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Feb 28, 2015 Alpha
GravityGun Description This plugin is a very fun plugin to lift blocks or mobs in the air. When you type /gravitygun it gives you a gun (configurable in the config). When you right click a block or a mob with this gun, it will follow your cursor. If you then hit right click, it will drop the block/mob again. If you hit left click, it will throw the block/mob where you look! Commands /gravitygun : Gives you the gravitygun. If you have ideas for commands, please post them below, in the...


Feb 27, 2015 Release
This is my first plugin, and it is a simple gambling one this plugin is for gamblers Commands: /gamble <amount> simply gambles <amount> with an average return of 1.0 (breaking even) (if user doesn't have <amount> they dont get reward) (the max a user can get is double the amount) Permissions: Add these to the group that you wish to be able to gamble Gamble.gamble - allows you to use /gamble TODO: DONE: - make sure a player has enough money - add in configs - added in an advanced mathematical...


Feb 26, 2015 Release
Under new ownership! Now managed, updated and owned by nfell2009 Ever wanted complete control over Minecraft's Scoreboard Mechanics? Or wanted to create, delete and clone worlds without the need of MultiVerse or a plugin like it? Then GattSk is for you! GattSk hooks into Bukkit's API to grant scripters access to Scoreboards and World Management with ease List of Features Create separate scoreboards, each with their own Objectives Allow certain players to view certain scoreboards, allowing for...

Gold Nugget Handcuffs

Feb 20, 2015 Beta
This plugin is great for a cops-and-robbers server, or a GTA sever. Features Gold Nuggets work as handcuffs. Attack a player, and they will not be able to move or speak. Commands /ant - gives you handcuffs if you have handcuffs.use Permissions handcuffs.use - allows you to use /ant.


Feb 19, 2015 Release
GrowthLimiter's Purpose Basically, if you have a world that you want to simulate "growth difficulties" for any reason (say, you want to limit Grass spread or Mycelium spread to a slowpoke pace), this plugin will do the trick! Be it whether you wish to make grass spread at a 50% or even 90% of the original intended speed, you have complete control! This is all built on pure Bukkit API. There should be no worry about this plugin breaking between minecraft releases unless Bukkit changes the API...
Glizer 1


Feb 16, 2015 Mature
glizer - Minecraft Global banning Solution Plugin-Version: 3.0 Protocol-Version: 3.0 Links Download Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Download Jenkins Snapshots Website/Webinterface Wiki Installation Commands Permissions Terms of Usage and Privacy Terms Glizer provides a huge range of functions to globalize minecraft. It's also an alternative...

Global Mute

Feb 14, 2015 Release
A GlobalMute Plugin! Things To Come: - Suggest? Commands: /GlobalMute | Enable Or Disable The Mute Bugs: 0 Found, Put Below Suggestions: You Make 'Em ;) Summary: I created this plugin because I have been looking for a GlobalMute plugin; and none came. If you have a better description idea, please leave below. I will edit it if I like it. :)! Features /GlobalMute | Mute Chat GlobalMute.Bypass | Bypass The Global Mute If Enabled GlobalMute.Use | Enable/Disable The Mute My Other Work Sneak:...


Feb 08, 2015 Release
Gun Plugin Gun What is gun? Gun is a bukkit plugin, you can craft a gun with Blaze Power, snowball, Stick, and you get Blaze Rod named Gun , you can right-click and he shot the snowball make 10.05 Damage and other gun named: Special Gun, you can craft it with: Blaze Rod, Snowball, TNT, Stick !! v4.0 coming 10 news guns :) Crafting Normal Gun Special Gun (v2.0)

Guard Dogs

Feb 03, 2015 Release
This plugin allows players to create guard dogs from tamed dogs. These will attack other players and hostile mobs. Features Easily create guard dogs from tamed dogs Guard dogs attack other players and hostile mobs in a radius of 15 blocks (except Creepers, as Minecraft dogs will never attack them no matter what) Have certain guard dogs ignore certain players Installation Download the .jar and drop it in your server's plugins folder Start your server Done! Usage To create a new guard dog,...

Gun Fun

Jan 31, 2015 Release
Description Gun Fun is a pretty simple Plugin. It adds Guns, that's it! Well of course it also adds things like Grips, Flash Hiders, Sound Mufflers... However, to use Gun Fun, you need to install Slimefun first. You can easily create your own Guns in the Items.yml, here's a Tutorial how: Configuration This File is located in /plugins/Slimefun/Items.yml 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 GUN_SNIPER: ## You need to place the following inside a certain Type. Gun_SNIPER/GUN_PISTOL/... guns: '0': ## The ID, make...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
Description: Allows players to choose their gender. Depending on this player before messages will be displayed the prefix and will be changed message when entering or exiting from the server. After seeing all the plugins on this subject, I could not find my desired functionality. This gave birth to a whole new plugin. Features: Improved functionality compared to other similar plugins. Optional addition of prefixes that can be configured in the config.yml. When entering, leaving, kicking the...
GameMode Inventories

GameMode Inventories

Jan 28, 2015 Release
GMI v2.7.x now has a worlds list for track_creative_place - this is a BREAKING change please read the change log BEFORE installing - you have been warned! Features GameMode Inventories allows you to have separate inventories for Creative and Survival game modes (it also works for Adventure!). Inventories are saved and switched automatically Configurable option to save and restore inventories on player death Configurable option to also switch XP amount automatically (enabled by default)...


Jan 22, 2015 Release
GlobalChatMute This is a Plugin wich Clears your Chat and its can mute the Global chat of the Server! Its work from 1.7.x to 1.8.x with the newest build! HOW TO USE: 1. Click Download on this Page. 2. Put the .jar File in your Plugins Folder. 3. Re/Start your Server and you can see with /plugins that the Plugin is Eneabled! 4. Use any Command of the Plugin. 5. Have Fun with the Plugin! COMMANDS: /globalmute - Activate the Global mute. Tip: Use the Command once again and the globalmute is...

GufKits PvP

Jan 21, 2015 Alpha
GunWars Thumbnail/Logo


Jan 20, 2015 Beta
GunWars Official Page/Info Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, GunWars! MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED WHEN THE OFFICIAL RELEASE IS OUT! January 20/2015: Hey everyone! I have just uploaded GunWars v0.1.0, which is waiting approval now. But this version is almost close to being done! We only have a few things left to finish, which should only take a week, and then just bug fixing. We are hoping to have this done before the end of this month, and we...


Jan 19, 2015 Release
Gun Hoe -------- Permissions gun.use : If the user have this permission, the user can use the gun and reload it Versions # available on Spanish and English Minecraft version 1.7.9 [Recomended] Usage Shears : With this item, you can reload your "Hoe-Weapon" Iron_Hoe : With this item, you can shoot snowballs like a weapon How to install Just put the jar file into the "Plugins" folder. How it found When you install the plugin and you have the permission "gun.use" your exp bar gonna be the ammo...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Jan 18, 2015 Beta
Inactive! (For the present) First, what is this plugin about? Grand Theft Diamond is a Minecraft plugin based on GTA. The most ideas of this plugin are taken from 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer'. You can rob safes and drive cars (Horses). There are custom guns and other items like Handcuffs, a flame thrower or a taser. You can select one of the two teams: Cop and Civilian. Civilians can become a gangster when they do criminal things like robbing a safe. But that's not all: Players also can buy...


Jan 05, 2015 Release
About GoGoBanYourself GoGoBanYourself_v1.3c is now also available for CraftBukkit 1.8 All later versions are no longer compatible with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 GoGoBanYourself_v1.0 is compatible with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 - 1.7.10 Version: 1.3c_CB_1.7.10 Release: 02 January 2015 Version: 1.3c_CB_1.8-R0.1 Release: 06 January 2015 GogoBanYourself is a plugin for autokicking and banning players for one day similar to what you might know of gamemodes like Varo, Varo 2 or others. Via the Config.yml you can...
GravityGun with block


Jan 04, 2015 Release
You can move Blocks and Entitys with the Gravity Gun and push them. Spigot: Click here to download the plugin from Spigot Features Move blocks and entitys Sounds Command Hit entitys with pushed blocks ActionEffect Rightclick Block/EntityPickup the Block/Entity Leftclick pickuped Block/Entitypush the Block/Entity Get the Gavity Gun in Survivalmode: Installation Download the plugin Put the plugin in the plugins folder Restart/Reload the server Commands and Permissions CommandPermission Give a...
Gravedad - Gravity

Gravedad - Gravity

Jan 02, 2015 Release
== ESPAÑOL: == == ¡ESTA ES LA DESCRIPCION NO HAY OTRA, ESO VA PARA LOS DE BUKKIT! == ==== Este Plugin Le Pone Gravedad A Minecraft, Pero De Una Manera Unica, Los Bloques Que Ya Esten Antes De Colocar (Activar) El Plugin, Siguen Siendo Bloques Normales De Minecraft, Los Bloques Que Empiezes A Colocar Cuando El Plugin Este Activado Tendran Gravedad, Pero Solo Los Bloques Que Se Colocan, No Los Bloques Que Se Rompen. ==== ==== Ninguna, Si Tienes Una Idea, Dila. ==== ==== No Tiene, Para Que xD...