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Anonymous Chat

Aug 20, 2014 Planning
AnonymousChat This plugin will allow you to chat anonymously using /anonchat. When enabled, your username is replaced with "<Anonymous>" (configurable). Players with the permission anonchat.names will be able to see your name. Usage Use /anonchat to toggle anonymous chatting. Aliases: /achat, /anon, /ac Permissions anonchat.anon - Use the /anonchat command anonchat.names - See the names of people chatting anonymously (Like this: "(Superior_Slime) <Anonymous>: hi" Installation Simply pop this...


Aug 15, 2014 Beta
Plugin English The plugin is simple to use, it regenerates saved regions every given time, for selecting regions use WorldEdit plugin, AutoRegain is in development, stay tuned for the theme. Permissions autoregain.admin - default: op Commands CommandDesc /ar help.help command /ar regain <name>Force regenerates region <name>. /ar create <name> <frequency>Creates new region <name>, and sets regeneration <frequency>. /ar remove <name>Removes region <name> TODO Check regions intersection. Added...


Aug 11, 2014 Release
Apocalyptic There are currently 2 facets to this plugin. The first is the nuclear fallout, which contains many parts, and the other is pretty much old Apocalyptic, making zombies deadlier. They can both be enabled separately, allowing for complete customization! |||| Fallout && Zombies |||| Tutorial Configuration Installation Commands & Permissions Servers itchydog.itchy-dog.co.uk smp.projectbuilder.info Want your server up here? Just ask! Request a Feature If you want something to be added,...

Attack On Titan

Aug 10, 2014 Beta
Attack On Titan v1.0 by GhettoDragon This plugin is heavily inspired by the hit japanese anime/manga "Attack On Titan"(Shingeki no Kyojin), it is designed to give the player the ability to move around the world of minecraft in the same ways the characters in the source material do using their 3D Maneuver gear. Installation Make sure you have CraftBukkit 1.7.9 or above implemented in your server. Copy the AOT.java file into the plugins directory of your server. Run your server at least once....


Aug 10, 2014 Release
ArcadeCombat About ArcadeCombat is a melee combat enhancement plugin for Minecraft. In Vanilla Minecraft there are no melee combat tactics other than jumping and swinging which means that your equipment is the deciding factor in a fight. ArcadeCombat seeks to change that and add player skill as a key component to Minecraft's melee combat. In order to do this it has: Blocking - The ability to actively defend yourself against an opponent's attack. It reduces knockback and blocks a configurable...
AcidIsland Thumbnail


Aug 09, 2014 Beta
AcidIsland Version: v0.9f - *Check back often for updates and bug fixes!* (v0.9h is awaiting approval) Acid acid everywhere, but not a drop to drink! YouTube review of play: French Tutorial here! German review here! German language file here - help make it better! You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you liked Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! The latest version of AcidIsland at always available for testing at mc.acidisland.net If you run a server - PM me New Features Added...
Release 1 Official Banner!

AdminTroll BawsVersion

Aug 06, 2014 Beta
Baws' AdminTroll Introduction Are you an admin who hates that player and want to troll him? Well this plugin is for you! This plugin is developed by Sunny Zhang (A.K.A thebawsgamer) so that you as a admin can have fun with that player that you hate! Please also take part in our surveys and polls to let us know how we can improve our plugin. Thanks a lot Minecrafters, yours faithfully, Sunny Zhang. Survey August! Donate to us!Testing of plugin. About AdminTroll is a plugin that entered...


Aug 03, 2014 Release
Description: AdminHelper is a plugin that make it all easier. You have all important commands in a shorten form! Like /gamemode 1 is now /gm 1 . But you can also type the long version. Have fun with this plugin. Installation: Drag and Drop the AdminHelper.jar into your plugins Folder. Start your Server. Ready! Command and Permissions: Commands:Permissions:Description: /gm 0,1 or 2adminhelper.gmChange the GameMode to 0,1 or 2 /cadminhelper.cClear your Inventory /dayadminhelper.dayChange the...


Aug 03, 2014 Release
#ENGLISH# What is apSoup? apSoup is a plugin where you type / soup opens a virtual inventory soups 9x4 with the 36 slots, it's a plugin for pvp servers, sorry my English because I'm Brazilian. Commands /Soup | Opens up the soup inventory Permissions apSoup.soup | Allows you to use the /soup command Configuration The file is generated only for the credits to owners of the plugin My channel: http:www.youtube.com/user/amendoplugins #PORTUGUÊS# O que é apSoup? apSoup é um plugin onde você digita...


Aug 01, 2014 Release
AngryGolems Proudly sponsored by Blazelite and WitherNode Basic Info: This plugin allows snow golems to become hostile. Pretty much as simple as that. Just put the jar in your plugins folder. Snow golems spawn naturally at night and melt when the sun comes up. Damage is configurable, and spawn rate at night is configurable. Bugs should be reported in the Tickets tab. Any questions, just PM me! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/hungerarena/ <- My HungerGames plugin! Check it out!

Arcane Enchants

Jul 31, 2014 Release
Features Arcane Enchants is your ultimate enchanting tool! It offers understandable enchantments for users to play around with. It can enchant any item up to a user-specified level! It is readily secure for users and virus-free, spot-checked by the Bukkit Dev team. Tim the Enchanter Comparison If you aren't familiar with Tim, it (like Arcane Enchants) is an enchanting plugin. However, an advantage that Arcane Enchants has over Tim is that it can go all the way up to any level (32,672 is...
Explosive Arrow Crafting Recipe


Jul 30, 2014 Release
ArrowMux - an Arrow Multiplexer. Adds various arrows and let's you choose one with the bow. Features Fire Arrow Grapple Arrow Teleport Arrow Explosion Arrow Command Arrow Ice Arrow Mob Arrow Shower Arrow Handy Arrow Selector Fire Arrow a burning arrow, sets blocks and mobs on fire block fire is configurable Grapple Arrow works like a grapple beam from metroid, hookshot from zelda, ... pulls the shooter towards the arrow Teleport Arrow teleports the player where the arrow hits if the arrow...

Animal Plague

Jul 29, 2014 Beta
Animal Plague Description For any survival server it takes only a few days for player to get comfy with there giant animal farms providing everything they need. As an admin myself I found this quite frustrating. Isn't there a way to keep player working hard even after they have made a few farms and animal pens? Animal Plague is the answer! The idea is to create a way to naturally limit the amount of animals a player can have at once. This causes them to work harder because they don't have as...


Jul 28, 2014 Beta
AwesomeText! Ever wanted to create a banner on minecraft? Wish it was easy to make and big for your players to read? Introducing AwesomeText! This plugin lets you easily create cool text in seconds, for big signs to announce server events, admin walls, and anything really that you think might need some cool text! You create a sign by using this format: First line is just [AwesomeText] (Or if you like shortcuts, [AT] works as well) Second line is what text type (see supported types below)...


Jul 28, 2014 Planning
ArrowTeleport// Welcome to this plugin post, today I am going to be showing you guys my new ArrowTeleport plugin. What this plugin does is Teleport you to were you shoot an arrow at, and also adds special particle effects!. NOTE: This is mainly for hub purposes to have fun, but you may use it to what you like. Features: - Shoot an arrow at block and teleport! - Perfect for Hub servers - Has special particles at a player when they shoot and teleport! - Does not teleport the player and rotating...

Automatic Minecart (Boat and Horse)

Jul 24, 2014 Release
Automatic Minecart What does that plugin do : Automatic Minecart spawn minecart on a rail, a horse or a boat with the player on it Automatic Minecart remove it when the player left this minecart, horse or boat / or quit the game / or die. That's all : it's a lightweigt plugin without configuration... Why do i code this plugin It was for my server. I was looking for a way to allow visitors that don't have minecarts to visit the world faster by using Minecarts on previouly created railways....

ArmorSets Colors

Jul 24, 2014 Planning
Configure as many armor sets as you want, based on leather armor color, that give continuous potion effects when the whole set is equipped. Features You can configure as many armor sets as you want in the config, and each set has a unique color and potion effect. The color acts as the identifier of the set, so you can use whatever item display names you want. When a player equips a FULL matching set, they get the configured potion effect until they remove at least one piece of armor. The...
Armor Abilities Logo

Armor Abilities

Jul 23, 2014 Release
Armor Abilities Have you ever wanted there to be an incentive to put different types of armor on? Not just have everyone running around in diamond armor because its the best. Well look no further because Armor Abilities is for you! Original Author & Maintainer, SnowGears Support the original developer! Non-required dependancy: DisguiseCraft If you are using Towny read this: To make ArmorAbilities work with Towny, open Towny config.yml and search for cheat_protection. Change cheatprotection:...


Jul 19, 2014 Release
Allows players to spawn Animals by purchasing. They only must hit a sign. It needs iConomy5 or 6 or Register or Vault. Permissions nodes: AnimalShop.create AnimalShop.use Sign: e.g.: [AnimalShop] Amount Sheep Animals: Sheep Cow Chicken Pig Villager Mushroom Cow Red Cat Black Cat Siamese Cat Wild Cat Wolf English tutorial: Source code: Klick here Sending of statistical data This plugin uses mcstats.org to gather statistical data. The data is collected anonymously and ALL data is visible to...


Jul 16, 2014 Release
A whole new way to play hardcore survival. |Screenshots|Configuration|Commands|Permissions| Overview: Basically your character has several stats which effect your happiness. - Health (determined by the health bar) - Hunger (determined by the hunger bar) - Sleep (Will go down over time, can be replenished by using a bed) - Comfort (Your character likes well lit, spacious areas with fancy flooring) You need to manage each aspect of the game to stay alive. If your happiness drops below 5, you...