Bukkit Plugins




Feb 28, 2015 Release
"The GommeMode plugin!" English description: Dear users, I rewrote the plugin GommeMode of Johni0702 because it was old. The Effects: - DAMAGE_RESISTANCE, 1 (infinty) - SPEED, 3 (infinty) - JUMP 2 (infinty) - INCREASE_DAMAGE, 3 (infinty) - INSTANT HEAL, 3 (infinty) - FAST_DIGGING, 3 (infinty) - Absorption, 2 (infinty) The commands: / gommemode [1] Enabled / gommemode [0] Disabled This can only admins. German description: Liebe User, ich habe das GommeMode plugin von Johni0702 umgeschrieben da...


Feb 28, 2015 Alpha
GravityGun Description This plugin is a very fun plugin to lift blocks or mobs in the air. When you type /gravitygun it gives you a gun (configurable in the config). When you right click a block or a mob with this gun, it will follow your cursor. If you then hit right click, it will drop the block/mob again. If you hit left click, it will throw the block/mob where you look! Commands /gravitygun : Gives you the gravitygun. If you have ideas for commands, please post them below, in the...


Feb 27, 2015 Release
This is my first plugin, and it is a simple gambling one this plugin is for gamblers Commands: /gamble <amount> simply gambles <amount> with an average return of 1.0 (breaking even) (if user doesn't have <amount> they dont get reward) (the max a user can get is double the amount) Permissions: Add these to the group that you wish to be able to gamble Gamble.gamble - allows you to use /gamble TODO: DONE: - make sure a player has enough money - add in configs - added in an advanced mathematical...


Feb 26, 2015 Release
Under new ownership! Now managed, updated and owned by nfell2009 Under new ownership! Now managed, updated and owned by nfell2009 Sorry guys. Very unlikely I'll ever be releasing another update for any of my addons. I've gotten horribly bored with Skript and moved on to making an entire network with just Java. I know that's the stupidest excuse ever, but honestly I cannot be bothered. If any other developer wants to update my addons, or use source code from it - Go ahead, please PM me if you...


Feb 26, 2015 Planning
GRAVITY Gravity is a plugin that makes all blocks like sand and gravel! When breaking blocks the block above it will fall as well! There are no permissions or commands that come with this plugin. Features... - Place blocks and have them fall smoothly and easily! - Break blocks and the block above it will fall as well! Coming soon... - Adding particles to make it feel even more like real life.


Feb 26, 2015 Planning
You can place players in a group and set a spawn for that group. So only players in that group will respawn there when they die or use the /spawn command. This is great for Factions/Towny! You can have a group for a major faction that when they die, they do not respawn at your server wide spawn but a private one! This is in a planning stage and may change or vary over time. This will work on 1.8 features and should not be mixed with EssentialsSpawn.

Gorea Restrict

Feb 22, 2015 Beta
This plugin does: Bans items from use. Restricts items from use per world with custom messages send to player. Generates a banned-list automatically, (highly configurable ) restricts crafting recipes, also with custom messages send to player . I will add more info when i will not be so tired.. It is a work in progress and i will add allot more things in this plugin , especially if i will see that is requested Commands: See ingame help for a more accurate information Aliases: gr, grestrict /gr...

Gold Nugget Handcuffs

Feb 20, 2015 Beta
This plugin is great for a cops-and-robbers server, or a GTA sever. Features Gold Nuggets work as handcuffs. Attack a player, and they will not be able to move or speak. Commands /ant - gives you handcuffs if you have handcuffs.use Permissions handcuffs.use - allows you to use /ant.


Feb 19, 2015 Release
GrowthLimiter's Purpose Basically, if you have a world that you want to simulate "growth difficulties" for any reason (say, you want to limit Grass spread or Mycelium spread to a slowpoke pace), this plugin will do the trick! Be it whether you wish to make grass spread at a 50% or even 90% of the original intended speed, you have complete control! This is all built on pure Bukkit API. There should be no worry about this plugin breaking between minecraft releases unless Bukkit changes the API...


Feb 19, 2015 Release
GUILT Description Guilt is a very simple plugin that adds death messages to mobs. Except for one catch, all the messages are meant to make you feel bad for killing them. Of course all of this is just in fun and a way to add another unique twist to your server. This plugin is super lightweight and should be a good fit for any servers that just like to have some fun. NOTE All messages are family friendly and good to go on any server. Current Mob List FriendlyHostile VillagerCreeper SheepZombie...


Feb 18, 2015 Release
This plugin was made upon request from AdeebplaysMC. The original request thread can be found here: Plugin Request GroupJoinMessages is a plugin that lets you configure custom join and quit messages for up to 15 different groups. Each group has a permission, and when a player from that group joins, it announces your custom join message to the server. You can also have this occur in specific worlds only. Permissions gjm.group1 gjm.group2 ... gjm.group15 NOTE: If the groups on your server...


Feb 17, 2015 Alpha
What is GuessIt? GuessIt is a MiniGame to compete agains other players in a drawing game! There will be one drawer each round, who will get a random word that was to draw! The viewers in the same game now have to guess the word! When the word is guessed or the time runs out, it's a new players turn to draw! Commands /setgameset to activate the Game /setspawn to set the Game or the Lobby Spawn /setpoints to set the Points Features: If it's blue then it's done. If it's red then it means it's...
Glizer 1


Feb 16, 2015 Mature
glizer - Minecraft Global banning Solution Plugin-Version: 3.0 Protocol-Version: 3.0 Links Download Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Download Jenkins Snapshots Website/Webinterface Wiki Installation Commands Permissions Terms of Usage and Privacy Terms Glizer provides a huge range of functions to globalize minecraft. It's also an alternative...

Global Mute

Feb 14, 2015 Release
A GlobalMute Plugin! Things To Come: - Suggest? Commands: /GlobalMute | Enable Or Disable The Mute Bugs: 0 Found, Put Below Suggestions: You Make 'Em ;) Summary: I created this plugin because I have been looking for a GlobalMute plugin; and none came. If you have a better description idea, please leave below. I will edit it if I like it. :)! Features /GlobalMute | Mute Chat GlobalMute.Bypass | Bypass The Global Mute If Enabled GlobalMute.Use | Enable/Disable The Mute My Other Work Sneak:...

GUI Seller Shop

Feb 14, 2015 Release
1.6 Update COMING SOON Hey guys! 1.6 is in the works right now! Heres a list of stuff that should be in the 1.6 update: Seperate shops config Actual item names instead of the bukkit material. You can add and remove items to shops from in-game. Bug Fixes Config option for having the item lore option enabled. About This plugin adds a GUI shop to the game. Users with the permission can access it using /guishop in-game. If you want you can also create signs that users can right click on to open...


Feb 08, 2015 Release
Gun Plugin Gun What is gun? Gun is a bukkit plugin, you can craft a gun with Blaze Power, snowball, Stick, and you get Blaze Rod named Gun , you can right-click and he shot the snowball make 10.05 Damage and other gun named: Special Gun, you can craft it with: Blaze Rod, Snowball, TNT, Stick !! v4.0 coming 10 news guns :) Crafting Normal Gun Special Gun (v2.0)

Guard Dogs

Feb 03, 2015 Beta
This plugin allows players to create guard dogs from tamed dogs. These will attack other players and hostile mobs. Features Easily create guard dogs from tamed dogs Guard dogs attack other players and hostile mobs in a radius of 15 blocks (except Creepers, as Minecraft dogs will never attack them no matter what) Have certain guard dogs ignore certain players Installation Download the .jar and drop it in your server's plugins folder Start your server Done! Usage To create a new guard dog,...

Guns Custom Config

Feb 01, 2015 Planning
== This is a guns plugin made by Me. This Is my first plugin. == Usage: Get a diamond hoe or a snowball Right-click it and it shoots an arrow with some effects! commands: config <path> <boolean> description: Edit The Config Of The Guns Plugin! My Other Plugins Basic Commands:

Gun Fun

Jan 31, 2015 Release
Description Gun Fun is a pretty simple Plugin. It adds Guns, that's it! Well of course it also adds things like Grips, Flash Hiders, Sound Mufflers... However, to use Gun Fun, you need to install Slimefun first. You can easily create your own Guns in the Items.yml, here's a Tutorial how: Configuration This File is located in /plugins/Slimefun/Items.yml 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 GUN_SNIPER: ## You need to place the following inside a certain Type. Gun_SNIPER/GUN_PISTOL/... guns: '0': ## The ID, make...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
Description: Allows players to choose their gender. Depending on this player before messages will be displayed the prefix and will be changed message when entering or exiting from the server. After seeing all the plugins on this subject, I could not find my desired functionality. This gave birth to a whole new plugin. Features: Improved functionality compared to other similar plugins. Optional addition of prefixes that can be configured in the config.yml. When entering, leaving, kicking the...