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Apr 14, 2014 Release
Anti-Enchant is a Bukkit plugin which allows you to limit or forbid players on your server to use certain enchants on certain items + million other cool stuff. That's actually about it there is to say about it, it's quite simple! ****** [<All information can be found here>] ******

Arcane Enchants

Apr 14, 2014 Release
Features Arcane Enchants is your ultimate enchanting tool! It offers understandable enchantments for users to play around with. It can enchant any item up to level 30,000! It is readily secure for users and virus-free, spot-checked by the Bukkit Dev team. Tim the Enchanter Comparison If you aren't familiar with Tim, it (like Arcane Enchants) is an enchanting plugin. However, an advantage that Arcane Enchants has over Tim is that it can go all the way up to 30,000 as its max enchanting level...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
Introduction This Is A Good Plugin For Hub Server Owners This Plugin Adds /hub instead of /spawn. adds Join Messages & Left Messages Also Adds A Firework When A Player Joins. Adding Many More Features. This Plugin Adds A Join And Leave Messages Also Adds A Join Firework Great For Hub Owners Also Never Forget The Funnest Feature LaunchPads!! To Do List: Add A WorldEdit Feature To Make Speed Affect At Spawn. Add A StarterKIt Setting. Add /spawn Feature So If You don't have a another plugin that...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
AutoFly is a plugin that allows for fly without using command. You can use this plugin for a VIP grade example. Used in making a double jump ! New version 2.0 ! + ConfigFile for choose world enable Permission: autofly.use Commands: autofly / af -for information plugin Some more Info If you like this plugin, tell it maybe your friends. I'd really like to get feedback from you! Plugin 2.0 Version ! More development in the future release


Apr 13, 2014 Release
Have you ever needed to auto broadcast messages to chat, and notice that the few plugins that actually are able to do this spam the chat with their name, not fully customizable, or no full color support? This plugin is for you then! This plugin is very simple to use, simple drag and drop. This plugin will generate a folder in /plugins/ called AutoBroadcaster, containing a messages.txt and a config.yml. The messages.txt is a blank text file, where each line is a broadcasted message. This file...
ArkhamKits Emblem


Apr 13, 2014 Beta
ArkhamKits V2.0 Released ArkhamKits is a KitPvP plugin for any KitPvP Server! Plugin is 1.7 compatible! Lots of new features coming soon. QuickSoup, Etc. Features Gives a basic PvP Kit to the user after giving out the command! Full Iron armour, Diamond Sword, Diamond Axe and Bow/Arrows! Much more stable build in V2.0 Commands and Permissions No Permissions Needed! This plugin is for KitPvP servers who need a quick Kit Plugin! Just use /pvp for Full Iron Armour, Diamond Sword, Diamond Axe,...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
ArenaFutbol Futbol is a realistic soccer plugin for Bukkit using the BattleArena API. Players can left-click and "kick" an item or "ball" into a goal to score points. After a team scores a goal they will not be able to kick the ball for a configurable amount of time, or until the opposing team touches/kicks the ball. The team with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins. Rewards can be given to the winning and losing teams. Players can form teams, and even join tournaments. If the...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
!AnonChat Chat anonymously by prefixing chat messages with '!'. Permission: anonchat.use No commands. To send anonymous chat messages, prefix your message with an exclamation point. Regular: <spacerocket> Hello, world! Anonymous: (?) !Hello, world! Always open to suggestions. Post in comment section.


Apr 12, 2014 Mature
AutoCraft Ever dreamed of the ideal PvP raiding experience? Ever wanted an awesome way to fly planes in minecraft? Introducing AutoCraft, the PvP airships plugin! AutoCraft allows players to create customized airships that actually fly! They can use these airships for any number of things, from raiding to just having fun! Features Ships that never rip apart Fully customizable ship types Torpedos, Bombs, and Napalm Optional Factions integration Official AutoCraft Servers Try out AutoCraft...


Apr 11, 2014 Release
Have you read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson? If you have then you know what Allomancy is. Allomancy is a power that people from the Mistborn world have, which allows them to burn metals, granting them magical powers. This plugin brings Allomancy to minecraft. All credit for the ideas of Allomancy goes to Brandon Sanderson. Features Metals To burn metals, right click with a metal vial in your hand. The first line of the Lore shows the type of vial, while the second shows how many uses are...

Admin Rater

Apr 10, 2014 Beta
Hello All Server owners, want just a little competition in your server between you members? Have a bukkit/spigot server? This is a grate plugin for you then! RateMe allows an admins(this is subject to change) to rate each other! Who can have the most rateme points! How To Configure The RateMe Stop the server Put RateMe into your plugins folder Start the server The plugin should create all the files nessary Development Permissions, so some trusted users can join in on the fun Config, so you...
Create a sign


Apr 09, 2014 Planning
Advanced Kits Advanced Kits is a simple way of creating custom kits for your server. Advanced Kits is easy on both the players and the admins. Installation All you have to do is just drag and drop the AdvancedKits.jar file into your plugins folder of your server. Then edit the config.yml and kits.yml to your liking! Commands /kit - Default kit command /kit list - Lists all available kits /kit reload - Updates the kits from the kits.yml file /kit [name] - Gives the player the specified kit...


Apr 08, 2014 Release
AlternateGamemode Features • Players can change their gamemode! • Players can change other player's gamemodes! • Admins can set up gamemode change signs! Commands • /Gamemode [0,1,2,S,C,A] - To change the gamemode! • /Gamemode [Player] [0,1,2,S,C,A] - To change the gamemode of another player! • /GMC [Player] [0,1,2,S,C,A] - To chance to creative mode! • /GMS [Player] [0,1,2,S,C,A] - To chance to survival mode! • /AlternateGamemode or /AG - Displays the plugin information. Permissions •...


Apr 07, 2014 Beta
Accentials ~ Essentials but better Accentials ~ essentials with a twist Commands 2.1 (not important) || [IMORTANT ARG] /balance (Player) : /bal ~ Check your balance or another players! /hat ~ Set any block as a hat! /economy [take/set/add] [player] [amount] : /eco ~ Manage your economy! /trash ~ Throw away your rubbish! /clear (player) ~ Clear your inventory or anothers! 2.2 /spawn ~ teleports you to spawn /setspawn ~ sets the spawn /warp ~ Warps are beast! /setwarp ~ set a warp /invsee ~...


Apr 07, 2014 Release
A Spleef plugin where players can queue and will join a free Spleef arena. You can make more than one Spleef arena and players will cycle through them. If all arenas are in use, the players are kept in the queue and will join when one opens up. You can modify all aspects of the spleef by editing the SpleefConfig.yml. Including what items they get for the spleef, whether they get prizes, etc. Features Regen layers at specified intervals Multiple layers can be created for any arena Multiple...
ArenaCTF png


Apr 06, 2014 Release
A Capture the Flag plugin where you pick up the wool color representing the other team, shown by visual around the wool. Once you pick it up teams are alerted and you need to bring the flag back to your base while your flag is still there. You can make more than one ctf arena and players will cycle through the different maps. Installing Put the ArenaCTF.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar Making a ctf arena /ctf create <ctf arena name> /ctf addFlag <ctf arena name> 1 <- add...
Crafting Example


Apr 05, 2014 Beta
Ever wanted to grow your animal farm at the press of a button? You're in the right place for that! This plugin adds a Breeder Block which, when set up correctly will let you breed animals in a configurable radius at the cost of a configurable amount of wheat! Works for all animals that can be bred including wolves and ocelots. Features Configurable crafting recipe. Easy and convenient mob breeding. Configurable radius of breeding. Configurable cost of breeding. Supports permissions. Easy to...


Apr 04, 2014 Beta
AntiLagg Information AntiLagg is a plugin that will boost your servers performance. It will drastically decrease your RAM usage by doing regular checks and removing the suitable entities/other things. This will decrease your RAM usage, because with minecraft entities, items, chunks and things like that are what cause the server to lag. Therefore by filtering, all of these things and or removing them, the server has less to 'think about', and thus your servers performance will be increased....


Apr 04, 2014 Release
Apocalyptic There are currently 2 facets to this plugin. The first is the nuclear fallout, which contains many parts, and the other is pretty much old Apocalyptic, making zombies deadlier. They can both be enabled separately, allowing for complete customization! |||| Fallout && Zombies |||| Tutorial Configuration Installation Commands & Permissions Servers itchydog.itchy-dog.co.uk smp.projectbuilder.info Want your server up here? Just ask! Request a Feature If you want something to be added,...

Armor Wardrobe

Apr 04, 2014 Release
What this does is pretty simple, you type in the command: /ward and this menu will display: To put on the armor just simply click it, to leave the armor menu press ESC on your keyboard, to remove the armor right-click the redstone lamp, down in the corner. Installation ====: Save "Wardrobe.jar" to your plugins folder, and run/reload the server. Commands: /ward - Shows the Wardrobe menu! Permissions: ward.open - Permission to open the wardrobe ward.ARMORTYPE ward.gold ward.iron ward.chain...