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Aug 30, 2014 Alpha
Minecast Associate Minecraft and Twitter accounts. Have players tweet from in game! Use our extensive API to have a player tweet. Players can trust servers to tweet for them. Players confirm tweets before they get sent. Tweet in game with /tweet <tweet> Sign up on our website. Players sign up on our website too! minecast.tweetTweet in game! check-updateWhether or not to check BukkitDev for updates auto-updateWhether or not to download an available update from BukkitDev tweet-expireHow many...
DropGranates Logo


Aug 29, 2014 Release
DropGranates DropGranates [Eng] With this Plugin you can easy drop Items by DropGranates at Droppartys with some nice effects! Write a Comment :D DropGranates [Ger] Mit diesem Plugin kannst du auf Droppartys mit coolen effekten Items droppen. Lass eine Bewertung da :D Funktions [Eng] 10! DropGranaten with different Items Funktionen [Ger] 10! DropGranaten mit verschiedenen Items How it works? [Eng] Just type in /dropgranates to open this Inventory. Here you can click on the Granate which you...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
picture created by Suwako! Thanks suwako! This is a simple plug and play plugin that adds a difficulty to creatures, and a Level Indication based on their distance from Spawn. The current formula to get the mobs level is by default as follows... ((Distance from 0,0) / 50) + 1 = Mob Level This gives the result of creatures 0 - 49 blocks from spawn = Level 1. 50-99 = Level 2, etc The distance value of, 50, can be modified by your own choice What these levels change and add... Increases Damage /...
Golden Apple


Aug 29, 2014 Beta
Announcement I havent played Minecraft since Months and i don't have Time to Update this Plugin. The Source Code is Hosted on Github and it is free for Forking and Update itself. UltraHardCoreGame This Plugin is to create a Simple UltraHardCore Game with friends! Get the Bukkit Server install the Plugin and lets go. You don't need more to be happy :) When you play in Teams your Teammates will Spawn at the same Spawn as you and also you can't attack your mates. I had create the Plugin because...

Better Crops

Aug 29, 2014 Release
Better Crops Features Use bonemeal on dirt to change it to grass. Use bonemeal on cobble to change it to mossy cobble. When mining any ore there is a very small chance that a "ore tree" seed will drop. If you bonemeal the top block of a cactus or sugar cane, it will grow taller. If you bonemeal sand, you will get a dead bush. And you can make it a dead tree. If you bonemeal a fully grown melon or pumpkin stalk, it will grow a fruit. If you bonemeal mossy cobble you will get vines. Grow some...

Child's Game

Aug 29, 2014 Release
This plugin is just another Minigame plugin like Hide and Seek. It was designed for easy management and multiple arenas/maps. Features: Multiple, fully customizable Arenas Join Signs showing arena status and player count Configurable blocks with custom name support Becoming a solid block by Sneaking (Just sneak for a brief moment and stand still) All messages are editable Arena messages only visible to people in the arena And more! Dependencies: You need to have ProtocolLib and Lіb's...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
Don't you like to lose all your progres with death? Or maybe do you want to change your pvp on server? You should try SaveItems, with possibility to save level, items, and armor. Please report any ideas and issues to let me fix it. PERMISSIONS: - SaveItems.* - saves everything - SaveItems.level - saves level and experience - SaveItems.items - saves equipment - SaveItems.armor - saves armor LANGUAGE CUSTOMIZATION: Config.yml file has 4 sentences possible to translate. - LEVEL: Your level has...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
OnThePlayer will allow you to ride and/or make you ride by your friends! Also you can ride any mob! Another function of this plugin is to wear instead of the usual mob hats! Download I do not know why, but I'm having problems with the download of the plugin. I apologize in advance for this small inconvenience. To download the plugin, at least until they will contact the Staff of Bukkit to ask for explanations, use this link: http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ontheplayer/pages/release/...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Plugin to remove Mobs and animals with spawn option ! In the configuration file you will have 3 lists, you can change or interfere with each of them! And for fun i added an option to spawn the entities indicated in game with " / entity list " ENDER_DRAGON are possible http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/entitycontrol/files/2-entity-control/ First release Commandes /entity infos commands /entity killall Kill all mobs and animals in the world /entity killall <Listing Name> Kill all Entity in...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
UltimateTrollMode What is UltimateTrollMode? UltimateTrollMode is a fun plugin for Admins to troll players on their server. Installation 1. Download the .jar file! 2. Copy it in your Plugins folder! 3. Restart or reload the server! 4. The Plugin is installed! Commands You can use /admintroll instead of /tm! CommandPermissionDescription /tmAdminTroll.atThe main command - shows all commands! /tm up <Player>AdminTroll.upThrows a player up in the air! /tm explode...


Aug 29, 2014 Beta
NPGuys is an Citizens extension that brings NPC interaction to a whole new level... Overview NPGuys (Non-Player Guys) - the most anticipated (by me, at least) RPG plugin - has finally arrived! At first it was created for polish server at Ragecraft.pl, it has been rewritten twice so far, but at last, after over one-and-half year I release this masterpiece to public. Now you can easly create complex conversation trees and enjoy talking with NPCs, using smart, scoreboard-based UI. Don't forget...
TARDIS Picture


Aug 29, 2014 Release
Description What it is This plugin brings the TARDIS's from Doctor Who into your server. The outside of the TARDIS's are customizable along with the control room is able to be upgraded from the First Doctor's to the Eighth's then the Ninth's/Tenth's and ending at the Eleventh's. It also allows for rooms to be added onto the control rooms starting from the second control room. My Other Doctor Who Plugins Who Regeneration, Weeping Angels, Sonic Screwdriver, Vortex Manipulator Source You can...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
HeadshotEffects creates a plethora of options to do when a player shoots someone in the head. All of these options are 100% configurable. Current Features Headshot sound effect, choose from any MC sound A headshot can instantly kill the victim Send message to the shooter (can get victim name) Run a command when the headshot happens (can get shooter and/or victim name) Have HeadshotEffects only occur if the players are in a certain world(multi/separate-world support) Install Instructions:...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
RandomLootChests is a highly configurable plugin that spawns a chest at random places around the world with random items that players can loot. A message is broadcasted whenever a player finds and loots a chest, as well as when a new chest spawns. You can choose a rectangular area in which chests can spawn. Chests are automatically placed above the highest block so there is no need to worry about Y-coordinates. You can also configure every aspect of the random loot table, as well as the...


Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Living Plants Overview LivingPlants is a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft that will periodically grow plants in loaded chunks. Almost everything in this plugin is configurable to give server owners as much control over their plants as possible. What Grows Where? In the default case, the plugin grows the following plants in the following biomes: BiomePlants PlainsTall grass, dandelions, poppies, oxeye daisies, azure bluets, tulips DesertDead bushes, cacti, sugar cane ForestTall grass, dandelions,...
Trading Logo


Aug 29, 2014 Release
Trading A user-friendly, fun, fair, and incredible way to conduct trades. A simple Inventory GUI that helps players visualize what items they want to trade without fear of being cheated. Easily see what the other player wants to trade and agree to a simultaneous trade. Second thoughts at the last seconds? No problem, simply cancel the trade in the "Second Thoughts" countdown. Both players involved in the trade will receive their items at the exact same time with no problems. A great asset to...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
==Randomized Teleportation== Description This plugin will randomly teleport you in the world you are at. My goal is that it will not teleport you in walls, if I find that it does. I will start to make the code triple check to prevent the teleportation into walls. But I was cautious this release and made them always teleport above ground. This is one of my first published plugins; so their may be bugs. Command /randomtp (This will randomly teleport you within 5000 blocks of you) Signs New...

Ore Detectors

Aug 29, 2014 Alpha
Ore Detectors About time to replace that boring trench-mining with some actual excavation! Note: This plugin is in alpha - features and behaviors are subject to change. What is OreDetectors? Similar to how real-life metal-detectors work this plugin adds a set of new items to your Minecraft-server: Ore detectors! Players will be able to craft these ore-detector items in a workbench, a different one for each ore type, and then while equipped / activated, it will regularly emit sound pulses...


Aug 29, 2014 Release
TrapdoorSpleef Minigame Spleef on a big trapdoor platform! Also with some super epic knockback sticks to push the others down. The reset was fixed in TrapdoorSpleef v1.2! Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /tds setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /tds setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby /tds setspawn [arena] sets the player spawn, repeat for multiple spawns (but keep them near the first...

Blood Craft

Aug 29, 2014 Planning
Blood Craft Whats is Blood Craft? Blood Craft is a simple plugin that adds blood to minecraft. Blood as of now only works with PVP but in the furture I might add an option for mobs if people want that. Cmds & Perms No commands or permissions for this plugin. Features Simple blood feature Low ram usage Comments or Questions? Leave a comment below! Top Donations Dillzzzzz $0.01