Show Teamspeak actions in Minecraft & connect the chats

Version: v0.67 (compatible with all versions of 1.6 and 1.7)
Created by Deathmarine and Firedroide.

This plugin will display Teamspeak 3 server joins, quits and messages in Minecraft
and allows you to chat with your friends using the /ts commands!


  • Display Teamspeak joins in Minecraft
  • Display Teamspeak quits in Minecraft
  • Display Teamspeak (server-wide) messages in Minecraft
  • Broadcast messages in Teamspeak
  • In channels:
    • Display messages in Minecraft if somebody enters or leaves your channel.
    • Display chat messages in that channel in Minecraft.
    • Chat with the people in the channel by using /ts chat <message>


User commands:

  • /ts - Displays the help screen.
  • /ts list (channel) - Displays who's online on Teamspeak (in the channel).
  • /ts mute - Mutes BukkitSpeak only for you.
  • /ts broadcast msg - Broadcasts a message to all people on the Teamspeak server.
  • /ts chat msg - Shows your chat message in the Teamspeak channel.
  • /ts pm target msg - Sends a chat message a specific person.
  • /ts poke target msg - Pokes a client on Teamspeak.
  • /ts info - Shows some info about the TS3 server.

Admin commands:

  • /tsa or /ts admin - Shows the admin help screen.
  • /tsa channelkick target msg - Kicks someone out of the channel with the given reason.
  • /tsa kick target msg - Same as above, but kicks from the server.
  • /tsa ban target msg - This command bans a TS client from the server.
  • /ts status - Shows some information about BukkitSpeak and whether the Listener is running.
  • /tsa reload - Reloads BukkitSpeak. (Reloads the config and the query)

A complete command reference can be found here.


Moved to my GitHub Wiki.


You can check out the list of BukkitSpeak's permissions here.

Setting up the plugin

  • Download the newest release and move BukkitSpeak.jar into the plugins directory.
  • Editing the config:
    • Set TeamSpeakIp to the IP of your TS server
    • Set TeamSpeakPort to the port (when connecting with a regular client)
    • Set QueryPort to the port the TS server uses for server queries. By default this is 10011. You can also find the query port in the server.ini file in the directory of your TeamSpeak server.
    • Set QueryUsername and QueryPassword to a server query login you've generated with your client. More information about that here.
  • Give your users the permissions to use BukkitSpeak and to see messages from BukkitSpeak.
    • In general, you can give admins the permission bukkitspeak.* and users the permission bukkitspeak.user.
    • Complete permissions documentation here.
  • Whitelisting the Minecraft server on the Teamspeak server:
    • You don't need to follow this step if your Teamspeak server runs on the same IP as the Minecraft server.
    • Find the file query_ip_whitelist.txt in the root directory of your Teamspeak server and add the IP of the Minecraft server to this file.
    • Reload / restart the Teamspeak server afterwards. (The whitelist is cached and will only be read when the server starts...)

Any feature requests / ideas / bug reports / locale files / ect. ?

Just write a comment or open a ticket :)

Source Code (Branch BukkitSpeakMerged)
Wiki with a more detailed documentation (some stuff still WIP)
Complete changelog

Development builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Development Builds
Build repository

Deathmarine's BukkitSpeak
Original thread by but2002
Original thread by Greycap (might be removed)


Any donations to BukkitSpeak will help to keep a little Minecraft server of mine alive.
I really appreciate every little support.

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  • Avatar of Firedroide Firedroide Aug 14, 2015 at 11:36 UTC - 0 likes

    @dvargas135: Go

    It should, yes. It hasn't been tested thoroughly in 1.8, though.


  • Avatar of dvargas135 dvargas135 Aug 13, 2015 at 06:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Does this work for 1.8?

  • Avatar of Firedroide Firedroide Jul 07, 2015 at 12:17 UTC - 0 likes

    @MonnierAnt: Go

    TeamSpeak 3 doesn't support server-side volume control, therefore the answer is no, it's not possible.

    I heard that something like this can be done with Mumble, however, so you might want to check that out. If it's actually possible, I bet there is already a plugin for it.

  • Avatar of MonnierAnt MonnierAnt Jul 06, 2015 at 18:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi @Firedroide.

    Your plugin seems to be a very nice one.

    I wonder, i'm looking for a specific feature and i can't find anything for the moment.

    I wonder can we imagine a distant chat that link the volume of people for players according to their distance in the world.

    If someone is far away from you you can't hear him on ts.


    Ours plugins : Obole - Deposite - CmdToRedstone - Salary
    French documentation for many bukkit's plugins : HERE

  • Avatar of Firedroide Firedroide Jun 17, 2015 at 13:33 UTC - 0 likes

    @Paxination: Go

    Sorry, but I can't really implement this into BukkitSpeak.

    What you request is just so extremely specific and would probably only benefit you and maybe one or two more users of this plugin.

    This, actually, sounds like a perfectly valid idea for a standalone plugin for you (or someone else) to program. You could even use BukkitSpeak's server query instance to send your messages to TeamSpeak. To get the query object, just use BukkitSpeak.getQuery().

    To get more information about the TS3 server query API used in BukkitSpeak, see here.

    Again, sorry that I can't really implement this into BukkitSpeak. It's just simply out of scope.

  • Avatar of Paxination Paxination Jun 15, 2015 at 23:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @Firedroide: Go

    Hey, just wandering, if you could add a feature?

    Make it so that it watches what commands a player issues, and if it matches a list of commands in the config, have the plugin send a msg to any one on the TS server that is within a specific server group.

    There are times when my staff are in TS and not on our MC server. And it would be helpful if they could get a notification that something is up from like a /helpop or /report or a defined command from inside of bukkitspeak itself.

    Is this possible for you to poke a specific group or all players in a specific group on TS through the serveradmin?

  • Avatar of Razorskills Razorskills May 31, 2015 at 22:36 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm really happy this is still working great on 1.7.10

    Only issues I have noticed are: if from teamspeak I send "!Say Something" (usually longer messages) it sends to to the server just fine, but it also messages to the channel, but it usually sends 2 messages to the channel in teamspeak instead of just one.

    I also noticed if you use "say" in the console on the server, it doesn't send that to teamspeak.

    But I definitely love the plugin.

    Last edited May 31, 2015 by Razorskills
  • Avatar of Firedroide Firedroide May 06, 2015 at 21:50 UTC - 0 likes

    @uncovery: Go

    Wonderful, nice to hear everything is working correctly now!

    If any other issues with the plugin happen to come up, feel free to comment here again :)

  • Avatar of uncovery uncovery May 05, 2015 at 23:51 UTC - 1 like

    @Firedroide: Go Hey there, thanks for the timely help!

    I need some additional info here. I understand you only want messages from the "global" channel transmitted to the TeamSpeak server, so there must be messages that get picked up from somewhere else.

    I just specified that to make sure that I do not want everything from all in-game channels to be sent to TS, only that channel. Right now, I cannot get any chat from the game to be seen on the TS server. I want the "Global" channel from HeroChat to be broadcasted to the specified Channel.

    So I changed the settings for the broadcast and the permission and that seems to have fixed everything, so all works as intended now! Thanks, great plugin!

    Last edited May 06, 2015 by uncovery
  • Avatar of Firedroide Firedroide May 05, 2015 at 15:39 UTC - 0 likes

    @uncovery: Go

    Hi there, uncovery! First of all, thanks for using my plugin and for not just trashing it when it didn't work quite right at the start :)

    So, let's get to your doesn't-work list:

    • I could not get any in-game items (actions/join/chat) to be shown on the teamspeak server

    This could very well be a permissions issue. BukkitSpeak will only send notifications for players who have the permission bukkitspeak.sendteamspeak.* set. This permission node should usually be true for everyone, but maybe your permissions plugin is causing some issues here.

    It could also be that you have another plugin installed that messes these events up. For example, BukkitSpeak does not listen to cancelled events or events with a join / leave / kick message of "null". But the chance of this happening is rather low, only really inexperienced programmers would set these values to null just for the heck of it.

    • I do not want the global chat from TS to be shown in-game if possible.

    Easy fix, just set

    SendServerBroadcastsToMinecraft: false

    This will make it so no TS server-wide chat is sent to the Minecraft server anymore.

    • I only want to see the global channel chat from HeroChat to be shown in the specified channel in Teamspeak

    I need some additional info here. I understand you only want messages from the "global" channel transmitted to the TeamSpeak server, so there must be messages that get picked up from somewhere else.

    What exactly is it that is also being sent? Messages from other HeroChat channels? Messages outside of HeroChat?

    Also you must know I'm not that familiar with HeroChat and haven't been watching its development lately, so there might be features I'm not familiar with. Therefore, please bear with me and please explain the issue as precisely as possible so I can help you :)

    • Joins and quits on the TS server can be shown in-game

    Also not sure what exactly you meant by this. Above you stated that TS joins / quits are transmitted to the TS server correctly, so wherein lies the issue?

    Do you want to turn this feature off? Then you'd have to set

    SendServerEventsToMinecraft: false

    for BukkitSpeak not to message you about TS server joins / quits and

    SendChannelEventsToMinecraft: false

    for it not to send TS channel joins / quits.

    I'm sorry I didn't understand what you meant by each issue, but please get back to me so we can figure this out together.


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