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Apr 16, 2014 Beta
Cancellable Events Features Easy configurable configuration. Ability to cancel any bukkit event that implements cancellable. Perfect for "hub" servers or adventure maps. Commands "/event" -> Executes help command "/event reload" -> Executes saveConfig() & reload config. "/event credits" -> Executes credits command. Permissions event -> event.help Example Instead of going through the configuration, I can just make changes in-game! NOT ALL COMMANDS ARE SETUP YET!! The result of that specific...


Apr 16, 2014 Release
This plugin is for other plugin developers to use. The Problem Say you want to see what block an arrow hit. Sounds simple? Turns out it isn't. Finding what block the arrow hit is pretty much impossible using the BukkitAPI. The Solution This plugin fires an event when an arrow hits a block. It provides the arrow, and the block it hit. It's really simple to use. Just put the jar in your build path, and you'll have access to the following event @EventHandler private void...
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Apr 15, 2014 Release
Flags is an interface plugin designed to bridge the gap between cuboid and other land management plugins and other plugins that would need to access them. Based on similar concepts of Vault, Flags provides a single unified object or "Area" for developers to have basic access to the information it holds without the need to know what plugin created it. This allows developers to implement per-area features one time and have them work automatically with all the supported land management plugins....


Apr 15, 2014 Release
LordLib This Plugin is a Library and is required for the most Plugins by lordsill. Also every Developer can use this Library for their own Plugins. Plugins that used LordLib PlayerVIP (v3.0.0+) ExtendSuite (v1.0.0+) ActiveCode (v1.2.0+) Features Easy Database Connections (MySQL and SQLite currently) and handling Hook into Permission and Economy Systems (also supports Vault) Some other Features (for example: extract Files from Jar, use Language/String YAMLs and more) Commands /lordlib -...
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Apr 15, 2014 Release
Owners This plugin is mainly designed as an API but if you use it standalone on your server it will act as a new health system! Plugin Developers To use the API just drop the plugin into you're java build path. API Functions PlayerBar.getHealth(player) Will return the health of a specific player. PlayerBar.getMaxHealth(player) Will return a player max health. PlayerBar.getMessage(player) Will return the message displayed on a player's bar. PlayerBar.hasHealth(player) Will return if the player...


Apr 14, 2014 Alpha
Plugin/Library Overview xBlazeCore is a compilation of development libraries that add a large amount of tools for users. Some parts of this plugin were created by other people, and I have tried my best to acknowledge the contributors. If you believe that part of this plugin was designed by you, then PLEASE contact me directly, and I will try to resolve the issue. Resolutions include; Giving Credit where Credit is Due, Removal of Portions of the Plugin, etc. This is a library used by many of...
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Apr 14, 2014 Release
ScriptCraft lets you create your own mods using Javascript. ScriptCraft uses the CommonJS module system (the same module loading system used by Node.js) so managing your code will be easier. You can also run Javascript code on the in-game command prompt or extend the game by writing plugins that use the Bukkit API in javascript. Examples: At the command prompt type: /js 1 + 1 > 2 ... Any javascript code can be evaluated at the in-game command prompt. /js echo('Hello ' + self.name) > Hello...

Entei's Plugin Library

Apr 14, 2014 Release
About This is not a plugin, it is a plugin library. As such, it will not do anything if there is not an accompanying plugin that uses this library. Plugins that use this Library The following plugins use this plugin library: Entei's Commands Entei's Inventory Manager How to use this library's api When developing your plugin, you can add this library's .jar to your build path and then import "com.gmail.br45entei.enteispluginlib.*" to import all available classes. See the api section below for...


Apr 14, 2014 Release
VirtualPlayers This is a lightweight plugin for 1) debugging plugins or 2) doing commands for plugins that need players. The virtualPlayers can take actions via commands and print out the events that are happening to them on the console. These players don't show up in game, but are just used for performing actions as if a player was there. Very useful if you don't even want to load up Minecraft, you just boot the server and debug as if you were players without even running the game. The...


Apr 13, 2014 Planning
GamersAPI What is this GamersAPI has a Serializable System for saving arrays of blocks that can contain Block Data(NBT Data, Complex Enchantments & Metadata blocks like red wool/red stained clay block, etc.) How do you use this Serializable block saver What plugins use this... My Walls Plugin How to use: You need several classes for this: If you want to know go get a decompiler and look the blocksaving stuff in my walls plugin (Vid Tutorial soon) Commands&Permissions Currently this plugin...


Apr 13, 2014 Planning
lWarpsAPI: Introduction: This is an API for plugin developers. This original name of this plugin is Warps. (Duh) Commands: /Warps HelpReceive help message. /Warps Create <WarpName>Create a warp. /Warps SetDest <WarpName>Set destination of the warp. /Warps ListList all warps. /Warps Delete <WarpName>Delete a warp. Permissions: warps.createThis allows a player to do /Warps Create <WarpName>. warps.listThis allows player to do /Warps List warps.deleteThis allows a player to do /Warps Delete...


Apr 13, 2014 Release
Introducing the Tag API! This plugin is a plugin tool, much like Vault or SpoutPlugin, for providing additional functionality outside the normal bounds of Bukkit API. What it does Ever wanted your plugin to display a different color above someone's name? Disguise as another player to tease players? Now you can! What it doesn't do The name over your head affects your skin. This is a minecraft client issue. Change entity ID. This means that someone with a modified client can still tell that...


Apr 12, 2014 Beta
ProtectionsLib ProtectionsLib is a WIP plugin that will provide developers with a vault-like interface allowing them to depend on multiple protections plugins (WorldGuard, Towny, Factions, etc.). The library can be downloaded on the left. Version 1.0.0 currently contains protections for WorldEdit, Towny and Factions. Development Development builds of this project can be found at this continuous integration server. These builds are not approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use at your own risk....


Apr 12, 2014 Release
LetterAPI-Commands is an extension Plugin for LetterAPI that adds Commands to write Letters. Server Owners First you need to download LetterAPI. Then you can simply put LetterAPI-Commands.jar into your Plugins folder. Features You can use this with LetterAPI to place Letters in Blocks. Commands /letterapi [TEXT] [X] [Y] [Z] [DIRECTION] [centered (true/false)] [MATERIAL] [DATA] TEXT is the text you want to write. You can use $ to write spaces. X, Y, Z is the Start´/Center Position of the text...


Apr 12, 2014 Release
GitHub | Documentation | Wiki SideAPI allows other plugins to work together to provide a scoreboard on the side. By itself, this plugin does nothing. However, other plugin developers may use this to connect to a single board and avoid conflicts. If another plugin does support SideAPI, just download this, put it in your plugins folder, and you're good to go! In the sample above, multiple plugins can add/remove lines from a player's scoreboard, resulting in no conflicts with one another. There...

Minecraft Market

Apr 11, 2014 Release
The free donation alternative What is Minecraft Market? Minecraft Market is a web based shopping system which will allow you to sell just about anything that can be executed via a command. This allows just about anything to be sold via your web store. What makes Minecraft Market different? Minecraft Market was designed around the idea of being flexible and able to adapt to whatever situation it needs to be, so customization is a priority for us. However we also wanted to release something...


Apr 10, 2014 Release
Make your own plugin like features and more using VariableTriggers This is a very powerful plugin that has unlimited potential. Create triggers that run lines of script when a player Clicks or Walks on a block (dirt, door, switch, trigger, torch, any block) or Create Event Triggers such as PlayerDeath , EntityDeath, BlockBreak, BlockPlaced, Join, Quit, Respawn, Interact and EntitySpawn that also run scripts. You can define Area Triggers and Command Triggers as well. You can use Dynamic Object...


Apr 09, 2014 Release
POINTS For Server Owners Just copy and paste this into your plugins folder and restart the server. You can edit some settings in the config.yml. You must set your MySQL connection into the config.yml! Description Points is plugin where users can get points for special things like killing someone ore winning a minigame. You can set the layout in the configuration! #Version 1.0 display_in_chat: true mysql: hostname: 'localhost' port: '3306' database: 'PointsAPI' username: 'root' password:...


Apr 09, 2014 Release
TellRawAPI TellRawAPI is a simple API Plugin to send Tellraw messages to Players. Description This plugin does nothing on it's own. It is an API for other plugins to implement with. Developers TellRawAPI tellrawapi = new TellRawAPI(); tellrawapi.sendRawMessage(player, message); player is the Player to send the Message to. message is the Message that you want to send. It has to be provided in Raw JSON format! You can use this TellRaw generator to get the Messages. ==Milestones== 50 Downloads...


Apr 08, 2014 Release
DKLib a usefull Lib with a lot of helpfull utils Features: open source github new commandsystem: no need to register the commands in the plugin.yml MySQL utils custom events like: PlayerBlockMoveEvent tons of other helpfull utils optional dependencies: you don't need any dependencies for this lib! But some classes depends on ProtocolLib (like BubblelessPotionEffect.java) [look in the javadocs above the class in github, if you want to know if a class depends on protocollib or not], if you want...