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Enchantment Upgrade

Jul 09, 2016 Release
VERSIONS FOR 1.9 / 1.10 HAVE BEEN REMOVED I'm not sure whether it's something with Spigot's timings on 1.10 (the version I've been testing on) or something changed in the new updates, but the enchantment upgrading process has become quite unpredictable. I never know when things are going to work (when they should, as they did in the version for 1.8). I'll post some updates once I find out what's going on! Thanks for 4700+ downloads! The ultimate plugin for anyone who likes strength on the...
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Jul 08, 2016 Release
EnderMail Is a friendly mail system very similar to existing clients, supporting mouse, attachments, text tables and many more... With the new updates, i went to the end, sneak to the ender city, and stole some rare artifacts from a distracted enderman. Back in my lab i examine these artifacts and made an amazing discovery: the mysterious ender energies... So finding an application, i crafted a mail system where messages and items travel through these energies to enderchests! Features Easy...

Elytra Flight

Jul 07, 2016 Planning
Elytra Flight • Propulse Yourself • Minecraft Plugin What you can do with Elytra Flight ? Propulse yourself in the air by right-clicking with the special emerald ! Add nice particles effect when you glide ! Give to your players some emerald with limited uses ! Commands : /elytra : Give to yourself a nice emerald with 80 uses (default in config.yml) /elytra [number] : Give to yourself a nice emerald with n uses /elytra particles : Disable/Enable the particles effects ! /elytra change list :...


Jul 07, 2016 Release
eTroller Intended Use eTroller is intended simply for the fun of messing with players. I do not and will not take any responsibility, so please do not post on here how a player left your server because they got trolled. Commands /et Usage: /et Help page Aliases: [etroller, etroll] /fakejoin Usage: /fakejoin <player> Displays a customized message (typically a join message without a player joining) Aliases: [fjoin, fakej, fj] /fakequit Usage: /fakequit <player> Displays a customized message...


Jul 05, 2016 Release
This is a fork of Essentials called EssentialsX. View major differences here https://github.com/drtshock/Essentials/wiki Chat, spawn, and other modules (not group manager) can be found on the Jenkins page. They are merely made to work with our versioning system and don't need to be maintained. If you are using this, do NOT ask Essentials for support. The official upstream repository is at https://github.com/Essentials/Essentials Please report issues at...


Jul 05, 2016 Release
Elytra This is a very simple plugin that allows you to fly-up using Elytras. Features Auto-glide: Elytras activates automatically, like it was in snapshots! Speed-up: When your speed is getting low, you can look up and you'll get a speed bost! Hit player and break Elytra when getting speed boost Play particles and sound effects when speed-up activating All features could be configured or disabled in config. How to use? Install plugin Equip with elytras and fly When your speed is getting low -...
Throw 2


Jul 04, 2016 Release
EggCatcher This plugin allows the players to get the new Spawn Eggs from Minecraft 1.1 by throwing regular eggs at mobs. It is intended to be simple to set up and use. The plugin is open source and can be forked on github. If you make any changes, pull requests are appreciated. Current features Configurable mob health limit. Respects animal protection plugins such as GriefPrevention Compatible with all trading plugins. Very simple, throw an egg at a mob and it will be turned into a spawn egg....


Jul 03, 2016 Alpha
The easiest-to-use economy plugin 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 compatible This plugin adds abstract coins to your Minecraft server. You can manage it with some commands. Players can also earn some achivements by earning or spending coins. There is also an API for developers. Commands /coins Opens GUI with list of commands /coins add <player> <count> Adds coins on the player's acconut Permission: eas'ycoins.add /coins take <player> <count> Takes coins from the player's account Permission:easyc'oins.take...


Jul 03, 2016 Planning
EnchantMart is command based shop for enchantment books. Players can buy or sell enchantment books allowing them to bypass the need for XP or creating many enchanted tools until they get the desired enchantment. I am developing EnchantMart right now and a first version should be available within the next few weeks. I am aware similar plugins exist but they are either not what I want on my server or are no longer actively supported, even if something still works without active support you have...


Jul 03, 2016 Release
EasyGUI v 9.2.7 ALPHA Looking for the GUI that is perfect for your server or hub? Don't want to use a non-customizable GUI plugin? Well you have came to the right place! This plugin is a plugin that allows you to create a GUI that you can customize in every way possible! From names, to slot names, to items that appear in your GUI, this plugin will allow you to maximize your server experience! Current Version The Downloadable version used on Bukkit/Curse is Spigot 1.10! Older Versions Spigot...


Jul 03, 2016 Alpha
Item Restrict GitHub: (https://github.com/MCMastery/item-restrict) This plugin allows the restriction of crafting certain items. Don't want your players to be allowed to craft hoppers? Simple. Just don't give them the permission itemrestrict.craft.hopper. config.yml The config contains a single variable: show-result. If you want the recipe's result to display (which it normally does in a crafting table), set this to true. Otherwise, set this to false. Permissions Note: When giving...


Jul 02, 2016 Planning
About this Plugin This prison mine plugin has an easy setup that doesn't require anything! All you have to do is /mines wand and then select 2 blocks then do /mines create <name>! This plugin also supports a interface that shows you when the mine will: reset, show the reset delay, the blocks, and the precent of blocks left inside the mine. Commands Aliases mine pmine prisonmine prisonmines ezmine ezmines ezm - /mines create <mine> - (Permission: EzMines.create) Creates a mine from the two...

Enchantment Level Up

Jul 01, 2016 Planning
Have you ever been playing on a server and wondered if you could get better enchants. Well now you can. This plugin is aimed at servers who want an obtainable way for there payers to achieve higher commands. If I had a diamond sword in my hand that had no enchantments and rand /levelupenchantment 19 then my sword would have sharpness I added to the sword. If i run the some command again the sword would now have sharpness II and this is doable to any item with any enchant so you could have...

Enderchest Signs

Jun 30, 2016 Release
This plugin allows you to access your Enderchest virtually through chat commands or by clicking on signs! Read below for more information. Features With this plugin you may access your own Enderchest by either clicking on a sign that is placed by someone with permissions or operator privilages. You can also access your Enderchest by typing /enderchest in the chat. For players with proper permissions or operator privilages, you can access another player's Enderchest by typing /enderchest...


Jun 29, 2016 Release
You can now fly up with elytras! Simple yet fun, there are setting to make it more of a fun activity or a challenge so it is perfect for a server looking for something new and easily customizable. This simulates flight with the addition to fuel, particle trails and many other features which can be edited in the config. This is also a fun idea to add into other mini-games or just as a survival tool. Currently for 1.10 and 1.9.4 although if requested I can edit for other updates. How does it...

Explosive Items

Jun 28, 2016 Planning
Keep a calm and use a Explosive Items plugin.→ Faite exploser des maps seul ou entre amis ! Item creant des explosions : Boule de neige Flèches Oeufs Apres amusez vous ;) Pas de dossier de configuration pour cette premiere version. → Keep a calm and use a Explosive Items plugin. Explose a map sole or with friend ! Item create explosions : Snowball Arrows Eggs Enjoy No file config for a first version

Economy Bank

Jun 27, 2016 Release
A simple economy bank system, that store data in MySQL Database or Flat File system. Banking transactions are made using signs, but also features admin commands to check/set other players accounts. ======> My plugins | My servers <====== Features Premium UUID and Offline UUID support. MySQL Database or Flat File Data Storage. Supports any Economy system that works with Vault. Uses TitleManager to add fancy action bar messages when doing banking transactions. Sound effects when using the bank...


Jun 27, 2016 Release
This is a world generator that creates empty/void worlds. I created this plugin because we needed a reliable and easy way to create empty worlds on my network (mainly for minigames), and none of the plugins I found satisfied me. This plugin's main purpose is to create worlds. However, to make building easier, it also has an option in its config that is enabled by default. If it is enabled, worlds will have a circle of bedrock at 0, 64, 0 (location and circle radius can be changed from config)...


Jun 24, 2016 Release
Welcome to easyBC - a new broadcast plugin because a) the concept of a broadcast plugin hasn't been done enough yet, and b) because Hello World got boring. I'll assume since you're here you already know how to install plugins to a Bukkit/Spigot/whatever server but in case you're uninitiated, you have to drag the .jar file in to your "plugins" folder in your server directory. If you don't know how to do that, please... don't run a server. Once it's in there, restart your server or reload it...


Jun 23, 2016 Alpha
EpicSpleef is a plugin for the minecraft minigame spleef. You don't know what spleef is? You can find a great description >here<. Comprehensive statistics Multilingual (language file) Nice looking scoreboard Uses some cool 1.8 features like titles Highly configurable Infinite arenas Supports lobbies (optional) Ingame shop for particles and similar stuff Get snowballs for destroying blocks to fight campers (optional) Some cool gamemodes: Normal, BowSpleef, Splegg, SpleefRun Fight on animals....