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Oct 19, 2014 Release
Emojix Emojix offers tons of emojis that are compatible with minecraft pc. Commands Emojix has no commands, commands can be implemented if requested by users. Permissions - Emojix.* (Allows access to all emojis) - Emojix.emojis.faces (Allows access to face emojis) How do I install Emojix? 1) Download Emojix.Jar 2) Move the Emojixl.Jar file to your plugins folder 3) Restart your server 4) Start using emojis on your minecraft server instantly! Help & Support This is the first version of the...


Oct 19, 2014 Release
EasyMessenger Easy messenger is an plugin that can easly create a custom broadcast Configuration file included Commands /em /emalert /embc /emreload /emstats /emm //Hi Guys //Iam working on a death message //Join Message // ETC


Oct 17, 2014 Release
EnchantTableLevel, and a simple and useful plugin for any server. The plugin has a system for enchantment by levels, Each book with its organized level of 1-30. Clicking on a EnchantTable will open a menu 5 books with each book with their level. Permissions - EnchantTableLevel.place Permission for put one Enchant Table. - EnchantTableLevel.use Permission for use one Enchant Table. - EnchantTableLevel.use.1 to 5 Permission for use Enchant Table for levels books. Print screen Tutorials 1°...


Oct 17, 2014 Planning
------------- EnderBow! .. Enderbow is a plugin that only made for fun, Which allows your supporters or featured members have fun with it!, This can be used while in a PVP battle so that the member can escape and trick his enemies, This plugin will make the members be really interested in donating or buying this feature.. ----------------------- EnderBow features! This plugin uses permissions so that the player can't use it also if the player that got the permissions gave the bow, He still...
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Extra Hard Mode

Oct 16, 2014 Release
Extra Hard Mode changes the game rules to create NEW, INTERESTING CHALLENGES for players who have mastered the core game. Unlike Mojang's "hard" mode or other plugins' "hardcore" modes which just punish you more for making mistakes without actually changing game mechanics, Extra Hard Mode delivers interesting new challenges for advanced players. Important Info Detailed rundown of all features and configuration help Check here or here (alternate formatting) You can enable specific features...


Oct 16, 2014 Release
EasyHub Introduction EasyHub is a lightweight plugin that will add a /hub command into the game. This is useful for any mini-games server that is trying to save memory. The /hub command will teleport the user to the /setspawn with essentials Plugins Needed Essentials How to Install 1. Drag & Drop the .jar file into your plugins folder 2. Stop and restart your server (or do /reload on the server if you have Essentials) Changelog 1.0B - Created 1.1B - plugin.yml updated - .jar improved -...


Oct 15, 2014 Beta
join now zockercraft.net Featurs: Brunnen: English: /brunnen = create a normal brunnen /Brunnenhoch = create a brunnen ho the block go in the are. /brunnenrandom = create a brunnen ho the block go in the are and fall down in a 8x8 blocks. germany: /brunnen = Erstellt ein normalen brunnen /brunnenhoch = Erstellt ein brunnen der grade nach oben blöcke schießt. /brunnenrandom = Erstellt ein brunnen der 8x8 groß ist der brunnen schießt blöcke hoch die dan wieder runterfallen. Commands: /barbar...
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Oct 15, 2014 Release
With this Plugin Players on the Server can use Commands to get Effects like jump- or speedboost. In the Configuration you can Disable or Enable the Effects or you can change the Duration. In the next version of EffectCommands you also can Configurate how much it costs. To use the Commands the Player have to have the Permissions for each Command. Many Effects exists and more coming soon. All Commands with the different strenght steps are available. Commands and Permissions stand down of the...


Oct 15, 2014 Release
ElectricStaff v2.1 /############################################################################/ Deutsch/German ElectricStaff? Was'n das? Sagt dir Hexxit was? Ohhhhhh.... ‌‌‌‌‌‌ Jaaa.. Der ElectricStaff ist jetzt auch in Bukkit da! Simpel und Einfach! Nur nen Lohenstab nehmen und los gehts! ‌‌‌‌‌‌ Commands: - /electricstaff - Um einen benannten ElectricStaff zu bekommen! Permissions: - electricstaff.use - Zum benutzen des Flugstabs! - electricstaff.give - Um /electricstaff nutzen zu können...
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Oct 13, 2014 Beta
EcoLeaderboards Want to add some competition to your server's economy? Allow your players to view the top balances on the server, displayed conveniently on auto-updating signs. Creating an EcoLeaderboards sign Make sure you have the required permission (EcoLeaderboards.place) Place a sign with the first line as "[el#]", replacing # with a value 1 through 10 ( [el1] would show the top balance on the server, [el2] the second, etc. ) The signs will update every 60 seconds by default,...


Oct 13, 2014 Release
EnderCristalSpawner ◕‿◕ Tool This plugin allow you to create Ender Crystals in the overworld! What the Ender Crystal is? A EnderCristal is a special block located in The End world (the world of the Ender Dragon), it is placed on the top of obsidian's columns Example For spawn it, you have to write the command /ec in the chat, and it spawn magically where you are looking. If you want it with bedrock and fire, you have to write the command /ecb in the chat. NEW Features! ◐ New menù ◐ New...

Enjin Minecraft Plugin

Oct 13, 2014 Release
Enjin - DonationCraft - Donation & Website Plugin Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin - DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin! DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) - ALL FREE! NEW! ChestShop GUI! (On by default) NEW! Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details) Cumulative Packages - Automatically discount or offer upgrades...


Oct 12, 2014 Release
Enderdragons Plus Description The plugin controls the spawning of Enderdragons. It fixes the feature that Enderdragons will always fly to the point 0,70,0 if they have no target. It also gives the dragons a home position, where it will return, if he flies to far away. The Plugin will replace all dragons witch are spawned by these dragons. (except they are not of class: net.minecraft.server.EntityEnderdragon). It is compatible with DragonTravel. It is compatible with RideThaDragon. There are...
EchoPet Title


Oct 12, 2014 Release
v2.5.0 has been released to BukkitDev supporting all server versions from 1.6.4 through to Spigot 1.8. Thank you for your patience. If EchoPet is not loading on your Spigot 1.8 build and your server is outputting "Skipping loading of EchoPet as it does not work with Spigot 1.8 builds!", please try running a later Spigot patch. I can't do anything about older Spigot releases blacklisting the plugin (preventing it from loading). Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided...


Oct 11, 2014 Planning
A Simple Track Plugin, Using Emeralds! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [ = English = ] [ = Commands|Permissions = ] CommandDescriptionPermission /TrackThe Main Command Of PluginNONE [ = Observations = ] You Use Emerald Block To Track Players! You DONT Need Any Dependency! [ = Download Version English! = ] == http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/eztracks/files/1-eztracks-english-v1-0/ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [ = Portugues = ] [ =...


Oct 11, 2014 Release
Commands: DescriptionPermission /eamDisplay the help of the plugin.eam.edit /eam listDisplay all automessages.eam.edit /eam reloadReload the Config.yml.eam.edit /eam add {Text}Add an automessage.eam.edit /eam remove {MessageNumber}Remove an automessage.eam.edit /eam cooldown {Seconds}Set the time between two automessages.eam.edit /eam prefix {Text}Set the automessageprefix.eam.edit /eam spontan {MessageNumber}Display a message right now.eam.edit /eam flag {Flag} {Option}Set a flag to true or...

EazY Kits

Oct 11, 2014 Beta
What is EasY Kits? This is a new and upcoming plugin, This adds new kits into the game available using commands. Introduction This plugin adds new kits!. What about a config? I may add one in the future to configure kits Commands and Permissions? Command:/starter Permission:EasYKits.kits.starter TO DO Add more kits. Add an easy to use GUI Add a config Bugs, feedback, reports or suggestions? The description will be updated over time, Along with adding new Kits, If you have any...


Oct 08, 2014 Release
EconomyWarp - 0.1.1 Features Highly customizable teleportation commands, implementing an economy backend. To really understand all that this plugin can do, read through the permissions nodes. Flexible multiworld support. (requires Multiverse-Core) Create, rename, reset, and delete an unlimited number of warps. Individual pricing options for all warp functions. Home feature allows users to set a home location. Spawn feature allows users to return to spawn. Random teleportation - customizable...

Enchant Signs

Oct 07, 2014 Planning
ESigns Ever wanted to add just one more level of enchant to your tool? Well now, with Enchantment Signs, you can do just that!. Shorteners: [bbfor] Fortune [bbst] Silk Touch [bbeff] Efficiency [bbunb] Unbreaking Line 3 is the amount the enchant should increase by Line 4 is the amount of money they should spend Permissions TO MAKE SIGN: bb.admin.signmake Commands /esigns Information about the plugin! TEMPLATE TODO - Add config for unsafe enchants - add permissions

Eat your Players!

Oct 05, 2014 Release
Ever gotten so mad at a player that you've wanted to..... eat them?! Well, now you can! Introducing the "Eat your Players" Project! The plugin is fairly basic, and has only 2 commands. Simply do /eat <player>. or /eatstick Features: It tells you that you successfully ate the target, if the target is online. blood effect on the eaten player (toggleable in the config) It broadcasts to the server that someone bit the target, if the target is online. It kills the target instantly. Has 3...