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Nov 21, 2015 Planning
Commands: /BrainBow help for help page /BrainBow setlobby set warting lobby /BrainBow exit set exit lobby /BrainBow addteamspawn Green,Blue,Red,Yellow set team spawn /BrainBow add YouGameName add a game /BrainBow pos1 set a pos1 /BrainBow pos2 set a pos2 /BrainBow kill kill your /BrainBow stats one sees his stats /BrainBow join YouGameName join a game /BrainBow start YouGameName start a game /BrainBow maxplayers Arenaname players z.b 10 pit your maximum players limet Permissions: -...

I Can Has Griefer

Nov 21, 2015 Planning
#### I Can Has Griefer# Download At: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/i-can-has-griefer/files/2-i-can-has-griefer-1-0/ This plugin cauld I Can Has Griefer. Is a plugin for minecraft griefers this plugin is only for use if you have OP or permission to use. This plugin should only be used to: Troll, Grief, Or Even Funniness Basicly what I Can Has Griefer Does It Griefs Basicly When you enable the plugin it will say it will enable then all you do is punch blocks and it turns them into...
Island World

Island World (SkyBlock replacement)

Nov 15, 2015 Release
Informations IslandWorld is simple plugin which can replace old inactive project SkyBlock Co-Op. My plugin is highly customizable and configurable. You can run "classic" version 'skyblock like', after simple change you can make islands on sea or even lava world : Download You can get latest versions of IslandWorld plugin from our website: . http://islandworld.pl . you will find there also api docs, and full changelog. Instructions Step-by-step installation guide Installation video guides...
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Galaxy World

Oct 28, 2015 Beta
Description: You can use this Plugin, to create a new type of World called "Galaxy World"! This World is made of 10 - 15 Planets, randomly generated with trees, lakes, etc. IMPORTANT! You need to add this to the "bukkit.yml": Then you need to rename the world in "server.properties" to "galaxyworld": Last Changes Beta 1.1 Improved ore generation. Added sugarcane to the spawn chest. Added punpkin seeds to the spawn chest. Added melon seeds to the spawn chest. Improved lakes. Small bug fixes....


Oct 23, 2015 Planning
With this plugin you can give player hearts with the commands: /hearts give (player) (number of hearts) 1 being 1/2 a heart 2 being 1 heart Permissions are: hearts.give Pretty simple, hope you enjoy!
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Exotic Garden

Oct 15, 2015 Release
Exotic Garden is a Slimefun Addon which generates new Plants all over your World. It includes several new Fruits as well as their trees and new Berries and Berry Bushes. But of course it also adds a couple new Food Sources to the game. For every Berry there is also a Juice, a Smoothie and a Pie available. However there are only some Fruits which also come with their Juice and Pies. And if you dont happen to be lucky and find a Bush/Tree in the world, you can also obtain them by breaking tall...

Dungeon Maze

Oct 06, 2015 Beta
Current version: Dungeon Maze 0.2.1 for Minecraft 1.8.1 Dungeon Maze Dungeon Maze is a world generator for Minecraft, it's a CraftBukkit plugin. Dungeon Maze generates an infinite world with a lot of cool and strange stuff in it. The world contains 7 layers of epicness, each layer does have different content. All the layers contains a lot of Monsters, but also a lot of treasures. It's a very cool map to explore with some friends. Give it a try! Will you survive? Check out the announcement...
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Oct 03, 2015 Beta
Warning: This plugin is able to delete the world that has been set in the config. It's recommended to install this plugin on a clean server without any important world files, as the main world will be deleted everytime the server restarts with this plugin installed, in order to generate a new random world. Needs Java7 to work! Passed 20.000 downloads! I never taught it'd get this far. Thank you all! For a long time people have been playing Survival Games. And many people are still enjoying...


Sep 27, 2015 Release
{ Chat | Wiki | Website | Source | Dev Builds | JavaDocs } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 Support PlotSquared: Overview PlotSquared is the most advanced multiworld plot generator and management system! The generator offers a level of control unmatched by any other plot generator, control percentage composition of each plot section, or even use a schematic for road or plot components. It is also capable of running alongside other generators such as terrain control...

Ego Battle

Sep 20, 2015 Beta
Ego Battle What is this? Do you want to play an epic survival game with your friends? Then this is the perfect plugin for you. It´s a survival-based PvP game with lots of features with multiworld support. You can also use it as an UHC plugin. Will you be able able to survive and be the last one standing? What does this do? Once installed this game will provide you with a full-automatic game. After setting the lobby and the location where the players will be teleported to when the game is...


Sep 15, 2015 Release
ExtremeTerrain Did you ever asked yourself, "How can i make Minecraft easier for myself"?. Then this world generator is NOT for you. Pros and cons Pros: Cool looking terrain Ore generation (More about this under the "Ore distribution" Tab) Automatic generating trees Water and lava falls Survival friendly Biomes (Images: Click here) Automaticly generated obsidian (in small chunks of obsidian) Cons: A bit laggy Long generation time (circ. 20 seconds) Why is it hard? You can fall and you...


Aug 22, 2015 Beta
EnderDoors This plugin adds Ender Doors to the game, which can transport players to their own private Ender Room! Ender Door When a player walks into an open Ender Door, they are taken to their own 12*12*12 room that only they can have access to! The room will be the same for any Ender Door they walk through, no matter where they are. You can craft an Ender Door using the following recipe: Ops can obtain an Ender Door by using /enderdoor. They can also use /enderroom [playername] to teleport...


Aug 15, 2015 Release
ChHalloween is a fun plugin which allows you to enter a creepy world. also comes on this site and look at beautiful pictures: http://tozafoto.npage.de/ ;) Features Left Click, if you do glass, pumpkin or jack o lantern in hand hurry then you get a hat. in glass can jump higher and run faster Commands command: /chhalloween whitelist <on|off> description: Whitelist On/Off command: /chhalloween whitelist list description: Whitelist Player List command: /chhalloween build <on|off> description:...

Hub +

Jul 31, 2015 Inactive
A plugin mainly for generating hubs easily, but you can also add item that people start off with, such as Hub Selector, Grappling Hooks, and much more. This plugin also add custom built hubs, where you can generate them with just a simple command

Biome Generator

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Generate natural biomes of your choice within a selection. Supports: [PlotSquared, WorldEdit, PlotMe] OVERVIEW BiomeGenerator is capable of generating natural terrain of a specific biome within a selection. The generation takes place one chunk at a time so that your server can still operate during the process. BiomeGenerator currently is compiled for craftbukkit 1_7_R4, if you have an older/newer version of craftbukkit, please let me know and I'll try to make a version supporting it....


Jul 17, 2015 Release
With Custom Ore Generator you can configure the spawn rate of any block for each Player/Rank. This plugin only works with A Skyblock or AcidIsland Plugin by tastybento. Note: This Plugin works with the recent Spigot-Version(1.8.7) and with older versions like 1.7.10. (This plugin requires the A Sky Block Plugin or AcidIsland)! Download and put the plugin in your plugin folder. Reload / Restart your server. Edit the config.yml (see Configuration) Here is a example configuration: generators:...
Cold Taiga


Jul 12, 2015 Release
Overview IslandCraft changes the biome distribution of the world to create an endless ocean filled with randomly generated islands. Screenshots Full size images can be found here. News 12 July 2015: Updated for 1.8.7! (Thanks to Empire92!) 10 March 2015: Updated for 1.8.3! 30 January 2015: Updated for 1.8! 8 August 2014: 1.0.0-beta is now available! Please refer to this wiki page and please provide feedback in this forum thread. Thanks! 2 August 2014: Updated this page for 1.0.0-beta release...


Jun 14, 2015 Beta
MCGPLuSGen A basic world terrain and resource generator plugin for 1.8.3 servers. It is designed to give the world designer complete control of the type and quantity of resources (e.g. gold, iron, stone, coal) that will be generated in their world. It is ideally suited for Prison Worlds where a more complex world is desired for the mining and harvesting of resources. This plugin is currently on production servers in the MinecraftGates Universe. Examples of the worlds can be seen on...


Jun 03, 2015 Release
This is a world generator that creates empty/void worlds. I created this plugin because we needed a reliable and easy way to create empty worlds on my network (mainly for minigames), and none of the plugins I found satisfied me. This plugin's main purpose is to create worlds. However, to make building easier, it also has an option in its config that is enabled by default. If it is enabled, worlds will have a circle of bedrock at 0, 64, 0 (location and circle radius can be changed from config)...
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Lucky Blocks (Slimefun Edition)

May 31, 2015 Release
Description Lucky Blocks (Slimefun Edition) is a Slimefun Addon which adds the popular Lucky Blocks Mod to your Bukkit Server. There are various random Events available which can occur when breaking Lucky Blocks as well as the craftable "Very lucky" and "Very unlucky" Lucky Blocks. This Plugin also features a built-in Generator for LuckyBlocks to spawn randomly in your World. In order to show the LuckyBlock's Texture in your Inventory, it is highly recommended that you are using 1.8+ If you...