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Aug 22, 2014 Planning
FancyTNT TNT now explodes much funnier With this plugin, TNT explodes much more realistic, when it gets ignited. The exploded blocks will get random velocities. You can use it for survival, mini games or as an anti-griefing tool. You can also configure it, so it regenerates the exploded blocks slowly with a cool effect. It's also possible to (de)activate that the exploded blocks get solid when they touch the ground. Features Two languages: English, German Make TNT explode more realistic Let...

The Realm of Mianite

Aug 21, 2014 Planning
Are you enjoying this epic plugin? Feel free to donate! Welcome to the world of Mianite. The original action-packed series from reputable YouTubers including TheSyndicateProject, CaptainSparklez, iiJeriichoii and The FaZe Clan is now reformed into a plugin in which you can now take part in. Mianite includes team-based lore, strategy and leaderboards. Pray to your vengeful Gods for premium rewards to take over this dark realm. Bring your team to the top, be known throughout your community....

Anonymous Chat

Aug 20, 2014 Planning
AnonymousChat This plugin will allow you to chat anonymously using /anonchat. When enabled, your username is replaced with "<Anonymous>" (configurable). Players with the permission anonchat.names will be able to see your name. Usage Use /anonchat to toggle anonymous chatting. Aliases: /achat, /anon, /ac Permissions anonchat.anon - Use the /anonchat command anonchat.names - See the names of people chatting anonymously (Like this: "(Superior_Slime) <Anonymous>: hi" Installation Simply pop this...

Pizza Spleef

Aug 20, 2014 Planning
Pizza Spleef © by SepperlUndCo You Tube: https:www.youtube.com/user/SeperlUndCo See what i do if I´m not programming =) Description: This plugin is just for fun. You don't have to configure anything, except you want this plugin to show other messages or the messages in an other language than English. If you join the server you can type /ps join in the chat and you will join the match queue. You need to be at least 2 players to start the game countdown. All other players will me notified that...


Aug 20, 2014 Planning
Mono Chest Allows you enter to the chests! How It works In the special world (changeable in config) generates room 15x15. Walls of rooms can't be destroyed. But if you destroy chest in normal world - room will be destroy fully, and it will drop all mobs, blocks and items from room. Chest types: Default: for this chest, room generates everytime new, Material of room will be OakWood. Ender: Material of this room - obsidian. Room generates once for player and can't be destroyed. Commands:...


Aug 20, 2014 Planning
DOWNLOAD (v1.0): http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infinityhunger/files/3-infinity-hunger-1-0 HungerRates DOWNLOAD: Waiting on approval from dev.bukkit.org. I'm planning on make a third plugin, but it can take a while to code it. . . InfinityHunger is a simple plugin without Commands & Permissions for don't lose hunger. Configuration, Commands and Permissions You don't need to configure this plugin.


Aug 20, 2014 Planning
I made this plugin so prison/jail server owners can have what they have been looking for and this was a private plugin I made for a client. It has many features to make it less hard on you to add using essentials and other plugins, so it removes worries. read below to see all features. Commands /cc clears chat /block converts all gems in your inventory into blocks /nv gives you night vision for when it gets dark Features Fortune Blocks drops multiple random amount of iron gold diamond emerald...

Explosive Wand

Aug 19, 2014 Planning
Explosive Wand is a very simple, lightweight plugin, that gives the player an item specified in the config and turns it into an Explosive Wand. Where you can right click anything and it creates an explosion. The explosion size can be editable through in game commands. Note I wrote this plugin in about 5 minutes, hence the simplicity of it, so if you choose to decompile this plugin, beware of some typos. Installation Download the "ExplosionWand.jar" Put the "ExplosionWand.jar" into your...

Getting Effects

Aug 19, 2014 Planning
Description Effects is a plugin that allow you to select effects whitout write /effect blablabla (Vanilla Command). For example, if you use /ef-speed, you gained speed, and if you write again /ef-speed, your speed effect will be removed automatically. Commands This plugin has a few commands: -/effects: See all commands. -/ef-<effect>: Select an effect. (Exaple: /ef-speed). -/effects-list: List of all aviable effects. -/effect-itemgive: Gives you the item. -/zoom: Switch zoom, on or off....


Aug 19, 2014 Planning
TrailGUI Ever wanted to have a lightweight plugin that displays a huge range of trails inside a GUI? Want to give your VIP's something that they will love you forever for? Tired of plugins not being up to date and broken? Well look no further and say hello to TrailGUI! This plugin will always be up to date with the latest version of bukkit. Did I mention that this plugin has an auto-updater that notifies you when an update is available? Now you never have to miss an update! Features:...


Aug 19, 2014 Release
Introduction SimplyHellblock brings the nether to skyblock. This is a great addition to any skyblock server, as it will play friendly with any skyblock plugin, or if you wish, you don't even need skyblock to use hellblock! This plugin is very customizable and is updated with new features all the time! This plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard for some features to work! How it Works When a player walks through a nether portal on their skyblock, it will create a new hellblock for them. This...


Aug 19, 2014 Planning
PrisonPolice This plugin allows you to have certain block types which are "illegal" to place. It was made for use with DrugMeUp plugin on a prison server, though the illegal blocks, batons, and commands on jail (with the baton) are configurable. Police ranks are able to confiscate illegal blocks with a baton, which removes all illegal blocks placed by the now "wanted" criminal. Police rank can then find player and right click him with baton to arrest him. REQUIRES DEPENDENCIES: Vault...

MinigamesLib: MobEscape

Aug 19, 2014 Planning
MinigamesLib: MobEscape Run away from the dragon/wither destroying the course behind you. This is MobEscape using MinigamesLib and thus being available in Arcade. Be aware that it's still in beta as I hadn't had the time to test it out extensively. Supports 1.7.X and should support 1.6.4 too (untested). Also the blocks now fly away randomly and the dragon shouldn't look wrong at 90/180/270/360 angles. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for...


Aug 18, 2014 Planning
Pathmaker Pathmaker is a plugin that is perfect for survival-servers where the players build their own villages. When players walks over a block enough times, it will eventually get trampled down, and turn in to the next block. The results after a long time of "testing" were amazing, the paths in a player-made village will look amazing over time, and there is no problem turning it back to grass, just break the blocks and replace them. Paths after a little mining and woodcutting How does it...


Aug 18, 2014 Planning
Sorry for this being so unorganized. It'll be organized soon! :) This plugin is still in BETA. I have not finished everything, bugs are to be expected, and much much more. This plugin is recommended for PRIVATE SERVERS. Permissions will be added in official release. Want to troll your friends? This is the plugin for you. With this plugin, you can troll your friends with a very simple command, which can be remembered easily (/troll). It has no configuration, as there really is no need for one....

Mention Notifier

Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Why? So you don't miss when someone mentions your player name in the chat. What does it do? With this plugin you can be notified by a sound alert(click) if someone mentions your name somewhere in the chat. How does it work? If you want to be notified when someone mentions you in the chat, you can type the command "/notify". If you want to deactivate it you can just type it again! Commands /notifier Show some information about the plugin and available commands. /notify Toggle notifications....

MinigamesLib: Gungame

Aug 17, 2014 Release
MinigamesLib: Gungame Gungame is a pvp minigame where your gear gets better and better per kill. You also get 2 gunpoints, which allow you to buy stuff in the shop, per kill and lose one per death. Setup You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work. /gg setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be /gg setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby /gg setspawn [arena] sets the player spawn, don't forget to disable pvp at...


Aug 17, 2014 Planning
WHAT IS IT? Trails is a great RPG plugin that works on the premise that, in the real world, walking wears down trails and paths from dirt to stone, eventually. Trails aims to add this element to Minecraft by automatically creating trails, paths, and roads based on the use of a trail. The trail contents and wear passes are fully configurable, unlocking the possibilities for a number of different trails or uses on your server. The plugin even has Towny support to add extra control over where...


Aug 17, 2014 Alpha
ProZifro's GhostMode Todo-List Add a live counter You become a Half-Seeable Ghost! Because the files are not approved, here the Downloadlinks from a another site: old version! http://bit.ly/ghostmode Doesn't work anymore! download again! Overworked! http://bit.ly/ghostmode_1_0 Version 1.1! http://bit.ly/ghostmode_1_1 Version 1.1.1! http://bit.ly/ghostmode_1_1_1 Version 1.1.2! http://bit.ly/ghostmode_1_1_2 Version 1.1.3! http://bit.ly/ghostmode_1_1_3 Version 1.1.4!...
stinger launcher crafting


Aug 17, 2014 Release
Features The players can launch the ender pearl as stinger missiles after install this plugin. Hold missile launcher in hand, Keep clicking the right button, targeting MOB or other players by cursor, Release the right button, launch missile toward to the targeted objects. How to use Please use CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.3 or later version! Put "StingerMissile.jar" in plugins folder. To get the missile launcher, Run commands: "/stinger get" to get the launcher in your inventory. "/stinger give...