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Nov 27, 2014 Release
MCCore MC Core is an attempt to provide a foundation for several aspects of bukkit plugin development to help new coders get started more easily, provide a framework for new plugins (or old ones that decide to convert) to be more compatible, and just in general provide many tools to speed up the development process. This plugin acts as a library for many different functions so that people can avoid coding the same things over again, and possibly do some things they didn't think were possible....

MinigamesLib: Gungame

Nov 25, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Gungame Gungame is a pvp minigame where your gear gets better and better per kill. You also get 2 gunpoints, which allow you to buy stuff in the shop, per kill and lose one per death. This is an instant pvp gamemode, it doesn't have boundaries and doesn't end. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /gg setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /gg setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby...


Nov 25, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib Currently there are 14 released and two unreleased minigames and more are planned to be added soon. That's the API I'm using in all of my newer minigames. Of course you are free to use it too, be sure to drop me a message and I'll list your project here too. There's Arcade functionality already included which enables you to be able to play all minigames in one run, you just need to install MGArcade. Important links: Github Repo Wiki JavaDocs Minigames Github Organisation (I...

MinigamesLib: OneInTheChamber

Nov 25, 2014 Release
OITC Minigame This is a pvp game with a small catch: You can insta-kill people with one shot with your bow. First one to get to 20 kills wins the round, can be also changed in config. If you set multiple spawns people will respawn at a random one. Even though this might be an old minigame, it's still a great addition to an arcade round. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /oitc setmainlobby set the main lobby where...


Nov 25, 2014 Release
Description MagicLoot adds a whole new RPG Experience to your Server! This Plugin randomly generates ruins in the world. These ruins have Chests in them which will also be randomly filled with Items MagicLoot's Item System is very easy. You can specify in the Configs which enchantments can be added, which items can be added and even whether it should add random Potions or Slimefun Items Screenshots Additional Informations MagicLoot is fully customizable and expandable. You can add your own...


Nov 25, 2014 Release
MultiSpawns MultiSpawns allows you to have multiple spawn points set for your server and will randomly select one of these spawn points on each player join. Commands /addspawn <name> - Add a spawn /delspawn <name> - Delete a spawn Permissions multispawn.admin - Allow the use of the commands shown above Source You can find the source code for this plugin on GitHub https://github.com/ConnorLinfoot/MultiSpawns/ Development Builds I have a Jenkins server which is where any development builds will...
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Nov 24, 2014 Release
Welcome to MyMenu! MyMenu allows for the creation of interactive chests (Menus) that can be used by both the admins and the players. These menus have extreme customization and everything can be set up from in game. Menus can contain any item you want to put into them, and each item can have a different displayname, the option to run a command, the option to send the player a message, or the option to be unclickable and just show the player information. Getting Started: Getting started with...


Nov 24, 2014 Release
About Hello, I am Sizableshrimp0 the author of MyEssentials. MyEssentials is a great Essentials plugin with many features which you can see below. This plugin is the updated plugin from Bukkitfly. It will have updates occasionally and it is a very fun plugin and I hope you try it out! Commands /fly: Enables flight /heal: Heals player /feed: Feeds player /gmc: Sets gamemode to Creative /gms: Sets gamemode to Survival /gma: Sets gamemode to Adventure /air: FIll up your oxygen underwater /fire:...


Nov 23, 2014 Release
Esse plugin (mNome) pode renomear o item que você segura,assim como a descrição do item. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Você pode usar &(cor) para colocar cores e usar _ como um espaço. Exemplo /nome &a&l(a=verde claro l= negrito) [this_is_an_example] <- Vai fazer algo assim: Permission mnome.nome -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Descrição /descricao &b&l(b=azul claro l= negrito) [this_is_a_test] <- Vai fazer algo assim: Permission...

Minecraft Comes Alive

Nov 22, 2014 Release
Minecraft Comes Alive Features Info: Hate those weird squidward villagers? Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin changes villagers to fake players with player skins, they act the same as regular villagers. However you can interact with them by right-clicking on them. When you do this a menu will pop up with various options and info on them. Click the options to do your desired action, then the villager will respond in the chat. This is a sort of copy of the RADIX-SHOCK forge mod MCA....
McKits Logo


Nov 21, 2014 Release
== McKits == Welcome to McKits! Help Hello! Welcome to mcKits! The FIRST Bukkit plugin to allow the use of FULL kitpvp elements. Combined with an economy and any plugins of your liking you can have your own kitpvp server with no developer needed! With this easily-configurable plugin you can create kits like for example tank. A powerful kit with extra armour but explodes on death. Commands mcKits has one basic command. That command is /mcKits it shows all available commands and uses the...


Nov 21, 2014 Release
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx I create a poll with an idea for this plugin, if you like my idea, vote "Yes" to this poll: here Commands here. Permissions here. MOTD IN-GAME: MOTD SYSTEM: MOTD SHOUT: Other plugins by me: GiveAllMoney: here. GiveAllItems: here. Video Tutorial on the Plugin YouTube Link Portuguese TUTORIAL Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/MOTD Configurate) DOWNLOADS: 10 ✔ 50 ✔ 100 ✔ 250 ✔ 500 ✔ 1.000 ✔ 1.250 ✔ 1.500 ✔ 2.500 ✖ 5.000 ✖ 10.000+ ✖ DONATE IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THIS...
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Massive Tickets

Nov 21, 2014 Release
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveTickets? MassiveTickets is a help ticket plugin. Usage of the plugin goes like this: Player files a help ticket. Moderator picks the ticket. Moderator helps Player. Moderator or Player marks the ticket as done. Moderator gets a point in the weekly...
MassiveHat Logotype

Massive Hat

Nov 21, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveHat? MassiveHat is yet another block hat plugin for Bukkit. You can put normal minecraft blocks on your head as if they were helmets. What makes this plugin special is that you equip the block like a regular helmet. Install Stop your server. Put...
MassiveBooks Logotype

Massive Books

Nov 21, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveBooks? MassiveBooks provides book related features such as better displaynames, copying books, unlocking locked books for more editing, powertools, unique serverbooks, and ingame libraries using item frames. Install Stop your server. Put...
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Massive Core

Nov 21, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on Bukkit ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Documentation ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveCore? MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins: ItemStack and Inventory serialization Commands Plugin Integration Data storage with JSON Disc IO … and much more … Install Stop your server. Put...

MinigamesLib: Splegg and Spleef

Nov 21, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Splegg and Spleef Splegg/Spleef with MinigamesLib. You break blocks with your shovel/some other tool and get snowballs which you can throw again to remove more blocks. Also supports different levels, but you need to create the snowblock levels by yourself! (snowblock just as an example) It doesn't have shooting shovels yet, to use it as solely splegg, just give them eggs/snowballs, to use it as spleef just leave the classes config as it is. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib...


Nov 20, 2014 Release
MYSLOTS - A Slot Plugin for Server with a Slot Limit ! Heho Guys Today I would like to present you a little plugin I made for Server with an Slot limit, so that they can have more slots. MYSlots - Slots Plugin [Q] So to the main part what does the plugin do ? [A]With the plugin you can increase the slots of your server also if your server has a slot limit and not like the fake slots plugin with my plugin you can use the slots ! [Q] Will you add some extra things to the plugin ? [A] Not now....


Nov 19, 2014 Release
Increase health and damage of monsters based on the distance from spawn (or any location) Customize the scale to any number of your liking Choose which entities you want to use Optional nametag above monsters that show their health Commands: No commands. How To Use: Download and install plugin to /plugins Run server Open mobs.yml in /plugins/Mobulate and change config to true to generate a default file on next restart. Restart server Make changes to mobs.yml to your liking, then restart the...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
McTeams Welcome to McTeams! This plugin is purely based off of the McPvP/McTeams team plugin! This plugin is great for a team server, or if you just want to have fun with your friends. Commands /Team - See the team command help page /Team create [teamName] [password] - Create a team. The password is optional. /Team join [teamName] [password] - Join a team. A password may not be required. /Team leave - Leave your current team. /Team info - Get details about your team. /Team info [playerName] -...