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Apr 11, 2014 Inactive
Description This is a plugin that allows the user to get certain predefined items such as diamond pvp stuff, bows, and more. Commands/Permissions Commands These are all the commands: /gr > main command for the plugin - lists the infos about the plugin /gr help > displays the help of the plugin /gr pvp > gets the diamond pvp kit /gr diaarmor > gets the full diamond armor /gr sword > gets an enchanted diamond sword /gr bow > gets an enchanted bow /gr pick > gets an enchanted diamond pickaxe...
Glacy Staff Chat

Glacy Staff Chat

Apr 11, 2014 Release
Having a ingame staff chat has become more or less a must-have for all servers. It allows for quick and easy communication between all staff members that are ingame. Originally meant as a private plugin for the public server I run, I decided to publish it seeing as there aren't many up-to-date, working plugins like this out there. And by the way, if you are wondering what "ho" is, it's a reference to the "helpop" command that many used to use a long time ago when there were no staff chat...

Generation House

Apr 11, 2014 Release
Because Generation House created? The Generation House was created to appear with some mods constrem instantaneous constuções helping the server owners and players not to waste much time building Available Constructions: Basic House Tent HouseSpongeBob How to use: Click right on the floor with the crafting item Craftings: Basic House Tent House Sponge Bob


Apr 10, 2014 Release
getMiddle What it does This is a very simple plugin. It simply calculates de center of a given rectangle. A rectangle is selected by setting it's corners. How to use the plugin Simply do the commands bellow CommandDescription /getmiddle 1Set first corner of the rectangle were you stand /getmiddle 2Set second corner were you stand /getmiddleTeleports the player to the center of the rectangle. Also outputs it's coordinates to the player There aren't any permissions or configuration. Simply...

Ghost Player

Apr 07, 2014 Release
Ghost Player - 10,000 Downloads reached !! Can we reach 100,000 ? This plugin allow you to be invisible like a ghost ! This Plugin is incompatible with ScoreboardStats ! Ghost Player uses MCStats and the Skyupdater. Thanks to GhostFactory. Changelog Check it here. Current version : 1.5 Status : Approved ! Added login permissions ! No need TurnedOnJoin anymore ! Some improvements in GhostFactory. Skyupdater updates. Documentation For commands, config and permissions, see the documentation. API...

Group Gamemode [GG]

Apr 03, 2014 Release
Group Gamemode Ever wanted to automatically change player gamemodes according to their group/rank? Ever wanted to have a group/rank login with a certain gamemode? Ever wanted to force a player's gamemode and to not let him have it changed? This is the plugin for you! Features Easily configurable: With the easy layout of the configuration, it is possible to easily add and edit groups that you would like to be monitored by the plugin. Customize messages: Using the configuration, you may change...


Mar 31, 2014 Release
GetUUID Overview: GetUUID allows you to get the UUID of any player. It still works even if the player has not joined your server! This plugins will help when mojang beings changing from playernames to UUIDs. It communicates with Mojang's servers to get the player's UUID. See Here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/psa-the-switch-to-uuids-potential-plugin-server-breakage.250915/ Commands: /getuuid <Player> - Get the uuid of a player /uuid <Player> - Alias for /getuuid Permissions: getuuid.use -...


Mar 29, 2014 Inactive
Basic Info Hello... I'm d3v1n302418 and I created a simple, and light-weight plugin that adds a use for slimeballs. What it does is it adds throwing slimeballs that explode on impact. They are quite cool and may add a new use for hunting slimes on PvP Servers. The simeballs do not create large explosions, but they are very powerful and do much damage to entities. There is collision detection and detects entities, then it explodes... Have fun guys and I hope you enjoy it! Version Current...

Gold Mine

Mar 29, 2014 Beta
Gold Mine is a simple plugin up to the point of its development. The only features so far are the ability to toggle mining stone,sand, and sandstone with a golden pickaxe and getting gold nuggets in return. In the config file you have the option to set the mining to use redstone for every block you mine. Commands - How To Use Right Click Golden Pickaxe To Activate/Deactivate Use Command /Goldmine to Toggle Toggle Other Players By Using /Goldmine [Name] Permissions [Goldmine.use] Get Gold From...


Mar 25, 2014 Beta
Getors Usage: /getors to toggle on/off and it only works with a diamond pickaxe Permissions: getors.use getors.toggle What does it do? this plugin allows you to get Diamond ore out of diamond ores, iron ingot out of iron ore, gold ingot out of gold ore, stone out of stone this is my first plugin. but it is still very handy for donators


Mar 23, 2014 Inactive
This plugin has neither a config or any commands; it is a developer library. GTNLib GTNLib is a Java library for reading Grouped Tag Notation (GTN) files - a form of information notation designed for Bukkit Plugins. Introduction to Grouped Tag Notation Grouped Tag Notation is a text file format designed to store information for bukkit plugins. It was originally intended to be used as a way of storing Inventories but has since been expanded to store any information. Let's have a look at a...
Machine Body

Gravity Machine

Mar 22, 2014 Beta
Gravity Machine adds cool new machines to your server! These machines can rip out a chunk of land around them and send the entire thing up in the sky to float! Features: No commands necessary. Machines set up automatically. No building any extravagant machines. No permissions required. (But are supported) No configuration required. (But is optional. There are many different options to make this plugin fit your server.) Plug and Play. Setup And Configuration Gravity Machine Permissions...


Mar 21, 2014 Release
Gunz About Update coming as soon as the Survival Games plugin updates This plugin will add guns to the popular Bukkit Survival Games plugin. You can create custom guns, customise the chests and you decide what Survival Games arena you want to include Gunz. Easy to use and set up with only one command. Please note: This plugin will ONLY work with this plugin MORE UPDATES TO COME Ways to contact me skype: tyler.simmonds1 irc: irc://irc.esper.net/gunz-sg Setup To setup please click here. Need...
GemEconomy Logo


Mar 17, 2014 Release
GemEconomy GemEconomy provides an easy to use economy on your server that can hook into any plugin! GemEconomy automatically connects to every economy plugin on your server, meaning if you have a shop plugin, GemEconomy will automatically connect to it and start charging players money! With GemEconomy, the possibilities are endless! Requirements You will need Vault for GemEconony to work. You will need Java 7. Installation 1. Download the latest version of GemEconomy. 2. Stop your server. 3....


Mar 15, 2014 Release
~ Give named items, with lore, specify the slot, or equip it on another player. Features - Give other players items with /g e.g /g 46 - Force the player to equip an item e.g. put a cactus named Geoffrey on their head - Give the item a some lore and a name e.g. /g cactus p:Notch r:Geoffrey L:hello! a:1 Use "/o" instead of "/g" to override an item. Arguments: Optional ArgumentUsageDescription p:p: <player>Specify a player to grant the item to\nuse p:* to give to everyone n:n: <amount>The number...


Mar 14, 2014 Release
You can now toggle the use of unlimited ammo! /gg useammo; version 0.4.4 and up. I don't always have time to find bugs, mind answering the poll? GunGames; created by Tayler King Have you ever wanted to experience Call of Duty in minecraft? Yes, yes you have. You can't deny it. Stop lying to yourself. With GunGames, not only can you now experience Call of Duty in minecraft, but you can play one of the best game modes possible! Information GunGames utilizes the Bukkit API to allow the creation...

Glacy Chat Colors

Mar 14, 2014 Release
Glacy ChatColors What is it? Glacy ChatColors is a very simple and lightweight plugin which enables chat colors in messages without having to manually type the color codes. You can have different colors for players and admins, and players can choose their own color if they have the correct permission node. Default Config default-color: '&e' admin-color: '&c' default-color = The default color of messages sent by players. admin-color = The color of messages from people who have the correct...
Gravestone Logo


Mar 14, 2014 Release
Constructs an inscribed gravestone, with a buried inventory chest, wherever a player dies. Features Generates a gravestone at the location of a player's death. The gravestone will generate an inscription displaying the player's name, date of death and game session time. A "Treasure Chest" will generate beneath the grave containing the deceased player's inventory and armor items. Gravestone elements will only replace "natural" blocks such as dirt, sand, grass, gravel, netherrack, etc. This may...

Gold Bank

Mar 13, 2014 Inactive
Gold Bank What does it do? This is a plugin made to create a very basic economy. The economy works in stacks of 64 gold ingots. You can deposit, withdraw, and even check your balance. How to use it (Admins) To use it you first need to create a Banker. To do this type "/gb spawn (name)" The (name) part of the command will set the bankers name. So if you type "/gb spawn Jack" the bankers name would be Banker Jack. How to use it (Players) To use it just right click a villager who's name starts...


Mar 10, 2014 Release
GappleDrop GappleDrop Use gapple drops to regenerate! GappleDrop is a plugin mainly used for PvP plugins. When a player kills someone, the dead player will drop a Golden Apple, and when the player picks up the Golden Apple, the Golden Apple will disappear and give the player potion effects of Absorption and Regeneration. Features: Time and level of potion effects configurable Clears all drops and only adds a Golden Apple Commands/Permissions There are currently no commands/permissions for...