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Mine-crosoft paint

Mar 01, 2015 Release
Description MS Paint has entered the world of minecraft! With an iron sword and a block in the first hotbar slot, you can paint with that block in your world! And for a bonus you can possibly use for donators, a fire spew is added! Only players who walk on it will be damaged! to use fire spew, right click a blaze rod. Commands /p | gives the player a paint brush /p (number) | sets the distance the paint brush will paint /p help | help command Permissions paint.allow | allows the player to...


Mar 01, 2015 Mature
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx Commands here. Permissions here. MOTD IN-GAME: MOTD SYSTEM: MOTD SHOUT: Other plugins by me: GiveAllMoney: here. GiveAllItems: here. Video Tutorial on the Plugin YouTube Link Portuguese TUTORIAL Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/MOTD Configurate) DOWNLOADS: 10 ✔ 50 ✔ 100 ✔ 250 ✔ 500 ✔ 1.000 ✔ 1.250 ✔ 1.500 ✔ 2.000 ✔ 2.500 ✔ 3.000 ✔ 3.500 ✔ 4.000 ✖ 4.500 ✖ 5.000 ✖ 10.000+ ✖ DONATE IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THIS PLUGIN !!


Mar 01, 2015 Release
Mtt's Fly Home To-Do Ya of course you've tried all of the rest of the fly plugins, but are they really what you want? In Mtt's Fly I have made it so you can not only use the /fly command, but if you have a specific permission, you will have flying enabled whenever you log in! Of course this is not that advanced, so I will keep working on it. Permissions Important: You must have a Permissions plugin! fly.* - All of the fly commands. fly.canfly - Allows the player to use the /fly command....


Mar 01, 2015 Release
This plugin calls the BungeeCord /server command from Bukkit allowing other Bukkit plugins, Like VariableTriggers or ServerSigns, to teleport users to another server under BungeeCord. For: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bungeecord.392/ Plugins Commands: /server <target> target: Name of the server to teleport the user to. There are no permissions nor configuration options.


Feb 28, 2015 Release
Map Menus With MapMenus you can create Menus/GUIs on Maps! Some Important informations The File (/<MainWorldFolder>/data/idcounts.dat) will be deleted when the Server is stopped. This is to prevent the Server from shifting the Map IDs. It can be disabled in the Config but is not recommended and might break the Plugin. Outgoing Maps will be cancelled, except for the Menus and the Map-IDs specified in the config (ignoredMaps). This means that no other Maps will be visible to Players See the...
Example Username pull


Feb 28, 2015 Release
Ever wanted to know the history of a particular Minecraft user? Now you can! By harnessing the power of the cloud you can pull down the history of any Minecraft username. By using a combination of initial username data from Mojang, user submitted data from actual servers and pre-caching we don't need to make as many requests to Mojang's servers, which in turn means we can do more with the data! This plugin is still in beta so if you have any issues please let me know! Website Update! We now...

MCAdmin Reborn

Feb 28, 2015 Planning
MCAdmin Reborn MCAdmin Reborn or MCAR is a Remote/Local Minecraft Server Ban Administration Tool. MCAR will have support for UUIDs (Minecraft Username Changes). MCAdmin was a great plugin and I'm here to bring it back, replacing the mistakes with advantages. This plugin is meant to help Servers, Admins, and Players. This is NOT just another global ban system, this is better. Unlike MCBans, this plugin will respect users and any appeal they make. For example, if a user believes that a server...


Feb 27, 2015 Beta
An Important Note about Java Versions What is MGLib? MGLib is a library designed with ease-of-use in mind, and made to assist plugin developers in creating minigame plugins. Generally speaking, almost all minigame plugins have the same basic functionality built into them. However, this basic functionality (e.g. round management) takes a lot of time to create. If all the core code is effectively the same, why not just use the same exact code instead of rewriting it every time? This is where...


Feb 27, 2015 Release
This plugin implements the ability to a configurable amount of money from another player after you kill them. You can also get paid for killing mobs. NOTICE (27/02/2015) I've had somewhat of a family emergency, and as such won't be able to update this plugin as quickly as I've been hoping. I should get build 1.1.7 out today, but there are no guarantees for regular updates until everything gets sorted out. Thank you for your understanding. For older messages, consider going here. Features...

Marriage Master

Feb 27, 2015 Release
Marriage Master: Marriage Master allows you to Marry another Player in Minecraft to get some new functions. I have started creating this plugin because I haven't found a marriage plugin which has all the functions I need for my server. This plugin is still in development. Features: Permissions Teleport to partner XP Boost when near partner faster health regeneration when near partner Shared Home with partner Private Chat with your partner Marry players through a priest or yourself...

More Meteors

Feb 27, 2015 Release
/meteor (moremeteors.meteor /meteor here (moremeteors.meteor Creates an EPIC meteor crater Chest with stuff inside! A system for chat announcements (The ranks are messed up, just do not give players permissions (moreads.<anything>)) It will work! No configuration (yet :P) People with permission: moreperks.luckyattack will have a %20 chance to do %150 damage on an attack! /wild If user has permissions (highest radius takes presedence): morecmds.wild.8000 morecmds.wild.5000 morecmds.wild.3000...


Feb 26, 2015 Release
Overview Magic is a plugin that adds powerful magic wands and items to your server. With over 100 spells (plus 100 more HP spells!), a variety of wand templates, and complete customization, you can use Magic to craft a unique experience for your server. Spells in Magic revolve around unique wand items. Players do not "know" spells, they find, buy, or craft wands that do. Wands may be bound to a specific player (meaning no other player may use them), and a wand may be set to stay with the...

matConomy - A matter of matter

Feb 26, 2015 Beta
matConomy - A matter of matter matConomy allows you to use any items as currency. Every plugin which supports Vault will be able to take and give and take items from/to players. DownloadsGithub What are the dependencies of this plugin? Brain How do I install matConomy? Make sure you have Vault installed! Download matconomy.jar and put it into your "plugins/" folder Run your server! Which commands are available? /money - Shows your current balance | Permission: matconomy.money /matconomy...


Feb 26, 2015 Planning
MinersPack Backpack plugin Are you on the go? Don't have enough inventory room? Don't worry! This plugin adds a special backpack to you! It's very simple, and gives you extra storage! Commands: - /minerspack - Open your MinersPack (BackPack) Permissions: - NONE - Will be added in the future if requested. If you have any suggestions, please leave it here, and i'll plan on adding it. This plugin was coded for Miners Planet Minecraft Hosting. Check them out today!


Feb 25, 2015 Release
McTeams Welcome to McTeams! This plugin is purely based off of the McPvP/McTeams team plugin! This plugin is great for a team server, or if you just want to have fun with your friends. Commands /Team - See the team command help page /Team create [teamName] [password] - Create a team. The password is optional. /Team join [teamName] [password] - Join a team. A password may not be required. /Team leave - Leave your current team. /Team info - Get details about your team. /Team info [playerName] -...


Feb 25, 2015 Release
_________________ MYSlots: [Q] So to the main part what does the plugin do? [A] With this plugin you can increase the slots of your server also if your server has a slot limit and it is not like the fake slots plugin with my plugin you can use the slots! [Q] Will you add some extra things to the plugin? [A] Not now. _________________ Commands: /myslots - Command to see the slots /myslots [Slots] - Command to set the slots _________________ Permissions: myslots.use - Admin Permission...


Feb 23, 2015 Release
A Brief Description Movecraft is a plugin that has been designed to give purpose to those extremely large (and awesome) oceans as well as to simply give the option to Sail, Drive, or Pilot amazing Ships, Creations, or Zeppelins. It allows the player and/or players to craft Vessels out of blocks that can be piloted and thus moved. Hence the name MoveCraft. Credit Movecraft was first created by Yogoda for hMod. Movecraft 3 is a complete recode. It's only similarity to the Movecraft of Yogada is...


Feb 23, 2015 Release
ModPanel What is ModPanel? ModPanel is making running a server easy for operators. If you type "/modpanel" in the chat, it'll open up a panel with a lot of commands! Right now we've created those commands: Kick: Kicks a selected player Kickall: Kicks every player in the server without operators Ban: Bams a selected player Commands below are temporary removed because we're reworking the plugin: Muteall: Mutes every player in the server without operators We'll add some more in the future, but...
MyZ 4 Default Image


Feb 23, 2015 Release
What is MyZ? MyZ is not simply a Bukkit plugin. It is a complete re-imagination of Minecraft. Featuring a highly immersive new gamemode, MyZ aims to emulate and enhance a combination of DayZ and MineZ. With new mobs, items, chat features and more, MyZ has a lot to boast about and nearly endless opportunities. Survive and prosper in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Be careful though - you'll have to pay close attention to your hunger, health, thirst, visibility and temperature. Not to mention the...


Feb 22, 2015 Release
McSynch is a Web-based Application which allows your users to synchronize their Minecraft Account on your server with your website. For example, you can make users needs to generate a Code, which they need to enter on your server via /synch [Code]. If they synched their accounts, their able to do different actions on the Website. To use McSynch, you'll need a Webserver (Website) MySQL Picture #1 (Main Screen) Picture #2 (Get Key) Picture #3 (Logged in) VISIT ME AT http://rene-uchiha.com