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Automatic Minecart (Boat and Horse)

Jul 24, 2014 Release
Automatic Minecart What does that plugin do : Automatic Minecart spawn minecart on a rail, a horse or a boat with the player on it Automatic Minecart remove it when the player left this minecart, horse or boat / or quit the game / or die. That's all : it's a lightweigt plugin without configuration... Why do i code this plugin It was for my server. I was looking for a way to allow visitors that don't have minecarts to visit the world faster by using Minecarts on previouly created railways....

ArmorSets Colors

Jul 24, 2014 Planning
Configure as many armor sets as you want, based on leather armor color, that give continuous potion effects when the whole set is equipped. Features You can configure as many armor sets as you want in the config, and each set has a unique color and potion effect. The color acts as the identifier of the set, so you can use whatever item display names you want. When a player equips a FULL matching set, they get the configured potion effect until they remove at least one piece of armor. The...
Armor Abilities Logo

Armor Abilities

Jul 23, 2014 Release
Armor Abilities Have you ever wanted there to be an incentive to put different types of armor on? Not just have everyone running around in diamond armor because its the best. Well look no further because Armor Abilities is for you! Original Author & Maintainer, SnowGears Support the original developer! Non-required dependancy: DisguiseCraft For mod items to work until a fix is released, add their item id into the config. If you find a bug, please report it on the Tickets page. It helps keep...
AcidIsland Thumbnail


Jul 19, 2014 Beta
AcidIsland Version: v0.9c - *Check back often for updates and bug fixes!* (0.9d is awaiting approval) Acid acid everywhere, but not a drop to drink! [Compatible with CraftBukkit Beta Build #3092 and earlier, later builds require v0.9b] YouTube review of play: French Tutorial here! German review here! German language file here - help make it better! You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you liked Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! The latest version of AcidIsland at always...


Jul 19, 2014 Release
Allows players to spawn Animals by purchasing. They only must hit a sign. It needs iConomy5 or 6 or Register or Vault. Permissions nodes: AnimalShop.create AnimalShop.use Sign: e.g.: [AnimalShop] Amount Sheep Animals: Sheep Cow Chicken Pig Villager Mushroom Cow Red Cat Black Cat Siamese Cat Wild Cat Wolf English tutorial: Source code: Klick here Sending of statistical data This plugin uses mcstats.org to gather statistical data. The data is collected anonymously and ALL data is visible to...

AdminTroll BawsVersion

Jul 19, 2014 Beta
Baws' AdminTroll Introduction Are you an admin who hates that player and want to troll him? Well this plugin is for you! This plugin is developed by Sunny Zhang (A.K.A thebawsgamer) so that you as a admin can have fun with that player that you hate! About AdminTroll is a plugin that entered development build on the 6th May 2014. It is a troll plugin for any servers. The plugin is tested by FerrumFalcon, the technician of IPortal (game.iportal.co.za). Changelogs Beta v0.0.1 Initial creation...

Animal Plague

Jul 17, 2014 Beta
Animal Plague Description For any survival server it takes only a few days for player to get comfy with there giant animal farms providing everything they need. As an admin myself I found this quite frustrating. Isn't there a way to keep player working hard even after they have made a few farms and animal pens? Animal Plague is the answer! The idea is to create a way to naturally limit the amount of animals a player can have at once. This causes them to work harder because they don't have as...


Jul 16, 2014 Release
A whole new way to play hardcore survival. |Screenshots|Configuration|Commands|Permissions| Overview: Basically your character has several stats which effect your happiness. - Health (determined by the health bar) - Hunger (determined by the hunger bar) - Sleep (Will go down over time, can be replenished by using a bed) - Comfort (Your character likes well lit, spacious areas with fancy flooring) You need to manage each aspect of the game to stay alive. If your happiness drops below 5, you...

Armour Stand

Jul 09, 2014 Release
Description What is it? This plugin allows anyone with the proper permissions create statue player NPCs that can wear and hold clones of your armour. When you right click a viable armour stand with an item, a clone of that item will appear on the NPC. If you use an armour piece (including pumpkin or skull) it will appear on the NPC in the correct spot. If it is not a viable armour piece, the NPC will hold it. The NPC will not take the item from you, they will only copy it. Players with the...


Jul 08, 2014 Planning
AnyCraft Craft Items That Were Before Un-Craftable. This plugin will allow you to craft things such as: Music Discs, Chain Armor, Sponges, Water Blocks, Horse Armour, Saddles, and End Portal Frames. There are no commands to this plugin, only crafting recipes. I will be showing you each crafting recipe. Music Disc (blocks) Music Disc (chirp) Music Disc (far) Music Disc (mall) Music Disc (mellohi) Music Disc (stal) Music Disc (strad) Music Disc (ward) Music Disc (11) Music Disc (wait) Saddle...

Automatic Kits

Jul 07, 2014 Release
Introduction Automatic Kits is a basic Kit PvP plugin that allows the server owner to customise the kit every player will spawn with including the weapon. By default, the weapon is diamond sword, and armor is iron. This plugin enhances the PvP experience as all fights will be even, as everyone will have the same gear and equipment. Modifying the config [ The config works by item ID's. So to change it to diamond armor, the new config would be: Commands None Permissions None Works on 1.7.9...


Jul 06, 2014 Planning
This is just a small fun plugin for Survival Servers. With this, you can make, that players can shoot arrows whitout a bow. You can use it for SurvivalGames or just for a Survival world Commands CommandDescriptionPermission /arrowshooterMain commamd/ /asMain commamd/ /arrowshooter helpHelp pagearrowshooter.mod /arrowshooter reloadReloads the Configarrowshooter.mod /arrowshooter add <worldname>Add a worldarrowshooter.mod /arrowshooter remove <worldname>Remove a worldarrowshooter.mod...


Jul 01, 2014 Release
====== Autographs ====== You can use this plugin to get Autographs from other players and collect a huge autograph collection! This could be for practically ANY server! It could be for Donator's, regular players, etc. ====== Commands and Permissions ====== Commands: ) To create a new book, type “/newbook” ) To allow someone to sign your book, they will need to type “/sign”. ) To remove someone's autograph, type “/rmpage Page #” (must include the page # of the autograph!) Permissions: )...

Achievements Reloaded

Jul 01, 2014 Release
Achievements - made by Lolmewn What does this plugin do? This plugin allows you to add additional achievements to the game. This plugin requries my other plugin, Stats, to work. Using this plugin, you can add achievements to the game, and add rewards to them. Whenever a player gets an achievement, you can let commands run, give them money and/or items, and much more using the API this plugin will have. How do I install this? Download the latest file from the files page and put it in your...


Jun 27, 2014 Planning
AdvancedDropParties Command: /dropparty (new/broadcast) Arguments for /dropparty: new: starts a new drop party (delay of time set in the config.yml file), where items are teleported to an area by each player in the server. All items teleport to all players. The items are always: a set of diamond armor, diamond tools (not hoe), creeper eggs, and god apples. When the timer runs out it tells the players to find and pick up the nearby items. All of the diamond tools and armor have a range of...

Armor Gui

Jun 27, 2014 Release
Thanks for the donation!: Klarstil Hey Guys, So today I developed this Thing ... On join Itll give you an Iron bar named "Armor" Once you right click it, It will open a inventory GUI PLEASE NOTE This plugin has permissions! :D Permissions Apple.Armor Commands /armor - Will open the gui! Pictures HOW TO INSTALL Download the Jar Go to your plugins folder Drag the Downloaded Jar into the folder Done! Plans for future ✓* uhhh Add ennchanted armor. Configuration Make this plguin WAYY bigger :D ==...


Jun 25, 2014 Planning
AmazingHorse AmazingHorse is a cosmetic plugin : any player with the correct permission will transform any block this horse walks on into colored wool. But don't worry about your map, this plugin does not modify the world. Permissions In order for this plugin to work, since there are no commands, the player needs to have the permission amazinghorse.rainbow Dependencies You need ProtocolLib to make this plugin work. Just put ProtocolLib.jar in your plugins folder.

Advanced Parties

Jun 22, 2014 Planning
About I created this plugin because i was searching through the plugin requests and i was bored, but i found this interesting request which has not been done before and many people would like it. Here is the link to the request: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/party-friend-system.250484/ This plugin allows players in your sever to create their own clans, just like the parties from the Xbox 360 console. Players can add each other as friends and invite them to their parties. Players can also...
Admin Punishments Set

Admin Punishments Set

Jun 21, 2014 Release
This plugin is a set of punishments (or tortures) for admin when players become bad kids. If you think that kick is not enough and ban is too much this plugin is what you need. Commands: /boom [player] - Boom a player.BOOM!!!. /fire [player] - Burn a player. /nuke [player] - Nuke a player(with a little nuke). /ubernuke [player] - Nuke a player(with a big nuke).UBERNUKE!!!. /zap [player] - Zap a player and reduce it to ashes /slay [player] - Kill a player with a simple command. /scare [player]...

Any Gun

Jun 18, 2014 Planning
Any Gun Description Using the super simple configuration, you can shoot arrows or snowballs from any item in minecraft, just by right clicking it! Commands and Permissions Currently no commands! No Permissions! Setup and Configuration Download the AnyGun jar file. Put the jar file in your server's plugins file. Restart or reload the server. You can now begin shooting! Configure which materials you want to use with either snowballs or arrows! You can now use any material which you can find...