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Jul 27, 2014 Planning
DeadHead Plugin requested by Sw_aG, thread can be found here. This plugin will place a head of whatever player/mob where it died! All supported mobs can be found in the config, very few are not supported. Read this first This is built against 1.7.2 as that is what Sw_aG requested. It DOES work on all current versions, and any updates will be officially built against the latest build. Commands/Permissions /deadhead - Get basic information on the plugin. /deadhead reload - Reload the plugins...


Jul 25, 2014 Release
What is D-Pets? D-Pets is an all-new all-inclusive Donor Pet management system that allows you to sell or gift easy-to-use pets to your players! Every popular Minecraft server uses a Pet system to fund their bills, engage their players, and add a little more fun to the server, and now you can too! D-Pets is an effective yet simplistic tool for creating, managing, and deleting Pets that every server should take advantage of! Whether you're selling them off to fund your server, giving them away...


Jul 24, 2014 Release
DiscoArmor DiscoArmor is a plugin, which changes the color of your leatherarmor every x ticks. (This can be set in the config) Commands and Permissions CommandPermissionDescription /da togglediscoarmor.toggleToggles your DiscoArmorMode /da toggle <player>discoarmor.toggleothersToggles a other player's DiscoArmorMode /da reloaddiscoarmor.reloadReloads the config /da helpdiscoarmor.helpList of all commands /da infodiscoarmor.infoInfo about the plugin /da updatediscoarmor.updateChecks for an...


Jul 20, 2014 Release
Description Are Minecraft’s mobs not challenging enough for you? Do you find that survival lacks the tension it once had because the mobs no longer pose any threat to you? On the other hand, maybe you find some of Minecraft’s mobs too challenging. Perhaps you wish that these mobs were less difficult and overwhelming. If you fall into either of these groups or just want more control over the difficulty of the mobs in general, then DynamicDifficulty may be the plugin you are looking for. What...


Jul 17, 2014 Release
"Challenge players to a duel!" Default Config | Source | Feature Request | Bug Report IRC - Plugin Help: #TfT_02 Latest version is: 0.1.2 About Duel is a plugin that changes how PVP works in Minecraft. Players can challenge each other to fight a duel. While players are dueling, other players cannot interfere with these players. A players inventory and level is saved and restored after the duel. Running away from a duel is impossible, player will get pushed and teleported back OR running away...


Jul 16, 2014 Beta
Meta Documentation | Issue Tracker | Script Repository | Tutorial Videos Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Denizen uses a pasting service provided by its developers to enable recording of debug sessions. This allows an easy and universal way to troubleshoot a script. It is only used on '/denizen submit', however this service is not endorsed by...


Jul 16, 2014 Release
How to use · Commands · Source · To do What is the DigitalClock? With this plugin you can create a digital clock from any block material you want! The digital clock is in format HH:mm:ss, it's 5 block high and 26 blocks wide. You can show AM/PM, toggle showing seconds and much more! Here is tutorial how to use this plugin in programming in your own plugin. Please write about all issues here: github issues list. I will reply to them there. Or you can simply post a ticket :). Features Pretty...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
| | Permissions | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft. It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their servers. More videos on DragonTravel (including tutorials) Features: Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons. Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and... ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like) ...fly to...


Jul 14, 2014 Release
DragonAntiPvpLeaver (DAPL) is a lightweight version of AntiPvPLogger. Based on NPCLib and AntiPvPLogger. IMPORTANT You need the right version since the Wolverness commit. Spawn an NPC if enemy player logs out DAPL/NPC spawn disabled if player got kicked *new in* WorldGuard support Factions 2.0+ support Possible to only spawn NPC if enemy player is nearby Increase in NPC lifetime if an NPC takes damage Multi-language support, messages configurable Broadcasts NPC events only around a...
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Dubstep Gun

Jul 10, 2014 Release
The most recent download is found here! v.1.1 What are Dubstep Guns? Dubstep Guns (for now) is a diamond sword with knock back. But here is where it gets fancy, the sword is renamed with a new Name and Item meta and when you click with the 'gun' in your hand you start the sounds of dubstep! Also I decided to add in a custom crafting recipe for people to recieve this weapon. How does this work? When you download Dubstep Guns ou will get a zip file with 2 things inside it. A .jar file and a...

Draw My Thing

Jul 08, 2014 Beta
Draw My Thing. See it in action on my server mc.shadowuniverse.org I will add photos and videos soon. This plugin is inspired by MinePlex. Description Draw My Thing is a plugin similar to the plugin which is used at the original Draw My Thing Server on MinePlex. You can create Arenas where players can join to play against each other for the highest points. When there are enough players (specified in config) the game will start, a random player will be selected as the "builder" and teleported...


Jul 07, 2014 Release
FAQ | Configuration | Commands/Permissions | Drug Effects | Material List Download/Source? Download: here Source: here

Death Treasure

Jul 01, 2014 Release
Creates a treasure chest when a player dies filled with a selection of items from those listed in the config.yml. With options for how many items a chest will hold and permissions to decide who will create a chest on death or be notified about new treasure chests! Features Choose who will create treasure chests on death Choose who gets notified about treasure chests Configure how many and what items go into treasure chests Creates a chest with a random selection of items from the config.yml...


Jun 27, 2014 Release
DoorLock is a new type of plugin for the protection of the doors of your house, city walls or dungeons! Instead of relying on commands, signs or names this plugin is based on a combination of items placed in dropper (from now on called Lock) in the immediate vicinity of the door. This plugin is designed for users who want to give access to their homes (if using Towny) only to trusted players and for GDR server administrators who want to create a combination for the doors in a dungeon or in a...


Jun 18, 2014 Planning
Add useful, special abilities to your Minecraft server! Current Abilities Sharpened- Right click a sword for 10 seconds of extra damage every 2 minutes. Speedmine- Right click a pickaxe for 10 seconds of haste every minute. I'm still thinking of abilities, give me some ideas in the comments! Permissions None right now Commands None right now Configuration No configuration


Jun 15, 2014 Release
Introduction This plugin allows players with the permission doublejump.use to double jump in minecraft. Permissions doublejump.use Commands No Commands Bugs None as of yet.
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Jun 11, 2014 Beta
What is DropStop? DropStop is a plugin that will allow you to prevent blocks from dropping items when broken. DropStop is light but very flexible. You can configure any world individually and add exceptions. You don't want players picking up cactus blocks. Done. Want them to be able to pickup cactus blocks on a cactus world? Also done. Furthermore, you can prevent block breaks from dropping experience orbs, or only dropping experience orbs. Glorious! Permissions Only one permission that is...


Jun 10, 2014 Beta
With mobs being able to loot items, if the chunk unloads the hostile mob along with the captured loot vanishes from memory. DeathChunkAnchor keeps the chunk loaded allowing some time for the player to return and slay any mobs that have stolen their items. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Keep chunks with recent deaths loaded. Keep surrounding chunks loaded. Set how long the keep a chunk loaded for. Requirements Java 6+ Optional A permissions plugin. Setup Add the...

Dakado Health

Jun 08, 2014 Release
Dakado Health Have you ever wanted to add to your VIP group something special or just wanted to have server with levels and their bonuses ? Or just simply wanted more fun ? Now it is possible, with this plugin you will be able to set max player's health from 1 to 999999. This plugin was originally made for my RPG server called WoWCraft with level and HP-system and for GameTeam.cz community. -----------------------------------------(Build v3.2.3 for 1.7.x...


Jun 07, 2014 Beta
Dynamically adjust drop rates based on how frequently a mob type (zombie, spider, ect) is killed compared to other mob types on the server. For every point a mob's drop rate falls, another mob's rate goes up to compensate. This gradual effect results in diminishing returns on heavily farmed mobs and encourages players to hunt less popular mobs. Features When a mob is killed, their drop rate is reduced. A random mob's drop rate is increased to compensate. The sum drop rate of all mob stays at...