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Creeper Spawner Recipe


Sep 22, 2014 Planning
Introduction This plugin lets you create every mob spawner there is. Permissions Not sure if i am adding any permissions. Config Not sure about a config either. How to install Download CraftableMobSpawners.jar. Put CraftableMobSpawners.jar in your "Plugins" folder. Reload your server and test it out. Crafting Recipe list: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/craftablemobspawners/images/ Bugs Found any bugs, Post them in the comment section


Sep 21, 2014 Release
RewardVoting {Planned Features/Progress, Commands} Are you tired of looking for a good votifier listener? Does it seem that you can't find a good one? Then this is the plugin for you! RewardVoting allows you to give your players rewards for voting on your server! This plugin is very customizable, you can give how many items you want, how much money and xp you want, and you can even customize the messages that are broadcasted! Download RewardVoting today! Features Give items Give Potions Give...
EZRanksLite main logo


Sep 21, 2014 Release
Have you been looking for a plugin that allows you to have more flexibility with your rankups? EZRanksLite is the most customizable /rankup plugin! Quote from EZRanksLite:I depend on Vault! In order for me to charge players to rankup through your economy, I need you to make sure Vault is installed! You can get Vault Here Video tutorial by Mineplay.com You can try out EZRanksLite on ThetaCraft mc.thetacraft.com EZRanksLite is a stripped down, lightweight, but very customizable, economy only...


Sep 21, 2014 Beta
Description PrimeShop is an aspiring shop plugin, providing a dynamic price calculation algorithm built around the volatility of supply and demand. Items can be set to increase in price as they are purchased and decrease as they are sold back, simulating open market conditions. All item prices are perfectly balanced and correlate among one another. Items can be purchased by GUI, command, sign interaction or offered by a Citizens NPC. Features · Buy and sell items in-game via command, GUI or...

Invite Rewards

Sep 20, 2014 Release
Do you want more player on your server? Give rewards if someone invite a player!!! This plugin work very well and with this plugin player can't make a lot of account to recive rewards because the player who invite the invited player must have differents ip to recive rewards! Rewards are fully customizable! Example: Player Ugo invites players Giovanni, Carlo and Dino. Player Giovanni joins. Player Ugo gets rewarded if the ips of Ugo and and Giovanni are different! Players Ugo logs out. Player...


Sep 20, 2014 Release
Description This is a Lightweight plugin so mobs drop economy money! This plugin makes it so all mobs will drop a configurable amount of economy money when killed This plugin is different from all other Is light Have configurable language REQUIRE VAULT & ECONOMY PLUGIN ( iConomy 4,5,6, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, EssentialsEcon, 3Co, MultiCurrency, MineConomy, eWallet, EconXP, CurrencyCore, CraftConomy, AEco, Gringotts) Command No command! Permission No Permission Basic Instruction for the install...


Sep 20, 2014 Release
Portuguese Tutorial Description This is a Lightweight plugin so buy crackshot weapons from signs! This plugin create a configurable weapons shop for CrackShotPlugin! REQUIRE VAULT & CRACKSHOT PLUGINS Command No command! Usage The usage is very simple: Put a sign on the wall First line: [CrakShop] Second Line: Name of the weapon Fourth Line: $<price> Permission crackshotshop.create (Create SignsShop) Basic Instruction for the install location Download CrackShotShop.jar Put CrackShotShop.jar in...


Sep 20, 2014 Release
Description QuickSell allows your Players to sell their Items very quickly. This can be useful for Prison Servers, where People no longer have to search and go to these awkward Sell-Signs. No more. They can just type in /sell and an Inventory will pop up. This Inventory will show you a) All available Shops allowing you to choose one (if you have the required Permission of that Shop) b) an empty Inventory. You can throw Items into this to sell them. Inventory a will only be opened if you have...


Sep 19, 2014 Release
This plugin is a light-weight vote listener for bukkit servers! It is quite configurable in some aspects as well. Features: - Custom messages to be broadcasted when a player votes - Custom commands to be executed when a player votes - Variables Commands: - /vlistener - Main command to show version - /vlistener reload - Reload the config file Permissions: vlistener.reload - Permission for the reload command Want a feature made? Just tell me! Git: vListener Git


Sep 19, 2014 Release
Config | Shop Config | Commands&Permissions ServerShop-gui is a shop system. It allows players to buy item from a defined item list. It uses a Inventory to display the shop GUI. This plugin requires Vault, other than that, just drop it in plugins (make sure you have Vault plus a supported economy plugin installed) Features Put any Items you want in the Shop Configure Amount and Price Lightweight and simple to use Plugin Open the shop either with a right click on a defined Item or a command...

Crate Reloaded

Sep 19, 2014 Alpha
Crate Reloaded Introduction Crate Reloaded is an plugin that allows you to create Crates to give great rewards and prizes! Crate Reloaded is fully customizable and features four types of crates .... Supply Crate Mystery Crate Menu Crate Key Crate Forums Come check out the forums! Don't be afraid to ask for anything. Useful Links Full Documentation Commands Permissions Configurations Request an Feature! Report an Bug Preview Documentation Need to know how to create crates or what the commands...


Sep 18, 2014 Beta
Welcome to BookLibrary Bukkit Plugin What is BookLibrary? BookLibrary is a bukkit plugin to manage books on a server. It has quite lots of features e.g uploading,editing books to a database, getting books from there via command or ingame block, book sales with integrated ranking, subscribe functions and many more. Installation is quite as easy as installing any other plugin. Features Creates a library using a database Commit your books to earn money Rating system Search the database Create...

HeroPlayers 2

Sep 18, 2014 Planning
HeroPlayers 2 HeroPlayers is back, it have a lot of bugs but it works With HeroPlayers you can give Players on your server Drink effects # -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Effects-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # 1 ~ Speed | 2 ~ Slow | 3 ~ Haste # 4 ~ Fatigue | 5 ~ Strgth | 6 ~ Health # 7 ~ DMG | 8 ~ Jump | 9 ~ Nausea # 10 ~ Regen. | 11 ~ Resist. | 12 ~ FireRes # 13 ~ Water | 14 ~ Invisibl| 15 ~ Blind # 16 ~ nVision| 17 ~ Hunger | 18 ~ Weak # 19 ~ Poison | 20 ~ Wither | 21 ~ HP Boost# 22 ~ Absorb | 23 ~ Saturate| 24 ~...


Sep 18, 2014 Release
Plugin Description LuckyBar is a casino-type plugin.Many servers has this as a custom plugin and alot of people are asking for it,and so thats the reason i decided to create this plugin.It is a very light-weight plugin where u can buy "Beer" from Zombie Pigman(I can change) and u have a chance(configurable) to win something when u drink it.Please help by supporting our plugin! Configuration The config file can be found here Tutorial Video To Be Implemented! Credits This plugin is created from...


Sep 17, 2014 Planning
Description Can you imagine a server where players work together like in an RPG game, but every single role in the entire society is filled by one or more players? A server where everyone can have jobs, houses, plots, shops and other businesses! There is a custom valuta and players can trade and buy stuff using it. You can have employees working for you if your company is succesful, or you can try to climb up the ladder in the company you are working for to become a rich player! But your city...


Sep 17, 2014 Release
WarCash The WarCash plugin is a plugin for economy, but not a normal economy. The economy is own plugin which may be given by the commands, with her player can have fun buying items full enchant and only spending the economy plugin. Features Buy items, among others with the command /cash buy Shows your current cash with the command /cash Adds cash to the player with the command /cash add Remove the cash players with the command /cash rem Resets the player of cash with the command /cash rst...


Sep 16, 2014 Release
FastTravelSigns: Simple Exploration/RPG-Friendly Warping Current Version: v0.8 (September 16, 2014) for Bukkit 1.7.9-R0.2 Source Code: Github Jenkins-CI: Jenkins Tired of warp plugins that give your users access to a full range of public warp points as soon as they're given a certain permission? Want to encourage your users to explore rather than teleporting everywhere? Want to make them work a bit for their instant transportation? FastTravelSigns may be for you! This plugin provides a means...


Sep 15, 2014 Release
ZamorConomy About plugin Plugin ZamorConomy is the simply economy plugin. For developers Commands Command:Permission:Description: /moneyzamorconomy.moneyDisplay player account. /payzamorconomy.paySend money to player. /givemonayzamorconomy.giveGive player moneys. Permissions zamorconomy.money: # Gives access to display player account. zamorconomy.pay: # Gives access to pay. zamorconomy.give: # Gives access to give a moneys. Groups zamorconomy.*: # Gives access to all ZamorConomy commands....


Sep 13, 2014 Planning
Chance-based key-and-chest rewards system, with more to come. This plugin requires Java 7 or later LotteryBoxes allows you to assign chests as "lottery boxes" - Locked boxes that have a chance of being opened by an item assigned as a key. If the box is opened successfully, then a configured reward is picked randomly from within, with regard to their configured weighted chances. Origin This plugin was inspired by this plugin request thread. Many thanks to Jduffygames for the idea! Features...


Sep 13, 2014 Planning
-=Description=- This plugin allows people to get rewards for voting! This plugin is activly supppoted and WORKS with 1.7.10. This plugin is configurable and almost always can give you exactly what you want! -=Message to youtubers=- I am currently looking for someone to make a video for this plugin! The best video after a few days will be featured on this plugin page. Every video must show how the plugin WORKS and a setup tutorial (including config). Post a link to your videos in the comments!...