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Gringotts Goblin Head


Jul 12, 2014 Release
Gringotts: Item based currency. Gringotts is an item-based economy (currency) plugin for the Bukkit Minecraft server platform. Unlike earlier economy plugins, all currency value and money transactions are based on actual items in Minecraft, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment, making the currency itself vulnerable to raiding. Gringotts was originally created for the Minecraft...

Give Me Apples

Jul 12, 2014 Beta
Brief Description: Give Me Apples is a plugin that gives you apples. Each time you type /apple you will receive an apple, then you must wait a configurable amount of time before you can do it again. Commands: /apple - Gives you an apple All commands after this require the permission: apple.admin /apple set <#> - Change the time limit between using the /apple command /apple set <player> <#> - Set the time limit between /apple for an individual player. (Will be used rather than global limit for...

Grief Prevention Classic

Jul 12, 2014 Beta
Are you pining for the days of old, when Grief Prevention was simple to install and administer? I was, so I forked an older version, and added the missing functionality that was needed for newer versions (1.6.4 and above) of bukkit. This version adds handling for tamable animals, including horses, as well as leashes in claims. Players can sit/unsit tamable animals and mount horses in others players' claims if they are the owner of the animal. They can only tie and untie leashes to fence posts...

Got to Go

Jul 10, 2014 Release
This plugin was originally made for a request on the 'Plugin Requests' forum. What does this plugin do? This plugin broadcasts a message to the whole server when a player has to go and how long for. Commands /gottogo [time in minutes] /gtg [time in minutes] - Both commands broadcasts the got to go message to the server. [time in minutes] is self-explanatory, and optional. If not used, it will be replaced with 'A.S.A.P' when the message is broadcasted Permissions gtg.use - Permission to use...
Cookie rain

Give A Cookie

Jul 10, 2014 Release
With Give A Cookie on your server you can give your players a cookie, or more than one! You can use the Raincookies feature to make it rain cookies on your players! Also, you can give players the ability to gift a cookie to other players, You can also choose to give your players a cookie on join. Features Rain cookies on all or one player Configure default number of cookies per rain Set maximum cookies per rain Set fall radius Set fall height Give a player a cookie Give a player a cookie on...


Jul 06, 2014 Release
Use this plugin to create rank ladders for GroupManager. GroupManagerPromote allows admins to create rank ladders that were so popular with PermissionsEx, a functionality long absent from GroupManager. This fixes GroupManager's missing functionality to put it closer to par with other permission plugins. Once promotion ladders are created, players can be promoted or demoted to a different rank based on their current rank through the use of a command. It is easy to install and requires minimal...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Jul 05, 2014 Beta
Please note: This plugin is still in beta. This means: There are still some bugs. Please report them into the comments instead of being angry about it. ;) First, what is this plugin about? Grand-Theft-Diamond (GT-Diamond or GTD) is created with the idea to make a bukkit plugin like GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Cops and robbers) and a bit of GTA V. You can be a cop or a civilin. As civilian you can rob safes and banks to get money. Buy cars or houses to save your items. As cop you can kill or...

GUI Shop

Jul 05, 2014 Release
This plugin is the ultimate solution to all the signs, the chests, the glitches. This plugin will put a stop to all those head aches. I present to you, GUI shop. This plugin uses a sleek new way of making shops easy, comfortable, and fun! This plugin is easy to configure, Easy to use, and a great solution to your shop issues! REQUIRES VAULT 2.2 HAS BEEN UPLOADED! IF YOU DOWNLOADED 2.1 UPDRADE NOW! MANY ERRORS EXIST IN 2.1 FIXED IN 2.2!!!! That means the dupe! How it works: This plugin was...

Gym Management

Jul 01, 2014 Release
This plugin allows Pixelmon gym leaders to easily manage players badges. No more players complaining about lost gym badges, with this plugin you will be able to give players badges via commands. They will also be able to see the badges they have in an inventory. In this plugin there are also gym management features like, opening and closing gyms. View all the current open and closed gyms in a private inventory GUI. It also has an auto updating feature that can be disable in the configuration...

GUI Seller Shop

Jun 30, 2014 Release
The config file has changed a lot! Please copy your config to somewhere else and delete the GUISeller folder, then add back your price list! 1.3 is out now! About This plugin creates a new GUI that players can open with the /guishop command. The shop will open and will allow them to sell any item they have by putting it in the chest GUI. Once they close the GUI it will calculate the worth of each item and add them together, then it will give the player the money. If an item is damaged it will...
Graphical Shop logo

Graphical Shop

Jun 29, 2014 Release
Graphical Shop v1.0 Graphical Shop is a plugin that allows admins to set up an easy way of buying or selling items via a graphical interface. It not only allows you to buy or sell items, but it can also act as donor shop or rpg-like shop. You can put up commands to buy, or prefixes or whatever you would like to. An example would be: set up a quest-like server where players have to find special items and turn them in, at the shop. They will get a reward for that item. You can use this plugin...


Jun 27, 2014 Release
Description This plugin allows you to spawn your "glowfriend". Actually it's just faked glowstone - client side believe, that there is a glowstone, but for server (and other players), there is air, or any other block, so don't worry about your world. You can only see your glowfriend and its light. Glowfriend is always with you, lighting up your path. It's a great friend for caving or branch mining. No need for torches anymore! Features Other players can't see it. Sand and gravel (or any other...


Jun 25, 2014 Planning
GoodSport GoodSport is a simple, but effective, plugin that keeps your chat clean of bad sportsmanship. How GoodSport Works GoodSport simply just cancels the chat message when a player say something that is of the nature of bad sportsmanship and tells them to use positive terms like 'gg' or 'gf. "Bad Sportsmanship" The following terms are considered bad sportsmanship and have been censored by GoodSport: Any form of eZ, including ease Hacks Any form of Rekt, excluding wrecked. More terms will...

Geoff's Calendar

Jun 24, 2014 Planning
GEOFF'S CALENDAR Hello there! This is my first plugin, and one of my first, full projects. I will be developing this plugin much more, but could really use testers and suggestions. This first release is not fully complete but has basic functionality and is safe for use in a server. Please leave comments if you use my plugin, as I will try to get through as many of them as possible. This plugin is intended to give users access to the age of their world. In a Bukkit Minecraft server, worlds'...


Jun 23, 2014 Beta
GatesPlus : Creating gates, when they are powered they go up as they are not powered they go down. They go line by line away. They are protected from griefing. you can set the material of which the gates are made. Permissions GatesPlus.Create gives permission to creating gates and deleting GatePlus.noMaxGates gives you no limit on the number of gates GatesPlus.setm gives permission to set the material of the gate GatesPlus.donator gives you extra blocks that you can use to make your gate off...


Jun 23, 2014 Planning
Description GAuth is an integration for Google Authenticator in Minecraft. If a player chooses to setup the Two Factor Authentication, the server will generate a unique key and generate with the Google Charts Api a valid QR-Code for the App which gets shortened using Bit.ly. All the player has to do now, is to scan the QR-Code and confirm it by entering a Two Factor Key which his smartphone is generating. Features Secure implementation of Google Authenticator Not affecting the overall server...

Griswold – NPCs repair your items

Jun 22, 2014 Release
Griswold NPCs now can repair and enchant your items! – Without any commands! Show your stuff to blacksmith and he'll tell you how much he wants for the job. If you agree – just pass him the item. Users have no commands (because they don't need them)! Simple! Features: Command-free native minecraft game experience. Repairing does not clear enchantments on enchanted items! Items that are fully repaired can be enchanted (optional)! Multiworld support. Mod items support! Fully multilingual. There...


Jun 22, 2014 Planning
Translation: "I love the Gibberish plugin, it makes everything I say look like random noob talk lol". Description It translates almost every English word you say into Gibberish! It makes you look like a random noob, or like someone that can't spell. But trust me, it's insane fun. Everything that tested it loved it. You can enable / disable it with a command (disabled by default). Inspired by co-developer seawee65, who always naturally talks like this. I was like hey, let's make a translator....

Game Rules

Jun 22, 2014 Planning
Description Game rules is a very versatile plugin that allows you to add different "rules" to your server and individual worlds in order to protect, enhance, or just make it harder. How it Works Game Rules is a very simple plugin you change the value of a game rule to either true or false through either commands or the gamerules.yml, the value directly changes how that gamerule affects a world not the entire server(Unless you set it to) for details on commands press the command button, for...


Jun 18, 2014 Planning
GemManager Customizer is a plugin that uses the new GemManager API introduced in GemManager v1.7. You can set the currency name and the currency item to be used in the config. The plugin changes your commands, currency name, and currency type. It is easy to setup and run on your server. The plugin Requires GemManager v1.7 or above. Hopefully you enjoy using it on your server. Commands & Permissions The commands for this plugin do not require a slash. For example, if I wanted to set a players...