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Feb 01, 2015 Release
FastTravelSigns: Simple Exploration/RPG-Friendly Warping Source Code: Github Mirror: Mirror These are the exact same jars that I upload to BukkitDev. MC-Stats: Stats I'm looking for someone to create a tutorial video about this plugin because the one below is pretty old. I will link some videos on this side. I am mostly searching for someone to create a video in english or another language. Tired of warp plugins that give your users access to a full range of public warp points as soon as...

Enchantment Tokens Addon

Feb 01, 2015 Release
This plugin works with Enchantment Tokens (dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/enchantment-tokens) to add Backpack signs from the plugin PrisonUtils (dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/prisonutils)! You must be running the latest version of both plugins for this to work! == Signs: == -Backpack- <slots> (Like 9 18 27 ect) <etokenamount> It'll automatically create the sign for you :)


Feb 01, 2015 Mature
CommandsForSale CommandsForSale is an extremely lightweight plugin that allows for commands to be blocked until they are purchased. Operators, moderators, and the console are exempt from needing to purchase commands. Each command is set up in the configuration file with the price and all other alises of the command. The configuration is designed to be fool-proof. All you have to do to create the settings for a plugin is to add it to the list at the top of the config and viola, all the needed...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Description: I released a simple economy system, what can be used in your plugins You can just hook into LegendCoins API, and make coin system in your plugin ;) It is SQL-based plugin. You can use SQLite or MySQL, it can be done in config file! Features: Double-Coins! You can set it to true, and get money 2x! Days for double coins! You can set days of week, when double-coins will work! Counting days of week from Monday! Lightweight and simple to use! You can use it in your plugins! Very...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
CouponCodes View this project on Github Report issues and request features on Github Aid in translating this project to your language on Crowdin! What is this plugin? CouponCodes allows you to create and redeem codes and coupons. The coupons can give you multiple items, economy money, or even in-game ranks. You can customize each coupon such as how many times it can be used and for how long it can be used. Features Create coupons to give items, xp, ranks, and economy money Localized for...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Welcome to CoinFlipping! This small and simple plugin is a great way to have a little fun on your server! Commands: /bet - Make a bet (Heads or Tails) {Alias: /b} /flip - Flip the coin {Alias: /f} If your bet is correct, you will receive a diamond! Permissions: None


Feb 01, 2015 Planning
KillStreak Deutsch Hauptfunktionen: Für das töten ander Spieler bekommst du Punkte diese kannst du Später eintauschen. Nach 5,10,20,25 Kills wird an jeden Spieler eine Nachicht geschickt das du einen Kilstreak hast, desweiteren bekommst du extra Punkte für einen Killstreak. Alle Nachichten des Plugins können in der Config nach belieben verändert werden. English Mainfunction: You will get Points for killer People, you can exchange the Points later . At 5,10.20.25 Kills everyone on the Server...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Invalid Image EnderGames This is a complete Endergames plugin . Commands - /endergames <Show You all> - /stats <Show your stats> - /setholo <Place the Hologramm for the stats> - /setlobby <Set the lobby> . /start <start the game quickly> The permissions are : for all Commands without ./stats only with op ! The map are generated random !

Ancient RPG

Feb 01, 2015 Beta
Quote:This Plugin work with Bukkit: 1.2.x - 1.7.10 German Page: >>> Klick me <<< English Page: >>> Klick me <<< Forum: >>> Klick me <<< Ticket: >>> Klick me <<< Changelog: >>> Klick me <<< ToDo: 01.02.2015 ██████░░░░ 60 % Info Pages ████████░░ 80 % Officiel Server █████████░ 90 % Example Class █████████░ 90 % Example Race █████████░ 90 % Example EXP █████████░ 90 % Example Spells ███████░░░ 70 % Example HP/DMG █████░░░░░ 50 % Tutorials ████████░░ 80 % Build v 1.0.0 █████████░ 90 % New Wiki...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Description QuickSell allows your Players to sell their Items very quickly. This can be useful for Prison Servers, where People no longer have to search and go to these awkward Sell-Signs. No more. They can just type in /sell and an Inventory will pop up. This Inventory will show you a) All available Shops allowing you to choose one (if you have the required Permission of that Shop) b) an empty Inventory. You can throw Items into this to sell them. Inventory a will only be opened if you have...
Throw 2


Feb 01, 2015 Release
EggCatcher This plugin allows the players to get the new Spawn Eggs from Minecraft 1.1 by throwing regular eggs at mobs. It is intended to be simple to set up and use. The plugin is open source and can be forked on github. If you make any changes, pull requests are appreciated. Current features Configurable mob health limit. Respects animal protection plugins such as GriefPrevention Compatible with all trading plugins. Very simple, throw an egg at a mob and it will be turned into a spawn egg....
BPM 37093


Jan 31, 2015 Release
With the DiaPusher plugin you can press with the help of pistons coalblocks to diamonds. It works in every direction :D Version 2.0 will be there soon - new coal states between coal and diamonds How to use: Set two pistons against on floor, two coal blocks between them. Then power the pistons and you´ll get a diamond. It also works standing, but don´t blockade any pistons, because maybe it wouldn´t work. Example: More examples :D Testet with Craftbukkit 1.7.2 R0.3 Commands, Permissions, and...


Jan 31, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters. Now you can get money from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters Modifiers to increase your income for creative kills Many Achievements to collect Mob grinder detection Heavily customizable Language support. see How to localize MobHunting Requirements To use MobHunting, all you need is Vault and a Vault compatible economy plugin Bonuses Brawler A bonus...
Blue Book logo

Blue Book

Jan 31, 2015 Mature
Blue Book - the Minecraft Pricing Guide Version: v1.9 Video Review (In German) This is the guide to all pricing in Minecraft! This plugin will tell you the value of any object in the game! Setting up a shop? How much should you sell a Diamond Chestplate for? Is that set of bookshelves a good deal? Stop picking prices at random and use this plugin instead! This plugin is perfect for admins who want to set up malls or stores quickly and not break the economy or to guide players. Prices are...
WebAuctionPlus 1.1.3


Jan 31, 2015 Beta
WebAuctionPlus - eBay for Minecraft! A minecraft/bukkit shop plugin for your website! This is a rewrite of the original WebAuction with many new features and improvements. I've made to many improvements to the code to list on one page. Many of my plans require big changes and a lot of new code. As with any new code, bugs are to be expected, so please bare with me and report any bugs you come across. Forum - Comments Installing Guide - IRC Chat Note: It is strongly recommended you backup your...


Jan 30, 2015 Release
EasyListener is a VAULT-Listener that reward your players with money, items or EXP when they vote on your voteservice. Fixed some issues More german translations Fixed ListenerUpdate command Renamed /votesite to /vote Send them messages when they vote, only for the specific player Use english or german language. Configurable money and items. Set the website that is shown when a player votes. Example: <name> voted on: <yourvoteservice.com> Broadcast don't work if rewardmessages setted to...

PlayGrid Minecraft Plugin

Jan 29, 2015 Release
Website - Donation Shop - Player Management - Community - Free Getting started with PlayGrid is easy: Register Download API key Restart server Here is a more detailed setup guide. For more information, check out our support site. Features Get an instant website for your server Customize the look and feel of your site Display important information like server status and players Add unlimited pages of content to your site Full featured forum system for player discussions Link your domain to...


Jan 29, 2015 Planning
<title> AntiHitPlayer </title> German Dieses Plugin ermöglicht es Spieler zu schlagen ohne das Der Andere Spieler Schaden bekommt . English Thi plugin make it possible that you can hit other players without demage ====== Funktionen Funtions ====== Das Plugin funktioniert ohne Commands oder Permissions ! The Plugin works without Commands or Permissions !


Jan 29, 2015 Planning
Tired of players asking for day all the time? Well then this is the plugin for you! PayForDay enables users to pay money to a balance so that when it reaches the configurable threshold, the time is set to day. This means that players don't have to pay the full threshold themselves but several players can put money in to the balance and make it day. If not enough money is raised the balance will carry over to the next night. This sytem allows players to choose when to make it day but still...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the mainpage for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin ZombieVsPlayer is a round based Mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an Item Shop, an appealing Scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. ZvP makes use from the MCStats...