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May 09, 2014 Release
What this actually does This is a simple hub plugin which is used to allow a server's players to teleport to the server's spawn, to install it just drop it into you're plugins folder, and reload the sever. Permissions hubteleporter.hub hubteleporter.sethub Commands /hub /sethub Configs Now you can config the message and if plugin is enabled or disabled. spawn: Hub coordonates (don't change) enable: true message: Returning to hub! Authors maenstru56 99razvan99 (java help) Already added: No...


May 09, 2014 Release
===== English ===== Description Simple plugin for heal and feed yourself or others players. Commands /heal = Heals yourself /heal [player] = Heals another player /feed = Feed yourself /feed [player] = Feeds another player Permissions /heal = healplusplus.heal /feed = healplusplus.feed Next Version Add: Your Server (/hpp) Add: English Language ✔ Add: /feed ✔ Add: /hpp (Information about the Plugin) ✔ ===== Deutsch ===== Beschreibung Simples Plugin um dich und andere Spieler zu heilen und zu...
Red Castle Media


May 08, 2014 Release
HeroScoreboard IP: proxis.midgardmc.eu Looking for a good PvP leaderboard? Would you like it to hook into Heroes? Done. HeroScoreboard keeps track of Kills and Deaths so that you can easily see the top players in a paginated list. Also keeps track of killstreaks, favorite weapon of choice, favorite skill of choice (you can set it to ignore certain skills). You can even set it to ignore kills where the level difference between the 2 heroes is too large (prevents stat padding from killing...


May 08, 2014 Inactive
HearthPlugin HearthPlugin Version 1.1 {My very first Plugin} Simple Plugin that creates Hearts around a Player Permissions: Maybe I will add permissions for it in a later Version IConomy: Maybe I will add costs for the use of the command in a later Version Commands are only for Players! Commands: /hearth


May 07, 2014 Release
Main Page English Intro This plugin deletes the player's inventory if he is higher or lower than a defined height. It can also be configured for a specified world. Permissions No permissions Commands CommandDescription /heightclearGive information about HeightClear Config default config: main: low: 10 #lower high to clear inventory high: 100 #higher high to clear inventory worlds: world: world #worldname Source Sourcecode can be found here. That's it.

Heal For You

May 07, 2014 Beta
This plugin my first plugin I ever made so don't judge! This plugin adds two simple features; healing and feeding yourself. I'm 11 years old, so from all of my programming knowledge this is what I did. Constructive criticism would be great! Let me know in the comments if there are any bugs. That would be great too! To Do Add Permissions Add Healing Other Players Add Feeding Other Players Add Regeneration Mode (If You Take Damage it Automatically Heals You) Commands /Heal /Feed Permissions In...


May 05, 2014 Release
Plugin Info HelpFul is a plugin that overrides the /help command. Also adds a /helpop command for players with permissions. These two commands are fully customizable with multiple pages and sub-commands. Features Create infinite sub-commands (e.g. /help sub1 sub2) and customize every sub-command help page Support for MySQL or Flat file databases Support for colors and formatting codes Add/customize your translations for every plugin message Command usage /help [sub-command] - Displays help on...


May 04, 2014 Inactive
Hello there, I have been making plugins for quite a while now, and I have simply created a HG stomper plugin! This plugin is just like the mc-hg.com stomper and works just like it, well I cannot describe everything in this little description, but here is the plugin: Version: 1.0 (Beginning Plugin) Features Configuration File Just like mc-hg.com stomper! This plugin allows you to stomp on players within a radios, which is editable in the default configuration file: #Default config file for the...


May 03, 2014 Inactive
HubBuddy v 0.0.1 Do you have a server that hosts mini-games and has multiple worlds on a single server? HubBuddy is designed to make your server seem more like a hub server than just a plain old server with a bunch of worlds. This plugin is intended for use on server using Multiverse or other similar plugins. HubBuddy teleports players to your designated spawn area by using the command /hub instead of the normal /spawn. Commands: /Hub - Teleports players back to the servers spawnpoint...


May 01, 2014 Mature
Houses is a house system for servers who want to allow their players to buy,sell and rent houses. Buying, selling and renting houses is easily done by clicking custom signs. A player who owns or rented a house will be able to open the house door, while others can not. Signs are automatically linked with iron doors. Houses have class and number. The house class is how good they are, for example class 1 would be the best house available and class 4 a decent house. The house number is like an...


May 01, 2014 Planning
HelpMe! v1.0 This Plugin allows normal users to get help from Supporters. It's one of the easiest Plugins and you don't really need knowledge to understand, how this Plugin works. Commands: /helpme This command warns Supporters and says them the Player-Name Permissions: helpme.support All Users with this permissions will get a Support-Information YouTube-Channel: Link If you find some bugs or errors, please write it in the comments.

Healing Rod

May 01, 2014 Inactive
With this plugin, you can have your own RPG healing staff on your server. What it does: When you click while holding the healing rod, it heals you and all players in a 5 block distance from you by 3.5 hearts, and creates some cool heart textures in a 5 block radius so you know how close they will have to be to get healed. Commands: /HealingRod - Gives you a healing staff Permissions: healingrod.get - access to the /HealingRod command healingrod.use - ability to use the healing rod


Apr 30, 2014 Release
High Life Description A plugin for Drug and Alcohol RolePlay or RP servers. We may add more features in the future. To use Drugs you have to Hold Shit and Right-Click holding an item able to be used as a Drug. To use Alcohol you have to Craft it. The Plugin uses Shapeless Crafting to make Alcohol. All of the Drugs and Alcohol have effects but some have what is called a "crash". An effect that happens after the first effect is over. An example would be Coffee gives you speed but after that is...


Apr 30, 2014 Release
hSpawn - Version 1.1 - Source @ GitHub Create spawn points for each group in each world. Features Groups linked to permission plugin groups through Vault Set x, y, z, pitch and yaw Option to respawn in another world Enable or disable bed respawning for each individual group Teleport to spawn every time a player in a specific group joins Safe Y positions Spawn command to set, remove og teleport to spawn Using Gravity's Updater Using evilmidget38's UUID Fetcher and Name Fetcher Does exactly...


Apr 27, 2014 Release
Hug Description CommandsPermissionsDesciption/hughug.hughug the choosen player /rehughug.rehughug the choosen player back /kisshug.kisskiss the player /rekisshug.rekisskiss the player back /slaphug.slapslap the player /reslaphug.reslapget revenge on the player who slapped you English: Hug is a Plugin for Social Actions between players. You can hug, rehug and kiss a player and you can hug all Online players. The plugin does not make sense but you can have fun with it. Deutsch: Hug ist ein...


Apr 27, 2014 Release
HealthArmor makes colors of your armor change depending on how hurt you are. That's it. Any leather armor that has "HealthArmor" as the first lore line is considered health armor. This plugin is just an idea I once implemented in CommandHelper and forgot about it. I could not quickly find a simple plugin that does that so I made one. It is compatible with several MC versions to the past, and should also be future-proof. Enjoy! Command /healtharmor - changes leather armor you are holding to...

Honorable Player

Apr 26, 2014 Release
Honorable Player This plugin will leave an NPC every time some one disconnects allowing you to kill him and get his items. When in NPC form the player will be sneaking so it isn't that easy to kill them (they also have some particle underneath their feet but that is another story). So yeah its kind off a AntiRelog plugin. This wasn't 100% tested so if you find any bug leave in the comments bellow but for my experience i did say it might be bug free. How to install Simply drop the file inside...


Apr 26, 2014 Release
HypixelFirework Info This will launch a firework just like on the Hypixel Network. All credit goes to Hypixel for the idea behind this plugin. Test Servers play.mc-galaxy.com:10028 (Not the owner!) Commands /fw - Launches a random firework. /fw x y z - Launches a firework in that position /fw reload - Reloads the config. Permissions HypixelFirework.Use - Allows /fw. HypixelFirework.Coord - Allows the coordinate based launch HypixelFirework.Admin - Allows /fw reload, and no cooldown time. Bugs...


Apr 25, 2014 Release
An advanced and powerful holographic display plugin Now with TouchScreen Holograms! Features With the discovery of new hologram technology (as seen in the video below), HoloAPI is designed to bring you a seamless experience in holographic display creation through the powerful command base and API. Providing advanced Hologram Technology for your Bukkit server, HoloAPI has the following features (and more!): Easily manage your own holographic displays Create Holographic displays with images,...


Apr 25, 2014 Release
Description: HeroSouls is a simple plugin that allow players to exchange item (default EnderPortal ) for Heroes Plugin EXP. What does it do? Plugin remove item(default EnderPortal) from players inventory and gives EXP (default 10000) to actual class. This plugin DO NOT CONTAINS any manners for players to earn portals and you have to do it your own way. You can do it simply with Quests or as a drop from Mobs using OtherDrops plugin. Commands /souls - Gives player that uses it EXP if player...