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Stargate Next Gen (Previously Gates)

Mar 09, 2016 Inactive
This is a transport system based on the Stargate series allowing gates to connect to each other based on a nine item combination. Current features include Dailing gates by item address Transporting between gates Vehicle transport Vortex Effect Chevron dialling effect [Currently being repaired] Gate directory (Like a phone book) Permissions Spawning new gates Protected gates (Iris) Automatic Dialling Outgoing only gates Private and hidden gates Note: This is a continuation of the Gates plugin...


Mar 09, 2016 Alpha
Game Versions: 1.8.0, 1.9 Current Plugin Version 2.1 alpha All versions download list Functions: This plugin replace defaul pumpkin and melon grow system with it's own. Now these plants are not infinity-growing (it is a king of game balance) and grows in 3 stages (default time between stages are 120sec, it can be changed in the config). Known Bugs: After server reastarting all plants stop growng, will be fixed in next version (added non-corect fix, must be remaded) If you are standing in...


Mar 09, 2016 Alpha
Français Description Ce plugin va vous permet d'effectuer une action grâce à un pad ( constitué d'un bloc et une plaque de pression ) ce plugin est compatible 1.8, peut être 1.9 aussi mais je n'est pas fait le test. il faut impérativement être op pour pouvoir créer et détruire ces pads Pad disponible Le launchPad qui vous permet de sauter avec une vitesse multiplié par 3 Objectifs : 100 téléchargements 300 téléchargements 500 téléchargements English Description This plugin will allow you to...

BetterElytra [1.9 Elytra]

Mar 09, 2016 Release
BetterElytra1.3 Let your users boost their flight! How it works Simply type /elytra to receive your special gear. For a headstart, look upwards and leftclick. Continue with a rightclick to get a boost - it's really simple! Permissions: • BetterElytra.fly (Boost and headstart) • BetterElytra.gear (Use /elytra) • BetterElytra.bypasscd (Bypass cooldowns) Config #2 to 3 is optimal Velocity Multiplier: 2 #True or false Sounds & Effects (true/false): true #Repairs when using boost AutoRepair Elytra...
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Mar 09, 2016 Mature
FirstJoinPlus allows you to control every aspect of when new players join. Give new players a starter kit, a special spawn location, have the console run commands, launch fireworks, and more! Existing players won't get told they joined for the first time after installing this. Announce that a new player has just joined (optionally with the amount of unique players that have joined!). Launch a firework or show a cool smoke effect. Give the player a written book with welcome information...


Mar 09, 2016 Release
This plugin allow you to create a restaurant. It should use with my version of WorldGuard (http://www.mediafire.com/download/6lrfk1lzyv6re7q/worldguard-6.1-OddDuck.jar) In a region, add a flag allow-restaurant at true, and now you can create your restaurant with 'Create' command. This plugin need to have Chairs, WorldEdit, WorldPlugin and Vault To open the menu of a restaurant, right click on the table where you are sitted. If you select a cake, the cake was placed on the table directly,...


Mar 09, 2016 Release
HeadsLite Description Receive a specified player's head with a command. Commands /head - shows all commands /head give - spawns in your head /head give <playerhead> - spawns in specified player's head /head give <playerhead> <player> - gives another player a head /hlreload - reloads config file Permissions headslite.give - permission to get your head headslite.other - permission to get another players head headslite.giveother - permission to give another player a head headslite.reload -...
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Mar 08, 2016 Release
✔Smileychat is a simple standalone plugin that gives more life to Chat✔ Use Smileys/Emoticons in chat! ± 80 smileys! ☺,☹,❤,★,☢,✿,♞,☂,✪,... Up to 15 customizable smileys! 1 line ascii-art (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Use Smileys on signs! Use Smileys in Books! Use Smileys in commands! (example "/say *sun" outputs "[server] ☼") Chatcolor support! (when using a chat plugin that uses colors) (example "&4:)" outputs ☺) /smileychat can also be /sc /smileychat Get information. /smileychat reload Reloads Config....
WeatherMan Logo


Mar 08, 2016 Release
WeatherMan WeatherMan allows you to change biomes and repopulate areas ingame with commands, magic-wand and a sign, controlled by redstone power. WorldEdit selections and WorldGuard regions supported. Video Additional videos Features Change biomes (you can use: commands, wands, signs, WorldEdit selections and WorldGuard regions) Repopulate area according to biome that was previously changed Control weather locally: for player, for region, for biome and for whole world. Grow trees or cut them...

Chicken wars

Mar 08, 2016 Planning
Description This is a new plugin that is plan for this week. This plugin will allow you to morph into different sort of chicken whit different hability. Sort of Chicken Regular Tiny Phoenix Chicken planning Ender Swamp Feather Regular / enchant : Sharpness X Tiny / enchant : Sharpness VI / Knockback VI Phoenix / enchant : Sharpness VI / Fire Aspect VI Chicken Feather Planning Ender / enchant : Sharpness VI / teleport the fighter Swamp / enchant : Sharpness VI / Knockback VII Hability Regular...


Mar 08, 2016 Release
Hey!, This is the Event Plugin with some Own-Created Greetings, Leave-Messages and so on.... Also there are some Hidden surprises and some funny or useful Commands. COMMANDS: /troll (Sets you in the Troll Mode! :) HAVE FUN! xD) /untroll (Removes the Troll Mode) /ec (Removes all Potion Effects) /fly (Toggles the Fly-Mode) /evinfo (Shows Info about the Plugin.) /heal or /damage (Heals or damages you) And others :D I hope you have fun with this Plugin! PLEASE REPORT BUGS!!!
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Feudal Cannons Mod

Mar 08, 2016 Release
Feudal Cannons Mod for 1.8 ----------- Official Feudal Realms Server: ----------- Features A mod featuring 2 cannons that fire TNT. 1 is a field cannon, shooting projectiles horizontally. The second cannon is a shorter range mortar that can lob tnt over walls. There are no permissions or commands for this mod. This plugin puts little to no strain on servers (plugin runs only when someone presses the cannon fire button and remains idle during the rest of the time). Field...


Mar 08, 2016 Beta
Support has now been moved over to Spigot. Please head over to https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/colorcube.20313/ ColorCube is a plugin that is aiming to create a fully automated mini-game experience. The plugin was created to be easy to use on any server. The mini-game is based off of ColorCube by MuscleCraft Requirements Before starting this plugin, one plugin is required: WorldEdit - Needed to create arenas and lobbies I would also recommend MuscleCraft's TexturePack: Download Here...


Mar 08, 2016 Release
Ever been annoyed when someone thinks you are a girl on Minecraft? Ever been annoyed when someone thinks you are a boy on Minecraft? Guess what! With MCGender, you don't have to worry! Commands: /gender - MCGender help menu /male - Makes you a boy! Makes your name BLUE /female - Makes you a girl! Makes your name RED /reset - Makes you genderless! Makes your name WHITE Permissions: None Compatability Issues: With Essentials, you MUST have change-display-name set to false! If you don't MCGender...

Paintball War Edition

Mar 08, 2016 Release
Download latest.... Download latest Want to help? Looking for documenters and translators! Hey! I am looking for someone who would be willing to actively get involved in the project. Currently that would probably mostly mean helping me with creating documentation for the upcoming new and rewritten paintball plugin, but if you have any ideas on how you can contribute to the project beyond that, let me know! Also I am looking for people who would be willing to maintain a certain translation of...

Hardcore Death Room

Mar 07, 2016 Release
Description: Whenever a player dies from another player, the player is sent to a predefined room for x amount of seconds (defined by the config), where the player can't break blocks or do any commands. This plugin can be used as a cooldown timer before someone can fight again or as a way to show off people who died. Inspried from: https://bukkit.org/threads/hardcore-deathroom.410515/ Change Log v1.1: Added /hcdr release. Added an exempt permission node. Added permission based timings Bug...

Dungeon Maze

Mar 07, 2016 Beta
Current version: Dungeon Maze 0.2.2 for Minecraft 1.9 Dungeon Maze Dungeon Maze is a world generator for Minecraft, it's a CraftBukkit plugin. Dungeon Maze generates an infinite world with a lot of cool and strange stuff in it. The world contains 7 layers of epicness, each layer does have different content. All the layers contains a lot of Monsters, but also a lot of treasures. It's a very cool map to explore with some friends. Give it a try! Will you survive? Check out the announcement...


Mar 07, 2016 Inactive
This plugin allow you to give XP to players in a region created by WorldGuard. When you have define an region, add these 2 flags in : xp-amount : XP gived xp-delay : Delay between 2 giving with the worldguard command : /region flag [regionName] [flagName] {value} This plugin only work with my personnal version of WorldGuard (see in files page).


Mar 07, 2016 Release
NoobProtector NoobProtector created special for hardcore PVP-enabled servers. It provides a time-limited PVP-protection for new players. When new player joins a server he obtains a protection against PVP-attacks and can learn the server's world, rules, etc. When time limit is overdue player lose his protection and can attack (and can be attacked) by other players. Features Protect player when he joins sever first time Only PVP-protection. This plugin did not provide a god-mode. Enable...

Skye Music

Mar 07, 2016 Release
As seen at play.blueskyes.us.to Attention! This is now compatible both with 1.9 AND 1.8! With a single command and basic subcommands, this plugin is so effective and simple that anyone can use it! Just type /play <discname> and it will play the music at your location, cancelling any further music commands until the previous song is over. COMMANDS /sm...........provides information about SkyeMusic..........Alias: /skyemusic /play..........used with one of the following subcommands to play a...