Be Herobrine


What this plugin does: Allows any admin or owner of a server to become Herobrine, giving them the skin and nametag of Herobrine. It also allows you to use many gadget commands such as vanishing which makes you invisible until you reappear. This plugin's intention is to give any admin or owner a laugh as they scare their players.


Commands: Type / ingame to view them all.

  • /bh: Toggles being Herobrine.
  • / Teleports to a player.
  • /bh.v: Toggles vanished on/off.
  • /bh.control: Allows a player to control another player's chat, which includes typing commands or chatting as them. Cannot type spaces though.
  • /bh.ex: Causes a small explosion near a player that is harmful. Beware it destroys blocks.
  • /bh.summon: Summon a creature.
  • / Disorients player, making them blind and nauseated for a short time.
  • /bh.fw: Begin fire-walking.
  • /bh.reload: Reloads plugin variables.
  • / Shows all of the commands.

Permission Nodes:

  • BeHerobrine.use
  • BeHerobrine.reload
  • BeHerobrine.kill
  • BeHerobrine.disorientate
  • BeHerobrine.control
  • BeHerobrine.scare
  • BeHerobrine.explode
  • BeHerobrine.summon
  • BeHerobrine.vanish
  • BeHerobrine.firewalk

To-Do List:

  • Nothing at the moment; Suggestions welcome.


  • No known bugs.

Required Plugins: READ!!! You require one of these plugins for /bh to work.

Suggestions: Have an idea? Go here.

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Date created
Mar 29, 2012
Last update
Apr 21, 2013
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Be Herobrine
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