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May 25, 2016 Release
SimpleBazooka Overview of my plugins: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infinityhunger/pages/my-plugins SimpleBazooka is a simple plugin which adds an entirely configurable bazooka to your server. Provided features are: Configurable messages with colorcode support Configurable Bazooka item (name and material) Configurable Bazooka ammo item (name and material) [can be switched off] Configurable Bazooka projectile (type, velocity, hit damage) Configurable explosion (radius, block breaking,...
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May 25, 2016 Release
Customizable and simple particle plugin Suggest your ideas here Features Different types of trails Particle Trails Block Trails Rain Trails Wings Customization MultipleTrails Simple Gui 1.8 & 1.9 Support Signs Sounds Stats for admins In game config editor API Live log Update checker Join Item Combat hide Live permission checker VanishNoPacket support SQL Events Full UUID support Config updater Screenshots Commands /Trails - Open Gui /Trailsid <trail> [player] /SuperTraills /SuperTrails list -...


May 25, 2016 Planning
**Welcome Bro To Lighting-SG Plugin This Plugin Made By:Me **** (Some Q/A) 1.What is this plugin? This Plugin is same as HiveSG plugin :) 2.How is that? Beacuse The Signs is the same as hive and when you join the sign you well get tp to the waiting Lobby then you will wait and when the game is full the premuim can join and kick the member players so thats it 3.Why This Plugin cold Lighting-SG? Beacuse its a Praivate Plugin For My Friend Server But i said No i Will Uploded To The Pepole Who...
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May 25, 2016 Beta
The biggest war between two teams of soldiers in the world's most addictive game! MyArmy! Come and help me to make this game the best game can be, the game in early development stages and would be happy if you help me, give me tips and comments on the game while I was developing it. Video Tutorial for you! :)


May 25, 2016 Release
Crouch, click, piggyback! Ever wanted to CARRY pigs around like a BADASS?! Ever wanted a SLIME as PET?! TIRED of Wheat and Leads?! Your FRIEND doesn't want to come with YOU?! Then this is the Plugin for you! How to Use 1. Search for a mob you want to carry. 2. Come close to the mob (at least 5 blocks). 3. Crouch and right click/left click(configurable) on the mob!(Players may turn off ability to be picked up, and config option to turn off for NPCs) If you want to stop carrying the mob or...

Admin Zapper

May 25, 2016 Release
AdminZapper How does it work Everyone knows the following situation: You are playing on a server and suddenly a staffmember is behind you. Poof* out of nowhere. NOT anymore! With adminzapper you can use simple commands and teleport to players with an enderman sound and a chat notification that a staffmember teleported to you. Features Adminzapper includes the following features: sound on teleportation chat notification on teleport teleport players to yourself and send them back to their...


May 25, 2016 Release
What does it do? Stables is a plugin that assists with Horse ownership, protection, and other horse related things. Vanilla has no ownership or tracking of horses, only if it has been broken or not. Stables changes this behavior. Requirements To use COST based virtual stables, Vault is required. Free storage does not require any additional plugins. Current Features Protect Horses from configurable outside damages, including PVP, Enviromental (falling/lava) and Monsters Adds recipes for Horse...
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Wizardly Magic

May 25, 2016 Release
Features Want to be a cool wizard with all kinds of spells? Well now you can! You can build a Spell Altar, craft over 50 unique spells, gain knowledge, and use all kinds of wizardly magic! This plugin is inspired by the Minecraft Forge mod Ars Magica. Note: This plugin is in early alpha, so expect bugs, if you get any please create a ticket with them here. Spell Altar: You build a spell altar by putting redstone around an enchanting table. You don't gold blocks, but the type of blocks the...


May 24, 2016 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Put a bounty on your enemies and get them killed. Run a console command as a reward or punishment or Start a Skull...

UltimateCore (1.9!)

May 24, 2016 Release
Main Features Tickets Download Todo UltimateCore is an easy to use plugin, that contains a lot of features. From wellknown features as /home and /warp, to full plugin and chat management. Features > Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns < > User Management: Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking < > Admin tools: Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time < > Chatting: Custom Chat, Msg & Say formatting < > World management: Disable explosions, Basic world creation, Timber < >...


May 24, 2016 Release
This is a quite simple plugin, it allows you to get slimefun items, by killing mobs! CS-CoreLib and Slimefun must be installed for this plugin to work! Example Config options: auto-update: true //Enable this if you want the plugin to get auto updated dropchance: 15 //This is the chance for a mob to drop a slimefun item in percentage enabledEntities: //These are the mobs which can drop slimefun items CREEPER: true SKELETON: true SPIDER: true GIANT: true ZOMBIE: true SLIME: true GHAST: true...

Survival Games

May 24, 2016 Release
Survival Games This plugin was originally authored by Double0Negative and this is the updated and optimized version for Spigot. Survival Games is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated hunger games style experience. The plugin was created to be simple to use, and to be easily setup on any type of server, no matter the size or type! Survival Games provides a way for your server to have a full fledged, fully automated hunger games experience for any player. For more information...


May 24, 2016 Release
About Scavenger This is a continuation of the Scavenger plugin originally written by SirHedgehog. This plugin will automatically recover items for players after they die. Features Automatic item recovery at death. Individual item recovery based on permissions if enabled. Automatic level and experience recovery at death. Supports SuperPerms Supports Vault based economies. Persistent recoveries. If the server is stopped before a player can recover inventory the inventory is saved to disk. Slot...
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Giant Trees

May 24, 2016 Release
Giant Trees Giant Trees is a plugin for adding procedurally generated giant trees to your world. Giant trees are generated in three ways: Giant trees are grown in creative/survival mode by planting saplings and fertilizing with bone meal Giant trees are summoned with a command Giant trees naturally grow when new forested biomes spawn Tutorials in other languages: German Korean Spanish Portuguese Planting Giant Trees To plant a giant tree in creative/survival mode, perform the following steps:...
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May 24, 2016 Release
Overview FunAdmin is a fun plugin for admins. It allows them to have an easier way to edit their server, commands to troll other players, some fun commands for everyone to enjoy, and Super Smash Mobs like kits for your server. Highly recomended for server owners, and is light weight. If you would like to download this plugin, look at the download list below, and get the latest version. Every download helps! Features • Config.yml. • API. • Shortcuts for commands. (Example: want to teleport to...


May 23, 2016 Release
Description This plugin introduces several new items, all of which are dropped by/have a chance of being dropped by certain mobs. All odds are configurable, and individual items can be disabled. This plugin is both 1.9.x and 1.8.x compatible, although the Shulker Bullet Launcher will not work in 1.8.x (for obvious reasons.) Special bows are dropped by Powered Skeletons, which wield the special bows. The default spawn chance for a Powered Skeleton is 1/50. Also, players, creepers, skeletons,...


May 23, 2016 Release
Have you ever had that feeling, where you have way too much stuff of the same type and too little space to store it in a Slimefun server? Well, this plugin is just for you! You can also interact with the barrels, using Slimefun's Cargo Network. Barrels allow you to store an item of the same type in bulk quantities, in only one block. There currently are 5 sizes, listed below: Small - 64 Stacks Medium - 128 Stacks Big - 256 Stacks Large 512 Stacks Deep Storage Unit - 16384 Stacks...
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Building Game

May 23, 2016 Release
Building Game GitHub | Complete Guide | Signs | Messages | FAQ | API If you want to keep up with the updates, follow me on twitter: @StefvanSchie For help please visit the forum first before posting a comment! Mention bugs here || Post new ideas here About: The Building Game plugin was requested by a friend of mine, and I started porgramming it. Now I want to share this plugin to play with your friends! Description: The Building Game is a game where you have to build the thing the plugin has...

Elytra Equipper

May 23, 2016 Release
Elytra Equipper for Bukkit Hello and welcome the the official Elytra Equipper Bukkit forum, on this website you will find some inforamtion about the plugin and how to use it. We are now working on Elytra Equipper 1.4 Uses Elytra Equipper is a small minecraft plugin that allows you to put on a elytra when you type: "/elytra". You also can apply a elytra to other player with the command: "/setelytra <Player>". The commands arent working for the CMD. Commands /elytra - Equips the elytra in the...

Advanced Kits Reloaded

May 23, 2016 Release
This plugin only works on 1.8.X and 1.9.X Features Timed cooldown - Now you can use float values. (Ex: 0.5 = half an hour ) GUI for the kits - You can view and buy/use kits from a GUI. Economy support - You can use your economy plugin, which supports Vault CustomEnchantments support - Works most of the time Custom permissions - You can modify the default permissions per kit Run commands after using a kit - addcommand, delcommand flag. Use %player% to get the kit user name Update checks Custom...