This plugin is created for banned words.

Is useful on a server for manage chat.

For example if a player says a illegal word you can banish this word and it will be impossible to say !


The main command: /cm

/cm add is for add a banned word. > You can ban multiple words at the same time, for this: /cm add word1 word2 word3

/cm remove if for unban word > as the previous command: You can unban multiple words at the same time, for this: /cm remove word1 word2 word3

/cm list is for see the list of banned words

/cm reset is for reset the list

For use this commands you must be to have the permission chatmanager.use !


Bukkit plugin tested 1.8.7, compatible from 1.8 to the latest version 1.8 I think is compatible in 1.7 but i'm not sure (I will test).

Plugin created by com002

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Date created
Aug 15, 2015
Last updated
Aug 15, 2015