This plugin will allow players to use their credits to claim mcMMO levels for any skill that they wish to use it on. This plugin makes donations a lot less of a hassle for admins/owners.This plugin is a fork of RedeemMCMMO.

NOTE: This plugin requires mcMMO

For Those of you switching from RedeemMCMMO you can just copy and paste the player data into the config. If you are having trouble doing this please message me

Credit Currency
Credits can be given to players
Allow players to check the amount of credits they have left
Players can claim mcMMO credits and put them on a skill.

/addcredits [player] [amount]Give the player a certain amount of credits
/takecredits [player] [amount]Take a certain amount of credits from a player
/creditsShows the amount of a credits a player has
/redeem [skill] [amount]Redeem credits
/clreloadReloads config and data files

credits.addAllows the use of /addcreditss
credits.takeAllows the use of /takecredits
claimlevels.reloadAllows the use of /clreload

More configurations for language.yml


Before installing this plugin, you need to install these first.

  • mcMMO - This is required for the plugin to work.

How to setup ClaimLevels

ClaimLevels v1.1 and ClaimLevels v1.0

  • Put mcMMO into the plugin folder
  • Then, you need to move the data from the config.yml into the data.yml. After you do that, you must change all the names to lowercase letters for the plugin to function properly. If you need help feel free to message me(xCyanide)

ClaimLevels v1.2 +

  • Put mcMMO into the plugin folder
  • Put ClaimLevels in to the plugin folder configure the settings to your liking
  • You are done setting up ClaimLevels

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May 28, 2013
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Jul 30, 2013
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