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Herobrine Hunter

Jan 20, 2015 Release
Herobrine Hunter The main idea of Herobrine Hunter is to have a nice and quick, or very long mini game for you and your friends to play! I first started playing this, trying to set it up with command blocks, and it was a pain in the butt, but that was the past, now... We have this.. Herobrine Hunter! What is it? Herobrine Hunter is a bit of a unique gamemode, one person spawns in as a "Herobrine", or as I call it in the plugin, a "Hunter", then the rest of the players spawn in as "Runners"...


Jan 19, 2015 Release
Spawn A Zombie From Anywhere Inside Your World, Download HonCraftZombie.jar, Drop It Into Your Plugin Directory, Start-Up Your Server And Type In the Command /zombie


Jan 18, 2015 Release
Description: HeroSouls is a simple plugin that allow players to exchange item (default EnderPortal ) for Heroes Plugin EXP. What does it do? Plugin remove item(default EnderPortal) from players inventory and gives EXP (default 10000) to actual class. This plugin DO NOT CONTAINS any manners for players to earn portals and you have to do it your own way. You can do it simply with Quests or as a drop from Mobs using OtherDrops plugin. Commands /souls - Gives player that uses it EXP if player...


Jan 16, 2015 Release
When You kill a player, The killer his health restored. Installation Put HealthPerKill.jar in to root/plugins folder Reload your server Done Permissions Useing "hpk.use" Config ######################### # HealthPerKill # ######################### #How much hearts to add when you kill some one set_health: 2.0 #The sound list can be found ---> http://goo.gl/YASWb set_sound: IRONGOLEM_DEATH The list of Sounds can be found on. http:goo.gl/YASWb To Do List Add world enable/disable option Add...


Jan 16, 2015 Release
HideUnderABed Description Install this plugin if you want that you can hide under beds in minecraft. Place a hideable bed, sneak and rightclick on it to hide under it. The question is not WHY. It is WHY NOT! Features Set all beds hideable or only selected beds. Sneak and Rightclick on the bed end to hide under it. You are not visible for the other players. You can get crushed when someone jumps on the bed. Commands /huab give <amount> - Gives a hideable bed. Permissions:...
Hub Essentials

Hub Essentials

Jan 14, 2015 Release
Hub Essentials This plugin has everything you would need for a hub server; server selector with bungeecord and command options, rank inventory, auto broadcaster, afk kicker, player visibility toggle item, custom book and many more features. Links Commands & Permissions Book.yml Config.yml HubBroadcasts.yml RankInventory.yml ServerSelector.yml WebsiteLink.yml Video by Wukkit Installation Requires Java 7 #1 Download the latest version of Hub Essentials #2 Drag your downloaded file (Hub.jar) to...


Jan 12, 2015 Release
HonCraft Rank This plugin allows a player to easy verify their Player Rank, Team And Group Membership with one simple command. By only needing to type /rank in the console, it eliminates the need for any player to type multiple, multiple commands to see their current player stats and information.


Jan 11, 2015 Release
Hide This little gadget-like Plugin will make you invisible to everyone else in less than a second! Trust me - I'm a written text! But seriously - unlike the /vanish Command the most People know from Essentials, this Plugin makes you invisible - completely. No unfunny Potioneffects or something like that! Just the pure Invisible-ness! Commands As you may can guess there's just one command... /hide (Okay, there's a second secret one.... /hide help) Permissions And this nifty Command comes with...

Hardcore Chrono

Jan 09, 2015 Release
Hardcore Chrono est un plugin crée par azenet(Lien plus bas) pour aypierre c'est une dérive du plugin ktp voila :) == A METTRE SUR SERVEUR SPIGOT 1.8.1 RC01 == 1 Chronomètre, 1 seule vie, 3 objectifs : - Tuer l'Enderdragon - Tuer un Wither - Tuer un Elder Guardian Commande: /hc unpause remettre en route le timer /hc pause mettre en pause le timer Hardcore Chrono is a plugin created by azenet (lowest link) for aypierre it is a plugin drift veiled ktp :) PUT ON SERVER SPIGOT 1.8.1 RC01 1...
Showing off hat plugin

Hat Plugin

Jan 05, 2015 Release
Hat This is a very lightweight plugin with a simple command that allows you to set your item in hand to your hat/helmet. Some items such as rails and water/lava source blocks can have a weird effect on the look of your character so it is best to steer clear from those items and use others. Usage Command: /hat This plugin is best suited to general fun and good for a lobby or hub of a server. Installing The installation of this plugin is very simple, all you need to do is to drag the jar file...


Jan 05, 2015 Release
Hello guys ! an another plugin of PappaPronta™ --------- With this plugin you can put a bounty on another player's head. When another player kills the target, he will pick up the reward ! Like GTAV bounties ! --------- VAULT: [[|http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/]] WORK 1.7 AND 1.8 BOTH, BUT AN ECONOMY PLUGIN OF THIS LIST IS REQUIRED (Vault) --------- /hunting <player> With this command you can put an HeadHunting of your rivals Example: /Hunting Robyrho 200 200$ will be removed from...


Jan 03, 2015 Release
Ever wanted a plugin to hide the players with a simple command or using any item? Well then I have where you are looking for. This plugin hides all player using any item you can change in the config or by using the easy command /hideallplayers. (This plugin is usefull for lobby / hub servers or for huge game servers) Installation: Put the jar-File in your plugins folder. Restart your server or type /reload. Edit your config. Reload or Restart the server! Usage: /hideallplayers - Toggle...


Dec 31, 2014 Release
HypnozSoup Do you want to create your own 'SoupPvP' server and need a plugin that adds insta-health soups? Then this is the right plugin for you! Features Right-click with soup to heal 3.5 hearts. If you have full health you can also increase your hunger level! Instead of using soup, you can also use any other item you want, for example milk buckets! Burp sound when using soups (can be disabled in config). Refill signs (can be disabled in config). Refill command Set a price for using the...


Dec 30, 2014 Alpha
Description Sends a seasonal message to the user, Sometimes in different seasons you may send a wish to Santa, or other holiday creatures. Commands /holidayhelp - Info for help with the plugin. /commands - A list of current commands you may run. /test - A command to test if the plugin is working correctly. /christmas - Sends a jolly phrase to the user. /santa [Text] - Sends a wish to santa. (Message not sent anyware) Extra Info I will update this plugin with bug fixes and new holiday...

Hoe Guns

Dec 28, 2014 Release
Simple plugin that allows hoes to be used as guns! When Hoe Guns is enabled for a player, right clicking a hoe will shoot out a snowball. Gun damage is modifiable in the plugin's config.yml, with different values for each hoe By default, a wood hoe does 2 damage, a stone hoe does 3 damage, an iron hoe does 4 damage, a gold hoe does 6 damage, and a diamond hoe does 8 damage. Damage is counted in half hearts {Command} /hg - Toggles hoe guns {Permission} hg.use - Use hoe guns {Source}...


Dec 27, 2014 Release
PROCESS BAR: ¨ ↓ DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION ↓ http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/headdropper/files/8-head/ SO WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? This plugin is all about having fun while PvP'ing. When you kill a Player, then you can set how high chance there is for getting a playerhead (Playerhead with the skin on it). And then you can use the playerhead for whatever you want. I added one more feature: Its a trophy wall were you can place all of your Heads on. How does it work? Yes, i made a special block...
HorseGUI Logo


Dec 26, 2014 Release
HorseGUI About The Plugin HorseGUI is a very lightweight plugin that aims to provide server owners and their players an easy and very user interactive way to modify horses. You can do so much with just one GUI! Features An easy to use GUI that is opened by right clicking any horse while holding a stick! You can do a total of 8 different things within the first GUI, that are all extremely helpful. Tame the horse. Name the horse. Ride the horse. (This automatically provides the horse with a...

Hide In A Haystack

Dec 23, 2014 Release
Hide in a Haystack Description This plugin let's you hide in a special Haystack the users with the permission can give themselves with the command /hiah give <number>. This gives them a hay bale block with the name "Hideable Hay block". Features Right click on one of these special hayblocks to hide yourself from every other player on the server. As soon as you move, you reveal yourself to your surroundings again. Mobs still attack you if they see you hiding, but while you are hidden, they...


Dec 20, 2014 Release
HeadBlocks - The Head changer tool Latest Version: v0.9 [1.7.9-R0.2] Latest Stable Version: v0.9 [1.7.9-R0.2] HeadBlocks allows users to change their head item Features : Change your own head item Change another player head item How to install and run commands : Copy the latest stable version downloaded in the "plugins" folder of your CraftBukkit server. Launch your CraftBukkit server, then type in the console (if it's necessary) : op YourName (where YourName is the Pseudo of your character...


Dec 18, 2014 Release
HeadshotEffects creates a plethora of options to do when a player shoots someone in the head. All of these options are 100% configurable. Current Features Headshot sound effect, choose from any MC sound A headshot can instantly kill the victim A headshot can cause configurable extra damage to the victim A headshot can cause extra damage or isntant death only if players aren't wearing a helmet, or all the time Send message to the shooter (can get victim name) Run a command when the headshot...