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Advertise Blocker

May 18, 2014 Release
IMPORTANT: Version 1.6 Changes the permission nodes check them here Features Quick and easy to set up Fully customizable Blocks all website domains and server IP addresses Notify's admins the moment a player advertises Supports Colour codes Logs all advertisements to a separate yml file Can remove and replace advertised messages Spam Protection (NEW) Blocks Message duplication (NEW) Supports 1.7.x Instructions and Installation Big thanks to DanSpedey for making this video! Preview Servers...


May 14, 2014 Planning
Description The Stock Plugin is a project to develop a bukkit plugin that can be used to provide the same functionality as a real-life stock. There are also talks about integrating with the economy to create a proper stock market system, as well as integration with WorldGuard and warp signs. This talks about the plugin in the future tense although it is still in a stage of development. This project is under Development. Features Create you custom stock names and index's. You can add you own...
MCBans Logo


May 14, 2014 Release
Welcome to MCBans MCBans is a banning solution for Minecraft, provided through the Bukkit plugin. The aim of the plugin is to provide server owners with a method of assisting in the prevention of griefers on their own and other's servers, using global bans. Local ban is a servers private ban on a player, and is not shared. Currently, we're flying using the MCBans 4.3.2 plugin and CraftBukkit 1.7.4, and all is well! MCBans Website: http://mcbans.com Source: https://github.com/MCBans/MCBans...


May 12, 2014 Release
MoneySQL is a simple plugin to instert players money into MySQL database. Its fast, easy, configurable and simple. Work with all economy plugins. Commands and permissions CommandAliasesPermissionDescription /moneysql/ms, /msqlNoneDisplay informations about plugin /moneysql reload/moneysql rmoneysql.reloadReload config Installation: 1. Download plugin and drag and drop to yours plugins folder. 2. If you not have, download and install Vault. DOWNLOAD 3. If you not have, download and install any...


May 12, 2014 Release
Activity History This plugin allows you to monitor who is active and when. If you also use Vault, it will log the permission group ratio. It will help determine who to make staff by supplying you with reliable information about who is often online when staff is needed. It has a variety of log query commands to interpret the information stored.(in development) News: Web applet in beta! Group queries for SQL mode in beta! SQL mode released! Group queries for SQL still being developed....


May 11, 2014 Release
Seeya is an advanced SQL punishment plugin which supports the recent UUID addition. About: Seeya is a simple yet advanced punishment plugin. What are its features? UUID Support MySQL storage Support for modifying punishment reasons Efficient Language File - Change messages to your servers language from english Punishment detail - Reason, Time, When etc.. Web interface included Much much more.. Notice: v1.0 uses the mojang api and v1.1 uses my uuid cache for obtaining uuids, this will be...

Forum Bridge

May 11, 2014 Planning
Forum-Bridge - the Bulletin Board Bridge The all-in-one forum bridging solution. OKB3 originally created by Kalman Olah, OKB3 Renewed created by greatman321, Forum-Bridge created by Favorlock. What is Forum-Bridge? Bulletin Board Bridge, or OKB3 as Kalman Olah dubbed it, is a forum bridging plugin that currently allows you to whitelist/blacklist your server, set Permissions 3.x.x, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, bPermissions, permissionsBukkit, zPermissions groups based on forum ranks,...

Dispute Manager

May 02, 2014 Inactive
Dispute Manager has a ton of features, and awesome commands and configuration to suite your server needs. Some, but not all of the features that it does is: Provides a web-based system allowing players to manage their accounts, utilize chat, manage infractions, disputes and other tools. Log all chat ingame, and can be selected as dispute proof. Links with CoreProtect, logblock and other block logging plugins on the web basis and can output block logs to be selected as dispute proof. Log all...


Apr 27, 2014 Inactive
A simple plugin to allow in-game forum registration for forums powered by XenForo. Setup guide can be found here Disclaimer: This setup guide assumes you understand how to use and configure XenForo and are confident to make a few small code edits to php files. Usage: Follow the setup guide using the link above. Commands /register <Email> - Registers the user executing the command on your forums. Permissions XenRegister.register - Allows player's to use /register No, I will not change the...
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Apr 27, 2014 Release
Looking for a high-end plugin that tracks your players' data? Look no further! There are a few similar plugins out there, and they track a decent amount of data, however, Statistics takes it a step further and completely overhauls the stats tracking, bringing the amount of information collected to a staggering amount. Name a data point, and we are probably tracking it. This plugin was made to be highly customizable; it will do only what you tell it to do. Features: Server Statistics: Startup...

Player Information and Tracking System

Apr 23, 2014 Beta
Player Information and Tracking System (PITS) This plugin will allow you to interface with the PITS web interface. The web interface will be released with the plugin, unless a plugin build is maintenance only and does not affect the operation of the web interface. PITS allows you to create notes and view ban data for players. For server owners who are interested, it can also track staff members. SUPPORT | INSTALLATION | HOW WE DETERMINE THE VERSION WEB INTERFACE INSTALLATION Make sure you...


Apr 07, 2014 Beta
FULL AND EASY web-integrated minecraft shop experience Description Basic idea is that admins (or players with right permissions etc) set up shop houses around the world. Players can then go there and deposit items, when they do this the items disappear from the world and get logged into the players online account, player can use the sign ( or command ) to see web items with virtual inventory and put or get items with just one click . Once this is done and they have set a password, they can...


Mar 31, 2014 Release
German developer I n v e n t o r y S Q L Player inventory saved into a Database Features Copy users' inventory in a configurable database, allowing it to be displayed on a website and use it for Server-to-Server Inventories InventorySQL is designed to be as customizable as possible and Server Owners and Developers can choose how they'd like to save their data. Future versions will feature an automatic conversion tool. Disclaimer Metrics This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system,...


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Click here to go MCPanel. Hey there. I made this plugin for ease of use. I've seen other plugins, like admincraftpanel, where the website is down with some kind of database problem. I know that players rely on plugins/websites like this for when they're not using their normal computer.. so the idea of this was to make it dedicated. By that, I mean rare downtime. The killer of servers is downtime, and that's one thing that won't happen here. I hope you like what I've provided here, it may only...
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Donator Express

Mar 28, 2014 Release
Donator Express ** Note: All Donator Express web portal versions from version 1.6.6 are insecure. A new version is in development and will be released shortly ** What is Donator Express? Donator Express allows members on your server to view and purchase ranks/items without any hassle. Users get their purchased item automatically. The plugin only requires a one-time setup, and then you can sit back, relax and watch the donations come in! Works with 1.7.9! Download the portal and plugin here:...

PlugDJ Status

Mar 23, 2014 Planning
Description MESSAGE: This was a fun plugin to make and maybe it has some future potensial! Currently I have to a job as developer to a mc server and dont have time to update it with fixes and futures, so, if there is someone who want to take-over just PM me ;) Are you a server-admin and wantes to simply the life for your players? Do you have a plug.dj room so that your players can listen to background music and want them to have the ability to be direct-2-song-updated without even leaving...


Mar 22, 2014 Release
NarnaLinks Works with 1.7.9 This plugin is made originaly for our server to have the command /vote pop up a voting link, later we considered adding more like /site etc. We are now releasing it so some of you might benefit off it. === Links Site Github Supported commands /site /vote /donate /contact /dynmap Every command can output as many lines of text as you like, colour codes are supported (using $ instead of &). Configuration For colour codes we use $ and then the actual character of the...


Mar 21, 2014 Release
What does this do This plugin reads a topic on a forum of your choose and performs commands when it finds a playername. Commands There are no commands for this plugin, this will run in the background. Usage That is the nice thing about this plugin. It works pretty much straight out of the box, the only thing that you need to change is the link to the thread to check. Default config This is the default configuration: # Thank you for using this plugin # I will explain some stuff about the...


Mar 17, 2014 Inactive
I removed the v0.1, please be patient for a more appropriate Alpha release. SaveBlock is a block/world management plugin that lets players save their blocks to a centralized web server. Their blocks can then be (played back) loaded back anywhere into the world on any server that has the SaveBlock plugin. Features Players can start using this plugin by using the create sub-command which starts recording all blocks placed in the world on up to when they decide to use the "done" sub-command....


Mar 10, 2014 Release
Minestats What is Minestats? Minestats is a online dashboard system that connects your server to our statistics system where you can track a ton of statistics and see what's really happening on your server. Live stats from your server! Remote console from anywhere (Even your phone!) Online Player List (Updates every 30 seconds!) Manage all your servers! Installation Download the plugin and place it in the plugins directory Reload your server Goto http://minestats.co.uk Register with your...