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ChatManager - Picture


Jan 26, 2016 Release
Welcome This is my first plugin,and i hope i can help you with this little Chat - Plugin. ------------------------------------------- Features of the Plugin: - Custom Messages for Join,Quit and Kick Messages! - Supports each color code! - Easy to edit with config! - No known problems with other Plugins! ------------------------------------------- Commands: - No Commands! - ------------------------------------------- Permissions: - No Permissions! - -------------------------------------------...


Jan 24, 2016 Release
SimpleBazooka Overview of my plugins: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infinityhunger/pages/my-plugins SimpleBazooka is a plugin where you decide everything it does. It adds an entirely configurable bazooka to your server. Features are: Configurable messages with colorcodes Configurable Bazooka (name and material) Configurable Bazooka ammo (name and material) [can be switched off] Configurable projectile (type, velocity, hit damage) Configurable explosion (radius, block breaking, fire...
Item Router Patch


Jan 24, 2016 Release
VoltzPatch (Requires ======Voltz======) NEW PROJECT ON VoltzPatchV2 THIS IS ABANDONED! My initial opinion of having my own server was that players would get along. i was far off. Only 5 days after my server's release, I already had 3 players who duped. Then I decided to make VoltzPatch... To use this you only need to: Download Place in plugins Start server and it should work :) This plugin fixes Bugs and dupes in the Technic modpack Voltz version 2.0.4. Feutures: Fixes dupes with Item Router...

=> PerWorldWarps <=

Jan 23, 2016 Release
PerWorldWarps Tutorial Introduction to PerWorldWarps PerWorldWarps is a warping plugin similar to the Essentials plugin warps, but this plugin allows servers to have warps with the same names in different worlds. For example, if I wanted to warp to 'pvp' in the Factions world, then I would do /warp pvp (while in Factions world), but if I was in Towny world and I wanted to warp to the Factions world 'pvp' warp it would teleport me to the Towny 'pvp' warp, unless I went to the Factions world....


Jan 20, 2016 Planning
FakeOpv2 This Is My First Plugin I realize there are many FakeOp's out there, but most of them are outdated. So, I introduce to you, FakeOpv2. What's New? Simplified Usage! /fakeop <player> Realistic Look! Fool Anybody! Updated For 1.8 Commands /fakeop <player> Permissions - fakeop.use


Jan 17, 2016 Release
Steel What Is Steel? Steel is the Bukkit implementation of Flint, a platform-agnostic minigame engine. How do I use it? If you want to run a minigame built with Flint, simply place the Steel.jar file in your server's plugins folder. If you want to build a minigame with Flint, have a look at the official tutorial. Plugins using Steel Below is a non-exhaustive list of plugins utilizing the Steel engine. If you'd like your plugin added to this list, shoot me a PM. TTT External Links Source Code...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Jan 17, 2016 Release
Advanced Lucky Block - This plugin is compatible with 1.8 servers and 1.7.10 servers. This is lucky block plugin which adds lucky block to your server (Like the original mod). • How to use Like the mod, Place a Lucky block which can be obtained by commands or crafting (Not the default sponge) and break it to see a random drop. • Setup - download Actions Plugin (Required for 1.9.2 and higher). - download TitleManager (recommended). - download Lucky Block file. - Put the downloaded files in...


Jan 16, 2016 Planning
iUHC is a plugin that provides the mechanics for running a fun UHC game. This plugin involves a customizable config, custom crafting recipes, a world border, and a functioning pvp system. All you need to do, is drag it into your plugins folder and you're done. The plugin is enabled once the amount of players (given in the config) has been reached. Crafting Recipes: Also, when the game starts, an enchanted book will be given that contains all the crafting recipes. But here they are. Golden...
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XvitrixCZE's EConomy

Jan 16, 2016 Beta
THE NEW REMAKE OF iConomy PLUGIN! What is EConomy? EConomy is economy (money) bukkit plugin. Every player has an (money) account, and he has money here. For playing some minigames or killing mobs he can earn some money. Administrator (op) can add money to player's account too. FAQ I found a bug! Create a ticket! How to setup it? Visit the wiki here! Startup error! Try using another version or delete your ECnomy folder and restart your server! Good economy system with so many commands! /money...

No Hit Delay v2.0

Jan 15, 2016 Release
No Hit Delay v2.0 This Plugin gives you a fully new PvP experience. Its great to improve your skills in 1vs1 It's compatible with 1.8 Please comment if you wish oher features. === Admin-Commands: === /setdelay : Sets the NoHitDelay for all Players /setkit : Sets your inventory as default /setdefaultgamemode : Sets your Gamemode ad default /togglekit : Toggles if kits are enabled /toggledeathmessage : Toggles if deathmessages are shown /toggleweather : Toggles if the weather can change ===...


Jan 15, 2016 Planning
This plugin ensure that your server won't be hack.Also,the tools will keep checking the status of the player.If the player has Suspicious event that such as can fly without permission,can immediately ban the player. Also,the admin can check the events of command block and idicate the position of the command blocks.The tools can even find vanishing player or check the name of player whether the name of player is fake and find out the real name of the players. The most important is the tools...


Jan 14, 2016 Planning
As i noticed that my server is full of herobrine threatening words and fake usercache,the plugin i want to develop is to spy all the events from the player and show all the place of command block.Somebody loves using command_block to make fake chat of herobrine.Also,the tool also can detect vanishing player and anti-cheat to the players.Once the player use cheat,ban the player and make a notification to the console.The tools also can detect the ip of the players and is able to ban the...


Jan 14, 2016 Alpha
Superplugin is a plugin that can get the time and gamemode and more functions. Version 1.2 Beta needs for approval, no: setrank (ranks), plugins enable/disable (all) Download Downloads Help /superplugin help Show help page /superplugin getrealtime Show the time of the real life /superplugin getminecrafttime Show the running ticks x100 /superplugin getgamemode Get the gamemode of yourself /superplugin toggleevents Show a gui menu of all toggle events. /superplugin toggledroping [PLAYER] Toggle...


Jan 12, 2016 Release
Umbaska Please move all discussion to our SkUnity Page located http://forums.skunity.com/t/addon-umbaska-2-0-info-about-the-revolution-1-9-and-skript-3-0/137! This page will not be updated! About Umbaska is a Skript addon (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/) which gives Skript developers a greater range of possibilities. It's focused around the Skript community and is has features that are requested meaning unlike other addons which are made for what the developer wants. Skript...


Jan 11, 2016 Planning
This plugin was created as an easy way to op and deop yourself, it also doesn't use generic commands like /op and /deop so you don't get confused while setting up permissions! I created this plugin because of my difficulty in editing permissions. I personally like to do it in-game and prefer PermissionsEX. It also comes with permissions and works with ops by default. Expect updates on this plugin every so often as well as soon as possible for the newer updates! Commands: /opme /deopme...


Jan 09, 2016 Beta
CurseNoMore CurseNoMore is a plugin for servers who despise cursing. This plugin will allow you to choose what words become blocked. To add/remove words, go to the folder for the plugin and select the config. In there you can add or remove whatever words you may choose. This plugin even comes with a chat clearer. This will remove all messages in the chat and display a notification to show that the chat was cleared. All you have to do is /clearchat and it's all done. Permissions:...

Uniport WebServer

Jan 09, 2016 Release
Does your hoster only gave you one port and you want to have a website trought? So here it is: a server mod that makes your bukkit server to both: Web and MC-Server :D Uniport Webserver = HTML Webserver on same port as server :D Configuration Use own plugin OR logMissingPages: true/false - Should the plugin log missing files? (by user request) Specials since "little Download Update" If you want to the user to download the file use the suffix "?download" for your file name (e.g. <a...


Jan 08, 2016 Alpha
LuaBlocks This plugin allows for speedy small utility plugins to be developed in lua. This is partially a stub, although the plugin is in development as you read. It will allow a special plugins folder that contains single lua file plugins. I.E. The full wiki on its use will be on the Github Page plugins LuaBlocks.jar LuaBlocks plugins myplugin.lua myplugin.lua: require 'io.github.zacklukem.bukkit.bukkit' myplugin = {} function myplugin.onEnable () bukkit.logger.info("Test onEnable")...


Jan 07, 2016 Planning
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beschreibung: Dieses Plugin ist sehr einfach gestaltet. Das Plugin Downloade das Plugin. Zieh das Plugin in ein Plugins Ordner. Reloade deinen Server. Eine Beispiel Config: Header: Color: 'aqua' Text: 'Your Network' Footer: Color: 'green' Text: 'Buy now VIP on: https://google.de' Hier ist ein Beispiel wie es aussehen wird:...


Jan 06, 2016 Release
LobbyAPI What is LobbyAPI LobbyAPI was created to manage multiple worlds and allow players to teleport to those worlds using user friendly menu, while being able to be fully customizable. Just by using the commands /lobby or /hub, the player has access to all worlds specified in the menu, where when they click on the block the represents a world they are teleported to location given to that world. LobbyAPI has tons of customizable methods to change the color of the block in the menu, the...