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May 12, 2015 Beta
EnderDoors This plugin adds Ender Doors to the game, which can transport players to their own space! WARNING: This plugin is experimental, so I don't recommend you use it for any big server as there is still the possibility of major changes being made. Ender Door When a player walks into an open Ender Door, they are taken to their own 12*12*12 room that only they can have access to! The room will be the same for any Ender Door they walk through, no matter where they are. You can craft an...
EasyCarts Logo


May 11, 2015 Release
Travel quickly and easily with minecarts! EasyCarts is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin for Minecraft Servers that enables hassle-free and reliable transportation for Minecarts with players in them. This plugin has been tested with Spigot 1.8, but it should work on older Bukkit versions as well. Important note: In order for intersections to work correctly, they must be built with straight rails only (like a +). Building them with a curve in the center will disable minecarts from stopping at...

Easy Item Add

May 10, 2015 Planning
Ever wanted a plugin were you can easily get items. Well now you have one! This plugin is mainly for creative servers but it could be for just admins! COMMANDS /inve add <item> <quantity> Gives you any item in the game. Make sure to use caps for the item! /inve help Gives the player help. /inve about Tells player information about the plugin. More Commands Coming Soon! Note: This is my first plugin. Please give me feedback and suggestions for other plugins! AVAILABLE FOR BUKKIT AND SPIGOT 1.8...

Executing Signs

May 10, 2015 Release
Index 1. For what is it usable? 2. How do i use it? 3. How do i install it 4. Configurable Things 5. Tutorials 6. Server which are using it 7. My last words :D 1. For what is it usable? Yeah, the first question you will ask yourself is maybe "For what is it useable!?". I will tell you that now ;) With this plugin you can let your users in the simplest way execute commands! The only thing you must do is to write the signs and to give the permissions to the users! 2. How do i use it? First, you...

Essentials Red

May 10, 2015 Release
Welcome Hello, this is Essentials Red. Informations Essentials Red is an Essentials Plugin. Its work in Progress and take a while until its released. It will be available in 2 Languages: German and English. Features CommandPermissionDefault PermissionDescription /helper.helpYesShows all EssentialsRed Commands /gmer.gmNoAccess to change the Gamemode /healer.healNoAccess to Heal yourself or other Players To do List /Help /GM /Heal /BC /speed Legend: Working on | Added | Planned


May 10, 2015 Planning
version 1.5 beta Adds more commands Commands: http://minemand.ml/files/ExtraCommands/Commands.txt External download: http://minemand.ml/files/ExtraCommands/versions/ExtraCommands-1.5-beta.jar Permission will come in the future! I'm working on more also please if you got any ideas of commands i could make send them to me or post them here :p feedback are always welcome BTW this is my first plugin go easy on me :p


May 10, 2015 Release
General Info: If you have questions or comments, just post it in the comments section below. EffectsPlus Note: If you previously used an old version of this plugin, please delete the old one and all files created before using the newest version! Thanks! This plugin was made to add effects to the people who have donor ranks. The effects are all potion effects but they are given in certain combinations. For example, you can get Regeneration and Absorption when you type a single command. The...


May 10, 2015 Release
What is ESigns? ESigns is a way to let players do important commands such as /heal through signs! Signs/Perms ESigns.*: All Perms! ESigns.Signs.*: All Sign Perms! Heal: ESigns.Sign.Heal.Create (and) ESigns.Sign.Heal.Use Feed: ESigns.Sign.Feed.Create (and) ESigns.Sign.Feed.Use Creative: ESigns.Sign.Creative.Create (and) ESigns.Sign.Creative.Use Survival: ESigns.Sign.Survival.Create (and) ESigns.Sign.Survival.Use Adventure: ESigns.Sign.Adventure.Create (and) ESigns.Sign.Adventure.Use Spawn:...
Error Plugin Logo


May 09, 2015 Release
Language: Nederlands | Ελληνικά | English Logos and Vector By xDizasterCYx Hello, The "Error" plugin will allow your members to report errors. Players can report bugs. Admins can see reports through game. Admins can also mark as archive the readed reports. Creates a log with the bug reports in the plugin's folder. Lightweight - It does not use so much CPU memory. Supports also Spigot 1.8 /error: <title> <description> /readerror: <player> <title> /delerror: <player> <title> /errorlist:...

essential menu

May 09, 2015 Release
hello, this plugin i my first plugin ever! i would love to get some nice reviews of this plugin. this plugin opens up a menu when you execute a command, this menu has a list of commands that can be executed by clicking the item they represent.(the plugin is still being worked on) the plugin also adds in some commands like /heal . YEY IM BACK GUYS! current features: /heal /godmode /suicide /spawn /invis /uninvis menu when right clicked a book -------------------- Configuration...


May 09, 2015 Planning
EnderEgg EnderEgg - Teleport around with an egg like an enderpearl. Version 1.1 Description Are enderpearls too hard to get? Do you hate when you accidentally use an enderpearl? Or maybe just a fun fast way to get around a lobby! Well with EnderEgg you don't have to worry about any of those! All you need to do is pickup and egg and throw! Commands /enderegg - Information about EnderEgg. Permissions enderegg.throw - Teleport with an egg. enderegg.info - /enderegg & /ee enderegg.unlimited -...


May 08, 2015 Release
A simple light-weight plugin that adds lapis into your enchanting tables so you or your players don't have to have lapis! Usage: Just right click the enchanting table and the lapis will be in there, IF you have the permission! Note: You cannot move the lapis out of the enchanting table! Permissions: Only one permission needed: enchantlapis.lapis - When you right click an enchanting table, lapis is already in it! No Commands needed!

Empire Wand

May 08, 2015 Release
Empire Wand This plugin adds a new item to your server, called the 'Empire Wand'. Features Custom crafting recipe (can be disabled) Right-click to select different spells Left-click to use a spell Video showing off all the spells: Click here. (outdated, new spells have been added and some spells have been changed) Crafting recipe If you want to craft an empire wand, this is the crafting recipe: Commands Currently there is only one command, /ew, which will give you an empire wand (if you have...


May 04, 2015 Release
DESCRIPTION: With this Plugin you are able to create special and colored signs. If you have found any bugs or have any issues please report them. PM me your ideas for this plugin. Sorry for my english, I'm german. :D SIGNS [Trash] - Opens an trashcan. [Ping] - Shows your ping. [Online] - See how many players are online. [Enderchest] - Opens an enderchest. [EnchTable] - Opens an enchantment table. [Heal] - Heals you. [Repair] - Repairs your item in Hand. [Day] - Set the time to day. [Night] -...
Burning Furnace


May 03, 2015 Release
EnchantedFurnace adds effects for enchantments on furnaces! This plugin was inspired by Enchanted Furnace, which sadly hasn't been updated past 1.5 for Bukkit. Enchantments Efficiency (DIG_SPEED) Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt. Modified time in seconds is 20/(level + 2). Maximum level that will impact performance is 99. lvl 1 = 6.7s lvl 2 = 5s lvl 3 = 4s lvl 4 = 3.3s lvl 5 = 2.9s Unbreaking (DURABILITY) Increases smelting time. Stock varies by fuel. Time = default...


May 01, 2015 Planning
Ever just wanted a basic chat removal tool? Here it is this might be the most lightweight chat removal plugin ever made! Features: - Bug fix withing 1 hour after ticket! - Instant setup without config and errors. - No bugs. (.atm) - Full ticket support and comment support! - Updates within 1 day after BuildTools for new version has been released. - Notice of new update whenever staff/ops log in. To-Do: - Automatic Updates Found a bug? - Send a ticket and we'll try to fix it within 1 week....


Apr 28, 2015 Release
This plugin was initially designed for my server but I have converted it to be available for public download. What this plugin does is it allows for the server owner (or anybody who has access to the server files), to put their voting links and possibly their website link, into the config file and then have the links entered into chat when any player enters /vote (the links only appear to the player that entered the command). I created this plugin because I could not find any plugins that...


Apr 27, 2015 Release
EasySwap What is this plugin? This plugin adds a new and quick way to swap out armor to new armor by rightclicking the armor piece that you want to equip even when you already have armor on! Tutorial Known Bugs Found any bugs? Please make a ticket and i will try to fix it! Next updates - Optimize armor command, equip best armor you currently have. Any ideas? Make a ticket :)! Changelog version 1.0-SNAPSHOP to 1.0 - Uploaded plugin Data collecting This plugin uses McStats.org to collect...

Emotion Commands

Apr 22, 2015 Release
NOTE: THIS IS THE SAME PLUGIN AS http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/emotion-commands.6313/. I MADE THAT ONE TOO. Summary Emotion Commands is a plugin that allows you to express your feelings to the server with commands like /emotion sad, /emotion joy, /emotion disgust, etc. It's a very fun plugin for servers that I guarantee will bring more liveliness and fun to the server. Emotion List This is the list of emotions. So when I refernce <emotion>, I'm talking about whichever one of these you...


Apr 22, 2015 Release
EffectLib Version Current version: 2.0 Forum: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/effectlib-manage-your-effects-the-nice-way.259879/ Description THIS PLUGIN HAS NO USE FOR SERVER-OWNERS This library is a possibility for developers to out-source their effect-managment. This library comes with a handy collection of customizable effects, but you can easily add your own effects and manage them in the library. Usage See documentation for Maven-based instructions. OR Add the EffectLib.jar to you...