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Apr 21, 2014 Release
Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wide, region-wide (parents) and region-specific | Region-limits for players,...


Apr 21, 2014 Beta
FancyShop Create chest shops that trade in physical currencies. github.com/DeltaWhy/bukkit-fancyshop Features Create chest shops with a graphical interface. Use in-game items as currency. Buy and sell any item - enchanted items and books, potions, even items with lore or custom NBT data. Buy and sell up to 27 different items in a single shop. Shops are protected against damage and against stealing with hoppers. Create admin shops that can buy and sell an unlimited number of items. Restrict...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Apr 21, 2014 Beta
Please note: This plugin is still in beta. This means: There are still some bugs. Please report them in the comments and don't be angry if you found some ;) First, what is this plugin about? Grand-Theft-Diamond (GT-Diamond or GTD) is created with the idea to make a bukkit plugin like GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Cops and robbers) and a bit of GTA V. You can be a cop or a civilin. As civilian you can rob safes and banks to get money. Buy cars or houses to save your items. As cop you can kill...


Apr 21, 2014 Beta
pvpDrop pvpDrop gives you total control over the drops of players! Features All features are configurable! Allow players to keep their inventory's after death! Allow players to keep just their gear (armor and held item) after death, includes item durability and enchants! Set a message to be displayed to the player if they keep there inventory on death! Disable minecrafts weird EXP drops! Set a custom amount of EXP to be dropped when a player dies! Set any item and amount to be dropped on a...

Individual Messages

Apr 21, 2014 Release
Create chat messages that are different for each player that sees it. Pick from a range of 100+ placeholders, or add your own! [Overview] Have you ever wanted to display a user's balance, or the system time as a prefix? This plugin allows you to replace {placeholders} or specific words with user specific messages. - Evaluates per player - Placeholders can be used in any message e.g. from console or in commands etc - Permissions to use placeholders in chat/commands - Easy to use scripts to add...
Fly Payment Logo

Fly Payment

Apr 21, 2014 Release
Fly Payment Make flying cost something! When a player uses the fly command, it'll cost them a(n) item(s), and/or Economy Currency (whatever you specify in the config), and/or EXP to activate flying. Once they disable flying, it'll cost the player another set of item(s) and/or Economy Currency (whatever you specify in the config), and/or EXP to start flying again. Also, you can set a time limit for how long their flying is enabled until they must pay again. If you want another feature added,...

The PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack

Apr 21, 2014 Release
PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack 3?! Documentation updated for the full release! Most outward changes are in the earth ponies, who have been made much more powerful, but everyone gets some minor changes. See my other plugins! Simple-P Damage Modifiers! Simple-P Chat Filter! How to use it. (Link) (Permissions/Commands/Configuration) Class Information and Questions. Alicorns simply have the abilities of the Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns all. (Administrative class.) Earth Pony Unicorn Pegasus Zebra...


Apr 20, 2014 Release
MinecraftEconomy Important Help When typing a player's name, it MUST be lowercased. Do NOT put a decimal more than two digits (ex. 12.345) because it will round it off to the nearest decimal, make a huge number, and you will need to delete that account in your config. Because this plugin uses Vault, the plugin CAN be used with other plugins with Vault integrated in them, it doesn't NEED to. Commands & Permissions If you want the player to permission to all of these, give them the permission...

Auto Payments (Allowances)

Apr 20, 2014 Mature
Overview Auto Payments provides a system that integrates with your economy that allows you to setup automatic payments based on a time period. You can group players together to simplify the process or set individual payments. You have full control over many of the aspects of the payments including time period, amount, group overrides, and much more! Notice: I realize that Mojang is moving to the UUID system and i am working on getting it all set fro the transition frankly it should not be...
Blue Book logo

Blue Book

Apr 20, 2014 Mature
Blue Book - the Minecraft Pricing Guide Version: v1.7.1 This is the guide to all pricing in Minecraft! This plugin will tell you the value of any object in the game! Setting up a shop? How much should you sell a Diamond Chestplate for? Is that set of bookshelves a good deal? Stop picking prices at random and use this plugin instead! This plugin is perfect for admins who want to set up malls or stores quickly and not break the economy or to guide players. Prices are calculated from base prices...


Apr 19, 2014 Mature
iBank is an simple, easy to use and useful bank plugin. Its main features are: Bankaccounts: Everybody with the permission can create a bankaccount, where he can deposit,transfer or withdraw money. Interest: Everybody with a bankaccount, will get interest, but you can set different interests per region or account. Regions: iBank can be bound to a region or just work globally like all economy plugins. Loan: Everybody with a bankaccount, can request a Loan, has a maximum time to pay its Loan,...


Apr 19, 2014 Beta
Plain and simple description, it adds a whole new level to the game. Links RepoReport Issues HereFiles Overview This plugin is adding businesses and jobs to minecraft which allow you to conquer and edit the economy at a whole new level. The first new feature is businesses. Businesses are groups of players that go out and make money by completing jobs. Jobs are tasks like, collect wood, mine, etc. Once the person who made the job approves its completion, the business gets paid. Commands (+ -...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Latest Version: 0.3b Description: This plugin allows you to set up villagers as shops. They will sell items as admin shop (this means infinite stock). The shop will be displayed as two row inventory you can modify with chat commands as admin. Buy items from the top row and sell them at the bottom row. You may give custom names to shops and also use color codes (&). Please note that this plugin requires VAULT and a economy plugin like iConomy or Essentials. List of commands: To use this...


Apr 19, 2014 Planning
AdvancedShop - A dynamically priced server shop which is fairly intuitive and versatile; supporting both experience and money ~ Plugin requested by woebegone1 on http://forums.bukkit.org/ [Overview] - A simple to use server shop where prices change when you buy/sell - Supports experience or money - Can have different formulas for buy and sell - You can have the prices based on a configurable time period - Allows multiple names per shop item - Shops can have "Stock" and only sell if they are...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
=== UpgradeCore === UpgradeCore Allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, on the highest the upgrade highest the damage, which is configurable. A simple plugin that adds some Role Playing and some more items to die for! You get these items from configurable mobs. Make Sure to read everything before asking questions already here answered. The Plugin is still in Beta, bugs and glitches, if any are to be expected! Report them Please! _________________________ Features Drops UpgradeCores from...
Dragon Egg


Apr 19, 2014 Alpha
SurpriseEggs v1.1.3 Hold a dragon egg and then use /se open......Whooo! You opened a dragon egg! Features With this plugin, players that have permissions can open dragon eggs and get random rewards by type in a command or right click on a placed egg. Sure, everything is configurable! Commands /se open - open eggs on your hand /se reload - reload configs Permissions SurpriseEggs.use - right click to open an egg SurpriseEggs.open - use /se open SurpriseEggs.reload - use /se reload (OPs have all...

Griswold – NPCs repair your items

Apr 19, 2014 Release
Griswold NPCs now can repair and enchant your items! – Without any commands! Show your stuff to blacksmith and he'll tell you how much he wants for the job. If you agree – just pass him the item. Users have no commands (because they don't need them)! Simple! Features: Command-free native minecraft game experience. Repairing does not clear enchantments on enchanted items! Items that are fully repaired can be enchanted (optional)! Multiworld support. Fully multilingual. There are english,...

Item Bank

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Item Bank This plugin allows players to withdraw/deposit blocks and items into a virtual bank. The config allows for server owners to disallow certain blocks and items. Vault is supported for transaction fees when players deposit/withdraw items. There is also an option for a message to pop up in your console when a new update is available (this can be disabled in the config). Planned Features Localization - Request a language if it's not supported. Pages of Interest Commands and Permissions...
GoldBank Logo


Apr 18, 2014 Release
GoldBank – Banks, ATMs, wallets, and more! Having problems after updating to 3.0? Click here! UUIDs Click here to read about Minecraft UUIDs and how they impact GoldBank. Development Status I've found myself becoming increasingly disinterested in Bukkit plugin development in favor of game development (I talked about it on my blog a bit). Consequently, I've been spending less and less time on my plugins to the point where I haven't pushed a major commit in months. So, I'll be officially taking...


Apr 17, 2014 Release
Sell permission groups on your server! RankTimer allows administrators to create ranks players will be able to purchase. Once purchased players will gain permissions associated with that rank for a limited amount of time. This plugin depends on Vault in order to hook into the economy and permission plugins vault supports. Getting Started Configuration RankTimer was designed for easy configuration. All configuration can be done in game, or through a configuration file. In order to get started...