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Jun 15, 2014 Inactive
GreekBan Info: This is my very first Minecraft Plugin so of course there will be a lot of errors. This Plugin has lots of errors and mistakes. If you find something that needs to be perfected or if want a command added please let me know down in the Comments. Thankyou Commands: 1 /banish (Player) > Bans Player from server. To unban, please use /pardon or if you have essentials /unban. (Unban Command Coming Soon!) 2 /begone (Player) >kicks Player from server. (More Commands Coming Soon!)...


Jun 13, 2014 Inactive
What is this plugin? Grief Guard is a very light weight plugin which can help you stop griefers. What are the features? This plugin comes with its very own log file! The log can be founded in the plugin folder. The log file logs every time someone tries to do any of the blocked events! (TNT Protection, Block Protection and Lava Protection) - Block Protection: Disables the placing of any block! - TNT Protection: Disables TNT from exploding and from being placed! - Lava Protection: Disables...
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Jun 13, 2014 Release
About This plugin handles giving out gifts to players when they join on certain types of days: Their birthday if registered Their first played anniversary Arbitrary defined dates For any event an announcement can optionally be made to all players. For instance, for their birthday you might configure a message letting everyone know its their birthday. Gifts can optionally be received after an event should the player miss logging on. You can configure any number of items to give to a player and...
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Jun 12, 2014 Beta
What is GlitchPatcher? GlitchPatcher try help you temporally patch unfixed glitch/dupe, before Bukkit or Mojang patch it. I will update plugin every time when I get glitch successfully patched. If you know any unfixed glitch, you can send it to my PM or post it to the comment. You can now download BETA version and try it your self. GlitchPatcher is open-source. You are allowed use source, but please give me same credits ;) Features Commands + Permissions Repairs 3 glitches: Iron Door, Anvil...

GUI Rules

Jun 12, 2014 Release
This plugin will show on the first join a GUI with all the rules (if it fits) and a agree and disagree button. This will make sure that your players know the rules, so that they don't have the excuse of that they didn't know that rule exists. How to install Just put the jar file into your plugins folder, launch the server and stop it again. Edit the config. How does it work When a player joins GUI Rules checks if it's his first join, or didn't agreed with the rules and got kicked, if so GUI...


Jun 12, 2014 Release
GlowTree lets you grow trees that glow! Now with more tree types, more config options and some nifty bugfixes! If you like GlowTree, make sure to check out DogWhistle and Telepads as well. Features GlowTree allows you to turn glowstone into a renewable resource by growing it on trees. As of version 1.1 there are new tree types you can grow, some more exciting and dangerous than others... Usage: To grow trees that glow: Place a glowstone block in the ground Above the glowstone block place a...

Google Drive Backup

Jun 09, 2014 Inactive
Description This plugin takes all files and uploads them to your Google Drive account. The plugin is based on a plugin request from a while ago. I just had time to finish some parts of it and decided to upload it. Plugin is fairly simple to use, and Google Drive gives more space than Dropbox as a free user. To Devs: I have no idea how Refresh Tokens (in Google Drive) work, and I seen no working example of it in Java, hence I made it the way as it currently is. First Start/Use Instructions are...


Jun 08, 2014 Release
GamersList is a simple plugin providing a well-known whitelist function. It checks the players based on their names (soon with UUID) and if the player trying to join the server is on the list, he is allowed to join. Otherwise, if the player is not on the list, he is declined! Installation Place your GamersList.jar in plugins folder, run the server and let it generate files for you. Once it finishes, you are ready to start using it. Config Enabled: true #Whether to disable or enable list...


Jun 07, 2014 Inactive
GetSite The function of the plugin is to show the site of your server To enter the site, use the plugin configuration file (config.yml) getsite.admin (Permission to create a site-sign) / site: see the website of the server Site-sign Place a sign on the floor or the wall and enter the first line of the sign [site] Click the right button of your mouse on the sign to see the site Questions? Comment Pagina em português


Jun 07, 2014 Beta
GWalls REQUIRES TAGAPI GWalls is a Walls Plugin for any version of walls (Can be walls 1 or 2 or custom maps) It is easy to use for your players but a bit tedious to setup If you want to know how to set this up look here: (Currently thread not made yet) This is a remake of the original FGWalls I am the author of that other plugin but Ive changed my username to accommodate my minecraft account with my bukkit account and will be switching the project to this post. Commands & Permissions &...

Grand Theft Minecart

Jun 05, 2014 Beta
FULL DEVELOPMENT WILL CONTINUE SHORTLY For those who can not wait and want to with development of the code is now available here Please note that this is still in early development. Many features listed below are not yet added. They will be added in due time. NOTICE: If you find a bug or error, please click HERE to be directed to a page to inform us about the issue. Features Zombies / Skeletons as law enforcement. Zombies / Skeletons don't burn during the day. Law Enforcement can open/close...


Jun 04, 2014 Inactive
Other Plugins: BloodParticles | ForceChat | GhostCraft Ever wanted to add Ghosts in your game? This plugin allows you to become a ghost yourself! This is a Simple small Plugin I created just for the likes of you guys. This plugin allows you to become a ghost. You can become a half invisible ghost or EVEN a fully invisible ghost! Author: CosmicReaperMC (IGN) Version: 1.7.5 TO DO: if you have any Suggestions, plese leave a comment down below! Features: (NEW) Human mode! (NEW) Half Ghost mode!...

GamemodeChanger Rewrite

Jun 03, 2014 Release
GMCR - GamemodeChanger Rewrite Version: 1.0.2 Description This is the rewrite of my original plugin - GMC - GamemodeChanger. This plugin is way more lightweight and works with the latest Bukkit builds. Features Easy to use gamemode changing commands with command alias. A feature to change your gamemode with signs. A specific gamemode for each world you chose though the configuration. Supports permissions. Supports economy - auto detects Vault if exists. Sign Usage Free Sign [GameMode]...


Jun 01, 2014 Release
Throw Grenades in Minecraft! Now with Custom Items and Effects! Features Create your own Grenades using the Config Different default Grenades: HEGrenade (Creates an explosion on hit) ThunderGrenade (Creates a thunder on hit) PotionGrenade (Grenade with configurable Material (default: Coal) and configurable Effect (default: blindness). Area friendly (Players walking into the area are getting the effect too) FireCharge-Grenade (Like a Molotow-Cocktail..) MORE COMING! :) Economy Support (define...


May 31, 2014 Inactive
This plugin provides a library for commonly used Bukkit API (and not-so-API) functionalities. I'm a server owner! This plugin does nothing on its own, it only helps other plugins function. Easy as download and install to get it to work. The few config options are self explanatory. I'm a developer! Great! Add the plugin (GBukkitCore) to your depends section, add it to your build path, and you're good to go! The docs are still under construction, but the JavaDocs are very thorough. Try the...


May 31, 2014 Release
GearSignature is a simple and lightweight plugin to automatically sign tools, weapons and armor a player crafts with the players name. So when expensive items with rare enchantments get stolen or lost, you can give them easily back to their owners. Signed items keep their signature even if they are enchanted, renamed or repaired. New: Sign signature items, when a player pulls them out of the creative inventory. (optional) Commands CommandAliasDescription /gearsignature list/gs listLists all...

Gerald Server Manager

May 30, 2014 Inactive
Gerald Server Manager What it does As someone who really likes osu! I've noticed that the BanchoBot is really useful so I've made a plugin that replicates it, you can use custom commands that start with a ! that allow you to run a list of commands and even have Gerald say things to the chat! Commands The only command that this plugin has is /Gerald that allows you to chat and run commands directly as Gerald. Built-in chat commands NOTE: These commands were added to the config.yml to show you...

GeometricMagic Reloaded

May 29, 2014 Release
Note: cakenggt is the original developer of this plugin. However, he discontinued development of this project, so I am continuing it for him. This plugin contains optional Vault integration. If you want to use the Vault transmutation system instead of the XP system, you need to set the value of transmutation.cost in the config file to 'vault'. Along with Vault, you will also need a Vault-compatible economy plugin. Videos of GeometricMagic Geometric Magic GeometricMagic adds the functionality...


May 25, 2014 Release
GrimList - A better approach to whitelisting! For now, the only valid focus is saving to YAML and MySQL. SQLite, and URL support will be added back when I've done further bug-testing. Connects to Mojang Servers for UUID lookups! Requires JDBC for MySQL connections! Built Against: 1.7.9-R0.1 (Build #01936) Compatible With: 1.7.9-R0.1 It's been reported that versions before 3.1.5 are not compatible with the newest beta build of Bukkit. This has not been confirmed, or reproducible. However, the...

Gorea Restrict

May 24, 2014 Beta
This plugin does: Bans items from use. Restricts items from use per world with custom messages send to player. Generates a banned-list automatically, (highly configurable ) restricts crafting recipes, also with custom messages send to player . I will add more info when i will not be so tired.. It is a work in progress and i will add allot more things in this plugin , especially if i will see that is requested Commands: Aliases: gr, grestrict /gr help , /gr? : shows basic help for the plugin...