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Oct 09, 2015 Release
=============== MultiLobby Plugin​ =============== This is a simple plugin that gives a user the possibility to have more than one lobby on a server quickly and easily. FEATURES Support for 4 lobby Easy to use Sounds Firework Customized messages Particle effect Send suggestions COMMAND AND PERMISSION /Lobby - (No permission) Teleport to the main lobby. /Lobby setSpawn - (lobby.Admin) Set main Lobby Spawn. /Lobby2 - (No permission) Teleport to the lobby2. /Lobby2 setSpawn - (lobby.Admin) Set...


Oct 09, 2015 Release
Server Compatibility Please make sure you download the correct version for your server: 1.7.x => Magic-CB1.x 1.8.x: => Magic-5.2.x Earlier: => Check Compatibility in Files Section If you are running with the 1.7 CB build, you will not see custom spell icons! Overview Magic is a plugin that adds powerful magic wands and items to your server. With over 100 spells (plus 100 more HP spells!), a variety of wand templates, and complete customization, you can use Magic to craft a unique experience...

Modern Bedwars Shop

Oct 09, 2015 Release
IMPORTANT: Set the item names in config.yml! ** Modern Bedwars Shop is a modern & fast Shop for Bedwars. Functions: - Fast Shop - - Easy 2 Use - - Dual Buy System - - Very Fast Buy System - - Preset Kits - - Fair Item System - - Config Tool (Lite) - Commands: - /bwshop-help - - /bwshop-spawn - - /bwshop-remove - - /bwshop-gettestcash - - /bwshop-config - How to install it?: - Stop your server - - Move the Jar into the plugins folder - - Start your server - - Configure the plugin - - Reload...


Oct 08, 2015 Release
This plugin implements the ability to a configurable amount of money from another player after you kill them. You can also get paid for killing mobs. NOTICE (05/10/2015) Man, what's going on with Metrics? It's been up and down, but mostly down. This hindered development a bit (new workspace, so needed to download new dependencies), but I managed to grab a copy of it while it was up today. Development can continue as normal. So, what's new? I've completely refactored the entire plugin to make...

Minecraft System

Oct 08, 2015 Release
============================= !!! WE NEED PROTOCOLIB !!! ============================= []== Commands and Permissions ==[] CommandPermissionsBeschreibung /gmsystem.gmUm in den GameMode zu gehen /ccsystem.ccUm den Chat zu clearen /wartungsarbeiten an/aussystem.wartung(Ab Version2) / Joinen system.wartung.betretenWartungsmodus /team-(Ab Version2)Seh dir das Team an /bansystem.banPerma Ban /tempban <Name> <Anzahl> <Sekunden, Minuten, Stunden, Tage>system.tempbanZeitlicher Ban...


Oct 08, 2015 Release
MonsterMoon Extended Monstermoon Extended is an extension of the MonsterMoon plugin for Bukkit. The MonsterMoon Extended plugin has all of the same functionality of the original MonsterMoon. MonsterMoon Extended adds named days to the game, each of which can affect the world, from toggling PVP, to increasing the difficulty or enabling mob spawning. If that's not enough for you, you can specify any command of your choosing to be executed at the beginning of the day. You can set the days you...


Oct 06, 2015 Release
Other forums: RuBukkit| SpigotMC​ Description Light plugin for role play servers. This plugin adds to your server mark's, which will save your stuff when you died. To mark item you need to craft it with mark. Features Light Supports all versions of minecraft from 1.5.2 to 1.8.x List of allowed and denied to mark items Flexible configuration Compatible with RPGInventory and many other RP plugins Commands markitemGives mark Permissions markitem.commandsAccess to command Sources GitHub


Oct 05, 2015 Release
Do you have multiple minigame plugins installed on your server and each of them has its own command for leaving the game? With this plugin you can leave them all just by typing /leave. Features: Leave different minigames and different arenas with just one single command: /leave Usage: Create WorldGuard regions around your arenas and game lobbies (if you have not done already) where you want to use the /leave command. Then enter /rg flag <regionID> leavecmd <command normally used to leave the...


Oct 04, 2015 Release
MoreItems is a custom items plugin which will enhance your Role-Playing server to the max! The possibilities are endless. It is designed for server who want to add extra special items into the game. Be it items with special powers, RPG items, or just random every day items! If you are looking for a custom items plugin and you can't find any that are updated look no further. MoreItems has all you would want and more! If you plan to use powers I suggest using Magicspells. It is a very good...


Oct 04, 2015 Alpha
MiniAliases English MiniAliases has shorted Commands and it has extra commands. Commands: /g0 Gives you gamemode 0. Permission: ma.gm0 /g1 Gives you gamemode 1. Permission: ma.gm1 /g2 Gives you gamemode 2. Permission: ma.gm2 /g3 Gives you gamemode 3. Permission: ma.gm3 /et Gives you food. Permission: ma.eat /hl Heals you. Permission: ma.heal Sorry for my bad english TODO 1. Config, editiable messages 2. More aliases Deutsch MiniAliases hat gekürzte Befehle und extra Befehle. Befehle: /g0 Gibt...


Oct 02, 2015 Planning
_________________ INTRODUCTION What It Do? This plugin is very simple. It add in your server tab list the prefix and the suffix of your PermissionsEx groups SETUP - Put the plugin on the plugins file - Put the PermissionsEx plugin - Start the server and be happy :) FEATURES No Config Easy to Setup Depends PermissionsEx : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/ PrintScreens

Marriage Master

Oct 02, 2015 Release
Marriage Master: Marriage Master allows you to marry another player in Minecraft to get some extras. Features: Permissions Teleport to partner XP Boost when near partner faster health regeneration when near partner Shared Home with partner Private Chat with your partner Marry players through a priest or yourself Enable/Disable PvP with you partner Ability to kiss your partner (with particle effect on 1.7 and newer) Gift Items to your partner View all married Option to enable the need to...


Oct 02, 2015 Release
MultiChest Commands: - /MultiChest [ 1 - n ] - Open Chest - /MultiChest Reaload - Plugin Reload Permission: - 'MultiChest.use' - Plugin Basic Command Use Permission - 'MultiChest.[ 1 - n ] - Chest Open Permission Config: - # MultiChest - # Number: 1 ~ No Limitation - # Size: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 - MaxChestNumber: 1 - MaxChestSize: 54


Oct 02, 2015 Planning
Features Any and every mob can now store items just like a chest. All you have to do is right click on the mob you want. Commands None Configuration None Notes This is very early in development. I hope this plugin is helpful. Latest working version (not approved, use at your own risk) https://github.com/themandalton/mob_inv/tree/working Source Code https://github.com/themandalton/mob_inv/tree/live_source


Sep 30, 2015 Release
Features Classes Create your own classes, each with its strengths and weaknesses. A player can switch between classes and experience all of them. Spells If you can code you can design your own spells. Do you have a nice idea for a spell and you cannot code? Then let us know and if it is possible I will code it for you. You can assign up to 8 spells to one class. Mobs myRPG offers an easy way to create your own custom mobs. Decide where they spawn, how they look, what weapons & armor they...


Sep 27, 2015 Planning
Introduction This plugin is a Minigame, called GunGame, published & coded by myself riderstorm1999. You have xx Rounds. In every round you get a other weapon, if you kill a person you level up and get into the next round. If you reached the last round and leveled-up you are in the first round. For every level-up you get 1GP. With GP you can buy in the shop things. (/gg shop) Commands: /gg join - You join GunGame /gg setspawn <arenaname> <maximumplayers> - You set the spawn of a arena /gg shop...
Maze Title


Sep 27, 2015 Planning
Maze === EGNLISH === Maze is a Plugin to the Movie MazeRunner, you have to be finish a Maze and Survive, but yoz are not allone you have other players as Enemie; excuse me for my bad english iam from Germany and i have to wirte the text for Bukkit.org === DEUTSCH === Maze ist ein Plugin was sich auf den Film MazeRunner bezieht, man kann Items mit Speziellen Effekten finden und man ist auch nicht alleine denn man hat noch andere Spieler von denen man sich nicht töten lassen soll sonder sie...
Cover art


Sep 27, 2015 Planning
MagicWeapons Do you think, there aren't enough weapons in minecraft? Then this plugin is for you! Features 5 new weapons You can't get the weapons without a command Weapons Robinhood's Bow You can shoot 9 arrows at the same time. It uses 9 arrows, but you can only recover 1. High spread Good against a team of mobs Sniper's Bow Zero spread. (Where you aim, where you shoot) High speed (double of the normal). Good against mobs far away. Kills everything in 2 hits. Master Sword If you have more...


Sep 27, 2015 Beta
MoreStuff Plugin v0.4.1 Beta Sorry if you get errors in your console logs, i am aware of some console spam that has been happening, most of them fixable but a phew that might not be, such as spigot colliding with craftbukkit, because the API i use is craftbukkit instead of spigot. But please please make sure you post your error logs to me even if its a little line, the less spam the better. About MoreStuff Ever wanted just ridiculously cool items, or items that can actually be quiet useful,...


Sep 25, 2015 Planning
MiniGames! This Is An Easy Plugin For You To Set Up Amassing MiniGames For People! There Is Only A Few Steps To Set Up This Plugin! All Commands Are Below! === Commands First Step Is To Do /MiniGame Create (Name) OR /mg Create (name) Then You Do /mg Tool mg (name of minigame you just created) OR /MiniGame Tool MiniGame (name of minigame you just created) == You Then Should Get A Tool. == Now If You Hold It In Your hand and SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK A Menu Will Come Up. From There You Can Choose...