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Simple Hardcore

Aug 12, 2014 Release
What it does Simple Hardcore makes the process of creating a hardcore server much easier! Now you don't have to look around different config files to change settings to your liking, because this plugin places all of those settings inside one file! Just configure it to your liking, and launch! How to use Place the plugin into your /plugins folder Start your server, then stop it. Go to your /plugins/SimpleHardcore/ folder Edit the config.yml to your liking Save config, start your server Enjoy!...

Fun Cannon

Aug 12, 2014 Release
This is a remake of the Hive Fun Cannon with some cool extra features! Installation Download the jar file and put it in your plugins folder. Restart/Reload your server. Enjoy the epicness of FunCannon! How to use FunCannon ? It's very simple: When you join your server the plugin gives you the FunCannon item. If you have permission to use it you can shoot particles and sounds when you right click it. If you want to know how many times you've used the FunCannon just type "/funcannon stats". It...
Crafting in Inventory


Aug 12, 2014 Planning
This lightweight plugin adds a shapeless recipe, consisting of one empty glass bottle, which creates a Custom 'Bottle 'o Enchanting' that stores your experience points. Because it is a shapeless recipe, you can add the glass bottle in any of your crafting slots, to create your custom RenzoBottle. By crafting such a bottle, your actual XP will be removed and be stored inside the bottle instead! By right-clicking with the RenzoBottle in your hand, you gain your XP and an empty bottle back! This...

Level Me

Aug 12, 2014 Beta
LevelMe LevelMe is a plugin that allows you to configure your own leveling system and rewards. The basic idea is after breaking enough blocks or killing enough stuff you will level up. At each level the console may (or may not) execute a list of commands (depending on if its configured to) that will reward (or punish) the player. Config (for the CB 1.7.2-R0.3 build) Default config with extra comments Commands addExp: usage: /addExp <player> <class> <amount> Adds exp to the user setLevel:...


Aug 12, 2014 Release
DieSheep DieSheep is a fun and unique way to prevent people from getting dyed wool from sheep. For example, if you wanted to create a map which required you to collect wool of each color, but don't want sheep to provide any colored wool. Download: BukkitDev Source Code: Github What does this plugin do? DieSheep changes all sheep's colored wool drops to white and then penalizes the player for trying to get colored wool. Shearing a sheep will spawn an angry wolf to attack you. Killing or Dyeing...


Aug 11, 2014 Beta
blXP allows players to save XP using "XP Bank" signs and send XP to another player by command, including support for disabling monsters xp and items drops near monster spawners. Read this page with care and if you have questions, feel free to send comment. Dont forget to send in feedback, suggestions and bug reports! READ BEFORE ASKING http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/blxp/pages/config/ (bottom of page) about new "blxp.limit.<number>" permission system for XP Bank limits. -...


Aug 11, 2014 Beta
blFriends allows players to manage friends, teleport and send gifts to friends, gain double XP when killing monsters with friends and more! 1) Testers. Someone who has a server and people to test plugin updates with, this means you would be testing unstable plugin updates, sending feedback/bug reports to me after each update testing. 2) Tutorial/Guide creators. Write detailed guides and tutorials for plugin features, if can do youtube guide/tutorial video, that would be awesome but not...


Aug 11, 2014 Beta
Original Plugin By Mushroom Hostage. Maintained And Continued By DSH105 EnchantMore adds dozens of new item enchantment effects; on flint & steel, hoes, shears, fishing rods, and other items…Ranging from entertainingly destructive to legitimately useful. Download EnchantMore 2.0 - released 2013/04/19 for 1.5.1-R0. Features Over 80 unique enchantment/item combinations Items in inventory appear as expected (glowing + descriptive tooltip) No client mods required Only adds functionality, does not...

Omega Treasure

Aug 11, 2014 Release
Omega Treasure Purpose Have you ever wondered what it would be like if mobs in Minecraft were just waiting to drop epic, amazing, slightly overpowered weapons at every turn? No? Well I have, and that's why I created Omega Treasure! Introduction Omega Treasure adds fully random weapon drops from mobs and bosses, as well as 24 unique Legendary weapons with their own non-vanilla combat abilities. These weapons can only be obtained rarely by killing mobs and bosses, and some of them have specific...
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Aug 11, 2014 Release
(Recent version works with the 1.7.9-R0.2 CraftBukkit version) MovementFx Use the latest version (R1.7-MC1.7.9-(3)) for the best abilities with cb1.7.9r0.2 What is 'MovementFx'? It is a Plugin which adds more movement abilities for the players on your server. Features&Commands Better swimming: Hit -LEFT-MOUSE-BUTTON- while swimming to get a boost into the direction you are looking in (if you're sneaking you will not be boosted) Better climbing: Hit -LEFT-MOUSE-BUTTON- while climbing to get a...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
(Recent version works with the 1.7.9-R0.2 CraftBukkit version) Tent Use the latest version (1.1.6ud1/1.1.7) for the best experience with cb1.7.9r0.2 Thank you for over 3,000 downloads! <3 <3 <3 View the plugin spotlight from curse.com (outdated) What is 'Tent'? It is a Plugin which allows you to build a tent (out of wool and fence blocks) easily. Features&Commands ChatCommand: /Tent (TentColor) (requires the permission "tent.spawn"/op) Available TentColors: WHITE | ORANGE | MAGENTA |...


Aug 11, 2014 Planning
7TnT FEATURES 7TnT is a plugin that takes the blocks affected by TnT and throws it into the air, along with a gravity effect so they fall back down! USAGE How to use the plugin: 1: Stop your server. 2: Put the downloaded .jar file into your plugins directory. 3: Start your server. 4: Profit. COMMANDS Commands will be added soon. CONFIG There currently is no config but I will be adding one. PLANNED FEATURES - Command to place tnt where the player is looking. - Config option to edit the radius...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
Welcome on FreeSign Features: You can sign on a [free] in the first line and the second one item id write down, and then the players get items for free and the items are infinitely Warning: Item Name will not be supported. Permissions: FreeSign.sign.create : Allows a player to make a free sign How to install? Simply drag the plugin into your server then reload/restart/start Sign: [Free] ID

Easy Crafting

Aug 11, 2014 Release
Introduction This plugin will help you with crafting. Making blocks and misc that were once unavailable to craft now available! Please Enjoy! Also remember to suggest what you want in the next update! What will appear in the next update In the next update I will add what meycson suggested! And maybe in the next or next two updates I will add custom lores! I will also make a configurable inventory gui! So instead of having to put it on your website, all you need to do is edit the recipe.yml or...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
SkionzTramps SkionzTramps SkionzTramps is a simple lightweight, 10 minute plugin that adds trampolines to the game! Basically it turns all black wool blocks into trampolines and when you walk on black wool it launches you into the air. Permissions There is only one permission node and no commands. skitramps.jump - allows the player to jump on a trampoline (if the player does not have this node nothing will happen when they walk on black wool) Suggestions Comment any suggestions below because...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
KingKits - By KingFaris10 and ArSkHelios What is KingKits? KingKits is not the ordinary kit plugins that allows players to use kits in PvP. This plugin is special as it has in-game commands that allows you to create kits and delete kits. You can also use /pvpkit <kit> or a sign to choose a kit. Also, there is a custom ability kit plugin that allows a kits to have special abilities such as if a player using the kit called "Snowman" (Customizable in config) throws a snowball at a target, the...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
Apocalyptic There are currently 2 facets to this plugin. The first is the nuclear fallout, which contains many parts, and the other is pretty much old Apocalyptic, making zombies deadlier. They can both be enabled separately, allowing for complete customization! |||| Fallout && Zombies |||| Tutorial Configuration Installation Commands & Permissions Servers itchydog.itchy-dog.co.uk smp.projectbuilder.info Want your server up here? Just ask! Request a Feature If you want something to be added,...


Aug 10, 2014 Beta
About: Survival Games Core is better than the normal survival games plugin! This was made to speed up the process of creating a survival games plugin with your very own special features. With Survival Games Core you can control everything with the configuration files, the API and the Events. This plugin should be ran on a server dedicated to Survival Games. You cannot run any other Minigame with this plugin on the same server. Features: Game status in server list MOTD Events and API for...

Attack On Titan

Aug 10, 2014 Beta
Attack On Titan v1.0 by GhettoDragon This plugin is heavily inspired by the hit japanese anime/manga "Attack On Titan"(Shingeki no Kyojin), it is designed to give the player the ability to move around the world of minecraft in the same ways the characters in the source material do using their 3D Maneuver gear. Installation Make sure you have CraftBukkit 1.7.9 or above implemented in your server. Copy the AOT.java file into the plugins directory of your server. Run your server at least once....


Aug 10, 2014 Planning
ShortCommands The same plugin in english, with english description you can find here EINLEITUNG + FEATURES ShortCommands ist ein Plugin, welches es einfacher macht Befehle zu schreiben! Zum Beispiel muss man nicht mehr /gamemode 0/1/2 schrieben, sondern kann /0 oder /1 oder /2 schreiben. Außerdem gibt es neue Modi, wie den SPEED MODUS, JUMP MODUS, UNSICHTBARKEITS MODUS und den NACHTSICHT MODUS und Befehle wie /xpinfo, /sinfo (Spielerinformation), /bier, /lol und viele weitere! BEFEHLE +...