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Nov 21, 2014 Planning
What does the plugin does?: DiscoArmor is a very cool plugin that you can use for donators. I hope all of you guys enjoy my plugin and I'll keep adding this till it's fully perfect. I'm working now on a hub plugin, with DiscoArmour. I hope all of you have fun with my plugin and I'll tell when I release my hub plugin! Permsissions: Adding it soon.. Changelog: 1.0 Version with no commands


Oct 30, 2014 Release
Source | Change Log | Feature Request | Bug Report | Donate Latest Release: v1.2 for Bukkit 1.7+ About DeadHorses is designed to allow players to interact with dead horses (skeleton horse and undead/zombie horse). This plugin enables leashing, feeding, taming, and riding of dead horses. All actions are passed though Bukkit's event system, letting protection plugins such as Worldguard function like they should. Features Players using the DeadHorses plugin can: Attach leashes to dead horses...


Oct 28, 2014 Planning
This plugin will allow you to delete your logs with a simple command! ► Commands : - /dlogs -> Delete the logs of your server! ► Permission : - dlogs.use -> /dlogs ► How To Install : Put the file Dlogs.jar Into the plugins folder of your Spigot / Bukkit server and ... that's it!


Oct 23, 2014 Release
DeathSpawn made by Baummann and is now outdated, so I'll bring it up2date again. Features: You can set a spawn where people spawn when they are dead. Multiworld support included! Commands: /setdeathspawn - Change the death spawn position /deathspawn - Teleports you to death spawn Permissions: deathspawn.setspawn - Access to /setdeathspawn deathspawn.tpspawn - Access to /deathspawn deathspawn.spawn - Spawn @ deathspawn Changelog: v1.4: Revamped plugin, 2 multiworld options included now v1.3:...


Oct 22, 2014 Beta
What does the plugin does?: DiscoArmor is a very cool plugin that you can use for donators, like a perk.If you turn DiscoArmor on it gives this message: It's a cool plugin with effects sounds and of course, disco armor! I hope all of you guys enjoy my plugin and I'll keep adding this till it's fully perfect. I'm working now on a hub plugin, with DiscoArmour, guns, trails and such. I hope all of you have fun with my plugin and I'll tell when I release my hub plugin! Commands: /disco Main...

Don't Dig Under Your Feet

Oct 20, 2014 Release
Description Stops players from digging under their feet in a painful manner. When players dig down a certain amount of blocks they will take a certain amount of damage. All of this is completely configurable. Features 100% Configurable Very-Light - Uses one listener Unlimited Groups Customizable Permissions per group Commands Command Arguments Description Permission /dduyf reload | addgroup | removegroup Main command of this plugin. Shows help. dduyf.access /dduyf reload N/A Reloads...


Oct 08, 2014 Planning
Hello! All this simple plugin does is to count every day and show you every morning how old your current Minecraft world is since you used the plugin. I got the inspiration from the 1.8 version where this is implemented in the debug screen. I thought it would be a nice addon to 1.7 survival servers to view the current day. Additionaly, if you use the command /day, it shows you the current day and the time of the day, for example 12:00 or 19:43, with a Minecraft day beginning at 6:00 o'clock...


Oct 02, 2014 Release
DarkHorse Please give me a diamond on Planet Minecraft! What is it? DarkHorse is a simple, lightweight plugin that lets you spawn all types of rideable beasts in Minecraft, INCLUDING the "darker" horses in the game. That's right - zombie and skeleton horses! Using a simple set of commands, you can spawn in these mobs immediately and shock people with the unnatural horses! And now, not only can you spawn all the types of horses, you can even ride them too! Spawn a tamed horse, right-click with...
Wood Hoe Explosion


Sep 28, 2014 Beta
When Admiral Ackbar walked into his star cruiser, he couldn't help but notice the TNT block right under him. He wasn't worried, as there was no redstone surrounding it. Maybe this was the ejection seat replacement he had been looking for. He looked to his right, and saw someone with a diamond hoe, grinning at him. He was wondering what anyone would do with a diamond hoe on a star cruiser, and then he realized ... It's A Trap! Whenever a player places TNT it is linked to any type of hoe. When...


Sep 22, 2014 Beta
Meta Documentation | Issue Tracker | Script Repository | Tutorial Videos Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Denizen uses a pasting service provided by its developers to enable recording of debug sessions. This allows an easy and universal way to troubleshoot a script. It is only used on '/denizen submit', however this service is not endorsed by...

DLMC Staff List

Sep 13, 2014 Beta
Staff List v1.2.6 Home | Source Code | Permissions & Commands | Custom Plugins Welcome Staff list is a plugin which lists online staff when a command is typed, I am currently working on including prefixes and languages etc, all will be updated every week it is still in beta, most of it actually isnt working yet, PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD UNTILL THIS MESSAGE IS REMOVED, otherwise you are downloading a pointless plugin Commands /Staff - Lists all online staff Setup Drag the StaffList.jar into the...


Sep 10, 2014 Inactive
This is my new plugin named DisableHoppers .It is basically for anti cheating and anti stealing. What it does is Disable the placement of hoppers under chests, furnaces , burning furnaces ,droppers and dispensers. Works with permission plugins! Have a config.yml file where you can set if you can place Hoppers or not! If you want to modify it please contact me from my account! All rights are reserved to me! For further information contact me!If somebody wants group work please contact me! Made...
Dwarves vs Zombies Logo

Dwarves vs Zombies

Sep 05, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to play DvZ, but you couldn't either because Rob hosts it at the wrong time for you or you never get chosen? Now you can host your own Games using this plugin! Or you can change to configs to have your very own DvZ. Your just a player searching for a server?: Checkout these public servers hosted by the community: Forum for Servers What is Dwarves vs Zombies: Idea by "Rob" http://twitter.com/#!/urealms (Tutorial): Explanation Image - Video by Rob Features: Automated Games with...


Aug 30, 2014 Release
What is D-Pets? D-Pets is an all-new all-inclusive Donor Pet management system that allows you to sell or gift easy-to-use pets to your players! Every popular Minecraft server uses a Pet system to fund their bills, engage their players, and add a little more fun to the server, and now you can too! D-Pets is an effective yet simplistic tool for creating, managing, and deleting Pets that every server should take advantage of! Whether you're selling them off to fund your server, giving them away...

Diagonal Blocks

Aug 26, 2014 Release
This plugin allows to have diagonal blocks in Minecraft, without client mods or Spout! It obviously has some limitations, but it's very cool! Images You can create rails covered by a floor then put a minecart with a block on them to create a moving block. How does it work? Diagonal Blocks allows you to make a selection, that must be a 1x1 block tower, then with a command you can convert this block tower to stacked minecarts, each one contaning a different block with a different offset. With...


Aug 15, 2014 Beta
Introduction In many urban-servers, many players resort to creating elaborate redstone doorbells. This plugin aims to change that by allowing a user to create a doorbell. In order to use this plugin, a user with permissions simply has to type "[DOORBELL]" (without quotes) on a new sign and it will be set up as a doorbell. You are able to right click on the sing to change the alert types to sound, message, both, or neither. After your doorbell is set up, it just needs a redstone signal and it...

Double Jump

Aug 14, 2014 Release
Double Jump == Double Jump == This plugin allows you to double jump just like in mario! Latest Version: V2.6 Quote from Changelog:The plugin is now for 1.7.9 10,000+ Downloads great! Thank you all! == Features == Setting the jump height. Setting if there is a message send if the player jumps. Setting the message. Permissions: doublejump.jump Effect under the player when jumps(this will be toggleble) Sound plays when player jumps == Comming Features == Option if you hold an item(you can choose...


Aug 13, 2014 Release
DeathPackage What is DeathPackage? DeathPackage is a plugin that saves specific slots of a player's inventory, and gives them those items back when they respawn. The plugin is fully customisable, and supports permission based slot saving. How to install: Install SimpyCore first. Download the latest recommended version of the plugin, and simply drop it into your plugins directory. Reload or restart your server, and that's it: DeathPackage is installed! How to configure: Please look at the the...


Aug 12, 2014 Release
DieSheep DieSheep is a fun and unique way to prevent people from getting dyed wool from sheep. For example, if you wanted to create a map which required you to collect wool of each color, but don't want sheep to provide any colored wool. Download: BukkitDev Source Code: Github What does this plugin do? DieSheep changes all sheep's colored wool drops to white and then penalizes the player for trying to get colored wool. Shearing a sheep will spawn an angry wolf to attack you. Killing or Dyeing...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
| | Permissions | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft. It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their servers. More videos on DragonTravel (including tutorials) Features: Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons. Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and... ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like) ...fly to...