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TNT Arrows

Apr 18, 2014 Release
^ Navigate the pages here :) Need some sort of fun on your server, but can't find the best way to do it? It's here NOW! This plugin (Exploding Arrows) adds one command to your Bukkit server. After using this command, grab a bow and arrow out of the Creative Inventory and shoot! (WARNING: Do not do this anywhere near anything important!) And BOOM! Everything within a certain radius of the shot arrow will go bye-bye. This is useful for trolling and such. Remember not to do it near a spawn or...
TeleCarts sign


Apr 18, 2014 Release
Telecarts The only plugin (OK, not only) that lets you teleport with minecarts! This plugin was originally made for the not-yet-released Ender Worlds server. CURRENT VERSION TeleCarts 2.0.0 USAGE To use the plugin you need to make a telecasts sign one block below the block a minecart track is on. If it is correct the first line will turn red and bold. The minecart needs to ride down the track in a minecart to be teleported, even if the mine cart is empty or full it will work. This currently...


Apr 17, 2014 Beta
TopView is a plugin that allows players to enter a 3rd person top view using your cursor to control the players movement. Features: View yourself from above Control the player using your cursor You take any damage that the player you are controlling takes Commands: /topview (/topv,/tv) - Enter top view Permissions: topview.use - Allows players to enter top view Video: Please let me know of any bugs, glitches or general dislikings TODO: Make movement smoother Go into top view as a mob!...
Main Logo

Tree Assist

Apr 17, 2014 Release
TreeAssist - Auto Replants and Auto Destroy Version: v5.8.21 This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. It also will take down an entire tree when then bottom log is removed depending on whether it is enabled in the config. _______________________ Main video, please watch! Main video Another feature video. Video of general features _______________________ Features: Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down....

Touchscreen Holograms

Apr 14, 2014 Release
This plugin allows you to bind commands to Holographic Displays' holograms when clicked. Required plugin: Holographic Displays Please use the latest version. Features Lightweight and easy to use. Commands options and variables. Bungeecord support (send players to servers). Support for multiple commands. Compatible with Bukkit 1.7.x and 1.6.4. From an idea of Asdjke - Video by VariationVault Permissions The only permission to use all the commands is touchscreenholograms.admin. Plugin commands...

Towny Mobs

Apr 14, 2014 Release
Want some guards to defend your territory? Towny Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your Town! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area. This plugin requires Towny. This plugin is based on Faction Mobs and is converted to Towny from Factions. Mob Types: There are 4 mob types: Swordsman Sword wielding Archer Bow wielding Mage Potion throwing Titan Iron Golem Aside from the Titan, which cannot equip armor, your...

Toxic Skies

Apr 11, 2014 Release
Toxic Skies Toxic Skies is a Bukkit plugin that makes the world a harsher and more dangerous place. Players are forced to survive underground or else be destroyed by the elements. Toxic Skies adds the following game mechanics: Players who get too close to the surface get periodically poisoned by the surface air. Staying above ground without protection will result in death after about two minutes. Pumpkins work like gas masks. Wearing one above ground prevents damage for a time. The weather is...

The PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack

Apr 08, 2014 Release
PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack 3?! Documentation updated for the full release! Most outward changes are in the earth ponies, who have been made much more powerful, but everyone gets some minor changes. See my other plugins! Simple-P Damage Modifiers! Simple-P Chat Filter! How to use it. (Link) (Permissions/Commands/Configuration) Class Information and Questions. Alicorns simply have the abilities of the Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns all. (Administrative class.) Earth Pony Unicorn Pegasus Zebra...


Apr 03, 2014 Release
Latest version is 1.1 One of the biggest problems with running a big server with a lot of staff is having proper management and having everyone knowing what they should be doing. With this plugin you can separate your staff into separate teams allowing them to work independently under the leader of that team. When a player creates a team he becomes the sole leader of that team. As a leader he may create jobs wherever he pleases each with a custom message attached. A player can then search for...


Mar 29, 2014 Planning
TheAbilityGames is a modified version of the all popular Hunger Games! With TheAbilityGames, at the start of each round, the player will be able to select a kit and use it to fight to the death with the other opponents. This plugin will take over the entire server, and the world will be regenerated after each restart. Restarting/Stopping the server - Tools such as RSToolkit or multicraft are recommended to auto-restart the server, and the stop command can be changed via the config. Kits:...
Thor v2


Mar 26, 2014 Release
THE ORIGINAL GOD OF WAR PLUGIN Thor is a plugin that allows players to make various things happen (like lightning) at certain locations by clicking at that location with a tool. Unlike other plugins, which require a host of commands to be typed (which takes FOREVER), you just have to type what you want to happen at the start, and then click when and where you want it to happen. As many times as you like; you don't have to keep typing commands. Essentially, Thor adds what is like magic wands...


Mar 22, 2014 Alpha
TheStalker MiniGame Description TheStalker is a MiniGame based on the Stalker gamemode from GarrysMod. Features Automatic Game start Player randomisation Lobby Signs Currently there is no World Protection! You should use a plugin like WorldGuard to Protect your Arenas Commands & Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission Player Commands /stalker helpdisplays a Help pagestalker.player /stalker join <Arena>Join a specific Arenastalker.player.join /stalker leaveLeave a Arenastalker.player.leave...


Mar 19, 2014 Release
TNT: Description: Do you hate those stupid griefers who work with TNT? Then you will definitely like this plugin! This plugin does not allow griefers to place TNT! Is there a player on you server who you trust with TNT? The only thing you'll have to do is giving him the permission TNT.place !!! By default players don't have this permissions, so when they are trying to place TNT they will get a message that they don't have permission. But here's the final when somebody with the permission...


Mar 17, 2014 Release
TNTRun is a fully automated minigame plugin that is based on the popular map TNTRUN. For those who doesn't know what is it, here is and explanation. Players start on layer of sand and every block that they step on dissapears. If player falls through the hole he loses the game. The last player wins the game. Features Multiple arenas Multiple sand levels Block destroy delay Custom gamlevel AntiCamping system Custom messages Formatting codes support Signs Time limit Automatic arena regeneration...
Twitter Logo


Mar 12, 2014 Release
Display the latest tweet from any user on Twitter, such as your server’s official updates, in your minecraft world. The latest tweet will occupy at most 3 signs, thanks to twitter’s 140 characters limitation. Installation To install the plugin, follow the instructions on the Installation Page. Basic Usage Once the plugin is properly installed, you can start building twitter boards! To experiment with a simple twitter board, build a wall that is 4 blocks high. Then, place a sign on the highest...


Mar 03, 2014 Planning
The Big No! This plugin contains all the simple anti-greifing tools, ever wanted to disable explosions and portals? Or maybe just wanted to stop players from placing blocks without having a certain permission node? This plugin has this and much much more! The plugin is yet not made, but it'll be done before you even know. Usage: Just drag and drop the jar file in your plugins folder, and reload your server, then take a look in the config.yml file. Permissions: Changelog: Source:...


Feb 25, 2014 Planning
TNTRealism Description Ever wanted better and cooler effects when blowing stuff up in Minecraft with flying blocks that land ever where like a real explosion. TNTRealism allows you to add effects for your players to enjoy blowing up stuff in Minecraft. Commands and Permissions No commands No permissions Setup and Configuration 1. Download the plugin (found on the right) 2. Open your servers FTP or Panel 3. Upload the .jar file into your Plugins folder 4. Reload or Restart your server 5....


Feb 22, 2014 Release
TopBarMessage What is TopBarMessage (TBM) TopBarMessage is a plugin there display the message: "Welcome to this server!" in the enderdragons helfbar. Features: Display a message in the enderdragn helfbar. No permissions Comming features: Colorcodes Rainbow colors Configable message Auto Updater. InGame commands to configuration Requires: This plugin requires: BarAPI. This plugin will not work out it. Installation: 1. Download the latest version of BarAPI 2. Download the latest version of...


Feb 20, 2014 Planning
Today i bring you a new super fun plugin that gives you the ability to make trampolines in minecraft so you can fly high up in the sky. Th only thing that you need is the permission to-do so and your set to go flying. What Is This Plugin? What this plugin does is when you step on a block defined in the config, it shoots you vertically high up into the sky. Not only that though it also adds commands to shoot other players into the sky and yourself via a command. Lastly we have also included a...


Feb 19, 2014 Release
ToolBelt About This plugin provides a way to replace specific tools with special functionality. The idea originated from the VoxelDoop2 plugin, but has been re-written entirely for better code quality and to include permissions and yml configuration. The framework has been rewritten a second time now so that additional tools can be added more easily. Setup The process for setting up this mod is to drop it in your CraftBukkit plugins/ folder. Run (or /reload) bukkit, and it will create a...