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King's Pad

King's Pad

Feb 23, 2015 Beta
Information This plugin use the 1.7.2 minecraft version! Non compatible with other versions! This plugin gives you the possibility to fly just passing over a pressure plate. Instalation Put King's Pad intro the plugins folder. Run your server. Enjoy this plugin. New Version Without Bugs DOWNLOAD King's Pad for Bukkit 1.7.2 without BUGS Permissions No Permission Required No Requires Plugins Version New Versions: 1.7.2 Bukkit Add More Pads:...
BattleArena Logo


Feb 23, 2015 Release
Battle Arena Minigames Framework, PvP, and Solo combat with limitless customization Battle Arena 2? Welcome to the new home of Battle Arena. The original plugin Dev's discontinued this project and has been picked up by community members familiar with it. Expect bugs to be squashed, spankin' new features to be added, and new updates to keep coming! A new wiki is being setup with tutorials, information, and the likes as well as a brand new website. Thank you, - The BattleArena2 team. Our Wiki...


Feb 23, 2015 Planning
DESCRIPTION AntiKillAura counts how many clicks per second a player hits another player. If a player hits a player more than the amount of times you set in the configuration, then the player will be kicked. Also you will receive notifications telling you if someone is getting kicked for hacking. HOW-TO (Calling all Youtubers!) 1. Download the resource 2. Add it to your plugins folder 3. Restart/reload your server 4. Open the AntiKillAura folder inside of the plugins folder 5. Open the...


Feb 22, 2015 Planning
This is a plugin I am Developing for servers that want to share their social media such as Youtube, Twitch, And Website through commands. The Current Commands are: /sm help - Displays the help page /sm - Displays Info about the plugin /social - Alias to /sm /website - Displays Website Link (Can be edited in config) /youtube - Displays Youtube Link (Can be edited in config) /twitch - Displays Twitch Link (Can be edited in config) Permissions: NONE! :)


Feb 22, 2015 Alpha
Information This plugin will block the use of eggs in your server. Any user who attempts to throw an egg will be kicked with a message that will ban the use of eggs Instalation Put EggBlock intro de plugins folder. Run your server. Enjoy this plugin. Permissions No have Permissions Requiered No requieres any plugin. Version Alpha v1.1 for Bukkit 1.7.2 EggBlock Alpha v1.1 DOWNLOAD HERE Beta v1.1 for Bukkit 1.8 EggBlock Beta v1.1 DOWNLOAD HERE


Feb 21, 2015 Planning
This is going to be WillowRealms server plugin called town creator you basicly just create towns and you can invite people to your town! This plugin also includes gold used too pay for your towns tax every month of 10 gold ingots a month. If it is not payed your town will be earased and your buildings will be left open. You can have only one town! Commands. /towncreate (size in blocks) (yes or no mod spawn) (max members) (your ign) /townerase (deletes your town) /towninvite (player name)...
WaterBucket Logo


Feb 21, 2015 Alpha
Help support development of WaterBucket: Donate WaterBucket is a modding API which give plugins easy ways to add custom items to Minecraft(with client-side modding). It also provides some misc utils for normal plugins(such as smart recipe handling). It does nothing on it's own without other WaterBucket plugins installed. The clients will require to have Forge and OmniPaper installed to see custom stuffs. Here is an example plugin that adds two swords(Custom resource pack required) Features:...
CC Emblem


Feb 20, 2015 Beta
This plugin opens a whole new world of using commands ingame. You can use requirements and variables in commands, or even make your own script ingame! The commands of this plugin return values, informations of the execution too. Let's have an example, there is the new teleport command in this plugin. What is it good for? Teleport.. sure. But it can teleport mobs as well. Even collected from a given region. When it's called and finished the process it returns the informations about the...

[CC] BlockScripts

Feb 20, 2015 Alpha
BlockScripts Blocklines BlockScripts provides you the abbility to place commands on blocks. A block can have as many lines as you want. The lines are under each other, they are counted from 1. You can use this index in commands as links to the line. The executions goes from up to down, and executes all commands. If error occurs it will be printed ingame and the process will stop. In the commands you can use the <player> tag, which will be replaced on each execution, use cc script commands and...


Feb 20, 2015 Release
PingAPI lets you listen for outgoing ping responses and modify the data that is being sent. You are probably wondering how this is useful when there is a ServerListPingEvent. This event is nice, but my implementation supports 'animation,' setting the online player count, and a lot more. Features Modify the online player count and the max players Change the player sample (list of players shown when hovering over the player count) Fake the protocol name and version to display text instead of...


Feb 19, 2015 Release
For Old Versions click here Description skRayFall is an addon to the plugin known as Skript. It adds many more features and even some bug fixes to make it play nice with 1.8. Features for skRayFall are constantly being added make sure to check the documentation for a full list of features Features skRayFall adds many new updates to Skript linking many popular plugins with compatibility. skRayFall has support for: Citizens EffectLib ProtocolLib Votifier It adds many new possibilities like...


Feb 18, 2015 Release
Official website View the javadocs View the documentation View the source code on Github Download the latest version on Github Report issues and request features on Github Aid in translating this project to your language on Crowdin What is this plugin? CouponCodes allows you to create and redeem codes and coupons. The coupons can give you multiple items, economy money, or even in-game ranks. You can customize each coupon such as how many times it can be used and for how long it can be used....


Feb 18, 2015 Release
Sve is a dynamic scripting language comparable to Lua and JavaScript. Sve can be used for making more intelligent redstone systems, minigames and small plugins. It is also a handy calculator. Tutorial · Configuration · Examples Quick start Download sve.zip. Extract Sve.jar to the plugins folder. Extract svefiles folder to the server root folder (the folder where the plugins folder is). Execute command /svefile svefiles/all.sve. It must be executed when server starts to load all libraries....

Hover Message

Feb 15, 2015 Alpha
Want a message that appears when you hover over your player count like all the popular servers have? Well you're in luck! = HOVER MESSAGE! = Is this a copy of PlayerCountMessage? Well, not exactly. My goal is to provide you with a similar, yet more advanced way to get the same experience. As this is still in alpha, I am determined to provide you with a more advanced and phenomenal experience. ;) REQUIREMENTS: ProtocolLib.


Feb 14, 2015 Planning
PEXBLOCKER Commands from PEX Blocked: /pex /pex user /pex group /pex ? Config File You can edit the messages said to the commands blocked in this config file and plugin. Do not add your own blocked commands! Commands: | * /pexblockreload TODO Add permissions to the commands. Each command blocked will have a permission.


Feb 14, 2015 Release
What does this do? This plugin is designed to block certain commands that view your plugins list or other like that. This will be really helpful for when the server starts gaining players and some are plugin grabbers and see what plugins you have. Here's the commands that are blocked: /plugin - This shows the plugins on the server. /pl - This is a sub-command to view plugins. /plugins - Original plugin view command /? - Plugin help viewer, listing commands for the plugins installed. Reload...


Feb 14, 2015 Beta
STAPI What is STAPI and what does it do? STAPI allows you to make your server appearance much better for games, when people join, and more! This plugin uses the new 1.8 feature that sends titles that appear on the players whole screen and/or messages in the tab list of players. Installation is very simple, drop the .jar in your plugins folder and use it for any plugin you need for. Using the API API USE: In order to use the plugin put STAPI inside your plugins folder. To use the API add the...


Feb 14, 2015 Release
Magic Lib This is a utility library used by the MagicWorlds plugin, or other plugins, to provide some useful functionality. This plugin does nothing on its own, but it may be required by another plugin in order for that plugin to function properly. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Plugins Known to Use MagicLib : Magic provides this library, if...

Short Commands

Feb 14, 2015 Release
Overview: This plugin allows you to manage your custom server commands on-the-fly. This means that you can add or remove commands whenever you wish, without needing to entirely remove the commands from your plugin, modify the plugin.yml file, or reload the server. Commands may be added or removed at any time, and changes take effect immediately. All commands are logged to the console normally. Creating custom commands is a breeze using the ShortCommand API, and adding them is as simple as...


Feb 13, 2015 Release
Turret Language What is Turret Language (TurretLang)? Turret Language is an alternative to YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language or Yet Another Markup Language) with several differences that should help the plugin developers to create more user-friendly configuration files. Please note that TurretLang is not a plugin itself, but just a Bukkit-related API. Comparation to YAML TurretLang is designed to read plugin configuration files. Unlike YAML, it supports all Unicode chars (except those...