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Crate Reloaded

Nov 26, 2014 Release
Crate Reloaded Now with Keys, GUI, and the Original Mystery Crates Introduction Crate Reloaded is an plugin that allows you to create Crates to give great rewards and prizes! Crate Reloaded is fully customizable and features four types of crates .... Supply Crate Mystery Crate Menu Crate Key Crate Forums Come check out the forums! Don't be afraid to ask for anything. Useful Links Full Documentation Commands Permissions Configurations Request an Feature! Report an Bug Preview Documentation...


Nov 25, 2014 Mature
This plugin provides a sign-based activation mechanism for all sorts of doors, levers and buttons. Mechanisms can be activated by right clicking on a sign. Doors will change their open state (no double doors yet), levers and stone-buttons will activate , for a certain amount of time, then deactivate/switch back, depending on sign setup. The access can be restricted, so players may or may not have access depending on the syntax of a sign. Maintenance Phase Due to timing constraints i will most...

Gift Plugin

Nov 25, 2014 Beta
Your project's name should contain the name of your project. The name of this project is Gift Plugin Your project's description should contain a sales pitch within the first 500 or so characters, as this will be displayed on the projects listings. This plugin should make friendships in no time. Your project's description should also contain detailed information on what your project has to offer, how to install it and use it, and so on. The Gift Plugin allows players to send various gifts to...


Nov 25, 2014 Release
RaidShop Description: Plugin economy with gold Raid servers! More can also be used in factions or survival servers! Use any way you want! He said as it is based on a gold economy! Where people can buy items from other people with the gold you have in your account! The plugin does not depend vault! Commands: /sell <amount> <item> <price> - sale a quantity of item from your inventory for a price! /balance - see how much gold is in your account! /deposit <amount> - deposit a certain amount of...
Logo By RaphaelSimon

Experience Bank II

Nov 25, 2014 Release
Go to any EXP bank sign, see your own stats, and deposit or withdraw EXP. Just one EXP bank can manage the EXP of the whole server. Click here for the SPANISH documentation [Experience Bank II v0.1.0] This plugin was created at the request of Stormbow (Check him out :) ) It uses a similar mechanic to my other plugin: Individual Signs Plus - You can walk up to any EXP Bank sign and see your OWN stats! - There is no limit to how many people can look at and use a single sign - You can have as...


Nov 24, 2014 Release
About Hello, I am Sizableshrimp0 the author of MyEssentials. MyEssentials is a great Essentials plugin with many features which you can see below. This plugin is the updated plugin from Bukkitfly. It will have updates occasionally and it is a very fun plugin and I hope you try it out! Commands /fly: Enables flight /heal: Heals player /feed: Feeds player /gmc: Sets gamemode to Creative /gms: Sets gamemode to Survival /gma: Sets gamemode to Adventure /air: FIll up your oxygen underwater /fire:...


Nov 23, 2014 Release
Introduction How often have you asked yourself "And what should I do with all of my 5 Level?" ? Now here's the Solution! Now you can send any Online Player some of your level! You don't own an Enchantment Table or the needed Fortune III Diamond Pickaxe? No Problem! Just send someone your Levels and maybe he/she will enchant it for you! Commands It's as easy as giving birth! Commands are xpt <player> <levelamount> and xprequest <player> <levelamount>(v.1.4) with the Permissions xp.trade &...


Nov 23, 2014 Release
Description QuickSell allows your Players to sell their Items very quickly. This can be useful for Prison Servers, where People no longer have to search and go to these awkward Sell-Signs. No more. They can just type in /sell and an Inventory will pop up. This Inventory will show you a) All available Shops allowing you to choose one (if you have the required Permission of that Shop) b) an empty Inventory. You can throw Items into this to sell them. Inventory a will only be opened if you have...


Nov 23, 2014 Release
$Commands For Sale$ Whether you want to make commands purchasable for 10 players of several hundred, CommandsForSale can handle it. CommandsForSale is an extremely lightweight plugin that allows for commands to be blocked until they are purchased. Operators, moderators, and the console are exempt from needing to purchase commands. Each command is set up in the configuration file with the price and all other alises of the command. The configuration is designed to be fool-proof. All you have to...


Nov 22, 2014 Release
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx Features Give an item to all online players, at once. Support for data values. Details This plugin allows you to give ALL of your online players an item (and an amount of that item) at once. Permissions GiveAll supports SuperPerms. Node: giveall.give Defaults to?: Op-check Commands Command Arguments : /giveall <item_id>(:data) (amount) Description: This will give all of your online players the <amount> of <item id> .Data is optional. If omitted, defaults to...


Nov 22, 2014 Release
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx I've been looking for a while for a plugin which would let me to give all my players some free money. I haven't found one, so I created GiveAllMoney. It requires Vault and a compatible economy system. --- Permissions: --- Player: GiveMoney.user.menu - allows to show /giveallmoney (only user command) GiveMoney.user.dispose - allows to divide given money by number of online players and give each player the amount, takes money from player's account - command...


Nov 21, 2014 Planning
What does the plugin does?: DiscoArmor is a very cool plugin that you can use for donators. I hope all of you guys enjoy my plugin and I'll keep adding this till it's fully perfect. I'm working now on a hub plugin, with DiscoArmour. I hope all of you have fun with my plugin and I'll tell when I release my hub plugin! Permsissions: Adding it soon.. Changelog: 1.0 Version with no commands


Nov 21, 2014 Release
This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the file and put it in your plugins folder. When the plugin first loads, it will create a config.yml file in...

Knapsack (backpack)

Nov 21, 2014 Release
If you are NOT running 1.0.16 You Should Update Now!!** filename: knapsacks-v1.0.15a New Build: 1.0.16a - Releasing this week! Some other minor fixes. Biggest piece of this release is the final adjustments made to Auto-Fill. Click Here To See Knapsacks Knapsacks are backpacks on steroids for MineCraft. Injected with a ton of options for both players and server owners, Knapsacks should prove to be a valuable asset to any MineCraft server. Description Knapsacks allows players to craft and/or...

Ancient RPG

Nov 20, 2014 Beta
Quote:This Plugin work with Bukkit: 1.2.x - 1.7.10 German Page: >>> Klick me <<< English Page: >>> Klick me <<< Forum: >>> Klick me <<< Ticket: >>> Klick me <<< Changelog: >>> Klick me <<< ToDo: 20.11.2014 █████░░░░░ 50 % Info Pages ████████░░ 80 % Officiel Server █████████░ 90 % Example Class █████████░ 90 % Example Race █████████░ 90 % Example EXP █████████░ 90 % Example Spells ███████░░░ 70 % Example HP/DMG █████░░░░░ 50 % Tutorials ███████░░░ 70 % Build v 1.0.0 ████████░░ 80 % New Wiki...


Nov 19, 2014 Release
KillItems PvP rewards made easy. Purpose KillItems is an easy-to-use PvP reward plugin. It allows you to give players extra gear in the middle of the battle. Function Each time a player kills another, they will receive all items in the configuration file. Configuration Each line must be in the format ID : Amount Here's a sample config: 262 : 16 264 : 1 Line one, will give a player 16 of item ID 262, which is an arrow. Line two, will give a player 1 of item ID 264, which is a diamond. Lines...

prison essentials

Nov 18, 2014 Planning
hello and welcome to sheepcraft-prison-essentials. this server plugin adds: ◾Auto smelts all ores ◾All items go straight to inventory ◾Fortune works on blocks ◾And it checks if the inventory is full, if it is the player gets sent a message! ◾No hunger ◾No fall or suffocation damage Commands and Permissions ◾/nightvision (alias /nv) - sc.nightvision ◾/screload - sc.reload I will be adding more soon


Nov 17, 2014 Release
UpgradeEnchant About Upgrade any enchantment with just one command! Info To upgrade your enchantment, use /upgradeenchant <enchant_name>. Afterwards it will either take away a defined amount of money from your account or a defined amount of experience levels from your account, and then it will upgrade your enchantment by one. So if you had an Efficiency II pickaxe in your hand and used the command, "/upgradeenchant Efficiency," your enchantment will be upgraded from Efficiency II to...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Description Are you also get annoyed that you need many small plugins to bring the server up and running? With many small plugins, the server begins quickly to stutter. Now there is this plugin! A collection of many plugins and they are growing! Config # 1.0 updater: true mcjail: true commands: true simplesmelt: true teamboard: true mcstatus: true teammessage: true killreward: true killplus: true logspawn: true # 1.1 antipvplog: true pluginmanager: true # 1.2 jumpnrun: true timelock: true...


Nov 15, 2014 Alpha
Societies is a revived version of the original SimpleClans and is targeted to support a wide range of minecraft servers. At the moment Societies only supports Bukkit, but as new server implementations come up support will be added (Sponge support is confirmed). “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofmann SimpleClans was borne out of the need for a self-sustaining drop-and-go system that could be easy to picked up by new players...