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Oct 27, 2014 Beta
Intro After MoseMister took over Ships back in December 2013, Mose has attempted to keep all the original programming. Vessels is MoseMister's own version of Ships, With brand new programming and the Bukkit community at its heart. Vessels has been equipped with a API so developers from all over the work can quickly hook into the plugin. Not a developer? 'we have you covered' Vessels has been designed so Non-Developer can break down some barriers we call restrictions by allowing not only...


Oct 27, 2014 Release
Latest version: 1.57 CraftBukkit/SportBukkit/Spigot/MCPC+ build: CB 1.6.4 R1.0 / CB 1.6.4 R2.1 / Spigot 1.7 Older builds available: CB 1.5.2-R1.0 / CB 1.6.2-R1.0 Tekkit: Untested and thus unsupported, some features may not work as expected Description This utility library shares all the common code needs for various plugins, and having them in one library heavily reduces the amount of duplicated code. The featured utilities are varied, and whenever something is missing in Bukkit, it is added...


Oct 26, 2014 Release
bcCore bcCore is a plugin that supports other plugins with common librarys and utilities for bukkit plugins. This plugin is no longer under active development. However, the latest Bukkit/Spigot version is supported. (There will be bugfix updates, if necessary) All bcCore based plugins (except bcSignWalls) will be ported as standalone versions (without bcCore) to the new Minecraft server software Sponge as soon as it is ready Features & Components Easier Permission Management Extended YAML IO...


Oct 26, 2014 Release
Page Description This plugin does a very simple task on your server it eliminates all the staff hunters from bugging staff how does it do this it gives them a book and quill when they do a certain command! Commands /admin = sends them a message saying to do /mail send to an admin for help! /apply = gives the person that typed that command a book and quill so they dont have to bug staff! Permissions AdminHelp.Admin = allows access to display help message AdminHelp.Apply = allows access to get...


Oct 26, 2014 Release
Rhino is the name of the Javascript interpreter bundled with the Oracle Java Runtime Environment. This is a plugin to allow you to use it. Current features Runs Javascript from command, book, or file There are no other features Commands /rhino script [filepath] - Filepath can be absolute, otherwise is based in current directory of server instance. /rhino eval [javascript] - Executes absolutely any valid javascript specified /rhino book - Concatenates the lines in an unsigned book held in the...


Oct 24, 2014 Beta
SettlerCraft Notice! Note that SettlerCraft is still in Beta. So be sure to make backups of your worlds! Next version of SettlerCraft will support rollbacks through Prism MongoDB OrientDB. So when a Schematic/Structure might incidentally be placed on someone else's work, you can simply rollback the structure. But for now please be sure to create backups! THIS PLUGIN WILL MOVE TO SPONGE IN THE FUTURE For Devs DON'T USE THIS PLUGIN YET TO DEVELOP UPON, UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE THAT YOUR CODE MIGHT...


Oct 24, 2014 Planning
BETTER CLOTHES This plugin is based on the dayz inventory system This plugin allows you to make a certain piece of armor allow players to use a certain amount of columns of slots ("Chestplates" or "leggings"), you can edit each piece of armor in the config.yml (except "Chainmail"). Let me explain the config.yml: Chestplates leather_chestplate: 1 This basically means that if a player wears a leather chestplate the player has 1 column of slots available. In Game: As you see in the screenshot I...


Oct 24, 2014 Release
Boss message using Enderdragon or/and Wither,Work standalone and has API 4.1 version Work only with SPIGOT 1.8 patch 1 october** ​ Features: - AutoMessage - Player name support - Custom API Commands: /BossBar Installation: Simply put `BossBArAPI.jar` in Bukkit/spigot plugins Folder. Restart/reload the server , then edit the config. To Do - Sppport icon - Support more Variables: World, Onlive player,Rank, server, Economy.... API import me.mgone.bossbarapi.BossbarAPI you cas use the both Wither...


Oct 22, 2014 Release
What is PlayerCoins? PlayerCoins is a very simple money plugin with a simple API! Permissions PlayerCoins.Command this will allow players to see the help menu and execute the commands. Commands /pcoins this will show you the help menu. /pcoins give <playername> <amount> this will give a certain amount of coins to a player. /pcoins take <playername> <amount> this will take a certain amount of coins of a player. /pcoins set <playername> <amount> this will set the balance of a player to a...


Oct 22, 2014 Release
MPListJoin About This plugin detects when a player has joined using their multiplayer list. This can be used to see if a player likes your server enough to add it to their "favorites" allowing you(Server owner/administrator) to give them rewards. How to use: Download and add MPListJoin.jar to your <serverRoot>/plugins folder Run the server Edit the config and restart your server * Edit Permissions * Use /mplistjoin <playerName> to see who joined with the server added to their multiplayer list...


Oct 20, 2014 Mature
SimplyVanish provides simple commands that let players either vanish or reappear. You will be invisible, invincible and not become target of mobs... neither will you drop items nor pickup any or interact with the world in any other way (almost) ... unless you want to and have permissions to do so. Enough for sneaking up on xrayers with one or another command, making use of the new Bukkit vanish-API introduced back in 1.1-R4. No need for Spout, no hacks, just Bukkit-API ! So far the theory -...


Oct 19, 2014 Planning
Hello, this is my first plugin And Sorry for my bad english XD This plugin, is, on play join the server teleport automatic to spawn. Dont have permissions. Atention: you need essentials or plugin have command /spawn versions: 1.5.2 - 1.7.5 ( test successful ) for older or newer versions do not know if it works but probably yes any problem contact me ! My plugin : Simple Spawn Essentials: Essentials thank for 40 downloads! In Portuguese Em Portugues Ola venho apresentar a minha primeira plugin...


Oct 18, 2014 Beta
ShortenIt Note: There is currently only one API that this is compatible with! (Goo.gl) This is a very simple plugin that allows a player to shorten a url from in game, and broadcast it for example. This is still a work in progress plugin and i am adding to it everyday(Mainly working on trying to get bit.ly integration in...its api is a pain to work with) Example Permissions shortenit.shorten Commands /shorten aliases: shrtn Libraries Aside from Bukkit, this plugin uses some libraries I have...
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Oct 18, 2014 Release
Run scripts in Minecraft using JAVA syntax. No compiling / IDE needed from the user side! Based on original idea from Kyle -> http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/run-eclipse-alternative.754/ Commands: - None yet How does it work? The plugin is event based. There is a text file for each event and you add Java source code to deal with the event how you like. There is no compiling or anything from the user side, just type your JAVA source code, save and off you go! You have full access to the...


Oct 18, 2014 Alpha
StaffNotify by Zeryther StaffNotify is a bukkit-plugin which provides multiple Staff-Tools for managing your sever and providing a support. Features Ticket-System! Your users can easily report bugs and hackers with /ticket or /report Staff-Chat! Easily contact other staff members ingame with a staff-only chat Join-Notifications! Get a notification whenever a staff-member joins or leaves the server. Bans! (soon) SN includes an extended Banning-System with bans, kicks, tempbans, mutes and more!...


Oct 17, 2014 Release
Welcome to NoCurse! The perfect solution for your Minecraft server! This plugin contains fully configurable curse words, change them at any time! Once installed, you will get a config.yml, in which you may edit the curse words to your desire. Default config.yml keywords: - hi - test the keywords might be formatted like: keywords:-hi- test in that case, all you need to do format it correctly as shown above, once done, you can add a curse word by putting a - then a space, then your curse word....


Oct 17, 2014 Release
OnAndOff A simple plugin that enters a message in the console when enabled and enters a message when disabled. I'm not sure quite what one would use it for, but hey, who am I to judge? OnEnable Message: Hello World! (so cliche) OnDisable Message: Goodbye! Commands /testcommand - Messages command user "This command works"


Oct 16, 2014 Planning
Here Is An Amazing Plugin! Commands: /restart -Restarts Your MineCraft Server Without having to go into console Access To Command: Owner Help: If The Plugin Doesn't Work That Means We Are In it.


Oct 16, 2014 Release
EasyHub Introduction EasyHub is a lightweight plugin that will add a /hub command into the game. This is useful for any mini-games server that are trying to save memory. The /hub command will teleport the user to the /setspawn with essentials Plugins Needed Essentials How to Install 1. Drag & Drop the .jar file into your plugins folder 2. Stop and restart your server (or do /reload on the server if you have Essentials) Changelog 1.0B - Created 1.1B - plugin.yml updated - .jar improved -...
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Oct 16, 2014 Release
CoreProtect - Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores Version: v2.10.0 CoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage. Designed with large servers in mind, CoreProtect will record and manage data without impacting your server performance. CoreProtect is the #1 most-used anti-griefing plugin, and has been actively developed since early 2012. Download Latest...