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Sep 01, 2014 Release
Now I worked for the premium version, I'm going to update this one, say what you want! NEEDED PLUGINS: #Lib's Disguises #ProtocolLib French version (Version française). HubGadgets is a simple and nice plugin to add some cool things to your Hub :D They are several main features into this plugin: Wardrobe MobGun Paintball Gun Bat Blaster Blaze Mineplex's Disguise Cool Gadgets Simple and easy to use and a lot of other things.. :) Commands - /hubgadgets give <gadget> gives a specific gadget -...


Sep 01, 2014 Release
Heal4Money General Plugin Information This plugin heals players in exchange for In-Game currency (Requires Vault). The amount of currency can be changed in-game or via the in-game configuration editor (See the In-Game Config Editor Section). This plugin also has permissions setup (See the Commands and Permissions Section.) Want to try out the plugin? Join our server on: nlrpg.servegame.com:25670 [Server Down] How this plugin could get donators for your server: The plugin has a specific VIP...
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Herobrine AI

Aug 31, 2014 Release
What´s HerobrineAI ? HerobrineAI is plugin that creates Herobrine with custom AI and skin, but all it is likely true Herobrine legend with some improvements. Herobrine can be found randomly in the world or he can attack or haunt a player (it´s all randomly generated), but higher chance is only haunt. If you don´t want to wait for Herobrine randomly generate target, you can use commands to manually set a Herobrine´s target. Why choose this Herobrine plugin? Because this Herobrine plugin is...
Helpit :P


Aug 29, 2014 Release
Warning this is only for helpit 2.0+ Click Here to go to the old page Description This plugin is what you're looking for! This plugin will add a ticket sytem for the server administrators to make ther job easyer Commands & Permissions CommandAliassesPermissionInfo HelpitNoneNoneThe Main Command. help?, commandsHelpit.helpShows the help screen new <Message>createHelpIt.newCreate a new ticket. listNoneHelpit.listShows a list with your open tickets claim <Ticket ID>NoneHelpit.claimClaim a ticket...


Aug 25, 2014 Beta
HouseGuard This plugin is the successor of SpotProtection. This plugin brings new features and bug fixes, and also new commands. Integrated with Vault, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit. Features Various land by Player; Allows admins to change the commands name; Commands to integrate features of the WorldGuard to the region; Commands CommandArgumentsDescription /houseShow available commands to you. /house build[regionName] [size] nofence*Build a region. /house buy[regionName] [player]Buy a region of...
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Aug 25, 2014 Release
About HorseMount HorseMount is a flexible player mount system. It allows players to summon and dismiss horse mounts with a simple command. Players can also choose to set their default mount via command or sign from 140 different mount types. Features Easily summon mounts, tame mounts, attach a saddle, attach armor, and mount the horse with a single command Destroy horses on dismount Only let players mount horses if they have permission Choose from 140 variant, color and armor combinations...
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Help Commands During Survival

Aug 22, 2014 Beta
Help Commands During Survival This is my first plugin, so it's not something incredible, but I will work on it to make it something really good :D . Description This plugin is used for private survival servers. For example, I play survival in my private server, with some plugins like mcmmo, or Lockette. The I thought, okay, I will make a plugin so I can use it in some situations, like when I am in danger and I really don't want to die because I have importat items in my inventory. Commands...


Aug 19, 2014 Release
hgGuard hgGuard is an extremely user friendly plugin for server owners who want to easily control guard settings on their server! You can set if a guard should lose items upon death, all different types of messages, enchantments per item, reload the configuration in-game, save a player's inventory then replace it with a guard kit when going on duty - you can get saved inventory back once off duty, - turn on and off different items and enchant in the configuration file, set the amount of items...


Aug 18, 2014 Release
HotScroll by xDeathwing Welcome To HotScroll ■ Do you think having one hotbar is not enough ? ■ You don't need to deal with space anymore . Let hotscroll deal with it. ■ HotScroll lets you to have multiple hotbars and swich between them without any problem HotScroll is capable of ; Saving & Deleting multiple hotbars Linking Multiple hotbars (lists) Copying hotbars & llists Global & User based hotbars Various ways of using lists Give information about usage Permissions support Current version...


Aug 14, 2014 Release
HungerArena Thank you for 50,000 downloads!! Been a while, 50,000 downloads is quite the milestone. I'm going to be doing a full rewrite of the plugin soon. Hopefully fix stupid bugs and things. Thanks guys :D HungerArena - A simple plugin for the Hunger Games! Proudly sponsored by Blazelite and WitherNode Recommended build: 1.4 I currently don't have a server, but I'm ready to hit the order button and I'm currently working on the spawn and things!! I just need a few donations, so hit this...


Aug 13, 2014 Release
Features Plugin allowing you to spawn player-textured heads into your inventory or other player's inventory Permission support Installation Simply put the JAR file in your server's PLUGINS folder and restart or reload the server. Configuration The configuration is simple, it only contains configurating the dropping of player heads on player killing each other (good for pvp servers) features: #Description: Show head owner on right click with bare hands #Values: true / false #Default: true...


Aug 12, 2014 Release
Welcome to my SetHome plugin which allows you to set a homepoint or teleport you to your homepoint. You can edit almost everything at the config.yml. You can also change your name and your homepoint will still exist. This plugin is really easy to use and to edit. Feel free to write any suggested improvements for my plugin to me. Installation: Drag and Drop the SetHome.jar into your plugins Folder. Start your Server. Edit all what you want in the config. Ready! Commands and Permissions:...


Aug 12, 2014 Beta
HomeSpawnWarp Did you ever want a plugin that offers warp, spawn AND home? Then HomeSpawnWarp is the best teleporting plugin for you! HomeSpawnWarp is a very basic lightweight teleporting plugin. It is made so that you can customize almost every single message. Don't forget to donate, because that helps me a lot! Commands /sethome [homename]: this command allows you to set your home at the position where you are standing, so that you can teleport to this home location later. You can also...


Aug 10, 2014 Release
HidePlayer v1.0b Features This plugin allows a player to turn invisible, and hide a players name from the player list. This is useful for server admins to catch hackers and griefers. If you reconnect to the server, your player will become visible again, so be careful. Tested and working on craftbukkit 1.7.10. Current version: v1.0b. Commands /hide - Turns a player invisible, use this again and you will become visible again. /hide check - Tells you if you're invisible or not. /hide check...


Aug 01, 2014 Release
GitHub (Open Source) ------------------------------------- Description Hub is a necessary plugin that any mini-game server should have! Hub is a very easy plugin to configure, and it only takes 2 minutes to set up! What does Hub do? Well, Hub is a plugin that allows you to set a configurable point where the players will spawn every time they login. So, let's say that a player leaves the game after playing a mini-game. He then logs in a bit later. The player will not be where he was before...


Jul 30, 2014 Alpha
HealSoup Basic: Take damage and need a way to get health faster? Well look no further, HealSoup allows you to get 3.5 hearts from a mushroom strew just by right clicking it. When you right click it and you have lost health, it will turn into a bowl. How to use this Plugin: To use this plugin, you must right click a "Mushroom Stew" when your health points are below 20 (10 hearts) then once you have done that, you will be healed 7 points of health (3.5 hearts) Permissions & Commands - No...


Jul 24, 2014 Release
Highscale Are you a toking-friendly server? If so, you should use my HighScale plugin to allow players to add a number from 1-10 next to their username to show how high up they are! Commands /highscale <number> - Adds a number from 1-10 next to their name in chat to signify their highness scale. Permissions Config.yml Help Featured Servers Here's a list of servers that are using this plugin! (PM me to get your server here too!) Thanks for having a look at my plugin. If...


Jul 24, 2014 Release
Hats allows you to put any item in your head as a hat, a nice plugin for HUBs, or for VIPs perks. 1. Drop the downloaded file in your bukkit plugins folder. 2. Start the server, and wait the plugins to load. 3. Stop the server. 4. Edit the messages in the file config.yml Hats Tutorial [English] Hats Tutorial [French] Hats Tutorial [French] Hats Tutorial [Spanish] CommandDescriptionPermission /hatPuts the item in your hand as a hathat.hat /hat [ID]Puts the ID you typed as a hathat.hatID and...


Jul 20, 2014 Beta
ENGLISH HiperSoin it's a plugin for heal! Features: Heal you or another player Permissions The player tries to do the command and does not have permission, the default message: Unknown command. Type "/ help" for help. will be sent to him Message when someone heal you Remove potion effects regenerates life Regenerates hunger Remove fire ticks Commands: /soigner /soigner (player) or: /heal /heal (player) Permissions: hipersoin.soin < Heal your self hipersoin.soinautre < Heal another player If...


Jul 20, 2014 Beta
ENGLISH HiperFeu it's a simple firework plugin! You can give the permission to the donators players! Features: Permissions The plugin will not lagging on your server For each command a different firework For each command a different color Commands: hf firework feu fw Permissions: hiperfeu.feu FRENCH HiperFeu c'est un plugin de feu d'artifice! Vous pouvez donner la permission de lancer les feux aux VIPs! Vantages: Permissions Le plugin ne va pas laguer votre serveur A chaque commande un feu...