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Jan 30, 2015 Release
EasyListener is a VAULT-Listener that reward your players with money, items or EXP when they vote on your voteservice. Fixed some issues More german translations Fixed ListenerUpdate command Renamed /votesite to /vote Send them messages when they vote, only for the specific player Use english or german language. Configurable money and items. Set the website that is shown when a player votes. Example: <name> voted on: <yourvoteservice.com> Broadcast don't work if rewardmessages setted to...

PlayGrid Minecraft Plugin

Jan 29, 2015 Release
Website - Donation Shop - Player Management - Community - Free Getting started with PlayGrid is easy: Register Download API key Restart server Here is a more detailed setup guide. For more information, check out our support site. Features Get an instant website for your server Customize the look and feel of your site Display important information like server status and players Add unlimited pages of content to your site Full featured forum system for player discussions Link your domain to...
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AdBolt Advertising Network

Jan 27, 2015 Release
AdBolt - In-game Minecraft Advertising Website | Sign up | Download | Screenshots What is it? AdBolt offers in-game Minecraft advertising. Once you install the AdBolt plugin to your server, you can then visit publisher.adbolt.net to sign up for an account. Once you configure your account with the AdBolt plugin, you will start to see advertisements displayed on your server in which you will be paid for. You can then visit the dashboard or type /adstats to see in depth statistics regarding your...
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Jan 10, 2015 Release
Welcome to MCBans MCBans is a banning solution for Minecraft, provided through the Bukkit plugin. The aim of the plugin is to provide server owners with a method of assisting in the prevention of griefers on their own and other's servers, using global bans. Local ban is a servers private ban on a player, and is not shared. Currently, we're flying using the MCBans 4.3.2 plugin and CraftBukkit 1.7.4, and all is well! MCBans Website: http://mcbans.com Wiki: http://wiki.mcbans.com/ Source:...


Jan 09, 2015 Release
Simple URL printing plugin. Bare Bones. Cuts the crap out of dealing with fancy URL printers. Set whatever groups you want, however many URLs you want. Particularly good for voting. Root command: /uc -> Prints groups /uc <groupname> -> Prints Lines of listed URLs. (Can also be plain text) Alias your own shortcuts to these, and life will be easy. Config Notes: Make sure you put the correct numbers of things, or you may see lots of errors during startup.
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Professional Donating

Jan 07, 2015 Alpha
MineCrafterCity Donating System I made this donating system for my own server, and I've decided to give it out to the public so everyone can profit from it. I developed it with 1.8 in mind, so everything works perfectly. You simply add this plugin to all the servers you want (in your network) and connect them all to the same database. To do Website admin panel to list donations (Not started) Add custom commands to plugin (Doing) Add option to give points on all servers (Not started) Plugin...


Jan 07, 2015 Release
Ticketeer is an online ticketing service for your Minecraft server that makes it easy to manage a growing community. Sign up | Support What does Ticketeer do? Ticketeer lets your users submit help requests, enhancement ideas and much more over a web interface. Anything submitted to Ticketeer can be viewed online on any device and makes server management a lot easier for both players and server owners! How can I get started? Download the ticketeer plugin, register here and follow the easy...

XRay Informer

Jan 05, 2015 Release
Thank you for 60,000 downloads! Do you have a minecraft server and have trouble with users x-raying? XrayInformer may be your solution to get rid of them. XrayInformer hooks into your server logging plugin and calculates data to tell you if a player is cheating with an Xray mod. I've recently taken over this project and aim to continue updating it and improving it. A big THANK YOU goes out to sourcemaker and bwinkl04, the original and second devs on this project, they have done some great...
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Dec 26, 2014 Beta
‹‹ TrelloCraft ›› Ever wanted to be able to view your boards, cards, and comments from the comfort of your server? Now you can! TrelloCraft uses a Java Trello wrapper that links to the Trello's API to access JSON files from your Trello and convert them into text. Now you can view your boards whenever you need to. Make sure to read the TUTORIAL before using this! It's not going to work for you, otherwise! ‹‹ Features ›› TrelloCraft is in Beta. It's at its most minimal state, currently, but...

MineStatik - Minecraft Statistics

Dec 26, 2014 Beta
MineStatik requires PlayerManager! MineStatik benötigt PlayerManager! http://tinyurl.com/pkuyrfg Live Version of the webpage / Live Version der Webseite http://tinyurl.com/lw7pruo​ Intro: Deutsch MineStatik ist ein Statistik-Plugin mit Webseite. Die Ingame-Statistiken sind noch nicht vollständig integriert. Du kannst die Ingame-Befehle selber in der Config.yml festlegen! Englisch MineStatik is a statistic plugin with a webpage. the ingame-stats are not implemented at this time. You can...
Website Shower

Website Shower

Dec 16, 2014 Release
Have You Ever Think With A Plugin That With a Simple Command Shows A Website? So You Are Lucky, This Is Your Plugin "Website Shower" How Does It Works: Is So Simple You Put Your Website In The Config.yml File and then InGame All Users Will Be Able To See It With "/web" How To Install: You Only Have Drop The Dowloaded Jar File To Your Server Plugins Folder. Commands: /web This Is The Only Command, With This The Website You Wrote In The Config.yml File Will Be Showed To The Users. Permissions:...
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Dec 06, 2014 Release
Websend Documentation can be found here. Source code can be found on github. What does this plugin do? This plugin enables PHP developers to access minecraft commands from a web-based script. A scheme: Ingame command -> Your php-enabled server -> Your PHP file does stuff and provides output/commands -> Plugin executes commands and prints output. Or: Webpage command -> bukkit server -> Plugin executes commands and prints output. A few of the possibilities: Online adminstration screen Online...


Dec 01, 2014 Inactive
ServerPing Ever wanted to see if your Minecraft server instances are up and running from within the game? Or even check other services like your webserver, mx or teamspeak server? Use the ServerPing plugin! By placing a wall sign (!) you can specify a unique name for the service to be checked, the service address and its port. After a short while of initialization, the sign tells you if your service is online or not. When attaching a lever to the block (and attached some redstone to the...

Website & Forums Commands

Dec 01, 2014 Mature
Website Plugin is a very simple plugin to use, and is very easy to setup. You only need this plugin if you have a forum website, or website for your server. Features Allows full customizeation of the link, allowing you to choose where the link takes you. There are no permission nodes needed therefore you don't need PermissionsEX or Group Manager. You can add a prefix to the message so it looks more professional. You can add your server name to your message as well! Commands /Website /Forums -...


Nov 21, 2014 Inactive
CloudCrafter CloudCrafter is a tool that will allow your players to save their creative builds to the cloud, which are then downloadable at CloudCrafter.net. All they need to to is create a selection in world edit. Dependencies WorldEdit 5.x Installation Drop CloudCrafter and WorldEdit (version 5.x) into your plugins folder. Give your players the the following WorldEdit permissions: Command Permission //copy worldedit.clipboard.copy //pos1 & //pos2 worldedit.selection.pos //hpos1 & //hpos2...

phpBB Bridge

Nov 18, 2014 Alpha
phpBB to Bukkit Bridge phpBB to Bukkit Bridge by PantherMan594 What is it? phpBB Bridge links Bukkit and phpBB to allow for commands to be run when a player registers on your forum. How does it work? phpBB Bridge automatically sets up a custom profile field for phpBB, where players enter their Minecraft username. More coming soon! Referral rewards Make your own field Source


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Plugin Info: KitPVP Plugin with all the essentials commands/perks. Creator: xKishan [To Contact me message me on the forums] For bug's please post comments and I will fix within 24 hours! Features: Villager Kits (use /entitykits <kitname> to spawn an NPC that will not go away until you remove from config!) Kits (/kits, /kit <name>) Stats (/stats,/stats <otherplayer> Scoreboard Already Included!) Custom Economy (Coins Economy +49 Coins per Kill) [Soup] Sign ((Must be OP or have "kitpvp.soup"...
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Donator Express

Nov 13, 2014 Release
Donator Express ** Note: All Donator Express web portal versions from version 1.6.6 are insecure. A new version is in development and will be released shortly ** What is Donator Express? Donator Express allows members on your server to view and purchase ranks/items without any hassle. Users get their purchased item automatically. The plugin only requires a one-time setup, and then you can sit back, relax and watch the donations come in! Works with 1.7.9! Download the portal and plugin here:...

MineStats | Bukkit Statistics & Web View

Nov 12, 2014 Beta
Demo | Register | Download | Website Why MineStats? MineStats is a advanced Bukkit statistics plugin which includes a simple setup and a classy way for your players to view their stats online! Control Panel Sign up, Sign in and have access to our great control panel. Add your server with a simple name and IP address, then connect it to your server using the key provided. It's simple. Free online stats view When you sign and you chose your sub-domain name. For example I chose 'Endersouls', the...


Nov 08, 2014 Alpha
CommandClock is a simple Bukkit-plugin for automating and timing commands. Config (for alpha users and pros) The plugin's config.yml file should be built up as follows: The first row must say "schedules:". After this row, every other text must start with a space character. From the second line and on, you can define as much tasks as you want/need/feel like. Every task is defined like this: After the space, type a unique name for the task, followed by a colon. Then, hit newline. At the...