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Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Introduction Hello developers, you may know GetOpt from the glibc. A useful framework which provides the CLI parameter parsing. Now with ArgEngine this tool meets Bukkit. For users which already have used GetOpt I shall say that it works very different. How to use it? First you have to configure the general parsing options. OptionsSheet mySheet = new OptionsSheet(); // This is used to hold your configuration mySheet.exceptionOnUnknown = false; // Set the options as you need them...


Aug 31, 2014 Planning
Description RankPrefix+ is a powerful Chat/Rank/Scoreboard Manager which allows you to make your Chat a bit more fancy and also apply the Prefix and Suffix of the Ranks on your Server to your Player's TAB-List and NameTag. But since the Plugin is that big and advanced, its Config may seem a bit complicated, but dont worry! There is a documentation on this Page a bit further down. Oh, and it also allows your Players to use Color codes with & in the Chat. Example Commands/Permissions There are...

DeathMatch Core

Aug 30, 2014 Planning
DeathMatch Core Plugin Version BETA What is DeathMatch? DeathMatch was created to have a core for developers to create PvP Plugins! This Plugin formats chat for other players to see who the top Player, owner, or creator of a minigame or plugin is! Many more is included! THIS PLUGIN IS THE CORE TO MANY FURIOUS PLUGINS! Features DeathMatch includes but is not limited to Chat formatting! Makes server messages from admins and the server easier to see! Runs the lobbies, countdowns and related!...

Simple Newsletter

Aug 28, 2014 Planning
Forum Intro Ever wanted to inform your players about a new staff member? Or a person has been banned? Well, then i have to say this plugin is for you! You can change the title, date and text in the config. Also, there's no text limitation! Features Support for all color codes! Title, date and text! Installation & Editing The installation is very simple: just download the jar file and drag&drop it in your plugins folder of your server. Then either start up your server or reload it. If you want...

UltraHardcore Reloaded

Aug 28, 2014 Release
Just another UHC plugin? Well, not exactly. This plugin is a very complete UltraHardcore plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features, for Bukkit 1.7.9+. ↓ Download links ↓ BukkitDev stable 1.0 · Github stable 1.0 · Github snapshot 1.1.2 You can also download the latest development builds on our Jenkins server. GitHub and Jenkins builds are not checked by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risks. Fast access to the comments — Personal use Features This...
hChat logo


Aug 27, 2014 Release
- Version 1.5 - # Main Page Commands and Permissions Variables and Codes Configuration Source @ GitHub Stats @ MCStats Read the change log when updating to version 1.5 Features Player groups Chat channels Ranged chat Away (AFK) features Format display name, list name and chat, death, join, quit, motd, me and tell messages Separate formats and configurations for each group and channel Word censoring Hook into permission groups through Vault (optional) 27 variables (like world, location, group,...
Power MOTD logo

Power motd

Aug 27, 2014 Release
Power MOTD V6.5 Power MOTD is a motd plugin, it can change the motd in your server list and InGame. You can change the motd InGame with commands or in the Config.yml (located in /.../Plugins/PowerMOTD/Config.yml) (for longer messages of the day than the minecraft chat limit. (80 characters)) suports sign/chat colors -Example:- Welcome, &c&l%player% &r the time = &6%time% %n% &r This server is running &7%version% -Will be:- Welcome, winspeednl the time = 22:32 This server is running...


Aug 27, 2014 Release
UUID UPGRADE SOON... Thanks for 100 Downloads WICHTIG Downloaded euch die Neuste Bukkit Version (1.7.9-R0.2) https://mega.co.nz/#!tNF2USaR!kQulytbPzuuFYKWKCpCL4LWrCLxA6bsoJuDswPGMopk Das Clean-Master Plugin ist dazu da damit man den Chat vom Server kontrolliert wie zum beispiel die Spieler einzeln stummen und laut machen. Das Plugin hat folgende Funktionen: Chat säubern, global-Chat deaktivieren und auch bald nachrichten die angezeigt werden mit einer config Datei zu ändern. /cm (Öffnet ein...
Logo of Papocraft - May 2014


Aug 27, 2014 Release
Papotronics v1.3.6 Features ¿You are too many plugins? Papotronics is a compilation of different plugins (the idea), simplifying and improving of features of the server. Papotronics can customize motd and icon of servers list with an aditional information (uses ProtocolLib), can clear the chat ingame, can mute the chat for all players, can put server in maintenance mode, and more things! Crafts: Wither bow, grass, mossy cobblestone, web, saddle, horse armors, all discs and packed ice. Can...

Advanced AntiSpam

Aug 27, 2014 Release
Advanced AntiSpam This is a simple plugin to prevent players from spamming/abusing in chat (sending a customizable message). It can block words with a simple to use blacklist and prevent people from capsing and advertising. The new version also include an Anti7 function and customizable Join/Leave messages. Stay tuned for updates! Features AntiSpam for chat AntiSpam for commands AntiCaps Word BlackList Command BlackList GlobalMute AntiAD IP AntiAD URL/Website Join/Leave messages Commands...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
This is a test plugin for testing tests. Don't touch stuff.


Aug 26, 2014 Release
Description Are you also get annoyed that you need many small plugins to bring the server up and running? With many small plugins, the server begins quickly to stutter. Now there is this plugin! A collection of many plugins and they are growing! Config # 1.0 updater: true mcjail: true commands: true simplesmelt: true teamboard: true mcstatus: true teammessage: true killreward: true killplus: true logspawn: true # 1.1 antipvplog: true pluginmanager: true # 1.2 jumpnrun: true timelock: true...
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Aug 26, 2014 Release
Welcomes players to your server with a customizable message More Description When a player joins your server do you always type "Welcome Back", well no more! ServerWelcome does exactly that for you. Configure your own message to welcome back your players and even a customized message to welcome players to your server for the first time! When a player joins for the first time, it will display your customized message and an optional pre-set message that shows the new player what player he is to...


Aug 26, 2014 Release
Introduction With this Plugin, you, as a Staff Member, can relax if you want to! With those commands you can inform your Member about the fact, that you're working now, or if you make a pause from working and just want to play like a normal User :D You can even change the Dutymode of someone else ;) But beware: If you have the Config "OP:" set to true, it will automatically set the person, which activates his/her Duty to OP & vice versa. So please remember: If you have this Config set to...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
General Description Whit this plugin you can have advanced chat channel features! Users can create chat channel (also with password!) with mutelist User can also create private channel and they can invite other players it include also chat clean command and each channel will be logged into a file! a channel will be deleted when all user left it (except world channel) (this is my first plugin, be comprensive!) Commands /help ChatChannelProshow all commands /ccaboutshow plugin infopermission:...


Aug 26, 2014 Planning
WIPEtheCHAT Hey guys, this is my second plugin. CreeperCounter was my first. What is WIPEtheCHAT Clear chat is a simple plugin that allows you to clear the chat when everyone is talking too much. Commands /clearchat.chat - Clears the chat Permissions None: Don't worry I'm adding Permissions later so no one else uses this command. :D


Aug 26, 2014 Release
Some downloads may not be up to date due to BukkitDev file approval process. Just wait for the new download to appear. Downloads Pinger Github - Click Here For Latest Updates and Bleeding Edge Builds Documentation Announcements Finally updated for 1.7.9! About Welcome to Pinger for Bukkit. This server will play a sound notification whenever a players name is said, like @zachoooo. It will also highlight the name to help you! This can be helpful for admins who want to be available to their...


Aug 25, 2014 Release
Are you like me? Do you like to be able to swear a bit while playing Minecraft? If you do, then you probably get annoyed with all your swear words being filtered. However, servers have to have a chat filter because if they don't, a lot of people complain how the conversations are "inappropriate" and "offensive". You can't argue with these people either, because they want to have a nice friendly conversation, not one full of cursing. The thing is, none of the major chat-plugins seems to...

Minecraft Enhanced

Aug 25, 2014 Planning
Overview Minecraft Enhanced is a Minecraft bukkit plugin designed to add features I feel minecraft is missing. Things from new craftables to new commands, there are endless possibilities. I started the development of this plugin to not only add some variety to minecraft servers but to hopefully make them more fun. So far I have added a few new fun and useful things like new craftables, damage sensors and sound effects. For instance while being damaged a message on your screen will pop-up...

Anonymous Broadcaster

Aug 25, 2014 Release
Anonymous-Broadcaster English Translation Introduction This Plugin allows you to broadcast to the entire server with or without the broadcast prefix allowing the players to advertise a faction or anything they would need. Commands /bc <message> /abc <message> Permissions broadcast.bc : Permission to Broadcast with the prefix. broadcast.abc : Permission to Broadcast without the prefix Configuration No Config due to you needing nothing to configure Features Ability to Broadcast with the prefix...