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Aug 28, 2014 Planning
PortableCrafting: Whats PortableCrafting? PortableCrafting is a Minecraft Bukkit Plugin that allows you to open up a crafting and open up crafting tables for other players. Commands: /craft (Opens up a crafting table) /craft <player> (Opens up a crafting table for other players) Permissions: uportablecraft.craft (Opens up a crafting table) uportablecraft.craftothers (Opens up a crafting table for other players) Requirements: Java 7


Aug 28, 2014 Beta
Bursting Melons This is a simple plugin that allows players to shoot melons with a bow to make them break open. Features: • WorldGuard support. • Melons shot by an Infinity bow do not give you your arrow back, but melons shot with any other bow will. This prevents possible arrow duping. • When broken, melons will give you the exact amount you would've received when breaking the melon with your hand. Permissions burstingmelons.droparrow - Allows player to retrieve arrow upon shooting a melon,...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
CLICKHIDE Hit a Player to Hide him! ----------- Description This plugin will add, that if you hit a Player you can't see him anymore. To see the Player that you have Hide again, you need to use the command "unhide". In your config.yml you can set the sound and the message you get if you hit a Player. This is an awesome plugin for hub servers! ----------- Commands /unhide ------------ Permissions clickhide.unhide clickhide.hide ------------ Suggestions, questions, buggs If you have any...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
PrisonMinePlugin is a plugin for your prison server that allows you to quickly make a mine and shops instead of doing everything manually! This plugin is still a work in progress but it is still needs ideas to add! Dependencies * Vault * World Edit Lastest Download Note: This download may not have been approved by bukkit yet, use at your own risk! Download Features * Quick mine creation * Quick block adding * Change shape of mine! * Add command signs! * Import mines from different plugins *...

Survival Games Plus

Aug 28, 2014 Beta
Survival Games Plus is your basic Survival Games plugin but with cool add-on's and features! This plugin is fully configurable! You can edit what you want to spawn in chest and how much of it to spawn at once. You can edit the config file for timings, block, break whitelist, and more! It also includes In-Game Shops, IceBalls, Fishy Eggs, and more! Features Configurable chest loot, messages, config, and more! Deathmatch Aftermatch Spectators Map reset Points InGame Shop Unlimited Arenas! And...
Weeping Angel


Aug 28, 2014 Release
Check out the new website! (colonelhedgehog.weebly.com) (UPDATE! 1.0 Release Candidate 2) A new update is here (WeepingWithers 1.0 Release Candidate 2)! Download it here. This update brings lots of fixes, Developer API additions, and some gameplay features. • Fixed issues with config. • Withers are now chosen at random. • Lots of bug fixes. • Remove watched/unwatched message spam. • Added minimum number of withers to start. • Added new API events: WWBookCollectEvent, WWMatchEndEvent,...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
This plugin is not the greatest but has some awesome features! It allows the admins to give items to everyone, shoot players in the air and enable a forceshield! More features will be added soon! Feel free to suggest any features! Commands & Permissions: /partytime giveall | partytime.giveall | IMPORTANT: Players need the partytime.getgive permission to receive the item! VIPs need the partytime.getgive.vip to be able to get items if VIP Mode is active! Opens a gui to give items to every...

Open MineZ

Aug 28, 2014 Beta
Open MineZ OpenMZ is a open-source recreation of the famous ShotBow gamemode MineZ. (check it out at play.shotbow.net; great community, great players, great map). With OpenMZ you can turn your server into a Minecraft - DayZ hybrid. In its current state, it adds all the features of Shotbow's MineZ plus much more. OpenMZ provides the majority of plugin capabilities to create a full clone of MineZ (except the map, of course). However, it also comes with a multitude of customization settings to...

UltraHardcore Reloaded

Aug 28, 2014 Release
Just another UHC plugin? Well, not exactly. This plugin is a very complete UltraHardcore plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features, for Bukkit 1.7.9+. ↓ Download links ↓ BukkitDev stable 1.0 · Github stable 1.0 · Github snapshot 1.1.2 You can also download the latest development builds on our Jenkins server. GitHub and Jenkins builds are not checked by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risks. Fast access to the comments — Personal use Features This...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
[ Main ] [ Files ] [ Configuration ] [ Source ] [ API ] Description: LightSource is designed to replace the outdated plugin BkrTorchLight.This plugin gives you the ability create dynamic light sources. Features: Create dynamic light. Support 1.7.2- 1.7.10 Custom items that create light. Async task for light runnable. API code. Easy GUI Menu! Starting with version 1.5, mobs and items can emit light. (can be disabled in the settings) Open source. Installation: 1. Download the plugin 2. Place it...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
PepsiKitPvP is a KitPvP plugin, it allows you to make custom kits, add potions, and heal yourself by eating soups! Features: Save your inventory as a kit by typing: /pepsisetkit <kit> Healing player by eating mushroom soup Sounds when eating mushroom soup Adding potions to a player when take a kit Kit once per life Set armors to the player inventory armors contents Custom signs for kits Commands: /pepsikitpvp <kit> - Choose a kit (leave it empty to show kits list). aliases: [/pk, /pepsikit,...


Aug 28, 2014 Alpha
Intro StactionaryTools is a plugin to have effects bound to tools. We are currently in alpha, so there are some bugs. Feel free to ticket or comment what is going wrong. We hope this plugin is enjoyable and what you were looking for. Tools: Gold Golden Sword - The golden sword shoots arrows. Permissions - stactionary.gold.sword - Arrows will be taken from the player's inventory, if no arrows are in the inventory, no arrows will be shot, unless they are in creative mode -...


Aug 28, 2014 Release
Lucky Blocks is a block minipulation plugin which narfs the drops emerald diamond redstone coal lapis gold iron blocks to drop more than one depending on fortune. if you look at any prison server that is big or professional they use fortuneblocks. It has the main package of lucky blocks. when you have fortune 1 or higher on a pickaxe and you mine emerald gold diamond iron coal lapis redstone blocks it will drop 1-8 multiple drops in one hit. so this plugin will make your server look very...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
SoundCommands Provides simpler commands for playing with sounds, for yourself, or for your unsuspecting victim! What it does? It provides fast commands that let you play sounds for yourself or another player. Now with full tab-completion! Now with custom improved auto-update! Commands The command to use is /soundcommand, alias /soco, and it has these sub-commands: ? [commandName] - used to print out help about other commands (?) list - displays a list of all valid sound names. (l) mute -...

RolePlaySpeciality Gameplay

Aug 27, 2014 Beta
An RolePlaySpeciality serie's Extension that enhance the combat and fighting gameplay. Disclaimer for bukkit staff The wholes "stats that I mention are not data collections or anything, just player's capacities and levels in game! -_-u So don't write me that I use wrong data collections! Autres plug ins en develloppement dans cette serie/ Others RolePlaySpeciality-series plugins: - RolePlaySpeciality (Chat RP has never been as immersive than before with this plugin!) -...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
GERMAN SECTION BELOW! LANGUAGE UPGRADE IN VERSION 3.0 UUID UPGRADE SOON... The Wardrobe plugin is a kind of locker for players with you can wear many different leather armor in Different Colors, the plugin works with a sign on it which opens by right-clicking an inventory. This plugin has only one Permission applicable only for Admins / Premiums. IMPORTANT Download the newst Bukkit Version (1.7.9-R0.2) https://mega.co.nz/#!tNF2USaR!kQulytbPzuuFYKWKCpCL4LWrCLxA6bsoJuDswPGMopk And You Need...
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Aug 27, 2014 Release
Have you ever wanted to limit natural weather changes? Is snowing, raining or thundering disturbing you? Are you bored with 2 types of weathers? Do you want regional weathers? If so, you're on the correct page! ProperWeather is a plugin to stop/change natural weather changes in your world(s). It also adds custom weathers & region system, so you can enjoy any weather you want wherever you want.(Some custom weathers require spout to take effect, but most of them are made not to need spout)...


Aug 27, 2014 Planning
EffectBows Version 0.1 Alpha What is EffectBows? EffectBows or short EB is a funny plugin that brings you more fun using bows in Minecraft. You can use bows like the Creeper Bow with exploding arrows or the Ender Bow for teleport. Please note: This plugin does may not work with other bow-plugins. Now in german, too. German Version here, Commands CommandArgument(s)DescriptionPermission /bows/Shows you all available bows./ /bowscreeperUse the Creeper Bow.bows.creeper /bowsenderUse the Ender...


Aug 27, 2014 Mature
Will be ported to Sponge Powered? Of course! Allow your players to lock their ships Allows you to lock your ship (Movecraft) by placing a block at your feet You can get some infos by doing a left-click on any lock You can remove your lock easily by doing a right-click on the lock Tutorial Step 1: installing the plugin Step 2: adding the obsidian block (49) to the list of forbidden blocks (in your Movecraft config) Step 3: if you don't want to use metrics or the updater, you can disable them...

Survival Games X

Aug 27, 2014 Release
Over 70,000 downloads! Official Plugin of LichCraft's SG Servers! Survival Games X is a plugin that runs Survival Games automatically. It features most of the features from MCSG, but also has some extra features not inside of MCSG's plugin. Plugin is to be run on multiple servers. If you're looking for simultaneous games in one server, click here Official Test Server: play.survivalgamesx.com Skype Group Type this into your browser address and open as link:...