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May 03, 2016 Release
_________________ Thanks for over 4000 downloads!!! _________________ MYSlots: [Q] So to the main part what does the plugin do? [A] With this plugin you can increase the slots of your server also if your server has a slot limit and it is not like the fake slots plugin with my plugin you can use the slots! [Q] Will you add some extra things to the plugin? [A] Not now. _________________ Commands: /myslots - Command to see the slots /myslots [Slots] - Command to set the slots _________________...


May 03, 2016 Release
BossShop allows you to create custom GUIs (Inventories) for Server Menus/Shops etc. This is one of the most player-friendly Shop/GUI Plugins ever! Say goodbye to all the annoying command- or signshops! BossShop is a plugin which allows the creation of simple/advanced GUIs (That's up to you!). It allows creating infinite custom inventories with unique items, prices and rewards. All in all, it can do a lot. You can link your inventories, give your donators a discount or you can use BossShop to...


May 03, 2016 Release
Lobby Compass is a plugin based on almost any minigames server, where you have a compass, which opens an inventory with warp points or commands. Plugin Is Now Being Managed/Updated By FrostwiredGC & Goldentoenail Outdated Version: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lobbycompass/ Authors/Testers FrostedGC - Current Author/Manager Goldentoenail - Current Tester/Contributor Dreieck52 - Previous Author MIxWLF - Previous Tester Commands and Permissions lobbycompass.use - Gives the ability to use...
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May 03, 2016 Release
Introduction A new channel-based chat plugin with high compatibility with other plugin's tags and an awesome API for developers! Do you use Herochat but has found some really boring imperfections? Why don't you try to use Legendchat? For server owners: you will have the same design as herochat and your players won't notice the difference! And you can create a channel only for BungeeCord communication! Check our BungeeCord page! For developers: want to add a new prefix, suffix or remove some...
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May 03, 2016 Mature
Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY: Version: 4.0.9 Now with support for CraftBukkit 1.9.x! This plugin is used to counter X-RAY Client mods. It modifies data that are sent to clients to hide blocks of your choice, such as Ore, chests, dungeons, etc. It does not manipulate blocks in the world file, thus is safe to use. ProximityHider is a feature that hides chests that are far from players. Forum link (Legacy Releases) http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/38385 Configuration Guide...
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Faction Mobs

May 03, 2016 Release
Want some guards to defend your territory? Faction Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your faction! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area. Supports: Factions Towny SimpleClans (experimentally) Mob Types: There are 4 mob types: Swordsman Skeleton with sword Archer Skeleton with bow Mage Potion throwing Witch Titan Iron Golem The swordsman and archer will equip full leather armor dyed to a color of your...


May 03, 2016 Release
UltraAuth is a New LightWeight Auth Plugin! I created this plugin because I do not like the other auth plugins as they lag when there are alot of People On! This is why I Created ULTRAAUTH! UltraAuth disallows players to do certin things, like move, walk, break blocks if they are not Logged in! Use This Plugin to Secure Your Server if it is Offline Mode! WARNING When First Installing This Plugin, Go To your Spawn and do /ultraauth setspawn Commands: /login <password> - Lets A Player Login...


May 03, 2016 Planning
This plugin was made to fulfill a request here by oPhantom What the plugin does This plugin will allow admins on your server to spy on a specific player's commands. Tutorial 1. Download and install the plugin. 2. Restart or Reload(only if you think its safe) your server to load the plugin. 3. Use /seecommands <player> to spy on a specific player's commands 4. Become the NSA. Permissions /seecommands <player> - seecommands.use Extra Information The plugin also supports the use of "*" when...
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May 03, 2016 Release
What is PlugMan? PlugMan is a simple, easy to use plugin that lets server admins manage plugins from either in-game or console without the need to restart the server. Features Enable, disable, restart, load, reload, and unload plugins from in-game or console. List plugins alphabetically, with version if specified. Get useful information on plugins such as commands, version, author(s), etc. Easily manage plugins without having to constantly restart your server. List commands a plugin has...


May 02, 2016 Release
Want to try to program with the new Minecraft Pi API but don't have a Raspberry Pi yet? RaspberryJuice implements a subset of the Minecraft Pi modding API for Bukkit servers. The plugin listens on port 4711, and accept most of the Minecraft Pi commands, which are documented at http://wiki.vg/Minecraft_Pi_Protocol . The plugin supports the majority of the api's supplied with the Pi edition and most examples will work. Minecraft Forums thread Currently implemented commands: world.getBlock...
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May 02, 2016 Release
Hotels Hotels is a plugin that allows server admins to create hotels and rooms within them, then rent the rooms out to their players. Below is information about the plugin. I advise you have a read through it. But don't take my word for it, try the plugin out for yourself! This project is also available over at Spigot Requirements Minimal Requirements: Compatible Spigot or Bukkit version Compatible version of Java 7 Compatible version of the Hotels.jar file Compatible version of Vault...
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May 02, 2016 Release
Description This plugin allows your players to change their skins by command. These skins have to be downloaded from Mojang, because Minecraft clients only accept from Mojang signed skins. But you can choose every skin that another minecraft user currently has. Moreover it will be possible to set a custom standard skin. If you want to, this plugin can set this standard skin for all players who still have the default steve or alex skin. Features Lightweight Instant skin updates Easy to use...


May 02, 2016 Planning
Hey, Ich hoffe, euch gefällt dieses Plugin, es besteht aus nur einem Command und hat ungefähr die Funktion vom Essentials befehl /seen <Name> Es wird angezeigt: Spieler online? Gebannt? Leben Hunger Level XP XP zum nächsten Level (XP -> Level) Whitelisted? COMMAND /ip <Ingame Name> - Zeige Infos über <Ingame Name> an. ------------------- Hey, I hope you like this plugin, it consists of only one command and is about the function of the command Essentials / seen <name> The following appears:...


May 02, 2016 Release
Plugin This plugin is made by: Laurenshup. With this plugin you can make your own messages such as a join message and a leave message! You can also download this plugin on Spigot: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/supermessage.22431/ Features Custom Join Message Custom Leave Message Custom Death Message Custom Titles on Join and World Change Custom Chat Formatting (Colors) Custom MOTD Disable/Enable All Settings Plugin Reload Free Small Plugin (8.8 KB) Bug Free / No-Lag Tested in Minecraft...


May 02, 2016 Release
Scopes! Scopes! Have you ever wanted to add scopes to your bows? Well now you can! Add this plugin then simply look anywhere but at a block and punch(left click) to zoom in! To zoom out, Look at a block and punch(left click) again while looking at the block! Super simple! Works on any bow and the power tool perm is no longer needed. As of right now, there are no perms for scoping so once installed EVERY bow used by ANY player will be able to scope I do hope this brings enjoyment to your...


May 02, 2016 Release
Description The plugin adds Tea in Minecraft. It uses crafting mechanism. The pictures are posted down in description. Currently it has 6 teas. 5 normal and 1 special. All teas have diffrent recipes (due to Minecraft item look, I was limited only on few plants, so please don't mind that). The nutritious value of tea is diffrent. Please, use versions 2.0 and newer, earlier versions were purely testing. They are full of possible bugs that were fixed in 2.0. If you have any bugs or suggestions,...


May 02, 2016 Beta
You must use Spigot 1.9 and above for this plugin Description DuelMe is a plugin for server owners that want to allow players to Duel each other. I first made this plugin for use on my own server as the world it is used on is non-pvp with the exception of this plugin so that players can duel each other for fun. This can also be used on a pvp server too with less setup time. If your server is non pvp based there is a small bit of setup required. Player Commands /duel - shows information about...


May 02, 2016 Release
CustomMobs v3.6 download link in the Downloads-Section - Please consider using the spigot-page to stay up-to-date. CustomMobs moved to spigot for newer versions! Check out the page here: CustomMobs on spigot Bored of the normal mobs spawning all over the world? Mobs which just have always the same weapon, same health and nothing else? Here's the solution: CustomMobs! Customize your mobs just like you want and save them to a simple file. Once created and saved you can spawn them easily as...

Minetopia ATM plugin

May 02, 2016 Release
Minetopia ATM plugin Version 4.1 This plugin is the next step in economy! With this plugin you can easily withdraw or deposit money on a simple ATM The plugin has a completely customisable scoreboard! No setup needed! Every dropper and red sandstone stair works as an atm There prefixes to show what company you work for, what rank you have and ehat level you are at You can completely change those prefixes, suffixes and everything! IMPORTANT: This plugin uses vault! Also in this update ALL...


May 02, 2016 Planning
HubEffect Bukkit plugin that applies potion effects to players in a world or by using items. Installation Get the VoidCore plugin from here, then put both in your server's plugins directory. What is it? HubEffect gives players status effects when they are in a certain world or then they use an item that they can receive on join. The plugin is completely configurable, and there are virtually no limits to the amount of effect sets one can have on a server. Configuration Here's an example of a...