Bukkit Plugins



Half a Heart

Nov 22, 2014 Release
Half a Heart Small little plugin that limits the hearts for ALL players to 0.5 hearts! It is just a little fun plugin, I wanted to try if I can program a plugin on an evening without having something like that ever done before! I know, It's not complex or something like that, it's about 130 lines of source code... If you want to have the real challenge, play on hardcore! And also don't Branch- or Stripmine. Your goal should be to kill the enderdragon - if that is even possible... Usage It is...

Health Manager

Nov 14, 2014 Release
Health Manager This is a plugin i made for people that want to set someones health to a specific health FYI: 10 = 5 hearts NOTE: Please don't troll with players to much with this. Commands: Use /setheath <player> <health> to set their health. Use /setfood <player> <food> to set their food level. Use /setmaxhealth <player> <maxhealth> to set their max health. Permissions: Set health permission: "health.set" Set max health permission "health.max" Set food level permission "health.food" To do:...

HP Fixer

Nov 14, 2014 Release
Description This plugin is simple, it fixes a bug that is cause when you remove any plugin from your server that changes a players max health. If you take any plugin that sets a players max health and then remove it without resetting that players health, it will be stuck like that forever. The only fix is to get another plugin that can set the players health to 20 or to edit the player info. This plugin will simply allow you to reset any or all players health to 20 without the extra stuff...


Nov 10, 2014 Release
HungerStay is a plugin that disables hunger on your server. It's very simple and lightweight, and is an ideal solution to servers that require hunger to be disabled. Commands: Currently None. Permissions: hungerstay.nohunger - Disables hunger for the player. Configuration: foodlevel - This is the food level that players will be kept on.


Nov 05, 2014 Release
You can create a Soulheap with a Sign for other Players. /heap<player> - Create HolySoul for a Player HolySoulMaker.HolySoul - needs to use the /holysoul Command.


Nov 04, 2014 Release
Hi I'm Moddyboy this is my first plugin. Have you ever wanted to have a server without big plugins like essentials but you still want a home plugin, so players can set their home locations? Well look no further, this plugin is nice looking has some sound effects and is very easy to use and is secure. There's only 4 commands one of which is /home this lists the only 3 available commands. Permissions: home.set home.goto home.clear Hope you like the plugin :)


Oct 30, 2014 Release
HushNow This is a simple plugin that, when you type a command, makes everyone quiet so you can tell them important information. You can also mute a player and mute everyone except a player! Installation Just drop it in your plugins folder, and you are good to go! Commands /hush <[-e] player|all> [time] - Silences either a player, all players [-e] except a player, or all players. [time] is optional, and will silence players for the time, in seconds. Permissions hushnow.* - Admin permission,...


Oct 29, 2014 Release
HarvestCrop This plugin allow to your players to harvest Carrot,Wheat,Potato,Cocoa Beans and Nether Warts with right click and it will automatic replace again the crop that you harvested. Melon and Pumpkin not working with right click because no need to replace the stem to grow again Melon or Pumpkin. Crops Melon and Pumpkin not in the list because no need to replace the stem to grow again Melon or Pumpkin, If you think that it need to be added just pm me.


Oct 28, 2014 Release
This plugin will generate a heap dump of the server process in the root directory with the specified filename. Heap dumps are useful to analyse where memory is being used and to find the source of memory leaks. Many shared hosting minecraft server administration panels such as Multicraft and McMyAdmin don't let you generate a heap dump via command line to analyse for memory leaks, so I thought I'd make this plugin to make it easier and more feasible to generate heap dumps. Commands: /dumpheap...


Oct 24, 2014 Release
Have you ever been harassed by another player, and you just need to tell an admin!?! well this plugin allows you to by just doing 1 simple step, you can have a player out of your hands! commands /harras <playername> <reason> permission admin.harass: allows admins to receive the complaints TODO: Add an ability to no longer see the player your reported or his chat messages


Oct 15, 2014 Inactive
Details This plugin lets you heal or feed all online players! Commands /healall - Heal all online players /feedall - Feed all online players Permissions healall.use - Access to the /healall command feedall.use - Access to the /feedall command feed.heal - Access to both commands Installing the plugin Download the plugin Upload the plugin to the plugins folder Then reload or restart the server Done!


Oct 14, 2014 Release
NB: I'm on Holiday, I can't do much HealMe by inventor02 HealMe is a Bukkit Plugin that heals you, or a target player. It couldn't be simpler! Usage /heal - Heals the sender. /heal <player> - Heals the target player. ToDo Fix aliases, they have broken Have a suggestion? Write a comment!


Oct 11, 2014 Release
Welcome || Thank you for 200 downloads! Hello! Hello there! So, You look around the website for a bit, for a few tools you can perhaps, give to donators on your servers, or just for hub server, Or even just for Fun! Look no further stranger! HFS, otherwise known as Hub Fun Stuff does just that! By doing /hfs give, or doing /hfs give <player>, You can give yourself a set of fun tools! These include a Teleportation Bow, A Firework stick, and a Mystery Item Stick! You'll have to use this to find...
XP Bottle

Havoc Exp Trade

Oct 06, 2014 Release
Havoc Exp Trade Havoc Exp Trade is a plugin where you can send your Experience to other players! Never known what to do with it? Ran out of room for enchanting stuff so want to be generous? Want XP safe as you're PvPing? Well get this plugin now! If you're following the EULA and need some side perks, this is a good EULA Plugin to help with it! No pay to win, just a small perk to add. As it has no impact on server performance, why not just get it? Features Very easy to use Lightweight Simple...


Oct 04, 2014 Release
HungerRates Thank you for more than 200 downloads! !WARNING!: This plugin is finished so I won't update it anymore. Overview of my plugins: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infinityhunger/pages/my-plugins . With HungerRates you can set a rate that your players will lose hunger. Example to use: Player A has the permission hungerrates.1.4 Now he'll lose 25% [1/4] of his hunger. Player B has the permission hungerrates.3.4 Now he'll lose 75% [3/4] of his hunger. Commands,Configuration and...

Heads Plus

Oct 03, 2014 Release
I'd like to present a new plugin, which is needed lots over the minecraft networks. I'd like to present Heads Plus! This is a very nice, smooth plugin which allows you get your head yourself, and other players heads! Commands /head - Gives you a head of yourself. /head [player name] - Gives you a head of the player specified. Permissions head.plus This plugin is easy to instal, just drag and drop into your plugins folder, or upload to your plugins folder. This plugin works awesome and is...


Sep 30, 2014 Planning
Welcome Tow My plugins !@ =================================================== Development builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. First, what is this plugin about? Heal ===. The giving of blood and potions for members of the server and the whole simple. But how do all these features work? We have a wiki where you can read all about the plugin ==! If you have any problems or questions, join the ice-host Dev Tutorial Second english tutorial German...


Sep 27, 2014 Release
HealKiller Description This plugin for private and public servers when you download this plugin on your server and you killed someone on your server you will be healed and more ! . How can i use this plugin ? It's easy .. just drag the plugin HealKiller.jar , in plugins folder then start your server and kill someone ! Configuration Commands No Commands . Permissions No premissions . Bugs No bugs , Please when you found some bugs .. tell me on comment ! Suggestions if you want to suggest for...

Havoc Sword

Sep 24, 2014 Release
Havoc Sword This plugin allows you to make the 'Havoc Sword', a custom, easy, simple plugin I made for my server. I make a ton of custom plugins not released on bukkit that are on my server; half are not on Bukkit as I want them to be unique and private. The Havoc Sword has: Sharpness 7 Unbreaking 10 Fire Aspect Looting 5 Plugins For This For this, you'll need to somehow introduce spawn eggs to your economy. Or spawn them in yourself, however you want. They just need to be around somewhere. I...


Sep 21, 2014 Release
Description This is a Lightweight plugin to fill the chest with random (pre-saved) inventories during the Hunger Games! Use is very simple: Create a certain number of inventory Put the empty chest in your hunger map Start the game When the player try to open the chest the plugin update the inventory of the chest with random inventory loaded from the config file. When the chest is open the plugin store the chest in is memory, and If the player retry to open the chest the plugin don't load any...