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Jul 02, 2015 Release
Notice: Versions subsequent to 1.2.8 may not work on servers running java 7 since they were compiled using java 8. Allows you to add a disco effect to stained glass, and wool! CommandPermissionDescription /discodb.discoAdds disco effect to first valid block in line of sight. /undiscodb.undiscoRemoves disco effect from first block in line of sight. /discoall [range]db.discoallAdds disco effect to all valid blocks within the given range. /undiscoalldb.undiscoallRemoves disco effect from all...

Disco Armour

Jun 30, 2015 Release
Disco Armour: This Plugin Quite Simply Allows You To Have Colour Changing Armour When You Do /Disco! You Can Now Change The Rate in Which The Colour Of The Armour Changes! All You Have To Do Is Have The Newest Update And Change It In The Config! By Default It Is Set To Every 10 Ticks Or Half Second. Commands: /Disco: Toggles The Disco Armour On/Off! /Disco Help: Displays The Help Page For The Plugin! /Disco Reload: Reloads The Plugins! Permissions: Use The /Disco Command - disco.use Use The...

Deadly Water

Jun 26, 2015 Planning
== Deadly Water == Deadly Water is a bukkit plugin designed to kill players when they fall in, touch or come in contact with water. This plugin is quite simple, all you need to do is upload it. The plugin will take it from there. Note that most of the features that I'm listing below aren't completely operational, and will be in the future. Commands: /event toggle [eventname] Events: - KillWater More coming soon... Permissions: - eventcore.killwater.bypass To-do: - Add Command to...
DotLegit logo


Jun 19, 2015 Release
- Hacked clients philter the messages that have a dot ( . ) in front of it, so, if the player is unable to say .legit , he is using modified client, and he will be banned :) Ever wanted a plugin to silently see hackers in action? This will give you Legit Mode: - .legit hack test - Insta Kill - FF Detection - KnockBack ( just attack the player with knockback 10 ) - Inventory see - AutoSoup Detection To do: - 19.5 hearts damage || delete soup - FF detection V2 || V3 - Easy ban icon Permission...


Jun 17, 2015 Alpha
DragonSlayer The Dragon will rise again from it's ashes! Upon defeating the Mighty Dragon only one true hero will be able to call himself the Dragon Slayer Origin This plugin was originally a request by Crowley3000 Features Upon the defeating the dragon, the slayer will get the Dragon Slayer prefix in chat (Configurable) Configurable Ender Dragon respawn time Configurable Ender Dragon respawn location Configurable Reward (requires vault) How to install Put the DragonSlayer.jar in your plugins...


Jun 12, 2015 Release
Function: When a player disconnects the players inventory is cleared and the player is teleported to the coordinates and world specified in the config. Perfect for minigame servers and etc. There is a bypass permission for administrators, dr.bypass. There is also a command for setting the spawn, /dr setspawn. Supports MultiVerse / MultiWorld! Commands: /dr setspawn - sets spawn at the players location! (Permission: dr.setspawn) Config: Spawn coordinates: x: 500 y: 100 z: 400 Spawn world:...


Jun 04, 2015 Release
Description Are Minecraft’s mobs not challenging enough for you? Do you find that survival lacks the tension it once had because the mobs no longer pose any threat to you? On the other hand, maybe you find some of Minecraft’s mobs too challenging. Perhaps you wish that these mobs were less difficult and overwhelming. If you fall into either of these groups or just want more control over the difficulty of the mobs in general, then DynamicDifficulty may be the plugin you are looking for. What...

Death Signs

Jun 02, 2015 Release
Death Signs! Death signs is a simple plugin that is very self explanatory, it makes a sign appear when a player gets killed by another player! It works both with archery and melee attacks. This project was made because of the request here. Here is an example of what a death sign looks like: Commands/Permissions None Configuration For now, this plugin has no config, however in future I may add one. Source This project is open source and licensed under MIT, you can view, reuse etc. the source...
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May 29, 2015 Beta
I would like to give a special thanks to the players and staff of RealmKraft for helping with testing, bugfinding and their overall support, thank you kind sirs and gals! This is a small plugin which adds extra effects to iron and diamond tools. Effects like tree felling, 3x3 mining, excavating and farming. It has basic permissions for every tool and its effect. It also has its own recipe for every iron or diamond tool. These will be added upon server load and you are able to disable the...
DoubleYourXp Logo

Double Your Experience

May 28, 2015 Release
Logos and Vector by xDizasterCYx What is DoubleYourExperience (DurEXP)? This plugin is a very simple it allows users to be given double, triple or quadruple exp. As well as this the plugin allows for a custom multiplier which is done through the config and can be disabled and enabled. Awesome for events. Permissions support, also allows for per permission multiplier. Should allow for all forms of exp gain Full Vault support Custom multiplier, can be to 1 decimal place Easy to use ingame...


May 20, 2015 Release
| | Permissions | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft. It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their servers. More videos on DragonTravel (including tutorials) Features: Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons. Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and... ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like) ...fly to...


May 14, 2015 Release
Introduction DaFlightManager gives server owners fine-grain control over DaFlight-flymod users. It allows for features to be disabled/enabled, and even maximum fly/sprint speeds set, all defined by standard permission nodes. It also provides compatibility with the NoCheatPlus movement checks for Players using the mod. Permissions daflight.fullbright - allows use of the in-built fullbright feature daflight.flymod - allows use of the fly and sprint mod daflight.softfall - allow user to prevent...


May 12, 2015 Release
DoubleJumper Description Ever wanted to DoubleJump in Minecraft? Now you can! Welcome to the first ever released bukkit DoubleJump plugin. This plugin is truly amazing, so try it now! Features Smooth DoubleJumping Item to toggle Jumping Speed World configuration Highly Configurable Much more Lastly, no bugs! You can see the config here! Permissions PermissionDescription doublejumper.reloadAllows the use of /doublejumper reload (Reloads the config) doublejumper.useAllows the use of doublejumping

Day/Night - PvP & Difficulty Cycle

May 11, 2015 Release
A PvP & Difficulty day/night timer for allow PVP only at night and change difficulty between Day/Night cycles for 1.7 and 1.8 Features: You can choose the worlds allowed to change the PVP/Difficulty changed by the day/night cycles; The pvp and difficulty is changed by worlds and not for all server at once; You can choose the sound, difficulty, start/end pvp times and the default difficulty for other worlds. Customizable messages to show when pvp starts/end and can show the actual difficulty...


May 06, 2015 Inactive
About NOT INACTIVE! Ever wanted to freely destroy stuff? Now you can! Disaster lets you make custom explosions at your current location. Commands /dis - Summon an explosion with a custom size. Sizes: Tiny, Small, Normal, Big, Huge, Godzilla, and BiomeBuster (not recommended unless you have a powerful computer)


May 05, 2015 Release
=== PRESENTATION === Hey guys, D3ry bringing another plugin for you, and today I bring a plugin a bit different than my first! I present to you the DStaffNoPlayer, a plugin that prohibit their staffs to act as PLAYER! === UTILITIES === Here are some things that the plugin does: Clean the items staff at his death; Prohibits staff to go PvP; Prohibits their staffs droparem items; === CONFIG === Below is an example of the config: ######################################## #### By: Dery #### ####...


May 03, 2015 Release
Project Information Description This plugin allows users to sell drugs to Drug Buyers! Users can right click the entity (configurable in the config) and sell their products! Prices and items are configurable in the config and you can include custom names for items! Messages are also configurable! The drug buyers won't move and can't take damage. When you change the drug buyer's name in the config and reload the plugin, the drug dealers' names will change in-game! Hooks into ChestShop's...


Apr 30, 2015 Beta
Hey guys, this is my first plugin so i basically just start of small. I will make this plugin bigger but then i need YOUR ideas! Send a ticket or suggest down below! INFO: This plugin is made for making Donator life or don't-want-to-pay-for-customisable-space-when-dedicated life better! This plugin makes so that whenever a player has the permission node: dedicatedslots.use it will join the server even when it's full, and it won't kick players that i already connected, this is reccomended for...


Apr 02, 2015 Release
A lightweight plugin created for my server (DireNode, thus the Dire before my plugins) to regulate the ender dragon. When the ender dragon is killed, a message will be broadcasted to the server saying that it was killed, and by who, and a cooldown which can be set in the config (default to one hour) will start to count down. Once the cooldown reaches 0, any player can say /spawndragon and a new one will appear if they are in the end. The ender dragon does not drop a portal, and instead the...

DiviningRod Social Compass

Mar 30, 2015 Release
DiviningRod gives you programmable social compasses that can point to any location, object, or player. New targets can be created by placing signs. Use this plugin to tell others about interesting places or to find moderators and other players. The compasses are represented by divining rods which are represented by glowing sticks that wiggle. Every divining rod has a tag which tells it where to point to. If a tag has multiple targets, the most relevant will be used. While holding a divining,...