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Apr 15, 2014 Release
At this page is not enough place to describe all features of myRPG! Here are the most important ones listed! To find out more about myRPG you should read the wiki! Features Economy system Level system Skills Races Classes Guilds Quests Custom Weapons Npcs: Quester provides diverse kinds of quests Trader deals with you Teleporter transports you to remote locations Guard protects you against monsters and other players Blacksmith upgrades custom weapons Priest preaches about races and classes...


Apr 15, 2014 Release
floAuction - In-game auction software floAuction provides a powerful chat based auction system with many options to help control "spam" and scams and many customizable features making it perfect for any server. Help support development of floAuction: Donate Notable Features! floAuction has too many customizable features to reasonably put on the main page here, but here's a list of notable ones. Full language customization, even (with the use of WhatIsIt) item names themselves. Auction house,...

Simple Item Lottery 2

Apr 15, 2014 Beta
SimpleItemLottery2 Craftbukkit plugin. Lottery tickets to item prizes or cash prizes. Supports item meta. Usage OPs define a prize list, then make lottery tickets, then give them to players. Players right click the tickets to randomly get a prize (item or cash) from the prize list of a prize class. Feature Class of prizes and lottery tickets Relative probability Support items of anykind Optional econ (Vault) support Commands /silot2 add <prize class=""> <probability> [money amount] - Hold an...


Apr 14, 2014 Beta
What is CoinsReloaded? CoinsReloaded is a economy based plugin made by Pixxima(My minecraft name) or NineDiamonds on BukkitDev. It has tons of features and more features to be planned. Why should i use CoinsReloaded? CoinsReloaded is going to bring RPG servers to a whole new level. It has a API implemented for other plugin developers to make plugins that hooks into CoinsReloaded. CoinsReloaded is not only for RPG servers its made for any server owner that wants a coins based economy system!...


Apr 14, 2014 Release
About: This is a jobs plugin designed to allow staff members to create and modify jobs for players on their servers. It was originally designed to be a no-fluff get-to-work kinda plugin, but I've been hard at work adding numerous OPTIONAL features. Players can log in, get a job, and start making money right away. Admins can modify every aspect of a job from in-game. Some players (Optional feature) can even create jobs for other people to work at, and they have the same job-modding commands as...


Apr 14, 2014 Release
This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the file and put it in your plugins folder. When the plugin first loads, it will create a config.yml file in...

Companies Plugin

Apr 14, 2014 Release
Ever wanted to own a company now you can! This plugin allows you to create your own company and employ people to work for you! Permissions create a company: companies.create (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!) edit the default config: companies.config (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!) add lines: companies.config.add (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!) adit lines: companies.config.edit Up Coming Features A full plugin Stock markets Notes The current version is a dev version it is not meant for full plugin use! Links GitHub GutHub...


Apr 14, 2014 Release
ChestMail ChestMail is a plugin which allows players to set mailboxes, which they, and others, can send items to be deposited. Optional support for economy plugin is provided via Vault. Features Set mailboxes Send mail to established mailboxes Remove your own mailboxes Optional Economy Support Tab completion for sending mail and removing mailboxes Commands & Permissions Configuration Legacy Versions Upcoming Features Logging of all items sent Better way to look up mailboxes (Use tab complete...
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Apr 13, 2014 Release
GoldBank – Banks, ATMs, wallets, and more! UUIDs Click here to read about Minecraft UUIDs and how they impact GoldBank. Development Status I've found myself becoming increasingly disinterested in Bukkit plugin development in favor of game development (I talked about it on my blog a bit). Consequently, I've been spending less and less time on my plugins to the point where I haven't pushed a major commit in months. So, I'll be officially taking a break. I don't know how long this break will...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
PvPMoney Home | Commands | Configuration | Permissions PvPMoney is nothing new, it's just a simple plugin I wrote for giving players monetary rewards for killing others and I thought I could share it with you guys. I originally wrote this plugin because KillerMoney wouldn't work for me, no matter how I tried it, I got frustrated and started looking into ways to write my own version and sure enough, after a few hours I had a fully working plugin, given another few hours and I'd made it fully...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
uConomy uConomy introduces a user-driven economy to your Minecraft server! With a flexible gold-based economy, items are no longer sold at fixed prices by the console as players can choose what to sell and at what price. uConomy is currently NOT under heavy development and won't be updated until needed. Features uConomy is a command-oriented, gold-based economy plugin with much to offer. Utilizing a flat-file storage system, uConomy persistently keeps track of sales and balances with Bukkit's...


Apr 13, 2014 Beta
EAUCTIONS Welcome to EAuctions. This plugin is made for owners that wants an auctions feature on their servers. This allows players to start an auction on command. When an auction takes place other players can bid on it using /bid. The player with the highest bid wins the auction and the item the player auctioned. For this plugin to work you will need Vault. Vault makes sure that the Economy is working and that players get their money. Without Vault the plugin will automaticlly disable...
Demonstration 1


Apr 13, 2014 Mature
Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY: Version:2.1.3 This plugin is used to counter X-RAY Client mods. It modifies data that are sent to clients to hide blocks of your choice, such as Ore, chests, dungeons, etc. It does not manipulate blocks in the world file, thus is safe to use. ProximityHider is a feature that hides chests that are far from players. Forum link http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/38385 Configuration Guide https://github.com/lishd/Orebfuscator/wiki/How-to-properly-configure-Orebfuscator...
AntiXRay Logo Small 2

Anti X-Ray

Apr 13, 2014 Release
PREVENTS cheaters from taking all the good stuff for themselves, without the tremendous overhead of Orebfuscator. How does it work? Basically, players are limited in the amount of valuable ores they can mine, based on their play time on the server. Legitimate, non-cheating players probably won't notice because the default limits are generous, but xrayers will be blocked from mining ore too quickly. So cheaters can still cheat, but they can't take more than a non-cheating player's reasonable...
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Apr 12, 2014 Release
VirtualPack [ Configuration ] [ Commands & Permissions ] [ Download ] [ Source ] With this plugin, players can buy and use a workbench, an enchantment table, chests, furnaces, brewing stands and a bunch of other tools. Completely virtually. Accessible by chat commands. Required dependencies: Vault, WorldEdit. Optional dependencies: ProtocolLib (see Configuration/Materializer) Features User-side features: Chat-based access to the features of those blocks: Workbench Anvil Enchantment Table...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
IP: proxis.midgardmc.eu HeroStronghold is the best Town plugin out there because you can require players to have houses, forges, farms, inns, hospitals, etc before they can create a town! If you dont think minecraft is addicting enough, what about minecraft tycoon? What if you could make structures that cost money, but give you items/money over time? That's exactly what this plugin does! I imagined using this plugin as a way to reward players for building certain strutures/shrines, but it has...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
Players earn money when they kill mobs or players! If you are using version 1.x of KillerMoney and you would like install the newer 2.x version, then you must remove older config.yml! Twitter | Donate | Video Donators - Order by donation amount DonatorServer NameServer IPServer Website Donator Name [ $x ]Server NameServer IPServer website Features You can configure in config.yml: Enable or Disable per mobs Define earned money amount per mobs ( fixed or random ) Define negative amount per mobs...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
----------------- == Money 4 Kill == Plugin for server PvP , RP and Mini-games with economy ! == Asset == light and very fast Code! Possibility of putting several gains by world Addition of Multikill with drop kick items in the next one updated --------------- === Features === Get money per kill Multiple permissions ( Example: world pvp, minigames or VIP player ) Configurable price and message in config.yml softdepend: [Vault] Message color possible with " " Message:"&6Your Message :)"...
Logo SmallEconomy


Apr 12, 2014 Beta
SmallEconomy Plugin WebSite click here to visit web site Features This plugin is simple use,you create account add money remove money. Version Java: 1.7 Version Plugin: 1.9 Commands commandsdescription /econ setCreate new account/set Account /econ addAdd money in player /econ removeRemove money in player Permission permissiondescription smalleconomy.setto player acces set account. smalleconomy.addto player acces add money in account smalleconomy.removeto player acces remove money in account...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
AethierPay is the custom plugin used by the Aethier Roleplay Server that allows users to be paid for mining Stone and various ores. The plugin was designed to fill a gap we found in bukkit plugins where we could find no suitable plugin that filled this purpose in the way we wanted to, but a few hundred lines of code later and we have a working plugin. How does it work? AethierPay actively monitors the blocks broken by the player to see what they were broken with and what the block was. The...