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Dec 18, 2014 Release
What's EquestrianDash? (UPDATED! Version 0.9.1b - Details Below) EquestrianDash is a Mario Kart-esque minigame that can bring endless fun to you and your users. Set up a race course with your imagination and a few basic tools as the only requirements, customize your config, and even get your own developers to create new powerups using the simple Powerup API. EquestrianDash is low-maintenance and preserves performance to keep hosting a server for it cheap. Download today and setup your game...


Dec 18, 2014 Beta
This is the first plugin I have posted on BukkitDev because I felt that all the other chat bots were either hard to set up or just weren't up to date with the latest version of Minecraft. I hope you like DawnBot and suggest more features for it! DawnBot doesn't have the best algorithm, just remember this is version 1.0. Permissions: dawnbot.triggerbroadcast (Allows the player to trigger DawnBot, its to prevent spam until I implement a cooldown feature but ill still have an option for it)...
Burning Furnace


Dec 18, 2014 Release
EnchantedFurnace adds effects for enchantments on furnaces! This plugin was inspired by Enchanted Furnace. Sadly, it hasn't been updated past 1.5 for Bukkit, and uses a ton of nms. Enchantments Efficiency (DIG_SPEED) Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt. Modified time in seconds is 20/(level + 2). Maximum level that will impact performance is 99. lvl 1 = 6.7s lvl 2 = 5s lvl 3 = 4s lvl 4 = 3.3s lvl 5 = 2.9s Unbreaking (DURABILITY) Increases smelting time. Stock varies by...

Easy Pvp Kits

Dec 17, 2014 Release
Easy Pvp Kits This plugin focuses on making kit pvp to be extremely easy for anyone to setup which makes it great for almost any kit pvp server. The commands are extremely simple and this plugin shouldn't interfere with any other plugins. Also it is constantly updated to ensure a bug free and easy to use plugin. It comes with auto soup built in to make setting up a little bit easier and new kits are always being added. It even includes auto-updating for your convenience. A full list of...


Dec 17, 2014 Release
eTokens Have you ever wanted to reward you players when they do something such as kill a mob, a player or for earning a hard-to-get achievement? If so then this is the plugin for you! eTokens is based a a fairly advanced system that will allow you to o just that! This project is open-source and, as a result is on Github!! To view this project, just click here or go to https://github.com/TGRHavoc/eTokens Please Read The commands in the shop temporary OP the player. This is to allow them to...


Dec 17, 2014 Release
Quote:This Plugin work with Bukkit: 1.7 German MysticCommands war in erster Linie ein Wunsch Plugin für einen Server. Mittlerweile ist es aber für alle zum Downloade verfügbar und wird deswegen immer mal wieder erweitert. Aktuelle Funktionen: - Alle Commands die ihr ausführt, werden durch Effekte und einen Sound begleitet. - Viele Texte sind in der Config.yml einstellbar. - Alle Commands haben Permissions Befehle: - /mchelp = Infos Seite 1 - /mchelp2 = Infos Seite 2 - /mchelp3 = Infos Seite 3...
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Admin Werkzeuge (eng. Admin tools)

Dec 17, 2014 Release
English General This Plugin helps admins. With the command /Aw you can open an inventory where you can choose a tool and so you don´t have to write long commands and you can enjoy cool features. features a video(version 2.1.1 and German) 1. clear your own inventory clears your own inventory 2. gamemode 1 gamemode 1 3. gamemode 0 gamemode 0 4. diamond things gives you diamond things in Minecraft 5. heal yourself in Minecraft heals you in Minecraft and extinguish the flames if you are burning...
the blocks


Dec 17, 2014 Release
hello and welcome to one more sheepcraft plugin how to setup the parkour 1 /pk create <arena name> 2 /pk setstart <arena> : where you want the start to be 3 /pk setlvl <arena name> <y> : look in the F3 and it is the y E.G y:122.000 4 have fun buy joining with /pk join <arena name> or use serversigns tutorial this plugin is a fun parkour plugin is has perms command and a (working) config the signs setup 1. line 0 [sheepcraftPK] 2. line 1 join 3. line 2 arena name the commands /pk : for help...

Ultimate Core (1.8!)

Dec 17, 2014 Release
Main Features Tickets Download Ultimate Core is an easy to use plugin, that contains the most standard features. Features > Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns < > User Management: Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking < > Admin tools: Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time < > Chatting: Custom Chat, Msg & Say formatting < > Protect your World: GTool[SOON], Disable explosions, Protected regions[SOON] < > And much more! For all features click here! < Useful Links &...
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Faction Mobs

Dec 17, 2014 Mature
Want some guards to defend your territory? Faction Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your faction! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area. This plugin requires Factions. Mob Types: There are 4 mob types: Swordsman Sword wielding Base class: Skeleton with sword Archer Bow wielding Base class: Skeleton with bow Mage Potion throwing Base class: Witch Titan Base class: Iron Golem Aside from the Titan, which...

Jelly Legs

Dec 16, 2014 Planning
Has your heart every dropped when your falling from that tall building and you have all your stuff on you, well now they'res a way to stop it where ever you go. Works for all players, no need for perms or commands fall from any height CONFIG COMING SOON Configurable item to wear to prevent falling, also being added Adding a lot of stuff soon NO COMMANDS NO PERMS


Dec 16, 2014 Release
No hit delay What does this plugin? This plugin allows you to edit the delay between 2 hits. Commands /nohitdelay command - main NoHitDelay command. /nohitdelay setDelay <delay in ticks> - set the delay between 2 hits in ticks. /nohitdelay setJoinMessage <true/false> - toggle messages on join. /nohitdelay reloadConfig - reload the options in the config. permissions /nohitdelay command - NoHitDelay.admin Other plugins made by me ClearChat (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/fastclearchat/) a...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game. It was the third ever SMP modification, following Hey0's mod, and Llamacraft. Gameplay modification is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. Player built simple teleporters that use unique combinations of...
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Dec 16, 2014 Planning
Vanish other players! Simply configuration. Custom Messages. Custom Commands. Only two permissions. Perfect to Minecraft Networks. Information command /ultrapopper! Default Config http://goo.gl/Hw630W! ultrapopper.popper( can vanish ) ultrapopper.popped( can be popped ) ultrapopper.reload( reload config ) Block Certain Worlds Custom Particles Custom Sounds


Dec 16, 2014 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the mainpage for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin ZombieVsPlayer is a round based Mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an Item Shop, an appealing Scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. ZvP makes use from the MCStats...
LevelHearts Banner


Dec 16, 2014 Release
This plugin gives players the ability to increase their maximum health just by gaining experience levels. Every few levels a player gains, his maximum health will increase. LevelHearts is highly configurable offers a set of command to change health and maximum health of any player! No client mods required! Links ➝ Help translating / Localization ➝ Source code ➝ Issues (Create an issue) Available in Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Thai What it does LevelHearts makes your maximum health...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
Deutsch: MineStorage ist ein Plugin welches dir ermöglicht deine Erfahrungspunkte in eine MySQL Datenbank abzuspeichern. Du kannst diese jederzeit wieder von deinem MineStorage-Konto nehmen oder die Erfahrungspunkte direkt an einen anderen Spieler senden. Dieses Plugin ist sehr gut für ein Bungeecord-Netzwerk geeignet. Einfach bei der Installation die gleiche Datenbank angeben kann. English: Minestorage is a bukkit plugin, which allows you to save your minecraft experience points into a MySQL...

Splash Bottles

Dec 16, 2014 Planning
Use water splash potions to extinguish nearby fire! They can extinguish blocks on fire or nearby entities; this has a configurable radius to check (maximum of 10) Example of plugin being used:

MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars

Dec 16, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars Open SkyWars recoded with MGLib. Usually skywars is fought on islands where you start with some gear in a chest and build up your base or just get some weapons and attack others. <color red>> MGSkyWars v1.5.1 works with MinigamesLib 1.12, please update if you use the new MinigamesLib version.<</color>> Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sw setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join...


Dec 16, 2014 Beta
PvP - The simplest PvP-Plugin for Bukkit Multi-Arena Random spawn Spectators Statistics Scoreboard Multi-Language How to setup: Install plugin and the dependencies Enter /pvpset Follow the instructions to create the arena Set a specator spawn (/pvpset spec) Optional: Enter /pvpset border to create a expanded glass border Optional: Change kill-reward in config.yml and reload Give Players the needed permissions (List bottom) Have fun :D Commands / Permissions Name Description Permission /pvp...