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Apr 07, 2014 Alpha
EcoEnchant What is it? EcoEnchant is a simple plugin, suggested by Amatokus, that instead of buying enchantments with levels, you buy them with money! You can configure the price per level (default $2/level). You must have the amount of levels necessary for the enchantment, though. TODO Figure out how to not require the player to have the levels. Did I miss anything? If so, comment! Commands None TODO Commands /eelevelcost <Price with a decimal digit, i.e. 2.0> Permissions None Thank Yous...


Apr 07, 2014 Release
MercilessEnder Control the use of enderchests and enderpearls completly!!! Block the use of ender chests, good for servers with griefing such as factions. This disables the crafting and placing of them Disable the use of enderpearls, good to prevent glitches on pvp servers. Has permissions for everything. Installation #1 Download the latest version of MercilessEnder #2 Drag your downloaded file (MercilessEnder.jar) to your plugins directory of your server. #3 Restart, done! Permissions...


Apr 07, 2014 Planning
Tired of clicking the disconnect button to leave the server do /exit! With Quit, leaving is as simple as using the /exit You will no longer will you be stuck! Config Use § Instead of & kickmessage: §bSet the quit message in the config In the next update ill add /leave! Have any ideas wright them in the comments

Enjin Minecraft Plugin

Apr 07, 2014 Release
Enjin - DonationCraft - Donation & Website Plugin Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin - DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin! DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) - ALL FREE! NEW! ChestShop GUI! (On by default) NEW! Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details) Cumulative Packages - Automatically discount or offer upgrades...

Easy Double Jump

Apr 04, 2014 Release
Double Jump Plugin The double jump plugin is a simple plugin to use and configure that allows players to double jump when they double click the space bar. How to install To install the double jump plugin simply drop the doublejump.jar in your servers plugin folder start your server and change the config generated in your config file to set a decent jump height (Change Y Vector in the config from 0.5 to something like 2.0) and you will have the ability to double jump if you are an OP How to...


Apr 03, 2014 Planning
Introduccion This Plugin Is Made For My Server TornadusCraft But I Want To Upload It To Bukkit Dev So You Can Use The Plugin. This Plugin Adds The Double Jump Abbilyti You Just Have To Double Space In Game And You Will Do A DoubleJump! Permissions No Permissions Needed! Commands No Commands Needed Bugs Oh No :(! You Found A Bug?? Quickly PM Me!! TO-DO Add Permissions

Evento Frog

Apr 02, 2014 Release
Information Plugin that help you to do the Frog event in your own server! The page will be updated with the time. The original topic, on MinecraftBR, was deleted because they reset the forum. Warning: This plugin is only in Pt-Br! --------------------------------------- Commands /eventofrog --------------------------------------- Permissions eventofrog.admin - Permission to use: /eventofrog --------------------------------------- Config.yml (only pt-br) As configurações dentro de Timer são em...

Entei's UUID Player List

Apr 02, 2014 Release
Introduction Entei's UUID Player List is a developer's api meant to make the manditory transition from player names to the new UUID system easier by providing extra methods and functionalities to any plugin developer who wishes to code their plugin with ease. All you have to do is drop the .jar into your /plugins/ folder and start getting players to log in, and the plugin will go straight to work saving and indexing player UUID tags and their most recent player name. Features Full api...

Entei's Magic Enchanter

Apr 01, 2014 Release
About this plugin From personally searching for a nice /enchant plugin, I noticed that they all had complicated permissions that sometimes didn't work, or they had extras that I didn't want and the file size was pretty big, so I set out to create my own plugin, and here we are! The plugin is very light on your server. Only one permission for ALL enchants: brian_enteismagicenchanter.enchant The plugin is very easy to use. No files to configure, just place the .jar file into your server's...
Entei's Commands Logo

Entei's Commands

Apr 01, 2014 Release
Introduction Entei's Commands With this plugin, you can modify or stop a command before it executes, enabling you full control over what commands are issued to your server. You can also set the plugin to change a certain command into another, to help with compatibility or misspelled commands. Other optional features include: Automatic broadcasting: You can set the plugin to broadcast color-code enabled messages that you type at a configurable interval so that you can stop worrying about...


Apr 01, 2014 Planning
What is EffectAPI? EffectAPI is a Developer Tool. What does this API do? You are able to Play Effects which are not in the playEffect enum like the Tamed-Heart Effect You can easily spawn them with only one static void How to use this API 1. Import the api.jar into your Java-Buildpath 2. Then go into your Event/Command class where you want to Play the Effect 3. Then type: EffectAPI.spawnEffectc(.....); and fill out all args 4. Done! Args: loc = Location its where you want to spawn the Effect...

Entei's Inventory Manager

Apr 01, 2014 Release
Introduction Entei's Inventory Manager With this plugin, you can manage what inventory is loaded for your players when they join/visit another world. You can configure this plugin to load the individual players' inventory for each world, or you can set up what inventory is loaded for which world in the config.yml. This plugin will save and load all current Minecraft items, such as enchanted items, items with custom names, items with lore, and books. Other optional features include: Make...

Extreme Chest Shop

Apr 01, 2014 Beta
With this plugin you bill be able to create "Chest Shops". Just put a sign on the chest with [eChestShop] in the first line and it will be a shop. Now you can sell or buy items, with an intuitive interface. Compatible with Extreme Classes items. This plugin don't use commands (at the moment). Language: Spanish Beta phase, only "Server" shops Dependences Vault Some Economy plugin. Shop Creation Just put a sign ON (by pressing shift) the chest you want to "shoppize" and you would get your...

Extreme Classes

Mar 30, 2014 Beta
The must-have RPG plugin has come, and it's called Extreme Classes! This plugin will convert your server in an amazing totally configurable RPG game. You will be able to create custom classes, use skills, create "custom mobs" and regions to determine what mobs will spawn there and their level, create custom items that modify yout char attributes (strength, intellect...) and many other features! ALPHA RELEASED! Configuration language: English Commands language: English In-game language:...


Mar 29, 2014 Mature
EasySpawn EasySpawn is a simple plugin, providing three commands; /spawn, /setspawn and /bed. These will set the spawn location for that world only. So, you can set different spawn locations for different worlds. Usage /spawn Teleports player to spawn. /setspawn Sets spawn location. /bed Teleports player to their bed Added in 1.7.5 version Permissions /spawn easyspawn.spawn by default this works for non-opped players /setspawn easyspawn.setspawn works if opped /bed easyspawn.bed by default...
EpicGlass Logo


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Version 1.22 EpicGlass adds a new function to both glass blocks (or any other block type in the config!); the ability to be broken! With EpicGlass, you can charge up your bow and send an arrow smashing through windows or take someone by surprise by crashing through their skylight. But don't worry, all that broken glass will slowly regenerate, so you can shatter it over and over again. Features Players and Mobs can fall through glass Players can sprint and jump through glass Arrows can be shot...


Mar 27, 2014 Release
ExplodeEffect creates a "ghost" explosion at a given location, usually using a player. You can have it kill the player, not kill the player, or make an explosion without using a player. It does not harm any entities or blocks around that location, so it can be used for many things. I hope you guys enjoy! 1500+ Downloads! Thank you so much for downloading everyone! :D Please Note: This plugin will break on updates due to the code used, do NOT mix versions of ExplodeEffect with versions of...


Mar 26, 2014 Mature
EcoChat An extremely lightweight plugin that allows a player's economy balance to be displayed next to their name when they chat! Dependencies This plugin requires Vault in order to hook into the various economy & permission plugins out there. You can download it here Commands & Permissions /eco roundbal <boolean> | Control whether or not balances will be rounded. Set to "true" to enable it and "false" to disable it. | Permission:ecochat.roundbal /eco reload | Reloads the plugin's...


Mar 26, 2014 Release
♫EventSounds♪ You may know EventSounds for :Source engine. Since ResourcePacks support custom sounds i'm trying to work with them as much as possible. And one feature of Bukkit is playSound that luckily supports a string as param (even though it's deprecated). This plugin let's you easily use CUSTOM sounds :) This plugin features: ► JoinSounds (for single Users) ► JoinSound for the joined player ► SaySounds (i know you love them :D) ► AdminSaySounds (for admins) ► KillStreak sounds ►...


Mar 26, 2014 Release
Do you want particle effects above head? If you answer yes so that plugin is for you! This plugin is inspired by Hypixel particlepacks. Fully configurable Particles above head [All what you know] Particles on body [Soon] Particles on boots [Soon] Mobs above head Item drop above head Language support Disabled worlds And much more... If you use speed/data larger then 0 on NOTE or REDDUST it change color of effect Using speed/data larger then 0 on MOBSPELL or MOBSPELLAMBIENT it will make effects...