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Oct 30, 2015 Release
Plugin is compatible with version 1.8.8 Hello, today I want to present you my first plugin, Functions: Add enchantments easily to your weapons, tools, armory, etc... Different enchantment groups Customizable Cooldown Vault Support Customizable Prices Customizable Pricemultiplicator XP-Payment Possibility to combine different payment-methods Different languages Commands CommandFunctionPermission /em <category>Opens EnchantMenuem.open /em reloadReloads the plugin's configem.reload How to use...


Oct 29, 2015 Release
Orher forums: RuBukkit | SpigotMC Description A small plugin with which you can save server online and list of players to the database. Features Light and reliable: if you want to make sure - look at the source code The information in the database is always current The plugin does not overload the server: request to the database occurs only when player joins or quits The plugin does not slow down the server: request to the database executes in a separate thread Installation Put .jar file into...


Oct 28, 2015 Release
EssentialsRecovered German: EssentialsRecovered (ERec) ist eine Essentials Version für die 1.8 und höher. In dieser Version sind bzw. werden alle Befehle, welche man auch im originalen Essentials findet, wiedererkennen. Dieses Projekt wurde auf die Beine gestellt, da die offiziellen Entwickler keine 1.8 Version herausgeben wollen, da es keine offizielle "craftbukkit 1.8" mehr gibt. Spezielle Funktionen Es kann farbig geschrieben werden Es können farbige Nicknames benutzt werden Im Chat können...


Oct 27, 2015 Release
EffectLib Version Forum: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/effectlib-manage-your-effects-the-nice-way.259879/ Description THIS PLUGIN HAS NO USE FOR SERVER-OWNERS This library is a possibility for developers to out-source their effect-managment. This library comes with a handy collection of customizable effects, but you can easily add your own effects and manage them in the library. Usage See documentation for Maven-based instructions. OR Add the EffectLib.jar to you project and to the plugins...


Oct 26, 2015 Planning
ezReport ezReport is a basic, light plugin which allows a player on the server to report another player for a variety of reasons. The report will be submitted to the server and sent to anyone online with the required permission (normally a staff member of some sort). Players can only report 1 player per 10 minutes. Commands /report <user> <reason> Permissions ezreport.report (Given to all users by default) ezreport.receive (Default: op) Config There is no config for this plugin because it is...

Elder Guardian Boss

Oct 25, 2015 Release
Features This plugin makes the Elder Guardian an actual boss like the Wither and Ender Dragon.You sill have to find the Elder Guardians in the underwater temples. But now they have more health, a boss bar showing their health and name, they drop a randomly enchanted prismarine sword (along with their normal loot), you can change the loot dropped to anything you want. They can also spawn regular guardians. If they hit you with their beams you get potion effects, by default poison and nausea....
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Oct 24, 2015 Release
(( Meet EquestrianDash. )) EquestrianDash is a Mario Kart-esque minigame that can bring endless fun to you and your users. Set up a race course with your imagination and with a few basic tools as the only requirements, customize your config. You can even get your own developers to create new powerups using the simple, but powerful, Powerup API. EquestrianDash is low-maintenance and preserves performance to keep hosting a server for it cheap. Download today and setup your game quickly. A...


Oct 19, 2015 Planning
EventBox (French / English) Presentation EventBox est un plugin qui permet de donner des kits, objets ou autres cadeaux via un coffre que le joueur peut ouvrir dans le spawn par exemple. Ce coffre est unique c'est à dire qu'il ne peut y en avoir qu'un seul. With EventBox you can give kits, objects or other presents to a player. The player take it with a special chest placed in your spawn for example. You can only place 1 Event chest. Commands /ebox help OR /ebox help for help ingame. (Only in...
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Exotic Garden

Oct 15, 2015 Release
Exotic Garden is a Slimefun Addon which generates new Plants all over your World. It includes several new Fruits as well as their trees and new Berries and Berry Bushes. But of course it also adds a couple new Food Sources to the game. For every Berry there is also a Juice, a Smoothie and a Pie available. However there are only some Fruits which also come with their Juice and Pies. And if you dont happen to be lucky and find a Bush/Tree in the world, you can also obtain them by breaking tall...


Oct 13, 2015 Planning
Commands /checkmotd | Check the server's motd permission: motd.check /setmotd | Set the ingame MOTD permission: motd.ingame /setsystemmotd | Set the system MOTD permission: motd.system Uses of EzMOTD Setting the system MOTD Setting the ingame MOTD Checking your MOTDS EzMOTD is a simple, but yet useful plugin to have. Most plugins do not allow you to have a System MOTD, either because the author doesn't know how to do that or that they can't be bothered. This plugin includes BOTH, it makes...


Oct 10, 2015 Release
EZ-UUID What is EZ-UUID and what does it do? EZ-UUID is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows players to run a command and get the UUID of another player. How do you set up EZ-UUID? Simple! Drag and drop the EZ-UUID.jar file into your server's plugin folder, start the server, and it works! Commands /uuid [player] - Shows the UUID of a specified online player Permissions ezuuid.uuid - Allows a player to do /uuid Metrics This plugin uses Metrics! To opt out, go to your plugins folder,...


Oct 05, 2015 Release
EasyListener is a VAULT-Listener that reward your players with money, items or EXP when they vote on your voteservice. Latest Fixed some issues More german translations Fixed ListenerUpdate command Renamed /votesite to /vote Features Send them messages when they vote, only for the specific player Use english or german language. Configurable money and items. Set the website that is shown when a player votes. Example: <name> voted on: <yourvoteservice.com> Broadcast don't work if rewardmessages...

Ernix Join Message+

Oct 04, 2015 Release
ErnixJoinMessage ErnixJoinMessage is a new bukkit plugin. It adds in (for right now) a join and a leave message. Its color combat able. Check color codes for info on colors etc. More to be added in the future. If you would like to do a video tut on my plugin pm IMleader to talk about that. I really hope you enjoy this plugin. Also please don't remove the beautiful message in the config :D. All new player names update 0.8 brings player names into the join/leave messages! To use a players name...


Sep 30, 2015 Release
This basically does what the title says, it allows you to enchant any item with any enchantment with no max level limits, for example, you could enchant a sword to have 30,000 of every enchantment or a weapon, the possibilities are endless with Endless Enchant. Videos: English by GamingJuts Portuguese by AbsintoJ Permissions: EndlessEnchant.use -> Allows you to access the "/ee" command. EndlessEnchant.level.x -> Sets the max enchantment level. (Replace "x" with a number) Old Permissions...


Sep 29, 2015 Release
Easy AutoBroadcast 1. A simple Bukkit 1.8 plugin that auto broadcasts any message you put in the config file with a color code as well (Essenials.chat is required) 2. This plugin has been viewed and tested on a test server. It has proven to work almost flawlessly. So as the author I will have this plugin in its release/beta stage. 3. If there are any issues please leave a comment down below on what is not functional. I will try and get a fix as soon as possible. 4. I am also looking for a...


Sep 29, 2015 Planning
GitHub(Coming soon!) What is EZArrows EZArrows is a plugin that brings a whole new view on minecraft arrows. So far the only available arrow type is the Exploding Arrow! You are able to customize the radius of the explosion, whether there will be fire left after the explosion, toggle it, view who has it toggled on, and change the messages sent to players, all inside the config! It is a very user-friendly config, so don't worry! Features Extreme Customization User-friendly Fun to use Arrow...

Ego Battle Recipes

Sep 26, 2015 Beta
Ego Battle Recipes What does this do? This plugin is a little Add-On for one of my plugins: Ego Battle( http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ego-battle/ ). Without "Ego Battle" it won´t do anything. With this little, but powerful plugin, you will be able to create custom crafting recipes for Ego Battle! Can you imagine that? How to create a new crafting recipe It´s very easy to create new recipes. Just type /EBRecipes create <a name for your recipe>. Then an inventory will pop up and you can...

EZWarninz(Still in progress of making)

Sep 26, 2015 Beta
Overview Commands /Warn. What does it do? /Warn can warn a player for a reason. Usage /Warn <player> <reason>. Pictures Wrong usage message: http://prntscr.com/8kinqc 1st Warning: http://prntscr.com/8kiov1 2nd Warning: http://prntscr.com/8kip8b Kick message (kick = ban): http://prntscr.com/8kiplo Permissions warn.warn Desc: Gives access to the warn command. Permission message: http://prntscr.com/8kiqgf Thanks for viewing hope you like it! <3 Spigot Post:...


Sep 21, 2015 Inactive
Emergency A plugin by xDoritosAreYumx (Me) What it is Emergency will help protect your server so for instance someone has op they deop you and take your permissions just do /emergency and it will op you in secret. Only users in the config can do this command Commands /emergency - Emergency Command /emergencylist - List of who can do the command /emergency (Permission: emergency.list) /emergencyinfo - A breif description of the plugin

Ego Battle

Sep 20, 2015 Beta
Ego Battle What is this? Do you want to play an epic survival game with your friends? Then this is the perfect plugin for you. It´s a survival-based PvP game with lots of features with multiworld support. You can also use it as an UHC plugin. Will you be able able to survive and be the last one standing? What does this do? Once installed this game will provide you with a full-automatic game. After setting the lobby and the location where the players will be teleported to when the game is...