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Dec 10, 2014 Release
EasyServerCommands - Plugin This is a simple plugin with some really nice features for your own server: /heal [player] > Allows you to heal a player. permission: EasyServerCommands.heal /feed [player] > Allows you to feed a player. permission: EasyServerCommands.feed /ram > Allows you to display your server memory. permission: EasyServerCommands.ram /s [player] or /survival [player] > Allows you to change your gamemode or the gamemode from other players into survival. permission:...


Dec 09, 2014 Release
EasyItemRename Looking for more ease? Try out EasyColorChat! About Easily give your players access to renaming and loring items with one permission! Just use the renaming or loring command while holding an item, and then it gets renamed or lored! You can use spaces and colors, too! This is a wonderful donor perk for anyone's server! When the rename or lore command is used, it automatically logs the information into a log.txt file in EasyItemRename's folder. You can also charge players for...

Effects v.2.0

Dec 07, 2014 Release
Effects v.2.0 In this version we use the "equalsIgnoreCase" method and now you can add the "Effects" effect to another players! To use the commands, you need to be "op" player. Commands: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /velocidad: This command gives you speed for 45 seconds! /vida: This command regenerates all your life hearts. /absorcion: This command gives you absorption for 45 seconds! /comida: This command regenerates all your food thigs. /salto: This command gives you jump boost for...

E-Z Names

Dec 06, 2014 Release
E-Z Names E-Z Names is a plugin that will allow you to change the names and color of the names of the item you are holding, or of a target player! E-Z Names will also allow you to add clan tags to players and color them as well. Think of it like this: Tag_Playername. You are also allowed to do different tag styles like parentheses, curly brackets, and regular brackets! All colors in the Bukkit API can be used in-game to color item names, player names, or player tags. This plugin can be used...


Dec 04, 2014 Release
THANKS FOR < 27k DOWNLOADS | EasyChatManager | 1.7.9 UPDATE UP!! German/Deutsch: Neu!! ChatPrefix Update! (PERMISSIONSEX !Wird automatisch erkannt!) Beispiel: ("[%time%]%prefix%%playername%&f: %suffix%%message%") Mute Plugin! Installation: Tue die .jar in deinen "plugins" Ordner Restarte den Server (Reloaded bringt bugs!) Genieße EasyChatManager :) Über das Plugin: EasyChatManager ist ein ChatManager Plugin mit einigen Extrafunktionen! z.B. erlaubt es Spielern mit Permissions den Chat nach...


Dec 04, 2014 Release
EssentialsWarpMenu EssentialsWarpMenu EssentialsWarpMenu allows the use of Essentials warps through an inventory GUI. Simply run the command to open the inventory, and select your desired destination. Usage Before starting the server, make sure you have Essentials installed. Download the plugin Drag and drop the .jar file to your plugins directory Reload or restart your server If you experience any problems installing the plugin, feel free to make a ticket. Commands...


Dec 03, 2014 Release
CPower If you like this plugin, check out this -> Fuelbomb About EPower is a lightweight plugin that bring splitter grenades into the game. So, it explode and "splitter" (Arrows) fly through the air. This splitter grenades are craftable. You can also give the grenades a custom name with colors. Videos English Config OptionDescription item_nameGive the grenade a custom name with color. give_command_nameSet a custom name for the "/epower give" command. powerSet the power of the explosion....


Dec 02, 2014 Release
Your new easy arena Do you ever had the dream of your own arena on your server? This plugin allows you to do so! You just have to set the spawnpoint and the killexp and your players can fight! There are two different classes at the moment. (more are planned) These are the "fighter" (sword) and the "archer" (bow) class. You can modify the exp the killer gets for a kill. Also the killer is called out in the Chat with a new text. What this plugin offers: easy to handle few simple commands to...


Dec 01, 2014 Release
EasyAchievements is a simple easy to use plugin that allows you to create custom Achievements that you and your players can unlock! Commands /ea help Description: Basic help command Permission: easyachievements.help /ea addAchievement [achievementName] Description: Adds a Custom Achievement Permission: easyachievements.addAchievement /ea removeAchievement [achievementName] Description: Removes a Custom Achievement Permission: easyachievements.removeAchievement /ea setValue [achievementName]...


Dec 01, 2014 Release
EasyNoSwear By EndenDragon Is your players grumpy? Have you ever wondered to add a basic no swearing plugin that kicks people and warn the admins when he/she swears? How about a no swearing plugin that logs in a specific file of all the times when the player swore? With EasyNoSwear, it can happen! It features: Kick on swearing Custom config list add your own swears Broadcast so that players and admins will get notified and shame on them A separate logfile w/Timestamps as .txt for the server...


Dec 01, 2014 Release
NOTE: ExpRewards uses an AutoUpdater. If you wish to disable this feature, set Use_Auto_Updater in the config.yml to false. NOTE: If you are updating from Version 1.0, you will need to replace LevelUpRewards with ExpRewards in your permissions.yml file. NOTE: As of v1.4, ExpRewards requires Vault. Download it here. Features All players with the specified permission will gain rewards for every 5 levels they gain. Please note that this plugin also disables exp loss on death to prevent players...


Nov 30, 2014 Release
This is a simple Broadcast Plugin that has no prefixes and simple command and perms. also a /say feature witch put your username as a prefix in [ and ] brackets. Commands: /bc - broadcast a message (alias: /broadcast) /say - broadcast a message with your name Permission: em.broadcast.bc - /bc em.broadcast.say - /say TODO: Add Color Code SupportColor Codes Are Added.


Nov 30, 2014 Release
Anyone who has been active on the main forums in the last few days must surely have already heard the news. I'm not going to comment on why and how, but the short version is that Bukkit is almost certainly not getting passed this. Consequently, the future of BukkitDev is very uncertain. Even if the legal matters were resolved tomorrow there isn't really anybody left to deal with file submissions anyway. There's no indication about how long the site will stay up and what will happen to the...
EZRanksLite main logo


Nov 30, 2014 Release
Have you been looking for a plugin that allows you to have more flexibility with your rankups? EZRanksLite is the most customizable /rankup plugin! Quote from EZRanksLite:I depend on Vault! In order for me to charge players to rankup through your economy, I need you to make sure Vault is installed! You can get Vault Here Video tutorial by Koz4Christ Video tutorial by Mineplay.com You can try out EZRanksLite on DeluxePrison play.deluxeprison.us EZRanksLite is a stripped down, lightweight, but...


Nov 29, 2014 Release
EasySpleef is a simple spleef plugin that allows server owners to set up a area with thin seconds! Dependencies World Edit(Optional) Developer Info SpleefAPI Spleef Events Current Features Manage Spleef Arenas Each Command has its own Permission Set Amount of players needed Set Amount of players that can play Custom Modes Change messages API Events Easy to fine problems Much More... Things to Come More Spleef Modes Videos Plugin Showcase (Recorded EasySpleef v0.1.2) Commands /sp help - Lists...

Explosive Wand

Nov 27, 2014 Release
Explosive Wand is a very simple, lightweight plugin, that gives the player an item specified in the config and turns it into an Explosive Wand. Where you can right click anything and it creates an explosion. The explosion size can be editable through in game commands. Note I wrote this plugin in about 5 minutes, hence the simplicity of it, so if you choose to look at the source code on the github repo, you have been warned. Also, I really only created a github repo for this project to teach...

Easy Grenade

Nov 27, 2014 Release
Easy Grenade! - A wonderful, cool, and amazing, simple plugin! What is it? Easy grenade is a plugin where you simply can craft a grenade, and throw it to cause fire. This does not cause explosive damage, however, I'm willing to add that if you people think it would more suit a 'grenade' type of plugin. It was more of a PvP-use. Use: Simply right click to throw the grenade. It will make an explosive sound, and leave some particle effects. To install this plugin, simply drag and drop it to your...

Easy Flight

Nov 27, 2014 Release
Easy Flight This plugin allows creative flight in survival or adventure mode with a simple command! Commands & Permissions Commands: /fly: Enable Flight /flyoff: Disable Flight Permissions: fly.permission: allows full access to easy flight


Nov 25, 2014 Planning
Ever wanted a one use token for an ender chest? Well here it is! No commands are necessary, just drag and drop into your plugins folder and have fun. This plugin uses the power of an egg throw to open your Enderchest allowing for several possible uses. This Plugin is my first so do not expect to much from me, but please leave suggestion on how I could improve it below and i will try to include it in the next update of the plugin.
Logo By RaphaelSimon

Experience Bank II

Nov 25, 2014 Release
Go to any EXP bank sign, see your own stats, and deposit or withdraw EXP. Just one EXP bank can manage the EXP of the whole server. Click here for the SPANISH documentation [Experience Bank II v0.1.0] This plugin was created at the request of Stormbow (Check him out :) ) It uses a similar mechanic to my other plugin: Individual Signs Plus - You can walk up to any EXP Bank sign and see your OWN stats! - There is no limit to how many people can look at and use a single sign - You can have as...