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Jobs Reborn

May 29, 2015 Release
Original author and manager of this was phrstbrn. Looking for some one to make video tutorial for this plugin! A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job. Features UUID support Signs support API 4 events will be fired: JobsJoinEvent JobsLeaveEvent JobsLevelUpEvent JobsPaymentEvent Create your own custom jobs and choose what they get paid for and how...


May 29, 2015 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the mainpage for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin Zombie Vs Player is a round based minigame in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an item shop, an appealing scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. Want some gameplay first? No...


May 29, 2015 Release
FamoustLottery Current Version: 5.2 Introduction FamoustLottery is a full configurateable and translateable lottery plugin for Bukkit/Spigot Servers. It uses commands and the highly comfortable sign system which allows you to create signs instead of performing a mass of commands.It also supports items as payment(BETA) which allowes you to run this plugin without any economy plugin like vault and IConomy. This plugin is highly community based what means that almost every idea of a community...
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Anti X-Ray

May 29, 2015 Release
PREVENTS cheaters from taking all the good stuff for themselves, without the tremendous overhead of Orebfuscator. How does it work? Basically, players are limited in the amount of valuable ores they can mine, based on their play time on the server. Legitimate, non-cheating players probably won't notice because the default limits are generous, but xrayers will be blocked from mining ore too quickly. So cheaters can still cheat, but they can't take more than a non-cheating player's reasonable...


May 29, 2015 Beta
tested in craftbukkit-1.8-R0.1 server ChangeLog: v0.0.1 = First beta v0.0.2 = Changes in player move event processing v0.0.3 = Chest bug fixed v0.0.4 = Made some change to avoid lagging from playermoveevent v0.0.5 = Now using caching, so much less lag (hopefully) v0.0.6 = Fixed code that causing memory leakage (i'm watching in case if it happens again) v0.0.7 = Fixed memory leak problem v0.0.8 = No updates. just to make it compatible with 1.8.3. does not work with 1.8.1 v0.0.9 = Found a...

Loot Chests

May 29, 2015 Release
Loot Chests Have you ever wanted to add chests full of loot around your server? Well then you've come to the right place! Loot-Chests is a tool that enables server administrators to spawn Loot Chests randomly around a map. This plugin allows the server to spawn chests within a given radius of the center of the map. Admins can customize the amount of loot in each chest, as well as change the rarity of spawning a chest. This plugin can be used in Hunger-Games plugins, or just simple Survival....


May 28, 2015 Planning
UEssentials Reloaded This is the UltimateEssentials this plugin does things like Essentials but better And it will allow you to change the messages with the WinRar :) This is the most required plugin for public Servers How to Install Download UEssentials.zip Go to the zip Drag the plugins from zip like UEssentialsChat.jar AND MORE... Drag the plugins with jar format to your Plugins Folder Restart server or use Plugman And it will add you a UEssentials to plugins Commands The commands as same...

HeadBanner 1.8 [With GUI]

May 27, 2015 Release
HeadBanner This Plugin allows you to place a Banner on your Head! Commands: /BannerItem alias /BI - Give you the HeadBanner Selector Item! /Banners - Open the Banner Menu! /Banner <1-28 or the Name> - Put a Banner on your Head manuel without the GUI! BannerRotate <1-2> - Change the Banner on your head every Second through the Banners of the first or second side! Permissions: HeadBanner.Item.* - You have all of the following Permissions! HeadBanner.Item.Join - Allows you to get a Item on Join...

Name Color

May 26, 2015 Planning
This plugin allows a player to set their name to one solid color. The command is /nameColor and the permission is NameColor.use Watch the video :D Note: This plugin will not work with any other plugins that also manipulate display names. Two examples of this are group manager and essentials. In essentials it is possible to disable nick names and use this plugin instead.

Rainbow Armor

May 26, 2015 Planning
Permissions: RainbowArmor.* - gives player all permissions RainbowArmor.use - Allows armor to change on a player RainbowArmor.command.use - Allows a player to type /rainbowArmor RainbowArmor.command.give - Allows player to use /rainbowArmor give RainbowArmor.command.get - Allows player to use /rainbowArmor get RainbowArmor.command.reset - Allows player to use /rainbowArmor reset RainbowArmor.command.set - Allows player to use /rainbowArmor set RainbowArmor.command.equip - Allows player to use...


May 26, 2015 Release
----------------------- NOTICE Minigames will be moving to the spigot site, a link will be shown here once it is. ----------------------- Minigames is a plugin in which users can create and play several types of Minigames on a server, without the risk of losing items or XP when they die. Players can also use checkpoints so when they die, they are reverted back to that position. The Possible Minigame types are: Single Player - for jump puzzles, mazes etc. Last Man Standing - A multiplayer Free...

Quest World 2

May 25, 2015 Release
Description Quest World 2 is an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use Quest System offering everything you could possibly need for your RPG Server, or maybe even Factions or Prison One since it not only offers RPG related Quest Layouts but also simple Quests trading one Item for another. On its own, Quest World 2 has no Quests at all, the Server Owner has to create its own Quests, however there will be several Quest Packs available for download later on. Also, this Plugin is heavily inspired...
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May 25, 2015 Release
This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the latest file and put it into your plugins folder. When the plugin first loads, it will create a config.yml...


May 24, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters. Now you can get money from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters Run a console command as a reward Modifiers to increase your income for creative kills Many Achievements to collect Mob grinder detection Heavily customizable Language support. see How to localize MobHunting Requirements To use MobHunting, all you need is Vault and a Vault compatible...
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May 24, 2015 Release
Hotels Hotels is a plugin that allows server admins to create hotels and rooms within them, then rent the rooms out to their players. Below is information about the plugin. I advise you have a read through it. But don't take my word for it, try the plugin out for yourself! This project is also available over at Spigot Requirements (The following versions of plugins suggested are the ones that work with this plugin) Minimal Requirements: Compatible Spigot or Bukkit version Compatible version...
Light On


May 24, 2015 Mature
You can now give pistons certain abilities which extend their basic boring nature. Supports: LWC (command 'pcpassword <password>' allows the user to assign a password to a piston, to give to LWC password protected chests) Lockette Secure Chests About: Whenever you place a piston it will be registered in your name. This prevents players from destroying them or claiming them for themselves. PistonChest supports the above plugins which can prevent a piston from accessing a chest if they do not...


May 24, 2015 Release
MobCatcher Capture mobs and get eggs legitimately: Version: 3.18 This project has moved over to SpigotMC! Thank you guys so much for all the downloads on BukkitDev. Head on over to SpigotMC to download the latest version of MobCatcher. This page will no longer be updated. MobCatcher allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. This is useful for trading and transporting mobs from player to player or even across worlds. As well as having a configurable capture item,...
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May 23, 2015 Planning
EzItemShop (English) With this plugin you can create shops with a sign at a chest. At the sign you write in the 1st line [Shop], in the 2nd line what you sell, and in the 4th line the ID of the cost-item. Here you'll find all item-id's. Now is the shop created! In the chest you put all what you want to sell. But let even a little space for the items that you are going to earn. If you want to buy something, you can click with the cost-item in your hand on the sign. You'll get the next item,...
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May 22, 2015 Release
VirtualPack [ Configuration ] [ Commands & Permissions ] [ Download ] [ Source ] With this plugin, players can buy and use a workbench, an enchantment table, chests, furnaces, brewing stands and a bunch of other tools. Completely virtually. Accessible by chat commands. Required dependencies: Vault, WorldEdit. Optional dependencies: ProtocolLib (see Configuration/Materializer) Notice According to the Bukkit rules, I have to make you aware of: Quote:This plugin uses the Curse API to check for...


May 22, 2015 Release
Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wide, region-wide (parents) and region-specific | Region-limits for players,...