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Nov 13, 2014 Release
EasyKits Version: v1.5.12 Features: Easily create and remove kits in-game First join kit In-game gui view of kits and items in kit. Economy support - Requires Vault Sign support 1.6.x-1.7.x compatible NOTE: If using a version of CraftBukkit older than 1.7.9, download EasyKits v1.4.7 Optional Dependencies Vault - Required to use economy support Installation: Drop EasyKits.jar into plugins directory Run Server Edit config.yml to your liking /kit reload Enjoy! Usage: To create a kit, simply...
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Nov 12, 2014 Planning
The perfect solution for a prestige system in any type of server rankup scenario! Allow players the ability to /prestige when they reach a certain rank to start over as a prestige player! You can create as many prestige levels you want! This plugin is compatible with EZRanksLite and should with almost any other /rankup plugin! No database needed aside from your permissions plugin to keep track of what prestige a player is! Commands <command> <info> <permission> /prestige player command to...


Nov 11, 2014 Release
EasyColorChat About EasyColorChat allows players to have a default chat color by simply using a command. Features Set a player's default chat color with just one command! Set your own default chat color with just one command! Allow what colors players can use! Change the messages provided by EasyColorChat! Use an in-game help menu provided by EasyColorChat! See all of the color codes with just one command! Installation Download the plugin then drop it into your plugins folder. Restart/reload...
Time2Play - EnderBow

Enderman Bow

Nov 11, 2014 Release
Description Français : Ce plugin codé par Time2Play fait partie du grand Pack de plugins Time2Play. Premier plugin a être sur Bukkit, j'espère qu'il vous sera utile. Vous pouvez retrouver ce plugin sur notre serveur à l'adresse : time2play.mc-srv.com L'Ender Bow est un arc magique utilisé par les Enderman pour se téléporter. Utilisez votre Ender Bow (Arc Ender) en tirant une flèche de l'ender qui vous téléportera. Pratique pour se déplacer rapidement, ou dans des jeux personnalisés....


Nov 11, 2014 Release
EVYieldinator Description A simple plugin that allows users on a Pixelmon server(or any server, although I don't know how useful this plugin is outside of a Pixelmon server) to view the yields of Pokemon with a simple command! Commands - "/yield [pokemon]" - Displays the EV yields of a Pokemon; Accessible by default Permissions - None
Extra Recipes

Extra Recipes

Nov 09, 2014 Planning
Extra Recipes This Is A Small Little Plugin(But Growing) That Adds 3(As Of Now) Recipes To Your Game. Name Tags I Made 2 Ways Of Crafting A Name Tag They Are The Same Just Facing Different Directions In The Crafting Grid. Saplings I've Added A Way To Get A Oak Sapling. All You Need Is To Drop A Oak Leaf In Any Spot In The Crafting Table. Mossy Cobblestone When You Take One Piece Of Cobblestone and put it With Vines What Will It Make?...... VINE COBBLE :) JK Yeah You Really Get Mossy Cobble...

Essences / Esencias

Nov 09, 2014 Alpha
ESSENCES / ESENCIAS :) English This is a plugin that add essences. These essences are good for a survival-PVP or just for a hub-lobby server. The firts idea I've is 4 essences: Air (Feather) Fire (Magma Cream) Water (Ghast Tear) Earth (Seeds) Commands and Permissions /essences => Info about the super essence (Gold Nugget) /einfo => Info about the plugin This proyect is experimental! Español Este plugin añade esencias. Estas esencias son buenas para un servidor survival-PVP o simplemente para...


Nov 09, 2014 Release
EasyTrading Hey, Your server is full of scammers? You have searched for an item trading plugin? Other reasons? Here are you right! This plugin is a simple trading plugin for items and money. << Features >> Trade items in an inventory Support for Money (Currency) Multiple ways to trade Protection when you click out of inventory (No item loss) Trade automatically stops on server reload / restart Cancel trade if you close inventory World Blacklist In trade you cannot pick up items Commands (can...
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Nov 07, 2014 Release
With this Plugin Players on your Server can use Commands to get Effects like a jump- or speedboost effect. In the Configuration you can Disable the Effects you don't need for your Server. You can configurate how many the Effects costs for each amplifier. Also you can change the duration of each effect of each amplifier. To use the Commands the Player have to have the Permissions for the Command [stand down]. Many Effects exists and more coming soon. Many Effects with the different amplifer...


Nov 07, 2014 Release
Overview This is a simple Bukkit.org plugin that was developed for server administrators and moderators to punish and warn their players with. EasyWarnings is a simple plugin created for server administration and protection to keep players healthy and away from harm. This can be used in griefing punishments rather than bans, so they get second chances, etc. Download the plugin and enjoy, thanks. Commands /warn <user> <reason> - Warn a user with reason. /seewarns <user> - See's current...
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Nov 07, 2014 Release
Emojix Emojix - Emojis for Minecraft Tired of feeling like someone doesn't understand the tone that your speaking in? Need some emotion in your life? No need to fear, Emojix is here! Emojix adds fun, lively emojis to your minecraft server. No need to have awkward conversations anymore. Were you up all night and now you're feeling tired? Wake up with a quick zap ϟ! Are you in love? Well it's time to show it ❤!. Oh no, it's raining ☁❅!!! No need to worry, Emojix has you covered ☂☼. Here's the...


Nov 06, 2014 Beta
Enderwar What is EnderWar? You spawn on a platform and you can get chests like in SurvivalGames. You can mine every block and try to find chests to get items. The first 2 minutes you are invincible and you can equip yourself. During the game you get randomly teleportet and sometimes the chests disappear. You can also find enchantment-tables and endstone-blocks to get a speed buff. In the lobby you can choose your kit and fight with it. Features Lobby Achievements Headshot when not wearing a...

E-Z Names

Nov 06, 2014 Release
E-Z Names E-Z Names is a plugin that will allow you to change the names and color of the names of the item you are holding, or of a target player! E-Z Names will also allow you to add clan tags to players and color them as well. Think of it like this: Tag_Playername. You are also allowed to do different tag styles like parentheses, curly brackets, and regular brackets! All colors in the Bukkit API can be used in-game to color item names, player names, or player tags. This plugin can be used...
Mounter Logo

Entity Mounter

Nov 06, 2014 Release
Entity Mounter Features This is a very light weight plugin where you can make any entity mount any other entity. To do this use the command: /mount <rider> <mount> The <rider> and <mount> tags must be replace with one of these: self, mob, mobName, playerName Self means you, mob means whatever entity your looking at, mobName is the name of a mob (like pig). And playerName is the name of any on-line player. So for example if you did: /mount Toby wolf, The player Toby would be mounted on a wolf....

Emerald Tools

Nov 05, 2014 Beta
Emerald Tools! Use emeralds to craft diamond tools and armor with random enchantments! Donate and Support the plugin! \\ Features Craft armor with emeralds and get diamond armor with a random enchantment! Craft armor with emeralds and a diamond to get Tier 2 tools/armor! Craft armor with emeralds and a diamond and a blaze powder to get Tier 3 tools/armor! Tier 2 items have 2x durability Tier 3 items have 3x durability and are guaranteed to get a good enchantment! Any suggestions are welcome...


Nov 03, 2014 Planning
[Effects] Created by BILLIlike, Dev+Spain creator. This plugin adds for now, five commands. This five commands add to the player, the following effects: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- /velocidad: Adds to the player speed for 45 seconds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- /vida: Adds to the player heal for 45 seconds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- /absorcion: Adds to the...
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Nov 03, 2014 Beta
This plugin is well on its way to become the new and ultimate alternative to the towny/faction series. This plugin will allow you to create == magnificent empires containing many villages within, and within these villages you can create castles! Through much customization and flexibility, the owners of the servers will be able to create the building designs that you can build to produce defenses and/or income (I will provide some default designs and a page to post yours when it is finished.)...

Enchantment Tokens

Nov 02, 2014 Release
Due to people claiming this plugin as their own, I will not be supporting this project anymore. Just to name a few: prison-hq.com <- Do not join big copycat server. More coming soon...


Nov 02, 2014 Alpha
Enjin News is a Bukkit plugin which gets news from your servers Enjin website and displays it to players in game with configurable notifications and many other features! Please Note: This project is experimental because currently the Enjin servers will block access to website content for anything that isn't a browser (which includes this plugin) Until the Enjin API 2.0 comes out this plugin will not function properly as it is highly likely that it will not be able to reach your website...


Nov 01, 2014 Release
EasyMessenger Easy messenger is an plugin that can easly create a custom broadcast Configuration file included Commands /em /emalert /embc /emreload /emstats /emm /chat /freeze /emplayer Permissions easym.reload easym.m easym.* easym.pm; easym.bc easym.pm easym.freeze easym.chat /** /Hi / /*