Bukkit Plugins




Apr 13, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to get a souping plugin for your server but all the other souping plugins don't work correctly? Well you came to the right place! ....................................... Features in QuickSoup ....................................... You can put how many hearts you would like it to heal in config.yml, next to where it says "healthHealed:" but every half a heart is 1 in the config so 3.5 hearts is 7 in the config. No Soup Lag You can put how many food bars you would like it to heal...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
What is QuickTransit? QuickTransit is a really simpel plugin, which allows you to easily create a teleport gui for each world! You and your users can easily click on items to teleport or execute commands and even both at the same time. Cool, isn't it? And the best thing: Its super easy and intuitive to customize even from in-game! And its completly openSource (GNU3)! Installation How to install QuickTransit: Download the QuickTransit.jar file Copy it into your server's plugins folder Reload /...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
What is QuickAccess? QuickAccess is a very simple plugin made for servers that are sick of telling people their Skype names and Youtube links... Etc... So! To make you feel better I have made this plugin; QuickAccess! The plugin allows players to get Youtube links, Skype names by typing a command! What are the features? Light weight! User friendly commands! Easy access! Future Additions? Add more Quickly Accessible links (Like voting links) Need ideas! Post a comment! Installation Download...

Quantum Connectors

Mar 27, 2014 Release
Replace that dusty old redstone wiring with quantum circuits! Source | Usage | Commands & Permissions Features: Wireless redstone Optional delayed activation Activate multiple devices Use Chests, Beds, Furnaces and even Bookshelves to activate redstone devices! When enabled this plugin will check to see if there is an update available and let you know if one is. Don't be frightened! You can actually disable it in the same plugins/<thisplugin>/config.yml file that every single other plugin...


Mar 15, 2014 Release
Quickhouse Don't forget to submit any bugs in 2.1! Make sure you delete the config and let it regenerate for the new options if you haven't since 1.9.1 What is it? Quickhouse is a plugin for generating houses. You can use the basic houses provided, or create your own which can be saved and regenerated anywhere. How do I use it? This plugin uses commands to work. Commands CommandArgumentsUse /qhousebasicGenerates a small simple house which can be destroyed in one hit tentGenerates a woolen...


Feb 27, 2014 Release
QuickFly What Is "QuickFly" QuickFly is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows users to execute a certain command that will allow them to double tap the space bar and be able to fly. Features Allows users to simply type a command to stop or start flying. Easy to use. No confusing config file. Commands /fly - Makes you able to fly. /stopfly - Stops you being able to fly. To-do List Add permissions Add easy to use config file Donations If you would like to donate to help keep the plugins...


Feb 25, 2014 Release
-=Qwarp=- Description Qwarp is a warp plug-in aimed at a pvp-survival implementation. Since we don't want players to have a free relocatable teleport point that could be used infinitely, at no cost, to raid others base, I've created a warp-system that requires the player to buy a teleport point(warp), the player is not able to relocate this warp. This ensures that the player needs to think twice about placing a spawn point. When the warp is placed the owner is able to invite and uninvite...


Feb 24, 2014 Release
[Deutsch Video] What is it? Quicksand is a unique plugin based off of the popular minigame TNTRUN. The goal of the game is to run across a layer of sand and gravel without falling through the holes that appear. When players move, the blocks under them disappear - creating hazards in the arena floor. If a player falls through a hole, they move on to the next layer. The game continues until they fall through the last layer and into a pool of water. When players hit water, their game is over and...


Feb 19, 2014 Release
About This plugin only has 2 commands but a lot of code to it. The plugin was tested over and over again but finally it works! The plugin can put the server into lockdown mode kicking everyone and enabling the whitelist, only letting your server team login. The whitelist message is "The server is in lockdown", eventually there will be a config for this allowing you to change the text! Changes There has been a few code changes to do with the 1.7 update everything is the same with permissions...

Quick Potions

Jan 28, 2014 Release
QuickPotions is Bukkit Plugin meant to make potions easier! With just a bit of typing, you've got yourself speed, fast digging, or even fire resistance! Some of the Current Features Command box usage of potions. A help menu if needed. Currently in Version 1.2, for CraftBukkit 1.7.2 Created by Maxwell O. To use the special potion commands, just type /potions <affect>. From absorption to wither, we've got them all! Permissions /potions help | Anybody Absorption | potions.absorption Blindness |...


Jan 18, 2014 Release
QuickBans - It does what is says on the tin! GitHub A QuickBans website with beta version download, discussions and more is coming soon! Do you run a fast paced Minecraft Server with players being banned every few seconds? Are you looking for a new way of training staff? Or are you just like me and plainly cannot be asked to type out a ban reason? Well QuickBans is for you! QuickBans allows you to easily ban users with a set reason (in the config.yml) without any hastle. It's so simple, just...


Jan 13, 2014 Release
QuickSpawner Features/Purpose: Ever wanna make a bunch of Mob-Spawners of specific types but can't find a plugin to do it? Well, using QuickSpawner, you'll easily be able to make spawners of any creature type. How to: Place a Redstone Block Put a Mob Spawn Egg in your hand Punch at the Redstone Block! Permissions: 'QuickSpawner.use' - Gives access to creation of Spawners. Configuration: Completely Simple Configuration # What Block is used to turn into spawner Block: 152 Installation: Stop...


Jan 02, 2014 Release
QuickChanger This plugin called QuickChanger will replace any block you damage except for air. The uses of this plugin could be used to make fast and simple window, to make viewing platforms or just to have fun. The command for this plugin is /QuickChanger this is NOT case sensitive. This plugin is really easy to install by just downloading and then dragging the QuickChanger.jar into you plugins folder. Requires the permission quickchanger.use to be able to use the commands /QuickChanger...

Quantum Wire

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Description Quantum wire is a subtle replacement for lapis blocks. It will replace all new lapis blocks when the mod is downloaded. it is much like redstone, except that it is a block, so it can go vertically. It is also different from redstone in the fact that it has no maximum distance, and it can store up to 16 states. To access these states, wool blocks are used as a threshold of sorts between the quantum wire and the redstone. Each color of wool has it's own state. A powered white wool...


Nov 13, 2013 Release
With this plugin, as soon as TNT is placed, it explodes. Simple as that. No commands, no permissions, just explosions.


Oct 18, 2013 Release
QuickBar+ Note: When downloading QuickBar v1.4 delete your old config and let it generate a new one. This is due to the new AutoUpdate feature Description Ever tired of having to look into your inventory because your quickbar is full? Well today is your lucky day, Introducing the plugin 'QuickBar+' You now will never have to worry about dying while opening your inventory. QuickBar+ is a simple light weight drag and drop plugin allowing you to store up to 32 items(All your inventory counts as...


Oct 13, 2013 Release
QuizMe What is QuizMe? QuizMe is a brand new plugin, designed to bring the popular game Jeopardy to Minecraft! Requirement(s) If you want people to earn money by winning, you need to have Vault on your server and to have the config variable money set to true. Note Important! Version 1.0, when available for download, is very buggy! All errors, which I'm sure there will be, should be posted in the comments with a FULL error log. Features Dynamic 7x6 jeopardy board Configurable amount of players...

Quick gamemodes

Oct 04, 2013 Release
QuickGameMode I created this plugin that changes your gamemode by the smallest command possible because I hate having to type soo much when I want to switch gamemodes Features Change gamemode between Survival and Creative Change gamemode to Adventure with a argument Get a users current gamemode Commands and Permissions CommandFunctionPermission /gSwitches gamemode between Survival and Creativequickgamemode.switch /g <anyCharacter>Switches gamemode to adventurequickgamemode.switch /getGameMode...


Aug 27, 2013 Release
qQuests - The simplest yet most customizable questing plugin since uQuest! I'm doing this beside school and spent hours of coding/testing and eliminating bugs. I really appreciate a "thank you" in form of a donation. Features: Quests!!! Insanely customizable Add Quests through a quest config file Currently 1 Quest included Optional auto-updating Realtime quest progress reports on most quests Multi-Task Quests Delays Chain Quests Sign support Colored messages Configurable primary /[q, qu,...


Jul 28, 2013 Release
QuickBrew In this version, QuickBrew allows a player to use a command that applies whatever potion effect chosen. This simple plugin allows players to not have access to potions. Note: Plugin only uses potions that are used for a length of time, and doesn't include some negative potion effects. InstantHealth is not included, and negative potions like poison are not included. Changelog v1.1.1 Easier commands have been implemented. v1.1 All negative effects now last 30 seconds Changed the...