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Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Muffins Note: This is my first plugin :D We all love muffins don't we? Since everybody loves them so much why not have them in Minecraft! :D Features Gives a muffin to a player every time they do /muffin Permissions coming soon! Auto updater coming soon! Configuration coming soon! Craft muffins coming soon! Configuration Free! For now! Note: This plugin is a work in progress and will be expanding!
Creeper Egg

Mob Spawn Eggs

Aug 31, 2014 Planning
== Mob Spawn Eggs == == Features == * Able to craft Spawn Eggs with items ==List of Mob Eggs== Skeleton Egg Zombie Egg Zombie Pigmen Egg Ghast Egg Bat Egg Spider Egg Cave Spider Egg SilverFish Egg Slime Egg Witch Egg EnderMen Egg Magma Cube Egg == == Support == == Just comment your bugs or errors in the comment section. Or if you want a custom plugin made email me at: [email protected] ==Requests== If you have any and when I say any I mean ANY plugin requests please request them in...


Aug 30, 2014 Release
MyLineagePvpSystem Requirements TagAPI - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tag/files/34-v3-0-6/ Group of players Peaceful players; Players who have a thirst for PVP; Players that kill indiscriminately. External differences Peaceful players - with a white name above his head; PVP-players - with a purple name above his head; The Killers - with a red name above his head. Description In the beginning, all composed in the «Peaceful players». When you hit another Peaceful player or player mode...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
Commands /Mobgui - opens the Mob GUI selector. Permissions mobgui.command - Get the mob selector item. mobgui.animals - Use the hostile mob selector. mobgui.monsters - Use the hostile mob selector. How to Install Download the Plugin. Drop it in the "plugins" folder. And reload the server. How to use this Plugin Simple, you get a Mob Selector(Material: Bone) in your Inventory with the name "Mob Chooser" When you will click on it its will open for you a Monsters and Animals Inventory inside the...


Aug 27, 2014 Planning
MOBLIGHTNINGATTRIBUTES What does it do? When an entity is hit by lightning it will put attributes on them defined in the config, for example speed. How do I use it? 1 - Put it in your /plugins/ folder 2 - Load the plugin 3 - Edit the configs 4 - Reload the plugin How do the configs work? Config.yml: Does nothing Language.yml Allows you to modify messages the plugin sends in-game for example changing "PREFIX" will result in the prefix being different. Entities.yml Allows you to add/change...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
About: This is a jobs plugin designed to allow staff members to create and modify jobs for players on their servers. It was originally designed to be a no-fluff get-to-work kinda plugin, but I've been hard at work adding numerous OPTIONAL features. Players can log in, get a job, and start making money right away. Admins can modify every aspect of a job from in-game. Some players (Optional feature) can even create jobs for other people to work at, and they have the same job-modding commands as...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
Overview Magic is a plugin that adds powerful magic wands and items to your server. With over 100 spells (plus 100 more HP spells!), a variety of wand templates, and complete customization, you can use Magic to craft a unique experience for your server. Spells in Magic revolve around unique wand items. Players do not "know" spells, they find, buy, or craft wands that do. Wands may be bound to a specific player (meaning no other player may use them), and a wand may be set to stay with the...


Aug 27, 2014 Beta
The current version only supports 1.7.9+ Ad database(coming soon) | GitHub | Advertiser Documentation Description MCAds is a new way for servers to make money without begging players for donations. We do not take any commission on ads, so server owners can make exactly what advertisers pay (minus taxes and PayPal fees). MCAds is based on XML for the ads. Advertisers simply create XML files containing the contents of their ads. Server owners can add those files to their config. Servers get...


Aug 26, 2014 Release
MGArcade Arcade connects all minigames from MinigamesLib so that people can play all minigames in one run. Currently it will also shuffle the minigames each run. There are 8 released minigames and 2 unreleased which are using MinigamesLib and thus are available in Arcade. To see a list of them, see http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/instances-minigamesapi/#w-minigames . You'll need to setup arenas for each minigame you install, otherwise Arcade won't find any arenas and won't work. Be...

MinigamesLib: Conquer

Aug 26, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Conquer Conquer all checkpoints to win! This is a Team death match pvp game with the goal to conquer all available checkpoints by standing on them about 5 seconds long. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /cq setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /cq setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby /cq setspawn [arena] sets a playerspawn, repeat at least once to have two spawns for two...

MinigamesLib: Splegg and Spleef

Aug 26, 2014 Planning
MinigamesLib: Splegg and Spleef Splegg/Spleef with MinigamesLib. You break blocks with your shovel/some other tool and get snowballs which you can throw again to remove more blocks. Also supports different levels, but you need to create the snowblock levels by yourself! (snowblock just as an example) It doesn't have shooting shovels yet, to use it as solely splegg, just give them eggs/snowballs, to use it as spleef just leave the classes config as it is. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib...

MinigamesLib: SeaBattle

Aug 26, 2014 Planning
MinigamesLib: SeaBattle SeaBattle (former boatgame) recoded to use the MinigamesLib and fixed all bugs. SeaBattle is about what its name says, battling people in boats with snowballs. Boats normally have 5 health and you have 2 lives, but that can be adjusted in the config. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sb setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /sb setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby...


Aug 26, 2014 Release
A Brief Description Movecraft is a plugin that has been designed to give purpose to those extremely large (and awesome) oceans as well as to simply give the option to Sail, Drive, or Pilot amazing Ships, Creations, or Zeppelins. It allows the player and/or players to craft Vessels out of blocks that can be piloted and thus moved. Hence the name MoveCraft. Credit Movecraft was first created by Yogoda for hMod. Movecraft 3 is a complete recode. It's only similarity to the Movecraft of Yogada is...

Minecraft Surf

Aug 26, 2014 Release
Surf FIRST RELEASE! Features: Everything is editable in the Configuration Multiple arena support! Create your own Kits! Join-Signs Commands: 1- /surf | Will show you the help 2- /surf createarena <name> | Will create a new Arena 3- /surf setspawn <name> | Will set the spawn of the Arena 4- /surf join <name> | Will join the Game 5- /surf leave | Will leave the Game. (what else.?) Permissions 1- surf.create | To create a new Arena 2- surf.setspawn | To set a Spawn 3- surf.join | To join a Game...


Aug 26, 2014 Release
MagiCraft WARNING USE THIS PLUGIN AT YOUR RISK WE ADVISE NOT TO USE UNTIL WE GET A MAJOR BUG FIXED Download Latest Build (these haven't been approved by bukkit staff) Description With this plugin you can be a wizard. Using spells with your own wand and defeat the forces of evil or destroy the good. Features Multiple Spells Easy setup and use Slimline design Permissions Permissions magicraft.use magicraft.spell.* magicraft.spell.water magicraft.spell.earth magicraft.spell.thor...


Aug 25, 2014 Planning
MagicWorld MagicWorld is a plugin which makes it possible to craft new tools, Weapons, Magic, Armors... To use MagicWorld it is necessary to craft the Magic Guide (or use /mt <guide> need op or permission magicworld.mt.*) Now you can use the Magic Guide for know the craft of other items Bye and Have fun !

Minecraft Enhanced

Aug 25, 2014 Planning
Overview Minecraft Enhanced is a Minecraft bukkit plugin designed to add features I feel minecraft is missing. Things from new craftables to new commands, there are endless possibilities. I started the development of this plugin to not only add some variety to minecraft servers but to hopefully make them more fun. So far I have added a few new fun and useful things like new craftables, damage sensors and sound effects. For instance while being damaged a message on your screen will pop-up...


Aug 25, 2014 Release
About plugin / О плагине MyCraft - Мои рецепты Plugin turtorial(video) / Урок по настройке плагина(видео) Русское Description / Описание English This plugin adds an ability to your servers, that you can easily add your own recipes(crafts) using configuration file. Result item includes 3 parameters: name, lore and enchantments. Make your own recipes(crafts) and surprise your players! Русское Данный плагин даёт возможность добавлять свои рецепты(крафты) на ваши сервера, используя...
One In The Chamber Animé

MaGiik´s OITC

Aug 25, 2014 Release
MaGiik's One in the chamber (BIG UPDATE) This plugin lets you to play the Call Of Duty game "One In The Chamber" in Minecraft !! The game: You will be equipped with 3 things: - A knife (stone-sword) - An ammo (arrow) - A sniper (bow) The goal is to be the last survivor of the game ! You have a number of lives that you have to conserve staying alive. If you die, you lose a life. The ammo (arrow) instants-kill the player !! But you only have an ammo... You receive an ammo for each kill. The...

MOTD Configurate

Aug 25, 2014 Release
With this plugin you can set the motd InGame and System ! Commands motd: usage: /<command> description: View MOTD. setmotd: usage: /<command> alias: [smingame , motdingame] description: Set In-Game MOTD. setsystemmotd: usage: /<command> alias: [smsystem , motdsystem] description: Set System MOTD. motdreload: usage: /<command> alias: [reloadm , mreload] description: Reload MOTD. ms: usage: /<command> alias: [messagesay , saymessage] description: Say a message to all Players! Permissions...