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Aug 22, 2014 Planning
AnoMessage Anonymously send private messages to players! Introduction Always wanted to send messages privately to someone, without it showing your name? Do you want to send a message to 1 player from the console, without it saying "CONSOLE whispers" in front of the message, and it being gray and boring? Then this plugin is something for you! Now you can send a message privately to any player without any name in front of it! Usage /amsg <player> <message> The only amazing command of this...


Aug 21, 2014 Planning
Introduction With this Plugin, you, as a Staff Member, can relax if you want to! With those commands you can inform your Member about the fact, that you're working now, or if you make a pause from working and just want to play like a normal User :D Permissions It's simple: sod.duty That's the only Permission of this Plugin so far! Commands You can use: onduty - To inform the Users, that you're willing to work now. offduty - To tell them, that from now on, you just want to Play :) Upcoming...

Anonymous Chat

Aug 20, 2014 Planning
AnonymousChat This plugin will allow you to chat anonymously using /anonchat. When enabled, your username is replaced with "<Anonymous>" (configurable). Players with the permission anonchat.names will be able to see your name. Usage Use /anonchat to toggle anonymous chatting. Aliases: /achat, /anon, /ac Permissions anonchat.anon - Use the /anonchat command anonchat.names - See the names of people chatting anonymously (Like this: "(Superior_Slime) <Anonymous>: hi" Installation Simply pop this...


Aug 19, 2014 Planning
You stream is a plugin that gives your youtubers/streamers an extra little boost to keep going. Also to inform your players when someone is streaming or recording. Commands: /Stream - Informs players about a streamer. /Record - Informs players that a youtuber is recording. /Streamers - Shows a list of streamers defined in the config. /Youtubers - Shows a list of youtubers defined in the config. Permissions: /Stream - Permission: Announce.stream /Record - Permission: Announce.record /Streamers...


Aug 18, 2014 Planning
Bob This plugin allows players to run commands as easily as sending a chat message. Config The config is used to register commands with chat messages. %p will be replaced with the player's name. %mp will be replaced by the text in message-prefix. All console commands support chatcolors. Any number of Bob commands may be added. Any number of console commands may be added to a Bob command. Commands will be run as console. Here is the default config for reference: message-prefix: '&c[&6BOB&c]&r'...

Mention Notifier

Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Why? So you don't miss when someone mentions your player name in the chat. What does it do? With this plugin you can be notified by a sound alert(click) if someone mentions your name somewhere in the chat. How does it work? If you want to be notified when someone mentions you in the chat, you can type the command "/notify". If you want to deactivate it you can just type it again! Commands /notifier Show some information about the plugin and available commands. /notify Toggle notifications....


Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Translator+ A fully functioning chat translating plugin for almost any language! Donate and Support the plugin! \\ Config Drop the ChatTranslator.jar file into your plugins folder then restart your server Config.yml useDefault: false Set to true if you want to set a default language to be spoken default: en If useDefault is true, specify the default language to be spoken How to use Use /trans change [playername] [languageID] to start talking in that language Now whatever you type in chat will...
NoChat Logo


Aug 17, 2014 Planning
About NoChat is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows players to enable and disable their chat via one command, all with no configuration required. Usage To use this plugin, /nochat must be entered as a command. Upon doing so, the user will cease to receive messages from other players. To re-enable the chat, the player must type /nochat again. Commands and Permissions /nochat - nochat.use Configuration There is no configuration required.


Aug 17, 2014 Beta
Levels [English] Description This is a simple plugin to display the current exp-level in the chat, in front of the Username. It is useful for RPG servers that use the leveling system, or PVP Server to show other User the current exp-level. Features If you are ingame at level 7, it looks like: [lv 7]Blume987 in the chat. And if you press <Tab> it looks like: [7]Blume987 in the playerlist. Upcomming Features reload command (command for reloading the config file) different prefixes for each...


Aug 17, 2014 Planning
My Plugin English: You have a Minecraft server? Maybe a PvP server? Your server get spammed by death messages? Then is my Plugin the right plugin for you. Features No more death messages will be shown in the chat Commands and Permissions None How to install Download the plugin Put NoDeathMessage.jar into your plugins directory Restart/Reload your server Have Fun German: Du hast einen Minecraft Server? Veleicht ein PvP Server? Dein Chat wird mit Todesnachichten vollgespamt? Dann ist min Plugin...


Aug 17, 2014 Release
ConsoleName Customized server broadcast prefix. Summary ConsoleName is an easy-to-use and flexible tool for sending broadcast messages with a customizable prefix, either via a chat command or a console command. ConsoleName is also perfect for planned broadcasts, e.g. via MCMyAdmin or similar tools. Each player can have a customized prefix. For special cases, ConsoleName offers the possibility to determine the prefix for each message individually. ConsoleName can also override the 'say' server...
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Custom Death Messages

Aug 17, 2014 Release
Version 2.0 This plugin will give you the option to create custom death messages. You can have more than one death message for each type of death. If you have multiple death messages for one death, it will choose one at random. This plugin supports deaths from: Supported deaths are from the DeathCauses and EntityTypes that Bukkit includes. You can see a lists here under "Enum Constant Summary" EntityTypes DamageCause Other death causes include: Ground - When you die from a fall 5 blocks or...


Aug 16, 2014 Beta
Features Hybrid Clear Chat is a plugin that allows you to clear your dirty chat when it is required. Commands /clearchat - clears the chat Permissions HybridChat.clear: description: Permission to show the plugin's help screen default: op To Do make the chat clear a lot sweeter McStats.org This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it by changing "opt-out" to "true" in the config.


Aug 16, 2014 Planning
PlayerParties PlayerParties is a Bukkit plugin designed to allow your users to create their own parties and chat in them. NOTE: I have not implemented permissions yet, so anyone can create a party. However, there is a permission level, mentioned below. This is the level you have to be in order to run the command. The plugin keeps track of these. The levels are default(The first level in a party, can talk but cannot kick), officer(Officers are appointed by the owner, and can talk AND kick...


Aug 16, 2014 Release
EasyColorChat Permissions|Commands About EasyColorChat is a lightweight plugin that allows players to have a default chat color by simply using a command. Features Able to change the messages provided by EasyColorChat! Able to set what colors players can use! Able to set a player's default chat color with just one command! Able to set your own default chat color with just one command! Able to use an in-game help menu provided by EasyColorChat! Able to see all of the color codes with just one...


Aug 16, 2014 Release
The ChatManager is a completely clever system, which includes all functions from the PEX-ChatManager, and add many more Features. For example, you can Prefix or Suffix other Players, Use Variables and Color Codes in every configuration-chapter, Create your own Join/Leave Message to individualize your Server, Change the Format for every Group from your Group- or Permission Plugin or use a global Chatformat, if you dont have a Group- or Permission Plugin To run the ChatManager+, you'll need •...


Aug 16, 2014 Planning
ChatNames Description If you say a players name(who is online) their name will show up in a color specified in the config. This config uses the regular notation of &(color) i.e &b. The default is &b but you can change it at any time. Commands and permissions ability to use the colored chat is the permission cc.use DO NOT REMOVE THE ' ' IN THE CONFIG Uses You can put it in "&4" and give it to staff as a warning method. check if players are online(if players don't know about tab). A perk for...

Tobi Motd

Aug 16, 2014 Release
Tobi Motd is a simple Motd plugin (Like the one in the server.propeties but this one comes up after you are logged on) To change the motd open the config.yml file in the Tobi Motd directory. To use the motd codes you simply add them in the line. Example: MOTD : 'Welcome %NAME%, The time is now %TIME%' would if i logged in when the world time (not real time) was 17.15 become Welcome rosaage, The time is now 17:15 The New codes won't work in console! News: Added 1 new Motd Codes Read only...


Aug 16, 2014 Release
What is JoinMotd? JoinMotd lets you customized Join and Quit messages. You can use formatting and color codes to give the message style. You can even have custom Join/Quit messages for each of your permission groups. Permission prefix's and suffix's can be added to the customized message too! Features Custom Join Message Custom Quit Message Custom Group Join Message * Custom Group Quit Message * Custom Player Join Message Custom Player Quit Message In-Game Editing Commands (Perms. Plugin...


Aug 15, 2014 Release
Commands: DescriptionPermission /eamDisplay the help of the plugin.eam.edit /eam listDisplay all automessages.eam.edit /eam reloadReload the Config.yml.eam.edit /eam add {Text}Add an automessage.eam.edit /eam remove {MessageNumber}Remove an automessage.eam.edit /eam cooldown {Seconds}Set the time between two automessages.eam.edit /eam prefix {Text}Set the automessageprefix.eam.edit /eam spontan {MessageNumber}Display a message right now.eam.edit /eam flag {Flag} {Option}Set a flag to true or...