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EnderHoppers For GriefPrevention

Feb 20, 2015 Release
Version 1.3 Updated for Spigot 1.8.1 API and GriefPrevention 10.7.1. I'm as surprised as anybody, given my long hiatus. This Plugin works with GriefPrevention and allows Hopper functionality to work with EnderChests by dealing with the EnderChest inventory of the claim owner. Configuration can be done by editing the file /EnderHoppers/config.yml in your plugin directory, and currently allows for the adjustment of how often items are taken from or given to appropriate EnderChest Inventories....


Feb 19, 2015 Release
CPower If you like this plugin, check out this -> Fuelbomb About EPower is a lightweight plugin that bring splitter grenades into the game. So, it explode and "splitter" (Arrows) fly through the air. This splitter grenades are craftable. You can also give the grenades a custom name with colors. Videos English Config OptionDescription item_nameGive the grenade a custom name with color. give_command_nameSet a custom name for the "/epower give" command. powerSet the power of the explosion....


Feb 19, 2015 Release
With this plugin installed, rename a diamond pick (with an anvil) to the name of "branchminer" and then start mining stone, gravel, dirt, cobblestone, and grass. Any diamond pick named "branchminer" will instantly break the next 25 blocks in front of you once the first block is broken. The plugin will skip any block that is not stone, gravel, dirt, cobblestone, or grass, so if there's any ores in the tunnel being mined, you can break it with a silk touch or fortune pick. The pick is...


Feb 16, 2015 Release
Just put EditableSign.jar in the plugins folder. You can Sneak + Right-click to edit the sign which is already placed! (only if you have "editablesign.edit" permission) If WorldGuard option is turned on , you would need to set either USE = allow or INTERACT = allow (the latest WG 6.0 uses INTERACT flag). This plugin also supports NoCheatPlus plugin. (tested against 3.12.0 - b793) You can also edit Essentials' signs ([Sell], [Buy], [Disposal], etc.) This plugin is based on libraryadict's...


Feb 14, 2015 Release
/heal Heals yourself /feed Fills up your hunger bar /gm <0|1|2> Change your gamemode /day Change the time to day /sun Change the weather to sun /rain Change the weather to rain /night Change the time to night /ecmd Show some info /ecmd help List all commands /kick <player> Kicks a player from the server /tp <player> Teleports you to the player /fly <on|off> Change flymode /difficulty <0|1|2|3> Change difficulty /setspawn Sets the spawnpoint /spawn Teleports youn to the spawn /sethome <name>...


Feb 14, 2015 Release
== NOTE: THERE ARE A ALOT OF BUGS, I WILL BE RELEASING A NEW VERSION SHORTLY THAT SHOULD BE BUG FREE. == Features Multiple Kits. Kit Selecting GUI. Information This plugin help people with things such as, PVP/ Building or Anything else.It is a very small plugin, So it wont take a lot of space up on your server, So you can enjoy more time PVPing, Instead of setting up kits!, Or you can use it for Food so you don't die of Hunger, Raiding bases (Useful for PVP Servers) and Building Amazing...


Feb 13, 2015 Release
Welcome Hey Everyone! I know you guys have been waiting and waiting for so long. It's finally here. The new and improved EzplexMC Plugin NOW WITH A CONFIG! WOO! Please leave Comments to help me improve my Plugin! If you would like something added, I will take it into consideration. Also, please PM me your server that uses EzplexMC. I will be more than happy to add it to the "Servers" page. Main Permissions ezplexmc.ezhat (Allows players get a glass hat) ezplexmc.welcome (Allows players to use...


Feb 13, 2015 Planning
This plugin will add a blood effect to players and mobs. This is good for Mob Arenas, PvP Battles or, OITC Permissions: NONE! JUST DRAG AND DROP Commands: NONE! JUST DRAG AND DROP Planned Features: - Different block breaking for blood - Groups (different effect per group) - Toggler Extras Email - [email protected] MC Server - MC Server Info - http://bit.do/kcraft Skype - Mr123keelos PMC - 123keelos_ Bukkit - 123keelos or 123keelos_ Donations Click this link to donate -...
EasyWarnings Logo


Feb 12, 2015 Release
Warnings is a simple plugin to keep track of the people you warn and to notify them! With this plugin you can keep track of as many people as you want with warnings it is a very simple plugin to use with a lot to come very soon! Commands: /Warnings - Main command and help page! /Warnings help - Shows the help page! /Warnings check - Checks how many warnings the sender has! /Warnings check [Player] - Checks how many warnings that player has! /Warnings warn [Player] - Adds a warning to the...


Feb 12, 2015 Release
EasyOPcmd EasyOPcmd is a lightweight management plugin for administrators, It consists of very basic commands and features you will need to run a server. Some of the features it includes are: MOTD Color for Admin's Info Command Game mode Shortcut's Website Information Fake messanger Update Notifier When an update is for this plugin is available the plugin will warn you that you need to go to Bukkit-Dev and update it. (Please note this does NOT automatically update the plugin, it just warns...


Feb 09, 2015 Release
What is this project? This project is called "EasYPerms" This project aims to add new commands to the game. Introduction This plugin does many new things!. What about a config? For Version 1.9 I will try to add a customizable config. Commands And Permissions! Bugs, feedback, reports or suggestions? The description will be updated over time, Along with adding new commands and permissions, If you have any bugs,reports,feedback or suggestions, leave them in the comment section. NOTE:eCommands...


Feb 09, 2015 Planning
== - Enchants - == - What is it? This is, simply put, a TimTheEnchanter 2.0 upgrade. It fully supports 1.8 and is a very useful plugin for those who like to be in control over things. It has a built in rename and relore command so you can make an ultimate tool/weapon/armour. - Commands: /enchant <enchantmentID|enchantmentName|minecraftEnchantmentName> <level> : For the enchantmentID you can look here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Data_values#Enchantment_IDs <level> : The level you want it...

Enjin Minecraft Plugin

Feb 09, 2015 Release
Enjin - DonationCraft - Donation & Website Plugin Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin - DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin! DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) - ALL FREE! ChestShop GUI! (On by default) Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details) Cumulative Packages - Automatically discount or offer upgrades on items...

Easy PluginManager GUI

Feb 08, 2015 Release
Did you ever want to reload every plugin alone ? Did you ever want to disable/enable plugins very easy ? Did you ever want this in a clear and simple GUI ? Description: Then this plugin is perfect for your Server. It allows you to manage all your plugins in a very simple and fast way with only one command! Commands: /editplugins - Opens the editing GUI Permissions 'pluginmanager.edit' - Use the main command TODO - Do you have any ideas ?


Feb 06, 2015 Planning
Hi, do you remember my old plugin 'Simple-Effects'? Well, this is It, but the code has been re-written. Download Version 2.0 DOWNLOAD Features Gives your player some potion effects. Simple-to-use commands; In-game list of the potion effects; Constantly updating. Future Features Adding a GUI; Adding Signs; Adding effects on item; Adding particular events; No other ideas (Tell me yours); Commands /effects => Shows you some info about this plugin; /effects help => Shows you all commands;...


Feb 05, 2015 Alpha
EpicSpleef is a plugin for the minecraft minigame spleef. You don't know what spleef is? You can find a great description >here<. THIS PLUGIN IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT AND DOES NOT HAVE ITS FULL FUNCTIONALITY! Don't expect this plugin to be bugfree! Statistics Multilingual (language file) Scoreboard Uses some cool 1.8 features like titles Highly configurable Infinite arenas Supports lobbies (optional) Ingame shop for particles and similar stuff (not implementet yet) Get snowballs for destroying...


Feb 04, 2015 Planning
About EasyBounty plugin is a simple and easy to use, bounty plugin that allows users to place bounties on targets then gain rewards for filling them. Features Place Bounties Fill Bounties Reload Config Show Bounty List Permissions Permission NodeDefaultEffect bounty.placeEveryoneAllows user to place bounties bounty.listEveryoneAllows users to see a list of bounties bounty.guideEveryoneAllows users to see a list of bounty commands bounty.reloadOpAllows users to reload the bounty config Config...

Enchantment Tokens Addon

Feb 01, 2015 Release
This plugin works with Enchantment Tokens (dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/enchantment-tokens) to add Backpack signs from the plugin PrisonUtils (dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/prisonutils)! You must be running the latest version of both plugins for this to work! == Signs: == -Backpack- <slots> (Like 9 18 27 ect) <etokenamount> It'll automatically create the sign for you :)

Ez Site

Feb 01, 2015 Planning
Ez Site: A Brand New Way For Server Owners To Have Easy Access For A WebSite! General Information Ez Site is a plugin developed and coded by piggykiller100 for a brand new revolutionary way to let your players access your website almost immediately! The Setup Color Codes Ez Site Lets You Pick From ALL of the colors available in Minecraft through the configurable yml! In order to do this, navigate to your plugins folder and open up a folder in it thats called "Site_Command" NOTE:You Must At...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
EggBlocker EggBlocker is a plugin that disables mob spawn eggs for players without the required permission node. Permission nodes Permission nodeDescription eggblocker.egg.useAllows you to use a mob spawn egg. This plugin has no commands and configuration file.