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Electric Fence

Sep 30, 2014 Planning
Doesn't do much, just thought it was kinda neat and my GF suggested it so whatever. Never seen anything else like this so feel free to unpack the jar and change it however you want. Honestly Id be happy if I got 20 downloads total. All source included in the jar. What this plugin does. When players break iron fences they get electrocuted and the fence is replaced. Good for keeping out those pesky players who keep walking on your lawn. That's it... I will possibly add more things in the future...

Cyber Freaks

Sep 30, 2014 Beta
What Does It Do? Please DISABLE updating (explained in Auto updating) As it currently doesn't work right, i will try and fix it but there are no guarantees it provides a few commands for fun and also for functionality, it also adds a "onPlayer.join" event that basically means when a player joins the server it will run the /join command that plays a note block sound and displays a custom message configured by the server admin. it also prints the name of the player and their IP console /sheep...

Mephidantes Hoe

Sep 29, 2014 Release
A magical hoe Commands /Hoe Mephidantes (Get the MagicHoe) /hoebind <SpellName> or <All> (Bind a Spell) /hoeUnbind <SpellName> or <All> (Remove's a Spell) Permissions hoe.* (All Permissions) hoe.wand (Get the wand) hoe.bind (Bind Spells) hoe.unbind (Unbind spells) Spells This hoe contains eleven spells 1. MephiAura Creates a Circle of nice Particles and at the end every entity in it will be Damaged 2. MephiAway Creates a Circle of nice Particles and at the end every entity in it will be...


Sep 29, 2014 Release
About This plugin is a fun plugin that harms players for killing chickens. If you have full health, then you will go down to one heart. If you have nine or less hearts, you die. Lightning also strikes when you kill the chicken, and the weather changes for a few seconds. Features harms players for killing chickens /chickens [player] - unleashes the wrath of the chicken gods- chickens.ivegotthepower turning off the automatic chicken attack with- chickens.makeitstop Donations You can donate if...
ByteCart logic


Sep 29, 2014 Release
A rail transit system with pathfinding, item transportation and anticollision. A cart with a player, or a storage cart, with a ticket in inventory, will be routed through the network to the destination station matching the destination address. Bytecart provides automatic intersections, smart pathfinding and multi-user capability to rail systems, giving the possibility to join thousands of stations with a cart in a secure and reliable manner accross a Minecraft world and beyond. Moreover,...
Diamond Recipe


Sep 29, 2014 Release
100 Downloads! Thank you everyone! What does this plugin do? This plugin allows you to create every ore,block and ingot there is.check back regularly for updates. What type of server is this plugin good for? It is recommended for any server, It is best used on op servers, But every server can use it! Permissions? CraftOres.recipelist Commands? /recipelist How to install. Download CraftOres.jar. Put CraftOres.jar in your "Plugins" folder. Stop/Reload your server. Anything else. I may try to...

Better Commands Plugin

Sep 29, 2014 Alpha
Better Commands Plugin - German Mit dem Better Commands Plugin könnt ihr neue Befehl in Minecraft nutzen. Zum Beispiel: Aus /gamemode 1 wird /gm1 Aus /gamemode 0 wird /gm0 Aus /gamemode 2 wird /gm2 /h füllt di leben eines Spielers um 10 Herzen auf Better Commands Plugin - English With the Better Commands plugin you can use in Minecraft new command . For example: /gamemode 1 is now /gm1 /gamemode 0 is now /gm0 /gamemode 2 is now /gm2 /h fills the player 10 hearts live on
LuckyBlocks Logo


Sep 29, 2014 Release
Summary LuckyBlocks is an plugin that allows you to create LuckyBlocks! You can get the block in the creative inventory or by the custom crafting recipe! How Does It Work Simply place an block with same block-ID as you set in the config! It will turn into an 'LuckyBlock'! There is also an custom crafting recipe! In 1.8 your able to get sponge in survival and sponge is the main ID for the LuckyBlock! That's why we added the feature to mine an LuckyBlock if you mine it with an Silk-Touch tool!...


Sep 29, 2014 Release
PvPBomb With this Plugin, you're able to craft a bomb, where you can customise the following: -Bomb Name -Bomb Item ID -Recipe -Explosion-Radius -Wheter the Explosion should cause fire or not -Wheter the Explosion should destroy blocks or not -the Delay between Throwing and Detonating Commands: None Permissions: None(Coming in 1.1) ToDo: -Permissions 1.1 -fix enchantment bug 1.1 -add Sounds and Particles (will look a bit like Firework) 1.1 -add Customisable Messages 1.1 Known Bugs: -Error...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Sep 29, 2014 Beta
Development builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. First, what is this plugin about? Grand Theft Diamond is a Minecraft plugin based on GTA. The most ideas of this plugin are taken from 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer'. You can rob safes and drive cars (Horses). There are custom guns and other items like Handcuffs, a flame thrower or a taser. You can select one of the two teams: Cop and Civilian. Civilians can become a gangster when they do criminal...

Tree Spirit

Sep 29, 2014 Beta
TreeSpirit The Orginal Challenge now as a Plugin May many of you know already the TreeSpirit Challenge In this Challenge you are the Spirit of your Tree and have to protect it against other Players, Flames, Explosions and many other Things that can make Damage. Well Since this is not hard enough, you can't just leave your Tree. Game Mechanics Since you aren't allowed to leave your Tree you have to stand one Block next to your Tree, able to "touch" it with an arm or a leg. So you have to build...
Survival Classes

Survival Classes

Sep 29, 2014 Release
Survival Classes Information Survival Classes is a plugin I developed to add a new element to survival (or faction/minigame) servers. This plugin adds classes based on the armor that you are wearing. Currently these effects are given after equipping full sets of armor, this means that switching armor removes all effects given by the other classes. This can be a problem for things like speed potions or invisibility potions when using other armor or no armor at all, however I have done it this...


Sep 29, 2014 Release
CustomPrefix Skype: NewAlpha200 | Source | Files | Info Pages Coming Soon This plugin lets users set their own prefixes through PermissionsEX. If you do not have PermissionsEX, this plugin will not work on your server at the moment. More permissions plugins may be supported later. Restrictions on Prefixes include: - Alphanumeric (to prevent server crashes and errors) - 15 max characters (including &'s) - 8 max characters (excluding colors specified, this can be changed in the config.yml) - a...


Sep 29, 2014 Release
EpicDrop Vault has been implemented in v1.1.1! Looking for ideas for new content! About EpicDrop is a simple Mob Drop plugin created by Unknown. It is very easily configurable and contains a reload command so you do not have to reload the entire server after one change. Can be easily turned on or off. Allows you to edit the mobs health! Allows you to edit how MUCH the mob drops on death! Drops must be block names! Permissions Node Description EpicDrop.ReloadAllows the /eDrop Reload Command to...


Sep 28, 2014 Beta
OITC-DM English The OneInTheChamber-DM plugin is a plugin of the famous OITC plugin, So that in DeathMatch! Commands - /oitc createarena = Create the arena! v1.0 - /oitc setleave = Set leave! v1.0 - /oitc join = Join the arena! v1.0 - /oitc leave = Leave the arena! v1.0 - /oitcdm setarena= Create the arena! v2.0 - /oitcdm setleave = Set leave! v2.0 - /oitcdm join = Join the arena! v2.0 - /oitcdm leave = Leave the arena! v2.0 Permissions - oitcdm.create = Allows the player to create the arena...
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EnderRankup - Rankup

Sep 28, 2014 Beta
EnderRankup, rankup, simple to use. Jenkins - Dev | Source About EnderRankup is super easy to use rankup plugin for any type of server. Some people use it on prison servers other on drugs server This plugin requires Vault Configs When you first start up EnderRankup you get two configs files: Ranks.yml and Config.yml Ranks configs - Open up the ranks.yml file and there you can config you ranks like [rank-name]: [worth] and it goes in line first rank is the first rank and last rank is the last...


Sep 28, 2014 Planning
You can see your UUID. Commands: /MyUUID Permissions: myuuid.uuid
Simple Portcullis


Sep 28, 2014 Release
Introduction BuildAssist is a collection of useful tools that make building things in Minecraft easier and more fun. It offers easy mechanics to build complicated structures more quickly, as well as structures that cannot otherwise exist (such as a portcullis). It is meant to be fun, and offer realistic costs for constructing things, but to remove some of the tedium of construction. What's new? In v2.0, the portcullis has been completely redone with a fully in-game mechanic, introducing a...
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Custom Death Messages

Sep 28, 2014 Release
Version 2.02 This plugin will give you the option to create custom death messages. You can have more than one death message for each type of death. If you have multiple death messages for one death, it will choose one at random. This plugin supports deaths from: Supported deaths are from the DeathCauses and EntityTypes that Bukkit includes. You can see a lists here under "Enum Constant Summary" EntityTypes DamageCause Other death causes include: Ground - When you die from a fall 5 blocks or...


Sep 28, 2014 Beta
PlatinumSpeed What is PlatinumSpeed? PlatinumSpeed is a extremely simple Bukkit plugin to edit the speed of your player. This is a great feature as a donator perk, as it could be used for many different things. There is a command to double your speed, and a command to turn your speed back to normal. Also, this plugin comes with some very basic permissions required to access that command. Commands * /w1 - Sets player's walking speed to the default speed * /w2 - Sets player's walking speed to...