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Ultimate SkyWars

Nov 22, 2015 Release
Ultimate SkyWars This plugin is based off the popular skywars minigames. It is largely customizable, and has a large number of features to it! Kits, Cages, Perks & Achievements Features Create your own arena, as large as you want it! Make as many players join a single game as you want! Randomized loot chests for each island, consisting of 4 chest types, common, rare, epic & legendary! A shop featuring different Cages, Kits and DeathMessages! Keep track of your statistics! Collect all the...


Nov 22, 2015 Release
ExperienceWithdraw ExperienceWithdraw is a plugin where users can withdraw their exp and put it into an Xp Bottle, and throw it down to add it back(similar to CosmicPVP). Usage Commands /xpwithdraw <amount> - Withdraws the amount of xp specified by user.(<amount> is in experience points, not experience levels) /xpamount - Tells you how much experience points you have. /xpamount - Tells you how much experience points the specified user has.(Defaults to OPs) Permissions...

Dynamic Healing

Nov 22, 2015 Release
Dynamic Healing A simple plugin that allows you to GIVE your health to an other player, to set an other player's health to a specified amount(You can kill them this way) and many other health-related amazing features DEPENDENCIES Vault (Completely required for /givehp cost): http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/ COMMANDS /givehp <Player> [Amount] : Gives to a specified player a specified amount of health. If health is not specified it gives 5 hearts. (Since 1.5)Cost: health to give *...
EnchantmentUpgrade Banner

Enchantment Upgrade

Nov 22, 2015 Release
Thanks for 2500+ downloads! We all have those times when we say to ourselves, "Man, I wish my sword was stronger," or, "I need to become more powerful to defeat the Enderdragon!" Don't let your dreams be dreams (Thanks, Shia!), and use Enchantment Upgrade's Item Upgrade Altar! What Does it Do? This plugin has 1 main goal: To make you more powerful. By using a different setup of "altars," you can upgrade the enchantment level of a Sharpness 5 Diamond Sword, an Unbreaking 3 Golden Shovel, a...
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Nov 22, 2015 Release
What is WatchDog? WatchDog is a simple tool to allow server staff to add players to a flexible watchlist. It is designed to allow players who are questionable to be easily tracked across timezones by any staff who are online when the player logs in. Once a player has been added to the watchlist, the next time they login all players who have the watchdog.statusupdates permission will be notified that a player on the watchlist has logged in. Installation: Just drag and drop into your plugins...


Nov 22, 2015 Release
Version: - Currently Version 1.8.3 Info: - SimpleVoteLinks is a plugin that can help you tell players where to vote on your server. - Unlimited links may be used when configured in the config. Permissions: - svl.vote - gives players access to /vote Example Configuration: #Put your links below like the examples here. #You can use unlimited links #To add another link just add another dash under the current link #Example: #links: #- bit.ly/fwgcvl1 #- bit.ly/fwgcvl2 #- Extra link would go here...


Nov 22, 2015 Release
Lobby Compass is a plugin based on almost any minigames server, where you have a compass, which opens an inventory with warp points or commands. Plugin Is Now Being Managed By Sleepyflea Outdated Version: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lobbycompass/ Original Authors/Testers - Dreieck52 - Author - MIxWLF - Tester Commands and Permissions To use the compass, you need the permission "lobbycompass.use". To use the command '/lc get', which gives you a new compass, you need the permission...

WorldGuard Polygon Generator

Nov 22, 2015 Release
WorldGuard Polygon Generator WorldGuard Polygon Generator is a plugin which allows you to easily create custom WorldGuard polygonal/cuboid regions, all with a few simple commands. The possible shapes include, but do not limit to: circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, squares, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. The commands are very flexible, allowing you to creates millions of different shape combinations. These shapes represent regions which have been generated using...

0ct0ber's Balanced Enchantments

Nov 22, 2015 Release
Overview Balanced Enchantments is a combat plugin meant to give players more options about their fighting style. Some tactics in combat are overpowered yet extremely easy to use or control, such as Juggernaut (High protection, diamond armor), or Teaming (Agreeing with another player to attack a lone player). This plugin doesn't remove those tactics, but makes them less effective or have a weakness, and adds room for other possible combat styles. At the same time, it removes that "uselessness"...


Nov 22, 2015 Planning
This is a very simple plugin that basically makes every sheep ever naturally spawned, summoned, or even with a spawn egg, have a random color. For example, if I spawn a sheep, that sheep will have a 1/16th chance of becoming pink. (There are sixteen Dye Colors) For anyone out there who remembers the plugin ShireSheep, this plugin is just like that, but updated to 1.8 :) Commands There are currently no commands in this plugin, everything works by itself! Permissions There are currently no...
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Nov 22, 2015 Mature
The most full featured and flexible self-service protection system in Bukkit. Highly configurable, MCPC+ compatible. For the latest builds visit my Jenkins Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. These pre-configured fields are just one of the ways you can configure PreciousStones. Use them all, use just the ones you like, or create your own. You can...


Nov 21, 2015 Release
FR: Cliquez ici JumpPad is a plugin for creating integrated jumppad to your spawn It propels players into the air when the player walked on the structure, the fall doesn't damage JumpPad is fully configurable, you can change the jumppad structure, by default, is a carpet on a log of wood on a gravel block You can create invisible jumppads for uses in your spawn The plugin has an automatic update system from version 0.2 The configuration system is available from version 0.3 Update was...


Nov 21, 2015 Planning
TMCFood Sadly, I don't have access to the AcpFood page, so I made my own. The food is exactly like WarZ specifications, and you can configure the eat delay between the sugar. A lot of people have requested this, so I have setup the food plugin according to specifications. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me in a private message. TMCFood is a new solution to using AcpFood, with a more accurate healing ratio. 20 health = 10 full hearts Canned Beans heals: 5 health Canned Pasta...
Anti Void Death default image

Anti Void Death

Nov 21, 2015 Release
================Anti Void Death================ Anti Void Death is a simple plugin that will help players who are in your lobby or any other world you set and are falling into the void not die. This is done as instead they are teleported to a location that you have set previously. One location can be set per protected world and it should be noted that this location does not have to be in the same world as the one that is protected. Commands and Permissions Command: /avd spawn set <WorldName>...


Nov 21, 2015 Release
Take Minecraft Mobs to a New Level Website | Manual | Forums | Changelogs | Support What is MythicMobs? MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your own mobs, bosses, and other many other fun mob-related things. It gives you full control over how mobs behave, from simply increasing their HP and damage to giving mobs a vast arsenal of new abilities. Your custom mobs can then replace vanilla mobs, be spawned randomly...


Nov 21, 2015 Release
Introduction Simple plugin for set spawn with very useful options in config. Features Easy config. Customizable messages. Teleport to spawn on first-join/join/respawn (If true in config). Player join and quit messages (If true in config). First join message (If true in config). Commands and Permissions /setspawn - Permission: easysetspawn.set /spawn (Teleport to spawn) - No permission. /spawn [player] (Teleport other player to spawn) - Permission: easysetspawn.teleportothers /essreload...


Nov 21, 2015 Planning
Commands: /BrainBow help for help page /BrainBow setlobby set warting lobby /BrainBow exit set exit lobby /BrainBow addteamspawn Green,Blue,Red,Yellow set team spawn /BrainBow add YouGameName add a game /BrainBow pos1 set a pos1 /BrainBow pos2 set a pos2 /BrainBow kill kill your /BrainBow stats one sees his stats /BrainBow join YouGameName join a game /BrainBow start YouGameName start a game /BrainBow maxplayers Arenaname players z.b 10 pit your maximum players limet Permissions: -...


Nov 21, 2015 Release
The ChatManager is a completely clever system, which includes all functions from the PEX-ChatManager, and add many more Features. For example, you can - Prefix or Suffix other Players, - Use Variables and Color Codes in every configuration-chapter, - let players hear an Sound , if their name is written, - Change the Format for every Group from your Group- or Permission Plugin or - use a global Chatformat, if you dont have a Group- or Permission Plugin This plugin basically needs no other...


Nov 21, 2015 Planning
Plugin Desc: Need a plugin that allows you to broadcast or tell a player something when something happens like the player leaves? Then this is the plugin for you. Right now this plugin has Join/Leave custom message. Default Config: enableLeaveBroadcast: true leaveBroadcast: '&f[]&4%player%, &bhas left the game! &f[]' enableNewJoinBroadcast: true newJoinBroadcast: '&f[]&4Welcome &b%player% &4to this minecraft server!&f[]' enableJoinBroadcast: true joinBroadcast: '&f[]&4Welcome back &4%player%...

BitrateRecoded's MineTopia Plugin

Nov 21, 2015 Planning
What is BitrateRecoded's MineTopia Plugin? BitrateRecoded's MineTopia Plugin is a plugin based on the concept of the popular real-life server MineTopia, created by DusDavidCraft. It features an Economy, ATM's, a level system and more! Commands & Permissions /brmp - The main command (no permission) /brmp setlevel - Set a player's level (brmp.setlevel) /brmp setbank - Set a player's bank balance (brmp.setbank) Please note! BRMP modifies your chat, over-all player experience and is only...