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Quick & Easy Crates

Aug 30, 2014 Planning
Introduction Welcome to the Crates plugin! This plugin allows an operator to get a crate and give it to their players during a drop party. I plan to add votifier support, so if somebody votes they can be given a crate immediately. Permissions! crate.use: description: permission to use the plugin default: false crate.default: description: permission to use default item list default: true crate.advertiser: description: permission to use avertiser item list default: false crate.mod: description:...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
cReport Reporting Plugin for Bukkit and Spigot! cReport is a basic reporting plugin to allow users and staff to report users to a higher ranked staff member! cReport is very lightweight and will not cause any server lag because it only runs on 29 lines of code! Yay! The basic command for cReport is /report <name> <reason>, And the permission to view or see all reports is "creport.view" this permission allows you to view all reports that are sent in! Config There is no config because there is...

Creative Planner

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Creative Planning Ever wanted to build in survival but haven't had the lust to die all the time because you fall off or something goes wrong? look no further, this plugin is perfect for you. Features: Pre build in creative and gather materials after! No interactions in creative. Players can't cheat in items. How to use: Download the plugin Put the .jar file in your plugins folder. Restart your server. Configure all the messages in the config.yml to your liking. Give players that should be...

Fried Egg Plugin

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Fried Egg Plugin A small plugin that adds the ability to fry eggs in a furnace. Why? While playing the game one night a friend of mine said something along the lines Why don't they make it so that you can fry eggs to get some extra food? So I sprung to work and created this small plugin which adds exactly that ability. How to use The plugin doesn't use any special commands since all it adds is a single furnace recipe. The only permissions our users will need is to use furnaces (along with a...

Get That Cake

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
EASY, SIMPLE, AND USEFUL! Get That Cake: Ever wanted to get a cake block once you placed down? Realised you can't get that cake back? Well now you can! Features SILK A CAKE BLOCK WITHOUT SILK TOUCH! Useful for parties :> Good for adventures Config None Permissions None Thanks!

Unlimited Hunger Bar

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Infinite Hunger: Simply, unlimited hunger. Config: None Features: Unlimited Health.. Easy Little to 0 CPU usage Permissions: None


Aug 29, 2014 Beta
NPGuys is an Citizens extension that brings NPC interaction to a whole new level... Overview NPGuys (Non-Player Guys) - the most anticipated (by me, at least) RPG plugin - has finally arrived! At first it was created for polish server at Ragecraft.pl, it has been rewritten twice so far, but at last, after over one-and-half year I release this masterpiece to public. Now you can easly create complex conversation trees and enjoy talking with NPCs, using smart, scoreboard-based UI. Don't forget...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
BetterClassic Welcome to BetterClassic, this plugin makes classic survival much more fun! You don't have to pickup items like blocks when you break them. Commands: /kill <- Blocks the kill command (can be disabled). /troll <- Gives you the ability to troll a person. Configuration main: ->connections: -->join: --->custom-message: true/false Enables the custom message for join. --->message: &6&p &2has joined the game! Custom message when its enabled. -->leave: --->custom-message: true/false...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
ShovelGuns - my first pluginthat implements guns in vanilla Minecraft! Features The ShovelGuns plugin turns shovels intro guns with configurable parameters. Commands /sgp-reload - Reloads the configuration file. Permissions shovelguns.use.iron - allows to use the iron shovel gun. shovelguns.admin.reload - allows to reload the configuration file. Configuration Velocity - [1 - 3] speed of the projectile that gets shot from the gun. Damage - [0 - 20] speed of the projectile that gets shot from...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Intoduction: Ever wanted to use /hub instead of /spawn? Then EasyHub is for you! Easy Hub is a really simple lightweight plugin that allows you and your players to use /Hub to teleport to spawn,so say if you have multiple worlds you could have a hub rather than a spawn. Commands: /Hub : Teleports you to spawn Permissions: No current permissions Required Plugins: Essentials Essentials Spawn Upcoming Features: - Support without essentials - Multiple hubs Note : This is my first public...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
xDetection by AnonymousCodes What does it do? xDetection is a AntiHacking plugin. What does it not allow Fly Hacking Macroing Will this be updated Yes in the future i wish to add alot more features. Permissions "alerts.see" - sends the user any info on players that may be hacking. Commands None yet! How to use xDetection put it in your plugins file. reload your server. Enjoy hack free server!

Blood Craft

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Blood Craft Whats is Blood Craft? Blood Craft is a simple plugin that adds blood to minecraft. Blood as of now only works with PVP but in the furture I might add an option for mobs if people want that. Cmds & Perms No commands or permissions for this plugin. Features Simple blood feature Low ram usage Comments or Questions? Leave a comment below! Top Donations Dillzzzzz $0.01 Like this? http://bit.ly/1mi3FCm


Aug 28, 2014 Planning
PortableCrafting: Whats PortableCrafting? PortableCrafting is a Minecraft Bukkit Plugin that allows you to open up a crafting and open up crafting tables for other players. Commands: /craft (Opens up a crafting table) /craft <player> (Opens up a crafting table for other players) Permissions: uportablecraft.craft (Opens up a crafting table) uportablecraft.craftothers (Opens up a crafting table for other players) Requirements: Java 7


Aug 28, 2014 Planning
Bursting Melons This is a simple plugin that allows players to shoot melons with a bow to make them break open. Features: • WorldGuard support. • Melons shot by an Infinity bow do not give you your arrow back, but melons shot with any other bow will. This prevents possible arrow duping. • When broken, melons will give you the exact amount you would've received when breaking the melon with your hand. Permissions burstingmelons.droparrow - Allows player to retrieve arrow upon shooting a melon,...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
Vanish Plugin This is a easy vanish plugin which is very easy to work with and instal etc. I will provide all steps belows This plugin does have PERMISSIONS Instalation Download the plugin Open plugins folder Drag and drop or upload to your folder Reload your server, or start and test using command /vanish Commands Very easy, one command and thats obviously /vanish Extra Info Once you are in vanish you are not visible to players in chat, in tab, or in vision. /vanish will vanish you and to...

Simple Newsletter

Aug 28, 2014 Planning
You cannot download this plugin atm, due to it needs approval Forum Intro Ever wanted to inform your players about a new staff member? Or a person has been banned? Well, then i have to say this plugin is for you! You can change the title, date and text in the config. Also, there's no text limitation! Features Support for all color codes! Title, date and text! Installation & Editing The installation is very simple: just download the jar file and drag&drop it in your plugins folder of your...


Aug 28, 2014 Planning
Introduction.. Hi this is my first plugin. This plugin needs 1.7.9 or higher. Features.. If you want to heal player or feed player download this! Commands.. /feed (get full feed.) /heal (get full heal.) Permissions.. simplehealandfeed.heal simplehealandfeed.feed Install.. 1. Download plugin. 2. Place it to the plugins folder. 3. Restart server. Donate link: http://bitly.com/lahjoituskoodicraftiin kurklais

Wither Sound on Join

Aug 28, 2014 Release
What Is Wither Sound On Join?: This simply is a plugin that causes a Wither Shoot sound to play when a New person joins the server. (A person who hasn't joined before) Features: Plays to the whole server Only applies to new people Permissions None Configuration: None Requests For any other sounds, I'll need to make another plugin to your liking, so please post in the comments if you want that. I do any Minecraft sound there is!


Aug 28, 2014 Planning
Last Version -Fuelbomb 1.3 Fix somebugs added info command /fuelbomb Fuel bomb is just a throwable fuel bomb. You can craft it, you can throw it. I think it's really cool for a PvP server. So you can crafting it: The Permissions. Greetings Premx

Run From The Beast

Aug 28, 2014 Planning
================== Run From The Beast====== Introduction: Run from the beast until you reach the end of the map and unlock your own weapons and armor, then hunt down and kill it! Runners alive when the beast dies or timer ends win the game! Required plugins WorldEdit - Needed to create arenas. ChestRestock - Needed to reset the chest Permissions User permissions ze.join - Permission to enter the arena. ze.signjoin - Enter the arena using signs Moderator ze.create - Create an arena ze.ahelp -...