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Feb 25, 2015 Release
Description Hello guys, TechnicCoders returning from the base! We gonna show you our new plugin called DeathMarker What is DeathMarker? Well, DeathMarker allows you to create a hologram when you or other players dies! Simple as that! This is gonna spam my server with holograms? Nope, we implemented a configurable countdown! When it reach 0 the holograms are deleted! Do I have any problems with another holograms in my server? Of course not! We tag every hologram made by this plugin, so don't...


Feb 20, 2015 Release
Allows you to add a disco effect to stained glass, and wool. CommandPermissionDescription /discodb.discoAdds disco effect to first valid block in line of sight. /undiscodb.undiscoRemoves disco effect from first block in line of sight. /discoall [range]db.discoallAdds disco effect to all valid blocks within the given range. /undiscoalldb.undiscoallRemoves disco effect from all blocks on the server. /undiscoall [range]^Removes disco effect from all valid blocks within the given range....


Feb 19, 2015 Release
Moved to spigot Please post all issues on the Github page(under the issues tab on github) Description: DwarfCraft is a plugin that allows players to improve their characters skills and capabilities. Players can pay trainers to improve their skills, which provides benefits such as increased weapon damage, decreased tool wear, increased drops from blocks or mobs, etc. Because of the training system, DwarfCraft can provide an interesting and fun RPG base for Survival MP servers that will remain...


Feb 18, 2015 Release
Description It`s really boring when someone dies, get back to his house and get more items and go to the fight again! So, this easy life is about the end with something more intense. When a player dies, he don`t get back to his house, he stays on the graveyard forever! This plugin ban the player when he dies, making your easy life server into a hardcore one! Permission deathban.ban To have permission to be banned when die! Commands No commands Thank you


Feb 17, 2015 Release
Function: When a player disconnects the players inventory is cleared and the player is teleported to the coordinates and world specified in the config. Perfect for minigame servers and etc. There is a bypass permission for administrators, dr.bypass. There is also a command for setting the spawn, /dr setspawn. Supports MultiVerse / MultiWorld! Commands: /dr setspawn - sets spawn at the players location! (Permission: dr.setspawn) Config: Spawn coordinates: x: 500 y: 100 z: 400 Spawn world:...


Feb 15, 2015 Release
Deathrun Description Deathrun is a plugin based off of the popular minigame TNTRUN. When players move, the blocks under them disappear. The game continues until they fall through the last layer and into the void or a pool of water or lava. Installing Put the Deathrun.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar Creating a Deathrun Arena Stand on the Spawn Point you want and type /dr create <arena name> Optional: /dr alter <arena name> 2 (setup a second spawn, you can keep adding...
Double Jump

Double Jump Plugin

Feb 10, 2015 Release
Double Jump(Now with permissions) This is a very lightweight plugin that allows your Minecraft character to leap and jump his way around the Minecraft world. Usage It is a very simple to use plugin, It only requires you to simply tap space and tap it again whilst in mid air and moving in a direction. This plugin will only work in survival mode because in creative you can fly, obviously. ==== What is it meant for? ==== This type of plugin is very popular to use in the hubs of servers, so you...

Disable Spectator

Feb 10, 2015 Planning
Disable Spectator This plugin will disable the use of the spectator gamemode Permissions: - disablespectator.override (users with this permission will be allowed to use the spectator gamemode) Commands: - No commands # this is the cancel message, the message sent when somebody trys to change to spectator mode without the required permission # message: '&4Sorry but you do not have the required permission for this.' # this sets what the permission to use spectator gamemode is #...
Double Exp Logo

Double Your Experience

Feb 07, 2015 Release
== This plugin is still being made and is and experiment! If you have any suggestions please create a ticket and don't it post in the comments== If you are updating version 1.2.8 please delete your configuration file! What is DoubleYourExperience (DurEXP)? This plugin is a very simple it allows users to be given double, triple or quadruple exp. As well as this the plugin allows for a custom multiplier which is done through the config and can be disabled and enabled. Permissions support, also...


Feb 02, 2015 Release
FAQ | Configuration | Commands/Permissions | Drug Effects | Material List Download/Source? Download: here Source: here


Jan 30, 2015 Planning
This plugin is a very interesting concept for RPG servers and whatnot. On your server, if a player dies in lava, or to some idiot. or to any of a zillion annoying causes, their items will probably be very hard, or impossible, to reach. This plugin offers a lightweight solution to the undying rage of losing the fruit of a day's worth of dungeon exploring - you can save 3 of your items on death. Features: On death, a hopper inventory will appear. The first and last slots are filled with Ender...

Draw My Thing

Jan 24, 2015 Beta
Draw My Thing. Plugin Sponsored By mc.shadowuniverse.org I will add photos and videos soon. This plugin is inspired by MinePlex. Description Draw My Thing is a plugin similar to the plugin which is used at the original Draw My Thing Server on MinePlex. You can create Arenas where players can join to play against each other for the highest points. When there are enough players (specified in config) the game will start, a random player will be selected as the "builder" and teleported to the...

Don't Dig Under Your Feet

Jan 20, 2015 Release
Description Stops players from digging under their feet in a painful manner. When players dig down a certain amount of blocks they will take a certain amount of damage. All of this is completely configurable. Features 100% Configurable Very-Light - Uses one listener Unlimited Groups Customizable Permissions per group Commands and Permissions CommandArgumentsDescriptionPermission/dduyfreload | addgroup | removegroupMain command of this plugin. Shows help.dduyf.access/dduyf reloadN/AReloads...
Dream Message Banner

Dream Messages

Jan 17, 2015 Release
This project requires SQLibrary 7.1+ plugin in order to function. Features DreamMessages lets admins give players dreams - or nightmares. Here's how it works: When a player leaves a bed, the plugin checks what time of day it is - if it's daytime (in other words, they slept through the night) then a message appears in aqua. If it's a nightmare, they have a bit of dizzyness and weakness for a few moments after waking. To create dreams, anyone with the dreams.admin permission node simply types...


Jan 01, 2015 Release
== By: DeiAlexTVT == == ESPAÑOL: == ==== Este Plugin Es Un Avanzado DropParty, Para Los Que No Saben Que Es Un DropParty, Un DropParty Es Un Bloque Que Empieza A Tirar Items Random, Con Un Muy Lindo Efecto, Efecto De Sonido Drop, Y BlockRoot. ==== ==== Traspasarlo A Ingles Nuevo Comando /DeiDropPartyINFO Nuevo Sonido Al Dropear (KILL PLAYER) ==== ==== Puede Agregar Cuantos Bloques, Items Quiera. Advertencia No Modificar: localizacion: mundo: x: y: z: Eso Se Modifica Automaticamente Al Usar El...


Dec 31, 2014 Beta
Meta Documentation | Issue Tracker | New Script Repository | Old Script Repository | Tutorial Videos Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Denizen uses a pasting service provided by its developers to enable recording of debug sessions. This allows an easy and universal way to troubleshoot a script. It is only used on '/denizen submit', however this...


Dec 27, 2014 Release
| | Permissions | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft. It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their servers. More videos on DragonTravel (including tutorials) Features: Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons. Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and... ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like) ...fly to...


Dec 21, 2014 Inactive
DiscoBlock A plugin that allows you to make color changing blocks! Fun, for a drop party, casino, or whatever you use on your server! How To Use Do /db toggle to toggle the placement of the blocks. Place down a Sponge block, and watch it turn into different colors! Commands & Permissions /db toggle - Toggles placement for players. - discoblocks.toggle /db speed - Sets the speed in ticks. - discoblocks.speed /db give - Gives DiscoBlock to player. - discoblocks.give /db setdiffblocks - Sets it...

DeathLobby - HardCore

Dec 17, 2014 Inactive
Welcome to DeathLobby! Yet another plugin for the @ReaTeam ! It's quite simple, when you die you get teleported to the hub server, or one of your choice! (Configure) Get the option to ban people who die too, this way the user can't join again! Is it Ultra Hardcore? Or Ultra Don't-Die! Find Out! == Requirements == This plugin requires BungeeCord! Get it at: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/1-7-2-1-8-bungeecord.392/ == Config == ServerHub: <Bungee-Cord-Hub-Name> DeathBan: <true|false> == FAQ ==...


Dec 13, 2014 Inactive
DamagePercent This plugin allows you to change the percentage of damage (All entitys and players) Commands: /dmgpercent [value] Example /dmgpercent 80 represents 80% of total damage (You can set above of 100) Permissions: dmgpercent.admin If you have suggestions please comment!