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Sep 09, 2015 Release
About TrophyHeads A plugin that causes players (and or mobs) to drop their heads when they die. Features Players can drop their heads when they die based on configuration settings. Players can spawn head with the /headspawn command. (Requires permissions.) Players can rename heads using a named piece of paper plus a head in a craftbox. Mobs optionally drop heads. Sneak punch a skull to see who it belonged to. How to install Just drop the jar file in your plugins directory and restart your...


Sep 09, 2015 Release
OpPowers This Plugin adds several new commands that ops can use. Commands /explode <player> [power] Creates an explosion at the player with the power specified, or with a power of 2 if not. /slay <player> Instantly kills the specified player /slap <player> Sends the player a message saying that you slapped them /move <player> <x> <y> <z> Moves specified player to the specified position /fly Toggles allowing flight for the sender of the command /vanish Hides the sender from all other players...

Craft The Uncraftable!

Sep 08, 2015 Beta
====== About ====== This plugin will amaze all your players by adding crafting recipes to the game that will allow you and your players to CRAFT THE UNCRAFTABLE!! With permissions! ====== Features ====== Craft previously uncraftable items Enable / Disable certain recipes with a config file For recipes and permissions, go here https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/craft-the-uncraftable-fun.11379/


Sep 08, 2015 Inactive
Nations Made by Autrei About Nations is a plugin where you can create 2 groups (You can name them yourself) and have players join 1, or the other, If a player hits a player in their own nation, they will become a Renegade(You can change it to whatever you like / AKA Group3). Example for use: You can use it to have two nations at war, Such as Group1(China) vs Group2(Unigted Kingdom), and players can join a side with /Nation Join <Group> and become part of the nation! Then, they an battle vs...


Sep 08, 2015 Release
AnimalEssentials is a plugin that provides many useful commands all around your animals! With it you can teleport, tame, name, kill, spawn, find and heal your beloved pets while having fun looking at cool particle effects and listening to funny sounds. The plugin has version independence, that means you can use it on 1.8 servers, aswell as on 1.7.10 servers. If you download any version including and above v1.1, you can run it on any Minecraft version mentioned above. If you found an issue, or...


Sep 08, 2015 Release
Please note that this plugin is still in development. A lot of new features are constantly being added. This drug plugin allows you to create your own user-friendly drugs. Unlike many other plugins, you may even define crafting recipes for specific drugs! Installation Download Drugs.jar Drag and drop it into your plugins folder Restart Permissions drugs.use.<drug name> - Allows a player to use that drug drugs.craft.<drug name> - Allows a player to craft that drug drugs.admin - Allows you to...

Staff Modes

Sep 08, 2015 Release
Staff Modesby Autrei About Staff Modes, is a plagin that, with correct permissions, will allow your staff (Mods, Admins, or You) to have a mode for working! /Mod allows mods to go Invisible, get Fly, and (Experimental)Disable attacking players, While /Admin put the player into a mode with GameMode, and diables attacking, along with it enables PickingUp Items(IF disabled), and Troll mode, which Gives Gamemode, and gives vanish, along with the troll stick(Which may do nothing, but you can use...

Personal Health Bar

Sep 08, 2015 Beta
Personal Health Bar Info Personal Health Bar is simply plugin to show Player Health. This plugin show your health in real time. Plugin is simple and easy to make but I made him for me and paste it here because I want save your time. Reqiered BarAPI!!! Showing Health: Actual Health / MaxHealth (//////=========) <==== Bar shows Actual Health Milestones 100 downloads! 250 downloads! 500 downloads! 1000 downloads! More? Source Source is small than I paste it here package main.healthbarapi.java;...
LinGift logo


Sep 08, 2015 Release
LinGift NOW SUPPORTS VAULT! Updated to CB1.6.2 - Please download LinGift v1.0 and delete your old LinGift config to generate the new one Origin This is a fork from abandoned GiftSend by Nitnelave who gave the plugin to me which was a fork from the abandoned SendGift Description This plugin allows players to send items to each other. But this is different to the /give command, it does not generate the items out (like a cheater does), but takes them from the sender's inventory. You can send...


Sep 07, 2015 Planning
Présentation The plugin Viticulture allows you to enter on your server the notion of wines. It allows you to create vine plantations , and to collect bottles of wines, varied and diverse , giving various effects , and of course, in moderation ... ! Configuration To install this plugin, you simply remove the " Viticulture.jar " file in your " plugin" folder of your server, and restart your server. There is no permission system and controls, making it easy to use! How use? The plugin implements...

PvP Lootbags

Sep 07, 2015 Release
Overview Introduction Lootbags is a plugin where players can earn money rewards for killing other players. This differs from MoneyThief in the sense that it is a bet controlled completely by both players in battles. It can be used in mini games, duels, or even raids- it all depends on when and where the players want to use it. The rewards are completely fair for any player in a battle, even if one player has more stored in the bag than another. When a player is killed, two balances are...
Bedwars Logo


Sep 07, 2015 Planning
BedwarsNB In the gamemode, there are infinitely teams that fight against each other. The goal is to destroy the bed of the opponent, because if the bed is gone, the Team is eliminated. In your base there are Gold, Iron and Bronze spawner. Using these Items can be exchanged at the Villager against blocks, weapons and more. Language - Setup Features BungeeCord Team Bed Commands /Bedwars - Displays all Bedwars commands Permissions /Bedwars - No Permission Todo Stats Shop Spectator Map reset...


Sep 07, 2015 Release
What is No Drop? The No Drop plugin remove the the items a player drops when he gets killed, without the player keeping the inventory. The plugin dose almoste the same as the command /keepinventory, the only differens is that NoDrop clear the players inventory when the he/she respawn. Also you can set the plugin to a mode where everyone with the permission can not drop items on the ground. Note: NoDrop works with Tekkit Classic Features Can be turned on/off No item drop when you die No...
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Sep 07, 2015 Release
PressureJump A fellow requested this on the bukkit forums. Description A lightweight plugin without any commands. If you stand on an iron pressure plate, you can then teleport anywhere, if you look in that angle, and press the left mouse button. The plugin will teleport you up to 30 blocks. In later versions you will be able, to customize this in the plugin.yml. You can maybe use this plugin for fast and commandless teleportation in a mini game server inside the lobby. Upgrading the plugin If...
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Sep 07, 2015 Inactive
BarrierPlus Somebody asked for it on bukkit forums Features This plugin allows the players, to destroy barrierblocks. The players can destroy the barrierblocks instantly, like the slimeblocks in vanilla minecraft. You can maybe use this plugin for a clear glass plugin. The plugin also allows for the admins, to shorten the original /give <name> minecraft:barrier <amount> command to /barrierbomb <amount> How to use The players simply hold left click on a barrier, like they would do with any...
Hive JumpPads Logo 2.0

Hive JumpPads

Sep 07, 2015 Release
With this Plugin you can create JumpPads look likes HiveMc.com or HiveMc.eu. Also you can create a Trampoline, that you can turn off, if you don't need it, You can configurate all important things, how Sound, Effect, BottomBlock ID, PresurePlate ID and more. In the next versuib you can install a Addon, to Create a Water or a Lava Pad. This Plugin has an Automatic Update Checker (Which you can disable in the Configuration). To disable the Updater set in the Configuration "Use Updater:" to...

Paintball War Edition

Sep 07, 2015 Release
Download latest.... Download latest Information regarding UUID conversion and importing of old player statistics From v1.3.0 on-going Paintball should be uuid-ready: it references stored player statistics by player uuids now, instead of player names. Everything you need to know about upgrading, can be found in the changelogs of the latest uploaded files: here. Also information about potential loss of player statistics can be found there. In case you don't want to update just yet, make sure to...

Real Villager Towns

Sep 06, 2015 Release
Real Villager Towns Features Info: Hate those weird squidward villagers? Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin changes villagers to fake players with player skins, they act the same as regular villagers. However you can interact with them by right-clicking on them. When you do this a menu will pop up with various options and info on them. Click the options to do your desired action, then the villager will respond in the chat. This plugin was inspired by the forge mod MCA. Hearts: As...
Burning Furnace


Sep 06, 2015 Release
EnchantedFurnace adds effects for enchantments on furnaces! Enchantments Efficiency (DIG_SPEED) Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt. Modified time in seconds is 20/(level + 2). lvl 1 = 6.7s lvl 2 = 5s lvl 3 = 4s lvl 4 = 3.3s lvl 5 = 2.9s Unbreaking (DURABILITY) Increases smelting time. Stock varies by fuel. Time = default time * (level / 5 + 1) Ex. Coal burns for 80 seconds. Unbreaking 1 -> 96 seconds. Fortune (LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS) Adds additional result chances. lvl 1 = 33%...
The new EnchantGUI interface


Sep 06, 2015 Release
EnchantGUI IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Spigot Resource page for the plugin is updated instead of this. Description This is EnchantGUI. Using EnchantGUI you can allow your users to enchant their items easily with a nice interface. Purchase of the enchants are done using your server's economy. You will need Vault in order to use the plugin! Prices of the enchants can be customized in the configuration file. Features Full list of enchants that can be bought from an in-game interface Edit prices for...