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Jun 26, 2014 Mature
Armor GUI http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/closetgui/ Soon new update ;3 Diimensions is back HatGUI is a simple plugin developed by diimensions The plugin came the idea of ​​a server called, Hypixel, Many people sought the plugin hypixel, but nobody has found the projectClouds team decided to develop the plugin, with an easy way of configuration, all the plugin you can customize »CommandsPermissions »/<commandconfig>hatgui.openUse this command to open the menu hats...

Heal with Economy

Jun 25, 2014 Release
Heal with Economy English Heal with Economy is a heal plugin but you can enable or disable economy Features Heals me with /heal; Heal others players with /heal <player> Reload the config.yml Custom Messages How to Install Drop the Heal.jar in your plugins folder By default, OPs have the permission to use the plugin Dependencies Vault An Economy plugin Tutorial No tutorials :( Commands/Permissions DescriptionCommandPermissionDefault Use /heal/healheal.useOPs Use /heal <player>/heal...


Jun 25, 2014 Release
HarderPigmen is a bukkit plugin that causes ZombiePigmen, when naturally spawned, to have an eternal angry disposition toward players. If you think that the nether could use a bit more of a challenge added to it, or would simply like to try out something a bit different, give this plug-and-play plugin a try! Note: The effects only apply to newly-spawned pigmen. The first time you enable the plugin, and any time that you change options in the configuration, the effects will only apply to newly...


Jun 24, 2014 Release
=== HitmanHit === Hit allows you to place hits on people on the server with the economy system. You Must Use Vault and an Economy for it to work! UUID Compatible for Release v0.7 or Above _________________________ Features Place a [Hit] on anyone online You can place more than 1 [Hit] on a player! On Death it shall announce to server the killer, the ammount gain, and the hits left Hits stay forever until the Hits are complete or they are deleted Friendly Configuration Commands /hit create...


Jun 22, 2014 Release
HorseManager About the plugin HorseManager helps you to control the horses on your server! You can create horse spawner, remove all horses in a specific world and spawn different horses. You can toggle in the configuration the horse spawning, horse invincibility and different, new crafting recipes! Installation Download the HorseManager.jar file. Place the HorseManager.jar in your plugins directory. Start or restart the server. Configuration...
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Jun 22, 2014 Beta
[ Main ] [ Files ] [ Config ] [ Tickets ] [ Signs ] [ SourceCode ] [ Developers ] Want to play hockey? Then this plugin is made for you! Last version: 2.5 Support MC verions: 1.5.* - 1.7* Features: System arenas Multi-language support Easy setup Multi-arena with multi-hockey team: D Setting prizes! White list for commands! There are commanding role! (Winger a defender and a goalkeeper). Recoded from scratch! Everyone's favorite GUI menu! Own "keeper" of inventories. System add-ons! Fun :D...


Jun 20, 2014 Release
hebrewFix V1.3 When writing in right to left languages (unlike english) such as hebrew the message get flipped. For example if you'd type אני אוהב עברית then the message will appear this way:תירבע בהוא ינא. When sending the message it just stays flipped. This plugin alows you to send message in hebrew (even if you're playing the english version of the game.) with the text fixed so that words aren't flipped and appear in the right order. Mixed sentences (for example-english+hebrew+numbers in...


Jun 20, 2014 Release
Hides the helmet of all other players. See peoples faces, even while they are geared up! Note: This only effects helmets. Players can toggle this effect with a command. Other items in the helmet slot (such as blocks and player skulls) will remain visible even while this command is active. (I will make a toggle for this in the future.) This will not hide your own helmet from you. (That's impossible without physically removing it from your inventory and that would just be annoying to players.)...


Jun 19, 2014 Inactive
General Info HeathDrops is a plugin that changes the mechanics of health regeneration. In vanilla survival, you regen by being fully saturated, or by taking health/regen potions, or by being near a beacon with the regen effect. In HealthDrops you can't regen by having full saturation. Instead, you regen by killing different mobs, who will drop health drops, alongside their other various drops. Health drops are Red mushrooms with the Protection II enchant, and the only way to get them is to...


Jun 16, 2014 Release
A simple /home and /sethome plugin! Now with UUID support for the upcoming 1.8 update! Commands User Commands /home - Takes you to your home /sethome - Sets your home /home set - Also sets your home /home help - Views the home commands (that you are allowed to use) Admin Commands /home [playerName] - takes you to a player's home /sethome [playerName] - sets a player's home /home set [playerName] - also sets a player's home Permissions User Permissions hoams.gohome - Allows one to go home...


Jun 16, 2014 Inactive
Description HousePoints is a plugin which lets you manage points for different groups. The groups are created within the plugin only, and the points are only used within the plugin too. The points are handed through a command. This plugin was first designed for a Harry Potter server, that's why it includes feature such as : Signs which display how many points one group has. "Block piles", meant to look like the Harry Potter Hourglasses. They could also be used as some sort of stats tracker....


Jun 16, 2014 Inactive
Description Heaven is a plugin which allows the admin to create a secondary spawn. Users with a specific permission will spawn at that secondary spawn. That spawn has the special condition that you must wait a set amount of time before being reincarnated at the main spawn. For now, texts within the plugin follow the heaven/angel theme. Configuration The only configuration node is the following : revivedelay: 5 The time is in minutes. Commands The only command is /heaven. It'll set if the...


Jun 09, 2014 Release
HCLives Description HCLives is a plugin for custom HardCore servers instead of the HardCore mode set by Minecraft. In HCLives you have "Life Credits" and each Credit gives you a respawn. Once you run out of credits you are banned for a temporarily. You can also set it so you can gain lives by killing people. In the default config you gain 1 life for every 3 players you kill. You have a default of 3 starting lives, but you can earn up to 6 lives. You can also change and set the ban time in the...


Jun 09, 2014 Inactive
HopperCounter by Xstoudi Infomation This plugin provides the ability to make that a sign counts the number of item who pass through an hopper. Installation Simply put the "HopperCounter.jar" in your plugins folder and then start/reload the server. :D There are basically no configuration and no permission.. Commands /hc : Display plugin's informations /hc init : Create a counter when a wall sign is targeted /hc help : Display plugin's commands /hc reset : Reset the targeted counter Use For...
The Outcome Is Random

Hot or Not

Jun 09, 2014 Release
Hot Or Not In MInecraft! About: If you have an ipad, ipod touch or iPhone then you might know about the app "Hot Or Not". The app is where you take a picture and it tells you if your hot or not! and just to tell you that the app doesn't really know if your hot or not hot (Its Just Random) So I made a bukkit plugin that does the same thing except using a command and not pictures! Commands: /hotornot - Displays If Your Hot Or Not Permissions: hotornot.use - Access To /hotornot Future Updates!...

Hub Plus

Jun 07, 2014 Inactive
Description This project has now been set to inactive. This means the plugin currently does not receive updates but it may do again in the future. This plugin is in early development but still has multiple features which are useful! This plugin allows commands such as /hub (To teleport a player to the hub), Magic Clock (Hide players), Hub world protection! (Stop block breaking and placing!) and more! See below for upcoming features! Note: There is some config options for a compass, this does...


Jun 07, 2014 Mature
HideStream is doing one simple task for you; hiding spam output such as join & leave messages from appearing in the chat. This can be beneficial for high-traffic servers, where players are logging out and in repetitively. You can also adapt HideStream to suit your server perfectly using a configuration file provided. Features Hiding/Disabling: Join/log-in messages. Quit/log-out messages. Kick messages. Death messages. Manage whom messages will be hidden from using permissions. Customize the...


Jun 07, 2014 Release
What is httptools? With this plugin you can make http requests to a web server with variables. Commands * /ht run <url> [selected player] - Run url Note: [selected player] can be replaced by @p, @a or @r in a command block! * /ht variables - All variables Variables When running a url you can use variables like: /ht run http://mysite.com/mypage.php?hello=hey and then can you make a php script that can get the request. Or you can use inbuilt variables like: /ht run...
Hub Essentials

Hub Essentials

Jun 07, 2014 Release
Hub Essentials This plugin has everything you would need for a hub server; server selector with bungeecord and command options, rank inventory, auto broadcaster, afk kicker, player visibility toggle item, custom book and many more features. Links Commands & Permissions Book.yml Config.yml HubBroadcasts.yml RankInventory.yml ServerSelector.yml WebsiteLink.yml Video by Wukkit Installation Requires Java 7 #1 Download the latest version of Hub Essentials #2 Drag your downloaded file (Hub.jar) to...


Jun 04, 2014 Inactive
Commands: There is no commands Permissions: hashtag.use - When the player got this permission. When they write a "#" ingame it will be highlighted! Config: There is no config! How to use? Just give the player the permission. How to install? Just download it from this page and put the jar file in your plugins folder. More info HashTagLovers plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique identifier The...