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Sep 19, 2014 Release
What is GolemGuard? With GolemGuard you can create invulnerable IronGolems that protect your Town, Village from hostile Mobs, such as Zombies, Creepers,... The Guard attacks all Mobs withing a radius of {x:8, y:4, z:8}. The primary use for the plugin was on an RPG server, but with the next Updates i'd like to get away from it and make if up for survival server. Maybe an own recipe, how you can spwan it without a command. Commands: /gGuard <create | remove | list | set | info | debug | get>...

Getting Effects

Sep 14, 2014 Planning
Description Effects is a plugin that allow you to select effects whitout write /effect blablabla (Vanilla Command). For example, if you use /ef-speed, you gained speed, and if you write again /ef-speed, your speed effect will be removed automatically. Commands This plugin has a few commands: /effects: See all commands. /effects reload: Reload config.yml. /effect info: See more info about this plugin. /removeeffects: Remove all active effects. /ef-<effect>: Select an effect. (Exaple:...
GunWars Thumbnail/Logo


Sep 11, 2014 Beta
GunWars Official Page/Info September 11/2014: Get ready everyone! GunWars is beings started again from Scratch, better then ever! Everything has been recoded and changed, nothing matchs our old version. We are hoping to have the Official Version of GunWars out within a month! Stay tuned guys! Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, GunWars! MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED WHEN THE OFFICIAL RELEASE IS OUT! Video Tutorial WILL BE OUT WHEN THE OFFICIAL...


Sep 11, 2014 Release
Unsatisfied with a number of other permissions management plugins publicly available, I sought to create a lighter and more elegant plugin to handle group-based permissions. With a focus to making all of the commands understandable at a glance and providing helpful details when queried. You should be able to get on with permissions management simply through typing /help GroupPermsLite and reading the command descriptions. If you are unfamiliar with Bukkit permissions, please see the Wiki...


Sep 09, 2014 Planning
This plugin creates whenever a Player dies on his death point a dead body of him with his Inventory and his death reason Usage Rightclick an corpse to gain the inventory Leftclick to see the death reason Features Spawns deathbody on player death Save Inventory in the corpse Animation!! See the Reason of the death Bodys have the skins of the Player Config OptionDefaultDescription RemoveDelay100This defines the seconds before a corpse will be removed Only_Owners_Can_LoottrueIf it is false then...


Sep 05, 2014 Planning
== GDcore == The OFFICIAL GDcore! What is this? This is a basic testing utility, but, soon, the features will expand. Well... I wanna support it. The beta is not available at the moment. we are sorry The Commands /gdcore data - Version information /gdcore bc - Broadcasts a Hello Minecraft World! Test chat unit /gdcore player - Makes player join for a split second to test data /gdcore player text - Tests Text
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Sep 03, 2014 Release
Constructs an inscribed gravestone, with a buried inventory chest, wherever a player dies. Features Generates a gravestone at the location of a player's death. The gravestone will generate an inscription displaying the player's name, date of death and game session time. A "Treasure Chest" will generate beneath the grave containing the deceased player's inventory and armor items. Gravestone elements will only replace "natural" blocks such as dirt, sand, grass, gravel, netherrack, etc. This may...
GameMode Inventories

GameMode Inventories

Sep 01, 2014 Release
GameMode Inventories v2.4 and higher require CraftBukkit 1.7.5 or newer! Features GameMode Inventories allows you to have separate inventories for Creative and Survival game modes (it also works for Adventure!). Inventories are saved and switched automatically Configurable option to save and restore inventories on player death Configurable option to also switch XP amount automatically (enabled by default) Configurable option to also switch armor automatically (enabled by default) Configurable...


Sep 01, 2014 Mature
GamemodeWatcher Keeping the game fair Usage Simply place in your server's plugin directory and run/reload the server Configure the auto-generated config file to your liking Per-world settings What is this plugin for? It's main focus is to keep all players in one gamemode This can be useful if you have staff always changing their gamemode or if you changed your server's default gamemode and you want to set all the players to that gamemode. Permissions & Commands /gmwreload - Simple reloads the...

Gym Management

Aug 29, 2014 Release
This plugin allows Pixelmon gym leaders to easily manage players badges. No more players complaining about lost gym badges, with this plugin you will be able to give players badges via commands. They will also be able to see the badges they have in an inventory. In this plugin there are also gym management features like, opening and closing gyms. View all the current open and closed gyms in a private inventory GUI. It also has an auto updating feature that can be disable in the configuration...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
GLASSCUTTER GlassCutter is a plugin that allows you to use a diamond (in your hand) to cut glass blocks. When you mine the glass block with your diamond, it drops a glass block. Simply grab a diamond, hold it in your hand, then start breaking your glass. You'll find it drops straight into your pocket. One configuration option available to disable the notice when you break a glass block. Other than the one configuration option, nothing else is there except the function. No commands or...
GameNumber Logo


Aug 27, 2014 Release
*INTRODUCTION* Thank you for looking at my plugin, GameNumber. GameNumber is a plugin that allows gamemode changing. Now, minecraft already has that, right? Well, the purpose of this plugin is to make it easier to do it by adding easier commands! *FEATURES* This plugin includes 3 easy commands to change your gamemode: /0 Changes gamemode to Survival /1 Changes gamemode to Creative /2 Changes gamemode to Adventure /3 Changes gamemode to Spectator(when it comes out) This plugin, like most, has...


Aug 26, 2014 Release
This plugin let you use a grappling hook in seconds. Command /grappler Permissions None at the moment Config Hooked: You are now hooked! Not hooked: You are not hooked! Command: Only players can use this command! How to use To use you only have to use /grappler to get a grappling hook and leftclick to trow the fishing hook and right click to go to it! To do Permissions Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqpAUoVVIkE - [ Portuguese ; Português ]...


Aug 25, 2014 Planning
Are you tired of using that obnoxious debug screen every time you want live updates on your current location? Does your server deploy a lot of plugins that require users to navigate to certain coordinates? GeoReference solves this issue by displaying your coordinates and the direction you are facing live in the item meta as long as you are holding a compass in your hand. You can also set your destination and navigate there with the following command: /gps <x> <z> And you can view your current...


Aug 25, 2014 Planning
GlowItems This plugin allows players to make their items glow without adding an actual enchantment. The only bug is that it does not work in creative mode. Commands: /glow /deglow Permissions: glowitems.glow - Allows someone to use the commands above. Examples: What's to come: Glow other people's items! Will be added in the near future. Have a suggestion? Post it in the comments below! Changelog To see what has been changed in each version, click here.

Game Over!

Aug 24, 2014 Beta
GameOver! Version:0.6.7 Description: GameOver! adds classic game mechanics to Minecraft, allowing admins to give players a set number of lives, before losing the game! Once player has lost all lives, player data is wiped. Adding optional dependencies can extend the features of this plugin, such as LogBlock, which rolls back all player specific world activity after player loses, Vault for emptying players account, or Essentials to temp ban a player for a certain amount of time. Think of it as...
GemEconomy Logo


Aug 23, 2014 Release
GemEconomy GemEconomy provides an easy to use economy on your server that can hook into any plugin! GemEconomy automatically connects to every economy plugin on your server, meaning if you have a shop plugin, GemEconomy will automatically connect to it and start charging players money! With GemEconomy, the possibilities are endless! Requirements You will need Vault for GemEconony to work. You will need Java 7. Installation 1. Download the latest version of GemEconomy. 2. Stop your server. 3....


Aug 22, 2014 Release
GetStaff GetStaff is a lightweight plugin to allow your players to use a simple command to request a staff member. When a player executes the command, it will alert all staff members online by playing a chest sound and sending them an in-game chat message with the player who needs their help. Usage: - /getstaff - Requests an online staff member. Permissions - getstaff.read - Receive a chat message and chest sound alerting you when a player requests staff.

Give Them All

Aug 21, 2014 Planning
Give All No need to give players individually items. Are you in a good mood and want to let it know? Just give users some diamonds or food! Its so easy with this new plugin called: GiveAll! Commands: /giveall - Shows plugin information and ingame-help /giveall <Item or ID> (Amount) /giveallhand <Amount> <> = Required () = Optional. If no amount is specified in the /giveall command, it will automaticly give 64 of it. Permissions: giveall.giveall - Allows use of /giveall giveall.hand - Allows...
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Giant Trees

Aug 20, 2014 Release
With the death of Bukkit, I will no longer be supporting this plugin. If it still works for you, fantastic. If not, you are on your own. All the source will remain available on GitHub. Farewell, -DeltaHat Giant Trees Giant Trees is a plugin for adding procedurally generated giant trees to your world. Giant trees are generated in three ways: Giant trees are grown in creative/survival mode by planting saplings and fertilizing with bone meal Giant trees are summoned with a command Giant trees...