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Dec 26, 2013 Release
Description This is a Lightweight plugin to fill the chest with random (pre-saved) inventories during the Hunger Games! Use is very simple: Create a certain number of inventory Put the empty chest in your hunger map Start the game When the player try to open the chest the plugin update the inventory of the chest with random inventory loaded from the config file. When the chest is open the plugin store the chest in is memory, and If the player retry to open the chest the plugin don't load any...

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Dec 23, 2013 Inactive
SortingHat About SortingHat is the must have plugin for Harry Potter RPG servers. It allows you to sort players into the Harry Potter houses and color their name and armor off based off their house. You can setup a sorting hat to automatically sort players or you can force sort them into a house. A sorting hat is just a location that you define, and when you walk over that location you are sorted into a house like in Harry Potter. You can also define locations for house's common rooms and...


Dec 22, 2013 Inactive
Hunted is a plugin that enhances PVP by setting a player as the 'hunted'. If someone kills the 'hunted' player, they are rewarded with money (optional) and become the hunted! The hunted gets a special prefix on chat, on the nametag and on the tab list. You can customize every chat message and reward on the config file. Commands /hunted - Help screen /hunted set [player] - Change who the hunted is /hunted random - Set a random player as the hunted /hunted reload - Reload the config Permissions...


Dec 21, 2013 Release
Current version: 1.3.1 Released 23rd December 2013 Hydrate: Add thirst into the game! Tested on Bukkit 1.7.4 Hydrate is a Minecraft Bukkit plugin which adds thirst into the game just like hunger! Every 3 minutes you will lose 10% thirst, each time this happens the player will be notified with how thirsty they are. Hydrate uses the scoreboard API to show your thirst Screenshot How to use Your thirst is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. You can eat/drink the following things to replenish your...


Dec 20, 2013 Beta
HubBoost Hub Boost is a plugin that adds the ability to the server to create pressure plates, which will boost the player who walks over it into the air. Installation 1. Download the latest version and drop it into your /plugins folder. 2. Restart or reload the Server now. Commands and Permissions /hb reload | Permission: hubboost.reload | Reloads the config of the plugin. /hb create | Permission: hubboost.create | Switch to the CREATION-MODE. /hb delete | Permission: hubboost.remove |...


Dec 19, 2013 Mature
Houses is a house system for servers who want to allow their players to buy,sell and rent houses. Buying, selling and renting houses is easily done by clicking custom signs. A player who owns or rented a house will be able to open the house door, while others can not. Signs are automatically linked with iron doors. Houses have class and number. The house class is how good they are, for example class 1 would be the best house available and class 4 a decent house. The house number is like an...


Dec 19, 2013 Planning
This plugin goes along with me and my friend's custom client, HHClient, short fpr HackHammerClient, is a client that we are creating for the staff of a server. HHClientPlugin goes along with this client so that the client can only connect to servers using HHClientPlugin, as well as only connect as the ranks they are allowed to connect as. Features The plugin itself doesn't have much that it can do. In fact, without the staff of your server using HHClient, the plugin doesn't do anything at...
HyperStats | Scoreboard | Stats


Dec 19, 2013 Release
HyperStats In English HyperStats is a plugin which allows you to count kills and deahts of a player. Commands /stats [Player] - Show the stats of a player. /ranking [x] - Show the Top [x] killers or more. For example: /ranking 15 - Shows 15 best players /setdeaths [Number] - Set the deaths of a player to an amount. /setkills [Number] - Set the kills of a player to an amount. /hyperstats - Show the commands. /hyperstats reload - Reload the plugin. /hyperstats scoreboard - Show the scoreboard...


Dec 16, 2013 Inactive
About This plugin simply allows you to spawn your own or the head from another minecraft player! You can also spawn the head if the player was never on your server. Commands /head /head [player] Permissions head.spawn Installation Simply put the jar in your plugins folder and reload/start/restart your server. Bugs If you have found a bug please message me or make a ticket, so i can fix it as soon as possible :)

Harry Potter MiniGame

Dec 14, 2013 Alpha
Harry Potter Minigame Harry Potter Minigame Informations: Harry Potter is a Minigame, where you have sticks with effects and enchantments to kill the Players from the other team. There are two teams: the "Harry" - Team the "Voldemort" - Team When you join the game and the countdown is over, you will spawn random in one of the teams. If you are in the "Harry" - Team, you will spawn in Hogwarts in the House "Gryffindor". If you are in the "Voldemort" - Team, you will spawn outside of Hogwarts....


Dec 14, 2013 Release
Have you every wanted to play Basketball in Minecraft? Well now you can with my new plugin, "Hoops"! Please leave a comment on how you are liking it! My YouTube is http://www.youtube.com/waxmaster57 Please check it out! In the 2nd image the yellow dots are white in the actual game and the white space between dots is supposed to be clear. What is it? Hoops is a Basketball plugin for Minecraft 1.7.4. If you are in game and you throw the ball, (snowball) it will drop wherever it hits. If it...

Hunger Change

Dec 12, 2013 Release
Hunger Change What it does Gives players potion effects at certain food levels Custom effects Custom hunger levels Disables milk taking away effects while hungry Permission to bypass all effects Permissions for each level of hunger Commands None Configs Each of 4 hunger levels Potion effects Potion effect levels Planned Features Ability to have more levels and potions Other If you find any bugs, please tell me. This is my first plugin and it probably isn't the best.


Dec 12, 2013 Inactive
HitAndSnow You ever wish that you could have an snowball match to the death? Maybe egg your enemy to death? Well with HitAndSnow, now you can! It is very simple to set up, no commands or permissions needed! Usage HitAndSnow uses a very simple config to change the amount of damage snowballs do. You can make it do 10 HP (5 hearts), 3 HP (1.5 hearts), or whatever you want. Open up the config.yml after the plugin loads, change the damage values (and if you want to set up blacklisted worlds, you...


Dec 12, 2013 Release
HeadDrops by pizzafreak08 This plugin will make all Monsters and even Players drop their Head. CURSE PLUGIN SPOTLIGHT BY "Xenius01": Click! Features: - Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, Slimes, Blazes, Spiders and Zombies drop their Head when killed by a player (bow or sword) - Players drop their Head when killed with a sword - Adjustable chance how often Heads will drop - Get heads via commands - You can decide, if only players with certain permissions should get the mob or player heads IF YOU...


Dec 12, 2013 Release
Hubber: Make a single server look like many! Features: - Lightweight - Make lobbies (Works like warps) - Set a Hub (Teleport to the hub by doing /hub or /hb hub) - Leave the game through commands! Commands: - /hubby or the alias /hb :: Show's all availible commands for that player. - /hb sethub :: Set's the hub! - /hb hub or [/hub] :: Teleports you to the hub! - /hb setlobby <name> :: Set's the lobby warp! - /hb dellobby <name> :: Deletes the lobby warp specified! - /hb goto <lobbyname> ::...

Hunger Games

Dec 11, 2013 Planning
Introduction Hey there! Welcome to the homepage of Hunger Games, the plugin. I created this because I was looking for a challenge, so I thought why not write a decent survival games plugin. I realize that there are many hunger games/survival games plugins out there, which increases the challenge for me: make this plugin stand out from the others. How on earth am I going to do that? By adding unique features to the plugin, features you haven't seen anywhere else. Redstone Integration A lot of...


Dec 08, 2013 Release
This plugin is very simple but very helpful, it add couple of new recipes which help players in game. As you should know by now new version of minecraft came out 1.6.1 which adds some great features to the game like horses, donkeys and other items but unfortunately some of them are unable to be crafted and we have to look for them in the game. I think that's not right and that's why I made this plugin, it adds those crafting recipes and it makes game so much easier and better to play because...
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Hot Heads

Dec 07, 2013 Release
I clean comments every month! Hello! Comment, please! Vote, please! My name's Michał.I live in Poland. I like write bukkit plugins, because it is so funny! Mini Description This is an easy plugin. It's give you a head of players. It has got one command / two commands. Commands: If you type /head {PLAYER NAME} you got his head. Please type /help hot heads for help Functions: Giving a player head. Instalation: Put jar file into plugins folder. Open Run.bat DONE! Permissions: heads.give or is...

Horse Races

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Horse Races! * Horse Races is undergoing a complete rework. It will be awesome :) * mcMMO Horses and many more updates are coming soon! Tutorial (by mcpve.com) Sponsors xXTreePuncherXx Server: mc.Punchcraft.us Recent Changes Added rewards & economy integration! Added a basic debug mode (use when posting errors) Features Race horses, pigs, and minecarts Multiple race tracks can be run at once Many configuration options Plugin Wiki Please visit https:github.com/GetGoodKid/Race-Tournaments/wiki...
HealExtra Icon

Heal Extra

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Heal-Extra a brand new, heal plugin with some added features! Useful reources: Commands and permissions Link Installation tutorial Link ===== 1.7 Update is nearly ready! ====== Config added - change the plugins prefix. /kill added /healinfo & healinfo 2 added /healreload / hr added - reloads the config I will be adding more to the config soon, this update will be released when Bukkit updates. I work on this plugin around school and do it completely free, if you're feeling nice and would like...