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Alchemical Arrows

Jul 03, 2015 Beta
Alchemical Arrows Information This plugin is meant to improve the Bow vs. Bow combat experience. Use techniques, strategic maneuvers, and a hawk eye to damage your opponents immensely! Alchemical Arrows adds new classes of weaponry for bows. Elemental, and Alchemical. All of these arrows can be crafting with ease and used just as easily. Simply have the arrow you want to shoot the closest to slot #1, and that arrow will be the one fired. Elemental Arrows consist of Earth, Fire, Water, Air,...


Jul 03, 2015 Release
AdminFun Even Admins deserve to have fun. Important information: As of 2.3.0 NMS has been added. This means you must use the corresponding version of bukkit in order for it to work properly. About AdminFun is a bukkit plugin created by KingFaris10. It was later handed down to me, Trevor1134. AdminFun has grown to be one of the top plugins for admin entertainment. From broadcasting to shooting players up in the air, AdminFun has it all! With over 350k downloads, AdminFun is constantly growing...


Jul 03, 2015 Release
This plugin automatically sends mined blocks to a players inventory. It can also send mob drops and xp straight to players. This should be compatible with most other plugins. If its missing compatibility with a plugin you like, then tell me. This can help reduce the amount of items on your server, and it can help reduce lag. Plugins like this one are used on many prison servers. This plugin was completely recoded on May 27th, and a lot of this page's information refers to the version...
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Jul 03, 2015 Release
AcidIsland The Story You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! This is a variation on my popular ASkyBlock plugin. Instead of falling, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands. #moo YouTube review: French Tutorial here! German review here! Features All the features of ASkyBlock plus: Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level. Rain is acid too! Decide...
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A Skyblock

Jul 03, 2015 Release
A SkyBlock Video Setup Tutorial Here! - [Credit: ShinyTinselWorm] Challenges GUI Mini Shop - ASkyBlock has a customizable built-in mini shop to allow players to buy and sell items Settings - Players can see what settings the game has and what is protected or not protected on their island. Protection is built-in to ASkyBlock and World Guard is not used. Welcome Warp Signs allow every player to make one warp on their island. The GUI shows player's heads and allows advertising of their island....


Jun 29, 2015 Release
Quote:This Plugin work with: 1.2 - 1.8 German Page: >>> Klick me <<< English Page: >>> Klick me <<< Forum: >>> Klick me <<< Ticket: >>> Klick me <<< Media: >>> Klick me <<< Wiki: >>> Klick me <<< This Plugin need: Vault Optional need: EffectLib & BarAPI Support: MythicMobs ToDo: 29.06.2015 ████████░░ 80 % Officiel Server █████████░ 90 % Example Class █████████░ 90 % Example Race █████████░ 90 % Example EXP █████████░ 90 % Example Spells █████████░ 90 % Example HP/DMG █████░░░░░ 50 % Tutorials...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Jun 27, 2015 Release
Advanced Lucky Block For 1.7.X Click Here Note: this file for 1.7.X to fix a bug with crafting. This is lucky block plugin which adds lucky block to your server (Like the original mod). • How to use Type /lb luckyblock (player) (amount) (luck-number) to get the lucky block or just craft it from 8 gold ingots and one dropper. • Setup - Put the downloaded file in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands - /Ib luckyblock/lb (Player) (Amount-Number) [Luck-Number] [IsSuper-true/false] - /Ib setchance...


Jun 25, 2015 Release
AirCarts With this plugin, you are allowed to turn your boring minecarts into interesting flying machines! To launch the airplanes, you need to place the carts on minecart rails, use the command, look where you want to go, and press w! To land, you must land on minecart tracks or you will be stranded! Commands and Permissions CommandFunctionPermission /airplaneTurns the minecart your riding into an airplaneaircarts.airplane Configuration Configuration is fairly straight forward....

Automatically generated Labyrinth

Jun 24, 2015 Planning
Informations Automatically generated Labyrinth - What's this? It is a littel plugin who creates you a complete random generated labyrinth. I've tested it and it's work but for the release I've planned somethings they must done before here a Little list: variable position and size faster algorithm labyrinth data write in an internal config labyrinth loads chunk user-friendly configuration with refresh times optional refresh by admin Download The download follow with release so you must wait a...
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Advanced Firework

Jun 19, 2015 Release
Advanced Firework Do you have a suggestion? Leave your suggestion in the comments. Tell me what you think of the plugin in the comments! Follow my on twitter for the last updates! klick here! Example /fw select power 1, 2 or 3 Choose firework Choose a color Finally look up and watch! Commands /fw - open advanced menu /fwr - reload config Permissions - af.ball - af.largeball - af.burst - af.star - af.creeper - af.random - af.show - af.reload - af.sign.place - af.sign.menu - af.sign.random -...


Jun 17, 2015 Release
Anti-Enchant is a Bukkit plugin which allows you to limit or forbid players on your server to use certain enchants on certain items. That's actually about it there is to say about it, it's quite simple! Please, after downloading, proceed to 'How to' page for further instructions. Source Code Latest version: Anti-Enchant 1.5 - January 4, 2015 Installing the plugin Simply drag and drop the '.jar' file into your 'plugins' directory for your server. Reload (restart) your server, and the plugin...

Ambient Songs

Jun 16, 2015 Release
Ambient Songs Features At certain times during a minecraft day there will be a chance a record will start playing: Overworld: Sunrise: Mellohi Sunset: Cat Midday: mall, strad or blocks Midnight: ward Nether and End Random: 13 Origin This plugin was originally a request by MrIggyman1234. How to Install Just put it in your plugins folder and you're done! Planned Features: Make music follow the player so the player always hears it. Version v1.0: Initial Release Donate If you really like the...
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Admins Menu

Jun 13, 2015 Release
Admins GUI This plugin is designed as a GUI plugin, that is specially for admins to use and enjoy. This plugin adds features into the server, making it easier to do thing through a very well lay'd out GUI menu. This menu has features such as setting it to day, creative, and survival mode, weathers, and much more. This plugin adds such a system into the game, it is easy, and enjoyable to do things without having to go through some process's. This plugin makes instead of typing, you type /m for...
Advanced Achievements

Advanced Achievements

Jun 12, 2015 Release
Need a highly functional, simple to use and fun achievements plugin? Advanced Achievements is your best possible choice! Create a unique set of custom achievements for your server and bring more roleplay, dynamism and challenge to your community! Main features Create countless achievements based on 21 main categories Customise achievement names, descriptions and colours Give money, item or custom command rewards Store achievements and dates on which they were received Roleplay spirit and...


Jun 08, 2015 Release
Quote from Atención:English Version: Click ✸ ¿Alguna vez has querido tener un arma en tu servidor?, Si en verdad es así, Entonces has llegado al lugar indicado! Ametralladoras es un plugin que te permitirá tener 3 tipos de ametralladoras en tu servidor. Cada una tendrá su propia especialidad , Siendo así, Una mejor que otra. Con un total de tres armas cuyo poder es disparar muchas flechas que impactaran al jugador restando-le la vida correspondiente que quita cada flecha. En resumen, Causara...


Jun 07, 2015 Release
RedAlert Description RedAlert is a plugin using the BattleArena API. When the game starts, the blocks of the arena begin to disappear. At the beginning, the arena consists of white stained clay. Before they disappear, they change their color to yellow, orange and then to red. The game continues until they fall into the void or lava. Installing Put the RedAlert.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar Creating a RedAlert Arena Stand on the Spawn Point you want and type /ra create...
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Jun 07, 2015 Release
ArchonCrates is based on the crate system that TheArchon have for there faction servers! The plugin has a lot of features for customizing everything! Features: Custom crate loot Custom crates Custom crate keys Virtual crate command Supports colours for items in loot Custom interval Custom win message More than 1 command Custom crate background Custom crate locations Custom win sounds Firework on win Loot chances Custom prefix and messages Custom buy sign API for developers Commands:...
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AdminTroll BawsVersion

Jun 01, 2015 Release
Baws' AdminTroll Introduction Are you an admin who hates that player and want to troll him? Well this plugin is for you! This plugin is developed by Sunny Zhang (A.K.A thebawsgamer) so that you as a admin can have fun with that player that you hate! Please also take part in our surveys and polls to let us know how we can improve our plugin. Thanks a lot Minecrafters, yours faithfully, Sunny Zhang. Survey August! Donate to us!Testing of plugin. About AdminTroll is a plugin that entered...
Advanced Genetics

Advanced Genetics

May 29, 2015 Beta
Features Get mobs abilities by collection their DNA and combining it with yours! You can get over 30 abilities, build 4 machines, create virus and vaccines, and lots more! I saw a mod for forge similar to this, so I decided to make my own bukkit version. Machines: -------------------------------------------------------------- Recipes/Machine Use Video Tutorial: Scraper Recipe: Syringe Recipe: Extractor Machine: Cells go in left slot, EnderEyes go in bottom. Then you flip the lever and DNA...

Anzugs11 | All-in-One-Plugin

May 26, 2015 Release
Anzugs11 Deutsch Dieses Plugin wurde vom Anzugs-Eleven.de-Team programmiert. Es hat viele Funktionen: AntiPluginSpy Folgende Befehle werden geblockt: /? /help /pl /plugins /bukkit:? /bukkit:help /bukkit:pl /bukkit:plugins Die statdessen erscheinenden Nachrichten können in der Config bearbeitet werden ColoredSigns Spieler mit der Permission können die Texte auf Schildern bunt machen indem sie Farbcodes verwenden ItemNameChanger Spieler mit der Permission können ihre Items mit einem Befehl...