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MCR Server control Server

MCR Server control

Jul 04, 2015 Planning
Modify your Server! Why should I use Server control? In this plugin you have the possibilty to modify many important things. It looks better to have own join, quit and firstjoin messages. Another point is, that there are many cool features, for example you can modify the default chat color, use colorcodes and there is a list of words that is going to be replaced. What can I modify? As already mentioned, there are many useful things that you can modify in this Plugin. Here's a list what you...

MCR Automessage

Jul 04, 2015 Alpha
Create your own Automessages! What is Automessage? Automessage is a plugin, that sends automaticly some random messages, that can be read by every player that is online. Automessages are good for announcing events, share your server-links, or just broadcast some rules or news. Automessage is important to have, because you can share informations without beeing online. Why should I use Automessage? It's something like a broadcast that is send by the console, but automaticly. You don't have to...


Jul 03, 2015 Release
What is MagicWool? About MagicWool is a plugin where once you toggle it on, wherever you step or wherever you throw an egg, it will turn into a random wool for a few seconds! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requirements Absolutely none! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Permissions magicwool.throw - Lets you toggle if you want it on or off. magicwool.walk - Lets you toggle if you want it on or off ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Commands /magicwool - Base Command - version...


Jul 03, 2015 Release
McMMO Creepers This plugin causes creepers to have a higher explosion power and radius if you have a high mcMMO Power Level Skill. The maximum power a creeper can have and the increment at which it increases by the power level can be changed in the config. Commands /mcmmo-creepers - Plugin Info Permissions No Pesky Permissions included with this plugin! Requirements mcMMO - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mcmmo/ Warning High MaxPower and/or Low Increments could cause too large of an...


Jul 02, 2015 Release
Plugin Manual | Full & Upcoming Changelogs Take Minecraft Mobs to a New Level What is MythicMobs? MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your own mobs, bosses, and other many other fun mob-related things. It gives you full control over how mobs behave, from simply increasing their HP and damage to giving mobs a vast arsenal of new abilities. Your custom mobs can then replace vanilla mobs, be spawned randomly using...


Jul 02, 2015 Beta
MineStock A young plugin which allows to modify the sale prices in shops managed by BetterShops in a automatic way according to purchases and blow. To install the plugin you need to copy the jar file in the plugin directory. Usage With an existing shop or a new one, you can buy or sell items and the plugin will change the price of the item automatically. A broadcast message appear every time there is a transaction. How the price is computed ? When an object is bought [New price] = [Actual...
Mine Prank


Jul 02, 2015 Planning
MCPrank Adds a Couple Of Command Along With a welcome Command Features: - FakeJoin & Fakeleave can be used on any random username - FakeDeop, Fakeop, Welcome Can only be used on players that are Online Updates soon to be added - More Prank Commands - For More Languages - Soon to add perms - Soon to Add a way to make a person who is offline join the server Command /fakeop (Username) /fakedeop (Username) /fakeleave (Username) /fakejoin (Username) /welcome (Username) They Have to be online...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
Introduction: This plugin is based on the Minecraft Forge Mod Morph created by IChun, You can transform into almost everything you kill and use the abilities that they have. Want to test it out? Join tfoc.wifld.com! Installation/How to use: This plugin requires LibsDisguises and ProtocolLib. After you have all the required plugins and put the Morph plugin in your plugin folder all you need to do is kill any mob and type /morph (mob) to morph into it. Configuration: #Do you want a...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
MineAPI Hello, I'm 67clement and I am presenting today my bukkit plugin, MineAPI! First off all, I present my excuses for my bad English (I'm French). MineAPI will allow you to bypass the restrictions from the Bukkit API and make use of the packet far easier. In addition MineAPI was thought to be user-friendly. In short, MineAPI will be very useful for many of you! Links Github's repositery of MineAPI MineAPI's wiki MineAPI's page (in French) Example Send a simple title:...


Jun 29, 2015 Release
MoneyBlocker - The ultimate MoneyBlocker Plugin Do you own a Server? Do you hate the message if People are using "/Money" ? With this plugin, you can simply edit this message! Features: - Blocking /Money Please note that this plugin was just made for fun and is not very usefull :D My Server: - Atherius.de
Paint brush distance 10

Mine-crosoft paint

Jun 29, 2015 Release
Description MS Paint has entered the world of minecraft! With an iron sword and a block in the first hotbar slot, you can paint with that block in your world! And for a bonus you can possibly use for donators, a fire spew is added! Only players who walk on it will be damaged! to use fire spew, right click a blaze rod. Commands /pb | gives the player a paint brush /pb (number) | sets the distance the paint brush will paint /pb help | help command /fs | gives a player the flame spew wand...


Jun 28, 2015 Release
MyWarp allows players to share locations with each other. Shared locations (called ‘warps’) can be visited instantly by other players using a simple command. Creators remain in full control over their warps: They can remove them, change their locations, or invite players to or uninvite players from using them. MyWarp’s goal is to create a highly flexible system that allows players to dynamically connect with each other while being entirely self-managed. Once set up, administrative...

Modern Bedwars Shop

Jun 28, 2015 Release
Modern Bedwars Shop is a modern & fast Shop for Bedwars. Functions: - Fast Shop - - Easy 2 Use - - Shop isn't a Villager Inventory, - - it's a normal Inventory like a Game Teleporter - Commands: - /bwshop-help - - /bwshop-spawn - - /bwshop-remove - - /bwshop-gettestcash - How to install it?: - Stop your server - - Move the Jar into the plugins folder - - Start your server - - Configure the plugin - - Reload your Server (/rl) - Permissions: - bwshop.admin.help - - bwshop.admin.spawn - -...


Jun 27, 2015 Release
MCPromote About Promote your players to a new rank with one simple command - and even players that haven't joined the server yet! Features Promote players in-game instantly with just one simple command! Automatically queues players in a file when the rank up fails because they have never joined the server yet; so whenever they join for the first time, they get promoted instantly! Sends messages to admins of actions happening via MCPromote! All messages are configurable! Easy-to-understand...

Mob Mask

Jun 27, 2015 Release
Mob Mask This is a very small and easy setup plugin, when you wear a mask like a zombie head or creeper head. the mobs become confuses about you, and they will not attack you. you can walk on the night in the forest with a zombie head on and you are safe. they will think you are one of them. they will not even follow you since V6 Permissions: mobmask.use - allow players use mask and confuse the mobs, this is default for ops Getting a mask You need to kill players zombies or any mob like cows...


Jun 25, 2015 Alpha
MyHeals is a simple plugin that allows players to heal themselves and other players if they have the permissions! This is the first plugin I have ever made so it may be a bit buggy, if you find any bugs please report them to me and I will get them fixed asap. Commands: - /heal <player> Allows you to heal yourself or a player. Permissions: - myhealsplus.heal Able to heal yourself - myhealsplus.healother Able to heal other people Planned Features: - /feed <player> You can fill your hunger bar -...
McBansJocker LOGO


Jun 25, 2015 Release
About the plugin This system is an advanced minecraft admin tool, which allows admins to ban, unban, kick, mute and unmute players and automatically save the data in a database, which can be adjusted in the config. This data which is stored in the database, will show up in the website system, which comes with the files. This system will allow you to configure the site by being able to change access to the database and minecraft server information. Commands /ban /bano /unban /kick /mute...


Jun 24, 2015 Release
What is it and why is it here? MoarCommands was made on request. What it does is it allows you to run a single command as many times as you want. An example use of this is running a moar command in BuyCraft so you do not have to upgrade. How does it work Command: /moar <times> <command> - runs the specified command the specified amount of times Permission: moarcommands.command.use ------------ Command: /random Permission: moarcommands.command.random Description: runs a random command from the...


Jun 24, 2015 Release
MyMotd Plugin Description I made a simple plugin just for server's motd or message of the day the message will work if you set the motd using the config or /setmode <motd> command all '&' is used for color codes if you do help me to make a screenshot just comment below with the screenshot Youtubers :P help me too Permissions | Commands | Description mymotd.admin | /setmotd <motd> | set the motd ingame mymotd.check | /motd | can check the motd ingame mymotd.reload | /motd reload | will reloads...


Jun 23, 2015 Release
This plugin implements the ability to a configurable amount of money from another player after you kill them. You can also get paid for killing mobs. NOTICE (07/05/2015) So, a little while back, the dedicated server that I usually play on has gone down. Since I developed this plugin for that server, as well as test this plugin on that server, development is going to slow down considerably. This also means that I am unable to extensively test this plugin. From now on, all future releases are...