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Oct 20, 2015 Release
GUILT Description Guilt is a very simple plugin that adds death messages to mobs. Except for one catch, all the messages are meant to make you feel bad for killing them. Of course all of this is just in fun and a way to add another unique twist to your server. This plugin is super lightweight and should be a good fit for any servers that just like to have some fun. NOTE All messages are family friendly and good to go on any server. Current Mob List FriendlyHostile VillagerCreeper SheepZombie...

GTA Style Teleport

Oct 15, 2015 Release
This simple plugin transforms all teleports into a GTA styled teleport. On teleport the player will move 3 times up and on the destination 3 times down. Features Extreme lightweight plugin Easy to configure Enable/Disable for specific worlds Preview Commands & Permissions /gtatp reload - Reload the Configuration - gtatp.reload How to install Simply download the plugin and Drag & Drop it to your plugins folder. Restart your server and your ready to go. Plugin Metrics This plugin uses...


Oct 15, 2015 Planning
Feature Attention le plugin fonctionne avec des serveur Java 8 FR : GetHead est un plugin qui permet de se give sa tête. EN : GetHead is a plugin that allows to give his head. Commands Give your head : /givehead Permissions permissions : get.head Configuration Copy and paste the JAR in the plugin folder of your server and enjoy

Get Material Name

Oct 15, 2015 Alpha
Get Material Name (Perfect for server configuration) I created this plugin because I needed something like this on my friends and I Tekkit Legends server so that we can add all of the modded items into the proper configs for blacklisting and or faction permissions. I looked for a plugin that could do this but upon coming up empty I created it on my own. Usage Use the given command /gmn while holding the item you wish to get the material name of and you will be messaged (In chat) the material...


Oct 10, 2015 Release
GappleDeath What is GappleDeath and what does it do? GappleDeath is a fully configurable plugin that gives players the regeneration effect when they kill another player! The great thing is that it is super simple! There are no commands needed and no permissions to deal with! Simply load the plugin and it works.​ It's a great plugin for UHC or Survival Games! How do you set up GappleDeath? To set up GappleDeath, all you have to do is install the plugin and run the server! I already have...

Global Inventory

Oct 09, 2015 Planning
Global Inventory Plugin maded by Suyan (XLife4DeadX) About - Global Inventory its a cool plugin to drop stuff that you not needed, and other peoples can take the stuff that you drop in. Example - I have a stack of wood but i not really need it, typing /inv or /inventory and that open you a inventory, you drop your stuff to there and done, you have not a stack of wood in your inventory. Suddenly, another guy write /inv or /inventory, cool! stack of wood! i really need it! -=(*)=- Features With...


Oct 08, 2015 Release
Hi guys! This is a plugin GetUniqueID created by me, this plugin allows to see a player UUID. How to install it: 1. Put the GetUniqueID.jar to plugins folder of your server 2. Stop the server 3. Restart the server and enjoy by seeing UUID of other players. The UUID is needed for player management (example: deleting plugins\Essentials\userdata\(UUID)\) Commands: /getuuid <player> /getuuidoffline <player> Permissions: - DON'T send the UUID to other players or violate the UUID privacy.


Sep 19, 2015 Planning
Commands: /gravity create map name create a map /gravity pos1 set your pos1 /gravity pos2 set your pos2 /gravity start map name star a map /gravity delete map name delete a map /gavity finish name Finish your map /grav set spawn set a spawn /grav lobby set a lobby Permissions: -grav klicksing -grav kill -grav fly Game: in the game you have to fly with the jetpack and shoot with the other gravity_gun from. Sing: [GRAVITY] NAME


Sep 10, 2015 Inactive
-=-=-=English=-=-=- This plugin makes it look better hacks . Doing / admin , you can spy hackers and test your hacks which they are using . This plugin Creates a config file, if you steal the plugin classes and configuration, and our team know, You can get a fine of 500 dollars or more, so please dont copy this plugin. Commands: -=-=-= /admin =-=-=- Permissions: -=-=-= kit.admin =-=-=- -=-=-=Portuguese=-=-=- Este plugin faz com que o ajude a apanhar mais facilmente os hackers do seu servidor....
example chat


Sep 10, 2015 Beta
This is my first public plugin, it has four commands and allows you to find the item id for any block. Features Allows you to start and stop a listener that tells you the item id for any block you left lick. Commands /getidstart -starts your listener and makes your left click display itemID in chat (good for doing many ID's in a row) /getidstop -halts your listener and halts chat output /getidsingle -starts your listener and gives you 1 click and 1 block ID then shuts off your listener...


Sep 05, 2015 Release
GameModeHop Features quickly hop though all gamemodes Allow players to only to change their own gamemode to specific or all gamemodes using permission nodes. Allow players to change other players to specific or all gamemodes using permission nodes. Description Quickly hop yourself or someone else between gamemodes with advanced permission system. easy to use and Minecraft 1.8 or lower is fully supported. You have the ability to use numbers and strings for your gamemode, so you can either do...


Sep 05, 2015 Release
Googler Summary Google is a lightweight plugin that let's you quicky input a search term and return a link, works with Minecraft Wiki, Bukkit, Youtube, and Google. Great for fast answers or withdraws to cute cat videos Commands /googler /wiki [search term] (Searches Minecraft Wiki) /youtube [search term] /google [search term] /bukkit [search term] Permissions googler.wiki(Allows users to search on wiki) googler.youtube(Allows users to search on youtube) googler.google(Allows users to search...


Sep 04, 2015 Alpha
General Region API What it does This is a plugin which is solely for developers, and attempts to generalise plugins that define regions. This can be useful if you are building a plugin which requires the use of regions but don't want to be limited to one region providing plugin. Currently included As of the latest version uploaded, the plugin is compatible with Factions, WorldGuard and Towny. Currently there are events for when a region is entered and left (RegionEnteredEvent and...


Aug 26, 2015 Inactive
GameAPI GameAPI is an API to help developers make games, easily! This is maybe buggy and devotes your whole server to a game. Feel free to use this in commercial uses, Just remember, give credit! Have fun! USAGE: First, extend the Game class in your own custom Game class: public class MinigameExample extends Game Then, implement methods. Customize them, no need for anything else. After that, make your main class! In onEnable(), register as this: ArrayList<TeamType> teams = new...

GTA V w/Heist Planning board

Aug 24, 2015 Planning
I've decided to make a GTA V in minecraft but with all the features other plugin authors seemed to have missed, i'm gonna have the heist planning board, cops, a wanted bar, the ability to buy apartments and hotels, races, money printers, drug dealers, easter eggs, gta 5 characters, missions, driveable vehicles, and much more. i'm also gonna have a optional texture pack, that adds tons of gun textures gta 5 textures and much more... its gona be a few months before i"m actually gonna have it...


Aug 22, 2015 Release
Portuguese - BR Plugin De Tags Feito Por FreddyDZN. Com Muitas Tags Sempre Sendo Atualizadas Adicionando Mais Ja Temos As Tags : Membro , Vip , ADM , Mod , Dono e Trial E Editor De Tag English - US Plugin Of Tags Made By FreddyDZN. Many With Tags Always Being Updated Adding More We Have The Tags : Member , VIP , ADM , Mod , Owner and Trial And Tag Editor Command /tag /tag nomedatag (nameoftag) /tag (player) (tag) /tag reset Permisions ggtags.use ggtags.''tag'' ggtags.edit ggtags.reset

Guard Equipment

Aug 20, 2015 Release
Guard Equipment v 1.2 What is Guard Equipment? This is a custom plugin for prison servers. These are meant for guards to use. Basically, there are three items that come with this plugin. 1. PepperSpray 2. Tazer 3. Baton PepperSpray: When you right click a victim, he or she get sprayed. When he or she get sprayed, they get blinded, poisoned, and slowed down for 30 seconds. Tazer: When you right click a victim, they get tazed. The tazer immobilizes the victim. It makes the victim unable to move...
GroupChecker Display/Example

Group Checker

Aug 18, 2015 Release
This plugin is to allow the creation of a sign or access to a command that gives your players knowledge of what group(s) they are associated in. Works with both singular and multiple group(s). Why Is Group Checker Different? Group Checker is unique because currently it is the only plugin out there of its kind! We are always up to date and never go inactive. It is highly configurable and can satisfy your players always asking what group(s) they are in, especially if your in more than one group...

Golem Jump

Aug 13, 2015 Beta
Golem Jump! Like My Plugin? Please Support Me Via Donations! Even 10 Cents is better than nothing :D (Look Above the search box) Also Available for hire for Plugin Dev What This Is Boing, Boing, Boing goes the player! Welcome to Golem Jump, the fun and addictive mini game! In golem jump your goal is to be launched into the air by the iron golem "Thrower" as many times in a row as you can. Once you land, it's game over man! GAME OVER! How To Use\Play 1) Using a command By typing in "/golemjump...
Gringotts Goblin Head


Aug 12, 2015 Release
Gringotts: Item based currency. Gringotts is an item-based economy (currency) plugin for the Bukkit Minecraft server platform. Unlike earlier economy plugins, all currency value and money transactions are based on actual items in Minecraft, per default emeralds. The goals are to add a greater level of immersion, a generally more Minecraft-like feeling, and in the case of a PvP environment, making the currency itself vulnerable to raiding. Gringotts was originally created for the Minecraft...