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GriefPrevention RealEstate Addon

Apr 09, 2014 Release
Requires GriefPrevention 7.8+ Grief Prevention - Real Estate aims to extend the Grief Prevention plugin by allowing users to be able to buy and sell claims or subclaims. Currently this is one of the biggest requests that are made for this plugin and the author has pointed out that they are concentrating on anti-griefing aspect of GP and that the API is there for anyone that wants to help extend the project! Originally the was started by leezallen, but it has not been active in months. So I...

Give Anything Listener

Apr 07, 2014 Release
Give Anything Listener Introduction This is a plugin that works with Votifier 1.8 or higher, and as such should be placed inside the plugins folder NOT the listeners one. This plugin listens to voting events passed from Votifier and allows you to reward players with anything when they vote for your server. If you can type it as a command you can use it to in this plugin! The Plugin works like a lot of the other listeners, but gives the user a detailed Configuration, on how to setup the...

Ghost Player

Apr 07, 2014 Release
Ghost Player - 10,000 Downloads reached !! Can we reach 100,000 ? This plugin allow you to be invisible like a ghost ! This Plugin is incompatible with ScoreboardStats ! Ghost Player uses MCStats and the Skyupdater. Thanks to GhostFactory. Changelog Check it here. Current version : 1.5 Status : Approved ! Added login permissions ! No need TurnedOnJoin anymore ! Some improvements in GhostFactory. Skyupdater updates. Documentation For commands, config and permissions, see the documentation. API...

Group Gamemode [GG]

Apr 03, 2014 Release
Group Gamemode Ever wanted to automatically change player gamemodes according to their group/rank? Ever wanted to have a group/rank login with a certain gamemode? Ever wanted to force a player's gamemode and to not let him have it changed? This is the plugin for you! Features Easily configurable: With the easy layout of the configuration, it is possible to easily add and edit groups that you would like to be monitored by the plugin. Customize messages: Using the configuration, you may change...


Apr 03, 2014 Planning
"God, I really wonder how many people i killed lately.." You have the same question? Well wonder no more! Features - shows your kill death ratio - also shows seperate kills and deaths - Stores everything in seperate player files. - MySQL Support Commands /kd - Shows you your kills, deaths and kdr. /kdreload - Reloads The Config (If you enabled MySQL reload your server) Permissions gg.kd - Permission To The /kd command (everyone has acces to the command, no need to add this permission unless...


Apr 03, 2014 Release
This solution provides server administrators access to managing groups and permissions for all worlds. Metrics This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique identifier The server's version of Java Whether the server is in offline or online mode The plugin's version The server's version The OS version/name and architecture The core count for the CPU The number of players online The Metrics...


Mar 31, 2014 Planning
Overview: GetUUID allows you to get the UUID of any player. It still works even if the player has not joined your server! This plugins will help when mojang beings changing from playernames to UUIDs. It communicates with Mojang's servers to get the player's UUID. See Here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/psa-the-switch-to-uuids-potential-plugin-server-breakage.250915/ Commands: /getuuid <Player> - Get the uuid of a player /uuid <Player> - Alias for /getuuid Permissions: getuuid.use -...


Mar 30, 2014 Beta
Grow Control Description Grow Control's purpose is mainly to server map makers; if you have for say vines that you don't want to go wild, just disable them in the config, and plant them how you like! What Grow Control does is it enables the ability to disable growth of different types of plants. This could even play a part in making a harder survival game mode! Different Uses Are you building a map? Are there pesky plants growing larger and larger all over the place, and you want to trim them...


Mar 29, 2014 Planning
Basic Info Hello... I'm d3v1n302418 and I created a simple, and light-weight plugin that adds a use for slimeballs. What it does is it adds throwing slimeballs that explode on impact. They are quite cool and may add a new use for hunting slimes on PvP Servers. The simeballs do not create large explosions, but they are very powerful and do much damage to entities. There is collision detection and detects entities, then it explodes... Have fun guys and I hope you enjoy it! Version Current...

Gold Mine

Mar 29, 2014 Beta
Gold Mine is a simple plugin up to the point of its development. The only features so far are the ability to toggle mining stone,sand, and sandstone with a golden pickaxe and getting gold nuggets in return. In the config file you have the option to set the mining to use redstone for every block you mine. Commands - How To Use Right Click Golden Pickaxe To Activate/Deactivate Use Command /Goldmine to Toggle Toggle Other Players By Using /Goldmine [Name] Permissions [Goldmine.use] Get Gold From...


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Thanks for over 3,000 total GemManager downloads! GemManager is a Bukkit economy plugin. Gems are the currency and they are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. It has Vault support so you can use it with all shop plugins that support Vault. It come with an auto-updater, on by default. The updater will not download the plugin, but notify you if a new version is available. For a GUI shop, I recommend BossShop. It is a great plugin for creating shops and it supports Vault, perfect...
Giants Logo


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Giants That Spawn Naturally This plugin takes direct inspiration from FatMarleys' plugin FatGiants, which in turn was inspired by NaturalGiants. Features The Giants Plugin can naturally spawn Giants that have 8 Configurable attack mechanisms Configurable Health, Experience, Drops, and Spawn in configurable Worlds and Biomes. “The worst thing you can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing you can say about a game is it's too easy.” Attack Mechanisms Attack Descriptions...


Mar 26, 2014 Release
God Powers GodPowers has a list of servers running the plugin. If you wish to disable it you can set the config flag UploadToServerList to false. Features: Gives god-like abilities to players. Current commandless features: God tools - Golden tools break respective blocks instantly! I.e. Golden pick breaks stone and ores instantly, but not dirt. (Requires either being an op, or the permissions node) Commands: /godmode - Makes you invincible. /godmode [player] - Makes the specified player...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Mar 26, 2014 Beta
Please note: This plugin is still in beta. This means: There are still some bugs. Please report them in the comments and don't be angry if you found some ;) First, what is this plugin about? Grand-Theft-Diamond (GT-Diamond or GTD) is created with the idea to make a bukkit plugin like GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Cops and robbers) and a bit of GTA V. You can be a cop or a civilin. As civilian you can rob safes and banks to get money. Buy cars or houses to save your items. As cop you can kill...


Mar 25, 2014 Beta
Getors Usage: /getors to toggle on/off and it only works with a diamond pickaxe Permissions: getors.use getors.toggle What does it do? this plugin allows you to get Diamond ore out of diamond ores, iron ingot out of iron ore, gold ingot out of gold ore, stone out of stone this is my first plugin. but it is still very handy for donators


Mar 23, 2014 Planning
This plugin has neither a config or any commands; it is a developer library. GTNLib GTNLib is a Java library for reading Grouped Tag Notation (GTN) files - a form of information notation designed for Bukkit Plugins. Introduction to Grouped Tag Notation Grouped Tag Notation is a text file format designed to store information for bukkit plugins. It was originally intended to be used as a way of storing Inventories but has since been expanded to store any information. Let's have a look at a...


Mar 22, 2014 Release
GearSignature is a simple and lightweight plugin to automatically sign tools, weapons and armor a player crafts with the players name. So when expensive items with rare enchantments get stolen or lost, you can give them easily back to their owners. Signed items keep their signature even if they are enchanted, renamed or repaired. New: Sign signature items, when a player pulls them out of the creative inventory. (optional) Commands CommandAliasDescription /gearsignature list/gs listLists all...
Machine Body

Gravity Machine

Mar 22, 2014 Beta
Gravity Machine adds cool new machines to your server! These machines can rip out a chunk of land around them and send the entire thing up in the sky to float! Features: No commands necessary. Machines set up automatically. No building any extravagant machines. No permissions required. (But are supported) No configuration required. (But is optional. There are many different options to make this plugin fit your server.) Plug and Play. Setup And Configuration Gravity Machine Permissions...


Mar 21, 2014 Release
Gunz About This plugin will add guns to the popular Bukkit Survival Games plugin. You can create custom guns, customise the chests and you decide what Survival Games arena you want to include Gunz. Easy to use and set up with only one command. MORE UPDATES TO COME Ways to contact me skype: tyler.simmonds1 irc: irc://irc.esper.net/gunz-sg Setup To setup please click here. Need help? add me on skype or create a ticket: tyler.simmonds1 Commands The commands for this plugins are: /gg - This is...

GamemodeChanger Rewrite

Mar 19, 2014 Release
GMCR - GamemodeChanger Rewrite Version: 1.0.2 Description This is the rewrite of my original plugin - GMC - GamemodeChanger. This plugin is way more lightweight and works with the latest Bukkit builds. Features Easy to use gamemode changing commands with command alias. A feature to change your gamemode with signs. A specific gamemode for each world you chose though the configuration. Supports permissions. Supports economy - auto detects Vault if exists. Sign Usage Free Sign [GameMode]...