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EzBc - Easy Broadcasting

Jun 14, 2015 Release
Welcome to EzBc What it does! EzBc is a simple plugin that you can broadcast messages with prefixes or without, have preset broadcasts or broadcast when someone donates to the server! How do I use it? EzBc is simple to use! All you need to do is /ezbc to view help! From there you will see the commands! To start broadcasting use /ezbc-broadcast and it will broadcast a message easily! If you don't want a prefix use /ezbc-broadcast-raw! Presets are also implemented (You will have 3 presets) so...


Jun 14, 2015 Release
EssentialsKitManager What is EssentialsKitManager? EssentialsKitManager is a plugin made to allow server owners/admins to create kits easily without having to go into the config, looking up IDs or enum names, and creating the items one by one, making sure not the mess up the YAML format. All you need is to use one simple command and the kit is automatically created with all the items in your inventory! Features Create kits in-game using your inventory! Delete kits in-game. Rename a kit. List...
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Easy Staff List

Jun 13, 2015 Release
Whole Plugin Re-done! We have redone the plugin and is now very customizable, and can do virtually everything. This plugin now features commands thats allow you to add player to the lists from In-Game, but still are added to the config. The plugin is allows you to add donators and staff into the correct lists. There are multiple updates and new thing you are able to do with Easy Lists. Commands New commands for the plugin allow the plugin to be more flexible. And now you can add player from...


Jun 10, 2015 Release
Introduction Are you tired of the old (: and < 3 signs? Do you want your emoticons to come alive? This is the plugin you need! Your (: will turn into ☺ and your < 3 will turn into ♥. These are not the only emoticons that come with this plugins, we have integrated 25+ emoticons to spice up your chat! How to Download "Emoticons" Place "Emoticons" in your (/plugins/) folder. Reload or Restart your server. Begin using it! Note- You need to include the parentheses for certain symbols to appear....


Jun 08, 2015 Release
EssKitView by JohnCrafted This is a plugin just made for viewing kits for players if they "need" to see the kit. Installation 1. Download the plugin 2. Find the folder you downloaded it to. 3. Put the plugin jar file into your server plugins folder. 4. Start your server 5. You are done with installation! Hurray!! How to setup signs YOU NEED TO BE OP OR HAVE THIS PERMISSION: Esskitview.createsign And then you place a sign and write this: You replace <kit name> with the name of your kit! I used...
Equal Trade

Equal Trade

Jun 06, 2015 Planning
Features This plugin allows you trade any item for another item of equal value. To do this you convert an item into EMC points, then with your EMC points you can crate other items. This plugin is inspired by, and similar to, the Forge Mod: Equivalent Exchange. For all of this you will need a Minimum Stone, info on how to get and use a Minimum Stone is below. To craft a Minimum Stone you need a Inert Stone, and 8 Minimum Dust: You get Minimum Dust from killing hostile mobs, its a fairly rare...

Enchantment Upgrade

Jun 06, 2015 Release
Updated for 1.8 Tier 3 and Tier 5 Altar Formations are WRONG on the Bukkit Page! Tier 3 needs a redstone block instead of obsidian. Tier 5 needs a bookshelf on top of the lapis lazuli block. We all have those times when we say to ourselves, "Man, I wish my sword was a tad bit stronger," or, "I need to become more powerful to defeat the Enderdragon!" Now you can say goodbye to simple wishes, and turn it into a reality with the Enchantment Upgrade plugin! What Does it Do? This plugin has 1 main...
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Extra Hard Mode

Jun 04, 2015 Release
Extra Hard Mode changes the game rules to create NEW, INTERESTING CHALLENGES for players who have mastered the core game. Unlike Mojang's "hard" mode or other plugins' "hardcore" modes which just punish you more for making mistakes without actually changing game mechanics, Extra Hard Mode delivers interesting new challenges for advanced players. Important Info Detailed rundown of all features and configuration help Check here or here (alternate formatting) You can enable specific features...


Jun 03, 2015 Release
This is a world generator that creates empty/void worlds. I created this plugin because we needed a reliable and easy way to create empty worlds on my network (mainly for minigames), and none of the plugins I found satisfied me. This plugin's main purpose is to create worlds. However, to make building easier, it also has an option in its config that is enabled by default. If it is enabled, worlds will have a circle of bedrock at 0, 64, 0 (location and circle radius can be changed from config)...


Jun 02, 2015 Release
EnderSeer This is plugin that allows you to open other players enderchest. This is useful for servers that don't want any huge plugins and just want to open enderchests to other players. Commands Optional [] /enderchest [player] Permissions enderseer.enderchest - Allows players to open their OWN enderchest. enderseer.enderchest.others - Allows players to open OTHER players enderchest. Very small plugin, i know but some people like this style of plugins :)


May 31, 2015 Release
#1 trolling plugin out there! FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!!! Fake op, Fake leave, Fake join.... Customize message output in config - Color codes work in the config! - Select a player in the config with %player%! Fake op players Fake join players Fake leave players Permissions CommandDescription /fakeop <player>Fake op a player! /fakejoin <player>Fake join any player! /fakeleave <player>Fake leave any player! PermissionDescription ezcommands.fakeopLet's players troll other players by pretending to op...


May 31, 2015 Beta
EZCrate's! A super easy Setup! Features: ♢Custom key lore ♢Custom key names ♢Multiple crates ♢Multiple commands ♢Multiple locations ♢Setting crates ♢Unsetting crates ♢Giving players keys ♢Lang File Commands: /crates /crates set (crate name) /crates unset /crates give (player) (crate name) (amount) For giving key's! /crates reload Reload's the crate's config!
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Exotic Garden

May 30, 2015 Release
Exotic Garden is a Slimefun Addon which generates new Plants all over your World. It includes several new Fruits as well as their trees and new Berries and Berry Bushes. But of course it also adds a couple new Food Sources to the game. For every Berry there is also a Juice, a Smoothie and a Pie available. However there are only some Fruits which also come with their Juice and Pies. And if you dont happen to be lucky and find a Bush/Tree in the world, you can also obtain them by breaking tall...
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May 30, 2015 Release
Introduction Welcome to the official page of my (first) plugin, EnderSurfer! This plugin features live ender pearl teleportation. This means that, instead of throwing an ender pearl and waiting for it to hit the ground, it makes it as if you are the ender pearl and you travel just like it would travel. Notes Before running your server with this plugin, make sure to set allow-flight to true in your server.properties file to avoid player kicks for no reason. Should you find any bugs, please let...

Elder Guardian Boss

May 30, 2015 Release
Features This plugin makes the Elder Guardian an actual boss like the Wither and Ender Dragon.You sill have to find the Elder Guardians in the underwater temples. But now they have more health, a boss bar showing their health and name, they drop a randomly enchanted prismarine sword (along with their normal loot), you can change the loot dropped to anything you want. They can also spawn regular guardians. If they hit you with their beams you get potion effects, by default poison and nausea....


May 29, 2015 Planning
Making a hardcore survival server? This is the plugin for you! This plugin will automatically ban players upon death. Make your server come to life, and death literally. Automatically bans a player upon death! COMMAND FREE! There are currently no commands that come with this plugin. There are currently no permissions that come with this plugin. Add lives Add revive command Add config There is currently no config that comes with this plugin.

Enders Game (BungeeCord)

May 28, 2015 Planning
This is a continuation of my Enders Game plugin that supports BungeeCord, For full description go to Enders Game Site. You need to download the target file (for the server the game will actually be played on) and the hub file (for the hub server that you join from). Enders Game is a team mini-game where players fly around in zero-gravity and can push off of objects by double clicking space bar to launch themselves. They can shoot with their "flash gun" and killing a player takes them out of...


May 26, 2015 Release
Overview EnchantmentPack is a collection of custom enchantments made for EnchantmentAPI that add variety to the enchantments in the game from general on-hit effects and defensive effects to activatable abilities. Simply adding this plugin along with EnchantmentAPI adds all the enchantments into the game, allowing you to get them while using enchanting tables just like any normal enchantment! Another way to get the enchantments is to use the command from EnchantmentAPI. These enchantments were...

Explosive Wand

May 26, 2015 Release
Explosive Wand is a very simple, lightweight plugin, that gives the player an item specified in the config and turns it into an Explosive Wand. Where you can right click anything and it creates an explosion. The explosion size can be editable through in game commands. New Update Info The recent update has added permissions to the plugin and a new explosion size. The permissions are available below. The new size is called Nuclear. WARNING: Using this size will cause EXTREAM lag and might crash...


May 24, 2015 Planning
✕ [EPIC PVP] ✕ ★ Features ★ ✱ Armor Automaticly goes to their places while doing /Tank ... ✱ Support Kits ✱ Kit GUI ✱ REQUIRED http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/epic-pvp-gui-kit-selector.3553/ ✱ Trash Command /Trash , Trash.use ✱ Disposal Command /Disposal , Disposal.use ✱ Kits Per a life! ✱ Cannot Drop Items! ✱ HeadShots on hit Player With a bow at the Head :D ✱ HeadShots Protect | Headshot.protect ✱ Added Health Below The Name :D ✱ Jump Pads moving on sponge :D ✱ Player Kill Event ✱ Added...