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Sep 06, 2014 Release
EvChatManager 1.4.0 ~ Main Features ~ Blocks the majority of foul language that players are always spewing out these days xP Has features that can be toggled on/off via perm-based commands. Easy start-up! Just put in your plugins folder and start your server, it takes effect right away. Simple configuration file with a few different setting options. ~ Commands ~ > /evcm anti-filth (toggle on/off) > /evcm anti-spam (toggle on/off) > /evcm colors (toggle on/off) > /evcm formats (toggle on/off)...


Sep 04, 2014 Planning
<</code>> EggXp , a better use for eggs. This plugin provides and useful way to use eggs. This plugin allows players to get xp a very easy way. It involves throwing one egg. Once this egg is throw the player who through the egg will get 1 level of enchanting (xp). No permissions set for this plugin No config set for this plugin Server information: If you have a server that you would like to be featured here please comment/message me as quickly as possible. server1 : server2: server3: server4:...


Sep 03, 2014 Planning
You are tired to wait for all on the server to sleep? This Plugin makes that only 50% have to sleep (Limit can be change by the configfile). Features: Multi-Lang Preset German and English Setable Limit Plugin runs after complete server startup (for faster startup) Usage: Put in the plugins folder run the server set the new config restart the server ready Contact: [email protected]


Sep 03, 2014 Planning
EasyHealth Introduction Easy is a plugin that is extremely simple to use. All you is one command! /eh will open an inventory of all your health choices! Different Health Settings Heal Option 5 Hearts 7.5 Hearts Default Hearts 10.25 Hearts 20 Hearts 25 Hearts 50 Hearts 100 Hearts Testing NOT ON HERE YET. ADDING MORE RAM BEFORE ADDING IT OTHER WISE IT WILL LAG Join node1.gts-gs.com to test the plugin. This server is hosted by GAMETECH-SERVERS, http://www.gametech-servers.co.uk I am sponsored by...


Sep 03, 2014 Release
ExplosiveDeath! Hi, Nek here with another misc plugin! :3 Introduction This will make you explode when you die! :) How to use Just.. die.. How to config ParameterVariableDescriptionConditionDefault value ratio:XThe ratio of the explosion.X must be a number.7 deathmessage:YThe message that will appears when a player dies (after the Name).Use """just exploded xD!" tntinhand:ZIf a player needs a tnt block in hand to explode when dies.Z must be true or falsetrue Commands CommandEffect...


Sep 03, 2014 Release
EatDirt! Hi, Nek here. This is my first bukkit plugin, I hope you like it ;) Introduction Well, basically, this plugin allows you to eat Dirt! Yummy! :D How to use Simply right click on air with a Dirt block in your hands! How to config ParameterVariableDescriptionConditionDefault value foodfill:XHow many food points a player gets by eating dirt.X must be a number between 0 - 20.1 damage:YHow much damage a player gets by eating dirt.Y must be a number between 0 - 20.0.24 Commands...


Sep 02, 2014 Release
Anyone who has been active on the main forums in the last few days must surely have already heard the news. I'm not going to comment on why and how, but the short version is that Bukkit is almost certainly not getting passed this. Consequently, the future of BukkitDev is very uncertain. Even if the legal matters were resolved tomorrow there isn't really anybody left to deal with file submissions anyway. There's no indication about how long the site will stay up and what will happen to the...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
EggExperience I made this plugin originally for my server because i wanted a better economy and a way for players to actually get "Bottle O XP" legit! Now i have decided to release this to you. Eggexperience gives you experience when thrown its that simple but an incredible idea! There are many things you can use this for such as allowing players to get easier experience prices of eggs will go up on your "economy" server and u though at unusefull entity in minecraft will now be usefull! How...


Sep 01, 2014 Release
EasyTrading Hey, Your server is full of scammers? You have searched for an item trading plugin? Other reasons? Here are you right! This plugin is a simple trading plugin for items and money. << Features >> Trade items in an inventory Support for Money (Currency) Multiple ways to trade Protection when you click out of inventory (No item loss) Trade automatically stops on server reload / restart Cancel trade if you close inventory World Blacklist In trade you cannot pick up items Commands (can...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Requested by Pepsiisgross. Overview ExplosivePickaxe is a lightweight mining plugin, that makes it easier to mine. Using explosions, the plugin makes faster and more fun to mine. If you're a server owner looking to make the mining process on your server a bit easier with the power of explosions, look no further than ExplosivePickaxe. Pickaxes are given the power to explode blocks when given a special lore you define in the config file. The explosion radius is also configurable, and the player...
extra hard mode icon

Extra Hard Mode

Aug 30, 2014 Release
Extra Hard Mode changes the game rules to create NEW, INTERESTING CHALLENGES for players who have mastered the core game. Unlike Mojang's "hard" mode or other plugins' "hardcore" modes which just punish you more for making mistakes without actually changing game mechanics, Extra Hard Mode delivers interesting new challenges for advanced players. Important Info Detailed rundown of all features and configuration help Check here or here (alternate formatting) You can enable specific features...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Plugin to remove Mobs and animals with spawn option ! In the configuration file you will have 3 lists, you can change or interfere with each of them! And for fun i added an option to spawn the entities indicated in game with " / entity list " ENDER_DRAGON are possible http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/entitycontrol/files/2-entity-control/ First release Commandes /entity infos commands /entity killall Kill all mobs and animals in the world /entity killall <Listing Name> Kill all Entity in...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Intoduction: Ever wanted to use /hub instead of /spawn? Then EasyHub is for you! Easy Hub is a really simple lightweight plugin that allows you and your players to use /Hub to teleport to spawn,so say if you have multiple worlds you could have a hub rather than a spawn. Commands: /Hub : Teleports you to spawn Permissions: No current permissions Required Plugins: Essentials Essentials Spawn Upcoming Features: - Support without essentials - Multiple hubs Note : This is my first public...


Aug 27, 2014 Planning
EffectBows Version 0.1 Alpha What is EffectBows? EffectBows or short EB is a funny plugin that brings you more fun using bows in Minecraft. You can use bows like the Creeper Bow with exploding arrows or the Ender Bow for teleport. Please note: This plugin does may not work with other bow-plugins. Now in german, too. German Version here, Commands CommandArgument(s)DescriptionPermission /bows/Shows you all available bows./ /bowscreeperUse the Creeper Bow.bows.creeper /bowsenderUse the Ender...

Enchantment Limiter

Aug 27, 2014 Release
Need to make enchantments harder to get? Too many people with really high level and/or multiply-enchanted, overpowered items? Enchantment Limiter can do that for you. It does so by limiting the combination of books in anvil, and limits enchantment tables to yield only one power. When enchanting on a table, it returns a proportional number of XP levels when it removes an enchantment. Since 0.8, if it can reduce the enchantment level to one that is allowed, does that rather than removing it...

ExplosiveHands v0.1

Aug 26, 2014 Beta
This plugin was first made for my server when I wanted to have fun. I simply added this plugin to my plugin folder and I blew up everything I was looking at with my bare hands. It was extremely fun and I suggest you guys to take it and try it for yourself! == Features == - ABLE TO BLOW STUFF UP WITH YOUR HANDS! == Commands and Permissions == explosivefists.* == Support == Just comment your bugs or errors in the comment section. Or if you want a custom plugin made email me at:...


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
This is a simple Broadcast Plugin that has no prefixes and simple command and perms. also a /say feature witch put your username as a prefix in [ and ] brackets. Commands: /bc - broadcast a message (alias: /broadcast) /say - broadcast a message with your name Permission: em.broadcast.bc - /bc em.broadcast.say - /say TODO: Add Color Code Support


Aug 24, 2014 Release
About Plugin Plugin EasyJoinMessage allows you to change messages the input and output from the server. __________________________________________________________________________________ Video Commingsoon... __________________________________________________________________________________ Config Config.yml Click me __________________________________________________________________________________ Permissions None...

Explosive Arrows

Aug 23, 2014 Release
Description: This Plugin let arrows and snowballs explode, if they hit the ground or an player! Info: Currently not updated for Minecraft 1.8! If you find any bugs or you have a wish, please write a comment! Version: v1.0 Commands and Permissions: - explosive_arrows.info || Show the actually version of this Plugin! - explosive_arrows.shoot.arrow || Let the arrows explode, if they hit the ground or an Player! - explosive_arrows.shoot.snowball || Let the snowballs explode, if they hit the...


Aug 22, 2014 Release
EasyKits Version: v1.4.10 Features: Easily create and remove kits in-game First join kit In-game gui view of kits and items in kit. Economy support - Requires Vault Sign support 1.6.x-1.7.x compatible Optional Dependencies Vault - Required to use economy support Installation: Drop EasyKits.jar into plugins directory Run Server Edit config.yml to your liking /kit reload Enjoy! Usage: To create a kit, simply arrange your inventory and armor with the items you would like in the kit. /kit create...