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Sep 03, 2015 Release
AcidIsland The Story You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like Skyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge! This is a variation on my popular ASkyBlock plugin. Instead of falling, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands. #moo YouTube review: French Tutorial here! German review here! Features All the features of ASkyBlock plus: Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level. Rain is acid too! Decide...
A SkyBlock Screenshot

A Skyblock

Sep 03, 2015 Mature
A SkyBlock A Skyblock powers most of the skyblock servers in the world. Join the family of ASkyBlock servers today! Video Setup Tutorial Here! - [Credit: ShinyTinselWorm] Challenges GUI Mini Shop - ASkyBlock has a customizable built-in mini shop to allow players to buy and sell items Settings - Players can see what settings the game has and what is protected or not protected on their island. Protection is built-in to ASkyBlock and World Guard is not used. Welcome Warp Signs allow every player...
Advanced Genetics

Advanced Genetics

Sep 02, 2015 Beta
Features Get mobs abilities by collection their DNA and combining it with yours! You can get over 30 abilities, build 4 machines, create virus and vaccines, and lots more! I saw a mod for forge similar to this, so I decided to make my own bukkit version. Machines: -------------------------------------------------------------- Recipes/Machine Use Video Tutorial: Scraper Recipe: Syringe Recipe: Extractor Machine: Cells go in left slot, EnderEyes go in bottom. Then you flip the lever and DNA...


Sep 01, 2015 Release
THANKS FOR 24,000 DOWNLOADS! THIS PLUGIN USES DATA LOGGING ArchonCrates is based on the crate system that TheArchon have for there faction servers! The plugin has a lot of features for customizing everything! Main ArchonCrates web page: To view click here! Features: Custom crate loot Custom crates Custom crate keys Virtual crate command Supports colours for items in loot Custom interval Custom win message Custom win messages per key More than 1 command Custom crate background Custom crate...

Arcane Enchants

Aug 31, 2015 Release
Features Arcane Enchants is your ultimate enchanting tool! It offers understandable enchantments for users to play around with. It can enchant any item up to a user-specified level! It is readily secure for users and virus-free, spot-checked by the Bukkit Dev team. Tim the Enchanter Comparison If you aren't familiar with Tim, it (like Arcane Enchants) is an enchanting plugin. However, an advantage that Arcane Enchants has over Tim is that it can go all the way up to any level (32,672 is...


Aug 30, 2015 Alpha
**AdminTroll Recoded!** What is this plugin? AdminTroll is just a simple troll plugin where you can: * Give Fake Op * Have Fake Player join * Have fake players leave * Freeze players from moving *Unfreeze them * AND MORE SOON --------- How do I install AdminTroll?? Installing the plugin is the plugin is very simple, follow these instructions; First, download the plugin with the download button on the right of your screen. Next, Drag AdminTroll.jar from your downloads(Or, where ever you have...
AlchemicalArrows Logo

Alchemical Arrows

Aug 29, 2015 Release
Alchemical Arrows > Information < This plugin is meant to improve the Bow vs. Bow combat experience. Use techniques, strategic maneuvers, and a hawk eye to damage your opponents immensely! Alchemical Arrows adds new classes of weaponry for bows. Elemental, and Alchemical. All of these arrows can be crafting with ease and used just as easily. Simply have the arrow you want to shoot the closest to slot #1, and that arrow will be the one fired. Elemental Arrows consist of Earth, Fire, Water,...

Advanced Kits Reloaded

Aug 27, 2015 Release
With this plugin you can create/edit/view/buy and of course use kits. I think it's pretty unique. So let's get this started: Command Description Permission Notes /kit It opens up the GUI, where you can select a kit. advancedkits.kit Given by default /kit use kitname Gets a kit without opening the GUI. advancedkits.kit.use.[kitname] Replace [kitname] with the kit name. ( without brackets ) /kit buy kitname Buys a kit without opening the GUI. advancedkits.kit Order to use this feature you need...


Aug 26, 2015 Beta
A plugin that allows you to duel with other players in a configurable arena without other players Compatible plugins: SimpleClans - (the same clan players can attack during x1) Commands: Player commands: /x1 duel [player] /x1 accept [player] /x1 reject [player] /x1 gui - open ArenaX1 GUI permission: arenax1.user Admin COMMANDS /x1adm create [name] /x1adm remove [name] /x1adm pos1 [name] /x1adm pos2 [name] /x1adm setlobby /x1adm list permission: arenax1.admin Features: Multiple arena Editable...


Aug 21, 2015 Release
Commands Permissions Servers Bugs Help Donate Download New 3.1A is suggested to get as /sethome is fixed (Approved) After a long time of waiting accentials 3.1 is nearly here! When 3.1A is published and aproved by the bukkit admins. This is hoping that all goes well and that i havnt missed any documentation or forgot to remove old code in the plugin. Sit tight and wait for the awsomeness to come! Status: The future is here! Configuration The config file is a .csv file to make it easy to...


Aug 21, 2015 Release
Did you ever want a powerful and free commands and messages scheduler? Here it is! Enjoy it :) Features You can show messages, run commands as console, as random player, to all players and much more! Supports multiple schedule list (%randomplayer% is different for each list) Supports placeholders (more info in config.yml) Supports running multiple commands at once You can use it instead AutoMessage. No CPU and RAM affect. And plugin size is smaller than 15kb. Have an idea? Create a ticket!...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Aug 11, 2015 Release
Advanced Lucky Block For 1.7.X Click Here Note: this file for 1.7.X to fix a bug with crafting. This is lucky block plugin which adds lucky block to your server (Like the original mod). • How to use Like the mod, Place a Lucky block which can be obtained by commands or crafting (Not the normal sponge) and break it to see random drops. • Setup - Put the downloaded file in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands • Lucky Block Commands - /Ib luckyblock/lb (Player) (Amount-Number) [Luck-Number]...


Aug 09, 2015 Release
Advanced Kits Advanced Kits is a simple way of creating custom kits for your server. Advanced Kits is easy on both the players and the admins. Features Named Kits Economy Potion Effects Good Looking Signs Named Items and Armor Enchanted Items Unlimited Items Per Kit Installation All you have to do is just drag and drop the AdvancedKits.jar file into your plugins folder of your server. Then edit the config.yml and kits.yml to your liking! Commands /kit - Default kit command /kit list - Lists...
Advanced Achievements

Advanced Achievements

Aug 08, 2015 Release
Need a highly functional, simple to use and fun achievements plugin? Advanced Achievements is your best possible choice! Create a unique set of custom achievements for your server and bring more roleplay, dynamism and challenge to your community! Main features Create countless achievements based on 21 main categories Customise achievement names, descriptions and colours Give money, item or custom command rewards Store achievements and dates on which they were received Roleplay spirit and...


Aug 08, 2015 Release
AttCash Features Gain money by killing players Killing monsters can either give you a constant rate of cash (Piggy, Cow, or whatever you choose. = $5) or a random number in between 2 numbers (Piggy, Cow, or whatever you choose. = $5-10). Meaning that there can be decimals. Killing players can either give you a constant rate of cash (Player a = $5) or a random number in between 2 numbers (Player a = $5-10). . Meaning that there can be decimals. Gain money by killing different monsters. Plugin...


Aug 01, 2015 Release
This simple and lightweight plugin can be used for PvP servers, such as Survival Games, which ignites TNT the moment you place it. Since there is no updated version of this feature for 1.8 I thought why not, and here it is ;) Permissions: -tnt.autoignite [default for OPs] Yet to be added: - Customize the TNT timer
Falling anvil

Anvil Rain

Aug 01, 2015 Release
Why? This plugin adds a tiny change that changes minecraft in such a way that anvils will start to fall from the sky whenever it rains. I made this plugin because I was bored. At the time I couldn't work further on another plugin that I'm writing. Usage Install plugin. Set weather to rain or storm. It will rain anvils in a 20x20x20 cube around the player.


Jul 31, 2015 Release
AngryGolems Basic Info: This plugin allows snow golems to become hostile. Pretty much as simple as that. Just put the jar in your plugins folder. Snow golems spawn naturally at night and melt when the sun comes up. Damage is configurable, and spawn rate at night is configurable. Bugs should be reported in the Tickets tab. Any questions, just PM me! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/hungerarena/ <- My HungerGames plugin! Check it out!
ArmorEffects Logo


Jul 30, 2015 Beta
Description With this plugin, if a player is wearing an armor with an effect name in its lore, it will give him that lore . Lore formatting [You can add here color codes if you want] (Effect Name) (Level with Roman Numerals) e.g.: &bSpeed II Video Coming soon Servers Warbros.Factions.WS:25663 play.unitedraids.us If your server is using my plugin please send me a PM and I'll add it here. Avalaible Effects - Absorption - Blindness - Confusion - Damage Resistance - Fast Digging - Fire Resistance...

Awesome Events

Jul 29, 2015 Planning
Awesome Events Awesome Events is a fun plugin, not meant for any specific purpose. So far, Awesome Events has the following things in it: • Bed entry message • Full Inventory message • Bed Exit message • Join message • Eat message • Possibly others, I forget some x-) Permissions Permissions were not yet added Future Updates I'll be sure to add in the future... • More events • A config, so you don't have to use my messages :D • Permissions I got a little lazy today, so I didn't add these...