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X-mas Super

Dec 13, 2014 Planning
This plugin is 1.7.10 Install and play- Download the plugin file, then take and drop into your plugins file, then start up the server! Enjoy! Changes in future-Will add resource pack, snowman without pumpkin heads instead it will be ice. Custom Animals For resource back are.. -Reindeer -Santa -Elf -Sleigh -Present -X-mas Tree -Better Looking Ice -Olaf And more Frozen stuff from the movie.-Optional In a config Commands: /C Snow On/Off /C SpawnXTree -Spawns X-mas Tree /C SpawnP -Spawn X-mas...
Xtra Mini Blocks

Xtra Mini Blocks

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Mini Blocks Mini Blocks is a plugin that allows you to transform blocks into miniature version. With a big interface list of many various different heads you can get, you can give yourself heads from a dirt block, to coffee mugs. This plugin is very flexible, and makes the game have more options for decoration, more detail, etc. This plugin makes it so you can do anything with the given materials. How to get Xtra Mini Blocks? Command Usage Permission /miniblocks get <name> - Perms -...
Bottle preview

XP in the Jar

Jul 25, 2014 Release
{ Create fancy image for here } Musha ring dum-a do dum-a da. There's XP in the jar-o. Overview Conveniently store experience in multiple ways! This plugin includes a stable and simple to use Bank that just makes sense. Not only that, but you can now store your Experience in bottles. Store your XP in a more traditional fashion by filling up chests with bottles filled to the brim with good old EXP. Either system can be disabled, so your not forced to use an XP Bank, and your not forced to use...


Jul 22, 2014 Release
This was a plugin request. Created by stuntguy3000 and kreashenz xScores is a simple plugin which counts and displays your kills, deaths, and balance(s) Vault is optional. You can have it if you want Economy to show on the board. Example With Economy Without Economy Commands: /clearscores - Clear all scores. /kdr - Shows your KDR. /xboard - Enables/disabled your xScores scoreboard /xscores <reload | save> - Saves/reloads xScores configs Permissions: /clearscores - xscores.clearscores /kdr -...


Jun 25, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to increase the amount of xp mobs drop? now you can! Features - Can multiply the amount of xp dropped from mobs for a certain time. - Could be used for people that want to get extra XP in mob arenas for example, or as a donation reward. Commands Normal Users /xpb check - Tells The Player How Long Their Boost Lasts Admins /xpb admin help - Shows InGame Help /xpb admin boost <player> <multiplier> <time> Sets A Boost For A Player, Set Time To 0 For Infinite Boost. From version 1.2...

xTech Command Suite

Jun 08, 2014 Release
xTech Command Suite About xTech Command Suite: Welcome to xTech Command Suite! This plugin is designed to add basic features to your server. The plugin is light weight and uses permissions. Read below for detailed usage of commands and thier permissions. This plugin currently contains Spawn, Feed, Heal and Kill and corresponding signs for all of the above will be added. This is a must have for any server owners wanting useful features and keeping the vanilla feel. There are no files to...


May 31, 2014 Release
Who we are Welcome to xEssentials! The people working on xEssentials strive to improve the plugin every day! We hope you enjoy our plugin, and we will eventually begin running good a good wiki, a full command citation, etc. What do we do? Bug Reports, Feature Requests (WIP) Source xEssentials Wiki Commands & Permissions Looking for someone to completely document /gmc | Changes gamemode to creative - Permission: xessentials.gmc /gms | Changes gamemode to survival - Permission: xessentials.gms...


May 26, 2014 Alpha
xCore Version A1.0.0 With this plugin, simple things like clearing your chat, and even changing things like wether or not snow blocks should drop the block or snow balls when they are broken, will be made possible and very configurable. Features Clear Chat Configurable on how many lines to clear and if the console should be cleared as well, defaults to false Snow Block configuring Custom Lamb Chops when sheep die Basic Commands: /heal /teleport Permissions CommandPermission /ccxcore.clearchat...


Apr 26, 2014 Beta
xStats xStats = Statistics + Achievements + Leaderboard Do you like to see your playing stats? Do you want to know how many hours have you played on server, how many block have you broken and similar statistics? If yes, then you're in the right place! xStats is very lightweight plugin that is used for tracking player stats. You don't have MySQL database? All right! For this plugin you even don't need MySQL! Requirements Vault. What does this plugin log? Playing time Broken blocks Placed...

XK Commands

Apr 05, 2014 Inactive
Changelog *Version 0.1: + Added enable and disable console messages. + Added /nc, the hub command. Used to show the user the core commands. + Added /noobcommands as an alias of /nc. + Added /ncommands as an alias of /nc. + Added /nc help which shows a list of commands. Known Bugs: - Using /nc help will also show the text for /nc. *Version 0.2. + Added /nc lag command which shows a player if they are lagging or not.


Mar 01, 2014 Release
xSoup is a plugin that allows players to instantly eat a mushroom stew and get 3.5 hearts, if the player health is full it will heal the hunger it also adds the feature to craft soup from Cocoa Beans and Cactus =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Plugin review: Made by PluginPvP: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Features: Soup gives a configurable amount of hearts if health isn't full Soup gives configurable amount of hunger if health is...
xAdmin Extra1


Jan 26, 2014 Release
===== xAdmin V4 It's finally here, the plugin of any admins dreams! With this plugin you can control the players in a much neater, quicker fashion. You can burn them, strike them with lightning, blow them up, or simply abuse them with our unique set of insults lined up (any ideas for these welcome in the comments below), ban them, kick them, enable god mode, custom prefixes and much more! ===== What's the point of this? 1 I found that on my server, having too many players is hard to manage. 2...


Jan 04, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to change a TNT's explosion size? Well with this plugin, type in a single command, and send out an explosion with a custom radius! You can use /xltnt to create an explosion on your targeted block with a custom radius! You can use this to mine out large areas at once, make quarries, or maybe just blow stuff up! There is no configuration for this plugin, so you can just drag, drop, and you're ready to go! Commands: /xltnt <radius> - Creates an explosion where you are looking....

Xp Bank

Dec 24, 2013 Release
XpBank Version: v1 Beta Click for ChangeLog Introduction of plugin: This plugin allows the creation of signs that can be used as XpBanks. On this first line enter [XpBank] then hit "done". Use "/xp help" for information on commands, Left click to add Xp and Right click to remove Xp. Features: Click for Features Suggestions/Future Features (Leave any in comments below or Pm me thanks) Add player level handling to new permission "xp.mod" - CommodoreAlpha idea Add World based bank limits, any...

Xmas Presents

Dec 08, 2013 Planning
Right click it in your inventory to open the "present" and receive the gift in your inventory.

xaHChat Bridge

Nov 01, 2013 Release
xaHChat Bridge Description xaHChat is a Minecraft Social Network that brings servers and players together with news feeds and chat, both ingame chat and on the android platform. The aim of this plugin is to make a social network with all the servers that install this plugin. To be more social ingame and out, more features will be added soon like the ability to private messages anyone and then that person will get that private message on his phone and even while he is playing in game you can...


Oct 20, 2013 Release
XPStrength You can allow players to achieve bonuses at certain levels - when they have a certain level, defined by you, they will get a certain bonus to their attack damage, defined by you. You can define as many levels as you want. Features Toggling - You can use /xpbonus to toggle the level-attack bonus. If your level is lower than the lowest level defined by you (the script works this out automatically from the config file) then it will not let you use the /xpbonus command. If you are...


Oct 13, 2013 Release
XPCash XPCash is a really simple-to-use plugin, so there's not much to talk about it... I mean, it only does one thing. It let's your players get server money for their XP. I published it, because I noticed that there were no plugins offering that feature. When the player uses the command "/xpcash", they get some cash. How much you ask? Well, the exchange rate is 1 dollar per XP level, so for example if someone had level 25 and used the command, he would get 25$. You see? It's that simple....


Aug 28, 2013 Release
== XpThirst == ==== Description ==== XpThirst is a plugin adding another basic need that you need to take care of: thirst. This will use the xp bar as a thirst bar which will deplete over time. All the timing and amount is configurable. ==== Features ==== Adds thirst to minecraft Drinking water bottles will revive thirst ==== Commands & Permissions ==== View a list of all the commands and permissions here. ==== Default Config File ==== View the default config file for XpThirst here. ===...


Aug 03, 2013 Release
{http://i.imgur.com/xS4nH6y.png|xPetsLogo}} A new GIANT update will come out soon! It will have economy support, baby mobes, color names, have them follow you and more! Overview xPets allows players to easly rename Mobs using one simply command. xPets has its own unique inventory, where players can select there own pet, simple and easy! ALMOST AT 4K DOWNLOADS Features Custom Permissions Easy to use GUI Allows for Multi-Space Mobs name Simple Commands Light Weight How to Use To start using...