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Jun 21, 2015 Release
PermissionsEx (PEX) is a new permissions plugin, based on Permissions ideas and supports all of its features. But PEX is more! It offers different backends, powerful ingame management, fine grained restrictions for world modification. Like PermissionsEx? Donate to support its future! Documentation (wiki) Please use forum for help/discussions. Forum Current features Support for UUIDs as of version 1.21 Several backend support. Currently bundled backends is File (YAML) and SQL (MySQL, SQLite)....


Jun 20, 2015 Release
Description CS-CoreLib is a library which is required for all of my Plugins to run. If you don't install this, some of your installed Plugins wil most likely not work at all. Previously I simply included this Lib in my Plugins itself, however due to various reasons I decided to seperate it. One reason for that was for example to make Curse's life easier, so they don't have to review my entire Lib everytime I update one of my Plugins. API Tutorial This Tutorial will show you how you can...


Jun 20, 2015 Release
This is my First Plugin, it only have one thing´. My Plugin allow you to Create a free sign http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minesign/images/6-commands/ its have currently no Commands! Sign create FreeSigns.create line1: '[mine]' line2: 'itemid' line3: 'item amount' Installation Download the Plugin put him into the Plugin folder and reload your server and have fun! :D

-> KitShowCase <-

Jun 20, 2015 Release
KitShowCase KitShowCase allows you or your server OPs to make signs into Essentials kit show cases. It's a simple plugin. Features Preview Essentials kits on a sign. How to Place a sign with the text "[KSC]" and on the next line the name of Essentials kit you want to connect the sign to. To break one, you need to use WorldEdit. First you make a region around the sign, encasing the sign. Next you want to do set air, or cut.
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Jun 19, 2015 Beta
Random Teleport This plugin makes it so you can do /randomtp and it teleports you to a random location on the map. There is no config for the plugin due to the fact that it doesn't need one at the moment. One will be added when we make it more configurable and more to your standards. You will not be teleported to the same place more than once. It teleports you at most 1,000 blocks from where initiated the command at. Things that will be added Configuration File so you can edit what the text...


Jun 19, 2015 Planning
What does this plugin do? This plugin allows players to not get damaged by ANYTHING. Mobs, other plugins, any Minecraft items. The list goes on. There are some affects that will be fixed in later updates. But please enjoy the plugin! Remember, this plugin is made of of EventHandlers! Not Commands. In the later updates of the plugin, I will be adding commands and allowing the plugin to help you out more and more! What to see in the next update! - Will not lose hunger - Toggling Donate here...


Jun 18, 2015 Release
EssentialsGreen This Plugin is for the Spigot/Bukkit 1.8.3! This Plugin exist for Sponge Go To Sponge Version Important This plugin works with Java 7 or higher Description EssentialsGreen is a Basic Plugin! Description is in Comming Feature Spawn Teleport! Ban Manager! Commands | Permmisions Command | Permmisions List Apis Go to page Apis Signs Tutorial Sign Tutorial Link GitHub Go To GitHub Metrics
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Jun 17, 2015 Release
CraftsPlus Custom crafts Advanced plugin Tutorial video (in French) Commands & Permissions Commands /crafts help - Show help /crafts add - Add a new craft /crafts remove - Remove a craft /crafts change - Change craft recipe /crafts disable - Disable plugin /crafts enable - Enable plugin /crafts logs - Show logs /pl - Modified Permissions OP : All permissions craftsplus.* : All permissions craftsplus.help : /crafts help craftsplus.add : /crafts add craftsplus.remove : /crafts remove...

Minecraft Market

Jun 16, 2015 Release
The free donation alternative What is Minecraft Market? Minecraft Market is a web based shopping system which will allow you to sell just about anything that can be executed via a command. This allows just about anything to be sold via your web store. What makes Minecraft Market different? Minecraft Market was designed around the idea of being flexible and able to adapt to whatever situation it needs to be, so customization is a priority for us. However we also wanted to release something...


Jun 16, 2015 Release
Kingdoms The plugin of empires and champions! Let your players battle for land, might and bonuses! Being in a Kingdom now has more perks than ever! Have bonuses while you are in a kingdom! Utilize resource points to upgrade your Kingdom's perks and defenses! New way to siege others! There is now infinite claiming of land, but it can be attacked by others! Enemies will need to do /k invade, then they will challenge their opponent Kingdom's champion, no matter if the kingdom members are offline...


Jun 15, 2015 Release
JoinSpawn Hello, this plugin, is, OnPlayerJoinServer teleport automatic to /spawn This plugin need, plugin execute command /spawn to teleport spawn. Example: My plugin : Simple Spawn Essentials: Essentials If find bug or need plugin contact me! Objectives: 100 Downloads; ✓ 200 Downloads; ✓ 300 Downloads; X 400 Downloads; X 600 Downloads; X 1000 Downloads; X 2000 Downloads; X See my another plugins here !

Easy Messages

Jun 14, 2015 Release
Easy Messages - Home Easy Messages _____ Overview Commands Permissions Plugin Requests Configuration _____ Easy Messages is a simple but yet effective plugin to change, manage, and toggle join and quit messages within the game. Now thanks to this plugin there is no need to access the server files to change the join messages as you can do it in game via command. How it works Well... lets put it simply, when creating a custom join/quit message you use %player% where you want the player name to...

EzBc - Easy Broadcasting

Jun 14, 2015 Release
Welcome to EzBc What it does! EzBc is a simple plugin that you can broadcast messages with prefixes or without, have preset broadcasts or broadcast when someone donates to the server! How do I use it? EzBc is simple to use! All you need to do is /ezbc to view help! From there you will see the commands! To start broadcasting use /ezbc-broadcast and it will broadcast a message easily! If you don't want a prefix use /ezbc-broadcast-raw! Presets are also implemented (You will have 3 presets) so...


Jun 14, 2015 Planning
MCGPLuS The core support plugin for the MCGPLuS Family of plugins. Key Features Some of the key features include: Provides standardized localization support for console and player messages. Optionally, under the control of the user through configuration settings, provides minor new features that would take too much overhead if they were their own modules. Random Teleportation Command World locking of weather (a world could be always sunny or stormy). World locking of time (a world can be...


Jun 13, 2015 Planning
====== HubEssentials ====== This plugin is supported on both 1.8 spigots! (it's work on 1.7-1.8 ProtocolHack and 100% 1.8) feel free to PM me for questions, make sure to register them after hubessentials has loaded (depend) Commands /broadcast [message] - Broadcasts a message to the entire server. /clearchat - Clear the chat at the server. /gm [survival|creative|Adventure|Spectator] [Player] - Change player Gamemode. /hubessentials help - List the Main commands. /hubessentials version - Get...
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Jun 13, 2015 Release
Battle Tracker 2? Welcome to the new home of Battle Tracker. The original plugin Dev's discontinued this project and has been picked up by community members familiar with it. Expect bugs to be squashed, spankin' new features to be added, and new updates to keep coming! A new wiki is being setup with tutorials, information, and the likes as well as a brand new website. Thank you, - The BattleTracker2 team. PvP Death messages Customizable death messages for PvP deaths. Allows use of Herochat...


Jun 12, 2015 Release
For Old Versions click here Description skRayFall is an addon for the Skript language. Get the bleeding edge tools and features that will help make your server come alive and take it to the next level. Skript is the most popular high level coding language designed for minecraft, allowing you to make awesome features faster and easier then in java. Features skRayFall adds many new updates to Skript linking many popular plugins with compatibility. skRayFall has support for: Citizens EffectLib...
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Jun 11, 2015 Release
Compatible Servers: 1.6.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.4, 1.7.5, 1.7.8, 1.7.9, 1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.8.3, 1.8.4 Note: Please use the latest versions regardless of your server version. It is built for the listed versions, not just what it is labeled under. Using the latest versions lets you keep up with any fixes I have released and lets me debug your issues much easier. Thanks! Overview SkillAPI is a flexible and easy to use system for creating your own custom skills and classes for RPG servers while...


Jun 11, 2015 Planning
ChestPreview Author: BizarrePlatinum Description: ChestPreview is a plugin that allows you to set the chest you are currently looking at to preview mode. What is preview mode exactly? Preview mode will open an unmodifiable inventory when you left click the chest, will prevent the normal inventory from being edited (unless the player has the chestpreview.bypass permission), and will prevent the chest from being destroyed. CommandDescriptionAliases /chestpreview add [name]Adds the chest you are...

Auto Restart Ultimate

Jun 10, 2015 Planning
A lightly but awesome plugin which restart your server with a cooldown !​ Description in english and also in French! Because of an HouseBreaking the plugin creation will be slowed... All our excuses ​ (Beta Plugin) English​ (Im french so my english is limited sorry) Features : -Restart (and not reload) your server with a simple command! -Cooldown (10 seconds) before the restart ! -No config files :) - Stop and Start the server! The Plugin is used in our server GeniusLight ! (Not open yet) ===...