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Web Inventory

Feb 24, 2016 Release
Web Inventory Ever wanted to have a database of players like in WoW and any other RPG game where you are able to view others player inventories and see their items? Well, here it is! You can view inventory of any player and see all their items and stuff like custom item names, lores, level, hp and last logout time. Plugin synchronizes the database everytime player leaves the server. I have seen many people asking about something like this but I have need been able to find any suitable plugin...


Feb 19, 2016 Inactive
EasySupport Version 1.0.0 Status: Development Description EasySupport is the continuation of one of my very first plugins - QuickSupport, which wasn't really popular, it didn't even reach 300 downloads. :D But I've never understood why and now I decided to bring back the original idea and improve upon it, by both simplifying the whole process of creating tickets and replying to them and offering a decent amount of unique and advanced features - including ouf of the game administration /...
Website Info!

Website Info!

Feb 15, 2016 Release
Welcome to website info! Current Version: 1.1 Current Members: EthanRocks365(Manager,Author), JustinDoesPlugin(tester) ======================================================================================= Description Website Info is all the basic requirements to get you players connected with your website! Currently contain a teamspeak and a website command we make sure your players stay online, both in game and on site!...
Index as of v0.8

CoreProtect Lookup Web Interface

Feb 12, 2016 Beta
CoreProtect Lookup Web Interface This is a lightweight yet powerful web application that gives you the power to look up anything CoreProtect is capable of logging in the most efficient way. CoreProtect, a Minecraft plugin, is developed by Intellii. This plugin is now in beta testing. Latest release: v0.8.1-beta. This plugin is capable of looking up logged data as if doing it from the game. Some filters are ported to this plugin, such as: Lookup by action Lookup by username Lookup by block...


Feb 07, 2016 Release
WooMinecraft Description WooMinecraft is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin that lets you setup a Minecraft donation store on your WordPress site. You can send commands, resend the commands automatically at a later date if you want, it works with all version of 1.8 and possible lower. WooMinecraft is an open source initiative that will hopefully be favored by some over the closed source donation plugins like BuyCraft or MCMarket. Best of all WooMinecraft is free and can be setup on as many servers as you...

MineStats | Bukkit Statistics & Web View

Feb 03, 2016 Beta
Info: Currently there is no time for continue developing this plugin. If you are interested in buying it, feel free to contact me. The hosting servers will stay online of course. Demo | Register | Download | Website Why MineStats? MineStats is a advanced Bukkit statistics plugin which includes a simple setup and a classy way for your players to view their stats online! Control Panel Sign up, Sign in and have access to our great control panel. Add your server with a simple name and IP address,...

Enjin & DonationCraft 2.x

Jan 28, 2016 Release
Enjin - DonationCraft - Donation & Website Plugin Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin - DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin! DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) - ALL FREE! ChestShop GUI! (On by default) Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details) Cumulative Packages - Automatically discount or offer upgrades on items...

MySQL-Register Reloaded

Jan 17, 2016 Release
MySQL-Register Reloaded MySQL-Register Reloaded is a remake of an outdated plugin named 'MySQL-Register', this plugin allows you to let your players register. You can do a lot with this information, as example you can create a login scrips with PHP for your website based on the information in the database. It's specialy made for premium servers, if you have suggestions for this project just tell it. Please read this: Version 1.4B contains a custom writed Metrics that sends your server...
As Webpage (oLL's Server GUI)

oLL's Who is Online

Jan 14, 2016 Release
This plugin is a mini web server, which shows all online players of your server. It generates a web page, that can be shown e.g. on a mobile phone. Or it can be used as an web object, that can be insert in a web page. It shows all online players and their associated head image in an sorted list. This plugin is part of oLL's Server GUI. oLL's Who is Online web page - More screenshots ... Installation Put the jar file into the /plugin folder. Start MC server For testing enter...

Uniport WebServer

Jan 09, 2016 Release
Does your hoster only gave you one port and you want to have a website trought? So here it is: a server mod that makes your bukkit server to both: Web and MC-Server :D Uniport Webserver = HTML Webserver on same port as server :D Configuration Use own plugin OR logMissingPages: true/false - Should the plugin log missing files? (by user request) Specials since "little Download Update" If you want to the user to download the file use the suffix "?download" for your file name (e.g. <a...

SimpleTimeStamp [MySQl] [1.8+] [WEB]

Jan 02, 2016 Beta
SimpleTimeStamp [MySQL] [1.8+] [UUID] So this description will be as descriptive as this can get. This plugin is known as SimpleTimeStamp. AS you have probably guessed it, yes its a timestamp plugin for your bukkit server that relays info to your MySQL database. ==== === Features: === Injects online = 1 when player is online on MySQL When player leaves, injects online = 0 in MySQL Provides Date/Time of when player joined or leaves the server All data is kept in check by UUID, name changes...
FoundBoxx Logo


Dec 30, 2015 Release
FoundBoxx - Ore Finds Announcer (anti-cheat, xray, fullbright) NOTICE: PLEASE DELETE AND REDO YOUR CONFIGURATIONS FOLDER ALONG WITH FOUNDBOXX TABLES IN DATABASES WHEN UPDATING FROM 1.8 TO 1.9 http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/43447 Multi-threaded optimizations! Flat file (H2) support! Custom messages and blocks support! Stats collection: MCStats Lite is included in the latest versions and will just be collecting really basic information (your server's IP address, and other private information...


Dec 19, 2015 Release
FR33ZE Hello! Fr33ze is a quick plugin that i created in my spare which will be a way to freeze a player so you have time to take action, mute,ban ect. i will be updating this plugin over the next few days to fix some bugs, errors update it and more Even though i've ran this plugin on my localhost server many times. Permissions: freeze.player Commands: /freeze [player] To do list: Config file If you have any ideas Or any feed back please let me know!


Dec 09, 2015 Release
The best packs shop plugin for server's adminstrators Don't repeat the /give for each item : download PackShop BUG : Download the version 1.1.0. A packs verification has a problem in the first version ! Hello, I'm a French developper, and this is my first public plugin : PacksShop. For many servers' websites, repeat the /give command for each item/block in long. Now, there is PacksShop. Config the plugin with your packs and set the shop command on your site with the /packsshop command. It's...


Dec 08, 2015 Release
Overview This is a similar plugin to the MapMarkers plugin. It outputs online and offline player locations to a JSON file which can than be viewed in website generated by a mapping tool (like Minecraft-Overviewer). It also supports the multiworld feature of Overviewer. Downloads Plugin v0.3.0 Web files v0.3.0 Features Player locations are saved in JSON format to configurable path Also outputs the location of offline players (if they were previously online while the plugin was running) Display...


Dec 07, 2015 Inactive
This plugin can be used to create minimal REST calls. REST calls can be used for all sorts of things. You can use them, for example, to interface with multiple exterior devices such as Arduino Yun's with the Bridge sketch running to interface lights and motors (and sensors, but this particular REST call plugin does not currently take return values or other functions than GET to protect potentially sensitive network data until more testing has been completed to make sure that only OP's and...


Dec 01, 2015 Release
A simple plugin that outputs player names and the total count to a JSON file. The file is available in the root of your Minecraft server directory (stats.json). What you do with this information is up to you. I personally use it for provide a front-end for a server status site. My web front-end is Bootstrap based and can be viewed at http://128keaton.com/applecider/ The source for the plugin and a web-frontend is available on GitHub.


Nov 28, 2015 Alpha
Hey, guys and gals. It's been a long time since I last wrote a plugin, but I've been working a lot on web based stuff. I thought, why not link the two? And thus, the Fire family is born. This is the first of several Firebase related plugins in development. Firebase is a new database (firebase.com) that does something absolutely crazy: live. One word. It allows me, the developer, to simply and easily update database data and that data is instantly updated on all other clients. Crazy, I know,...
PJC 2016

PJC PlayerJoinCommand

Nov 26, 2015 Release
PlayerJoinCommand (PJC) What is PlayerJoinCommand? PlayerJoinCommand or 'PJC' for short is a simple yet effective plugin which takes light weight management to the next level. PJC allows servers to issue commands for selected groups or individual players upon logging in to the desired server. PJC takes commands from hundreds of support plugins and issues them through the server console when the registered player joins the server. This tool allows admins to extend their server ability. How...


Nov 06, 2015 Beta
Features GroupBot has menus to help you download and install all necessary plugins for your personal server easily GroupBot manages all this in inventory menus (As you know it makes this way easier for you) GroupBot lets you execute everyday commands in menu GroupBot has tutorial links, server help, and more in menu abilities GroupBot groups plugin tutorials and downloads according to their type See more of GroupBot in action by viewing our Wiki downloading it to your server, see our video...