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Apr 21, 2015 Mature
Randomized rewards for voting Home | Permissions | Commands | Config Guide | Files | Change Log | Dev VoteRoulette is a comprehensive, customizable, and fun Votifier vote listener. VoteRoulette allows you to make a list of rewards and players will receive one at random when they vote for your server on Minecraft server lists. This makes voting exciting and different each time a player votes and will encourage them to vote again to see what they will get next time! Features Extremely flexible!...


Apr 20, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters. Now you can get money from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters Run a console command as a reward Modifiers to increase your income for creative kills Many Achievements to collect Mob grinder detection Heavily customizable Language support. see How to localize MobHunting Requirements To use MobHunting, all you need is Vault and a Vault compatible...


Apr 20, 2015 Planning
EconStocks What is EconStocks EconStocks is a plugin that adds Lotto, Op Requests for loans, and Stocks Shop. Lotto is a Lottery System where players can click on signs and buy "Tickets". Can only hold up to configured amount. Loan Requests use two commands: one to ask for a lone, the other for ops to grant them for that player. Stock Shops are signs that can be spawned. When they are clicked, if the player has enough money, stocks can be bought or sold. Features Lotto Loans Stocks Prices for...


Apr 20, 2015 Release
KillerMoney v3 When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge/give money or even give any item or run a command. Twitter | Donate Donators - Order by donation amount ( $2+ ) DonatorServer NameServer IPServer Website iMCGamer [ $5 ]GritNetworkplay.gritnetwork.mehttp://gritnetwork.me David [ $3 ]HexagonMChexagonmc.euhttp://hexagonmc.eu Abilities of the plugin: Giving or chargeing a player by either a fix amount of money, or random between a max and minimum amount when they kill an...

Multi World Money

Apr 20, 2015 Release
Multi World Money Version: 2.0 Keeps money localized to worlds This plugin is for multi-world servers that want to keep money separate between worlds. For example, you have a server with the following worlds: Survival Creative A Skyblock Acid Island Prison PvP MultiWorldMoney will give players a separate balance in each world! Teleport between them and the player's balance will change. Players can check their balance using the /balance command and see what they have in each world. Players can...


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Thank you for 5000 downloads! In case of confusion, cbroshin101 is, in fact, Mr_Rhetorical! COD-Warfare is a plugin based on the popular game "Call of Duty" that adds new PvP modes to your Bukkit server. COD-Warfare requires absolutely no mods. Whether you choose to use COD-Warfare as a mini game, or base your whole server on it, COD-Warfare is the perfect plugin for any server. Create guns, build maps and play with your friends game modes that make Minecraft way more fun. News Download...


Apr 19, 2015 Release
VoteShop I always wanted a voting plugin that offered basic rewards and a voteshop. Both that where easy to configure. You will notice that it is efficient and goes beyond "getting the job done". DEPENDS: Requires votifier! TIP: When you first download, please do a server restart or reload twice! Features Easy to configure. A VoteShop inventory GUI that can be configurated. A token currency, with commands to add, remove, and check your balance. A test vote command to test the rewards. A vote...
RewardingTheVoter Banner


Apr 19, 2015 Release
ATTENTION DONATORS Donators can have their servers advertised/promoted here Click here to donate Servers SomeSkyblock - Play.SomeSkyblock.net Dependencies VoteVerifier Features Custom commands for rewarding voters Can do any command when voter votes Custom variables for commands Config commands: #Commands that run when someone votes - "broadcast &b{player}&a has voted online and received &c1 diamond!" #Command that will run when someone votes - "give {player} diamond 1" #Command that will run...


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the mainpage for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin Zombie Vs Player is a round based minigame in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an item shop, an appealing scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. Want some gameplay first? No...


Apr 18, 2015 Release
ATTENTION DONATORS Donators can have their servers advertised/promoted here Click here to donate Servers SomeSkyblock - Play.SomeSkyblock.net Features Verifiers votes Connects with vote listeners No errors Config host: (The IP Address of your server) port: (Random open port on your server, not the one you're running) debug: (Tries to fix errors, so forth) Voting Sites Setup like Votifier: Give the website your public RSA code Give the website your VoteVerifier port & server IP Recommended...


Apr 18, 2015 Planning
NGX-SELL NOTE: YOU NEED NGX-CORE http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ngx-core-v2/ TO RUN THIS, BECAUSE IT'S AN ADDON, NOT A PLUGIN! === Features === - SellAll - SellGUI - Multipliers ===Commands === /sell - Permission: ngx.sell - Usage: /sell ===Demo ===

Jobs Reborn

Apr 18, 2015 Release
Original author and manager of this was phrstbrn. A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job. Features Create your own custom jobs and choose what they get paid for and how much. Leveling mechanic where higher level jobs will give higher incomes. Income earned = experience gained. Equation determining maximum experience, experience gained and income...
Better Shops Logo

Better Shops

Apr 18, 2015 Release
"The revolutionary shop plugin" Download now available! Latest version: 1.6.0 REQUIRES VAULT This Plugin runs using Vault's Economy System. This means that Vault AND an economy plugin (Ex: IConomy) must be used! Get Vault Screenshots View Screenshots Here Tutorial View Tutorial Here Features Fully automated shop system Easy clickable interface Easy to use and can become advanced if needed Transaction History Customization In-game Configuration Editor Easily change Price, Stocks, Amounts, and...


Apr 17, 2015 Release
Give players potion effects with simple commands. Including custom effects! Now supports creating potions too! SuperPotions allows you to give yourself, others, or the whole server potion effects. SuperPotions has 23 different effects (All of them!) to choose from! With SuperPotions, you can give potion effects with a custom level and duration! Plus, you can remove potion effects in case you create a magical disaster or just want a fresh start. Included potion effects are: blindness,...
BullionEconomy Logo


Apr 16, 2015 Beta
BullionEconomy Quick Description BullionEconomy's goal is to create an economy that is based almost entirely on physical items in Minecraft. Most economies are based upon a bank that holds your money for you at all times and when you make a purchase, it just subtracts that amount from your bank directly. BullionEconomy is different, however. If you want to make a purchase, you will need to go to an ATM an withdraw the money from your account, then go and make the purchase with the money that...


Apr 16, 2015 Release
SilkSpawnersEcoAddon - Get charged when you change a mob spawner Version v1.0.5 SilkSpawners v3.6.1+ (NEEDED): Click! Description Do you want to optional equip SilkSpawners with an economy feature? This little addon will charge the users money via Vault when the change a spawner I'm happy to hear about your opinion, just leave a comment with a feature request, bug, improvement or just a personal opinion. As a reminder I want to say that I really appreciate a 'thank you' in form of a donation!...

PlayGrid Minecraft Plugin

Apr 15, 2015 Release
Website - Donation Shop - Player Management - Community - Free Getting started with PlayGrid is easy: Register Download API key Restart server Here is a more detailed setup guide. For more information, check out our support site. Features Get an instant website for your server Customize the look and feel of your site Display important information like server status and players Add unlimited pages of content to your site Full featured forum system for player discussions Link your domain to...


Apr 13, 2015 Release
An extraction minigame mode from the popular game LoadOut. How to play? On the game start one player from each team is choosen to be collector. Collector must earn blutonium by sneaking at dropped blutonium and drop it to one of the compressors by moving to distance 3 blocks from compressor. If collector die in 5 seconds is choosen new another collector. Features Multiple arenas Simple drop-off mechanics Throwing blutonium Original minigame Customizable score to win TO-DO list Compass...


Apr 12, 2015 Planning
Version: - Currently Version 1.8.3 Info: - SimpleVoteLinks is a plugin that can help you tell players where to vote on your server. - Unlimited links may be used when configured in the config. Permissions: - svl.vote - gives players access to /vote Contributers: - Frosted_Nuggz


Apr 12, 2015 Release
A HoldTheItem minigame mode originaly from ChaosFaction2 How to play? At the beginning of the game plunger is spawned on the PlungerSpawnPoint which you specify by command /ap setPlunger <arena>. You must pick it up and every second you have the plunger your team gain 1 point. If plunger is on ground for 30 second (customizable) it will be teleported back to PlungerSpawnPoint. Team with more points or team which first reach points defined by command /ap setScoreToWin <score> wins. Features...