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Rush Full Auto

Apr 19, 2014 Beta
A plugin for run full auto Rush by Xisuma they are no commands and permission for the moment Now In Beta V1.3 require: World Reset [optional] How to use: just DL and put this plugins on the plugin folder and restart the server . Functionality: Team selection why color CD (Blue & Green) on the lobby the player can't drop the item for choice team and have gamemode 2. auto launch 60sec countdown when team are one player on there. Whitelist during the game and motd [Rush in game]. Automatic...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Notice: Version 1.2 is still being approved by BukkitDev staff. Features EnhancedMobs applies the potion effects specified in the configuration file to all mobs, whenever and wherever they spawn. Supported Potion Effects Strength, Resistance, Regeneration, and Speed Potion Effects Added in 1.2: Slowness, Weakness, and Poison. Why Poison? Spawning mobs with poison makes them much harder to find and kill before they die, making XP much harder to get Todo List 1. Add 'Excluded Mobs' option (Mobs...
EnhancedSpawners Logo 2


Apr 19, 2014 Beta
Enhanced-Spawners EnhancedSpawners inspired by the plugin request from FlyingSpitball. The idea is to allow for spawners to be customizable, both in standard survival and by admins! It also allows for silk touch pickaxes to pick up spawners so that they could become portable! All you have to do is drop this plugin in your plugin folder and run! Currently there aren't any permissions and there aren't any config options yet, because this is still an early beta build. Once installed, you can use...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
NYAN Ever wanted to be Nyan cat? Just think Nyan cat's awesome? Then Nyan is the plugin for you! Permissions * Nyan.Self - Allows the use of /Nyan me * Nyan.Other - Allows the use of /Nyan <player> * (1.4 Update) Nyan.Auto - Gives users the Nyan effect when the join the server Commands * /Nyan - Shows the Nyan help text * /Nyan <Player> - Toggle's another player's Nyan effect * /Nyan me - Toggle's the Nyan effect on yourself Media Got any Nyan Media? Message me and I'll add it to the page :D...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
KingKits - By KingFaris10 What is KingKits? KingKits is not the ordinary kit plugins that allows players to use kits in PvP. This plugin is special as it has in-game commands that allows you to create kits and delete kits. You can also use /pvpkit <kit> or a sign to choose a kit. Also, there is a custom ability kit plugin that allows a kits to have special abilities such as if a player using the kit called "Snowman" (Customizable in config) throws a snowball at a target, the target gets the...


Apr 19, 2014 Mature
iBank is an simple, easy to use and useful bank plugin. Its main features are: Bankaccounts: Everybody with the permission can create a bankaccount, where he can deposit,transfer or withdraw money. Interest: Everybody with a bankaccount, will get interest, but you can set different interests per region or account. Regions: iBank can be bound to a region or just work globally like all economy plugins. Loan: Everybody with a bankaccount, can request a Loan, has a maximum time to pay its Loan,...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Latest Version: 0.3b Description: This plugin allows you to set up villagers as shops. They will sell items as admin shop (this means infinite stock). The shop will be displayed as two row inventory you can modify with chat commands as admin. Buy items from the top row and sell them at the bottom row. You may give custom names to shops and also use color codes (&). Please note that this plugin requires VAULT and a economy plugin like iConomy or Essentials. List of commands: To use this...


Apr 19, 2014 Beta
FireworksEx can cause a great welcoming for players that join and will allow you to create different fireworks using commands! Features Fireworks on join: Each time a player joins the plugin will release a firework at their location. The firework can be fully customized and is optionally restricted to users that have the correct permission. Firework commands : You can also spawn different fireworks using /fw shoot <style-id>. The firework's appearance (<style>) can be customized in the...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
itpa is a bukkit plugin that expands the popular php web script isthispersonaweso.me which you can also find on IRC through the xD bot made by blha303 What does it do? Well, itpa connects to your desired itpa instance (more on this below) and fetches the rating of the user specified Commands & Permissions /itpa - Checks your itpa rating (mc username) /itpa <name> - Checks the rating of the name specified The permission for this command is itpa.check Screenshots! Maybe another day Other Info...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
=== UpgradeCore === UpgradeCore Allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, on the highest the upgrade highest the damage, which is configurable. A simple plugin that adds some Role Playing and some more items to die for! You get these items from configurable mobs. Make Sure to read everything before asking questions already here answered. The Plugin is still in Beta, bugs and glitches, if any are to be expected! Report them Please! _________________________ Features Drops UpgradeCores from...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Description HeroTroll is a plugin designed to make trolling easier. It was inspired by my Herobrine server, that has been enhanced ever since I made this. You can also control a players chat, which can come in very handy. With all of the commands, it is very easy to go completely undercover. Herobrine can listen to what you say and reply!! I've added permissions and I hope you enjoy! Happy Herobrine Trolling!~ version#commandpermissionusage 1.0/falsejoinHeroTroll.falsejoinMake a fake player...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Ships All My Worlds Source CodeMoseCraftbukkitPluginsAll My Worlds Intro Ships is associated as one of 'MoveCrafts' rivals, however we can guarantee you that Ships is moving away from this idea, by adding features that you would probably not see in MoveCraft but are useful for the servers this plugin is designed for. Ships is a plugin that allows you to create medium sized vessels in water, ontop of water and in air. Ships is simple to use because it only uses signs to control the vessels. No...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
ColorMatch Another nice minigame! You get a colored wool in your Inventory and you have to jump onto the corresponding color! Multiple arenas can be set up that are joinable via signs/commands. As of now the last man standing wins, which can't be changed. See further information and configuration options down below. Setup Pex doesn't care about OP, you need to give yourself the permissions! Set the main lobby where all join signs will be: /cm setmainlobby For each new arena: /cm createarena...

Eat your Players!

Apr 19, 2014 Release
Ever gotten so mad at a player that you've wanted to..... eat them?! Well, now you can! Introducing the "Eat your Players" Project! The plugin is fairly basic, and has only 2 commands. Simply do /eat <player>. or /eatstick Features: It tells you that you successfully ate the target, if the target is online. blood effect on the eaten player (toggleable in the config) It broadcasts to the server that someone bit the target, if the target is online. It kills the target instantly. Has 3...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
This plugin allows you to make a Click Sign. For 1 Click you become 1 Cookie! Permissions No configuration needed Line 1: [clicks] /clicks - See the Server Clicks /clicks give - See the Player Clicks - serverclicks.sign - Allows a user to set the Click Sign!


Apr 19, 2014 Beta
PvP - The simplest PvP-Plugin for Bukkit Multi-Arena Random spawn Rank-Up-Items Spectators Statistics Scoreboard Web-Statistics about Kills/Deaths(Bulid-In webserver) Multi-Language This is my first plugin, Please do not be so critical How to setup: Install plugin and the dependencies Enter /pvpset Follow the instructions to create the arena Set a specator spawn (/pvpset spec) Optional: Enter /pvpset border to create a expanded glass border Optional: Change kill-reward in config.yml and...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
EnchantedFurnace adds effects for enchantments on furnaces! This plugin was inspired by Enchanted Furnace. Sadly, it hasn't been updated past 1.5 for Bukkit, and uses a ton of nms. Enchantments Efficiency Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt. Modified time in seconds is 20/(level + 2). Maximum level that will impact performance is 99. lvl 1 = 6.7s lvl 2 = 5s lvl 3 = 4s lvl 4 = 3.3s lvl 5 = 2.9s Unbreaking Increases smelting time. Stock varies by fuel. Time = default time *...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Want to do a table flip? Simple! Type /tableflip and flip some tables in the chat! Commands /tableflip - Flip the table in chat! Permission /tableflip: tableflip.use Description When you type /tableflip, it will make the person that types it say the tableflip emoticon in chat. There is only 1 command and 1 permission, and no config! Is someone being stupid? /tableflip! Did something went wrong? /tableflip! Do you disagree with something? /tableflip! Are you bored? /tableflip! You...
Dragon Egg


Apr 19, 2014 Alpha
SurpriseEggs v1.1.3 Hold a dragon egg and then use /se open......Whooo! You opened a dragon egg! Features With this plugin, players that have permissions can open dragon eggs and get random rewards by type in a command or right click on a placed egg. Sure, everything is configurable! Commands /se open - open eggs on your hand /se reload - reload configs Permissions SurpriseEggs.use - right click to open an egg SurpriseEggs.open - use /se open SurpriseEggs.reload - use /se reload (OPs have all...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Introduction MagicWorlds was born from Magic's chest populator. It requires the Magic plugin (v3 or later), and by default will add randomly-generated Magic Wands to naturally-spawned chests. Bugs, Features, Issues Please use our issue tracker for all bug reports, issues, feature requests, etc. It is searchable, so you can see if your problem is already known, or maybe your idea already had :) Comments here are always appreciated, but might get lost. And please don't try to report bugs...