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Jul 16, 2014 Release
EntityManager - Stay in control! Description Control monster eggs, enchanting, mobs, potions, items, and more! Supports latest minecraft! You can also block baby mobs and villager zombies! Download Permissions Source code General Highly efficient: EntityManager was designed with performance in mind, and the plugin is small too (>40kb). MultiWorld: A config file is generated for every world on your server! Permissions: the config values can be overridden by players with permission! Logging:...


Jul 16, 2014 Release
Description: EzSpawnEggs is a plugin that allows you to craft spawn eggs. (every spawn egg included) Installation: 1. Download the EzSpawnEggs jar file 2. Drag the jar into the folder of your server named "plugins" 3. All done, enjoy the plugin! Commands: None. Permissions: Coming soon Recipes: For a complete list of spawn egg recipes, click here. Questions: Have any questions, concerns, or bugs to report? PM me or submit a ticket.


Jul 16, 2014 Release
[EasyBroadcast] Also have a look at my other plugins: CommandManager Now with custom prefix & color support! This plugin allows you to send automatically messages with different delays. This messages and delays can be defined. It supports at the moment five seperate messages. This plugin will be updated and expanded from time to time! Services: custom prefix color support sending automatically defined messages at different delays a command to send a message to all the automatically defined...


Jul 15, 2014 Planning
This plugin is a really good way for VIP commands. One Permission, many commands. This way, we make your VIP easier to manage ;) Simply put the VipCommands.jar file in your Plugins folder and restart your server. CommandPermissionDescription /vFlyvipcmd.use.allEnable Fly. /vHealvipcmd.use.allHeals you. /vFeedvipcmd.use.allFeeds You. /vSpeedvipcmd.use.allGives you speed 4 effect. /vRemoveSpeedvipcmd.use.allRemoves Speed 4 effect. /vGodvipcmd.use.allGives you resistance 30 effect....


Jul 15, 2014 Planning
EasyFreeze EasyFreeze ...for Bukkit EasyFreeze is a Bukkit plugin which allows admins or moderators to freeze players who are being unruly. EasyFreeze provides several types of freezing: Regular freezing - Freezes the player until they are unfrozen Permanent freezing - Like regular freezing, but the plugin stores the data to keep them frozen between server restarts Temporary freezing - Freezes a player for a given amount of time Commands /freeze [playername] [time] - invokes regular or...

Easier Ores

Jul 15, 2014 Planning
What it does When EasierOres is enabled, players on the server will have the ability to craft ores from their ingot form or from ingots of different ores. Permissions None Commands None Recipes COAL ORE C_S_C S_C_S C_S_C ( C = Coal, S = Stone) IRON ORE S_S_S I_S_I S_S_S ( I = Iron Ingot, S = Stone) O_S_O S_S_S O_S_O ( O = Coal Ore, S = Stone) GOLD ORE S_S_S G_S_G S_S_S ( S = Stone, G = Gold Ingot) I_S_I S_I _S I_S_I ( I = Iron Ingot, S = Stone) DIAMOND ORE D _S_D S_S_S D_S_D ( D = Diamond, S...
EnderSurfer Icon


Jul 13, 2014 Release
Description Welcome to my first plugin! This plugin features live enderpearl teleportation. This means that, instead of throwing an enderpearl and waiting for it to hit the ground, it makes it as if you are the enderpearl and you travel just like it would travel. Note Before running your server with this plugin, make sure to set allow-flight to true in your server.properties file to avoid player kicks for no reason. Features Enderpearl teleportation on-the-go. Custom velocity. Custom heart...

EnderPearl Cooldown

Jul 12, 2014 Release
Ender Pearl Cooldown Simple Bukkit plugin to add a cooldown or cost to ender pearls. Goals balance PvP prevent ender pearl glitching (moving through protected blocks by spamming pearls) Features add cooldown to ender pearls disable ender pearls completely on a per-user basis (permission) charge money for throwing pearls customizable messages for failed pearl throws Installation Drop the jar in your craftbukkit/plugins folder. Per default, enderpearls will have a cooldown of 3 seconds....
Items as enchant icons


Jul 12, 2014 Release
EnchantGUI Description This is EnchantGUI. Using EnchantGUI you can allow your users to enchant their items easily with a nice interface. Purchase of the enchants are done using your server's economy. You will need Vault in order to use the plugin! Prices of the enchants can be customized in the configuration file. Features Full list of enchants that can be bought from an in-game interface Edit prices for each enchant in a config Ability to buy different levels of the enchants. Prices are...
Nether Star

Easier Nether Star

Jul 11, 2014 Planning
What Easier Nether Star Does When this plugin is equipped, you will have the ability to craft a nether star without having to fight the wither! this plugin is meant only to help advance players once they have reached a point in the game at which they can afford to craft a nether star. Commands None Permissions None Crafting Recipe NETHER STAR H_H_H H_D_H B_S_B (H = Wither Skull, D = Diamond Block, B = Bow, S = Diamond Sword) Recipe also shown under images


Jul 11, 2014 Release
ExperienceMultiplier With this plugin, you'll be able to add experience multipliers to players. If a player has a multiplier he will gain more experience when picking up an experience orb! For example, if the player has a multiplier of 3 and he kills a cow of which drops 10 experience points the player will pick up 10*3 experience instead of 10 while a player without a multiplier only gains 10 experience as normal. You can also use the experience event which will add or set a specified...


Jul 10, 2014 Beta
INTRODUCTION: Hello, "EditableMessages" is my first plugin, I hope you will enjoy it. COMMANDS: /cjm <DISPLAYS THE HELP> /cjmEN <ENGLISH EXPLANATION> /cjmGER <GERMAN EXPLANTION> FEATURES: Tired of the nasty and boring standart Vanilla messages, like : Unknown command. Type /help for help. or <Player> joined the game? With "EditableMessages" you have the Ability to change all these messages. Very easy to handle. If you have any issues, contact me! PERMISSIONS: Sorry, there are no Permissions...


Jul 09, 2014 Release
EffectLib Version Current version: 1.6 Forum: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/effectlib-manage-your-effects-the-nice-way.259879/ Description THIS PLUGIN HAS NO USE FOR SERVER-OWNERS This library is a possibility for developers to out-source their effect-managment. This library comes with a handy collection of customizable effects, but you can easily add your own effects and manage them in the library. Usage See documentation for Maven-based instructions. Add the EffectLib.jar to you project...


Jul 09, 2014 Release
EnchantPlus - A new level of enchanting! EnchantPlus? What is it? EnchantPlus allows you on the one hand make players to enchant items more than one time with an enchantment table, on the other hand it has various commands for admins or users to enchant every item manually with customisable level costs. Everything is customisable in the config and there are several bypass permissions for checks! Features Enchant items more than one time smoothly with the enchantment table Enchant items...


Jul 09, 2014 Release
- /eam <list/reload/add/remove/cooldown/prefix> - epicautomessager.edit | Permission for the /eam Command. - EpicAutoMessager ist ein Plugin, mit dem nach einer angegeben Zeit eine von den eingestellten Nachrichten ausgegeben wird. - Du kannst die Zeit, die Nachrichten und den Prefix ändern. - Alles ist per Config und auch ingame änderbar! - Für Farben bitte einfach & benutzen und dann den Farbcode, z.B. 4 für Rot. - Der Hauptkommand heißt /eam oder auch /epicautomessager - Um die Hilfe zu...

Enchantment Upgrade

Jul 08, 2014 Beta
Version 1.2 is now out! Version 2.0 is awaiting approval! We all have those times when we say to ourselves, "Man, I wish my sword was a tad bit stronger," or, "I need to become more powerful to defeat the Enderdragon!" Now you can say goodbye to simple wishes, and turn it into a reality with the Enchantment Upgrade plugin! What Does it Do? This plugin has 1 main goal: To make you more powerful. By using a different setup of "altars," you can upgrade the enchantment level of, for example, a...


Jul 07, 2014 Release
This plugin is simple whenever you click the right with a mob he exploded. How to use Simply just click right on a mob and he will explode. Install Download the plugin. Put the plugin folder of the server Start the server and ready Java 7 Commands /emp [player] This command will explode the player chosen Permission - explosivemob.emp Explosive player in command . - explosivemob.use Exploding mobs with right button . - explosivemob.useplayer Exploding players with right button . Coming soon...
Entei's Bank Plugin Logo

Entei's Bank Plugin

Jul 05, 2014 Release
Introduction This plugin is an Economy add-on, meaning that it only adds features to a pre-existing Vault economy setup, such as Essentials. Hello! Entei's Bank Plugin is a plugin that allows you to store your money into a bank via signs! You can also set the bank up to have players earn interest, and this interest can differentiate between online and offline players and even players' ranks! Features This bank plugin has the following features, in no particular order: Adds a bank to your game...

Entei's Plugin Library

Jul 05, 2014 Release
About This is not a plugin, it is a plugin library. As such, it will not do anything if there is not an accompanying plugin that uses this library. Plugins that use this Library The following plugins use this plugin library: Entei's Commands Entei's Inventory Manager Entei's Bank Plugin Entei's Mob Hunter(Not yet available!) How to use this library's api When developing your plugin, you can add this library's .jar to your build path and then import "com.gmail.br45entei.enteispluginlib.*" to...


Jul 05, 2014 Release
♫EventSounds♪ This plugin allow you to hook events with sounds. And because resource-packs are able to hold completely new sounds, you may even use custom sounds for events like vocals or other stuff. I'll describe how the Plugin works / how to create a resource-pack with custom sounds in the sub-pages This plugin features: ► JoinSounds (for single Users) ► JoinSound for the joined player ► SaySounds (i know you love them :D) ► AdminSaySounds (for admins) ► KillStreak sounds ► Multikill...