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Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Simplest Solution for Secure Trading IntelliTrade will handle all your item trading needs! Run a server and want your players to be able to trade their items with peace of mind? Say goodbye to stingy players that will try scamming their riches. This plugin provides secure and automated trading of items! How it works Players can invite other players to a trade. A special trade inventory will open up, and your players can then click on the items they want to trade. There is a confirm feature,...


Aug 31, 2014 Planning
Page en français / French page Description CurrencySSTM is a plugin to use currency on your server like iConomy. Some plugins like SignSSTM (in dev) or ItemMenuSSTM (in dev) will boost CurrencySSTM performances and add features. Features Configurable messages API for Developers Automatic account creation Automatic donation Automatic save Advanced stats Ranking And more... Commands <arg>: needed argument, [arg]: optional argument, p: nedded permission, a: command aliases, s: command systax...

Debit Card

Aug 28, 2014 Release
Debit Card Debit Card is a economy bukkit plugin. You can allow your players to use a simple DebitCards system for pay other users, receive payments and more! You must have installed the lastest version of Vault (get it here), the lastest Java version and a primary economy plugin (ex. Essentials) to use this plugin. If you have problems with this plugin please use the Ticket system or your comment will be deleted! Installation: Download the plugin; Copy it to the plugins folder of your...


Aug 26, 2014 Beta
Yet a simple but powerful way to set the economic equilibrium in your bukkit server: competitive auction houses. Core features Create Well-Auction shops, from any block, sign, item frame, and more to come. Shops can handle any kind and number of items (limited to double chest inventory size). Allow players to put on sale items from their inventory to these shops. Check, buy and sell items visually, with inventory-like window. Seller notification on each sale. Localizable Don't hesitate to...


Aug 25, 2014 Release
EasyTrading Hey, Your server is full of scammers? You have searched for an item trading plugin? Other reasons? Here are you right! This plugin is a simple trading plugin for items and money. << Features >> Trade items in an inventory Support for Money (Currency) Multiple ways to trade Protection when you click out of inventory (No item loss) Trade automatically stops on server reload / restart Cancel trade if you close inventory World Blacklist In trade you cannot pick up items Commands (can...


Aug 25, 2014 Release
MyTokens What is MyTokens MyTokens is a plugin designed to be easy to use and very powerful. It currently supports 2 ways users can get tokens with a random drop chance and all drop chances and amounts are changeable. Currently you can get Tokens from Block breaking and PVP (Both can be turned on and off). The shop in MyTokens is completely hard coded into the plugin with the ability to edit the shops.yml file to override the default shop (Up to 53 items can be in the shop) The drop rates can...


Aug 24, 2014 Release
IP: proxis.midgardmc.eu HeroStronghold is the best Town plugin out there because you can require players to have houses, forges, farms, inns, hospitals, etc before they can create a town! If you dont think minecraft is addicting enough, what about minecraft tycoon? What if you could make structures that cost money, but give you items/money over time? That's exactly what this plugin does! I imagined using this plugin as a way to reward players for building certain strutures/shrines, but it has...
LootCrates Banner


Aug 24, 2014 Beta
1000 downloads, feel free to ask me for new features! Development Builds Quote from the developer chengzi368:Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk! Official LootCrates Dev Builds Features A simple plugin that allows you to open crates. Unlike SurpriseEggs, It allows you to use keys to open crates. Also, It allows players to uncrate in their own...


Aug 23, 2014 Release
Zephyrus is an all in one magic plugin. It has many magical features such as spells, items and enchantments that are meant to be used on survival and RPG servers alike. It supports economies, protection plugins, permissions, and more! It also has an API that allows other developers to create add-ons. The name is pronounced Zef-er-uhs and comes from the Greek god of the West Wind. You can get started via the Getting Started page below. Researchable magic spells Craftable magic items Magical...
Default Picture


Aug 23, 2014 Beta
Check out the new website! (colonelhedgehog.weebly.com) « ConstructionSites Info » "Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things." ~ minecraft.net Everyone knows that creating a beautiful structure can sometimes be difficult. This is especially true in Survival mode, where it is a challenge to get the simplest materials without...
GemEconomy Logo


Aug 23, 2014 Release
GemEconomy GemEconomy provides an easy to use economy on your server that can hook into any plugin! GemEconomy automatically connects to every economy plugin on your server, meaning if you have a shop plugin, GemEconomy will automatically connect to it and start charging players money! With GemEconomy, the possibilities are endless! Requirements You will need Vault for GemEconony to work. You will need Java 7. Installation 1. Download the latest version of GemEconomy. 2. Stop your server. 3....
Trade logo


Aug 22, 2014 Release
Trade Trade with other players! How to install/use Trade: Thanks to Skaranova for making this video! Features: Command less trading using right click to request players No Spout required Very easy to use trading screen Customizable messages Economy support Since version 0.3 Translations: You can find translations on this page! Commands: Okay, there are a few commands. But they are completely optional. /trade <playername> - Requests the named player. /trade accept <playername> - Accepts...


Aug 22, 2014 Planning
This is my first Bukkit plugin. I made this out of necessity because although there are other plugins that reward players for killing others (encouraging PVP), none of them effectively take the money from the person who is killed. I would run into instances where Player A would kill Player B, and even though Player B had no money, Player A would still be awarded. With LootPlayer, a random amount is chosen between a Minimum and Maximum value (both values are configurable in the config.yml and...
Logo v2


Aug 22, 2014 Alpha
Description This plugin is well on its way to become the new and ultimate alternative to the towny/faction series. This plugin will allow you to create magnificent empires containing many villages within, and within these villages you can create castles! Through much customization and flexibility, the owners of the servers will be able to create the building designs that you can build to produce defenses and/or income (i will provide some default designs and a page to post yours when it is...

Better Shops

Aug 22, 2014 Release
Download now available! Latest version: 1.1.0 Version 1.1.0 - Rename the file to "BetterShops.jar" to solve problems v1.2.0 Awaiting Approval REQUIRES VAULT This Plugin runs using Vault's Economy System. This means that Vault AND an economy plugin (Ex: IConomy) must be used! Features Fully automated shop system Easy clickable interface Easy to use and can become advanced if needed Customization Can make stocks infinite Shop Keepers And much much more! Information Leave a comment or Ticket if...

Individual Messages

Aug 21, 2014 Release
Add dynamic chat prefixes, or send chat messages unique to the receiver [Overview] Have you ever wanted to display a user's balance, or the system time as a prefix? This plugin allows you to replace {placeholders} or specific words with user specific messages. - Evaluates per player - Placeholders can be used in any message e.g. from console or in commands etc - Permissions to use placeholders in chat/commands - Easy to use scripts to add your own - Developer API [Examples] With this plugin,...


Aug 20, 2014 Planning
MultiMarket This plugin allows you to make multiple economies for a server * multiverse operated server * multiworld operated server * server with separate economies in general uses make buy and sell signs (for spawn shops/default use of the plugin) money per world or group of worlds (sounds complicated... its not) overwrites /money and /bal on every world besides "world" (and promps you with the correct command) Developer API for making MultiMarket plugins default Signs you can create signs...
EZRanksLite main logo


Aug 20, 2014 Release
Have you been looking for a plugin that allows you to have more flexibility with your rankups? EZRanksLite is the most customizable /rankup plugin! Quote from EZRanksLite:I depend on Vault! In order for me to charge players to rankup through your economy, I need you to make sure Vault is installed! You can get Vault Here Video tutorial by Mineplay.com You can try out EZRanksLite on ThetaCraft mc.thetacraft.com EZRanksLite is a stripped down, lightweight, but very customizable, economy only...
dtlTraders Logo (Mre30 Project)


Aug 20, 2014 Release
dtlTraders was created to easily setup admin shops for your sever. It's the ONE COMMAND plugin! Seriously, that's all you need to know ;) Installation Download dtlTraders jar file. Place it into your plugins folder. Download Citizens and place that into your plugins folder as well. You also need Vault and ANY economy plugin. Start your server No configuration needed for basic usage (which will be 99% of you) Have a problem? Read the Guide. Have errors or other problems? Open a ticket. Click...

XyploEconomy (xEconomy)

Aug 20, 2014 Alpha
Waiting for v0.2 alpha to be approved. Description This plugin will add an economy system to your server. The players will hold an account and can hold a value to their name whilst perhaps a developer for your server uses the built in API to code some sort of way to gain points. But for now you can only output commands to give money to players or take away money from them. These commands CAN be executed as any type of sender so you could event make the console output commands. Commands /xe -...