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Advanced Kits Reloaded

May 27, 2016 Release
Docs: AdvancedKitsReloaded Features Timed cooldown - Now you can use float values. (Ex: 0.5 = half an hour ) GUI for the kits - You can view and buy/use kits from a GUI. Economy support - You can use your economy plugin, which supports Vault CustomEnchantments support - Works most of the time Custom permissions - You can modify the default permissions per kit Run commands after using a kit - addcommand, delcommand flag. Use %player% to get the kit user name Update checks Custom kit icon - You...

Admin Zapper

May 25, 2016 Release
AdminZapper NOTE: I will keep creating new plugins, the only thing I ask in return is that you rate my plugin or leave comment. Thanks! How does it work Everyone knows the following situation: You are playing on a server and suddenly a staffmember is behind you. Poof* out of nowhere. NOT anymore! With adminzapper you can use simple commands and teleport to players with an enderman sound and a chat notification that a staffmember teleported to you. Features Adminzapper includes the following...
Advanced Achievements 2.0

Advanced Achievements

May 20, 2016 Mature
Need a highly functional, simple to use and fun achievements plugin? Advanced Achievements is without question your best possible choice! Create a unique set of custom achievements or quest-like objectives and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community! We are proud to announce that Advanced Achievements is ranked among the 30 highest rated Bukkit plugins on spigot.org, out of a total of more than 12000 resources! Create countless achievements based on 36 main categories...
Arrow Velocity

Arrow Velocity

May 17, 2016 Release
You have a PvP server, feeling like arrows are to easy to deflect or evade. Then this plugin is for you. The plugin is extremely simple to use, all you need to do is install it and reload the config with one simple command. The plugin will make the bows much faster, so even the shooter won't be able to see them. Also, if you want to, in the config, you can set the Blindness on true or false. If it is on true, the shooter will recieve blindness on 3 minutes. So players wouldn't be able to just...


May 15, 2016 Release
Here, I created a plugin called AutoCooker. What it does is that if you kill a mob, the drops come cooked. For this to work, you need Java 7 or higher. Here is the permission needed to use the plugin: autocooker.use - Allows players to utilize the plugin Disclaimer: This plugin uses Metrics. Metrics sends information about your server to mcstats.org. This will be used for usage-collection and too know how much servers are currently using my plugin. This currently can be shut off by turning...


May 14, 2016 Release
Now fully customizable with ColourCodes(&...) Newest Update came out on 14th May! We had Problems with bad code, but now we're back Acegamescore is a Minecraft Server plugin for Spingot 1.8.x (+1.9) and Craftbukkit 1.8.x (+1.9). It generally adds what a MC-Server needs: Teleporter, MOTD,... and much more! Thanks for over 700 Downloads! Currently working on AceGames.de-Emails...No updates in the next days Our Plugin Stats || Plugin-Config || Plugin-Perms Custom Messages || Our Website Servers...


May 14, 2016 Mature
ArmorHUD Description ArmorHUD is a plugin that provides on screen information of your armor durability. This plugin has a soft dependency for Vault. If you do not wish to use permissions set the permission-system option in the Config file to none. This allows everyone on your server to use ArmorHUD. Setup Download the .jar Copy it to your plugins folder Start the server Optional: Set up permissions Permissions PermissionDescription armorhud.useGives the player permission to use ArmorHUD...
AIO Jetpacks

AIO Jetpacks

May 12, 2016 Release
AIO Jetpacks Available for Spigot | Source Code An advanced jetpack plugin, that is still simple to use. Did you ever wanted to have custom jetpacks in Minecraft, that are refuelable? Now you can have them. This plugin uses it's own flight control code and is not a simple fly enabler. Simply drop this plugin into your plugins folder. It will create a default config in which you can add as many different jetpacks (jetpack profiles) as you want. Functions You can add as many different jetpacks...
A SkyBlock Screenshot

A Skyblock

May 11, 2016 Mature
A SkyBlock A Skyblock powers most of the skyblock servers in the world. Join the family of ASkyBlock servers today! Video Setup Tutorial Here! - [Credit: ShinyTinselWorm] Story You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! Moo! Compatibility This plugin is designed to work with V1.7.9 of the server through to V1.8.9 (so far). Always use the latest version of the plugin to keep up to date on features and bug-fixes. Features...
AcidIsland Thumbnail


May 11, 2016 Release
AcidIsland The Story You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! This is a variation on my popular ASkyBlock plugin. Instead of falling, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands. #moo YouTube review: French Tutorial here! German review here! Features All the features of ASkyBlock plus: Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level. Rain is acid too! Decide...


May 07, 2016 Release
description 描述 Apples is a Bukkit Plug-in that can give you a apple(an item) to eat and after eating something interesting will happen... These... Custom item Max health changes Custom Sounds Custom item Custom name & lores & Material Custom recipes Custom potions; Custom messages Auto giveout items RPG_Items support Custom servercommands and more !!! About this plug-in 简介 Apples's bukkit page .oh... You can do everything for the eating player with this pulgin if you are creative enough. I...
AlchemicalArrows Logo

Alchemical Arrows 2

May 05, 2016 Release
Alchemical Arrows 2 > Information < NOTE: All AlchemicalArrows 2 versions will only be playable on servers with versions 1.9 and above. If you are using AlchemicalArrows 2 on a 1.8 server, do NOT report bugs!!! Update your server to 1.9 before reporting a bug with the newest version of the project. I will no longer be supporting older versions of Minecraft​ This plugin is meant to improve the Bow vs. Bow combat experience. Use techniques, strategic maneuvers, and a hawk eye to damage your...


May 02, 2016 Release
About this plugin This a GUI Auction plugin with many features like: Configurable message prefix Configurable max incr. bets/starting bets Formatted money (to make it easier to read) And many more! Commands » /auction - No Permission - Shows help page » /auction start <amount of items> <starting bet> <increasement bet> - No Permission - Starts an auction » /auction cancel - If player is the owner, cancels the auction - Auction.admin - Cancels auction even if they're not the owner » /auction...


Apr 19, 2016 Release
AreaFly is a great plugin for server owners who want certain areas on their server to allow flying for all players. The great this about this plugin is that it doesn't require players to type any commands once they enter an area. They can just double tap the space bar to start flying! There is a config file but there really should be no reason why you need to edit it. All editing can be done in-game! This plugin requires WorldEdit which can be downloaded here:...


Apr 17, 2016 Beta
All Out War Plugin PLAYER+MOB vs PLAYER+MOB "All Out War" is team based PvP plugin. Team members are Players and Mobs(zombie, skeleton, creeper...etc). Full power battle begins... (support Minecraft version 1.9.2) Features Players can summon a teammate mob! To buy the eggs of the teammate mob, collect the emerald! Kill the enemy! Kill the enemy team "CORE" with other players and mob! Strategy is infinite. Attack, defend, build wall, trap, zombies party... Commands CommandDescription /team...

AdMaps (Disney)

Apr 07, 2016 Planning
*PLUGIN EXPIRED*: If you download this plugin now you won't earn anything as the Disney campaign is over until Summer 2016 when we'll relaunch it again. Download CommandAd 2.0 first for this plugin to work and for more ways to monetise your server. Description Disney have officially teamed up with in-game ad network MOTDgd, to give you their latest US "Walk the Prank" Advertising Campaign in Minecraft. This plugin will earn you revenue until the 26th April when the campaign ends. MOTDgd Ltd...


Apr 06, 2016 Planning
AllHalloween AllHalloween is a plugin designed around halloween. Obviously. Its features are as follows: 1. When a player joins, a Jack O' Lantern will be put on their head, and any helmet they have will be put in their inventory. If they don't have any space, the Jack O' Lantern will not be added. 2. /spook <playername> - This will display the Guardian particle and play the sound of an cursing Elder Guardian to the specified player. 3. When someone not in creative mod knocks on a door (=hits...


Apr 06, 2016 Release
AnimalEssentials is a plugin that provides many useful commands all around your animals! With it you can teleport, tame, name, kill, spawn, find and heal your beloved pets while having fun looking at cool particle effects and listening to funny sounds. The plugin has version independence, that means you can use it on 1.8 servers, aswell as on 1.7.10 servers. If you download any version including and above v1.1, you can run it on any Minecraft version mentioned above. If you found an issue, or...
AnimalChest Banner


Apr 01, 2016 Release
AnimalChest is a plugin that automatically spawns any spawn eggs placed in chests. Sick of your friends stealing your stuff? Place a couple zombie eggs in the chest and surprise them. AnimalChest will spice up your server by allowing players to pack their chests full of surprises. Need a good laugh? Fill a chest full of pigs and watch the explosive porky madness ensue. Are you running AnimalChest on your server? I'd love to witness AnimalChest in action, please shoot me a PM with your server...


Mar 31, 2016 Inactive
❖ AfkRoom ❖ Overview Afk Room is a plugins wich allow the Admin to create special Room for all Afk Player ! When a player is "Afk" , he'll be automatically teleport in this room ! This is my first Minecraft Plugins so please leave a comment ! . COMMAND | PERMISSIONS | DESCRIPTION /afkroom setroom | afkroom.setroom, default : op | allow op players (or permitted players) to set the room position /afkroom tp | afkroom.tp, default : op | Force tp a player or yourself in the AfkRoom /afkroom exit...