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Oct 31, 2014 Release
English: Did you want a plugin that adds a secondary economy? Did you want a Coin plugin that has a GUI and it is free? Then you found your solution! PowerMoedas is a plugin that adds a secondary economy called "Coins" (You can change this in the configuration), with that secondary economy, it is possible to you do a shop with a GUI where you can sell special itens ou even VIPs! Português: Você queria um Plugin que adicionasse uma Economia Secundária? Você queria um Plugin de Coins que...
EZRanksLite main logo


Oct 31, 2014 Release
Have you been looking for a plugin that allows you to have more flexibility with your rankups? EZRanksLite is the most customizable /rankup plugin! Quote from EZRanksLite:I depend on Vault! In order for me to charge players to rankup through your economy, I need you to make sure Vault is installed! You can get Vault Here Video tutorial by Koz4Christ Video tutorial by Mineplay.com You can try out EZRanksLite on DeluxePrison play.deluxeprison.us EZRanksLite is a stripped down, lightweight, but...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Oct 31, 2014 Beta
First, what is this plugin about? Grand Theft Diamond is a Minecraft plugin based on GTA. The most ideas of this plugin are taken from 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer'. You can rob safes and drive cars (Horses). There are custom guns and other items like Handcuffs, a flame thrower or a taser. You can select one of the two teams: Cop and Civilian. Civilians can become a gangster when they do criminal things like robbing a safe. But that's not all: Players also can buy houses and it's planned to...


Oct 31, 2014 Beta
TokenSystem TS is a simple pvp- and mobkillmoney-system. Now with Get Vault (Requires economy-plugin !) Commands CommandPermission /ts <info:reload>TokenSystem.admin Config Variables VariableDescription %kw%Killreward (Playerkills) %dl%Deathloss (Playerkills) %tn%Tokenname %p%Playername %k%Killername (only playerkills) %kmw%Mob-Killreward # Variables: Killreward = %kw% Deathloss = %dl% Tokenname = %tn% Playername = %p% Killername = %k% Mob-Killreward = %kmw% # Prefix-colorcodes:...


Oct 31, 2014 Beta
Description PrimeShop is an aspiring shop plugin, providing a dynamic price calculation algorithm built around the volatility of supply and demand. Items can be set to increase in price as they are purchased and decrease as they are sold back, simulating open market conditions. All item prices are perfectly balanced and correlate among one another. Items can be purchased by GUI, command, sign interaction or offered by a Citizens NPC. Features · Buy and sell items in-game via command, GUI or...


Oct 30, 2014 Planning
Hello everyone this is the first plugin i have made. This is a WIP so keep that in mind. The goal of this plugin is to turn minecraft into an Role Playing Game in which you have skill levels, revamped crafting techniques, protected and npc populated citys, and more (got cool ideas? leave them down below). This plugin WILL change alot of minecraft mechanics and is NOT made to be used together with other plugins!


Oct 30, 2014 Beta
BankX is an economy RP plugin that allows you to manage the economy of the server from NPC. It also allows you to store your inventory in a bank. All this from NPC Citizens. -==-==-==-==-==-==- Everyone who ask me to make a link between BankX and other economy plugins, I won't do that, because BankX is an economy plugin. I will add further some script to convert some economy data to BankX data. Thank you for your understanding! -==-==-==-==-==-==- @Thanks to KingFaris11 for saving inventories...

Monster Kill Tracker

Oct 29, 2014 Planning
This plugin is useful for server Owners that want to set a goal, like "If we can get 1000 creepers killed, we will have a drop party!" This plugin will track how many times each monster has been killed, and the total amount killed! All in an easily accessible config file! This Plugin features commands such as '/kills' and '/mobkills' to check how many times each mob has been killed in-Game! Eventually, as I work on it, I hope it to be a plugin that allows you to give customize messages &...

SimpleBounty Reloaded

Oct 29, 2014 Release
Prison Main Features Many bounty plugins are either outdated or to complex so I made a nice simple bounty plugin. This plugin is based of http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/bounty-plugin-beastbounty-d.319186/ Commands /bounty /bounty help /bounty place (player) (amount) /bounty unplace (player) How to install Download SimpleBountyReloaded and drop it into your plugins folder then reload or restart your server. TODO Nothing right now Milestones Coming soon


Oct 29, 2014 Alpha
Introduction This plugin gives you another view on the game. You have chances to get spin tickets while playing the game. You can earn your tickets killing mobs or just chopping or mining. Please remember that it is still in alpha so it isn't perfect. Features With this plugin its possible to get more experience from the game and have fun. The plugin adds a new view on the game. If you play dedicated on the server you have chances on getting items that are only gettable through spinning. It...


Oct 28, 2014 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the mainpage for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin ZombieVsPlayer is a round based Mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an Item Shop, an appealing Scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. ZvP makes use from the MCStats...


Oct 28, 2014 Release
SignTP Description SignTP is a very unique sign-teleport plugin. Unlike others of its category, this plugin offers unlimited custom sign prefixes, instead of the default blue [Warp] tag. It also offers a few more aspects of configuration, such as customizing the name of the plugin that's displayed in chat for players, the message that players receive when they're teleported and the ability to toggle that message, and the ability to toggle economic transactions. That's right, toggling economy....


Oct 28, 2014 Release
A simple plugin that will display a player's balance on a scoreboard. It will round the balance to the lowest ones place. Installation Download the plugin and put ScoreboardBalance in your plugins directory. Once you have finished, either reload or restart your server and you are good to go! Configuration Once you have installed the plugin, either reload and restart your server. To change some settings, navigate to the ScoreboardBalance directory located in /plugins. There, you will find the...


Oct 27, 2014 Release
EnderChest++ EnderChest++ EnderChestPP is a plugin that I made to replace the vanilla EnderChest. You access this enderchest the same way as you normally would, by right clicking on an enderchest. This plugin allows you to modify the amount of items that can be stored inside of an enderchest, allowing you to store more or less than the vanilla version. This enderchest can be accessed from any enderchest, and will persist through worlds. How to use EnderChest++ I strive to make my plugins as...

Better Shops

Oct 27, 2014 Release
Download now available! Latest version: 1.3.3 REQUIRES VAULT This Plugin runs using Vault's Economy System. This means that Vault AND an economy plugin (Ex: IConomy) must be used! Get Vault Features Fully automated shop system Easy clickable interface Easy to use and can become advanced if needed Customization Can make stocks infinite Shop Keepers And much much more! Information Leave a comment or Ticket if you have any suggestions! Donations are currently disabled because Paypal is giving me...


Oct 27, 2014 Release
KillCash is a plugin that allows players to earn cash for killing any type of mob or player. The plugin has a great amount of custom ability in order to provide you with the exact experience you are looking for. For the plugin to work as intended you must have these plugins installed: Vault Economy plugin (e.g. Essentials' Economy, BOSEconomy, iConomy, etc.) Features: - All mob types are defined separately in the configuration by amount of cash to give and whether or not a player should be...


Oct 27, 2014 Release
Thanks for 200 downloads <3 Test the plugin Do you want to test the plugin? Join the server maficraft.de and type /jump This server has the biggest jumpworld i've ever seen :) Description NOTICE: This plugin depends VAULT This plugin is used to reward a player with money for reaching a certain region of the world. When the Player presses a linked button or stands on a linked pressure plate they will teleport and receive money. Warps can also be set to take money instead of give it (pay to...

Enchantment Tokens

Oct 27, 2014 Planning
You can use enchantment tokens to add Custom Enchantments such as Haste,Speed explosive onto picks! Permissions & Commands: /tokens - Default: no permission. /tokens give <name> <amount> - OP /tokens remove <name> <amount> - OP /tokens withdraw - Default: no permission. /tokens balance <name> Default: no permission. How to make signs: -Enchant- Haste,Speed,Explosive,Efficiency,Fortune,Unbreaking,Nightvision <amountoftokens> -Sell- <amount> (This is to trade item tokens to Virtual tokens.)...


Oct 26, 2014 Release
YourGS YourGS is a new plugin made to let you buy chunks easily! All you need is WorldGuard, WorldEdit and iConomy on your Bukkit-Server. Version: 1.4 What is new in 1.5? Fixed a bug with custom region names and adding/removing Players Fixed a bug on /gs offer New Error-Handeling, errors now should be shown in red in the console Added an auto-updater, if you are op / have the permission yourgs.* it shows on joining a message that a new Version is aviable. Also it should be shown in the...


Oct 25, 2014 Release
It means "greed" in Spanish. Originally requested by xxBlazeCraftxx, Avaricia allows for server administrators to configure an item drop and effect to play when a player is killed during PvP. Current features: Drops an item after a PvP death Configurable item and amount Plays an effect after a PvP death Configurable effect type and duration Item-to-experience exchange signs Permissions restricted First line must read [XP], with lines two and three the item cost and experience levels in return...