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May 04, 2016 Beta
Features Classes Create your own classes, each with its strengths and weaknesses. A player can switch between classes and experience all of them. Spells SpellCollection If you can code, you can design your own spells. Do you have a nice idea for a spell and you cannot code? Then let me know and if it is possible I will code it for you. You can assign up to 8 spells to one class. Video about spells. Mobs myRPG offers an easy way to create your own custom mobs. Decide where they spawn, how they...


May 04, 2016 Release
Take Minecraft Mobs to a New Level Website | Manual | Forums | Changelogs | Support What is MythicMobs? MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your own mobs, bosses, and other many other fun mob-related things. It gives you full control over how mobs behave, from simply increasing their HP and damage to giving mobs a vast arsenal of new abilities. Your custom mobs can then replace vanilla mobs, be spawned randomly...
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Massive Core

May 04, 2016 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on Bukkit ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Documentation ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveCore? MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins: ItemStack and Inventory serialization Commands Plugin Integration Data storage with JSON Disc IO … and much more … Install Stop your server. Put...
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Massive Tickets

May 04, 2016 Release
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveTickets? MassiveTickets is a help ticket plugin. Usage of the plugin goes like this: Player files a help ticket. Moderator picks the ticket. Moderator helps Player. Moderator or Player marks the ticket as done. Moderator gets a point in the weekly...
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Massive Hat

May 04, 2016 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveHat? MassiveHat is yet another block hat plugin for Bukkit. You can put normal minecraft blocks on your head as if they were helmets. What makes this plugin special is that you equip the block like a regular helmet. Install Stop your server. Put...
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Massive Books

May 04, 2016 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveBooks? MassiveBooks provides book related features such as better displaynames, copying books, unlocking locked books for more editing, powertools, unique serverbooks, and ingame libraries using item frames. Install Stop your server. Put...


May 03, 2016 Release
MIP MIP allows you to lookup IPs or domains, as well as broadcast player join locations(countries, cities, states, provinces, etc.). You can control the format of the broadcast, as well as what appears the broadcast, and you can control who the broadcast goes to. Commands /mip - Shows help. /lookup <ip> - Looks up an IP. Permissions mip.help - Access to /mip. mip.lookup - Access to /lookip mip.staff (changeable in config) - Receives broadcast when the broadcast mode is set to staff only....


May 03, 2016 Release
_________________ Thanks for over 4000 downloads!!! _________________ MYSlots: [Q] So to the main part what does the plugin do? [A] With this plugin you can increase the slots of your server also if your server has a slot limit and it is not like the fake slots plugin with my plugin you can use the slots! [Q] Will you add some extra things to the plugin? [A] Not now. _________________ Commands: /myslots - Command to see the slots /myslots [Slots] - Command to set the slots _________________...

Minetopia ATM plugin

May 02, 2016 Release
Minetopia ATM plugin Version 4.1 This plugin is the next step in economy! With this plugin you can easily withdraw or deposit money on a simple ATM The plugin has a completely customisable scoreboard! No setup needed! Every dropper and red sandstone stair works as an atm There prefixes to show what company you work for, what rank you have and ehat level you are at You can completely change those prefixes, suffixes and everything! IMPORTANT: This plugin uses vault! Also in this update ALL...


May 02, 2016 Release
Introduction: This plugin is based on the Minecraft Forge Mod Morph created by IChun, You can transform into almost everything you kill and use the abilities that they have. Want to test it out? Join tfoc.wifld.com! Abilities: - Creepers explode when the die - Bats, Ghast and Blazes can fly - Rabbits have jump boost - Squids and Guardians have waterbreathing - Horses and Ocelots have speed - Snowmen place snow wherever they walk - Iron golems have strenght - Ghasts and blazes can shoot...


Apr 30, 2016 Release
MyCommand Make your own, customized Minecraft commands Features: Make new commands!. (Also registered command) Run others command in new one Perform several commands in one Delayed commands with custom pause, warmups and cooldowns Make Shortcut/alias commands Run commands with any item , any block, signs, book and villager npcs. Various functions for costumize commands, like placeholders, scripts (if-else) and more. Console support Economy support (Require Vault) Command Scheduler. Bungee...
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Apr 29, 2016 Release
What is Minetrends? Minetrends is the all in one solution to analyzing your Minecraft server! With Minetrends, you can login to your dashboard and instantly view graphs and statistics on your daily player count, the ratio between new to recurring players, the geolocation of your players, and much more. In addition to player information, you can also view server health stats, such as memory usage, TPS, and many more things to come! Screenshots of the control panel? Sure! Here are a few: How do...


Apr 29, 2016 Planning
Description A simple, lightweight plugin, allowing your players to pay to switch ranks on a pre-determined track. You can configure a different track of ranks by which your players can progress on, and define a price for each rank. This plugin works with any Vault compatible permissions plugin, such as PermissionsEx. Installation Place the plugin in the plugins folder on your server and then create a folder called anger MasterRankup with two files inside, config.yml and grupos.yml you can...


Apr 27, 2016 Release
A Brief Description Movecraft is a plugin that has been designed to give purpose to those extremely large (and awesome) oceans as well as to simply give the option to Sail, Drive, or Pilot amazing Ships, Creations, or Zeppelins. It allows the player and/or players to craft Vessels out of blocks that can be piloted and thus moved. Hence the name MoveCraft. Credit Movecraft was first created by Yogoda for hMod. Movecraft 3 is a complete recode. It's only similarity to the Movecraft of Yogada is...


Apr 26, 2016 Release
MotdOnJoin Description Shows a customizable motd on join. Features Unlimited lines Colored text Placeholders Empty lines Everything is customizable Getting started Place the MotdOnJoin[version].jar file in your plugins directory. Reload/Restart/Start your server. When the plugin is loaded for the first time, execute this command: '/motdonjoin reload' Reload the configuration using '/motdonjoin reload'. Placeholders %datetime%: Shows the current date and time %player%: Shows the player's name...


Apr 26, 2016 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Run a console command as a reward or punishment or Start a Skull Collection / Give permissions to something....


Apr 25, 2016 Release
Server Compatibility Please make sure you download the correct version for your server: 1.9.x => Latest Build 1.8.8: => Magic-5.5 1.8.3: => Magic-5.3.3 1.7.x => Magic-CB1.x Earlier: => Check Compatibility in Files Section If you are running with the 1.7 CB build, you will not see custom spell icons! Overview Magic is a plugin that adds powerful magic wands and items to your server. With over 100 spells (plus 100 more HP spells!), a variety of wand templates, and complete customization, you...


Apr 25, 2016 Planning
Description Many people have seen things like this on popular prison servers. Now, you can have configurable rewards for YOUR prison server! Permissions MineRewards.get - Allows the player to receive rewards for mining MineRewards.help - Allows the player to view the help page MineRewards.reload - Allows the player to reload the config MineRewards.addreward - Allows the player to add a reward MineRewards.deletereward - Allows the player to delete a reward Commands /minereward - Shows the Mine...


Apr 24, 2016 Release
This plugin is for hub/lobby servers. It adds a lot of useful features and will include a permissions system and global chat support. THIS VERSION: Scoreboard Double jump for OPs More easter eggs Enhanced scoreboard (online players, SQL tokens, etc.) Gadgets (particles, profile, fireworks, more) Pets Server selector Grenade launcher (AWESOME! :D ) Wardrobe If you want to see the next version it's on this server: play.lordoftherin.gs


Apr 23, 2016 Beta
MSGCraft Basics This plugin does the following things Removes caps in chat Silences players Removes specific words from messages Creates personalised repeated tasks There are two groups of people who can use this plugin: Operators - can do all above commands Primary operator - cannot be demoted, full access can promote/demote operators (can be edited in MsgConfig.yml when the server is offline) (The console is a primary operator) Are there any other plugins? Not at the moment but I am open to...