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Mar 26, 2015 Release
----------------- Plugin for server with economy ! Last file 1.8.3 Compactible Mobs Money --- Kill Player --- Mobs Catcher == Money 4 Kill == Reward PvP Reward Mobs kills Mob Catch allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. Effect of blood Buy Item for Catching Monsters or Animals Shop Interface Get money per kill Multiple permissions Configurable price and message in config.yml softdepend: [Vault] Message color possible with " " example:"&6Your Message :)" ==...


Mar 26, 2015 Beta
MaxBans 24-03-2015 UUID support. Read changelog for more MaxBans is a project I've been writing for my server, MaxGamer. I struggled to find a banning plugin that wasn't a joke, and the good plugins were all designed for Premium servers anyway. Nothing gave us the tools that SHOULD have been out there - Like temp mutes, temp IP bans, duplicate IP lookups, and good autocompletion! It is thoroughly tested on an Offline-Mode server, so you can bet it's rock solid and feather light! Databases ===...


Mar 26, 2015 Release
Overview Magic is a plugin that adds powerful magic wands and items to your server. With over 100 spells (plus 100 more HP spells!), a variety of wand templates, and complete customization, you can use Magic to craft a unique experience for your server. Spells in Magic revolve around unique wand items. Players do not "know" spells, they find, buy, or craft wands that do. Wands may be bound to a specific player (meaning no other player may use them), and a wand may be set to stay with the...


Mar 26, 2015 Release
Minepacks is a backpack plugin with diverent backpack sizes, multilanguage and MySQL storage support. It's hold simple but still has a lot off functions. Features: Permissions Backpack size controlled by permissions SQLite/MySQL saving Multi Language (English and German Language File included) Support for MC 1.7.6 and newer (name changing / UUID) Configuration Commands: /backpack help - Lists all commands /backpack - Opens the backpack /backpack clean - Removes all items from the backpack...


Mar 25, 2015 Release
MobCatcher Capture mobs and get eggs legitimately: Version: 3.18 This project has moved over to SpigotMC! Thank you guys so much for all the downloads on BukkitDev. Head on over to SpigotMC to download the latest version of MobCatcher. This page will no longer be updated. MobCatcher allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. This is useful for trading and transporting mobs from player to player or even across worlds. As well as having a configurable capture item,...


Mar 24, 2015 Beta
Quick links: Event list for config | Developers API | Example site (download) (requirements) | Tickets (bugs, issues, ect.) | Donate ❤ MoneySQL is a simple plugin to instert players money into MySQL database. Its fast, easy, configurable and simple. Work with all economy plugins. Commands and permissions CommandPermissionDescription /moneysqlNoneDisplay informations about plugin /moneysql reloadmoneysql.reloadReload config /moneysql updatemoneysql.updateForce update online players data...
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mcMMO Combat Level

Mar 23, 2015 Release
mcMMO Combat Level Displays a combat level above users heads and in chat based on their mcMMO stats that affect combat: Unarmed Swords Axes Archery Acrobatics Taming Default combat formula (Unarmed + Swords + Axes + Archery + (.25 * Acrobatics) + (.25 * Taming)) / 45 Each stat's weight on the combat formula is capped at level 1000, so the maximum combat level possible is 100, and minimum is 0. Installation You need the mcMMO plugin first. Download McCombatLevel.jar Place in your server's...


Mar 22, 2015 Release
=== MyClasses === Description: MyClasses is a simple Plugin that adds some PvP Classes on your Server. You can join a Class and battle with your friends. Thx for over 1.5k Downloads Features Available Classes: Warrior: Iron Armor, Diamond Sword with Sharpness II Archer: Chain Armor, Bow with Power IV, 64 Arrows Heavy: Iron Armor, Stone Sword with knockback II, Slowness II, Regeneration I Ninja: Gold Boots, Gold Sword with Sharpness 5, 8 Enderpearls and Speed II Spy: No Armor, Gold Sword with...


Mar 22, 2015 Release
Introduction MultiClan is a plugin which help players to create clans. Moreover it is a plugin which is full configurable with a easy control. Commands /Clan 1/2 - Information about commands /Clan info - Information about MultiClan /Clan create <Name> - Create a clan /Clan delete - Delete your clan /Clan invite <Name> - Invite a player /Clan accept - Accept a invite /Clan deny - Deny a invite /Clan setbase - Set a clan base /Clan base - Teleport to your Clan base /Clan kick <Name> - Kick a...
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Mar 22, 2015 Beta
McReligions Developed by TekxWolf, this plugin is designed to allow users to choose a god to worship and recieve certain benefits like enhancemt effects or items. Developed for my towny roleplay server we wanted a plugin like that included Gods and can have marriages and crusades etc.. Developers Note: Working to include the following: Enhancements for joining a god limiting to # of times allowed to change gods and cooldown(if any) Color Integration into the config.yml Cults Marriages...


Mar 22, 2015 Beta
MC-Security - Block Logging Anti-Grief Tool About MC-Security is a new block-logging/event-logging plugin that is aimed at preventing griefing. It logs events to a MySQL database that can be easily manipulated to the user's requirements. Current Features Logs player break and place block actions! Entered into a MySQL database that can be easily accessed. Commands /logger (alias: /lg) - Main MC-Security command. Shows help guide. /logger tool - Toggles the lookup tool. Permissions mcs.main -...

More Player Models

Mar 22, 2015 Release
This plugin requires Players to install the MorePlayerModels mod Without moreplayermodels you wont see eachother sit, sleep, dance, hug or love or any of the model changes Description This plugin allows you to sit and lie down whenever and wherever you want. The only thing you need todo is press X or type /sit to sit down or press Z or type /sleep to lie down. This however will only be visible to players who have the MorePlayerModels mod installed. Commands /sit to sit down /sleep to lie down...


Mar 22, 2015 Alpha
General information MineRPG is a plugin that add a RPG overlay to minecraft As simple as Level, stat's and talent, minecraft will be now a totally different game! (Something like World Of Minecraft x) ) It is still in alpha for now, but I am working hard on it to pass it beta fastest I can. It work on Minecraft 1.8 What Give MineRPG For now, it give you stats. When you kill a monster (passive or ennemy), you win Experience point. When you have enought Xp, you pass a level. You have 4...


Mar 21, 2015 Planning
MegaPhone A simple way that allows players broadcast marketing messages Features Economy support Anti-flood configurable system Chat Prefix configurable ==== VAULT dependency ==== Commands /mp <message> | Broadcast the message /mp reload | reload the configuration Permissions megaphone.use | Use the megaphone megaphone.admin | Reload the configuration Configuration Prefix: '[MegaPhone]' | Prefix of the broadcast PriceToUse: 10 | Price to use DelayBetweenMsgSeconds: 10 | Delay between 2...
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Mar 20, 2015 Release
MCCore MC Core is an attempt to provide a foundation for several aspects of bukkit plugin development to help new coders get started more easily, provide a framework for new plugins (or old ones that decide to convert) to be more compatible, and just in general provide many tools to speed up the development process. This plugin acts as a library for many different functions so that people can avoid coding the same things over again, and possibly do some things they didn't think were possible....


Mar 20, 2015 Release
Magic Lib This is a utility library used by the MagicWorlds plugin, or other plugins, to provide some useful functionality. This plugin does nothing on its own, but it may be required by another plugin in order for that plugin to function properly. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Plugins Known to Use MagicLib : Magic provides this library, if...


Mar 19, 2015 Planning
MySQLStats about This plugin registers your kills and deaths and saves them in a MySQL-database. commands /Stats Shows you your stats permissions MySQLStats.view allows /Stats installation Just drag the plugin into your "plugins"-Folder and restart the server. Then configurate the MySQL settings in this file: "plugins/MySQLStats/mysqlconfiguration.yml"


Mar 19, 2015 Beta
Chat Too Boring? Do you feel the need to add some extra random stuff to spice up your chat? If so, this plugin is just right for you! Even if you don't need it, you should still use it! Features Snag a player's attention quickly with a tag! Typing '@Player' in chat will cause the message to be highlighted, and will play a sound to the tagged player. Show off your swaggy items! Typing '#ITEM' in chat will cause the tag to turn into a item tag, which you can then hover over to see names,...
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Mar 18, 2015 Release
MonsterFix v0.4.2 Highly customizable anti-farm, gameplay and explosion control, bug-fix and anti-cheat plugin. It was create special for server MCCity Project (game.minecraft-mccity.ru) Features Antifarm (preventing drop (item and xp) from mob that was not killed by a player, drop from mobs that was spawned from the mobspawners, detecting traps (butcheries) and preventing drop from mob killed in the butchery area, preventing cactus farms, snowfarm, obsidian generators, etc...) Anticheat...

Marriage Master

Mar 18, 2015 Release
Marriage Master: Marriage Master allows you to Marry another Player in Minecraft to get some new functions. I have started creating this plugin because I haven't found a marriage plugin which has all the functions I need for my server. This plugin is still in development. Features: Permissions Teleport to partner XP Boost when near partner faster health regeneration when near partner Shared Home with partner Private Chat with your partner Marry players through a priest or yourself...