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Dec 17, 2014 Release
Quote:This Plugin work with Bukkit: 1.7 German MysticCommands war in erster Linie ein Wunsch Plugin für einen Server. Mittlerweile ist es aber für alle zum Downloade verfügbar und wird deswegen immer mal wieder erweitert. Aktuelle Funktionen: - Alle Commands die ihr ausführt, werden durch Effekte und einen Sound begleitet. - Viele Texte sind in der Config.yml einstellbar. - Alle Commands haben Permissions Befehle: - /mchelp = Infos Seite 1 - /mchelp2 = Infos Seite 2 - /mchelp3 = Infos Seite 3...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
Deutsch: MineStorage ist ein Plugin welches dir ermöglicht deine Erfahrungspunkte in eine MySQL Datenbank abzuspeichern. Du kannst diese jederzeit wieder von deinem MineStorage-Konto nehmen oder die Erfahrungspunkte direkt an einen anderen Spieler senden. Dieses Plugin ist sehr gut für ein Bungeecord-Netzwerk geeignet. Einfach bei der Installation die gleiche Datenbank angeben kann. English: Minestorage is a bukkit plugin, which allows you to save your minecraft experience points into a MySQL...

MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars

Dec 16, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars Open SkyWars recoded with MGLib. Usually skywars is fought on islands where you start with some gear in a chest and build up your base or just get some weapons and attack others. <color red>> MGSkyWars v1.5.1 works with MinigamesLib 1.12, please update if you use the new MinigamesLib version.<</color>> Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sw setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join...


Dec 16, 2014 Planning
With this plugin you can create Parkour. replica of parkour olimpocraft plugins can configurate all the important things ------------------------------------------- * Not authorized ------------------------------------------- * /setparkour start -) sets the starting place parkour * /setparkour end -) sets the final place of parkour config config translated into English and Spanish click here -)) config -------------------------------------------


Dec 15, 2014 Mature
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx Commands here. Permissions here. MOTD IN-GAME: MOTD SYSTEM: MOTD SHOUT: Other plugins by me: GiveAllMoney: here. GiveAllItems: here. Video Tutorial on the Plugin YouTube Link Portuguese TUTORIAL Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/MOTD Configurate) DOWNLOADS: 10 ✔ 50 ✔ 100 ✔ 250 ✔ 500 ✔ 1.000 ✔ 1.250 ✔ 1.500 ✔ 2.000 ✔ 2.500 ✖ 3.000 ✖ 3.500 ✖ 4.000 ✖ 4.500 ✖ 5.000 ✖ 10.000+ ✖ DONATE IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THIS PLUGIN !!


Dec 14, 2014 Release
Hello everyone this is my plugin that adds basic things for your bukkit server, it works so far only in CraftBukkit 1.7.9-R0. *. I hope I have answered your needs with this basic plugin, I will not stop here'll keep getting better and better for you to have the best for their servers! I am Brazilian and my English is horrible excuse for grammatical errors. PARA ACESSAR PAGINAS PT-BR CLICARAKI Description: This plugin provides commands for setspawn and spawn, giving life to joogadores and...


Dec 14, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib Currently there are 14 released and two unreleased minigames and more are planned to be added soon. That's the API I'm using in all of my newer minigames. Of course you are free to use it too, be sure to drop me a message and I'll list your project here too. There's Arcade functionality already included which enables you to be able to play all minigames in one run, you just need to install MGArcade. Important links: Github Repo Wiki JavaDocs Minigames Github Organisation (I...

MinigamesLib: MobEscape

Dec 14, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: MobEscape Run away from the dragon/wither destroying the course behind you. This is MobEscape using MinigamesLib and thus being available in Arcade. Be aware that it's still in beta as I hadn't had the time to test it out extensively. v1.6.0 supports MC 1.8 through 1.6.4 Supports 1.8, 1.7.X and should support 1.6.4 too (untested). Also the blocks now fly away randomly and the dragon shouldn't look wrong at 90/180/270/360 angles. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the...

Mod Tools

Dec 13, 2014 Release
This plugin will allow staff members to manage players. For now, this plugin depends on essentials. That means you must have essentials installed for it to run. This plugin handles muting, banning, and kicking of players. You don't have to give players the essentials tempban, mute, and kick permissions, since the commands are ran by the console! Features Ban players (Using essentials) Mute players (Using essentials) Kick players (Using essentials) To do Incorporate it's own handle of banning,...
MobArena Banner


Dec 13, 2014 Beta
Become a mob-fighting gladiator! v0.96.9 | Source | Wiki | FAQ | IRC Channel If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena! Heavily inspired by Deminetix' now inactive 'Fight'-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to...


Dec 13, 2014 Release
Description MagicLoot adds a whole new RPG Experience to your Server! This Plugin randomly generates ruins in the world. These ruins have Chests in them which will also be randomly filled with Items MagicLoot's Item System is very easy. You can specify in the Configs which enchantments can be added, which items can be added and even whether it should add random Potions or Slimefun Items Screenshots Additional Informations MagicLoot is fully customizable and expandable. You can add your own...


Dec 13, 2014 Planning
This is a plugin request from the bukkit plugins, but I decided that I would also upload it here for anyone else to use, it is a very simple plugin which in no way is hard to use. Commands: /muramasa - Hold an iron sword and enter this command, it will turn it into a Muramasa. How to use: Once you have a Muramasa, attacking someone with it will deduct the amount of food they have by half a symbol/bar, this can go all the way down to 0, where it will stop decrements, this is to make sure the...
MassiveTickets Logotype

Massive Tickets

Dec 12, 2014 Release
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveTickets? MassiveTickets is a help ticket plugin. Usage of the plugin goes like this: Player files a help ticket. Moderator picks the ticket. Moderator helps Player. Moderator or Player marks the ticket as done. Moderator gets a point in the weekly...
MassiveHat Logotype

Massive Hat

Dec 12, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveHat? MassiveHat is yet another block hat plugin for Bukkit. You can put normal minecraft blocks on your head as if they were helmets. What makes this plugin special is that you equip the block like a regular helmet. Install Stop your server. Put...
MassiveBooks Logotype

Massive Books

Dec 12, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Server Owner Guide ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveBooks? MassiveBooks provides book related features such as better displaynames, copying books, unlocking locked books for more editing, powertools, unique serverbooks, and ingame libraries using item frames. Install Stop your server. Put...
MCore Logotype

Massive Core

Dec 12, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on Bukkit ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Documentation ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveCore? MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins: ItemStack and Inventory serialization Commands Plugin Integration Data storage with JSON Disc IO … and much more … Install Stop your server. Put...

Marriage Master

Dec 08, 2014 Release
Marriage Master: Marriage Master allows you to Marry another Player in Minecraft to get some new functions. I have started creating this plugin because I haven't found a marriage plugin which has all the functions I need for my server. This plugin is still in development. Features: Permissions Teleport to partner XP Boost when near partner faster health regeneration when near partner Shared Home with partner Private Chat with your partner Marry players through a priest or yourself...

Magic Chest

Dec 07, 2014 Release
Nobody enjoys rummaging through chests to organize the contents. Why not hand that job down to the gremlins? Magic Chest auto-sorts your chests while you have them closed, so that when you open them they are completely sorted and it's easy to find your stuff. How Contents are Sorted Stacks of the same material are combined Stacks are sorted by item name. Stacks of the same item name are sorted by Data (i.e. Wool Color) Stacks with the same name and Data are sorted by Quantity (So the...


Dec 07, 2014 Release
Multiworld - The official Multiworld Project The easy to use multiworld plugin, support custom end and nether worlds for each worlds, you can configure what you want, and you get it (limited to what I programmed) History I made this plugin because the previous author "Baummann", the original creator of Multiworld, became inactive. Before, it was just a simple plugin with 2 commands: /goto and /newworld. I took control of the project and developed a better version. We are now at version 5.2.5...


Dec 07, 2014 Beta
Messages This plugin makes it possible to create adaptable info message for your Server. In this version you can edit the message for the command /info, /skype, /donate (german: /spenden) and /ts. Features: -Effects -Sounds -free editable messages -Easy to use! Screenshot: To Do List New features are in development. And will come soon. ALL Versions: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/serverinfomessages/files/ Thanks for over 100 Downloads!:) For new Commands pls write in the comments!