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Jul 29, 2016 Release
About Plugin This plugin allows you to make your social medias using command /sm add or /socialmedias add. When you type /social, social medias that you've added by /sm add will be sent to you. Looking for someone who will make a youtube video about this plugin Thanks TheLastDogMiner being first who made a video! TheLastDogMiner's video: Click here :D - Subscribe to channel Features You can add whatever social media you want You can add as many medias as you want Colors are supported Only...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. (Vault and Gringotts supported) Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Give players a Mobhead / Playerhead as reward Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Put a bounty on your enemies and get...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
Overview mcMMOExtras adds new features to mcMMO servers which enhances game play. These features are listed down below with more details. Features An Exp Bar A visual exp bar for mcMMO that keeps people entertained and encourages them to want to level up. The exp bar supports every type of mcMMO skill. If a new one comes out, it'll work on it as well Uses the boss's health bar. It will NOT conflict with the ender dragon or wither health bar. Exp bar will disappear after a configurable...
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Jul 29, 2016 Release
Description This lightweight plugin is based on the feature request from here. It forwards some useful mcMMO messages to the action chat. Instead that these messages spam the regular chat, you'll see them above the itembar and they will disappear after a shorten time. This plugin has no config. Just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and start your server. Features Lightweight Support many mcMMO messages Supports localized messages Good performance - Messages are loaded only once in a...


Jul 29, 2016 Release
✓ MStaffList ✓ ➸Basic Info: This plugin allows players to see the server's staff list, published in config.yml file inside the folder is automatically generated by the plugin, edited the file has a small example and limitations lines plugin ➸Commands: /staff (Seen the list of staffers edited in config.yml) /equipe (Ver a lista de staffers editada na config.yml dentro da pasta do plugin) < PT-BR /staff reload (Reload Plugin, Message has been configurate in config.yml) ➸Permissions:...


Jul 28, 2016 Release
Manners Give your players a time they have been looking forward to for a whiles moment! --------------------------------------------------- Manners gives you fun with tons of commands. No permissions set-up required at all!! Just install the plugin into your server and "BOOM!" Right there. --------------------------------------------------- Where else to find Manners: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/manners.27122/ http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/manners...

Mobile stuff

Jul 27, 2016 Beta
Mobile stuff Deutsch Beschreibung Mit diesen Plugin kannst du jeder Zeit und überall eine Werkbank oder eine Ender Truhe öffnen Nun mit Config für die Nachrichten Commands /mobilestuff - Hier siehst du alle Befehle nochmal ingame /workbench - Hiermit kann du eine Werkbank öffnen /enderchest - Hiermit kannst du eine Ender Chest öffnen /ms-reload - Hiermit lädst du die Config neu Permissions - p.ms.help für /mobilestuff - p.workbench für /workbench - p.enderchest für /enderchest - p.ms-reload...

Manage Chat

Jul 26, 2016 Planning
Manage Your Chat! We met some bugs The release will be later Commands /chat enable /chat disable /chat clear Use By usin /chat clear the chat will be cleared by using chat disable the chat will turn off by using chat enabl the chat will be turned on again Permissions Permission for enable cc.enable Permission for disable cc.disable permissions to clear cc.clear permissions to bypass cc.bypass


Jul 25, 2016 Beta
Features: Ever wanted to make money mining? Well now you can! MiningMoney allows you to get paid for mining defined blocks. You can configure the block and the amount you make in the config. Permissions: MiningMoney.allow - allows the player to make money mining blocks. Commands: MM add - Coming Soon MM remove - Coming Soon Configuration: Blockid- Sets the bl Price- The amount of money you get from mining the block Please leave me feedback!!


Jul 20, 2016 Planning
MCLib This library is required for all my plugins. I've created this lib so i can easily update my plugins. Note that Advanced Lucky Block version doesn't require this plugin. Installation - Put the downloaded file in plugins folder. - Enjoy! Commands /mclib version. Permissions mclib.version Classes that can be used in your project CustomEntity ItemMaker ItemNBT TellRawSender Tested versions bukkit 1.10.


Jul 20, 2016 Release
This is a simple plugin. It's intended use is to prevent players from placing and breaking blocks until they have applied to my server - we wanted players to look around first. There are no commands. There are two permissions: 1.2 and after: - morrndbreak.break This allows players to break blocks. Default: false. - morrndbreak.place This allows players to place blocks. Default: false. (old perms do NOT work) Before 1.2: - nobreak.break This allows players to break blocks. Default: false. -...

MoreTools (aka EmeraldTools)

Jul 20, 2016 Release
MoreTools Usage: Adds new recipes to the game that allows you to craft lots of new armer/tools!!! Emerald Armer & Tools Bedrock Armer & Tools Crafting: Emerald set Emerald Sword: Emerald Helmet: Emerald ChestPlate: Emerald Pants: Bedrock set Permmissons: None


Jul 19, 2016 Release
Anyone who has been active on the main forums in the last few days must surely have already heard the news. I'm not going to comment on why and how, but the short version is that Bukkit is almost certainly not getting passed this. Consequently, the future of BukkitDev is very uncertain. Even if the legal matters were resolved tomorrow there isn't really anybody left to deal with file submissions anyway. There's no indication about how long the site will stay up and what will happen to the...


Jul 18, 2016 Planning
MinetopiaReloaded In deze plugin zitten een aantal dingen: - De "Welkom! je gegevens worden ingeladen...", en per wereld hebben ze een andere kleur! - Het scoreboard verandert ook van kleur per wereld, en de titel is de naam van de wereld(LET OP: De titel is in hoofdletters, net als in de echte Minetopia!. De naam van de wereld hoeft dus NIET in hoofdletters te staan!) - De haakjes in de chat als je iets typt veranderen ook mee met de kleur van de wereld! Benodigde plugins: - Vault (yep, deze...

Minetop - Top servers

Jul 16, 2016 Release
[FRENCH PART] MineTop est un plugin qui permet aux joueurs de voter directement en jeu sans avoir à passer par notre Top-serveurs Minecraft. Lorsqu'un joueur vote (avec la commande /minevote) il peut être automatiquement récompensé par des items ou de l'argent, ce qui permet d'augmenter les votes et de monter encore plus rapidement dans le classement. Les administrateurs ont la possibilité de gérer le Plugin directement en jeu grâce aux commandes d'administration et de le traduire dans...


Jul 16, 2016 Planning
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Jul 15, 2016 Planning
This is my first plugin, so it may be a bit basic. Expect more advanced plugins coming soon :D This is a plugin that messages all online players. This is to be used as almost a broadcast plugin, but also as a little bit of a troll (If you wish to use it that way) Commands: /messageall - Sends a message to all online players. Usage: /messageall {message} - Sends the user with the message that you define. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Bukkit/Current lack of knowledge, any commas will...

More Control

Jul 15, 2016 Alpha
More Control 0.0.1 By ASTChristopher More Control is an extremely customizable plugin that allows you to manage your players, and server! Features: Customizable Announcement Command Easy Chat Management (Chat Clear, Lock, and Unlock) Player Freeze and Unfreeze Customizable Staff Chat Customizable Join/Quit Messages More Coming Soon! Commands: /Announce <Message> - Brandcasts a message to all players (Permission: morecontrol.announce) /Chat Clear - Clears the chat so players cannot see the...


Jul 12, 2016 Inactive
MoreChat 0.0.5 By ASTChristopher MoreChat is a light-weight and extremely customizable chat management plugin! ** ** ** PLUGIN MERGED, PLEASE USE NEW LINK http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/more-control/ MoreChat has been merged in with 'More Control' Please use this plugin in place of MoreChat. MoreChat will no longer be updated. ** ** ** Features: Easy Chat Management. Ability To Clear And Lock Chat. AntiSwear(Alpha) Customizable Join And Quit Messages. Customizable Chat Format (How Chat...

Marriage Master

Jul 11, 2016 Release
Marriage Master: Marriage Master allows you to marry another player in Minecraft to get some extras. It overs an outstanding compatibility with older Minecraft versions and gets updated regularly. Thanks everyone for over 150.000 downloads! Now also on spigot.org! Features: Permissions Teleport to partner XP Boost when near partner faster health regeneration when near partner Shared Home with partner Private Chat with your partner Marry players through a priest or yourself Enable/Disable PvP...