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Sep 23, 2014 Alpha
Welcome to ServerInfoPlugin Features Send the messages out the config, Commands: /serverinfo /serverinfo reload: Reload the Messages in the Config Permissions: - ServerInfoPlugin.reload : allow to use the command "/serverinfo reload" How to install?: Simply drag the plugin into your server then reload/restart/start


Sep 23, 2014 Planning
What is the plugin for? This plugin was built for my online server to prevent staff accounts from being hacked and having the server destroyed. What type of server is this meant for? You choose, it could be for an online server or a cracked server. Its up to you. Commands / Perms: /login <Password> - Log you into the server. /password <Password> - Set your password MUST BE LOGGED IN The plugin only has 1 permisson right now. 'MCSecure.login' How does the plugin work? The plugin works by...

Staff Alert

Sep 23, 2014 Release
This plugin, SAlert is a brand new, Bukkit plugin which allows server staff members the ability to broadcast a message! As you can see below, the messages sent by this plugin are very noticeable. The syntax is very simplistic, simply do /SAlert <message> Permissions! The single permission is: sAlert.use Known Bugs: None! Plugin Video: http://goo.gl/8X83QL
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Sep 22, 2014 Release
Re-Coded I have completely re-coded Slender and added an actual Slender-like functionality! Picture yourself playing the actual Slender game. Traversing a map, looking for notes, looking behind your back, and looking in Slenderman's eyes. Now, picture yourself doing this in... Minecraft! Description Slender has now been re-coded to make it like the actual Slender game. Upon joining an arena, you will be given blindness (limiting your visibility) and slowness (limiting your speed). Then you...
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Sep 22, 2014 Release
Welcome to CALLOUTS. This plugin allows you to call someone out in chat by doing /callout. This plugin is for small servers with people who are just having some fun and would like to make things more funny. Commands: /callout (name) - You can call someone you hate a bitch /callouta (name)- You can call someone a asshole /calloutf (name)- You can call someone a fatass /callloutb - You can tell them to go fuck themselves /callouts - You can call them a piece of shit /calloutc _ You can call...

Special Die Message

Sep 22, 2014 Beta
Note: v1.5.4 has bugs, please download 1.5.2(1.5.3) Special Die Message Plugin What Is SDM ? SDM is plugin if you dead, you have hologram message die example: NizarZa Die Here. Time of death: 7:45 PM is this a SDM Commands & Permission /sdm del | delete all holograms | sdm.admin.delete (not Fixed 100%) Configuration Important Is Here! Download HolographicDisplays For Die Message Show if player dead. If you don't Install HolographicDisplays in your server, the die message not show Warning for...


Sep 22, 2014 Beta
CoolTime Official Bukkit Plugin What is CoolTime ? CoolTime is Bukkit Plugin you can show a real time if your are in FullScreen example, and you can show too a Minecraft Time With 2 Commands: /realtime and /mctime ! Commands & Permission CommandDescriptionPermission /realtimeShow Real Timenone /mctimeShow Minecraft Timenone Configuration Coming in update v4.0 Videos English: no video French: no video Germany: no video Spain: no video


Sep 22, 2014 Release
Welcome on FirePlayer Features You can with the command "/fire" set you on fire and with the command "/fire <player>" you can burn a player. It is important that you correct permissions have "- FirePlayer.fire". Commands: /FirePlayer: Show the Developer and the plugin version. /FirePlayer reload: Reload the Messages in the Config Permissions: - FirePlayer.reload : He can reload the Config - FirePlayer.fire : He can use the Fire command How to install?: Simply drag the plugin into your server...

Pop Sound On Join

Sep 22, 2014 Planning
Pop Sound on Join This sound is actually the *PICK UP* sound. When you pick up an item and you hear that sort of POP sound? It's actually this. A lot of people can't establish what sound it is, its actually this. Very simple, just a sound when a new person joins. Permissions None Configuration None


Sep 22, 2014 Release
Back to Beta! Introducing BackToBeta... This is a Plugin, I made because of a request from a friend. He is totally fine with making it public to you. It's the first Plugin I am uploading to BukkitDev, so therefore, if you don't understand something on this site or the plugin is not working for you, please message me or create a ticket! A comment about this plugin is greatly appreciated! Thank you! 1Darco1 Features DESCRIPTION IS WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Hunger: - The hungerbar is always full and...

Wither Sound on Join

Sep 22, 2014 Release
What Is Wither Sound On Join?: This simply is a plugin that causes a Wither Shoot sound to play when a New person joins the server. (A person who hasn't joined before) Server Advertisement: Any donations will allow me to put your server IP here below, just tell me your Transaction ID and Server IP! Or even your banner!: Mine: If you like this plugin, give my server a diamond on Planet Minecraft! : http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/havoc-op-factions-pvp-ore-biomes-flyingriding-pets/...
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Sep 22, 2014 Release
WildSex 2.1 A Bukkit plugin that randomly puts wild animals in love mode, creating natural population increase. Configuration The config.yml file supports the following settings: mateMode (false by default) pairs animals with a close pair and then sets both on love mode, guaranteeing reproduction in the case where there is an eligible pair close by. interval (10 by default) the number between two WildSex runs, in minutes. chance (0.1 by default) the possibility of a random animal being set on...
Kit PvP Signs

Kit PvP Signs

Sep 22, 2014 Release
What is it? Kit PvP Signs is a plugin that enables your essentials kits to be received by clicking the sign and choosing what's inside the GUI! Why would I use this? Well, this plugin is mainly for Kit PvP servers, such as ones like Kohi and Badlion. They have kit signs where you can choose what you want inside of it and choose your own PvP Items/Layout. For example, you could have a load of signs, such as ones with potions, swords, different armor, and people can choose what they want from...

MinigamesLib: Snake Challenge

Sep 22, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Snake Challenge Snake Challenge recoded with MGLib (now with blocks instead of sheep). Works just like the 90s game, you and a few fallingblock entities represent a snake which is not allowed to crash into walls/others. Eat slimes to grow bigger, last man standing wins. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sc setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /sc setlobby [arena] set the...


Sep 22, 2014 Beta
Remember the computer game "bomberman"? This plugin lets you play it in Minecraft! Screenshots Full size images found here News 21 September 2014 Created a poll for what I should work on next. Please vote (or suggest something else) 3 September 2014 Bomberman v0.0.3b has been released which fixes several major bugs that are in v0.0.3. It should become availiable soon. (all news can be found in the news log) Features Other people made made Bomberman before (here and here), but this one is...


Sep 22, 2014 Mature
Announcements (MAJOR BUG FIX) There has been a major bug where people would try and use the plugin and it would keep ranking you to the same rank over and over again. The only problem with this build is that it isn't fixed for per-world ranks yet. This fix only works for Global ranks, so in order for this to work in the config keep the RanksGlobal set to true at all times. Latest Dev Build Description Using this plugin you can allow your users to obtain new ranks by paying configurable...


Sep 22, 2014 Release
The purpose of SuperFunStuff is to add some stuff for admins to use. The plugin includes but is not limited to: /snowwalk: Wherever you walk it puts snow on the ground. /be: Says a certain player chatted even if they aren't on. /maul: mauls a player setting their game mode to survival, sets their health to 2, and spawns 20 zombies around them. /freeze: Freezes a player in their tracks! /defreeze: Defreezes a frozen player! /explode: Explodes a player! /heartless: Reduces a players max health...
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Sep 22, 2014 Release
SecureLogin Description: SecureLogin is a login security plugin that protects servers from player impostors by using passwords. Yep, it's that simple. Features: Unlike others of its type, SecureLogin has the ability to customize messages according to the occasion. For example, if the player tries to move before he or she logs in, the plugin will send them a message of your choice. Not mine. I included this feature because it's pretty unfair to server developers who download a plugin that they...


Sep 22, 2014 Planning
Introducing.... WorldAutoSave! This plugin automatically saves your specified world every 15 minutes. At the moment you can only specify one world to be saved. TODO: Make multiple worlds supported for saves Add commands Customize the timings


Sep 22, 2014 Release
== What does it do you may ask? AdminHelper gives you all the essential server commands a server shall need, and doesn't lag! Also, Opped players can be affected by the commands, so if they act up, you can punish them to! It is mainly a replacement of the "Essentials" plugin. I made this because it doesn't lag.== Commands: /aop Ops yourself, going to work on others in the next few updates. admincmds.op /akick Kicks a player, works on Opped players. admincmds.kick /aban Bans a player, works on...