Main / Setting up the Config file

The config file is automatically created on first launch of the plugin. It is also updated, when there are new options.

# Bleeding Mobs config
# Don't use tabs in this file
# Be careful, if you change the amounts of particles, 
# it can break your server.
# For example creating thousands of particles on hit is not a good idea.
# You can always reset this to the defaults by removing the file.
# Chances are from 0 to 100, no fractions allowed. 
# 100 means 100% chance of drop.
# There is no chance value for the particle material (e.g. redstone), 
# because it's calculated from the wool and bone chances 
# (so if you set them both to 0, it's 100%).
# All time values are in ticks = 1/20th of a second.
# If there are from and to values, 
# then the value is randomly selected between from and to.
# Wool colors: white, orange, magenta, light-blue, yellow, lime, pink,
# gray, silver, cyan, purple, blue, brown, green, red, black

enabled: true

# Maximum particles allowed on the server. 
# Reduce this, if the server lags.
max-particles: 200

# If you enable this, the player and monster will bleed even,
# when the damage event is canceled (e.g. god mode)
bleed-when-canceled: false
show-metrics-info: false

# When permission-only is set, then everything will only bleed, 
# when they are hit by a player with bleedingmobs.bloodstrike permission. 
# This will disable bleeding on death and on fall damage.
permission-only: false

# Increase or decrease the amount of blood on attack, fall damage, 
# death or damage by a projectile, no fractions allowed.
attack-percentage: 100
fall-percentage: 60
death-percentage: 150
projectile-percentage: 60

# Constant stream of blood after an attack
  # Amount of blood compared to the normal attack
  percentage: 10
  # Duration of the blood stream
  time: 200
  # Interval between each bleedings
  interval: 10
# All entities have their own config
  # Chance that wool will be used as blood in percent.
  wool-chance: 50
  # Chance that bone will be used as blood on death in percent.
  bone-chance: 0
  # How long particles stay before disappearing (in server ticks = 20/s).
    from: 5
    to: 15
  wool-color: lime
  # If the blood from entity dying will stain the ground.
  stains-floor: false
  # How long bone stays lingering around (in server ticks = 20/s).
  bone-life: 100
  # How long the stained ground stays before disappearing 
  # (in server ticks = 20/s).
    from: 80
    to: 120
  # On entity death, how much blood is dropped by the mob. 
  # Randomly selected between from and to.
    from: 5
    to: 15
  # What materials can be stained.
  - stone
  - grass
  - dirt
  - cobblestone
  - wood
  - sand
  - gravel
  - sandstone
  - wool
  - double-step
  - brick
  - mossy-cobblestone
  - snow-block
  - clay
  - netherrack
  - soul-sand
  # Item that is used as blood
  particle-material: sulphur
# If you have multiple worlds, 
# but only want this on for selected worlds, 
# put the world name in the [ ], separated by commas. 
# An empty list means all worlds.
worlds: []

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Date created
Aug 29, 2011
Last updated
Jul 31, 2012