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Terrain Control

Aug 21, 2014 Release
Source on GitHub | Changelog | TerrainControl forums Pictures (top to bottom, left to right):Floating island by LanToaster, Arches by mysource, Extreme Hills by IRSmoh, Island by Piginabag, Alternative Nether by IRSmoh TerrainControl is an advanced world generator. Through various configuration files it gives the user control over almost every aspect of Minecraft terrain generation, with no knowledge of Java required. It can be used on Bukkit or Forge servers and on singleplayer with Forge....
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Giant Trees

Aug 20, 2014 Release
Giant Trees Giant Trees is a plugin for adding procedurally generated giant trees to your world. Giant trees are generated in three ways: Giant trees are grown in creative/survival mode by planting saplings and fertilizing with bone meal Giant trees are summoned with a command Giant trees naturally grow when new forested biomes spawn Tutorials in other languages: German Korean Spanish Planting Giant Trees To plant a giant tree in creative/survival mode, perform the following steps: Flatten a...


Aug 19, 2014 Planning
Introduction SimplyHellblock brings the nether to skyblock. This is a great addition to any skyblock server, as it will play friendly with any skyblock plugin, or if you wish, you don't even need skyblock to use hellblock! This plugin is very customizable and is updated with new features all the time! This plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard for some features to work! How it Works When a player walks through a nether portal on their skyblock, it will create a new hellblock for them. This...


Aug 17, 2014 Release
PreGenerator I stopped developing this plugin, but it is still working! Why did I create this? I have a server and was tired of the lag, because players where constantly exploring new world. My solution was: PreGenerate all world! And you can do that with this plugin. WARNINGS * This plugin does only work with Craftbukkit. So no Spigot, MCPC+, Forge, Etc!!! FIXED * This plugin freezes the server while PreGenerating world, playing will be impossible. FIXED This plugin requires 1G free ram...

Fast survival

Aug 14, 2014 Beta
Overview This plugins makes the game faster on its repeating tasks such as mining or kiling wither skeletons but makes it more chalenging by adding new types of mobs. There are also new types of bows and skeletos have a chance of wearing those bows. My intention isn't creting an RPG with only numbers increasing with no point. For that reason i'll keep balancing it if i find out somenting that is too overpowered or useless. !!The project isn't being updated while i am debugging the sky, in 4-8...


Aug 13, 2014 Planning
BukkitMaze About This plugin simply creates a maze in minecraft. You can define width, length, height and material of the maze. How to use To create a maze simply type: /maze <block id> <width> <length> <height> and a fancy maze will appear (always from north to south (length), and from west to east (width) exactly one bloc in front of you. Because of the maze generator algorithm the width an length should not be dividable by two. If they are dividable by two they get increased by one....
Island World

Island World (SkyBlock replacement)

Aug 13, 2014 Release
Informations IslandWorld is simple plugin which can replace old inactive project SkyBlock Co-Op. My plugin is highly customizable and configurable. You can run "classic" version 'skyblock like', after simple change you can make islands on sea or even lava world : Instructions Step-by-step installation guide Default configuration with descriptions Commands list Permissions API for devs RTFM PAGE - Read it before you ask stupid questions Translations Czech Danish Dutch French German Norwegian...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
Apocalyptic There are currently 2 facets to this plugin. The first is the nuclear fallout, which contains many parts, and the other is pretty much old Apocalyptic, making zombies deadlier. They can both be enabled separately, allowing for complete customization! |||| Fallout && Zombies |||| Tutorial Configuration Installation Commands & Permissions Servers itchydog.itchy-dog.co.uk smp.projectbuilder.info Want your server up here? Just ask! Request a Feature If you want something to be added,...
Floating Island

Floating Island World Generation

Aug 09, 2014 Release
Floating Island World Generation This world generator is designed to completely replace the overworld's world generation with something a bit different. Instead, you will be presented with an endless amount of floating islands, each having their own biome with features for those biomes (listed below), and each varying in size and height, and some are also fairly flat. Each island also contains ores (coal/iron/gold/redstone/lapis/diamond/emerald) at any depth, usually as a vein of ores, but...

Nostalgia Pack

Aug 09, 2014 Release
Nostalgia Pack Description I myself loved Minecraft Indev (even with all its limited features). I have come across many players that feel the same exact way. So with this Nostalgia Pack I have tried to recreate as many features of Minecraft Indev and Infdev that I could remember (I know I'm missing some still) including a world generator to give the old world feel, the same recipes with newer recipes disabled, and as many game mechanics as i could remember. There is no configs for any of the...
Cold Taiga


Aug 02, 2014 Beta
Overview IslandCraft changes the biome distribution of the world to create an endless ocean filled with randomly generated islands. Screenshots Full size images can be found here. News 8 August 2014: 1.0.0-beta is now available! Please refer to this wiki page and please provide feedback in this forum thread. Thanks! 2 August 2014: Updated this page for 1.0.0-beta release which should be here early next week! Older news can be found in the News Archive. Roadmap Updates will be released within...
Libelula Ultimate CTW

Libelula Ultimate Capture The Wool

Jul 31, 2014 Release
Libelula Ultimate Capture The Wool is the famous game from Libelula.ME network and a verbatim clone of OCTC one. It has the same behavior of the original game with a very important advantage: You can configure as many CTW room as you wish in your server to play at the same time. ¡Yes! this legless plugin convert a single server in a multimap/multiroom CTW game host which can support as many players as your server can. Features Easy guided map configuration Tested over a month in Libelula.ME...


Jul 28, 2014 Release
Multiworld - The official Multiworld Project The easy to use multiworld plugin, support custom end and nether worlds for each worlds, you can configure what you want, and you get it (limited to what I programmed) History I made this plugin because the previous author "Baummann", the original creator of Multiworld, became inactive. Before, it was just a simple plugin with 2 commands: /goto and /newworld. I took control of the project and developed a better version. We are now at version 5.2.2...
Example world


Jul 22, 2014 Release
Overview Subterranea is a modification of the Vanilla terrain generator that switches the above and below ground spaces so your world has 192 layers below sea level and 64 layers above. Great for Mole Man worlds. Works Best With Giant Caves Toxic Skies Features Creates a world mostly underground instead of mostly full of air. Fully supports Multiverse2 Tightly integrated with GiantCaves All the expected above ground features of the vanilla terrain generator: villages, temples, trees, etc. All...

Giant Caves

Jul 22, 2014 Release
Overview Giant Caves is a bukkit mod that creates giant underground caves in the world. The caves are generated using Perlin noise seeded by the world seed. Caves are unique to each world. Giant Caves is implemented as a bukkit block populator and is compatible with the vanilla world generator and most likely any world generation plugin that implements the chunk generator pattern. Giant Caves also comes with a vanilla generator for use with Multiverse. Works best with Subterranea See it in...


Jul 20, 2014 Alpha
PrivateWorlds is a new and unique plugin which allows for players to have their own private worlds which friends can be invited to. Commands /privateworlds - Shows you the help menu /privateworlds create [WorldName] - Creates a private world. /privateworlds list - Shows you all of the worlds you own. /privateworlds tp [WorldName] - Teleports you to the private world that you have entered. /privateworlds tpi <worldname> <playername> - Teleports you to a world you have been invited to....
Paved roads


Jul 15, 2014 Release
CityWorld The great outdoors is all good and fine but sometimes you just want to go to town. Not any town will do, how about one that goes on forever or multiple ones separated by the largest mountains possible in MineCraft. But what is under those mountains? There is an entire world to explore, have fun! If you like CityWorld, please consider donating via the Donate button in the upper right corner. Version 2.98 (sometimes there is a delay in getting the new version of the plugin through the...


Jul 11, 2014 Release
This is the bridge plugin between MythicDrops/DiabloDrops and your worlds and chests. Ever felt like finding ruins or abandoned mines was not all that rewarding? Not felling so exited when finding a nether fortress(CB 1.6.2+) and find a chest with an Iron bar? Tired of finding a spawner room just to walk away with a saddle and a cocoa bean? DungeonBridge will fill the chests generated on any world with cool items generated from MythicDrops and DiabloDrops. In a per-world basis, it is...


Jul 03, 2014 Beta
Introduction MagicWorlds was born from Magic's chest populator. It is now a stand-alone plugin with some powerful world modification features that you can use to create customized alternate realities on your own server. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Bugs, Features, Issues Please use our issue tracker for all bug reports, issues, feature...


Jun 24, 2014 Beta
Enderwar What is EnderWar? You spawn on a platform and you can get chests like in SurvivalGames. You can mine every block and try to find chests to get items. The first 2 minutes you are invincible and you can equip yourself. During the game you get randomly teleportet and sometimes the chests disappear. You can also find enchantment-tables and endstone-blocks to get a speed buff. In the lobby you can choose your kit and fight with it. Play the original plugin on gommehd.net Features Lobby...