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Aug 27, 2014 Planning
This plugin is a HungerGames plugin similitar to MCPVP. Its almots everything configurable! There are almost 50 abilities and all them are in a config. All the plugin is configurable, Server Name, Ip, Tranlations. When someone wins, it has a beautful cake and a map for the winner. Permissions Kit Permissions All the kits permissions are: bg.kit.<kitname> Exemple: Permission for a Kit named Stomper: bg.kit.stomper Command Permissions All the command Permissions are: bg.cmd.<commandName> Admin...
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UltraHardcore reloaded

Aug 27, 2014 Release
Ultra Hardcore reloaded Just another UHC plugin? Well, not exactly. This plugin is a very complete UltraHardcore plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features, for Bukkit 1.7.9+. BukkitDev stable Waiting · Github stable 1.0 · Github pre-release 1.0 Features This plugin manages an UHC match, with a lot of options. All the standard features of an UltraHardcore plugin are here: no regeneration with food, teleportation of the players (grouped by teams or in solo),...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
This is a test plugin for testing tests. Don't touch stuff.

MinigamesLib: Splegg

Aug 26, 2014 Planning
MinigamesLib: Splegg Splegg/Spleef with MinigamesLib. You break blocks with your shovel/some other tool and get snowballs which you can throw again to remove more blocks. Also supports different levels, but you need to create the snowblock levels by yourself! (snowblock just as an example) Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sp setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /sp setlobby [arena] set...

MinigamesLib: SeaBattle

Aug 26, 2014 Planning
MinigamesLib: SeaBattle SeaBattle (former boatgame) recoded to use the MinigamesLib and fixed all bugs. SeaBattle is about what its name says, battling people in boats with snowballs. Boats normally have 5 health and you have 2 lives, but that can be adjusted in the config. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /sb setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /sb setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
Who Im My name is AmiT Im minecraft plugin developer My name in the game is: AmiT177 Why A lot of players playing in minecraft asked me for this plugin So i was think why do not share it with bukkit comminuty? to help for some servers? How to install 1. Download the plugin 2. Shutdown the server 3. Move the jar file to the plugins directory. 4. Start the server. Commands The plugin has no commands. Permissions The plugin has no permissions. Suggestions Have suggestions? No problem! Write them...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
EffectBows Version 0.1 Alpha What is EffectBows? EffectBows or short EB is a funny plugin that brings you more fun using bows in Minecraft. You can use bows like the Creeper Bow with exploding arrows or the Ender Bow for teleport. Please note: This plugin does may not work with other bow-plugins. Commands CommandArgument(s)DescriptionPermission /bows/Shows you all available bows./ /bowscreeperUse the Creeper Bow.bows.creeper /bowsenderUse the Ender Bow.bows.ender /bowsspiderUse the Spider...

Minecraft Surf

Aug 25, 2014 Planning
Surf FIRST RELEASE! Features: Everything is editable in the Configuration Multiple arena support! Create your own Kits! Join-Signs Commands: 1- /surf | Will show you the help 2- /surf createarena <name> | Will create a new Arena 3- /surf setspawn <name> | Will set the spawn of the Arena 4- /surf join <name> | Will join the Game 5- /surf leave | Will leave the Game. (what else.?) Permissions 1- surf.create | To create a new Arena 2- surf.setspawn | To set a Spawn 3- surf.join | To join a Game...

Jail Quarry

Aug 25, 2014 Planning
What is Jail Quarry JailQuarry is a plugin that provides tools to create, manage and group areas that will be reset after a certain amount of time and will then be filled with a list of blocks that you can chose of. You have probably seen this kind of plugin on a prison server, as it is used for all the quarries. The following features are already implemented: create and delete quarries add and remove blocks to/from a quarry set reset timers, reset manually, renaming quarries start/stop a...


Aug 25, 2014 Planning
RandomLootChests is a highly configurable plugin that spawns a chest at random places around the world with random items that players can loot. A message is broadcasted whenever a player finds and loots a chest, as well as when a new chest spawns. You can choose a rectangular area in which chests can spawn. Chests are automatically placed above the highest block so there is no need to worry about Y-coordinates. You can also configure every aspect of the random loot table, as well as the...


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
MadEnchant MadEnchant is a plugin that can enchant any item with maximum level of enchantments! For example it can make enchantment Sharpness level 1000 which is too overpowered! What are you still waiting for? The Super MADNESS is ready for you! :D Features Enchant EVERY item with maximum numbers of enchantments with maximum levels of enchantments!!! Commands /menchant Enchant the item /menchant-help Help and info about the plugin Permissions madenchant.cmd Command /menchant madenchant.help...

Ice Bukkit

Aug 24, 2014 Planning
You surely have heard of the Ice Bucket challenge, a viral phenomenon in which people are challenged to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads. Well, now you can do it in-game. Right-click with an ice water bucket to pour it over your head, but warning: you might feel bad for a couple of seconds... No commands! Crafting Recipe Permissions icebukkit.use: Allows players to pour a bucket of ice water over themselves Full source code on Pastebin. Want to donate? The ALS Association needs...


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
GlowItems This plugin allows players to make their items glow without adding an actual enchantment. The only bug is that it does not work in creative mode. Commands: /glow /deglow Permissions: glowitems.glow - Allows someone to use the commands above. Examples: What's to come: Glow other people's items! Will be added in the near future. Have a suggestion? Post it in the comments below! Changelog To see what has been changed in each version, click here.


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
FortuneBlocks This plugin allows server admins on Prison servers or other types to have blocks be affected by fortune, as well as ore. The plugin also keeps track of what blocks were placed by the player, so that they are not able to just get an infinite amount of blocks by breaking ones that they place, so try to not delete the config, as it stores the blocks that were placed by the player. Commands: /fortuneblocks add [material] /fortuneblocks remove [material] Permissions:...

Crypticz Broadcaster

Aug 24, 2014 Planning
CrypticzBroadcaster CrypticsBroadcaster is a simple broadcast plugin that will fit all your needs! Using the commands you can quickly message everybody on your server in a stylish way. Permission nodes make sure that only the messages that you want will get sent out. Commands: /Broadcast <Message> /Shout <Message> /SetTag <Tag> Permissions: Broadcast.CrypticzBroadcaster SetTag.CrypticzBroadcaster


Aug 24, 2014 Release
GERMAN SECTION BELOW! LANGUAGE UPGRADE IN VERSION 3.0 UUID UPGRADE SOON... The Wardrobe plugin is a kind of locker for players with you can wear many different leather armor in Different Colors, the plugin works with a sign on it which opens by right-clicking an inventory. This plugin has only one Permission applicable only for Admins / Premiums. IMPORTANT Download the newst Bukkit Version (1.7.9-R0.2) http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/get/02631_1.7.9-R0.2/craftbukkit-beta.jar...


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
About Soup chests is a lightweight plugin that allows you to add refill chests to your soup pvp/kitpvp server! With a simple easy-to-use config and instant setup, adding new features has never been easier! Have fun souping! Commands There is only one command in this plugin. /soupchest - gives you a soup chest (with permission). Permissions soupchest.give - allows access to the /soupchest command. soupchest.* - All permissions for this plugin. Dependencies None! :) Extra If you notice any bugs...


Aug 24, 2014 Planning
NoClickDragonEgg [NCDE] Very Simple plugin that requires little to no RAM and prevents a Dragon Egg from teleporting away on right click. No message is displayed upon right click of Egg, Instead the particles simply display creating a awesome fun effect that'll keep you and your players right clicking away for days :) Commands None (Maybe in the future) Permissions None (May add some if needed) Installation Just add to plugin folder and Reload server, SIMPLE AS DAT :D Example This plugin was...


Aug 23, 2014 Planning
OnThePlayer will allow you to ride and/or make you ride by your friends! Also you can ride any mob! Another function of this plugin is to wear instead of the usual mob hats! Download I do not know why, but I'm having problems with the download of the plugin. I apologize in advance for this small inconvenience. To download the plugin, at least until they will contact the Staff of Bukkit to ask for explanations, use this link: http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ontheplayer/pages/release/...

Classic Inventory

Aug 23, 2014 Planning
Ever wanted to try building something using only Classic Minecraft blocks? This plugin allows you to toggle the Classic Minecraft styled inventory. This plugin works best in Creative mode, as you'll have an unlimited supply of blocks. How To Use 1. Run the command /classic. This will clear all items from your inventory and replace your hotbar with blocks. 2. Right click the air with any block in your hand to open the Classic inventory. 3. Click an item in the inventory to replace the item...