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Hive JumpPads Logo 2.0

Hive JumpPads

Apr 21, 2015 Release
With this Plugin you can create JumpPads look likes HiveMc.com or HiveMc.eu. Also you can create a Trampoline, that you can turn off, if you don't need it, You can configurate all important things, how Sound, Effect, BottomBlock ID, PresurePlate ID and more. In the next versuib you can install a Addon, to Create a Water or a Lava Pad. This Plugin has an Automatic Update Checker (Which you can disable in the Configuration). To disable the Updater set in the Configuration "Use Updater:" to...


Apr 21, 2015 Planning
This plugin allows you to play a game of tag within Minecraft! The plugin is very flexible and allows for a number of advanced fun features. The plugin is still being developed, the following options are planned for a first stable release: Commands /playtag start - Start a game of tag around your current position, you become the host of the match. When a game has already started, this command will let you join the game in progress at a random location in the playfield. However, you will not...


Apr 21, 2015 Release
Do you want to have a fun, grindy rpg plugin on your server, so Players would stay... just a bit longer? Don't you want a fun rpg plugin that affects how players play? Then stop searching! Ask for changes here 1300 DOWNLOADS! Features Leveling system! Higher the level, harder to level-up! Kill mobs to get xp. Souls! Configurable soul drop! Can lose souls upon death! 7 different skill types! Each with unique abilities and weaknesses! Permissions for all commands! Saves experience, levels and...


Apr 21, 2015 Planning
Description With this plugin, you can control other player's chat messages, make them run commands, or fake a person joining and/or leaving the game. It is customizable and has permissions! Commands /player chat <player> <message> Makes a player chat /player command <player> <command> Makes a player run a command /player join <player> Pretends a player is joining the game /player leave <player> Pretends a player is leaving the game I will be adding more later!! Permissions /player chat...
AntiCreativePvp Logo


Apr 21, 2015 Release
AntiCreativePvp IMPORTANT: In AntiCreativePvp v2.7 for Craftbukkit 1.7.9 we have switched to the new UUID system. How this effects your server is that you need to delete the flymode/godmode data files for the files using the new system to generate. Everything else should work as normal In AntiCreativePvp v2.5 we are using a new configuration system. Please delete your old config and let it regenerate a new one. We have also added data files so please do not edit them unless you know what you...


Apr 21, 2015 Planning
PotionSwords PotionSwords allows you to place a potion and a sword in a crafting table, creating a sword that when used on a mob or player, it gives them that potion effect. The plugin is still in early development and will have new features and bug fixes often. Recipes Will do these soon, plugin still in development. Commands / Permissions None. I plan on adding commands to give a player the special swords in the future. Planned features for version 1.0 add potion effects to swords Damage...


Apr 21, 2015 Mature
Randomized rewards for voting Home | Permissions | Commands | Config Guide | Files | Change Log | Dev VoteRoulette is a comprehensive, customizable, and fun Votifier vote listener. VoteRoulette allows you to make a list of rewards and players will receive one at random when they vote for your server on Minecraft server lists. This makes voting exciting and different each time a player votes and will encourage them to vote again to see what they will get next time! Features Extremely flexible!...


Apr 21, 2015 Release
Troll everybody and watch the whole world burn! (Extremely lightweight, too!) So, what does it do? (Features) Basically, there are a list of "trolls" that assault the player if he/she doesn't have a specified permission. For example, Bucket filling troll! Takes the liquid but doesn't fill up the bucket! Block break troll! Hurts (but doesn't damage) when you break a block! Egg troll! It's not very nice to throw eggs! Take damage upon throwing one! Shear troll! Sheep don't seem to like you, so...

Barbed Wire

Apr 21, 2015 Release
Barbed Wire Author: BizarrePlatinum Description: BarbedWire is a brief plugin written on request. Cobwebs function as barbed wire. You must have shears to break it. To get out, use shears, or slowly walk out. Comes with a config on the damage the shears will take, and the damage a player will take for running into it.

Call of Minecraft: Zombies

Apr 21, 2015 Beta
Comments re-enabled THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 32K+ DOWNLOADS!!! You guys are amazing!! Please note that the plugin now checks an outside URL to check for version up dates as of version 1.1.0 We are not going to add support for Crackshot guns to this plugin. Please stop asking us!! Call of Minecraft: Zombies This Plugin has an auto-updater/update checker which can be disabled in the config.yml by setting the value checkForUpdates: true to checkForUpdates: false What should we add? Post on our...


Apr 20, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters. Now you can get money from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters Run a console command as a reward Modifiers to increase your income for creative kills Many Achievements to collect Mob grinder detection Heavily customizable Language support. see How to localize MobHunting Requirements To use MobHunting, all you need is Vault and a Vault compatible...


Apr 20, 2015 Planning
Description: This adds TnTBows to your server. Everything is customizable. Ideal as Donator Perk on Factions servers. I am also very open to ideas/suggestions and I will assist you with any problems you may have with the plugin. Servers using this plugin: None yet. Be the first! Message me and I'll add your server to the list if you're using it. Features: Spawn in TnTBows with commands or other kit plugins. Customizable name and lore of TnTBows. All messages are customizable. Custom fuse...
Redstone Sword Icon

Redstone Swords

Apr 20, 2015 Beta
You want to wield a more powerful sword? Here you go... The Redstone Sword This sword has some special abilities. At the time you kill an enemy with this Sword it gains Experience. As soon as your sword has leveled high enough it gets stronger (more damage). By default your sword gets stronger every 5 levels. Your Sword consumes the Experience you would normally gain but only if your level is higher than the level of the sword. (You can't teach your sword better skills than you have by your...

Simple Kill Stats

Apr 20, 2015 Release
Just a very simple kill statistic This plugin adds a scoreboard that shows all your kills. This is how it looks: /killstats shows your stats for 10 seconds /killstats on shows your stats permanently (updates every 10 seconds) /killstats off hides your stats Feedback, suggestions and bugreports appreciated. If you like this mod and want to support it:


Apr 20, 2015 Planning
This plugin enables you to cut a whole tree by cutting the lowest log-block. Tested on: Spigot-1.8.3 Server.


Apr 20, 2015 Release
PvPLeveling Plugin is made for PvPLevels in PVP servers to give more extras to the server. Its something like PvPLevels plugin but with different system. Permissions /pvp reload - pvpl.reload Commands /pvp - Show information about you. /pvp relaod - Reloads config file Requirement Java 1.6+ If you want use Chat Formats or Vault rewards Vault (Optional) Essentials , EssentialsChat or PermissionsEx (For chat formating)(Optional) Features Levels in every World on server Leveling system 10 kill...


Apr 20, 2015 Mature
Description This is a fully customizable player launcher plugin, simmillar to the launch pads on The Hive. Features Create launch-plates with any blocks you want to use(!) Set the speed the player will be launched with(!) Set the sound to be played on launch(!) Set the effect to be played on launch(!) Send the player a message when they are launched(!) Make players immune to fall damage till they hit the ground(!) Reload command Built against Spigot 1.8.3 More coming soon! (comment to suggest...


Apr 20, 2015 Beta
Remember the computer game "bomberman"? This plugin lets you play it in Minecraft! It's a very fun mingame to play. For those who haven't ever played Bomberman before, I recommend trying the online version Playing with Fire before this using this plugin. Features Other people made made Bomberman before (here and here), but this one is updated to 1.7.9 and adds extra features: TNT explodes in the classic Bomberman style Customisable random drops from blocks: Lives shown in health bar Custom...


Apr 20, 2015 Planning
ChHalloween is a fun plugin which allows you to enter a creepy world. also comes on this site and look at beautiful pictures: http://tozafoto.npage.de/ ;) Server: Features Left Click, if you do glass, pumpkin or jack o lantern in hand hurry then you get a hat. in glass can jump higher and run faster Commands command: /chhalloween whitelist <on|off> description: Whitelist On/Off command: /chhalloween whitelist list description: Whitelist Player List command: /chhalloween...

Head Items

Apr 20, 2015 Beta
HeadItems lets you create new custom items in Minecraft thanks to the 1.8 update and player heads! Since heads can store custom textures in them, you can create an unlimited amount of new items that you can either craft, apply food or potion boosts upon use. Features Add new items with any custom texture Items can be used with right click, placable on the ground or both. Items can restore food or apply any various number of potion effects Items can be crafted (with optional permissions) Items...