedForMessage: '&eSuccessfully opened &6<inventory> &einventory for &6<player>&e!'
      notOnlineMessage: '&eSorry, but &6<player> &eis not online!'
      teleportCancelMessage: '&eTeleportation cancelled.'
      - '&6&lCOMPASSNAVIGATION &f| &7/compassnav help'
      - '&6Oo-----------------------oOo-----------------------oO'
      - '&2/compassnav reload &a- Reload the plugin'
      - '&2/compassnav update &a- Update the plugin'
      - '&6Oo-----------------------oOo-----------------------oO'
      autoUpdate: true
      sounds: true
      warmUp: false
      warmUpTime: 5
      warmUpDistance: 25
      signTitle: '&1[Navigation]'
      teleportSound: ENDERMAN_TELEPORT
      noPermSound: ZOMBIE_IDLE
      noPermLore: '&4No permission'
        '347': teleport
      - pvp
    Item: 347
    GUIName: '&2Navigiere durch &1&'
    Rows: 1
    Prefix: '&2&l[&a&lCN&2&l]'
    SignName: '&1[Teleport]'
    NoPermSignName: '&4[Teleport]'
    CommandName: watch
    AutoUpdater: true
    Sounds: true
    WarmupTime: true
    WarmupDistance: 15
    WarmupDelay: 5
    - example1
    - example2
      World: test
      X: -441.40399668764053
      Y: 57.0
      Z: 2265.4591521454595
      Yaw: 273.43652
      Pitch: 1.8237715
      Item: '368:0'
      Name: '&3&l-Spawn-'
      Enabled: true
      World: farmwelt
      X: 339.6134546903337
      Y: 63.0
      Z: 514.4746042995674
      Yaw: -91.77116
      Pitch: 9.573915
      Name: Farmwelt
      Item: '296:0'
      Enabled: true
      Warp: a2
      Item: '266:0'
      Name: Einkaufzentrum
      World: world
      X: 1110.6832319194225
      Y: 63.0
      Z: 106.58678156723474
      Yaw: 1.7272339
      Pitch: 0.8001496
      Enabled: true
      World: Pvp
      X: 209.46484859674504
      Y: 64.0
      Z: 617.477246956349
      Yaw: 1.2175936
      Pitch: -90.0
      Name: PVP-MAP
      Item: '267:0'
      Enabled: true
      Command: /kit dtools
      Name: '&2Antaris'
      Enabled: true
      World: world
      X: 246.17049150537065
      Y: 64.0
      Z: 148.23216594948775
      Yaw: -175.91385
      Pitch: 18.493885
      Item: '397:3'
      World: world
      X: 727.1487980285285
      Y: 65.0
      Z: -142.68488680606777
      Yaw: 90.51007
      Pitch: 15.861662
      Name: '&2Newtown'
      Item: '397:4'
      Enabled: true
      World: world_nether
      X: -6.080984847975872
      Y: 45.0
      Z: 22.977764213232017
      Yaw: 1.6085105
      Pitch: 7.457701
      Name: '&4Nether-Farm'
      Item: '377:0'
      Enabled: true
      World: world
      X: 221.69627627009592
      Y: 65.0
      Z: 71.07872217167605
      Yaw: 90.27049
      Pitch: 8.989109
      Name: '&3Geld verdienen? Dann verkauf deine Items!'
      Item: '421:0'
      Enabled: true
  • Avatar of cThePush cThePush Mar 22, 2014 at 14:13 UTC - 0 likes

    you can put configuration for disable compass, i use another item then i need to disable the compass... :)

    and u can put this project in opensouce, it is realy good for configuration change!

  • Avatar of PixelMC1976 PixelMC1976 Mar 22, 2014 at 09:54 UTC - 1 like

    I miss the old CompassNavigation it was so simple please bring it back @Adzwoolly

  • Avatar of PixelMC1976 PixelMC1976 Mar 22, 2014 at 09:17 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi, could someone help me with this plugin? i'm having problems with making it so when you click a item in the inventories it takes you to the selected server but when you click the item it does not take you to the server.

    please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it and continue with my server

    Last edited Mar 22, 2014 by PixelMC1976
    • Capture.PNG
      Did I do ANYTHING wrong


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