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Apr 14, 2014 Release
| | Permissions | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DragonTravel now supports UUIDs for Homes in alpha 14. However, this is largely untested. Any errors encountered should be reported, and will take priority to ensure we can continue to provide quick support for near future releases. DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft. It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their servers. More videos on DragonTravel Features:...

Disable Respawn Screen

Apr 14, 2014 Release
This simple Bukkit plugin removes the re-spawn screen on player death. While still treating it as a death for other plugins (for Example scoreboard death counts will still trigger). In additions users still drop their inventories and lose all experience as if a natural death had occurred. This plugin also respects Keep inventory Game rule, ie if it is enabled the user keeps their inventory. How does it work On death you will re spawn instantly without being prompted to click re-spawn....


Apr 12, 2014 Release
DiscoArmor DiscoArmor is a plugin, which changes the color of your leatherarmor every x ticks. (This can be set in the config) Commands and Permissions CommandPermissionDescription /da togglediscoarmor.toggleToggles your DiscoArmorMode /da toggle <player>discoarmor.toggleothersToggles a other player's DiscoArmorMode /da reloaddiscoarmor.reloadReloads the config /da helpdiscoarmor.helpList of all commands /da infodiscoarmor.infoInfo about the plugin /da updatediscoarmor.updateChecks for an...


Apr 11, 2014 Release
Default portal mechanics will attempt to search for a portal within an 8 block radius in the nether and a 128 block radius in the overworld. This means that if portals are too close together, they can end up cross-linking, and going somewhere you don't expect. DirectPortals was designed as a simple, one-feature plugin to ensure that each portal is linked to exactly one copy on the other side, and that portal links directly back to the first. No cross-linking can occur at all. How does this...
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Apr 11, 2014 Release
dBlockPainter dBlockPainter allows one to create art in Minecraft with ease. Using the new item, the paintbrush, you can paint with blocks from even hundreds of blocks away with no trouble at all. The paintbrush has its own simple custom crafting recipe. To top it all off, this plugin comes with extremely simple, easy to remember commands, permissions, and a configuration file to personalize the whole experience! Custom paintbrush item (crafting shown below) Almost unlimited range Fine...

Dakado Health

Apr 08, 2014 Release
Dakado Health Have you ever wanted to add to your VIP group something special or just wanted to have server with levels and their bonuses ? Or just simply wanted more fun ? Now it is possible, with this plugin you will be able to set max player's health from 1 to 999999. This plugin was originally made for my RPG server called WoWCraft with level and HP-system and for GameTeam.cz community. -----------------------------------------(Build v3.2.1 for 1.7.4 and...

Damage Indicator

Apr 08, 2014 Release
Damage Indicator is a plugin that allows you to harness the new technology of Holograms. (Yes...I know...so many plugins with holograms lately...). Anyway, when an entity is damaged by a player, the entity will get a little "-X" hologram over their head for the set time. Example Video Config OptionExplanation LifetimeHow long(in ticks) the displays will be visible allDamageEnable/Disable all damage(false = just damage from players) enabledEnable/Disable holograms for players, monsters, and...


Apr 06, 2014 Release
Description Are Minecraft’s mob’s not challenging enough for you? Do you find that survival lacks the thrill and tension it once had because the mobs no longer pose any threat to you? On the other hand, maybe you find some of Minecraft’s mobs too challenging. Perhaps you wish that these mobs were less difficult and overwhelming. If you fall into either of these groups or just want more control over the mob difficulty in general, then DynamicDifficulty may be the plugin you are looking for....
Demigods Early Access Logo

Demigods Early Access

Apr 06, 2014 Beta
Want to help us out? Test out the early access builds for Demgods! Re-enact mythological battles and rise from a Demigod to a fully fledged Olympian as you ally yourself with the Gods or Titans and battle to the bitter end! Demigods Early Access This is the BukkitDev plugin information page for Demigods Early Access. This is not the full, stable version of Demigods, for that click here. This project exists only for development builds (deemed unstable) of Demigods. A quick recap of what...


Apr 05, 2014 Release
DoubleJump DoubleJump allows your players to use the "double jump" when they hit space bar twice. Please excuse existing language faults, english isn't my first language. Features Use the well known double jump En/Disable Doublejump function in config Allow double jump in certain worlds Player can toggle if they want to use double jump Highly configurable toggle item Configurable falldamage Configurable sounds and effects You can choose between 3 different modes: cooldown, food or power...


Apr 05, 2014 Planning
Danger Money Danger Money is a casino plugin with fully configurable awards and multiples casinos with various awards. How to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creating own casino: 1º - type /dmoney criar <Name of casino> <Price> 2º - to add awards type /dmoney add <Name of casino> <Award> <Amount> <Chance> - in the <Award> can be the ID of an item or "money" Add awards you want. Ready, the casino has...


Apr 04, 2014 Release
This plugin will prevent players from dropping items from their inventory and when they die. A configurable message will be shown when players tried doing so on an enabled DoNotDrop world. Useful for KitPvP severs and skyblock to prevent item sharing. Installation Drop the DoNotDrop.jar at your bukkit server /plugins folder Restart Server Login. Config prefix: '&4&l[&6&lDoNotDrop&4&l]' MessageOnDrop: '&4Please do not litter our precious world! ' MessageOnDeath: '' ReturnItem: true Worlds: -...


Apr 04, 2014 Alpha
About DisabledHunger NoHunger is a simple and easy plugin to utilize. Simply put this in your plugins folder in your server file, and you're set! As of now no commands are in the plugin, as I cannot think of anything that could be useful to it. Be sure to contact me if you discover any bugs. This plugin disables hunger within the server, without changing the difficulty. So that means you can continue fighting monsters, sprinting around, catching fish, etc. Without the interference of your...
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Dubstep Gun

Apr 03, 2014 Planning
The most recent download is found here! v.1.0 What are Dubstep Guns? Dubstep Guns (for now) is a diamond sword with knock back. But here is where it gets fancy, the sword is renamed with a new Name and Item meta and when you click with the 'gun' in your hand you start the sounds of dubstep! Also I decided to add in a custom crafting recipe for people to recieve this weapon. How does this work? When you download Dubstep Guns ou will get a zip file with 2 things inside it. A .jar file and a...
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Apr 03, 2014 Release
Drinks++ Are you hungry for thirst? Want something else to drink? Introducing... Drinks++! This plugin incorporates more drinkable "potions" into the game, with custom effects and after-effects! Snapshot Versions Want the latest versions quick and easy? Get the snapshot versions here! These have not been approved by the BukkitDev admins and may or may not be safe or glitch-free. Admin's discretion is advised. Drink Types Coffee Effects: Speed (I) - 2 min After Effects: Weakness (I) - 30 sec...


Apr 01, 2014 Release
DwarfCraft v1.9.5 - Player progression; skills improved by training(not xp) Image by Evooni Please post all issues on the Github page(under the issues tab on github) Description: DwarfCraft is a plugin that allows players to improve their characters skills and capabilities. Players can pay trainers to improve their skills, which provides benefits such as increased weapon damage, decreased tool wear, increased drops from blocks or mobs, etc. Because of the training system, DwarfCraft can...


Mar 31, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to double jump just like in Super Mario? Well, now you can! Instructions Double tap your spacebar really fast to perform a double jump! Permissions doublejumpplus.use - allows players to double jump doublejumpplus.reload - allows players to reload the config Commands /doublejumpplus reload - reloads the config You can also use /djp Notes If a player has a permission to double jump, then the player wont take any falldamage. At all. Metrics This plugin contains MCStats, which will...


Mar 29, 2014 Release
DeathHeads - Players and mobs drop heads! Version: 1.4 Build: 1.5.2-R0.1 (through 1.7.2+) Description Killed someone or some mob recently? Nobody believed you? Now you can prove it! Just show them the head! Features Adds heads to random drops Drop rates configurable per mob/player Configuration NameTypeDefault ValueDescription player-dropratedouble100.0How likely (in a percent) a player is to drop their head on death skeleton-dropratedouble10.0How likely (in a percent) a skeleton is to drop...

Dirt Drops Clay

Mar 27, 2014 Release
Introduction This plugin allows dirt blocks to drop clay balls and/or gravel blocks when broken. If you like to build a lot of stuff using brick stones but cannot find enough clay naturally then this plugin is for you. The chance by which a dirt block drops clay and/or gravel can be configured as a percentage rate between 0 and 100%. This plugin works in two slightly different modes: in the first mode clay and/or gravel is dropped in addition to the normally dropped dirt block, in the second...

Disable Stuff

Mar 27, 2014 Beta
Disable Stuff This plugin allows you to disable functions on your server! Example: Disable the chat so people need a permission to talk! Disable the player to drop stuff! Permissions: disablestuff.chat - You need this permission to be allowed to talk! disablestuff.drop - You need this permission to be allowed to drop items! More coming soon!! If you request a feature you want disable write in the comments! DisableStuff plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the...