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Jul 22, 2016 Release
Description Plugin Arenas where you can do battle with kits or items that are obtained in a survival. Commands CommandDescriptionPermission /arena create <Arena name>Create Arenaarena.create /arena setpos <Arena name>Place locationarena.create /arena reloadReload all settingsarena.reload /arena helpList of commandsnone Permissions PermissionDescription arena.createCreate Arena arenas.joinIt allows you to join an Arena arenas.kitIt allows you to use kits arena.reloadReload all settings...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Jul 21, 2016 Release
Advanced Lucky Block This plugin adds lucky blocks to your sever. To get lucky block use /lb luckyblock command or craft it by surrounding dropper with gold ingots (crafting recipe is customizable). • Setup - download latest version of Lucky Block plugin. - download TitleManager (recommended). - Put the downloaded files in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands Use Tab key for autocomplete. Lucky Block Commands CommandPermissionConsoleArgs clearlbslb.commands.clearlbstrueNone...


Jul 20, 2016 Beta
This plugin was created based on a request on the Bukkit Forums. What is it? If you have attractions or areas on your server, and want to restrict access to them with timed delays, this plugin is for you! AutoQueue allows you to define queues using a simple and efficient system, and uses signs to let users join them. No dependencies are necessary, and only one permission node exists. Permissions autoqueue.admin - Users with this permission can create, modify, or remove queues, using the...
AcidIsland Thumbnail


Jul 20, 2016 Release
AcidIsland The Story You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! This is a variation on my popular ASkyBlock plugin. Instead of falling, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands. #moo YouTube review: French Tutorial here! German review here! Features All the features of ASkyBlock plus: Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level. Rain is acid too! Decide...
A SkyBlock Screenshot

A Skyblock

Jul 20, 2016 Mature
A SkyBlock A Skyblock powers most of the skyblock servers in the world. Join the family of ASkyBlock servers today! Video Setup Tutorial Here! - [Credit: ShinyTinselWorm] Story You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! Moo! Compatibility This plugin is designed to work with V1.7.9 of the server through to V1.8.9 (so far). Always use the latest version of the plugin to keep up to date on features and bug-fixes. Features...


Jul 16, 2016 Release
RedAlert Description RedAlert is a plugin using the BattleArena API. When the game starts, the blocks of the arena begin to disappear. At the beginning, the arena consists of white stained clay. Before they disappear, they change their color to yellow, orange and then to red. The game continues until they fall into the void or lava. Installing Put the RedAlert.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar Creating a RedAlert Arena Stand on the Spawn Point you want and type /ra create...

Advanced Particles Menu

Jul 12, 2016 Planning
Advanced Particles Menu This plugin is in ALPHA version for the moment ! Description : Particles Advanced Menu is a plugin that allows to open a menu with 3 fabulous particle effects, all configurable. It is also possible to modify, enable or disable the plugin permissions. Have can also change various plugin messages. You can find images of the various effects here : Effects || Commands || Permissions || Effects || Forum || Do not hesitate to visit the forum Advanced Particles Menu : Forum...


Jul 12, 2016 Release
Introducing the Administrator plugin. Commands: /admin (makes the issuer an operator.) /invisible <player> (This command makes the issuer invisible from the other player. For instance, player1 issued command /invisible <player2>. player2 will no longer be able to see player1, regardless of what player1 is holding or if they have armor equipped.) /trump (player) (This command will deport either the issuer, or the player specified.) /hillary (all) (/hillary will clear a player's chat, while...


Jul 11, 2016 Release
Tired of annoying players throwing eggs at your house? Tired of people spawning in 10000 chickens at your house just to annoy you? (Non op) Well we have a solution to your problem! AntiEgg is a small, simple plugin that kicks the player that threw an egg. Its also fun to use! When kicked, the player is presented with a funny message that says Chicken Guy no likey or something like that XD. This is my first public project! It was made for fun and for anti-trolling issues :3. We all hate...


Jul 09, 2016 Planning
Apfelbaum/AppleTree Wie erstelle ich einen Apfelbaum? 1. Schild an ein Baum setzen und in der ersten Zeile "Apfelbaum" schreiben 2. Draufklicken 3. Fertig Ist doch einfach oder? Features: Wenn man ein Apfelbaum hat, dann kann man einfach das Apfelbaum Schild klicken und man bekommt einen Apfel Cooldown einstellbar Prefix einstellbar English How do i create a AppleTree? 1. Set a sign on a TreeTrunk and write "Apfelbaum" in the first line 2. Click on the Sign 3. Done How easy that was?...


Jul 08, 2016 Release
ADMIN TROLLS REALOADED OUT NOW Troll hackers and friends with the plugin Admin Trolls. To DO these actions you need to be 'op'.(Permissions will be added in future If you guys support me) Command: /troll <Player> [troll action] (damage not needed) The Troll Actions -lightning (not sure of spelling is correct xDD) >> Fires a lightning on a person with customizable damage! -Underground >> teleport friend under the ground -Dirt>> replace all his items with dirt -Public inventory>> Let EVRY ONE...


Jul 06, 2016 Release
AnimalEssentials is a plugin that provides many useful commands all around your animals! With it you can teleport, tame, name, kill, spawn, find and heal your beloved pets while having fun looking at cool particle effects and listening to funny sounds. The plugin has version independence, that means you can use it on 1.8 servers, aswell as on 1.7.10 servers. If you download any version including and above v1.1, you can run it on any Minecraft version mentioned above. Due to 1.9 Bukkit/Spigot...


Jul 05, 2016 Planning
This plugin was made by request and allows you to give every buff possible to either one player, or all your players for however long! Usage: /potplayer [player] /potallplayers Permissions: AllPots.potplayer AllPots.potallplayers Config: Just set the duration in seconds! set the potions to true or false to enable/disable them.

Advanced Kits Reloaded

Jun 29, 2016 Release
Features Timed cooldown - Now you can use float values. (Ex: 0.5 = half an hour ) GUI for the kits - You can view and buy/use kits from a GUI. Economy support - You can use your economy plugin, which supports Vault CustomEnchantments support - Works most of the time Custom permissions - You can modify the default permissions per kit Run commands after using a kit - addcommand, delcommand flag. Use %player% to get the kit user name Update checks Custom kit icon - You can change the icon of the...

Admaps 2.4

Jun 28, 2016 Release
Download CommandAd 2.5 first for this plugin to work and for more ways to monetise your server. Description Our sponsors have officially teamed up with in-game ad network MOTDgd, to give you their latest advertising campaigns in Minecraft. Campaigns will be updated our end, so there is no need to keep downloading this plugin every time we launch a new campaign. Current Campaigns info Will target US players only with a variety of advertising campaigns until 20th August 2016. Rate to our...
AlchemicalArrows Logo

Alchemical Arrows 2

Jun 23, 2016 Release
Alchemical Arrows 2 > Information < NOTE: All AlchemicalArrows 2 versions will only be playable on servers with versions 1.9 and above. If you are using AlchemicalArrows 2 on a 1.8 server, do NOT report bugs!!! Update your server to 1.9 before reporting a bug with the newest version of the project. I will no longer be supporting older versions of Minecraft​ This plugin is meant to improve the Bow vs. Bow combat experience. Use techniques, strategic maneuvers, and a hawk eye to damage your...

Amazing Lucky Blocks

Jun 15, 2016 Planning
The Amazing LuckyBlocks is a simple plugin like lucky islands minigame , you can use it for your server survival and much more!​


Jun 15, 2016 Release
We canged our V (Version) System! "2-2 as name" means "Version 2.2 in the plugin.yml file" Acegamescore is a Minecraft Server plugin for Spingot 1.8.x + 1.9 (+1.10) and Craftbukkit 1.8.x + 1.9 (+1.10). It generally adds what a MC-Server needs: Teleporter, motd, chatblock, playerblockchat, freezeplayer, gm1, gm0, gm3, gm4, warps, Countdown,... and much more! Thanks for about 850 Downloads! Our Plugin Stats || Plugin-Config || Plugin-Perms Custom Messages || Our Website Servers || Bugs ||...


Jun 14, 2016 Beta
All Out War Plugin PLAYER+MOB vs PLAYER+MOB "All Out War" is team based PvP plugin. Team members are Players and Mobs(zombie, skeleton, creeper...etc). Full power battle begins... (support Minecraft version 1.9.2) Features Players can summon a teammate mob! To buy the eggs of the teammate mob, collect the emerald! Kill the enemy! Kill the enemy team "CORE" with other players and mob! Strategy is infinite. Attack, defend, build wall, trap, zombies party... Commands CommandDescription /team...
Advanced Achievements 2.0

Advanced Achievements

Jun 09, 2016 Mature
Need a highly functional, simple to use and fun achievements plugin? Advanced Achievements is without question your best possible choice! Create a unique set of custom achievements or quest-like objectives and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community! We are proud to announce that Advanced Achievements is ranked among the 30 highest rated Bukkit plugins on spigot.org, out of a total of more than 13000 resources! Create countless achievements based on 36 main categories...