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Simple Tool Counter

Sep 16, 2014 Planning
Basic Outline A simple plugin that shows you the number of blocks you have broken using a tool/item/block in the lore, using a custom message. Configuration display.message (&6You have broken &e%COUNT% &6blocks.) - The message shown via lore, replacing %COUNT% with the number. display.lore (true) - Should the counter display in the lore (otherwise item name)? display.override (false) - Should the counter override existing item names? whitelist.tools (true) - Should the lore be shown on tools?...


Sep 16, 2014 Release
Want to try to program with the new Minecraft Pi API but don't have a Raspberry Pi yet? RaspberryJuice implements a subset of the Minecraft Pi modding API for Bukkit servers. The plugin listens on port 4711, and accept most of the Minecraft Pi commands, which are documented at http://wiki.vg/Minecraft_Pi_Protocol . The plugin supports the majority of the api's supplied with the Pi edition and most examples will work. Minecraft Forums thread Currently implemented commands: world.getBlock...


Sep 14, 2014 Planning
Boss message using Enderdragon or/and Wither,Work standalone and has API Work with Bukkit/SPIGOT 1.7 and 1.8 ​ Features: - AutoMessage - Player name support - Custom API Commands: /BossBar reload - bossbarapi.reload Installation: Simply put `BossBArAPI.jar` in Bukkit/spigot plugins Folder. Restart/reload the server , then edit the config. To Do - Sppport icon - Support more Variables: World, Onlive player,Rank, server, Economy.... API import me.mgone.bossbarapi.BossbarAPI...


Sep 14, 2014 Release
{ WildSkript } ... is addon to plugin Skript that increases the set of events, conditions, effects, expressions, types and this add new elements! Plugin focuses on comfort and performance. I'm trying to add everything that come to mind. WildSkript also has a lot of functions, which in the beginning are difficult to understand. However don't worry! - In time you'll understand. ! Download Latest Version DOWNLOAD: WildSkript 1.8 for 1.7.2 - 17.10 WARNING: This file isn't approved by BukkitDev...


Sep 13, 2014 Release
What is this? This is my own core, in which all (or most of the more complicated) of my plugins will use. Why? The issue with Bukkit coding is that at a certain point, doing things over and over again get annoying. Saving stuff to a configuration, doing commands, typing multiple lines to create a simple item, etc. The point of this library is to make my life easier by putting these simple things in a single library. Why would I want to use it? Well, first off you'll need it to use whatever...


Sep 13, 2014 Planning
-=Description=- This plugin allows people to get rewards for voting! This plugin is activly supppoted and WORKS with 1.7.10. This plugin is configurable and almost always can give you exactly what you want! -=Message to youtubers=- I am currently looking for someone to make a video for this plugin! The best video after a few days will be featured on this plugin page. Every video must show how the plugin WORKS and a setup tutorial (including config). Post a link to your videos in the comments!...

Vanish, Ender vanish

Sep 11, 2014 Beta
EnderVansih - The ultimate vanish plugin Download | Commands & Permissions | Config | Source | IRC About EnderVanish is a simple vanish plugin that allows player to vanish or unvanish. it's easily configured and it's very simple in use only one command to vanish and unvanish. What is included in EnderVanish View vanished players if you have the permission :) Vanish list Easy config Silent chest opening Each user can toggle on and off what he wants to use Version: 1.0.0 Recoded the whole...
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Massive Core

Sep 11, 2014 Mature
Overview MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins. MassiveCore contains utilities for: ItemStack and Inventory serialization Command programming Plugin integration programming Data storage with json Disc IO ... and much more Useful Links Full Documentation GitHub Report a bug Installation Note: There is no point to installing MassiveCore on it's own. A few other plugins make use of MassiveCoreand if you want to...


Sep 10, 2014 Alpha
Regarding Bugs While MGLib is now out of alpha testing, that doesn't mean it's necessarily bug-free. If you do encounter a bug with MGLib (not *your* plugin, please), create a ticket describing the issue. Even if you're not a developer, you can still create a report! It really helps! What is MGLib? MGLib is a library designed with ease-of-use in mind, and made to assist plugin developers in creating minigame plugins. Generally speaking, almost all minigame plugins have the same basic...


Sep 10, 2014 Planning
MetaChanger - The easy way to Change Item-Meta This Plugin is a very little Plugin to change the Item Meta of the item you hold in your hand. Commands: /meta <meta> -> Changes the Meta of Item you hold in hand. Permissions: metachanger.use

UUID Finder

Sep 10, 2014 Release
UUID Finder This is a plugin i made for people that want to find out someones UUID. Recomended to use wen changing you're players to the new UUID format. NOTE: This is mostly made for developers of a server and for admins. NOTE2: UUID means User Unique ID that is the id for players added in MC 1.7+. Commands: Use /uuid info to get general plugin info. Use /uuid reload to reload the config. Use /uuid [player] to check other players UUID. Permissions: /uuid permission: "uuid.find" /uuid info...

[LIB] EndHQ Libraries

Sep 07, 2014 Planning
EndHQ Libraries Do you love the Bukkit library, but wish you could make some of the more complex possibilities easier? I've spent a while putting together good libraries that exist and writing my own. Features Easily put an image on a map! Interactive chat! You can send chat messages that do things when players click on them using a StringBuilder-type system! mkremins (Fanciful) Easy particle spawning! Entity Control! (1.7.2 version only) kumpelblase2 (RemoteEntities) It is very easy to use,...


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
AxeEffect How To Use Plugin You Must Turn Your Server Off When You Turn It off Copy The (Axe.jar) To Your Plugins Folder Then Start The Server How Use Commands You Can Use /Blindness Get The Blind Axe And Also You Can Use /Poison To Get Poison Axe /poisonblindness To Use The Both of Effect in Your Axe Dont Forget To Donate <3 <3 :)


Sep 06, 2014 Release
UUIDLib For Server Owners If you have been directed here by another plugin that requires this plugin to run, simply download that jar file and drop it in your plugins folder. You don't need any further information on this page. About This Plugin UUIDLib is a library that allows you to create an identifier using any character sequence that points to a UUID with Bukkit. This Library allows for enhanced security and ease-of-use when trying to identify players. For example, if you were creating a...


Sep 05, 2014 Planning
== GDcore == The OFFICIAL GDcore! What is this? This is a basic testing utility, but, soon, the features will expand. Well... I wanna support it. The beta is not available at the moment. we are sorry The Commands /gdcore data - Version information /gdcore bc - Broadcasts a Hello Minecraft World! Test chat unit /gdcore player - Makes player join for a split second to test data /gdcore player text - Tests Text
PluginThief Banner


Sep 05, 2014 Planning
PluginThief What does "PluginThief" do? "PluginThief" is a simple anti-plugin-steal plugin, which blocks /?, /ver, /version, /pl, /plugins, /about, /help with custom messages, which can be edited in the configuration file. This plugin also sends a message to seperate players/groups, which got a permission to see, who's trying to steal plugins. Commands - /ptreload » Reloads the config - /ptrl » Reloads the config Permissions - PluginThief.Reload » Permission to reload the config -...


Sep 04, 2014 Planning
SwiftApiVault An extension for SwiftApi that allows VaultAPI remote procedure calls. Installation Just drop the jar file into plugins folder. Make sure you have SwiftApi installed. For the client, follow the SwiftApi instructions to use the thrift generator, but use it on SwiftApiVault.thrift instead. You can find the .thrift file on SwiftApiVault's bitbucket Usage You will be able to get a new service for your client using Thrift. Check out the Thrift generated documentation (tar.gz archive...

Holographic Displays

Sep 03, 2014 Release
░█░░█░███░░ Ever wanted to create floating name tags, but without entities below? This plugin allows you to create custom Holographic Displays. ░█░░█░█░░█░ You can edit them line by line, providing an easy management system. You can load a hologram from a text file, or even from an image. ░████░█░░█░ There is plenty of commands to edit them, to add, remove or change lines. The holograms are loaded dynamically and efficiently (Read the ░█░░█░███░░ description for more)...

New Relic Reporting

Sep 03, 2014 Planning
This Bukkit plugin allows people with a free or paid New Relic account to send performance data about their Minecraft server and details about core events that occur on their server to New Relic's platform for analysis and graphing. Installation Create a New Relic account, if you don't have one. Download the latest New Relic Java Agent for manual installs from New Relic's Web Site. Unzip the archive in the root directory of your minecraft server. The same location as your Craftbukkit jar. Add...


Sep 02, 2014 Release
NewDevAPI Welcome to NewDevAPI! This API is for new bukkit developers still trying to figure things out! This API provides multiple things to help you, such as broadcasting, killing all players and more! Usages: For server admins this plugin has no use, unless you have a plugin that uses this API. On the other hand, for developers you must setup the plugin into your project, and I will show you this setup by step guide on how to do so! Just click Here. Requests To request a method just simple...