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Mr Varo

Apr 24, 2015 Beta
MrVaro This VaRo plugin allows a Bukkit Server to turn into a Varo project, big German youtubers created. Players can join every 12 hours (editable) and play for 15 minutes. When you die it's over. Fight for you and your teampartner and be the last one to survive! And remember it's VaRo (Vanilla Roleplay)! There are no friends in Varo besides your teampartner! Features The following aspects of the game can be customised in a config: Session length Spawnprotection length Minimum wait time...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
AntiExplosions General Disable and enable explosions on the easiest way! ATTENTION! Recommended version is 1.5.6 or higher! I wouldn't recommend to use others, because they're probably not working fine! Development News (Daily updated) Click here to get to my development blog! Commands /ae For AntiExplosions help /explosions on or /explosions off To turn explosions on or off (instead of "explosions", you can use just "expl") /lastexplosion or /le To teleport to the last explosion. Only...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
With this plugin, you can spawn a Bonus Chest which contains items you choose. Commands: /BonusChest X Y Z World - With this command you can spawn a bonuschest. Permissions: bonuschest.spawnchest If you wanna spawn a chest, you have to setup a chest which contains the items which you want in the BonusChest. This is a little plugin, with a little description. That is all there is to say. Have fun with this plugin! :)


Apr 24, 2015 Planning
MageConnector is a plugin that when you hit a player with the Mage Tool you will give your active potion effects to the hitted player. It will only work if you have active potion effects! Features: Sharing potion effects with a Mage Tool to a player target Commands: /mage - Spawns a Mage Tool (leash) to share potion effects Permissions: mage.use Goals: 50 downloads 100 downloads 200 downloads Screenshot: Suggestions or support? Either submit a ticket, or comment below!


Apr 24, 2015 Release
ChatClean is a plugin that allows you to clean the chat for yourself and everyone, the highly successful spam-prevention plugin. Features: Cleaning chat for self. Cleaning chat for everyone. Showing help page. Commands: /cc - Shows the help page. /cc me - Cleans chat for yourself. /cc all - Cleans chat for everyone! /cc playername - Cleans chat for selected player. Permissions: cc.help cc.me cc.all cc.player Goals: 50 downloads 100 downloads 200 downloads Screenshot: Suggestions or support?...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Relation-Ship!​ Use this plugin to let players be able to ship other players on your server! In-game Commands: /ship <player> <player> Permissions: ship.ship - Allows users to ship ship.ship.bypass - Bypass the Cool Down Being an operator will automatically give you both permissions. Features: Custom cool down times Custom Prefix Custom Messages


Apr 24, 2015 Mature
Description This is a fully customizable player launcher plugin, simmillar to the launch pads on The Hive. Features Create launch-plates with any blocks you want to use(!) Set the speed the player will be launched with(!) Set the sound to be played on launch(!) Set the effect to be played on launch(!) Send the player a message when they are launched(!) Make players immune to fall damage till they hit the ground(!) Reload command Built against Spigot 1.8.3 More coming soon! (comment to suggest...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
English: This plugin is another additional to the Server, widely known as Myth PvP. Arrow You the Best in PvP server be if he dies to another player will receive the same Myth instantly. This is a Basic Plugin for Fun. Português: Este Plugin é mais um adicional para o Servidor, bastante conhecido como Mito Do PvP. Você Seta o Melhor em PvP do ser servidor, se ele morrer para outro player o mesmo receberá o Mito Instantaneamente. Plugin Básico para Diversão. English: /mito = See current Mito...

MySQL-Register Reloaded

Apr 24, 2015 Release
MySQL-Register Reloaded MySQL-Register Reloaded is a remake of an outdated plugin named 'MySQL-Register', this plugin allows you to let your players register. You can do a lot with this information, as example you can create a login scrips with PHP for your website based on the information in the database. It's specialy made for premium servers, if you have suggestions for this project just tell it. Github Link: https://github.com/Shadow48402/MySQL-Register # Commands # /register <email>...
Tablist - Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Tablist ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to show messages and variables from a player / for a player via Tablist in the game (can be ANIMATED), which will appear in the Tablist where every player is listed. These messages can be edited in the config, as well as the time between the "switches" of information which is shown. This information / These variables can also be coloured with color codes (for instance: &6) to enable the %money% variable you have to install Vault...
Titlebar Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Titlebar ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to announce a message via Titlebar in the game (can be ANIMATED), which will appear right in the middle of the screen. One thing that the Titlebar has in common with the Actionbar, is that it fades out after a while (can be adjusted) You can also set custom join- and firstjoin-messages (basically "Welcome to the Server"-Messages" which you can edit and animate as you like). to enable the %money% variable you have to install...
Actionbar Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Actionbar ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to announce a message via the new Actionbar in the game, which will appear above your health and armor bars. One of the many useful aspects of the Actionbar, is that it disappears after a few seconds (which can be adjusted in the config/command) so it won't sit in the middle of your screen and annoy you. You can also set custom join- and firstjoin-messages (basically "Welcome to the Server"-Messages" which you can edit and...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
EssentialsGreen Important PermmisionEx must be it! Description EssentialsGreen is a Basic Plugin! Description is in Comming Feature Spawn Teleport! Gamemode Changer! Ban Manager! Commands | Permmisions Command | Permmisions List Signs Tutorial Sign Tutorial Link Apis ActionBar Api ActionBarApi.sendActionBar(Player, "Hallo"); ActionBarApi.directcancelActionBar(Player); ItemManager Api ItemManager.CheckMateriel("Stone"); ItemManager.CheckID(1); Materiel Stone = ItemManager.getMaterialByID(1);...

PerWorldPlugins 1.8

Apr 24, 2015 Beta
IM NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR. The original plugin is on this website: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/perworldplugins/ The original author is: MylesC I've just remade it so that it works with 1.8 and up. What Does This Plugin Do? This plugin does so that you can make so that different plugins work in different world. Just for an example i don't think you wan't MCMMO in your minigames world. You can also make a costum message when you type a command that doesn't work in that world. For more...


Apr 24, 2015 Beta
Remember the computer game "bomberman"? This plugin lets you play it in Minecraft! It's a very fun mingame to play. Features Other people made made Bomberman before (here and here), but this one is updated to 1.8 and adds extra features: TNT explodes in the classic Bomberman style Customisable random drops from blocks: Lives shown in health bar Custom arena generation Prizes Sudden death Handicaps Fully customisable messaging system/translation Screenshots Full size imageas found here News 19...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Project Information Features This plugin allows a user to set a cooldown time for using enderpearls. It will also force a user to look at the air to use, instead of looking directly at a block. You can also turn of endermite spawning in the plugin config file. Now you can also have custom messages! There is also a fancy scoreboard option to display the remaining cooldown of a player. Permissions epc.* - Gives a user access to all commands epc.reload - Gives a player access to the reload...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
FRENCH PLUGIN, Sorry for English people ! N'avez-vous jamais rêver de pouvoir faire des commandes utiles tels que /day.. /night , /difficulty et d'autres... EN FRANÇAIS ? Dans ce cas, UltraTemps s'en chargera ! UltraTemps est un plugin 100% français et simple, aucune commande ne prend plus d'un mot ! Commandes /UltraTemps - ultratemps.ultratemps - Affiche l'aide du plugin. /Jour - ultratemps.jour - Met le jour dans le monde où se trouve le joueur. /Nuit - ultratemps.nuit - Met la nuit dans le...
Conquestia Mobs


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Idea-Origin: The original idea came from the want of a more lightweight and more configurable version of LeveledMobs (SPIGOT USERS) FOR THOSE HAVING TROUBLE WITH HEALTH BUG SPAM BACKEND!!!! If you want to have more than 2048 HP for a mob, you have to go into spigot.yml and modify settings.attribute.maxhealth.max to 2147483647 Plugin Description: This plugin was created to add a leveling system to mobs, where their health and damage would scale with their level. I designed it to be as...
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Wizardly Magic

Apr 23, 2015 Release
Features Want to be a cool wizard with all kinds of spells? Well now you can! You can build a Spell Altar, craft over 20 unique spells, gain knowledge, and use all kinds of wizardly magic! This plugin is inspired by the Minecraft Forge mod Ars Magica. Note: This plugin is in early alpha, so expect bugs, if you get any please create a ticket with them here. Spell Altar: You build a spell altar by putting redstone around an enchanting table. You don't gold blocks, but the type of blocks the...


Apr 23, 2015 Release
KingKits - By KingFaris10 UPDATE Moved to SpigotMC as of 1.8 updates: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/kingkits.2209/ Updates will still be added here, just added first to SpigotMC. What is KingKits? KingKits is not the ordinary kit plugins that allows players to use kits in PvP. This plugin is special as it has in-game commands that allows you to create kits and delete kits. You can also use /pvpkit <kit> or a sign to choose a kit. Also, there is a custom ability kit plugin that allows a...