AddSomeFurniture adds furniture to your server, like chairs, tables, thrones, worktops etc.


  • adds lots of furniture
  • functional Lamps (enable / disable light with right click)(buggy)
  • functional Worktops (open a craftingtable with right click)
  • functional Seats (requires ChairsReloaded plugin)
  • special tables!
  • switch between 16x16 and 64x64 textures!



  • /asf: Check if AddSomeFurniture is up to date.



You can disable/enable permissions in the config.yml.



Changes in the last update:

  • v1.1.0 and v1.1.1:
  • updated to 1.6.4
  • added coffetables
  • deleted flowers and carpets
  • improved code
  • updated metrics

Additional informations:

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

You can disable the stat collection via /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml if you wish.

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  • Avatar of Thedutchgamechannel Thedutchgamechannel Sep 06, 2013 at 15:40 UTC - 0 likes

    This is a awesome plugin so please update to 1.6.2! :D thanks

  • Avatar of Liger_XT5 Liger_XT5 Jul 19, 2013 at 16:31 UTC - 0 likes

    @henning1004: Go

    I'd have to look it up, but I don't think they have gotten very far on the client. Mostly due to the fact that the way the new MC launcher works.

    Also, thought I'd note, there seems to be a bug with the update feature. My server was hanging, after numerous restarts, until I caught on to it being addsomefurniture. When I set the feature to false in the config, the server restarted just fine. I don't suppose you could add a delay in the startup? Otherwise, I'll just leave it disabled. I use Craftbukkituptodate anyways.

    MCDen @
    Details at!

  • Avatar of henning1004 henning1004 Jul 19, 2013 at 09:48 UTC - 0 likes

    @adsy90: Go

    the latest spout plugin is for cb 1.5.2. you can download the dev. builds for 1.6.2 but i think that they are not working yet... a dev. build for the spout client should be available soon too.

    i can´t help you any more, because I'm on vacation ;)

  • Avatar of adsy90 adsy90 Jul 16, 2013 at 13:34 UTC - 0 likes

    First off I would like to say this looks like an awesome mod!! I'm hosting my own craftbukkit server and want to implement this plugin, however i've put the spout plugin the server plugins folder yet when I run the server it says AddSomeFurniture can't be started please install spout plugin and spout application.

    I'm running craftbukkit 1.6.2 and downloaded the lastest spout plugin I could find but still doesn't work? Any chance of getting a brief walkthrough please? Also the spout client is too out of date for the server, do you know of a spout 1.6.2?


  • Avatar of suchthefool suchthefool Jun 12, 2013 at 21:37 UTC - 0 likes


    Ah right gottcha. Will get them to install it. Thanks very much for the reply.

  • Avatar of Liger_XT5 Liger_XT5 Jun 12, 2013 at 18:12 UTC - 1 like

    @suchthefool: Go

    The server itself needs the Spout Plugin. You've got that. The Users need to use the SpoutCraft Launcher to see the features. Otherwise they see just the base items/blocks.

  • Avatar of suchthefool suchthefool Jun 12, 2013 at 17:27 UTC - 0 likes

    @henning1004 We've got the Spout Plugin installed on the server, in the plugins folder.

  • Avatar of henning1004 henning1004 Jun 12, 2013 at 16:33 UTC - 0 likes

    @suchthefool: Go

    Are they using the spoutcraft launcher?

  • Avatar of suchthefool suchthefool Jun 12, 2013 at 08:43 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi, wondering if someone could help. I have installed this mod along with the Spout plugin to my Spigot multiplayer server. When anyone uses the above recipes it just creates flint. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks STF

  • Avatar of henning1004 henning1004 Jun 02, 2013 at 12:12 UTC - 0 likes

    @GamerKid82299: Go

    I won´t add furniture with special inventories or furniture which consists of more than one block.


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