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Dec 30, 2014 Alpha
Description Sends a seasonal message to the user, Sometimes in different seasons you may send a wish to Santa, or other holiday creatures. Commands /holidayhelp - Info for help with the plugin. /commands - A list of current commands you may run. /test - A command to test if the plugin is working correctly. /christmas - Sends a jolly phrase to the user. /santa [Text] - Sends a wish to santa. (Message not sent anyware) Extra Info I will update this plugin with bug fixes and new holiday...

Hoe Guns

Dec 28, 2014 Release
Simple plugin that allows hoes to be used as guns! When Hoe Guns is enabled for a player, right clicking a hoe will shoot out a snowball. Gun damage is modifiable in the plugin's config.yml, with different values for each hoe By default, a wood hoe does 2 damage, a stone hoe does 3 damage, an iron hoe does 4 damage, a gold hoe does 6 damage, and a diamond hoe does 8 damage. Damage is counted in half hearts {Command} /hg - Toggles hoe guns {Permission} hg.use - Use hoe guns {Source}...


Dec 27, 2014 Release
PROCESS BAR: ¨ ↓ DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION ↓ http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/headdropper/files/8-head/ SO WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? This plugin is all about having fun while PvP'ing. When you kill a Player, then you can set how high chance there is for getting a playerhead (Playerhead with the skin on it). And then you can use the playerhead for whatever you want. I added one more feature: Its a trophy wall were you can place all of your Heads on. How does it work? Yes, i made a special block...
HorseGUI Logo


Dec 26, 2014 Release
HorseGUI About The Plugin HorseGUI is a very lightweight plugin that aims to provide server owners and their players an easy and very user interactive way to modify horses. You can do so much with just one GUI! Features An easy to use GUI that is opened by right clicking any horse while holding a stick! You can do a total of 8 different things within the first GUI, that are all extremely helpful. Tame the horse. Name the horse. Ride the horse. (This automatically provides the horse with a...

Hide In A Haystack

Dec 23, 2014 Release
Hide in a Haystack Description This plugin let's you hide in a special Haystack the users with the permission can give themselves with the command /hiah give <number>. This gives them a hay bale block with the name "Hideable Hay block". Features Right click on one of these special hayblocks to hide yourself from every other player on the server. As soon as you move, you reveal yourself to your surroundings again. Mobs still attack you if they see you hiding, but while you are hidden, they...


Dec 20, 2014 Release
HeadBlocks - The Head changer tool Latest Version: v0.9 [1.7.9-R0.2] Latest Stable Version: v0.9 [1.7.9-R0.2] HeadBlocks allows users to change their head item Features : Change your own head item Change another player head item How to install and run commands : Copy the latest stable version downloaded in the "plugins" folder of your CraftBukkit server. Launch your CraftBukkit server, then type in the console (if it's necessary) : op YourName (where YourName is the Pseudo of your character...


Dec 18, 2014 Release
HeadshotEffects creates a plethora of options to do when a player shoots someone in the head. All of these options are 100% configurable. Current Features Headshot sound effect, choose from any MC sound A headshot can instantly kill the victim A headshot can cause configurable extra damage to the victim A headshot can cause extra damage or isntant death only if players aren't wearing a helmet, or all the time Send message to the shooter (can get victim name) Run a command when the headshot...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
HeadHunting What is HeadHunting? HeadHunting is a plugin that assigns bounties to each of your players based on their Kill/Death ratios. Whenever a player is killed, they drop their head which has a bounty associated with it according to their K/D ratio. The Killer can then collect the bounty on that head with a command. This is a great plugin for any pvp server that has an economy. This is an easy way to stimulate the economy and get some money flowing and incentivize pvp at the same time!...

Hell Creepers

Dec 15, 2014 Beta
Are default Creepers too casual for you? Not destructive enough? Just add fire! All this plugin does is make Creeper explosions create fire, just like Ghast fireballs. /hcreep on/off: enables/disables plugin hellcreepers.set: permission to allow access to /hcreep Very simple.


Dec 12, 2014 Release
▂▃▅▆▇█Hub great plugin for your server :)█▇▆▅▃▂ Hub es un plugin creado por mi Hub is a plugin created by: Banana_Code Release [1.3] Updates: added command /cchat - clear the chat Como usar Primero: usa el comando /sethub para colocar un punto de spawneo de un jugador Y listo, para volver al hub solo coloca /hub y si quieres recargar la configuracion coloca /reloadhub <- removido How to use: First: use the command /sethub to place a spawnpoint of a players < bad inglish D: And ready to return...


Dec 03, 2014 Release
Description: Horses is a Virtual Stable Management system which allows players to buy, store and summon horses. Horses will provide you, the server owner, the ability to create a mmorpg style mount and stable system. Features: Yaml or MySQL Data storage Powerful configuration system. Setup special configs for different worlds/permissions Buy horses via a command Customisable starting HP per Horse type Keep your horses safe from other players Rename your horses (With colours!!) Swap out your...


Dec 03, 2014 Release
Features You can stop the DaylightCycle You can start it back You can increase and decrease speed of DaylightCycle You can connect your DaylightCycle to real time You can set time to certain value Check this out in work Russian description Requirements Vault == How To Install == Drop Hugo.jar into your server's plugin folder. Restart your server. If necessary, go in \plugins\Hugo\lang.yml and change speeches of plugin by your taste or your language . Default language is English. Then restart....


Dec 01, 2014 Beta
HealnFeed! What does this plugin do? This plugin is a simple and basic healing and feeding plugin, it fully heals and feeds the player. Simple right? Yes! With no configuration or pesky permissions to deal with, the setup of this plugin is a breeze! Just drag and drop into the plugins folder of your server and voila! It runs! Commands /heal [player] - Heals the specified player /feed [player] - Feeds the specified player Permissions None as of yet! Updates This plugin will be updated every so...

Half a Heart

Nov 22, 2014 Release
Half a Heart Small little plugin that limits the hearts for ALL players to 0.5 hearts! It is just a little fun plugin, I wanted to try if I can program a plugin on an evening without having something like that ever done before! I know, It's not complex or something like that, it's about 130 lines of source code... If you want to have the real challenge, play on hardcore! And also don't Branch- or Stripmine. Your goal should be to kill the enderdragon - if that is even possible... Usage It is...

Health Manager

Nov 14, 2014 Release
Health Manager This is a plugin i made for people that want to set someones health to a specific health FYI: 10 = 5 hearts NOTE: Please don't troll with players to much with this. Commands: Use /setheath <player> <health> to set their health. Use /setfood <player> <food> to set their food level. Use /setmaxhealth <player> <maxhealth> to set their max health. Permissions: Set health permission: "health.set" Set max health permission "health.max" Set food level permission "health.food" To do:...

HP Fixer

Nov 14, 2014 Release
Description This plugin is simple, it fixes a bug that is cause when you remove any plugin from your server that changes a players max health. If you take any plugin that sets a players max health and then remove it without resetting that players health, it will be stuck like that forever. The only fix is to get another plugin that can set the players health to 20 or to edit the player info. This plugin will simply allow you to reset any or all players health to 20 without the extra stuff...


Nov 10, 2014 Release
HungerStay is a plugin that disables hunger on your server. It's very simple and lightweight, and is an ideal solution to servers that require hunger to be disabled. Commands: Currently None. Permissions: hungerstay.nohunger - Disables hunger for the player. Configuration: foodlevel - This is the food level that players will be kept on.


Nov 05, 2014 Release
You can create a Soulheap with a Sign for other Players. /heap<player> - Create HolySoul for a Player HolySoulMaker.HolySoul - needs to use the /holysoul Command.


Nov 04, 2014 Release
Hi I'm Moddyboy this is my first plugin. Have you ever wanted to have a server without big plugins like essentials but you still want a home plugin, so players can set their home locations? Well look no further, this plugin is nice looking has some sound effects and is very easy to use and is secure. There's only 4 commands one of which is /home this lists the only 3 available commands. Permissions: home.set home.goto home.clear Hope you like the plugin :)


Oct 30, 2014 Release
HushNow This is a simple plugin that, when you type a command, makes everyone quiet so you can tell them important information. You can also mute a player and mute everyone except a player! Installation Just drop it in your plugins folder, and you are good to go! Commands /hush <[-e] player|all> [time] - Silences either a player, all players [-e] except a player, or all players. [time] is optional, and will silence players for the time, in seconds. Permissions hushnow.* - Admin permission,...