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Holographic Graves

Holographic Graves

Mar 02, 2015 Release
This Plugin will add simple Grave Stones 5 blocks high made out of holograms. It will show there Display name (Nickname if any) and there Time of death as well as some other info. There are now options to disable stats and disable no permission Graves. It will also spawn any Block / Item 2 blocks above the player. It will also auto delete with The Graves (Both Configurable) All graves will automatically Delete every 5 minutes (but can be configured). wow 100+ downloads!!!! Commands "GR" to...


Feb 28, 2015 Release
HCLives 2.0 HCLives is back but with hopefully no bugs and now an active updater who is willing to put in ideas you guys have been waititng for! Here's the link to the old HCLives page if you haven't seen it already: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/hclives/ We have a GitHub! Instead of not having any idea how the code works our team has decided to allow you to have access to the code behind the plugin. I've learned from many people that have generously given their code and I hope you can...

HyperConomy Web

Feb 23, 2015 Beta
______________________________________________________________________________ Features HyperConomy Web creates a web page for HyperConomy. The main page lists all available shops on the server. Each shop name can be clicked to open up the shop page which displays which items are available, their prices, stock, and price history if enabled. Colors, fonts, and font-sizes can be configured. Web page can run on any port. No setup required. Just drop it in your plugin folder along with...


Feb 22, 2015 Release
Hibernate is a very simple plugin I use in all my servers. It will reduce CPU usage to about 0-1% when no players are online on the server. This can be used for a lot of purposes. This plugin will only be useful for small servers that tend to be empty at night or during schooldays. If you've got 500 players, the plugin will never "enable" and will not make any difference. Features Save electricity (if you host the server) Let other software use the CPU when no one is playing Minecraft. Allow...


Feb 22, 2015 Mature
Features Hybrid Monster is a role playing plugin, it allows operators or other players(if they have the perms) to play with the commands and act out role playing. This plugin is currently under development so there will me more features soon! Commands /cookiemonster [name] - Gives a cookie to other players. /eat [name] - Eat's a player. /eat - eat's your self. /diamondmonster [name] - Gives a diamond to other players. /fart - Makes you fart, it detects players in a 15 block radius and gives...


Feb 18, 2015 Release
Updated for 1.8.1! Hides the helmet of all other players. See peoples faces, even while they are geared up! Note: This only effects helmets. Players can toggle this effect with a command. Other items in the helmet slot (such as blocks and player skulls) will remain visible even while this command is active. (I will make a toggle for this in the future.) This will not hide your own helmet from you. (That's impossible without physically removing it from your inventory and that would just be...

Hover Message

Feb 15, 2015 Alpha
Want a message that appears when you hover over your player count like all the popular servers have? Well you're in luck! = HOVER MESSAGE! = Is this a copy of PlayerCountMessage? Well, not exactly. My goal is to provide you with a similar, yet more advanced way to get the same experience. As this is still in alpha, I am determined to provide you with a more advanced and phenomenal experience. ;) REQUIREMENTS: ProtocolLib.
HonCraftWeaponsChest - V10.0.0


Feb 15, 2015 Release
Create Several Different Chests ===== Designed For: C.B. 1.7.2_R03 ===== ===== Compatible With: C.B. 1.8.0 ===== SPAWNS BattleHorse New For V10.0.0 CHESTS * Diamond Weapons Chest Enchanted Horse Armor Enchanted Sword Enchanted Helmet Enchanted ChestPlate Enchanted Leggings Enchanted Boots Enchanted Bow (With Infinite Arrows) Saddle Hay Bale Lead Apples * Gold Weapons Chest Enchanted Horse Armor Enchanted Sword Enchanted Helmet Enchanted ChestPlate Enchanted Leggings Enchanted Boots Saddle Hay...


Feb 09, 2015 Mature
HomeSpawnPlus (HSP) / SpawnControl: the most advanced Home/Spawn plugin for Bukkit. HSP has flexible events and strategies that you can customize for your unique needs. If you just want dead-simple home/spawn management, HSP can do that too, but you might find some other plugin easier to setup or understand. If you want full control and maximum flexibility to do whatever YOU want and not be limited by just basic /home and /spawn functionality, then HSP might be for you. HSP's events and...

HelpTicket Reloaded

Feb 08, 2015 Release
HelpTicket Reloaded This is a continuation of the HelpTicket plugin by vanZeben, which has not been updated in over 2 years. It is continued under GPLv3, as is the main project. Most of the time on server's you will see user's persistently asking for help because someone had griefed or stolen from them. This plugin allows those users to file a ticket that staff can then look at and deal with as they see fit. If a staff member cannot deal with the situation they can assign the ticket to a...

House Points

Feb 05, 2015 Release
HOUSE POINTS Created by iarepandemonium Owner of Knockturn Server Plugin Features: Give or take points from a Hogwarts House State a person or reason or nothing at all Update Signs with Points Blocks that show what position the house is in. Console can give points. Customized tags & ability to customize color choices. Permissions based on giving or taking points. Command: /points [Give|Take|+|-|add|subtract] [(r|h|s|g) or House Name] [points] (player username) (reason) [Without variables lets...

HelpMeNow By BinCode

Feb 02, 2015 Beta
Germany. Hey Danke das Du dir das plugin Geladen hast Command gibt es nicht dafür aber ![BEFEHLE] Die du im chat eingibst !Facebook zeigt dem Spieler Eure Facebook Adresse die ihr in der Config einstellt !Website zeigt dem Spieler Eure Website Adresse die ihr in der Config einstellt !Forum zeigt dem Spieler Eure Website Adresse die ihr in der Config einstellt !Twitter zeigt dem Spieler Eure Twitter Adresse die ihr in der Config einstellt !Vote zeigt dem Spieler Eure Vote Adresse die ihr in...
HonCraftMultiSpawner - V9.0.0


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Create Six Different Super Mobs Death Hound (NEW For V9.0.0) Super Spider With A Super Wither Skeleton Rider Super Wither Skeleton Super Skeleton Super Zombie Super Pig Zombie (Blood Splatter Effects Added) Create A Guardian For Protection Spawn A Wolf Guardian About: With The Correct Permissions, Mobs Can Be Spawned From Anywhere Inside Your World. Instructions: Download HonCraftMultiSpawner.jar, Drop It Into Your Plugin Directory Start-Up Your Server Commands * Type In One Of The Following...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
HeadsLeaderBoards VERSION 4.0 HAS BEEN RELEASED This update brings some major changes to Heads Leaderboards. But don't worry, it's still backwards compatible with your old leaderboards!! :) The first change you will notice is that the leaderboard.yml is gone and replaced with a Leaderboards directory containing a separate file for each leaderboard. Everything else is related to MySQL leaderboards. In the new yml's for the leaderboards you will notice plenty of new options. First, Database is...
HChat logo


Jan 24, 2015 Release
- Chat formatter - # Main Page Commands and Permissions Variables and Codes Configuration Source @ GitHub Stats @ MCStats Features Player groups with different options Chat channels Ranged chat Away (AFK) features Format display name, list name and chat, death, join, quit, motd, me and tell messages Separate formats and configurations for each group and channel Word censoring Links to permission groups through Vault (optional) Lots of variables (like world, location, group, prefix, food...
HonCraftSkeleton - V2.0.0


Jan 23, 2015 Release
Spawn A Skeleton From Anywhere Inside Your World, Download HonCraftSkeleton.jar, Drop It Into Your Plugin Directory, Start-Up Your Server And Type In the Command /skeleton

HulkBuster Mode

Jan 22, 2015 Beta
Hulk Buster What is this? Hulk Buster is the name of Iron Mans strongest form of Armor in both categories, defense and attack. This plugins aims to make you even more of a Monstrous badass than you already are <3 Commands & Permissions /hulk on hulk.on Activates Hulk Buster Mode. /hulk off hulk.off Removes Hulk buffs. /hulk help hulk.help Displays the Help Screen. Bug Reporting You can do 3 things to report bugs: Write a Ticket, PM me, or message in my forums here: Ember Development Forums...

Herobrine Hunter

Jan 20, 2015 Release
Herobrine Hunter The main idea of Herobrine Hunter is to have a nice and quick, or very long mini game for you and your friends to play! I first started playing this, trying to set it up with command blocks, and it was a pain in the butt, but that was the past, now... We have this.. Herobrine Hunter! What is it? Herobrine Hunter is a bit of a unique gamemode, one person spawns in as a "Herobrine", or as I call it in the plugin, a "Hunter", then the rest of the players spawn in as "Runners"...


Jan 19, 2015 Release
Spawn A Zombie From Anywhere Inside Your World, Download HonCraftZombie.jar, Drop It Into Your Plugin Directory, Start-Up Your Server And Type In the Command /zombie


Jan 18, 2015 Release
Description: HeroSouls is a simple plugin that allow players to exchange item (default EnderPortal ) for Heroes Plugin EXP. What does it do? Plugin remove item(default EnderPortal) from players inventory and gives EXP (default 10000) to actual class. This plugin DO NOT CONTAINS any manners for players to earn portals and you have to do it your own way. You can do it simply with Quests or as a drop from Mobs using OtherDrops plugin. Commands /souls - Gives player that uses it EXP if player...