Clear Chat

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Clear Chat

This plugin will be completly rewritten , wait for the 1.3.2 version.

With this plugin players can't spam chat with large amount of characters type "?" and "!" or other like ")(\-=+_#°%.;*+,". Now it can block text with caps lock.

Game and plugin version

Works with game version 1.2.4, 1,2,5

Plugin version: 1.4


  • support PermissionsEX or OP
  • Now it can blocking text with caps lock.
  • blocking messages with large amount of characters type ? and ! ()(\-=.+_#°%;*+, too.)
  • you can set mimimum characters for block messages
  • you can set invidual messages for kick and replace
  • OP can have protection (can´t be kicked or replaced)
  • you can choose - kick player or replace messages with your string
  • if player sent a too long word (adminnnnnnnn, heeeeeellllllpppp, etc.), then plugin perform choosen action



YML config file

# anti-caps lock; 0 - off, 1 - replace message and do not send it, 2 - kick user and do not send it.
caps-action: 1 

caps-text: Don't write with CAPS LOCK switched ON!

# kick or replace OP messages?
ops-protection: true 

# kick message for user
kick-message-user: Can you write normally?

# minimum character count for block

# action (kick, replace)
action: kick

# debug messages to log
debug: false 

# use PermissionsEX?
perms-use: true

# global message to broadcast if a player was kicked
kick-message-broadcast: I was kicked because I couldn't write normally ;( 

# if you choose action REPLACE, then you must set a message to replace (this)
replace-message: I can't write normally ;(


/cc - Shows all ClearChat commands.

/ccversion - Shows current ClearChat version and authors.

/ccreload - Reload plugin config.


Only permissionsEX support or OP

clearchat.protect - Gives you protection against kick or replace of your messages.

clearchat.basic - Gives access to /cc and /ccversion commands.

clearchat.reload - Gives access to /ccreload (reload plugin).

Planned Features

  • Anti "OMG LAG" messages.
  • PermissionsBukkit?
  • Better english in config :D

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Dec 30, 2011
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Mar 30, 2012
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