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Gerald Server Manager

May 30, 2014 Inactive
Gerald Server Manager What it does As someone who really likes osu! I've noticed that the BanchoBot is really useful so I've made a plugin that replicates it, you can use custom commands that start with a ! that allow you to run a list of commands and even have Gerald say things to the chat! Commands The only command that this plugin has is /Gerald that allows you to chat and run commands directly as Gerald. Built-in chat commands NOTE: These commands were added to the config.yml to show you...

GeometricMagic Reloaded

May 29, 2014 Release
Note: cakenggt is the original developer of this plugin. However, he discontinued development of this project, so I am continuing it for him. This plugin contains optional Vault integration. If you want to use the Vault transmutation system instead of the XP system, you need to set the value of transmutation.cost in the config file to 'vault'. Along with Vault, you will also need a Vault-compatible economy plugin. Videos of GeometricMagic Geometric Magic GeometricMagic adds the functionality...


May 25, 2014 Release
GrimList - A better approach to whitelisting! For now, the only valid focus is saving to YAML and MySQL. SQLite, and URL support will be added back when I've done further bug-testing. Connects to Mojang Servers for UUID lookups! Requires JDBC for MySQL connections! Built Against: 1.7.9-R0.1 (Build #01936) Compatible With: 1.7.9-R0.1 It's been reported that versions before 3.1.5 are not compatible with the newest beta build of Bukkit. This has not been confirmed, or reproducible. However, the...

Gorea Restrict

May 24, 2014 Beta
This plugin does: Bans items from use. Restricts items from use per world with custom messages send to player. Generates a banned-list automatically, (highly configurable ) restricts crafting recipes, also with custom messages send to player . I will add more info when i will not be so tired.. It is a work in progress and i will add allot more things in this plugin , especially if i will see that is requested Commands: Aliases: gr, grestrict /gr help , /gr? : shows basic help for the plugin...

Guard Notice

May 24, 2014 Mature
Guard Notice is a bukkit plugin meant for Guards on Prison Servers, when you go on duty you have guard armor equipped and you receive your guard tools, when you go off duty you have your inventory cleared and your armor cleared. DON'T Download this Bukkit Plugin just yet, I realize there is a bug with the command /duty. So, unless you are using it one time per server run don't download Guard Notice. Commands /duty Broadcasts to the entire server that the player is on duty and gives the player...
IP Adress


May 24, 2014 Mature
What is GetIP Plugin ? GetIP plugin is a simple Plugin of bukkit which sends allowed players his IP or the IP of a player on the server. Permission GetIp.ip allow to your player the command /ip GetIp.ipreload allow to your player the command /ipreload Commands /ip know your IP /ip <player> know a player's IP install Download the most recent file of the Plugin Drop the file in your "Plugins" folder. start/restart your server enjoy! English language added ! modify the language in config.yml:...


May 24, 2014 Inactive
GreenWater The Idea The plugins lets you select an area. For every block in the area that has a certain block type it then sets the biome to the biome given. This is useful if you want to make a lake with darker water(Swampland) or an area with a brighter grass texture(jungle). See the video for more information. Tutorial Commands /greenwater Changes all the Water and Stationary_Water in the region to Swampland /changeblockbiome <Biome Name> <Block Type> This changes every block of the given...


May 19, 2014 Release
GiveMeInfo Official Page/Info Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, GiveMeInfo! GiveMeInfo gives the player info on the server they currently are playing on, whenever they want! This page will get more info as this plugin progresses! The plugin will be updated frequently, so if you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comment section below! Video Tutorial How To Install GiveMeInfo Download the plugin Put the plugin in your plugins folder...


May 19, 2014 Release
What this plugin does is when a player with the permission griefalert.alert types the command /griefer it will send a message to all the players with that permission saying (The person who sent the command) has found a grief at (The Person who sent the command's location). The alert message is configurable in the config file. Permissions /griefer - griefalert.alert Commands /griefer - Sends a message to all players with the permission saying "(person who done the command) has found a grief at...


May 17, 2014 Alpha
GunsForBukkit What is GunsForBukkit? It is a GUN plugin for in a bukkit server! You can use it for the fun or you can use it for a PVP-Battle! Commands and permissions? CommandsPermissions 1/MCGunsNo permission 2/MCGuns weaponsmcguns.weapons 3/MCGuns developermcguns.developer 4/MCGuns kit1mcguns.kit.kit1 5/MCGuns kit2mcguns.kit.kit2 6/MCGuns kit3mcguns.kit.kit3 7/MCGuns reloadmcguns.reload Signs permissions UseagePermissions 1Create:mcguns.sign.create 2Use:mcguns.sign.egg How to create a sign...

Gorea Item-spawn

May 16, 2014 Release
I needed to spawn items with timer on locations for an event on my servers, so i made this and thought to share it, enjoy. How to use it: Only Op players can use this commands. /gi help/? : Shows nice help instructions /gi reload : Reloads the configs. /gi list : Lists all itemspawn entrys /gi create <spawnpoint_name> <timer_inTicks> : Adds a new spawning entry, hold the items in your hand /gi delete <spawnpoint_name> : Remove this entry /gi add <spawnpoint_name> : Adds another item to that...


May 15, 2014 Mature
Do you have a prison server? Ever been annoyed when a guard abuses and gives his items out? Or when a player kills a guard and he drops all his OP guard armor? Then this plugin is for you. This is an advanced, yet lightweight plugin that will make prison server guarding a lot easier. It can be used for prison servers, to play the prison guard role, or just in a RPG server. This is a guard plugin, and a prison guard plugin! Long awaited. I made this guard plugin for my server, as I needed a...


May 14, 2014 Release
GodPowers provides players with the abilities of the Gods. Freeze players like Medusa Corrupt the world as you walk like Hades Strike lightning as you please like Zeus Repair tools and enchant items like Plutus and many more! See it in action: The current stats for GodPowers are displayed below: Quick Links! Full command list with permissions nodes and documentation Our config.yml documentation #GodPowers on Esper IRC Development Builds Bug Tracking GodPowers source code Notices: We collect...

Give Anything Listener

May 13, 2014 Release
Give Anything Listener Introduction This is a plugin that works with Votifier 1.8 or higher, and as such should be placed inside the plugins folder NOT the listeners one. This plugin listens to voting events passed from Votifier and allows you to reward players with anything when they vote for your server. If you can type it as a command you can use it to in this plugin! The Plugin works like a lot of the other listeners, but gives the user a detailed Configuration, on how to setup the...
Gem Enchanting

Gem Enchanting

May 11, 2014 Release
Gem Enchanting is a plugin that replaces the old enchanting system with a new system, that uses gems! Video Showcase: Link Enchanting Enchanting is very simple and only takes two steps. click on an enchantment table with a gem. The gem will then be used up and whatever enchantment it had will be added to that enchantment table. Click on an enchantment table, that has had enchanted gems added to it, with an item. If the table has any enchantments that are applicable to the item in hand, they...


May 10, 2014 Release
What is it? GlowNightLight is a plugin that when individual glass or glowstone blocks are selected, will turn to glass during the day, and glowstone by night. Can be used to create street lights among other things in game. Also allows the player to change the time in the world they are on if they have permissions to do so. Features include: SuperPerms - no other method is supported Easy to configure - only 2 values to set for when the blocks should change to glowstone and back Ability to...
Giants logo


May 07, 2014 Release
Giants That Spawn Naturally This plugin takes direct inspiration from FatMarleys' plugin FatGiants, which in turn was inspired by NaturalGiants. Features The Giants Plugin can naturally spawn Giants that have 8 Configurable attack mechanisms Configurable Health, Experience, Drops, and Spawn in configurable Worlds and Biomes. “The worst thing you can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing you can say about a game is it's too easy.” Attack Mechanisms Attack Descriptions...


May 05, 2014 Release
I wanted a plugin to spawn random fireworks and i thought to share it because it is fun, You can spawn random fireworks: at player coordinates at certain coordinates in any worlds works with command-blocks permissions for every type of command ( so you can give commands access to players) How it works: gorea.fireworks.me - Players can use '/gf me', will spawn a random firework at your location gorea.fireworks.me.nr - Players can use '/gf me <nr>', will spawn <nr> random fireworks at your...


Apr 30, 2014 Release
"God, I really wonder how many people i killed lately.." You have the same question? Well wonder no more! Features - shows your kill death ratio - also shows seperate kills and deaths - Stores everything in seperate player files. - MySQL Support Commands /kd - Shows you your kills, deaths and kdr. /kdreload - Reloads The Config (If you enabled MySQL reload your server) Permissions gg.kd - Permission To The /kd command (everyone has acces to the command, no need to add this permission unless...

GoreaBack - back on death location

Apr 29, 2014 Release
My version of BackToDeath Location Plugin, I needed a better and advanced version then essentials has, Thought to share, so enjoy Basically this plugin does: Teleports you back to your last death location. Teleports you to others players death location. You can teleport other players to other players death locations. Saves the death locations in a file to be available if server restarts or crashes. Was build initially for MC1.4.7 and works for ll versions above, even MC1.7.2 Command -...