installation / configuration

Currently there are many configuration options, allowing a huge amount of control over the plugin.

In the name of settings, any full stops reference a new line, as that is the common practice for .yml files (YAML files)

On first run, settings.yml and worlds.yml are generated.

Default settings.yml:

  version: 0.5
creative-only: true
  use: false
  permission: antidrops.bypass
    chest-use: true
    death-drops: true
    signs: false
    death-drops: false
    death-drops: false
  debug: false
remove-item: false
deny-drops: true
deny-pickup: true
no-block-drops: false

settings.yml :

config.version - DOUBLE - default: Latest config version - do NOT change this, as it resets your config.

creative-only - BOOLEAN - default: TRUE - when set to TRUE, drops are only disabled while in creative mode, so players in Survival and Adventure Mode can drop items, but players in Creative Mode can't. If set to FALSE, no-one can unless bypass is turned on and they have the bypass permission

bypass.use - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - when set to TRUE, anyone that has the bypass permission is allowed to drop items, while others aren't

bypass.permission - STRING - default: antidrops.bypass - set this to whatever permission you want to use as the bypass permission.

block.creative.chest-use - BOOLEAN - default: TRUE - when TRUE, creative users will be unable to open chests in monitored worlds, if FALSE, they will be able to open chests

block.creative.death-drops - BOOLEAN - default: TRUE - when TRUE, creative mode players will not drop items when they die, such as void and /kill, if FALSE, they will drop their items on death

block.creative.sign-use - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - when TRUE, creative mode players will not be able to interact with signs (mostly for Essentials [Buy], [Sell] and [Trade] signs)

block.survival.death-drops - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - when TRUE, players in survival mode will not drop items when they die, but they will still lose them.

block.adventure.death-drops - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - same as for block.survival.death-drops, but for adventure mode players

dev.debug - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - Don't turn this on unless you want your console to be spammed by the plugin. Use only if something goes wrong and you don't know what.

remove-item - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - when TRUE, instead of the player being unable to drop the item, they will instead lose the item completely

deny-drops - BOOLEAN - default: TRUE - when set to FALSE, all players will be able to drop items, regardless of other settings, while TRUE, other settings limit who can drop items

deny-pickup - BOOLEAN - default: TRUE - when TRUE, settings limit who can pickup items, when FALSE, anyone can

no-block-drops - BOOLEAN - default: FALSE - when TRUE, depending on the creative-only setting, blocks will not drop items, if FALSE they will

Default worlds.yml

  version: 0.2
- ignoredworld
- alsoignored


config.version - DOUBLE - default: Latest config version - do NOT touch as your config will reset

worlds - LIST OF WORLDS - default: ignoredworld and alsoignored - for any worlds you DON'T want AntiDrops to monitor, put them here, for example, an adventure map or a pvp world, but not a creative world.

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  • Avatar of YoshiGenius YoshiGenius Aug 11, 2012 at 08:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Will update this page with the new config options tomorrow when I have time to.

    I'm a plugineer! If you're a dev and are looking for some help (whether that's Java in general or just Bukkit API), hit me up with any questions! I'll be more than happy to help.

    I also make plugins (both public and private) and can do some on request. If a plugin would be public, I am less likely to ask for payment, but if private then yes, payment would be required.

    In other words, you can PM me if you need one made and I'll see what I can do (and how viable it is).

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