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Jan 27, 2016 Release
This plugin allows you to program events. Commands: /as <player> <action> <command> /when <player> <event> <action> <command> /eventlist /cancel <id> /if <word> <check> <word> <command> /do <command> [and] <command> [and] <command> et.c Players: The players on your server Events: joins, leaves, and runs_command Actions: say, run Command: The command you want to run when the event fires / The condition is true ID: The ID of the event. You retrieve it when doing /when and /eventlist Word: The...


Jan 27, 2016 Release
Project Information Description Placing bounties has never been easier! You can place, increase, and remove bounties all with a few easy commands! Whether you are placing, increasing, or removing a bounty, the new chat interface streamlines the process. You no longer have to type a long command, but rather answer the simple questions provided. If allowed, a player can place a bounty anonymously! Double the Storage! BountyRewards now supports both local bounty storage and MySQL! Whether you...
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Jan 27, 2016 Release
Log blocks in your world without MySQL or configuration! This plugin is a revival of the deprecated plugin Log, and is fully working in 1.8. This plugin allows you to track all block placing and breaking across your server without any configuration. No MySQL? No problem! Log runs without it. You can now catch griefers red handed without the performance heavy plugins like Prism or HawkEye! IMAGES Permissions (From plugin.yml) permissions: log.*: description: Gives access to all moderator level...


Jan 26, 2016 Release
Put simply: Jukebox lets you play custom music and sounds to your players through their web browser, requiring no audio file downloads or long waiting times. They simply browse to a URL, and away they go! Source Code: https://github.com/oliverdunk/JukeboxAPI/ Getting Started: Visit https://mcjukebox.net/admin/register (please only do this if you intend to use the plugin), register, and then sign in. Hit the plus icon to add a new server and note down your API key and server ID. Install the...
ChatManager - Picture


Jan 26, 2016 Release
Welcome This is my first plugin,and i hope i can help you with this little Chat - Plugin. ------------------------------------------- Features of the Plugin: - Custom Messages for Join,Quit and Kick Messages! - Supports each color code! - Easy to edit with config! - No known problems with other Plugins! ------------------------------------------- Commands: - No Commands! - ------------------------------------------- Permissions: - No Permissions! - -------------------------------------------...
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Jan 26, 2016 Release
Installer Instaler offers a way to manage your plugins with just a few simple commands. The plugins features are: Search for plugins and their versions with just one command Install plugins directly from curse or bukkit Install plugin from any download URL View all your plugins in the pluginmanager Enable and disable any plugin on your server Uninstall plugins that you dont need Planned or in progress: I'm working on a external library Keep GUI open when reloading the Installer plugin itself...

P-Switch In Minecraft

Jan 26, 2016 Planning
This plugin adds constructible P-Switches to your Minecraft world! For those who do not know, the P-Switch is a recurring item in the Super Mario games. Usually, they will turn brick blocks into gold coins, although they have occasionally been used for other things, such as unlocking a secret level or path, etc. This is what your average P-Switch looks like in any Mario game (image gotten from Super Mario Wiki): This plugin is mostly just for fun, however it can also be used as an alternative...
Advanced Achievements 2.0

Advanced Achievements

Jan 26, 2016 Mature
Need a highly functional, simple to use and fun achievements plugin? Advanced Achievements is without question your best possible choice! Create a unique set of custom achievements or quest-like objectives and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community! Create countless achievements based on 33 main categories Customise names, descriptions and colours Money, item or custom command rewards Store achievements and reception dates RP spirit with customisable books Progress...
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Jan 26, 2016 Release
Description This lightweight plugin is based on the feature request from here. It forwards some useful mcMMO messages to the action chat. Instead that these messages spam the regular chat, you'll see them above the itembar and they will disappear after a shorten time. This plugin has no config. Just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and start your server. Features Lightweight Support many mcMMO messages Supports localized messages Good performance - Messages are loaded only once in a...


Jan 26, 2016 Planning
Info NaturalTime is a simple plugin that takes the time of the server computer and makes the time ingame sync with that. So if its day in real time its day on your server and if its night in real time its night on your server. This plugin requires java 6 or higher. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Commands There are no commands atm. The config reloads itself after any command is peformed. Configuration Here is the config and how you configure it. Settings: # If it should use metrics...


Jan 26, 2016 Release
Info This plugin is a addon for the plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/grief-prevention/, It hooks into Grief-Prevention and only allows worldedit inside of a claim that is owned by the person doing the command. Theres also a group called Bypass, users in that group have access to use worldedit outside of claims. This plugin overrides OP and any permissions plugin. This plugin requires java 6 or higher. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Commands There are no commands atm. The...


Jan 26, 2016 Release
LootCrateVotifierListener Whate is it? It is a Lootcrate plugin thate wil give players a amount of mony and random pice of loot wen its redeemed. It is also a VotifierListener so every time someone votes thy will recieve a lootcrate Votifier needs to be installed for this to work. It also supports Vault so you can give your players aditional mony if thy redeem the lootcrate Vault needs to be installed for this to work. How to install Works with version 1.8.8 Spigot and Craftbukkit. Just drop...


Jan 26, 2016 Alpha
Have you ever wanted to be able to easily and quickly change the experience drops that a mob drops when killed? Well now you can! This plugin is very lightweight and simple to use. It generates a configuration file listing the mobs and their drops. From there you can change the drops however you'd like! What it does: After uploading the SimpleXPDrops.jar into your plugins folder you and after reloading/restarting your server a configuration file will be generated. You simply open up the...
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MobArenaNoPowerLoss [Factions]

Jan 26, 2016 Release
MobArenaNoPowerLoss What is it Well it stops players from losing power from dying in mobarenas. How to install Just install Factions, MassiveCore, MobArena and drop this file in your plugins forder and your done. Bugs Done Curently working to add option Create a ticket if you find a new bug. ToDo Done Curently working to add option Add compatibility for other plugins? Sugestions Metrics/Updater This plugin uses metrics (metrics collects small amount of info of your server like server version,...
Autorank v2.1


Jan 25, 2016 Release
Autorank v3.7.2 Autorank started as a Bukkit plugin, but has been copied over to Spigot as Bukkit's future is uncertain. Click here if you want to visit the Spigot page. If you want to comment, you can do so on the Spigot forums Autorank is an automatic ranking plugin that allows you to set rank-ups that have requirements. You can create requirements that make certain a player has at least x amount of money or x minutes played. An example: A player starts out as Guest. When he has played for...

The Towers Reloaded

Jan 25, 2016 Release
♦ The Towers Reloaded ♦ By YoLaw & Snowy ► Page Translations: ◄ Traduction en Français ICI The Towers is a very popular opposition game. Basically this game was played with Commands Blocks and it was not very convenient. · It opposes two teams: Blue and Red. · To win, a team must mark 10 Points in the adverse pool. This plugin is the only free Plugin on the web. Last Release: 1.4 Click to your Spigot/Craftbukkit's version to download Versions: 1.7 | 1.8 This plugin is in beta! More updates...
ByteCart logic


Jan 25, 2016 Release
A rail transit system with pathfinding, item transportation and anticollision. A cart with a player, or a storage cart, with a ticket in inventory, will be routed through the network to the destination station matching the destination address. Bytecart provides automatic intersections, smart pathfinding and multi-user capability to rail systems, giving the possibility to join thousands of stations with a cart in a secure and reliable manner accross a Minecraft world and beyond. Moreover,...


Jan 25, 2016 Release
OpVerify: About: This Plugin has only 1 function. You verify that you are a Staff Member/OP and type in a password. If this Password is right, you get OP! Here is our github: https://github.com/PluginService/OpVerify Functions/Commands: - Verify with a password to get OP - Permissions Permissions: OpVerify.use OpVerify.verify Planning to add: - Password changeable in config (ADDED {LiamPlugins 2.1.0}) - Auto send /OpVerify on join (ADDED {LiamPlugins 2.1.0}) If you have the permission...

Action Bar Health

Jan 25, 2016 Release
Actionbar Health: This plugins lets you see the damage you just caused to a mob or player, and how much health it has left. Commands: - /ActionHealth reload This command allows you to reload the config - /ActionHealth toggle Disables or enables sending health messages Config: # The message the player is sent. # {name} shows the name of the mob or player. # {health} shows current health of the mob or player. # {maxhealth} shows the max health of the mob or player. # {usestyle} will use the...


Jan 25, 2016 Mature
Votifier-SimpleVote Attention This is not a votifier listener if u need a listener use my other plugin LootCrateVotifierListener! Description A plugin that allows you to use the /vote , /donate, /website and /dynurl command, and then give the web link. Needs Votifier and listener in order to reward players and more ... Commands / Permission /vote or /votelink or /voteurl | simplevote.vote /website or /web | simplevote.web /donate | simplevote.donate /dynurl or /dynmapurl | simplevote.dynurl...