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Jan 27, 2016 Release
Project Information Description Placing bounties has never been easier! You can place, increase, and remove bounties all with a few easy commands! Whether you are placing, increasing, or removing a bounty, the new chat interface streamlines the process. You no longer have to type a long command, but rather answer the simple questions provided. If allowed, a player can place a bounty anonymously! Double the Storage! BountyRewards now supports both local bounty storage and MySQL! Whether you...


Jan 22, 2016 Planning
Bankraft currently comes with a GUI-based bank interaction system and 3 commands. Configurable interest intervals and amounts. Multiple accounts per person, limit configurable in the config, and extremely easy to use. Dependencies: Vault ItemNBTAPI Commands: /bank Shows GUI /bank help Display help /bank create <name> Create bank account. /bank delete <name> Delete bank account. Permissions: bankraft.use Allows the usage of Bankraft. More Information Visit The Github Page or the Wiki.


Jan 21, 2016 Beta
bPvP !!!BROKEN VERSIONS!!! bPvP is a simple to use Kit based PvP Plugin. You can create a Lobby and an Arena ( see /pvp help ). To create Kits put anything you want the Kit to have into your Inventory and type /pvp kit [name] create To get into PvP Mode see Sign creation. Current Features Easy Kit creation Switches between two Modes (Auto Inventory saving) Arena and Lobby Warp Points A Configurable Help Message Planned Features Configurable Death/Kill Messages Multiple Arena spawn Points...


Dec 22, 2015 Release
Will be updating mainly on Spigot now! Check out the link: Bytetoken on Spigot Requirements: Java 8 Features: UUID Support Standalone Extremely Customizable ActionBar support (Soon) Permissions: bytetoken.bal - Perms to check you and others balances bytetoken.pay - Perms to pay other players bytetoken.shop - Perms for shop GUI Commands: /token bal - View your balance /token bal <player> - View another players balance /token pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player /token shop - Open the...


Dec 18, 2015 Beta
Plain and simple description, it adds a whole new level to the game. Links RepoReport Issues HereFiles Overview This plugin is adding businesses and jobs to minecraft which allow you to conquer and edit the economy at a whole new level. The first new feature is businesses. Businesses are groups of players that go out and make money by completing jobs. Jobs are tasks like, collect wood, mine, etc. Once the person who made the job approves its completion, the business gets paid. Commands (+ -...
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Oct 11, 2015 Release
BloodMoney This is a simple plugin that allows people to earn economy money for killing players. 28/11/15: I'm back again! I might not be working as actively on this plugin anymore (learning Forge at the moment), but I will still be working on this. Requirements Vault An economy plugin (Essentials, CraftConomy, etc.) A permissions plugin(PermissionsEx, bPermissions, etc.) Install Grab Vault, your economy plugin and your permissions plugin and put then in your server's plugins directory Place...


Oct 09, 2015 Mature
Buycraft - Bukkit Donation Plugin & Store Register | Download | Twitter | Support Buycraft has been running for over 2 years while supporting over 100,000 Minecraft servers. The most reliable and feature rich Bukkit Donation Plugin & Store. What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it? Buycraft enables you to sell in game items/memberships to your community, allowing yourself to fund your server bills to keep your Minecraft server alive. Buycraft is basically an online shopping...


Oct 03, 2015 Release
BlackMarket a very simple market. That only allows items to stay in the market a certain amount of time. Features easy to setup simple customizable time few commands Commands /market - Opens the market /market sell <price> - Puts a item into the market /market me - Opens a GUI to admin your items Permissions market.sell - Allows player to sell items market.open - Allows player to open market Source GitHub

Bukkit Economy

Sep 25, 2015 Beta
BConomy a simple but powerful economy core plugin that can hopefully serve as a replacement for the aging iConomy plugin. BConomy provides a strong api that can be used to create your own plugins and addons. Please do send some feedback and feel free to ask any questions and additions you would like! Download latest build - Not working yet! Requests, Suggestions and Feedback Source Code/Github Documentation - Installation and Upgrading - Coming soon! Features A simple but versatile api...


Sep 14, 2015 Inactive
Balancer by Autrei == About == Every have players complain about no animals or ore? Get this plugin! After certain amounts of time it replaces all Pigs, Cows, Sheep, also Iron ore, Coal ore, Diamond ore, and gold ore! How to install Download latest .jar Put in plugins folder Reload/Restart server! Voila! Usage Break the blocks: Iron ore, Coal Ore, Gold ore, or Diamond Ore. Kill the animals: Pig, Cow, or Sheep. Time Cow, Pig, And Sheep: 7.5 Seconds Iron Ore: 6 Minutes, Coal Ore: 1 Minute, Gold...
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Sep 01, 2015 Beta
BullionEconomy Quick Description BullionEconomy's goal is to create an economy that is based almost entirely on physical items in Minecraft. Most economies are based upon a bank that holds your money for you at all times and when you make a purchase, it just subtracts that amount from your bank directly. BullionEconomy is different, however. If you want to make a purchase, you will need to go to an ATM an withdraw the money from your account, then go and make the purchase with the money that...
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Aug 31, 2015 Release
BankMaster BankMaster is a server economy that uses blocks for currency. Each player who opens an account can store currency blocks in the account. While the account contains money, it receives interest on each calendar (real) day. The player can withdraw money from his account at any Bank or ATM sign. If configured, the player can also borrow money from the bank, up to a server defined limit. There are four kinds of signs: Bank, ATM, Loans, and XP Bank. These signs can be placed anywhere an...
Better Shops Logo

Better Shops

Aug 21, 2015 Release
"The revolutionary shop plugin" Download now available! Latest version: 2.1.2 REQUIRES VAULT This Plugin runs using Vault's Economy System. This means that Vault AND an economy plugin (Ex: IConomy) must be used! Get Vault Screenshots View Screenshots Here Tutorial View Tutorial Here Features Fully automated shop system Easy clickable interface Easy to use and can become advanced if needed Transaction History Customization In-game Configuration Editor Easily change Price, Stocks, Amounts, and...


Jul 30, 2015 Release
My other plugins: Bukkit Profile My GitHub: Asiatic's GitHub Source Code: GitHub Link to this Project THIS PLUGIN DEPENDS ON VAULT. MUST HAVE VAULT INSTALLED!!! This is a fun and lightweight plugin that allows your players to buy a multitude of different types of heads on your server! The plugin features the ability to buy any type of player head (their own and other online players) and the ability to mob heads that are currently allowed in the game (wither, creeper, zombie, and skeleton)....
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Jul 26, 2015 Release
Report or suggest something | Source Code Billboards gives you the possibility to setup rentable signs. You could for example place a wall of those signs at your protected spawn region and players will be able to rent those signs and edit their text, even though they have no build permission there. That gives them a great possibility to, for example, advertise their goods at a place where many players come along frequently. Step by step walk-through: An admin places some signs, for example...

Basic Economy

Jun 09, 2015 Release
A simple, easy to use and set up economy plugin with the essential features to add economy to your server! Commands: <> = Required, [] = Optional /beco help: Displays the admin command(s) /pay <player name> <amount>: Pay a player from your balance /bal [player name]: Check a players balance Adminshops: You can make shopsigns for players to buy/sell items to/from the server. Format: Line 1: [Buy] or [Sell] Line 2: Amount per transaction Line 3: Item ID Line 4: Price Players can then right...

Bar Gambler

May 12, 2015 Release
Bar Gambler DO NOT HAVE MORE THAN 1 POTION WITH THE SAME NAME Features Configurable the chance of winning Configurable the cost per beverage Configurable the winnings of each beverage Configurable beverage names /Bar command opens up a bar GUI THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES VAULT! Install Download Bar Gambler Download Vault Drag and drop into your plugins folder Reload/Restart Enjoy :) Permissions None :3 Commands /Bar | Opens up the bar GUI Suggestions! I suggest using the plugin Citizens and...


Mar 09, 2015 Beta
Welcome to BookLibrary Bukkit Plugin What is BookLibrary? BookLibrary is a bukkit plugin to manage books on a server. It has quite lots of features e.g uploading,editing books to a database, getting books from there via command or ingame block, book sales with integrated ranking, subscribe functions and many more. Installation is quite as easy as installing any other plugin. Features Creates a library using a database Commit your books to earn money Rating system Search the database Create...


Feb 23, 2015 Release
Moved to Spigot: Click Here!


Feb 22, 2015 Release
BlockStack This plugin allows players to type a simple command (/block) to change ingots into blocks. The plugin has no dependencies. Configurable The config that comes with the plugin is fully configurable. The config supports both Item IDs and BukkitAPI names. Custom items may be added, such as 15 eggs to make one cake. Permissions Only one permission associated with the plugin: stacker.reload Allows players with the permission to reload the plugin and config. How to use Place plugin in...