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Enhanced Injuries

Nov 09, 2015 Release
This plugin has been made upon a plugin request from madtomic. With Enhanced Injuries you can apply potion effects to various damage events or just change the damage a player takes. Wouldn't it be cool to apply a slowness effect if a player takes fall damage? Or blindness when a player takes damage from lava/fire? With this plugin you're able to do it! Features Set any sort of potion effect to any damage cause Modify the amplifier and strength of the potion effect Modify the damage multiplier...


Nov 09, 2015 Release
MysticalBow is a very simple plugin with tons of great features, it allows you to write a simple command "/Mysticbow" and craft a whole new custom crafting recipe as shown here. The homing arrows will track every player and entity within 60 blocks radius (Sometimes becomes a lot longer :P) The plugin isn't configurable yet, but will be soon! Happy hunting! Permission for the command: mystic.bow Credits to SethBling for a few parts of the plugin(Homing arrows only, I added the recipe, command,...

Magic Paper

Nov 08, 2015 Beta
With the Magic Paper plugin, you can spawn a piece of paper with the command /magicpaper! It doesn't give you any ordinary piece of paper though. The command gives you a piece of paper that has the ability to feed and heal you whenever you left click with it! Commands: /magicpaper - gives the player the Magic Paper. /mpreload - reloads the plugin. Permissions: magic.paper magic.reload Installation & Configuration: Drag and drop Magic Paper.jar into your plugins folder. Start your server. A...


Nov 08, 2015 Release
What can it do? Cannons is a highly configurable plugin which allows you to fire block build cannons. It is possible to aim and load different amounts of gunpowder to hit targets at different ranges. The power of redstone makes it possible to set the gun to auto load and activate the rapid fire mode. Choose your projectile from a broad spectrum of cannonballs and smash the enemy. With Cannons 2.0 you are also able to design your own cannons using .schematic files and give each cannon their...


Nov 08, 2015 Inactive
Purpose of this plugin/Description In a recent 1.9 snapshot Dinnerbone and Jeb have stopped players from being able to craft gapples, so I have written a plugin which allows you to craft them in 1.9. This plugin is a loophole for that, as players want to be able to craft Gapples/Notch Apples, they will now be able to if the servers they play on get updated to 1.9 when it comes out. Check out other plugins by me Check out other plugins by me, they could be useful to you! Upcoming Features +...


Nov 08, 2015 Release
Brief Description Aren't you tired of having to type "/effect @p minecraft:speed 10 10". I have created a user-friendly GUI for players to apply potions to themselves easily, efficiently, and quickly. The GUI is composed of every potion available in-game, plus a few extra special features. It even allows users to get potions that are not obtainable in-game. Of course, it supports permissions for every server owner to manipulate who has access to what. I will explain that in the Permissions...

Chat Responder

Nov 08, 2015 Release
ChatResponder version 1.11 ChatResponder picks up pre-defined common texts (questions, phrases) from the chat and automatically responds to it. If you manage one or more servers, the typical questions (and answers) can help you deal with those questions. This plugin does not use metrics, so it should not add extra burden on your traffic. You will need to customise the config.yml to cover your typical questions. It allows you to point many questions to the same responses. You can use chat...
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Time and Weather God

Nov 08, 2015 Planning
< . . . Description . . . > This plugin allows to modify any world's time and weather with simple commands in many ways, you can set the time/weather, lock it, set a time/weather cycle and much more! This plugin aims to be a complete Time and Weather solution with the highest possible performance. < . . . Features . . . > General: Commands can be run from console or player. Time: Able to use "ticks" as argument for commands. Able to use up to 8 predefined "Parts of the Day" for Commands with...


Nov 08, 2015 Release
You can now bind quests to Entities! I coded this plugin for Server Owners that want a item based gathering (may have more options) Quest plugin that uses signs and npcs instead of a gui. This plugin will work from 1.7 - 1.8 Features: Unlimited Quests can be created Unlimited Messages can be added Unlimited Items can be added to quests Unlimited Reward can be added to quests (Items or Commands) Have certain signs as VIP only signs Fully customizable quests. This plugin will work from 1.7 -...

Drop Party Recontinued

Nov 08, 2015 Release
Commands Required {}, Optional [] node: Permission /dparty clear {amt} -clears drops around you node: autodropparty.clear create {name} [size] -creates party node: autodropparty.create start {name} [timeinseconds] -starts party node: autodropparty.start stop -forceably stops party node: autodropparty.stop join -teleports you to the party node: autodropparty.join additem {itemid} -adds an item to the party node: autodropparty.add removeitem {itemid} -add/remove items to the allowed list node:...
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EnderRankup - Rankup

Nov 08, 2015 Release
EnderRankup, rankup, simple to use. Jenkins - Dev | Source About EnderRankup is super easy to use rankup plugin for any type of server. Some people use it on prison servers other on drugs server This plugin requires Vault Configs When you first start up EnderRankup you get two configs files: Ranks.yml and Config.yml Ranks configs - Open up the ranks.yml file and there you can config you ranks like [rank-name]: [worth] and it goes in line first rank is the first rank and last rank is the last...
Parkour v3.4


Nov 08, 2015 Release
08/11/2015 - Updated the plugin to address all the issues raised and added most of the features requested. I have updated the tutorial pages so they now reflect the most recent version (there's still a lot more to do). The next version (if I make it) will be v4.0 and will probably drop itemIDs and use Materials instead, which will be a drastic change and I'm not sure the best implementation but I'll experiment. Anyways, hope you like the new update. -A5H73Y Constant development Create...

Special Tools

Nov 08, 2015 Release
Features Its fun. Useful Permissions Special Tools supports all the Minecraft versions above 1.7 Special Tools Pickaxes: Bounty Pick When you break a block, there is a chance that you can change in config to receive a bonus block. So if you break a iron ore might receive an iron block, it depends how much change you put in the config. You can enable and disable the blocks of the Bounty Pick in the config, as well as their chance of dropping a bonus block ( like i sad above). To get the Bounty...


Nov 07, 2015 Release
Do you have rides on your server? Is it missing something? RailMessage might be the answer! As your users ride you rail send them messages! Run one command and have a sign under your rails. Its as easy as that to set up. To see how the plugin is used scroll to the bottom of the page. Features Supports color codes! Easy to use Commands /rm - Shows the list of commands in game /rm add <RailMessage name> <message> - Adds a new Rail Message /rm rem <RailMessage name> - Removes your RailMessage...

World War Minecraft

Nov 07, 2015 Alpha
WorldWarMinecraft (WWMC): WWMC is a CTP(Capture The Point) play styled Mini-Game (Note this plugin is server wide not per world). Two Teams Red & Blue Battle over set points. Why? In order to eat, Break, place and or interact they have to be within 25 cubes of a flag there team owns. Kills, Deaths, and bandages used are logged in play stats. Notices: This is a Server wide plugin NOT per-World(Will be Per-World Later on) Configurable As of right now there are no / commands everything is done...
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Nov 07, 2015 Release
Travel quickly and easily with minecarts! EasyCarts is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin for Minecraft Servers that enables hassle-free and reliable transportation for Minecarts with players in them. This plugin has been tested with Spigot 1.8, but it should work on older Bukkit versions as well. Important note: In order for intersections to work correctly, they must be built with straight rails only (like a +). Building them with a curve in the center will disable minecarts from stopping at...


Nov 07, 2015 Alpha
ExpHandleV2 Why I made this I was just mucking around with Java and thought "Why don't I make a small Minecraft plugin" so that's how I made this! Why use us You can use us on your server without any credit but I like people giving me credit! What does this plugin do This plugins commands are: exp: description: Tells you how much EXP you have! exptolevelup: description: Tells you how much EXP to the next level! expclear: description: Removed all your EXP expheal: description: Heal yourself...


Nov 07, 2015 Release
SchematicBuildTool With Schematic MOD "steal" to the construction of buildings in your server Quickstart: Stop the server. Insert the plug into the server's plugins folder. Start the server. Open the plugins folder SchematicBuildTool folder. Schematic "steal" to go into the archive building. In the game execution / sbt help View help. In the game execution / sbt build file name (without suffix) to build the building. You can modify config.yml in building speed. Schematic MOD Downloads:...


Nov 07, 2015 Inactive
DESCRIPTION/DESCRIPCIÓN ENGLISH: What is MDSILLAS? MD SILLAS It is a very simple and easy to use plugin, this plugin will allow players to use the stairs as chairs, where they can sit , this supplement is excellent for RPG servers or if you want to add this feature to your server. ESPAÑOL: ¿Que es MDSILLAS? MDSILLAS es un plugin muy simple y de fácil uso, este plugin permitira a los jugadores usar las escaleras como sillas , donde ellos podran sentarse, este complemento es excelente para...


Nov 06, 2015 Release
What does NamePing plugin does it very simply, it pings you and sets your name to Yellow and plays a sound that notifies you that someone in chat is calling your name, very simple!