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Holes v1.0


May 20, 2014 Release
Holes What is Holes? Holes is a small minigame I used on my server for fun! This plugin will give you a fun experience! The goal is to reach to fly up to the end of the game map without touching any blocks except for the one you set! If you like this plugin or found any bugs, please put down a comment down below! Configuration File Configuration file Features: Fun experience Money reward Config file Fly item Vanish item Counts how many block players have moved up Requirements Vault used to...
HelpMe Logo


May 19, 2014 Mature
HelpYourPlayer HelpYourPlayer is a simple plugin that allow you to show a help message to the player when he send /helpme command. The help string is editable from the file config.yml! The command request the helpme.help permission. Installation: -Download the plugin; -Add the helpme.help permission to players; -Start your server; -Stop your server; -Edit the config.yml; -Done! Usage: -Your users can now do /helpme and show a help message!


May 18, 2014 Beta
What is it? The HealAndFood plugin will allow you to heal or feed a player restoring the players health bar and hunger bar to the maximum. The plugin is very lightweight and easy to use. My notes Note: Sorry for my bad English (Because: Turkish is my native language). How to install: Download the JAR file Put it on "/plugins" folder Give permissions to player you want Restart server Done! Configuration None Commands and permission nodes: /heal <username> - healthandfood.heal /healall -...


May 18, 2014 Release
Stable Build : [1.7.3] HorseInventory - 1.3 ====== Horse Inventory====== Simple plugin that allow to add Inventory to your horse. ►Features: - Add inventory to ALL horses without any command - Add with right click with chest in hand - Just owner can add/remove horse inventory - Permission to allow players to add inventory (for prevent griefer for exemple) ►How add Inventory ?: Just right click to YOUR horse with item : Item TypeEffect CHESTAdd extra Inventory to your horse TRAPPED_CHESTRemove...


May 18, 2014 Release
Stable Build : [1.7.4] SimpleHorseInventory - 1.0 ====== Simple Horse Inventory====== SimpleHorseInventory simply add chest to your horses. No commands, no permission, no configuration. It's easy to use. ►Features: - Add inventory to ALL horses - No commands - No permission - Very light plugin (< 3 ko) ►How add Inventory ?: You no need any action to give inventory to your horse Spawn a horse, inventory born with him ! Tame a horse, inventory is already here ! Mount your horse, his chest is...


May 17, 2014 Beta
New File Approved! Added /setlobby - /sethub - /hub - /lobby This plugin allows you to easily set the spawn in a hub server with simple commands and permissions! Commands /hub - Teleports the player to the Hub which was set /sethub - Sets the main Hub spawn /lobby - Teleports the player to the Lobby which was set /setlobby - Sets the main Lobby spawn Permissions HubCMD.hub HubCMD.lobby HubCMD.sethub HubCMD.setlobby Information Planed To-do's Add more commands If you have any suggestions...


May 17, 2014 Beta
Description Description The HeroCassino is a plugin where players can create with permission casinos just writing [Casino] in the first line of a sign, all messages can be edited, the items will be prizes and will be the chips can also be chosen, Additionally you can choose whether the prize will be cash or item, if you choose money can put the value you want the prize also in the config, you can also edit the messages boards, ie is a very simple and cool plugin to use on your server. Using...
HorseMount Temp Logo


May 15, 2014 Inactive
This plugin allows you to spawn a horse with one simple command! It could be best used in a hub/lobby server where players can just mess around. Commands & Permissions Command(s) /horse Simply spawns the horse and makes you ride it. Permission(s) horsemount.spawn Ability to use /horse Planned Features Can't get damaged by players Change the color/design of the horse Vault/Economy integration Change the armor on the horse Multiworld integration Advanced menu GUI Config file Source Code View on...


May 13, 2014 Release
Hover Info gives players a customizable information message when they hover over the player count message in the Multiplayer Menu! 250 DOWNLOADS!!!!!! VARIABLES COMING SOON! Commands/Permissions NONE! Config.yml HoverInfo: - '&6&lThis is the first Line' - '&6&lThis is the second Line' - '&4THIS IS SO FUN :D' Turns Into REQUIRES ProtocolLib SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT Less than 80 lines of code! (74 to be exact) Download Milestones 10 Downloads 100 Downloads 200 Downloads 300 Downloads 500 Downloads...
hdfont logo


May 13, 2014 Beta
Hello bukkit community" It's me ARC, i made this plugin Features Allow you to use the unicode font without client mods or had the option activated on language options!, everyone can see the font. You can activate/deactivate it, so you can write in normal font or unicode font Great as a vip perk, because this font looks awesome in regular chat. You write in the chat» Something And it will appear as» Something Lightweight plugin You don't need any resource pack/Client mods to use it Commands...


May 11, 2014 Release
Description: This plugin adds crafting recipes for many heads which are impossible to get without this plugin, plus all of the normal heads. Config Each recipe can be toggled on or off in the config, which is organized by subsections. yt contains the YouTubers SkyDoesMinecraft DeadloxMC Bashurverse SethBling CavemanFilms staff contains the Mojang "staff" Dinnerbone Notch Jeb Herobrine mob contains the hostile mobs Creeper Skeleton Spider Zombie Slime Zombie Pigman Ghast Enderman Cave Spider...


May 09, 2014 Release
What this actually does This is a simple hub plugin which is used to allow a server's players to teleport to the server's spawn, to install it just drop it into you're plugins folder, and reload the sever. Permissions hubteleporter.hub hubteleporter.sethub Commands /hub /sethub Configs Now you can config the message and if plugin is enabled or disabled. spawn: Hub coordonates (don't change) enable: true message: Returning to hub! Authors maenstru56 99razvan99 (java help) Already added: No...


May 09, 2014 Release
===== English ===== Description Simple plugin for heal and feed yourself or others players. Commands /heal = Heals yourself /heal [player] = Heals another player /feed = Feed yourself /feed [player] = Feeds another player Permissions /heal = healplusplus.heal /feed = healplusplus.feed Next Version Add: Your Server (/hpp) Add: English Language ✔ Add: /feed ✔ Add: /hpp (Information about the Plugin) ✔ ===== Deutsch ===== Beschreibung Simples Plugin um dich und andere Spieler zu heilen und zu...
Red Castle Media


May 08, 2014 Release
HeroScoreboard IP: proxis.midgardmc.eu Looking for a good PvP leaderboard? Would you like it to hook into Heroes? Done. HeroScoreboard keeps track of Kills and Deaths so that you can easily see the top players in a paginated list. Also keeps track of killstreaks, favorite weapon of choice, favorite skill of choice (you can set it to ignore certain skills). You can even set it to ignore kills where the level difference between the 2 heroes is too large (prevents stat padding from killing...


May 08, 2014 Inactive
HearthPlugin HearthPlugin Version 1.1 {My very first Plugin} Simple Plugin that creates Hearts around a Player Permissions: Maybe I will add permissions for it in a later Version IConomy: Maybe I will add costs for the use of the command in a later Version Commands are only for Players! Commands: /hearth


May 07, 2014 Release
Main Page English Intro This plugin deletes the player's inventory if he is higher or lower than a defined height. It can also be configured for a specified world. Permissions No permissions Commands CommandDescription /heightclearGive information about HeightClear Config default config: main: low: 10 #lower high to clear inventory high: 100 #higher high to clear inventory worlds: world: world #worldname Source Sourcecode can be found here. That's it.

Heal For You

May 07, 2014 Beta
This plugin my first plugin I ever made so don't judge! This plugin adds two simple features; healing and feeding yourself. I'm 11 years old, so from all of my programming knowledge this is what I did. Constructive criticism would be great! Let me know in the comments if there are any bugs. That would be great too! To Do Add Permissions Add Healing Other Players Add Feeding Other Players Add Regeneration Mode (If You Take Damage it Automatically Heals You) Commands /Heal /Feed Permissions In...


May 05, 2014 Release
Plugin Info HelpFul is a plugin that overrides the /help command. Also adds a /helpop command for players with permissions. These two commands are fully customizable with multiple pages and sub-commands. Features Create infinite sub-commands (e.g. /help sub1 sub2) and customize every sub-command help page Support for MySQL or Flat file databases Support for colors and formatting codes Add/customize your translations for every plugin message Command usage /help [sub-command] - Displays help on...


May 04, 2014 Inactive
Hello there, I have been making plugins for quite a while now, and I have simply created a HG stomper plugin! This plugin is just like the mc-hg.com stomper and works just like it, well I cannot describe everything in this little description, but here is the plugin: Version: 1.0 (Beginning Plugin) Features Configuration File Just like mc-hg.com stomper! This plugin allows you to stomp on players within a radios, which is editable in the default configuration file: #Default config file for the...


May 03, 2014 Inactive
HubBuddy v 0.0.1 Do you have a server that hosts mini-games and has multiple worlds on a single server? HubBuddy is designed to make your server seem more like a hub server than just a plain old server with a bunch of worlds. This plugin is intended for use on server using Multiverse or other similar plugins. HubBuddy teleports players to your designated spawn area by using the command /hub instead of the normal /spawn. Commands: /Hub - Teleports players back to the servers spawnpoint...