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Jul 04, 2015 Release
Note: This plugin uses banners so you must be in minecraft version 1.8+ Simply type /calculator, /cal, or /guicalculator and a GUI calculator opens up that you can use. The permission is GUICalculator.use Version 1.4 Version 1.1


Jul 01, 2015 Release
Grapher! Create Mathematical graphs- In Minecraft! Graphs: 2D: y=sin(x)*2: y=x: y=sin(x/5)*5: x=sin(y/3)*7: 3D: 3Dy=x+z: 3Dy=(sin(x)*z)/2: 3Dy=(x² -z² )/30: 3Dy=(cos(x)+sin(z)): USAGE: "/mcg [equation]" Equations can be listed by pressing 'tab' Equations include: y=sin(x)*2 y=x y=sin(x/5)*5 y=sin(y/3)*7 3Dy=x+z 3Dy=(sin(x)*z)/2 3Dy=(x² -z²)/30 3Dy=(cos(x)+sin(z)) More equations are being added with updates!! ^2 is equal to ² WARNING: This may cause damage to your world. I recommend using this...


Jun 28, 2015 Release
Do you hate typing the old long command; "/gamemode {player} {0/1/2/3}"?? I hate it.. BUT with GameModer it can't be easier! Features: Simple Plugin Permissions Nice Message Commands: /gm - Sets a players gamemode Usage: /gm <mode> [player] Valid gamemodes: S or 0 = Survival C or 1 = Creative A or 2 = Adventure SP or 3= Spectator /gms or /gm0 - Sets a players gamemode to Survival Usage: /gms or /gm0 [player] /gmc or /gm1 - Sets a players gamemode to Creative Usage: /gmc or /gm1 [player] /gma...

GUI Seller Shop

Jun 22, 2015 Release
1.6 is out! Please report any bugs or concerns! I will try to fix them right away. Please note that you have to generate a new config or the plugin will not work. The item names are now human-friendly, look in items.csv for a full list. About This plugin adds a GUI shop to the game. Users with the permission can access it using /guishop in-game. If you want you can also create signs that users can right click on to open the GUI. Everything you put inside the GUI will be sold. If the item is...

Global Kick

Jun 20, 2015 Release
What is Global Kicks? Global Kicks gives you a nice and light plugin with no lag what so ever! It allows Staff Members to use /gkick with the custom messages , with the /gkick command there is set options for what happens each time a player is warned, the first time is a simple warning displaying the reason you put in place for that player then after the first punishment it is always a kick after because they have had their warning. Global Kicks is used on my server and has been tested out on...


Jun 19, 2015 Planning
You must need Spigot for this plugin !!! I'm not te creator of this plugin, the creathor is MisterSanglad: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/mistersanglad.7138/ Contributors: GravenilvecTV & Diinnocraft This is my first plugin developed, so it is maybe no really optimized. I take all advices into account ! (Sorry for my bad english, I'm french ") Commmands: - /report <pseudo> or /rep <pseudo> (everybody have the perm to report) - /guireporter:reload or /guireporter_reload (only for...
Greenhouses Screenshot


Jun 19, 2015 Release
Greenhouses Greenhouses is an essential plugin to power-up your SkyBlock or AcidIsland world! It enables players to build their own biome greenhouses complete with weather, friendly mob spawning, unique plant growth and even block erosion! Donate Here YouTube Video Here! Greenhouses are made out of glass and must contain key blocks to form a biome. There is a recipe GUI. Once built, the greenhouse can be used to grow plants with bonemeal, and spawn mobs. If you include a hopper with water in...

Global TrashCan

Jun 18, 2015 Release
Global TrashCan DESCRIPTION What is Global Trashcan? Global Trashcan allows players to get rid of unwanted items in a 54 slot inventory space, and also pick up items they may need! One man's trash is another man's treasure... USES More resources Organized drop parties Creative mini games More+! COMMANDS GlobalTrashCan uses one command with two aliases: /trashcan /tc /t PERMISSION GlobalTrashCan has one permission: trashcan.open: Allows player to access the GlobalTrashCan. This is true by...
GameNumber Logo


Jun 17, 2015 Release
*INTRODUCTION* Thank you for looking at my plugin, GameNumber. GameNumber is a plugin that allows gamemode changing. Now, minecraft already has that, right? Well, the purpose of this plugin is to make it easier to do it by adding easier commands! *FEATURES* This plugin includes 3 easy commands to change your gamemode: /0 Changes gamemode to Survival /1 Changes gamemode to Creative /2 Changes gamemode to Adventure /3 Changes gamemode to Spectator(when it comes out) This plugin, like most, has...
Giants logo


Jun 16, 2015 Release
Giants That Spawn Naturally This plugin takes direct inspiration from FatMarleys' plugin FatGiants, which in turn was inspired by NaturalGiants. This plugin also takes inspiration from NodinChan's MobJockeys. This plugin was originally written by rmh4209, continued on by pkt77, and is now in the hands of Mammothskier. Features The Giants Plugin can naturally spawn Giants that have 8 Configurable attack mechanisms Configurable Health, Experience, Drops, and Spawn in configurable Worlds and...


Jun 13, 2015 Release
Do you want to know who your server dug gold ? This plugin makes it possible. It writes to global chat a message. I will create plugins that will write a message for other ores. This plugin is very simple. There aren't any commands and any permissions. What I plan to in the next versions: - config - permissions - option to disable message - VIP message - main command I also use this plugin on my server. The players are happy, when everyone knows they got the gold. If you would like to have...


Jun 11, 2015 Inactive
Greetings, This is a nice plugin that adds a simple command (/hello) and returns a nice, personalised message to the sender that includes colours. It is a fun and friendly thing to have and will be updated in future. Its only purpose is to welcome your players. It is currently on our hub server at: play.lordoftherin.gs If you have any ideas, post a comment!


Jun 01, 2015 Release
GTADeath 1.2 Very simple plugin that uses 1.8 titles to mimic the GTA V death screen when a player dies If you have any suggestions on how I can expand on this plugin feel free to post them in comments. I used a pretty nifty libary for the 1.8 titles called TitleLib originally created by bramhaag http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/tutorial-send-titles-to-players-with-spigot-1-8.48819/


May 17, 2015 Release
GlobalJuke When you play a music on a jukebox, all the players get to hear it! Features Permissions to use the Global Juke Customization for Messages Usage 1. Install and put into your plugins folder 2. Give permission globaljuke.use for people to be able to use this! 3. Right-click a jukebox with a record! Config Config for GlobalJuke Configure the messages Activated: You activated a Global Jukebox! Permission: You don't have permission to use a jukebox!


May 16, 2015 Release
GiantItems First of all, I am from Austria(next to Germany) so my main language is German, so please don't mend me :) What is GiantItems? GiantItems is a plugin which facilitates for spawning GIANT ITEMS. GiantItems spawns an invisible giant with an item in his hand. This item is the giant item. The plugin is for fun and for decoration. For a better insight, look on the pictures :) Permissions giantitems.use - Allows for doing the /giantitems command! Command /giantitems <ITEM> [<DURABILITY>...


May 13, 2015 Release
GuiRedeemMCMMO allows players to redeem credits into mcMMO levels. Can also be used to give donators credits when they donate, which they can redeem into levels, Admins wouldn't have to move a finger, it would be all automatic! mcMMO is required for this plugin to function! Features: - Give or take credits from players - UUID Support - Players can redeem credits into any mcMMO skill (also supports the kind of new skill, Alchemy) - A nice looking GUI when using /redeem (pictures below) -...

Godlike V2.0

May 12, 2015 Inactive
Godlike After a plugin that has been download over 4000 times I have made a new version Godlike 2.0 with some new stuff! What is Godlike This plugin will give you the highest possible enchantment on armour and weapons. The items are also soulbounded so you don`t have to worry that anyone will pick it up after you die or drop it Installation Just put the .jar file in your plugin folder. That's all there is to it! Commands /godlike - This command don't have a function only show you the commands...

Gorea Restrict

May 10, 2015 Beta
This plugin does: Very lightweight plugin and does what it should do (cauldron supported too) Bans items from use (left-click, right_click configurable) Restricts per world with custom messages send to player. Generates a banned-list automatically, (highly configurable ) Remove items or blocks on interact Commands: See ingame help for a more accurate information Aliases: gr, grestrict /gr help , /gr ? : shows basic help for the plugin /gr ban help : shows advanced help on how to use this...


May 05, 2015 Release
This plugin was made upon request from AdeebplaysMC. The original request thread can be found here: Plugin Request GroupJoinMessages is a plugin that lets you configure custom join and quit messages for up to 15 different groups. Each group has a permission, and when a player from that group joins, it announces your custom join message to the server. You can also have this occur in specific worlds only. Permissions gjm.group1 gjm.group2 ... gjm.group15 NOTE: If the groups on your server...

Gas Bombs

May 02, 2015 Inactive
This plugin adds gas bombs into the game of Minecraft. You may notice that Sethbling made something similar to this with command blocks in 1.8. But I wanted to make it usable in 1.7 and make it easier for server owners to implement. But once again, the original idea is Sethbling's, so you can check him out at youtube.com/sethbling, or watch his original video below: Yes, I got permission from him to make this As you can see, his version uses armor stands and command blocks, making it hard to...