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Aug 20, 2015 Release
This is my first bukkit plugin i ever made so dont expect to much! Now compatible with 1.8! This plugin provides a player with the ability to make floating minecarts and invisible rails! With this plugin you can make flying minecarts witch is handy for some Theme Park server. There are NO commands its only the ability to make flying minecarts. There are also NO permission you only need the permission to build. This plugin is also lightweight so every server can handle it. click here to see...
Auto Lamp

Auto Lamp

Aug 20, 2015 Release
Features Create automatic lamps, turning on lamps with tool (without redstone, only click) Useful in cities, when you wouldn't use redstone or levers, one click and lamp is shining! Fast and very easy to use. Supports on Bukkit 1.8.8, Spigot 1.8.X Source Code here: SOURCE All files and all versions is Here. Have you got any questions ?? Do you like my plugin ?? Visit Facebook Page. Permissions: autolamp.add can add lamp autolamp.remove can remove lamp autolamp.info can show info about lamp...


Aug 19, 2015 Release
Make your own plugin like features and more using VariableTriggers This is a very powerful plugin that has unlimited potential. Create triggers that run lines of script when a player Clicks or Walks on a block (dirt, door, switch, trigger, torch, any block) or Create Event Triggers such as PlayerDeath , EntityDeath, BlockBreak, BlockPlaced, Join, Quit, Respawn, Interact and EntitySpawn that also run scripts. You can define Area Triggers and Command Triggers as well. You can use Dynamic Object...

Block Info

Aug 19, 2015 Release
Features Useful for worldedit or economy (chestshop .. ), you can check block id, position, world only in one click with stick to block Fast and very easy to use. Supports on Bukkit 1.8.8, Spigot 1.8.X Source Code here: SOURCE Permissions: infoblock.info can check block informations with stick Commands: /bi default command Configuration Plugin hasn't configuration file.
Vault Icon


Aug 18, 2015 Mature
Help support development of Vault: Donate Vault is a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems without needing to hook or depend on each individual plugin themselves. It was born out of a distaste for how both Register and the current Permissions API are run, and their lack of features or over-complicated implementations. Vault attempts to solve these issues by being intuitive and providing plugins with support for any system that they may use. Config:...
GroupChecker Display/Example

Group Checker

Aug 18, 2015 Release
This plugin is to allow the creation of a sign or access to a command that gives your players knowledge of what group(s) they are associated in. Works with both singular and multiple group(s). Why Is Group Checker Different? Group Checker is unique because currently it is the only plugin out there of its kind! We are always up to date and never go inactive. It is highly configurable and can satisfy your players always asking what group(s) they are in, especially if your in more than one group...

Region specific permissions

Aug 16, 2015 Mature
Region Specific Permissions (RSP) allows to add and remove permissions dynamically, using WorldGuard regions as reference. Also useful to limit your worlds to a rectangular or circular zone around an arbitrary center! Currently you need WorldGuard for regions. Maintenance Phase Due to timing constraints i might not add much to this plugin, but can keep it updated. I might implement some features of pex to make this a fully featured permissions plugin, t would be somewhat optional and RSP...

Server Select

Aug 16, 2015 Planning
Server Select This plugin is a alpha build of many, this plugin is meant for a server selection tool, its what its made for! Use this plugin in a network of servers, this build of Server Select only has a pre-configured designed menu, its still in alpha as mention before! No need for any more / commands or portals for your network, use Server Select! This plugin spawns the player a compass, then when clicked on the compass, a GUI appears, and shows some items that are clickable, if you click...


Aug 15, 2015 Release
What is MenuAPI? MenuAPI allows developers to create Inventory Menus easily. Tired of InventoryClickEvent listeners and having to run all sorts of silly checks to make sure the menu is an inventory menu? Want an easy system for mapping menu items onto an inventory using traditional coordinate techniques? You're in luck, MenuAPI can do all of these things. Read more, here. Please note: MenuAPI runs as a plugin on your server but is a core library. Any plugins using MenuAPI will need this...

Short Commands

Aug 15, 2015 Release
Overview: This plugin allows you to manage your custom server commands on-the-fly. This means that you can add or remove commands whenever you wish, without needing to entirely remove the commands from your plugin, modify the plugin.yml file, or reload the server. Commands may be added or removed at any time, and changes take effect immediately. All commands are logged to the console normally. Creating custom commands is a breeze using the ShortCommand API, and adding them is as simple as...


Aug 15, 2015 Beta
PlayerWarn Are you a server admin or mod that's constantly typing "/msg BadUser warning (1/3) for spam" and keeping track of the warning counts for each player? What happens when you log off and a new admin or mod has to continue the warnings? The count probably resets since you (and they) can't remember it all. What about the next day? Reset. Features This plugin keeps track of the warnings of each player, per infraction and automates the punishment. The only thing you'll need is admins and...
JarHopper Icon


Aug 13, 2015 Planning
Hop Jars from a folder to the plugins folder! Simply stuff the plugins/JarHopper folder full of plugins / plugins that already exist, but need updated, and use /jh! JarHopper will automatically handle new or existing plugins by loading or reloading! Commands /jarhop (/jh) - Immediately copies all jars from the plugins/JarHopper folder into the plugins directory (then enables / reloads them) Note ENSURE THAT THE JAR FILE IS NAMED AS THE PLUGIN IS! For example, to Hop the plugin "Essentials",...


Aug 13, 2015 Release
Description: Ever wanted an extremely light weight plugin, that did what huge server networks did? Well, you found the right plugin! This plugin will respond Pong! to you if you type /ping. Very simple. Very creative. Much wow. Commands: /ping - Responds with Pong! Permissions: None!
BattleTracker 2 Logo


Aug 13, 2015 Release
Battle Tracker 2? Welcome to the new home of Battle Tracker. The original plugin Dev's discontinued this project and has been picked up by community members familiar with it. Expect bugs to be squashed, spankin' new features to be added, and new updates to keep coming! A new wiki is being setup with tutorials, information, and the likes as well as a brand new website. Thank you, - The BattleTracker2 team. PvP Death messages Customizable death messages for PvP deaths. Allows use of Herochat...


Aug 12, 2015 Alpha
CommandToRedstone Idea Have you ever wanted to create a adventure map or a mini game but couldn't implement any commands into your build? Now you can! With CommandToRedstone you can easily add commands and get a redstone output from it. Commands and Permissions /ctr add <command> - Add a Redstone Command! - ctr.add /ctr remove <command> - Remove a Redstone Command! - ctr.remove /ctr list - Show a list of all Redstone Commands! - ctr.list /ctr help - Shows an example! - ctr.help As an example:...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Aug 11, 2015 Release
Advanced Lucky Block For 1.7.X Click Here Note: this file for 1.7.X to fix a bug with crafting. This is lucky block plugin which adds lucky block to your server (Like the original mod). • How to use Like the mod, Place a Lucky block which can be obtained by commands or crafting (Not the normal sponge) and break it to see random drops. • Setup - Put the downloaded file in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands • Lucky Block Commands - /Ib luckyblock/lb (Player) (Amount-Number) [Luck-Number]...

Algogo Bukkit

Aug 11, 2015 Beta
Algogo Bukkit Algogo Bukkit is the Bukkit implementation of Algogo. It is used to run and debug algorithms directly on your Minecraft server. How does it work ? You create an algorithm with Algogo Desktop (which can be downloaded here), place it in the algorithm folder, you can run it with /algogo launch [filename]. You can interrupt it with /algogo interrupt. A list of commands is available below. Commands /algogo launch [filename] - algogo.launch - Launch an algorithm. /algogo interrupt -...

=> PerWorldWarps <=

Aug 11, 2015 Release
Donations keep us running Click here to donate About PerWorldWarps is a warping plugin similar to the Essentials' plugin warps, but this plugin allows servers to have warps with the same names in different worlds. For example, if I wanted to warp to 'pvp' in the Factions world, then I would do /warp pvp (while in Factions), but if I was in Towny and I wanted to warp to the Factions world 'pvp' warp it wouldn't let me, unless I went to the Factions world. Recommend Addons AntiSpawners (Mob...


Aug 09, 2015 Release
Description CS-CoreLib is a library which is required for all of my Plugins to run. If you don't install this, some of your installed Plugins wil most likely not work at all. Previously I simply included this Lib in my Plugins itself, however due to various reasons I decided to seperate it. One reason for that was for example to make Curse's life easier, so they don't have to review my entire Lib everytime I update one of my Plugins. API Tutorial This Tutorial will show you how you can...


Aug 09, 2015 Beta
EssentialsRecovered German: EssentialsRecovered (ERec) ist eine Essentials Version für die 1.8 und höher. In dieser Version sind bzw. werden alle Befehle, welche man auch im originalen Essentials findet, wiedererkennen. Dieses Projekt wurde auf die Beine gestellt, da die offiziellen Entwickler keine 1.8 Version herausgeben wollen, da es keine offizielle "craftbukkit 1.8" mehr gibt. Spezielle Funktionen Es kann farbig geschrieben werden Es können farbige Nicknames benutzt werden Im Chat können...