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Feb 06, 2016 Release
Double Or Nothing Sign Gambling Note: If updating from version 1.3 to 1.4 you need to redo all your DoN signs! This is because of the new way signs are made. What am I? This plugins enables your players to gamble with signs. Players can bet a certain amount of money (set on sign) and they will have a 50% chance of that money getting doubled or they have a 50% chance of not getting anything from it. Features Sign gambling Command gambling NPC gambling 50%/50% ratio of win/loss Commands - /don...

Simulated Item Market Shops

Feb 05, 2016 Release
Simulated Item Market Shops Description ==== Tired of always having your servers shop prices being static? Well now is the time to bring added realism to your bukkit, spitgot or tekkit servers. SIM offers a configurable price system, that is also based on the supply and demand of the item. You are also allowed to trade not only with a global shop with players. All economy and permissions plugins are supported Dependencies ==== - Vault Features ==== Buy and sell via ingame commands and signs...

iConomy 7

Feb 05, 2016 Release
Latest Beta: 7.0.1 (English) / 7.0.3 (non-English) Latest Stable: 7.0.4 The previous iConomy plugin was way outdated (2012), so I decided to make my own and here it is: iConomy 7 Enjoy using it. Made by Hecataeus A simple, and easy to use economic core. It provides an easy to use API / service for other plugins to utilize to create innovative and new creations like lottery systems, card games, shops, and more. Your imagination is the limit, and iConomy 7 is just plugging in. Donations!!!...
companies logo


Feb 05, 2016 Release
X#X If you like my plugins why not buy me a beer and keep me coding X#X X#X donate at the top of the page X#X Companies NOTE REQUIRES VAULT PLUGIN What is it? Companies is a trading plugin, allowing players to create their own company, employ other players in the company, settings wages for them, employees can then either do jobs for other companies who can pay the working company, or they can produce items to stock company chest shops to earn the company money. How does it work A player...


Feb 04, 2016 Release
This is a fork of Essentials called EssentialsX. View major differences here https://github.com/drtshock/Essentials/wiki Chat, spawn, and other modules (not group manager) can be found on the Jenkins page. They are merely made to work with our versioning system and don't need to be maintained. If you are using this, do NOT ask Essentials for support. The official upstream repository is at https://github.com/Essentials/Essentials Please report issues at...


Feb 03, 2016 Release
EssentialsRecovered German: EssentialsRecovered (ERec) ist eine Essentials Version für die 1.8 und höher. In dieser Version sind bzw. werden alle Befehle, welche man auch im originalen Essentials findet, wiedererkennen. Dieses Projekt wurde auf die Beine gestellt, da die offiziellen Entwickler keine 1.8 Version herausgeben wollen, da es keine offizielle "craftbukkit 1.8" mehr gibt. Spezielle Funktionen Es kann farbig geschrieben werden Es können farbige Nicknames benutzt werden Im Chat können...
ZvP Cover


Feb 03, 2016 Release
Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer This is the main page for version 2.0 and above for older documentation visit this page. About this Plugin ZombieVsPlayer or ZvP is a round based mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an item shop, an appealing scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. Want some gameplay...


Feb 02, 2016 Release
KillCounter KillCounter is designed to be a tool to measure the amount of kills a player has! You can change players' kills in-game, so nothing is required out of game. KillCounter uses the config to keep track of kills, so unlike other plugins, you won't need a mysql Features - Easy permissions - User friendly - Ingame manipulation Upcoming Features - Leaderboard(Toggleable) - Toggleable Economy - Custom ingame messages - Any suggestions from everyone here! - Easier to use commands! Known...


Feb 01, 2016 Beta
Features Classes Create your own classes, each with its strengths and weaknesses. A player can switch between classes and experience all of them. Spells SpellCollection If you can code, you can design your own spells. Do you have a nice idea for a spell and you cannot code? Then let me know and if it is possible I will code it for you. You can assign up to 8 spells to one class. Video about spells. Mobs myRPG offers an easy way to create your own custom mobs. Decide where they spawn, how they...

Towny Premium

Feb 01, 2016 Planning
Town Premium is a plugin that lets you make towns and nations to fight each other in war! This plugin was made in my love for towny and I decided "Hey! Why not make my own towny plugin if I love it so much" So im giving this plugin to you and will continue editing this until I think its finished. -=+=-THIS IS STILL IN PRE-DEVELOPMENT-=+=- Not Much of this plugin is finished! im sorry about any bugs or glitches and if you find any contact me. -=+=-FEATURES-=+=- you are able to create towns and...


Feb 01, 2016 Release
A set of basic functions for Minecraft servers. Goal is to be practically a one stop shop for all your plugin needs. Please comment down below if you got ideas, suggestions, or have found bugs. A set of basic commands that allow you to manage your server and entertain players. Easy to modify and change configurations. Notifications when a player is punished (For: /ban, /tempban, /kick, /mute, /warn, /unmute, and /unban). A built in economy with commands to use the economy. Easy to handle...


Jan 31, 2016 Release
COD-WARFARE Thank you for 14,000 downloads! You can now purchase COD-Warfare Premium here! OFFICIAL SERVER About the Plugin COD-Warfare is a plugin based on the popular game "Call of Duty" that adds new PvP modes to your Bukkit server. COD-Warfare requires absolutely no mods. Whether you choose to use COD-Warfare as a mini game, or base your whole server on it, COD-Warfare is the perfect plugin for any server. Create guns, build maps and play with your friends game modes...


Jan 31, 2016 Beta
This Is My First Plugin The plugin Core is mainly a plugin that will contain commands made by EndyFreaky.Our aim is to help improve Minecraft. Now before you continue reading,I have an important thing to tell you.If you have any problems or bugs need to be fixed,please state it in the comments section with the error log in ur console and remember too that this plugin is still in beta mode! Upcoming Updates -Going to add alot more new plugins together with this and combine with .rar. -Still do...

Very Simple Mob Rewards

Jan 31, 2016 Planning
This is a very simple mob rewards plugin. After getting frustrated with the currently available options, I decided to make my own that does exactly what it says: offers simple economy based mob rewards. How It Works Whenever a player kills a mob they are given that mobs maximum health through the economy system. Features Simple Works with all Vault compatible economies Doesn't give money to the server's fake player. This means mob grinders on modded servers won't cause [minecraft] to gain...


Jan 31, 2016 Release
MyPet-NPC What is MyPet-NPC? MyPet-NPC is a simple addon for MyPet that adds Citizens-traits which allows MyPet-owners to store their MyPets. Every WorldGroup has it's own storage so you can not transfer MyPets between WorldGroups. How to install MyPet-NPC? install MyPet install Citizens put MyPet-NPC jar file into plugins folder set up permissions create an NPC and assign trait Which traits are there in MyPet-NPC? The Citizens traits are called: mypet-storage -> MyPet Storage mypet-wallet ->...


Jan 30, 2016 Release
MobMoney Get paid to kill mobs? Yes I know that can seem quite bad but hey, its only a game after all. What else is there to really say? Installation: Step 1: Drop MobMoney into your plugins directory and start the server. Step 2: Stop the server. Step 3: Open the config.yml file that has just been generated in the MobMoney directory. Step 4: Edit values to suit yourself. Step 5: Start your server and enjoy :) Dependences: Vault Any economy system such as iConomy. Source Code Wanted to see...


Jan 30, 2016 Release
Home | The Team | Credits | Commands and Permissions | Donations ShowCaseStandalone is like ShowCase but without the dependancies, and a more efficient way to create shops. With SCS, you can buy, sell, and display items, which float above blocks. You can use most of the major economy and permissions plugins with this, along with some special options for Towny. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved...

Jobs Reborn

Jan 30, 2016 Release
Original author and manager of this was phrstbrn until v2.12.0 version. Supports 1.7 and 1.8 servers Looking for some one to make plugin's video review/tutorial! A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job. UUID support Mysql/SqLite data base systems Locale files Sign command support Sign top list support API Create your own custom jobs and choose what...

Horizon Professions

Jan 29, 2016 Beta
Horizon Professions is a highly configurable professions plugin designed for heavy RP servers. It was originally designed and written for my science-fiction roleplay server, Project Horizon, but I have been moving towards releasing it for other servers as well. The default configuration suits a science-fiction theme, but can be altered to work with medieval and modern servers just fine! Features Each player begins at the lowest tier in each profession and must progress by earning experience...

Enjin & DonationCraft 2.x

Jan 28, 2016 Release
Enjin - DonationCraft - Donation & Website Plugin Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin - DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin! DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) - ALL FREE! ChestShop GUI! (On by default) Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details) Cumulative Packages - Automatically discount or offer upgrades on items...