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Ancient RPG

Nov 20, 2014 Beta
Quote:This Plugin work with Bukkit: 1.2.x - 1.7.10 German Page: >>> Klick me <<< English Page: >>> Klick me <<< Forum: >>> Klick me <<< Ticket: >>> Klick me <<< Changelog: >>> Klick me <<< ToDo: 20.11.2014 █████░░░░░ 50 % Info Pages ████████░░ 80 % Officiel Server █████████░ 90 % Example Class █████████░ 90 % Example Race █████████░ 90 % Example EXP █████████░ 90 % Example Spells ███████░░░ 70 % Example HP/DMG █████░░░░░ 50 % Tutorials ███████░░░ 70 % Build v 1.0.0 ████████░░ 80 % New Wiki...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
CustomPlayerCount CustomPlayerCount allows you to fake the max player count of your server! Commands: /cpc - Shows information on the plugin Permissions: Currently none. Source: Source is here on GitHub: https://github.com/ConnorLinfoot/CustomPlayerCount/ Development Builds: Setup: Get started by installing the plugin then using the config.yml to change the player count!


Nov 19, 2014 Release
NoLink Get rid of links forever. Purpose NoLink is a simple plugin made to prevent advertisements on your server. Function When a user attempts to put a link/IP in chat, NoLink will detect it. Their message will not be displayed unless they have the bypass permission. Each player with the notify permission will receive a message informing them that a user has attempted to use a link in chat, and will include their IGN and the message they attempted to send. All commands in the config file (if...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
AdminPlus Commands: /admin - Opens the AdminPlus GUI Permissions: adminplus.use: default: op adminplus.changetime: default: op adminplus.changedifficulty: default: op adminplus.kickplayers: default: op adminplus.banplayers: default: op adminplus.opplayers: default: op Setting Up: Setup should be straight forward, the plugin will work without any configuration changes but you can use the config.yml to enable/disable features. Source: Source can be found here on GitHub:...


Nov 19, 2014 Planning
A plugin to customize logs which can be easily stored to a custom location. Config: Log: Chat: true PM: true Shutdown: true Startup: true Player Join: false Player Quit: false File: Location: "logs/chat/" File Per Day: true Example Log File: [11:55:57] MoogleMan (MoogleMan) >> Hello [11:56:01] MoogleMan (MoogleMan) >> This is a test message [11:56:10] MoogleMan (MoogleMan) >> Hopefully I'm being watched right now <3 ------ SERVER SHUTDOWN ------ ------ SERVER STARTED (or reloaded) ------...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
KillItems PvP rewards made easy. Purpose KillItems is an easy-to-use PvP reward plugin. It allows you to give players extra gear in the middle of the battle. Function Each time a player kills another, they will receive all items in the configuration file. Configuration Each line must be in the format ID : Amount Here's a sample config: 262 : 16 264 : 1 Line one, will give a player 16 of item ID 262, which is an arrow. Line two, will give a player 1 of item ID 264, which is a diamond. Lines...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
NearbyDeath Custom deaths! Purpose NearbyDeath broadcasts custom death messages to a defined radius. Only those within the radius will see the player's death. Messages will ONLY appear for PvP deaths. Configuration There are only two lines in the config file. Radius: 100 Message: &4%dead% &fwas killed by &4%killer% &fwith &b%health% hearts. Radius All players within the distance of the killed player and the radius will receive the death message. Message Custom death message. For the message...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
PEC Customized player interaction. Purpose PEC (Player Event Commands) uses player interaction events to run configured commands. This can be useful in many cases, including ease of use with moderation based commands. Function When a player right clicks another, PEC checks if the block they are holding has a command assigned to it, and if they have permission to use that command. If so, the command will be run based on the name of the player they clicked. This will be explained a bit more in...


Nov 19, 2014 Planning
Hey, and welcome on the DEV.Bukkit page of CheckLagg. CheckLagg is an easy plugin, to quick check, of your server has any lagg. If your server has lagg, you can use the /fixlagg command to get some tips to fix the lagg! Hopefully you like the plugin. Command's CommandDescription checklaggCheck of your server has lagg! fixlaggSome tips to fix the lagg! changelogGet the changelog! creditsGet the plugin credits! Changelog DateTimeDescription 20/11/201416:56Starting adding permissions and...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
Info: iPPlugin is an information plugin which allow players to do /ip , there is no permission for the ip command since I thought that all players should be able to do the command. The plugin also allows players with the permission: iPPlugin.bcip to do /bcip whichs broadcasts the ip that you have configured in the iPPlugin configuration file. In the configuration file you can also edit the ip shown when doing /ip. Make sure to reload the config by executing the command /iPPlugin after you...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
FakeMax Spoof your max player-count! Purpose FakeMax is made to aid in customization of the ping received max player-count. Function The max player-count seen on your server browser will always be the same as the current player amount. For example, if there are 50 players on your server, but the REAL max is higher, players will see: 50/50 In their server browser. Development If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment. I will consider ALL (serious) suggestions.

Simple Join, Leave and Death Messages!

Nov 19, 2014 Planning
Commands None! Configuration Simply use the config to your hearts content it explains it all briefly but clearly! ToDo Add more mobs! Add other type of deaths! Any suggestions??! Downloads:

Battle Of Blocks

Nov 19, 2014 Release
Hey ! Today, i am going to show you my second plugin : BattleOfBlocks ! THIS IS A FULL RELASE VERSION ! Post a comment if you use it or if you like it :D I will be so happy to look at your server :D PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE !!! Presentation This plugin is a complete automatic Mini-Game where the goal is to break the other team block as many time as they have lives. That is not like a capture the flag because your goal is not to take the other team block, it is to break it ! When you break...


Nov 19, 2014 Alpha
Wish you have a wardrobe in Minecraft ? No problem, you plug wardrobe , this will ensure not only that ! Tired of your head ? With this plugin you will be able to change it for anything. Command open GUI Permission GUI menu Armor menu Hats menu Remove Hats/Clothing /wardrobe OPEN GUI IN GAME wardrobe.open Choose clothes Choose hats New Permissions (Hats/Armor) New Armor Leather color Sign open menu Config message (No Perm.)
Logo of BasicsPlugin


Nov 19, 2014 Release
The BasicsPlugin, it bundles all Commands which a server must have. . --------------- Now available: BasicsPlugin for 1.7.9 / 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 --------------- . . At the moment the plugin isn't very great, but I'm working hard to make it better. See commands- / permissions-page here. . \/ . Downloads . Latest Recommended Plugin-Build Download it here. . Latest development Plugin-Build WARNING: Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
Unusual Hats in Minecraft! What is Unusuals? Unusuals is a plugin I made over the course of a few hours because I felt like it. What it does is add Unusual hats (like in TF2) to Minecraft. These hats have an unusual effect attached to them, which is defined in the config. When a player is wearing one, their hat will emit particles as per its configuration. So, a Burning Flames helmet will emit flame particles. You can also configure the speed and radius of the particles, as well as the tick...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
ServerSigns Welcome to the Serversigns dev bukkit! Updated for 1.7.9 and 1.8 Spigot! ServerSigns (SVS) is a plugin that lets you add messages, player commands and server commands to configured blocks or signs. By saving the messages and commands in a yml-file ServerSigns will allow you to add as many messages and commands as you like, while still being able to write on the sign normally. Features: No-limit: Unlimited commands per sign Multi-block: Support for any and every block to be a...

Power Sword

Nov 19, 2014 Release
Do you want to have a powerfull sword, quick, with just 1 command? With special permissions, for your players, you can get the most awesome swords! We have the basic sword, with the DAMAGE_ALL enchantment, level 2. or the GOD sword with DAMAGE_ALL lvl 2, FIRE_ASPECT lvl 1. Or the OP sword with DAMAGE_ALL lvl 4, FIRE_ASPECT lvl 1, KNOCKBACK lvl 2, or the donator sword with DAMAGE_ALL lvl 5, FIRE_ASPECT lvl 1, KNOCKBACK lvl 2, LOOT_BONUS_MOBS lvl 2. Hopefully you like our plugin. You can use...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
Functions: This plugin does disallow all the words you´ve got in your Blacklist and change the words to other words or that ;D. Commands: /sc - Shows your version /sc help - Shows the commands /sc reload - Reloads the Config Installing: Download the Plugin Put in in your /plugins folder Reload or restart your Server Now go in the /SimpleCensure folder and create or download a blacklist (named "blacklist.txt") Restart or reload your Server again Done! Info about the blacklist.txt : Please...

Project Lapis

Nov 19, 2014 Release
About This plugin will be a group of admin tools from my cyberfreaks plugin plus a heap that me and other server admins have decided would be useful, if you have any ideas please comment them below Commands /join automatically run on join, displays a message to the player that has just joined (message can be changed in config) /quit disconnects player from the server with a custom message (message can be changed in config) /yell (message) Broadcasts a message to all online players /lapis...