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Jan 29, 2015 Release
DreamGuest A lightweight admin and chat tool. WIP Source | Bugtracker | Documentation Dependencies PermissionsEx - that's it! Features - /ban , /unban, /banreason and /kick commands - /vanish command - /afk command with random afk messages and /addafkmessage - /who command lists players by groups Permission nodes dreamguest.admin.kick dreamguest.admin.ban dreamguest.admin.unban dreamguest.admin.banreason dreamguest.admin.vanish dreamguest.chat.who dreamguest.chat.afk...
Vortex Manipulator


Jan 29, 2015 Release
TARDIS Vortex Manipulator Plugin request: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/request-vortex-manipulator.323227/, initiator: roracle We like a challenge :) What it is "Vortex manipulator. Cheap and nasty time travel. Very bad for you. I'm trying to give it up." Travel like Jack Harkness or River Song from Doctor Who! Have the Vortex Manipulator in your hand, put in your desired location, and GO! Dependencies This plugin utilises the TARDIS plugin API, so you must have TARDIS installed as well....


Jan 29, 2015 Release
Ultimate Translate is an advanced plugin to translate in real-time, all texts send to chat, based on player country provided by ip location of player. Features: This plugin uses an advanced system to translate, and to get minum CPU and RAM of your server. This plugin translate in real time from an APi similar to Google API, and send directly to your server chat. This plugin uses same system of Essentials and Authme to get player location from ip, and with this information, the plugin can...


Jan 29, 2015 Alpha
Are you trying to announce an event or something else but the players don't stop talking? Then i show you the ChatBlock, a very lightweight plugin that you mute the chat to everybody except you! This plugin works for 1.8.X and 1.7.X , just don't use development builds to avoid errors! Permissions: chatblocker.block Commands: Block the chat: /chat block Unblock the chat: /chat unblock
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Death Messages

Jan 29, 2015 Release
< WORKING ON A 1.8 MINECRAFT VERSION: tons of changes, mayor plugin recode, new features, vote in the poll for more features! > [ Issues? Suggestions? ] < . . . Description . . . > This Plugin allows you to customize ALL Death Messages in your Bukkit Server (and even more than normal, yes, i've added Death Message that do not even exist in normal Bukkit), also, has option to customize Join/Leave/Kick messages too. As bukkit yaml parser does't allows non-english characters on configuration...
Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention

Jan 28, 2015 Mature
AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. No configuration or database required! Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different anti-grief plugins, take away cool standard game features, publish a training manual / tutorial for...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
Smiley ㋡ Smiley adds things like ㋡ to your chat, signs and books... Features ㋡ Display special UTF-8 symbols as smileys (like this one: ㋡); Edit the list of smileys and easily add custom smileys; Using smileys in chat, in commands and you can type messages with smileys on your server console; Smileys can be colored (text color will persist). Why do I want it? ㋡ If you need to see on your server something like "㋡ " — you need Smiley ㋡ How to use it? ㋡ Install Type ; ) to get ㋡ Etc... Commands:...

Undine Mailer

Jan 28, 2015 Release
Release page for Japanese is here. http://forum.minecraftuser.jp/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=24681 Features This plugin UndineMailer provides a mail sending and receiving system to your server! You can exchange mails with online/offline players. Clickable Chat Component GUIs. Easy to make mails! You can attach items to your mails! You can set "cost item" or "cost money" to open attachment item box. Mail list group management systems. Sender and recipients are managed with UUID. You can change...


Jan 28, 2015 Planning
German Das Plugin AntiChat verbietet jedem Spieler Etwas zu schreiben . English The plugin AntiChat ist an plugin what disallow all players to chat . Permissions : Nothing ! Keine Rechte ! Commands : Keine Commands! Nothing !


Jan 28, 2015 Planning
BadWordFilter - Filter bad words BadWordFilter is a new, lightweight plugin, developed by Zeryther. It's able to filter bad words from your server's chat. This plugin is fully customizable! Features Block Badwords (See when a Word is being blocked) Permissions badwordfilter.exempt If a player has this permission, s/he can post bad words. badwordfilter.seewords If a player has this permission, s/he get's notified when a word is blocked.


Jan 28, 2015 Beta
_____________________________________________________________________________________ But what is Utilisals? Utilisals is an easy to understand plugin that has alot of nice features. You can broadcast things with custom prefix. Some configurable messages! And coming soon even the ability to enable/disable a command (Also with customizable message!) Found a bug or something? Say it pls in the commands or PM me! Click on 1 of the buttons above to get some explanation about this plugin!!...


Jan 28, 2015 Release
This plugin was made for a private server. But is plublic Now :) [FR]vidéo tuto du plugins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ujccBVOOc [FR]Comment installé AdminHelp Mettre AdminHelpFinalV3.jar dans "plugins" de votre serveur. [FR]Comment utilisé AdminHelp /help adminhelp affichée les commande référencé de le plugin.yml dans le AdminHelpFinalV3.jar. Voici comment les modifier: kick: mettre le nom de la commande.( ici /kick ) usage: /<command> ne pas touché. description: pour le sortire du...


Jan 28, 2015 Planning
ChatMessenger - Minecraft Messaging​ ChatMessenger is a new, lightweight Spigot Plugin, developed by Zeryther. It can be used to give your players an easy base to message on your server. Features Message blocking (disable private messages if you want to be private) Private Messaging (send others private messages) Color Messages (Colorize your message with formatting codes) Fast Reply (Use /r to easily reply to a message) Commands /msg Aliases: [w, whisper, tell, t, message, pm, pn]...

Simple Admin Broadcast

Jan 28, 2015 Planning
This simple plugin allows an admin (or anyone with the perm) to broadcast a message to all players online. Permissions: - adminbroadcast.broadcast Commands: - adminbroadcast - ab Why should you choose my plugin over the millions of other broadcast plugins? Choosing my plugin means nothing, I simply coded this plugin to practice my fairly mediocre programming knowledge.


Jan 27, 2015 Planning
German : ChatAPI Diese API ermöglicht zurzeit noch nicht ganz so viel ! Es sind 2 abfragen verfügbar . 1: Der isOnline() Boolean der abfragt ob ein Spieler online oder offline ist ! 2: Der onChat() void ist eine Methode die ein Chatformat setzt ! (Bald editierbar) 3: Bald kommende funktionen werden 1 Woche vor Release bekannt gegeben ! English: ChatAPI Hello Dear Minecraft user , I have a programming API to which you can query whether players online or offline . This works on :...
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AdBolt Advertising Network

Jan 27, 2015 Release
AdBolt - In-game Minecraft Advertising Website | Sign up | Download | Screenshots What is it? AdBolt offers in-game Minecraft advertising. Once you install the AdBolt plugin to your server, you can then visit publisher.adbolt.net to sign up for an account. Once you configure your account with the AdBolt plugin, you will start to see advertisements displayed on your server in which you will be payed for. You can then visit the dashboard or type /adstats to see in depth statistics regarding...


Jan 27, 2015 Release
Info Plugin is Czech launge! Plugin = player found diamand ore say message in chat. Plugin created by FuginCZ! Permissions is no exist!


Jan 26, 2015 Release
What is it: Chatji is an array of useful chat related commands that I have taken from my plugin BasicUtil, edited to become better, and made into one plugin! It is not a complex plugin, but it is a lightweight plugin which even adds an admin chat channel! Features: Admin chat Ability to silence players Update checker Ability to send a plain, or prefixed message to the whole server Ability to impersonate a player Ability to clear/clean out the chat A clear, easy to use configuration file,...


Jan 26, 2015 Release
User can see TS IP, Rules, Website URL and Team Members. You can edit the messages of the commands in a "config.yml" How to install: Download the newest Version of this Plugin Extract the ".zip" File Drag "SimpleInfo.jar" into your Plugins Folder Start or Restart the Server Edit the automatically generated "config.yml" in the Folder "SimpleInfo" Configuration Rules TeamSpeak Website Team Commands - Permissions /rules - simpleinfo.rules /ts - simpleinfo.ts /website - simpleinfo.website /team -...


Jan 26, 2015 Release
Downloads SimpleBroadcast on Twitter - @SBPlugin Website: http://www.SimpleBroadcast.net All variables: http://www.SimpleBroadcast.net/documentation Important Note SimpleBroadcast now has it's own website: http://www.SimpleBroadcast.net! There you can find many information about the plugin, the development and much more! About SimpleBroadcast is a plugin which automatically sends defined messages to the chat. Features Automatically timed messages are sent in a defined delay. Easily enable or...