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Aug 08, 2014 Release
{ WildSkript } ... is addon to plugin Skript that increases the set of events, conditions, effects, expressions, types and this add new elements! Plugin focuses on comfort and performance. I'm trying to add everything that come to mind. WildSkript also has a lot of functions, which in the beginning are difficult to understand. However don't worry! - In time you'll understand. :) The latest stable version of WildSkript is 1.6.1 (10 July 2014) [for Skript 2.1.2] <> Introduction Addon add new...


Aug 08, 2014 Planning
This plugin is a work in progress. What this plugin will do This plugin will provide a way for developers to spawn and edit entities all without using Net Minecraft Server Code. What is Net Minecraft Server Code? Net Minecraft Server (nms) code is made by Mojang that changes every update, what this means is every update everyone who used the code in a plugin for the previous version has to then update their plugin before servers that use the plugin can update. What this plugin does This...

Simple Plugin Library

Aug 08, 2014 Release
Simple Plugin Library This plugin is designed to be a base library for other plugins. It is a generic library that is still being expanded upon and aims to standardize and organize the basic functions of a plugin. Currently, it handles the following: Standardized command handling and greater command organization (you can get rid of that giant if/else if statement in your CommandExecutor and use this instead) Standardized GUI handling. This is still being fleshed out, and currently it allows...


Aug 08, 2014 Release
This plugin is my first publicly released plugin. It allows you to select two points, with a golden sword. Selecting Points: First point (Left click on the selected block) Second point (Right click on the selected block) Commands: /findcenter (This command will teleport you to the center block) Permissions(permissions.yml): MiddleMan.findcenter | Access to all permissions. -MiddleMan.findcenter | Revoke Access to MiddleMan Perms.


Aug 07, 2014 Planning
FeatherEconomy- light as a feather FeatherEconomy is a simple and lightweight economy plugin designed to provide full support for the latest Minecraft updates while still providing a lightweight and simple player experience. Features Full UUID support Custom currency names Basic economy commands (/balance, /pay) Automatic updates Lightweight developer API NOTE: The GitHub documentation is currently a work in progress. Installation/Setup Contents Commands /econ set - Set a player's balance....


Aug 06, 2014 Release
SQLEco This economy plugin does not support plugins which cooperate with Vault. This plugin is an own API for other plugins. Plugins for SQLMoney like Chestshop etc. will come soon. If you want to program your own plugin with SQLEco you can look down for help. The plugin supports UUID which will be needed form the Minecrft 1.8! Important: better and full english will come in a few days multible language between german and enlish will come in the next big update (soon) Commands: /setup /money...

XyploEconomy (xEconomy)

Aug 06, 2014 Alpha
Waiting for v0.2 alpha to be approved. Description This plugin will add an economy system to your server. The players will hold an account and can hold a value to their name whilst perhaps a developer for your server uses the built in API to code some sort of way to gain points. But for now you can only output commands to give money to players or take away money from them. These commands CAN be executed as any type of sender so you could event make the console output commands. Commands /xe -...


Aug 06, 2014 Release
SignDoctor is a sign editor similar to other plugins like SignEdit and SignEditor. It includes many useful sign manipulation commands and supports plugins that require the use of signs like Lockette or Essentials buy/sell signs. SignDoctor also supports colors. Current version is 1.2 To get the latest releases as soon as possible download them on GitHub. Source Code Usage In order to edit a sign with default configuration settings you must first have a feather in hand. Now right click a sign...


Aug 05, 2014 Release
ProTab v1.0.2 ProTab is a plugin which gives you extensive configuration possibilities for your tab. Installation & Setup | Tab-Configuration | Commands & Permissions Addons | Developers This plugin was heavily inspired by TabDeco. Features Full configuration of every spot in your tab, including dynamic and static texts Multiple pages in your tab, changeable via scrolling while crouching Addons - Choose which features you need for your tab and pick only those you need Simple API - You can...


Aug 05, 2014 Release
Make your own plugin like features and more using VariableTriggers This is a very powerful plugin that has unlimited potential. Create triggers that run lines of script when a player Clicks or Walks on a block (dirt, door, switch, trigger, torch, any block) or Create Event Triggers such as PlayerDeath , EntityDeath, BlockBreak, BlockPlaced, Join, Quit, Respawn, Interact and EntitySpawn that also run scripts. You can define Area Triggers and Command Triggers as well. You can use Dynamic Object...


Aug 05, 2014 Beta
PPLoader - Python Plugin Loader This plugin allows developers to code bukkit plugins in the python programming language. The plugins in python use standard Bukkit API with some little changes. For more detailed instructions for installing this plugin and how to code plugins, take a look into the Readme on Github. Features Load bukkit plugins written in python. Load/Unload/Reload any python plugin without server restarting Commands /pploader load <plugin_file> plugin_file could be any which...


Aug 04, 2014 Release
PermissionsBukkit - the Official Default Groups Plugin Current Version: v2.3 (beta v2.4) Find PermissionsBukkit on the forums! It's been a long time coming, but with the accomplishment of build 1000 Bukkit has finally accomplished a built-in Permissions system (codenamed Superperms). For more info on how they work, and how to integrate them with your plugin, see the official Permissions FAQ. Keep in mind that you should rarely, if ever, have to hook this plugin directly; instead keep things...
Iron Door


Aug 04, 2014 Planning
This is a plugin which provides various APIs to other plugin developers, allowing them to have more fine-grained control over certain aspects of Bukkit. Specifically, it filters certain events into multiple events to allow plugin developers to control the outcome of the events independently for each player or entity the event concerns. By itself, this plugin does nothing, but other plugins may require it or optionally benefit from it if you install it. This plugin uses Gravity's Updater for...


Aug 03, 2014 Release
Looking for a good Prison Server with BossMessage to record YouTube videos on. Please PM me if you have one Bug fixes and HUGE performance optimizations are coming up in the next update. Don't worry. THE MOST POWERFUL, OUTSTANDING BossBar plugin, that allows you to do (almost) ANYTHING on bossbar! Amazing Auto-messager Amazing broadcasting feature Amazing Task-Scheduler (see tutorials) Amazing Events (Welcoming messages, PVP messages etc.) (see tutorials) Up to 64 letters per message...


Aug 03, 2014 Release
CameraAPI Please note that this plugin is extremely experimental and should be used with caution. It definitely requires improvements or a new and intuitive way of moving the player's character/camera. If you have any thoughts/suggestions please get in touch. About The cameraAPI plugin is just a small plugin which teleports a player ever second to the new location in the path created by using separate locations as way points. It's very clean and doesn't lag too much. Sometimes on big servers...


Aug 02, 2014 Release
Ever wondered if there was an easier way to submit details about your server with bug reports? Are you a plugin developer frustrated with users who submit really bad bug reports and it's like pulling teeth to get all the relevant information? Wonder no more! DebugReport puts a slew of relevant information about a server into the developer's and your fingertips so that you can accurately diagnose and fix the issue! Developed over the past 2 years by Enjin.com for use in the...
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Aug 02, 2014 Release
MooLib No, no, no. MooLib, not MooLimb! Who would serve raw steak anyway? Description MooLib is a library that will be a dependency for all my plugins. MooLib only uses methods that I (or @cadox8) have tested externally. That means MooLib will never break, unless bukkit has a huge update or something. FOR SERVER OWNERS MooLib is a dependency. If you have any plugins that say: NoClassDefFoundError: com.otabi.firestar.moolib.MooLibPlugin You will need to download this dependency. FOR DEVELOPERS...
[v1.00] Set "*" Permissions and MicroPermissions

Tekkit Restrict

Aug 02, 2014 Mature
Tekkit Restrict (requires Tekkit Classic) "My initial opinion of having my own server was that players would get along. Boy, was I wrong. Only 2 days after my server's release, I already had 7 players who duped Gem Armor and blew up spawn about a trillion times. After setting gem armor to a certain rank, they then torched my spawn. After disabling most of EE until a certain playtime rank, they then found their own way around my disabling plugin. (noitem) Then I decided to make Tekkit...


Jul 31, 2014 Beta
NCore This plugin does not do anything alone. It allows you to use every plugins of the NPlugins suite. Plugins of the NPlugins suite Major Plugins NCuboid Region Protection plugin. A good WorldGuard replacement with many funny features. NGeneral General Features plugin. Contains everything not contained in other nodes. Teleport commands, GodMode, FlyMode, Afk command, Protection signs, Colors on signs, ItemNetwork, and more! NPermissions Simple Permissions plugin. Temporary permissions, even...


Jul 31, 2014 Planning
PlotSquared or Plot² is an extremely lightweight plot plugin with a lot of features seen nowhere else. It offers everything from a very customizable world generation to our own extensive API. This plugin is based of PlotMe, but we have based off and taken another route. The plugin only supports MySQL and MongoDB (Upcomming). If you need another storage option then use PlotMe. To get more information, and to find the JDocs, visit the official Plot² webpage! link Features PlotMe transfer -...