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zPlayerFreeze | Easily freeze players!

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Great for interrogating players that break rules! ​ Features: - Frozen player stays frozen even if they attempt to re-log. - Config allows you to customise messages and the prefix. - Other players can't damage a frozen player and vice versa. - Frozen players can't place/destroy blocks, interact with blocks, drop items or use commands. Commands: /freeze [name] - Freezes a player (toggles) /frozen [name] - Check if a player is frozen or not /frozen list - Lists all frozen players /freezeall -...
Throwing Block Example


Nov 24, 2015 Release
This Bukkit plugin allows you to throw blocks, and even mobs! Yes, throw blocks, and mobs. You can get a special pickaxe from your admin or mod and click to throw blocks to your hearts desire! There are several extra features for the admins, too. Commands The main command is /throw, which can be used to give pickaxe/sword (/throw <pickaxe/sword> [player]) or enable or disable throwing blocks/entities (/throw <block/entity> <enable/disable>) Config The administrator can set the velocity, and...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Steel What Is Steel? Steel is the Bukkit implementation of Flint, a platform-agnostic minigame engine. How do I use it? If you want to run a minigame built with Flint, simply place the Steel.jar file in your server's plugins folder. If you want to build a minigame with Flint, have a look at the official tutorial. Plugins using Steel Below is a non-exhaustive list of plugins utilizing the Steel engine. If you'd like your plugin added to this list, shoot me a PM. TTT External Links Source Code...
Hotels H Logo


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Hotels Hotels is a plugin that allows server admins to create hotels and rooms within them, then rent the rooms out to their players. Below is information about the plugin. I advise you have a read through it. But don't take my word for it, try the plugin out for yourself! This project is also available over at Spigot Requirements (The following versions of plugins suggested are the ones that work with this plugin) Minimal Requirements: Compatible Spigot or Bukkit version Compatible version...


Nov 24, 2015 Beta
==== Features: ==== Allow Players with the correct permission disguise his identity! Stops YouTubers being Targeted! - ==== Future Updates! ==== I have some huge updates coming soon, Mostly a Config so you can choose your desired disguise names, Currently there is only 14 random names that it will choose from but there will be a lot more with an editable config to choose what names that could be used :) Also the names are random so you cannot set your own name :) Unless you want that added...
Building Game Banner

Building Game

Nov 24, 2015 Release
The Building Game GitHub | Complete Guide | Signs | Messages | FAQ If you want to keep up with the updates, follow me on twitter: @StefvanSchie For help please visit the forum first before posting a comment! 💀 Mention bugs here || 💡 Post new ideas here About: The building Game plugin was requested by a friend of mine, and I started programming it. Now I want to share this plugin to play with your friends! Description: The Building game is a game where you have to build the thing the plugin...

TTT (Trouble In Terrorist Town)

Nov 24, 2015 Beta
What is TTT? Inspired by the popular Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble In Terrorist Town, this plugin attempts to emulate the game in Minecraft. At the start of a round, players are assigned a role: Innocent, or Traitor. It is the job of each group to eliminate the other. While the traitors are outnumbered, they have the advantage of knowing the role of all players. It will be up to the Innocents to decide who should live, and who's a traitor. Note: This plugin requires the latest version of...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Run a console command as a reward or punishment or Start a Skull Collection / Give permissions to something....


Nov 24, 2015 Release
With ItemWorth you can set the worth of items, and on right click players will receive money equivalent to the item's worth. For example: Joe has an item that is worth $150. He then right clicks with the item in hand. The item is consumed and Joe gets $150. Dependencies: Vault A Vault compatible economy plugin (iConomy, Essentials, Accentials) Commands /iw - The base command for the plugin /iw set <amount> - Sets the worth of an item in hand /iw give <player> <item> <worth> - Gives the player...


Nov 23, 2015 Release
Chat Too Boring? Do you feel the need to add some extra random stuff to spice up your chat? If so, this plugin is just right for you! Even if you don't need it, you should still use it! Features Snag a player's attention quickly with a tag! Typing '@Player' in chat will cause the message to be highlighted, and will play a sound to the tagged player. Show off your swaggy items! Typing '#ITEM' in chat will cause the tag to turn into a item tag, which you can then hover over to see names,...
uChests Cover


Nov 23, 2015 Release
uChests About Unusual Chests are chests that contain randomly generated items, with enchantments and rarities. Generate as many Unusual Chests as you desire, but you'll need to find the right material to act as a key in order to open the chest. Give Unusual Chests as rewards to your players, and watch them scour your server to find keys to get their loot. How It Works Chests uChests are randomly generated chest with randomly generated loot on the inside. When given, uChests (based off of...
SandFall Arena Style


Nov 23, 2015 Release
SandFall SandFall is a fun multi-player mini game in which players are placed into a pre-made pit. When the countdown hits 0 and the game begins, players ignite the wood roof above them, waiting for the wood to give way. When it does, the sand on top of the wood falls down and will crush anyone it hits. If you don't die from being crushed, you'll die from suffocating in the sand. The last man standing wins. Gameplay Arena SandFall supports multiple arenas, which is large pit with walls of...

Potion Commands

Nov 23, 2015 Release
Potion Commands is a plugin that allows players with the right permission nodes to toggle potion effects. The current potion effects that this plugin work with include Night Vision and Fire Resistance. However I plan on adding more toggle-able potion effects. - /nv Aliases: /nightv /nvision /nightvision - /fr Aliases: /firer /fireres /fireresistance /fresistance - potioncommands.nightvision - Allows the user to enable/disabled the Night Vision potion effect. - potioncommands.fireresistance -...


Nov 23, 2015 Beta
MazeHunt Like Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, players are placed into a maze of your own creation. Players have to navigate through twists and turns in hopes to reach the center of the maze first. Whoever reaches the middle first is awarded the MazeHunter sword, and has to hunt down the other players in order to win. Players can choose to run and hide, or team up and try to kill the sword holder. Gameplay Arena You create your own treacherous maze with a beacon in the middle which...


Nov 23, 2015 Alpha
Check Update logs to see the new items/updates :) The permission to get the kit is: random.kitop The permission to get the books is: random.enchantbooks The permission to get the White Scroll is: random.givedp Please give me feedback! I want to know what you want, and your opinions on things! /kitop to get the op set /givedp whitescroll to get the White Scroll /reb to get the Enchant Books || /randomenchantbooks /legendarybook to get the Legendary Book (random.legendarybook) /ultimatebook to...


Nov 23, 2015 Planning
Alcatraz About Alcatraz is a role playing plugin that turns prison into a survival of the fittest challenge. The goal is to survive as long as possible, as there is a countdown until each inmates execution. Alcatraz incorporates an economy to allow inmates to purchase goods such as food or more minutes before execution. Activities like automatically regenerating mining, lock picking, prison crafting / decorating and combat provide a fun role playing experience for your prison. Features Timers...

Minetopia ATM plugin

Nov 23, 2015 Release
Minetopia ATM plugin Version 2.8 This plugin is made for the next step in economy! It allows users to deposit and withdraw money! It has a scoreboard wich shows you how much money you have. There is no setup needed for the use of this plugin! If you place down a dropper, it automatically becomes an ATM. Features: - No setup needed, easy acces. - It has a nice GUI menu - It has a custom scoreboard!!! wich shows you how much money you have and how many players are online! - English language...
Logo lp+


Nov 23, 2015 Release
Launchpad+ Launchpad+ Description Launchpad+ is a bukkit plugin by NizarZa123, is a launch with a plate, this plate you can do it in any block you want with 3.0D power x , and coming, the config with custom power x launch , you can use it in sand, redstone block, diamond block, stone , dirt without any command. and with the wooden plate too he go 1.0D power x and deal anything on damage & stone too . How to use it? Isn't something so hard you need just only do your stone plate "not the wooden...


Nov 23, 2015 Planning
INTRODUCTION With this plugin, people with permission can create custom messages over their heads. This plugin comes with built in Symbols and Placeholders. Also, CustomHeadMessage supports Bukkit color codes (i.e. &7). FEATURES - Create custom messages over your or other's heads. - 5 Player and 3 Symbol placeholders. (More coming in v 1.1) - Color codes supported COMMANDS /chm - Opens help menu. /chm set - Set's CustomHeadMessage. /chm remove - Remove your custom head message. PLEASE NOTE:...


Nov 23, 2015 Release
English Say goodbye to the lag caused by items dropped by ores in the ground, this plugin promises tranferir items and XP for the player with nothing being dropped, wait for new updates! Permissions Use autopickup: - autopickup.pickup Description Any player who has the permissionnot will have the dropped items should it break an ore, all items dropped by ore and XP will automatically be added to the inventory. If it is full a message will be added to chat and the items will be discarded. This...