This plugin is made for small servers to big servers, it's made to remove all entities to prevent/clear lag. Of course this plugin can't fix all lag, but it does clear most of it. If your using a larger server with 20+ players using the /lagg clear command will drastically decrease RAM usage, depending on the type of lag your servers experiencing.

  • Permission support
  • Entity limiter
  • Reduces lag
  • Decreasing RAM usage
  • Can stop a TNT chain reaction
  • One simple command
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be ran automatically by console
  • Can adjust times when the server is cleared of lagg
  • configurable removal

/lagg clear(Clears entities)lagg.clear
/lagg check(Counts all entities)lagg.check
/lagg reload(Reloads schedulers/config)lagg.reload
/lagg killmobs(Kills mobs)lagg.killmobs
/lagg area <radius>(Removes entities within given radius)lagg.area
/lagg unloadchunks(Unloads un-needed chunks)lagg.unloadchunks
/lagg chunk(Locate possible laggy chunks)lagg.chunk
/lagg tpchunk <x> <z> <world>(Teleport to chunks)lagg.tpchunk
/lagg(Shows helpful page)

SaveDeathDrops(Blocks removal of items dropped from death)Download Link

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If you are having issues or cannot get the plugin to function properly, feel free to open a ticket, explaining your problem in detail will help me help you!

(-Config setup-)

[Please note]

This plugin contains an auto-updater which will request, or download, updated files of Clearlag directly from this page. To disable this feature, open the config.yml, under plugins/Clearlag, and set auto-update to false.

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  • Avatar of bob7l bob7l Dec 18, 2014 at 23:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheChampTFMineCraftLegend: Go

    The issue isn't the plugin, it's the API from spigot-1.8 that's dead.

    Open for custom plugins! Skype: bob7l.bob7l.bob7l

  • Avatar of icecoldpanda icecoldpanda Dec 18, 2014 at 19:58 UTC - 0 likes

    @icecoldpanda: Go


    Any help please? =)

  • Avatar of TheChampTFMineCraftLegend TheChampTFMineCraftLegend Dec 17, 2014 at 23:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @bob7l: Go

    Would be great with a dev. build, even if it's only working 80%

  • Avatar of icecoldpanda icecoldpanda Dec 17, 2014 at 16:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there no one that can explain to me why the auto removal also takes away the animals that I have listed that it shouldn't remove?

  • Avatar of Basurci Basurci Dec 17, 2014 at 16:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @bob7l: Go

    Yeah i started having problems with my server. Crashes, something is wrong with blocks

  • Avatar of bob7l bob7l Dec 16, 2014 at 23:10 UTC - 0 likes

    @eimantasd: Go

    I disagree. As a very active plugin programmer, i can acurratly say Spigot 1.8 builds are NOT stable enough for plugins to properly be ran on them.

    I'm absolutely amazed Md_5 and the contributers took all that time updating spigot to 1.8 for FREE. He plays a large role in the growing minecraft server community.

    I will not be releasing an OFFICIAL 1.8 update of clearlag, but i may release a beta on spigots website (seeing as it's MADE for spigot if it runs on 1.8 lol).

  • Avatar of Therobodavo Therobodavo Dec 16, 2014 at 19:29 UTC - 0 likes

    So..... Idk if im just being stupid or what..

    In the config, I have warnings for auto removal set up like this.

    For some reason in the server.... the 10 second one goes off, then the 30 second one like 10 - 15 seconds later. That's all I can get... Any ideas?

  • Avatar of icecoldpanda icecoldpanda Dec 16, 2014 at 16:04 UTC - 0 likes

    When I add in the auto remove that it should not remove cows, chickens and so on, it still does. Anyone got any tips on the matter?

    This is a copy from that section of the config file:

    1. What should be removed during an auto-removal remove: world-filter: - none broadcast-removal: true boat: true falling-block: true experienceOrb: true painting: true projectile: true item: true itemframe: false minecart: true primed-tnt: true arrow: true snowball: true fireball: true ender-signal: false item-filter: - none mobs: #What mobs should NOT be removed during clearing~ - Cow - Pig - Ozelot - Cow - Villager - Chicken - Sheep - VillagerGolem - MushroomCow - SnowMan
  • Avatar of eimantasd eimantasd Dec 16, 2014 at 15:11 UTC - 0 likes

    @bob7l: Go

    md_5 says that the server software itself is very stable

  • Avatar of Shooty_ Shooty_ Dec 15, 2014 at 06:56 UTC - 1 like

    Hi bob7l, i would like to see something for "limiting entities in chunk".

    I have a skyblock with lot of entities, the idea would be that instead of killing all entities if there's too many, (or i don't know maybe it's already doing that) just reduce entities in the chunk to the max entities.

    Also if it's already doing that i have an other suggestions. Let's say a player have too many entities in one chunk, can we do a LIST of what the plugin is suppose to remove first ? Like "item-frame, onGroundItems, Villager" This way, player won't complain, like "Oh no all my villagers are gone". No, just item-frame and onGroundItems would be deleted.

    Let's say there a limit of 35 entities in a chunk. And here, a chunk have 60 entities Our list look like that : "item-frame, onGroundItems, Villager". And there's like 10 Item-frames, 30 onGroundItems, and 20 Villagers. Clearlagg will look in order the "List", and kill the right entities. Instead of killing randomly / all of entities, it would kill 10 Item-frames plus, 25 onGroundITems.

    this would be awesome.

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