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GufKits PvP

Jan 21, 2015 Alpha
GunWars Thumbnail/Logo


Jan 20, 2015 Beta
GunWars Official Page/Info Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, GunWars! MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED WHEN THE OFFICIAL RELEASE IS OUT! January 20/2015: Hey everyone! I have just uploaded GunWars v0.1.0, which is waiting approval now. But this version is almost close to being done! We only have a few things left to finish, which should only take a week, and then just bug fixing. We are hoping to have this done before the end of this month, and we...


Jan 19, 2015 Release
Gun Hoe -------- Permissions gun.use : If the user have this permission, the user can use the gun and reload it Versions # available on Spanish and English Minecraft version 1.7.9 [Recomended] Usage Shears : With this item, you can reload your "Hoe-Weapon" Iron_Hoe : With this item, you can shoot snowballs like a weapon How to install Just put the jar file into the "Plugins" folder. How it found When you install the plugin and you have the permission "gun.use" your exp bar gonna be the ammo...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Jan 18, 2015 Beta
Inactive! (For the present) First, what is this plugin about? Grand Theft Diamond is a Minecraft plugin based on GTA. The most ideas of this plugin are taken from 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer'. You can rob safes and drive cars (Horses). There are custom guns and other items like Handcuffs, a flame thrower or a taser. You can select one of the two teams: Cop and Civilian. Civilians can become a gangster when they do criminal things like robbing a safe. But that's not all: Players also can buy...


Jan 05, 2015 Release
About GoGoBanYourself GoGoBanYourself_v1.3c is now also available for CraftBukkit 1.8 All later versions are no longer compatible with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 GoGoBanYourself_v1.0 is compatible with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 - 1.7.10 Version: 1.3c_CB_1.7.10 Release: 02 January 2015 Version: 1.3c_CB_1.8-R0.1 Release: 06 January 2015 GogoBanYourself is a plugin for autokicking and banning players for one day similar to what you might know of gamemodes like Varo, Varo 2 or others. Via the Config.yml you can...
GravityGun with block


Jan 04, 2015 Release
You can move Blocks and Entitys with the Gravity Gun and push them. Spigot: Click here to download the plugin from Spigot Features Move blocks and entitys Sounds Command Hit entitys with pushed blocks ActionEffect Rightclick Block/EntityPickup the Block/Entity Leftclick pickuped Block/Entitypush the Block/Entity Get the Gavity Gun in Survivalmode: Installation Download the plugin Put the plugin in the plugins folder Restart/Reload the server Commands and Permissions CommandPermission Give a...
Gravedad - Gravity

Gravedad - Gravity

Jan 02, 2015 Release
== ESPAÑOL: == == ¡ESTA ES LA DESCRIPCION NO HAY OTRA, ESO VA PARA LOS DE BUKKIT! == ==== Este Plugin Le Pone Gravedad A Minecraft, Pero De Una Manera Unica, Los Bloques Que Ya Esten Antes De Colocar (Activar) El Plugin, Siguen Siendo Bloques Normales De Minecraft, Los Bloques Que Empiezes A Colocar Cuando El Plugin Este Activado Tendran Gravedad, Pero Solo Los Bloques Que Se Colocan, No Los Bloques Que Se Rompen. ==== ==== Ninguna, Si Tienes Una Idea, Dila. ==== ==== No Tiene, Para Que xD...

GranadaDei (Arco Boomb) - GranadaDei (Bow Boomb)

Jan 02, 2015 Release
== ESPAÑOL: == ==== Este Plugin Es Un ArrowBoomb, Que Lo Que Hace Es Que Cuando Lanzas Una Flecha Cuando Impacta Contra "X" Cosa, Ya Sea Bloque O Jugador, Mob, Etc (TODO), Explota Con Un Radio Mediano, Tiene Efectos De Sonido De Tnt Y Blaze Al Explotar Que Estan Muy Chulos. ==== ==== Agregarle Un Recorrido De Lava A La Flecha. ==== ==== No Tiene, Para Que :P xD ==== ==== Ninguno ==== ==== GranadaDei.Explotar - Para Que Cuando Tires La Flecha Explote, Sin Este Permiso No Pasa Nada, Es Un Arco...


Dec 31, 2014 Release
Gommemode Befehle /gommemode -> Zeigt den Entwickler und die Version. /gommemode on -> Begibt dich in den Gommemode. /gommemode off -> Du gehst wieder aus dem Gommemode heraus. Permission gommemode.use -> Alle mit dieser Permission oder OP's können in den Gommemode gehen. Config gommemode -> Hier kannst du einstellen wie viele Halbherzen man im Gommemode hat. effects -> hier kannst du mit true/false die Effekte ein oder ausschalten.


Dec 31, 2014 Release
This plugin is actually in German ! A translationis coming pretty soon !​ == Surf is a very simple game but now I have added Weapons and some other funny blocks. Features:​ Econ support (Needs Vault and an econ system) Action blocks Some funny weapons when you run over a Bedrock-Block (Needs CrackShot) Some funny Items ​ Installation:​ 1. Download the plugin and move it into your plugins folder. 2. Make you sure that you have the following plugins installed: Vault (Optional) Crack-Shot An...


Dec 30, 2014 Release
Grab Bukkit Plugin French Topic Description This is a simple plugin that allow you to use a bow as a grab to climb mountains for example. It's UUID ready so the latest versions are 1.7.* compatible. Craft How to use it Just shoot an arrow with the grab. If the arrow goes at maximum 30 blocks of you, you will go to its location by left clicking. Just do a left click to cancel. Left click is the only way to remove the grab ! Installation To install this plugin you need to install first ZLib...
GroupBasedPvP Logo


Dec 27, 2014 Release
Configuration in v2.x - Permissions What can I do with GroupBasedPvP? With GroupBasedPvP (or GBPVP for short) you can create a complex PvP structure in your bukkit server. It is coded to be stable and easy to understand as much as possible. Besides the configuration options this plugin also comes with some permission nodes to expand your pvp imagination.So what are you waiting for? Take your damn editor and create a new pvp structure to your server! Features Creating a complex PvP structure...
Thumbnail for GlobalChat


Dec 25, 2014 Release
GlobalChat Plugin German Video Tutorial by DevNuddel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdpiHAn5CU0 Permissions: - globalchat.chat- Gives you the Permission to use the /chat Command - globalchat.chat.bypass - Gives you the Permission to write in the Chat when the GlobalChat is disabled - globalchat.* - Gives you all Permissions for the GlobalChat Plugin! Commands: - /chat - With that command can you disable and enable the globalchat Currently Versions: English Version German Version Credits: My...


Dec 22, 2014 Release
GunGame English Firstly I'm sorry for my bad english.In this game no new weapons will be added or no items will be changed to weapons. This pluign needn't a own server, it could be installed on a normal server. You easily set a/or more "Spawn/s"(for exampel a place in the air(you must deactivate PvP there , falldamage is deactivated by the plugin) then the player jumps down(there pvp must be activated or you place more spawns) and battle with other players) and a "Leaveplace"(this is the...


Dec 13, 2014 Release
GraveSigns GraveSigns is a plugin that upon player's death, will place a sign with the player's name on it to show who had died there previously. Very good for small PVP servers that have an open world. Features Places a sign with the players name on it! Configuration file that allows you to change all the messages and colors! Signs can be cleared with a command and all the signs de-spawn when the server shuts down Auto-despawn FULLY re-coded and up-to date Updates! Download GraveSigns 1.7...
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Glass Smash!

Dec 10, 2014 Release
Glass Smash! Arrow Smash is a simple plugin that when all types of glass are hit with arrows, the glass breaks! Installation Download the .jar file Put it inside the plugins folder, inside your server /Reload the server Have fun! Commands commands: gsreload: usage: /<command> description: Reload the GlassSmash config. Permissions There are currently no permissions.


Dec 07, 2014 Release
Gold2XP Gold2XP is a highly customizable way to give players XP. If the player right clicks the block, with a specified item, they will gain a certain number of levels that can be configured! Installation Download the .jar file Put it inside the plugins folder, inside your server /Reload the server Configure the config.yml to your liking Have fun! Permissions There are currently no permissions however they could be easily incorporated. Commands There are currently no commands, however they...

Gamble This Item

Nov 28, 2014 Release
Gamble This Item This is a plugin which enables you to gamble the item in your hand with a 50/50 chance, of either duping it, or losing it. Command: Simply type the command below whilst holding an item of your choice. /gamble No permission, if you want it, please comment and say if you do. Would make a good donor perk, I guess. Installation: Simply drag and drop this plugin into your plugins folder, reload/restart it and use it! Configuration: Config has the 2 sounds of duping or losing the...

Give My Enderchest

Nov 13, 2014 Release
A Simple, Easy EULA Essential! Give My Enderchest Give My Enderchest is a plugin to allow you to get all the materials back from your enderchest that you made it with! Usually it's just 8 Obsidian, right? Well, now it gives you that Eye Of Ender back too! You could use that if you raided someone with Enderchests in their base! Permissions: Enderchest.break (to break the enderchest with all items)
Ghost Buster


Nov 04, 2014 Release
Ghost Buster Info Search for ghosts with the ghost tool. Right-click a block with it to scan the ghostliness levels. If a ghost is there the machine will make it visible for you to kill. There are 4 levels of ghostliness. Level 1: Nothing ghostly whatsoever. Level 2: Faint traces of ghostliness. Level 3: High levels of ghostliness. Level 4: A ghost! Commands To get a ghost tool do: /ghost tool To spawn a ghost do: /ghost spawn Installing Just drop the plugin into your plugins folder.