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Jul 27, 2014 Beta
Welcome to the Trommel! Check out this link for important information http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/trommel/pages/extra-information/ Current Version?: Trommel is currently version 0.3 Whats my plugin do currently?: This plugin gives your leftover cobblestone a chance to be transformed into something more worth your while, such as diamonds & emeralds or even golden nuggets! Features (For players): Craft & use a Trommel Can locate their trommel via command Can destroy their trommel via...
Telekinetic Reality

Telekinetic Reality

Jul 23, 2014 Beta
Brief description: Telekinetic Reality adds survival-based block levitation/physical abilities (telekinesis) to minecraft. TR also adds a unique graphical skill tree interface to aid in ability leveling/progression. Lore: Behind the illusion that we perceive as reality, there is another fabric. This surface is more pliable, more easily manipulated. In fact, it is so flexible that beings which exist in the conscious dimension are capable of grasping control... ...that is, beings with adequate...


Jul 12, 2014 Beta
TrapBlocks Set explosive traps to keep people out of your stuff! Permissions & Commands - trapblocks.make -Allows the player to make a trapblock! - trapblocks.trap -Allows the player to place a trapblock! Commands: None -Yes! There aren't any commands in this early version! Config can_defuse: (Boolean: If you can de-fuse the traps) (default: false) defuser_name: (String: What you want the trap de-fuser's name to be) (default: Trap Breaker) defuser_id: (Int: The item ID of the trap-defuser)...


Jul 11, 2014 Release
Concept by: w00t_420 Features: TownyMail links together Essentials and Towny to create an easy way for mayors and kings to send mail to their people. Able to send messages to all residents, all town/nation ranks, and even to all the mayors in a nation. Uses the mailing system directly from Essentials. Ability to update the config file if your Towny rank names were changed. Permissions are taken care inside of the plugin to make for an easy setup. Note: Make sure you have the latest versions...

Towny Mobs

Jul 10, 2014 Release
Want some guards to defend your territory? Towny Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your Town! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area. This plugin requires Towny. This plugin is based on Faction Mobs and is converted to Towny from Factions. Mob Types: There are 4 mob types: Swordsman Sword wielding Archer Bow wielding Mage Potion throwing Titan Iron Golem Aside from the Titan, which cannot equip armor, your...
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Tree Assist

Jul 05, 2014 Release
TreeAssist - Auto Replants and Auto Destroy Version: v5.8.75 This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. It also will take down an entire tree when then bottom log is removed depending on whether it is enabled in the config. _______________________ Main video, please watch! Main video Another feature video. Video of general features _______________________ Features: Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down....


Jul 01, 2014 Release
Telegion Telegion is my first plugin. I couldn't find any plugin that was able to teleport players randomly predefined points. So I decided to create mine... but having no knowledge un Java, I was, I confess, some difficulties. But I did ! What does Telegion can do ? Telegion is able to teleport a player to a random point in a section (category). For example, a moderator has created a section named "S1" and placed 5 points on it. When a player will perform the command (or click on the...
TeleCarts sign


Jul 01, 2014 Release
Telecarts The only plugin (OK, not only) that lets you teleport with minecarts! This plugin was originally made for the not-yet-released Ender Worlds server. CURRENT VERSION TeleCarts 2.1.0 USAGE To use the plugin you need to make a telecasts or worldcarts sign one block below the block a minecart track is on. TeleCarts is in the same world, Worldcarts is teleporting to a different world. If it is correct the first line will turn red and bold. The minecart needs to ride down the track in a...
KillStreas English


Jun 30, 2014 Release
GuardianBR KillStreaks ( ENGLISH ) Running The 1.5.x To 1.7.x Character Dependency Vault * Through The Lore . Will be Counted THE Number Of Deaths In a Particular Item. * Have You thought about the power of a tool? * How many people were killed with you? * Now you can! Note * The KillStreak is a title that provides an extra for an item to be entered statistics . * And may change name, lores and spells, and has no restrictions on maximum level in item . * You can use this plugin to create a...


Jun 23, 2014 Release
Turtles Automate... Everything! Introducing Turtles: Programmable robots in Minecraft. Current Version: Turtles 0.2 for CraftBukkit 1.7.9-R0.1. This project is open-source! Check out the GitHub page. Version 0.3 has been posted to BukkitDev and is currently waiting for approval! How it works Using this plugin is very simple! To begin, craft an turtle: Next, you need to take a book and quill and write your commands. (for a list of commands, see below) You can seperate different commands with...


Jun 21, 2014 Release
Version v1.0 SilkSpawners (NEEDED): Click! Features TnTSpawners is a plugin that's completely configurable. What it's mainly used for is to drop spawners when they're exploded by tnt or creepers. TnTSpawners uses SilkSpawners in order for this to work You can add blocks into the config to also get exploded by tnt and drop, such as beacons You can edit the distance someone has to be in order for them to drop This is a good use for a raiding server, you need SilkSpawners in order for this...

Touchscreen Holograms

Jun 19, 2014 Release
This plugin allows you to bind commands to Holographic Displays' holograms when clicked. Required plugin: Holographic Displays Please use the latest version. Features Lightweight and easy to use. Commands options and variables. Bungeecord support (send players to servers). Support for multiple commands. From an idea of Asdjke - Video by VariationVault Permissions The only permission to use all the commands is touchscreenholograms.admin. Plugin commands Command Description...
ToolSwap Logo


Jun 18, 2014 Release
ToolSwap Auto Tool Switcher - swaps the tool in a players hand depending on what block/entity that player interacts with. See below for details on tool swapping. Version: v1.4.1 UPGRADE NOTE REQUIREMENT: When upgrading to v1.4 or higher from a version lower than 1.4, you must delete the "ToolSwap" folder inside your plugins folder. BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR CONFIG.YML IF YOU MADE CHANGES, ALSO YOUR PLAYER'S PREFERENCES WILL BE DELETED! If you are using ToolSwap v1.2, you need to delete the...
First look at Factories!


Jun 17, 2014 Planning
Welcome to TechCraft! A great plugin that allows you integrate technology into your Minecraft server easily. TechCraft also uses core Minecraft elements such as Redstone to power your factories. Don't hesitate to ask for some features that aren't already listed. Features, Permission, Commands, or Configurations that are written (name | version) will be released on that version. This is for minor features. Features Build factories to automatically craft and smelt items. Chain workers together....

Tree Replant

Jun 13, 2014 Planning
Summary Basically what this plugin does is checks the wood type and if it has dirt under it, if it does it replants the tree with the proper sapling after it is broken. Like I said this plugin is very lightweight and does not interfere with any other plugins. If you already have a plugin that disables the breaking of saplings, it send it's message and run it's code instead of Tree Replant. This plugin was to make it simple to replace saplings automatically and make them unbreakable for RP...


Jun 13, 2014 Release
Tool-O-Matic: The solution to tool switching! Tool-O-Matic eliminates the need to switch tools when breaking blocks! Tool-O-Matic automatically changes the item that a player is holding depending on what block is being broke! (Also works with hoes and swords!) Commands and Permissons /toolomatic | toolomatic.use aliases: tom, autotool, at To-Do - Take enchantments into account.


Jun 11, 2014 Release
ThrowableSpawnEggs Throw spawn eggs instead of just clicking with them! Version: v2.2 Now, instead of awkwardly clicking blocks with spawn eggs, you can now seamlessly toss them in the air! TSE also removes a small bug where two mobs couldn't be spawned in the same spot at the same time. Lightweight and efficient, TSE is a must-have for any server that uses spawn eggs! Video: Requirements: None Commands: None Permissions: tse.use - allows player/group to throw eggs (default everyone, negate...

TNT Plus

Jun 07, 2014 Release
This plugin completely changes the explosion mechanics on your Bukkit server. When you detonate tnt, instead of the blocks "breaking" and dropping the items, with this plugin all the blocks will be thrown up in the air and scattered around. There are no commands or permissions on this plugins. Just drag and drop! Important Warning || Before you download!: This plugin COMPLETELY overrides the explosion mechanic. Instead of following the vanilla explosion, the blocks will be thrown away and...


Jun 04, 2014 Planning
TogglePM Description TogglePM stand for Toggle Private Messages, it allow player to disable or enable private messages for themselves. Commands /tpm - Toggle command! /msg <player> <message> - Message command! Permissions togglepm.toggle - Toggle command togglepm.message - Message command togglepm.bypass - Bypass toggle Requirements LCore - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lcore/ Images Coming soon... Donations Donations at top of the page Buy me a Soda : $3 Buy me a Pack of Soda : $10

Theater Mode

May 23, 2014 Beta
Theater Mode: Record you gameplay! What is it? This plugin lets you record your game and allows you to re-watch it from different views or of other players, similar to Halo's or Call of Duty's theater mode. This will be useful for PvP, UHC, and other various gametypes. Commands /tm start - Starts the recording. /tm watch - Watch the last recording. /tm stop - Stops the recording or the viewing of the recording. Also despawns any NPC's that were spawned by the plugin. How to use Once everybody...