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Oct 19, 2014 Release
LotteryJackpot CRONIKS-MC A Croniks-MC Developed Plugin I have tried to make this plugin as simple, and yet powerful as possible. The lottery does not start from a timer. It starts from a command. There are permissions for this plugin. Supports all Permission grouping plugins. This plugin allows you to buy a ticket fro a command, and stores it into a data file. A player is allowed to have one ticket, while if they try to buy another ticket it'll update the bet from there old ticket. The...


Oct 18, 2014 Beta
ShortenIt Note: There is currently only one API that this is compatible with! (Goo.gl) This is a very simple plugin that allows a player to shorten a url from in game, and broadcast it for example. This is still a work in progress plugin and i am adding to it everyday(Mainly working on trying to get bit.ly integration in...its api is a pain to work with) Example Permissions shortenit.shorten Commands /shorten aliases: shrtn Libraries Aside from Bukkit, this plugin uses some libraries I have...
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Oct 18, 2014 Release
Run scripts in Minecraft using JAVA syntax. No compiling / IDE needed from the user side! Based on original idea from Kyle -> http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/run-eclipse-alternative.754/ Commands: - None yet How does it work? The plugin is event based. There is a text file for each event and you add Java source code to deal with the event how you like. There is no compiling or anything from the user side, just type your JAVA source code, save and off you go! You have full access to the...


Oct 18, 2014 Alpha
StaffNotify by Zeryther StaffNotify is a bukkit-plugin which provides multiple Staff-Tools for managing your sever and providing a support. Features Ticket-System! Your users can easily report bugs and hackers with /ticket or /report Staff-Chat! Easily contact other staff members ingame with a staff-only chat Join-Notifications! Get a notification whenever a staff-member joins or leaves the server. Bans! (soon) SN includes an extended Banning-System with bans, kicks, tempbans, mutes and more!...


Oct 17, 2014 Release
Welcome to NoCurse! The perfect solution for your Minecraft server! This plugin contains fully configurable curse words, change them at any time! Once installed, you will get a config.yml, in which you may edit the curse words to your desire. Default config.yml keywords: - hi - test the keywords might be formatted like: keywords:-hi- test in that case, all you need to do format it correctly as shown above, once done, you can add a curse word by putting a - then a space, then your curse word....


Oct 17, 2014 Release
OnAndOff A simple plugin that enters a message in the console when enabled and enters a message when disabled. I'm not sure quite what one would use it for, but hey, who am I to judge? OnEnable Message: Hello World! (so cliche) OnDisable Message: Goodbye! Commands /testcommand - Messages command user "This command works"


Oct 16, 2014 Planning
Here Is An Amazing Plugin! Commands: /restart -Restarts Your MineCraft Server Without having to go into console Access To Command: Owner Help: If The Plugin Doesn't Work That Means We Are In it.


Oct 16, 2014 Release
EasyHub Introduction EasyHub is a lightweight plugin that will add a /hub command into the game. This is useful for any mini-games server that is trying to save memory. The /hub command will teleport the user to the /setspawn with essentials Plugins Needed Essentials How to Install 1. Drag & Drop the .jar file into your plugins folder 2. Stop and restart your server (or do /reload on the server if you have Essentials) Changelog 1.0B - Created 1.1B - plugin.yml updated - .jar improved -...
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Oct 16, 2014 Release
CoreProtect - Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores Version: v2.10.0 CoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage. Designed with large servers in mind, CoreProtect will record and manage data without impacting your server performance. CoreProtect is the #1 most-used anti-griefing plugin, and has been actively developed since early 2012. Download Latest...


Oct 15, 2014 Release
What is Tophats? Tophats is a silly little plugin that brings you awesome hats for your players to wear! There's no limit to the amount of crazy hats you can put on! Commands /tophat - Spawns the tophat selector. Available hats Melon Lapis Gold Grass Diamond Dirt Emerald Jack O' Lantern Redstone More hats will be implemented in further updates. :)


Oct 14, 2014 Planning
==================pt-br Olâ,sou AlphaKnight70. Sou um coder de nivel medio, eu já fui coder de vários servidores porém eu cansei de trabalhar para grandes servers então resolvi começar a criar plugins do bukkit. . Este plugin trabalha as funções da mcpvp de /admin, /vis, e /invis. Tentei reproduzir o máximo o possivel o plugin. Comandos: /admin: Voce entra no modo ADMIN e fica invisivel para todos e seu nome sai do tab e vc ganha gamemode 1, e ao clicar com a seta direita no inventario dos...


Oct 12, 2014 Release
TegnerCore - By Nicklas | TegnerCodes. Description: Server owners: This plugin does nothing on its own. It is simply a Librarie for other plugins to take advantage of. Developers: TegnerCore tries to add all the must requested features not allready build into bukkits API. Javadoc a v1.0.0 Features: A nice configuration manager (supports custom .yml files) A simple UpdateHandler to checks for updates. Simpler implementation for SQLite and MySQL. Build in listeners other plugins can activate...


Oct 12, 2014 Release
Enderdragons Plus Description The plugin controls the spawning of Enderdragons. It fixes the feature that Enderdragons will always fly to the point 0,70,0 if they have no target. It also gives the dragons a home position, where it will return, if he flies to far away. The Plugin will replace all dragons witch are spawned by these dragons. (except they are not of class: net.minecraft.server.EntityEnderdragon). It is compatible with DragonTravel. It is compatible with RideThaDragon. There are...


Oct 11, 2014 Planning
TrustCore is intended to provide core trust components useful to deal with UUIDs and changing names. This plugin provides a mixture of library functionality for use by other plugins, as well as commands for information about UUID and name history, further commands to set and track buddies you trust. To make the transition to changing names easier, the plugin will be able to deny login for players who changed their names to a previously known name, based on building a database about all known...

WorldGuard Piston Fix

Oct 11, 2014 Mature
WorldGuard Piston Fix (WGPFix) attempts to prevent cross-region griefing for WorldGuard concerning pistons, optionally monitoring water and lava and growing trees etc.. With WGPFix cross-region changes are prevented, if the affected blocks belong to regions that have different owners+members. This is quite rigid, but allows pistons to affect different regions with exactly the same owners/members. It is possible to deny pistons affecting certain block types and also to limit the range of...


Oct 11, 2014 Mature
PlayersInCubes helps you control when players can see each other based on their distance. Players that are far from each other will be hidden from each other, and shown again when coming close enough. Player "radar" and tracking cheats become less threatening. Fridays plugin ! Maintenance Phase Due to timing constraints i will likely not add much to this one, but keeping it updated as long as possible. Reference: Commands and Permissions | Configuration Features Players are being hidden from...


Oct 11, 2014 Release
plshared (PluginLibSharedLibrary) is a library plugin i am using for some other plugins of mine (CustomPlg, optional for swgt), it does nothing by itself. It contains some newer but also pretty old code, though some parts have been in use for a long time. I can not recommend using this unless you need it for swgt + pseudo-creative tp features (drop me a note please, because i might drop that feature in the near future). Quick Overview Plugins that use plshared SafeWGTool (swgt) can use...

Region specific permissions

Oct 11, 2014 Mature
Region Specific Permissions (RSP) allows to add and remove permissions dynamically, using WorldGuard regions as reference. Also useful to limit your worlds to a rectangular or circular zone around an arbitrary center! Currently you need WorldGuard for regions. Maintenance Phase Due to timing constraints i might not add much to this plugin, but can keep it updated. I might implement some features of pex to make this a fully featured permissions plugin, t would be somewhat optional and RSP...


Oct 07, 2014 Release
Hello everyone, this library is named for MyApi -> MySQL API. It allows you to manage data without worrying about the syntax of the SQL database. PS - Of course,this library is not going to manage a database. You will need at least a knowledge database. Here is an example when I want to create a table in my database (Here the table is 'Players' and will 'ID' and 'PlayerName' as columns.) List <Columns> listColomns = new ArrayList <Columns> (); Columns colomn = new Columns ("ID", TypeData.INT,...


Oct 07, 2014 Release
ItemCommand - ItemCommand: Version: v2.0 This is a simple plugin that allows you to set a command to a specific Item. Features: Allows you to set commands to an item via in-game or a config file. Allows you to remove commands for an item via in-game or a config file. Changelog: Version 2.0 Added more Colors so it can look better:) Added Credits Fixed a few Bugs when running the Plugin in a server Added a Pre-Made Config File so you can use Added a link were you can report bugs Added a link...