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Jul 25, 2016 Planning
This plugin allows you to change the nickname and skin of players. It's compatible with 1.8, 1,9 & 1.10. Note: This plugin is mostly maintained on spigotmc.org, please go there for the latest versions and full support (click me) Preview Names Skins Requires Java 8 & Depends on PacketListenerAPI! Commands /nick <Name> [Player] - Set your own, or another player's name /clearNick [Player] - Reset your own, or another player's name /randomNick [Player] [Category] - Get a random name /listNames -...

AdminTools Revamped

Jul 25, 2016 Alpha
Ever wanted even MORE commands for your admins? Well, here you go! 8 new commands, and ADDING with your comment help! This is the EASIEST setup plugin that actually works, and well. With a custom join message, a improved ban system, anticurse, and more all in one! You can use at.* to get all commands!* For /911 and the anticurse to work, you must give your admins at.recieve to get the messages!* Commands: BROADCAST: /at bc <message> Description: Send A broadcast message to everyone!...
DisableCommandsPlus Logo2.0


Jul 24, 2016 Mature
DisableCommandsPlus What does it do? Lets you disable commands for ops, players with "*" permission, the whole server, per-world, per-player, and groups of players! Allows disable of banning, unbanning, oping, deoping, kicking, jailing, muting, and killing (Command wise) of certain players! Doesn't interfere with Console commands, so you can still preform all commands disabled in Console! Completely safe, and only players with console can change what commands are disabled, etc. What does it...

Better Teams

Jul 24, 2016 Release
Introduction: This is better teams, A plugin where you cannot hit your own team, you have your own chat you can grow your team to become top of the leaderboard and much more! This plugin uses UUID's not player names! Note: please inform me of any bugs in the discussion section! Credits: EmpirePlays (Idea) Commands: /team These commands do not require a permission /team create <name> - creates a team with the specified name /team join <name> - joins the specifed team if you have been invited...


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Blacklist <<Super simple and user friendly plugin that is 100% editable in-game!!>> Information: This plugin allows the preventage of explosion damage. This plugin also allows you to add blocks that cannot be placed or destroyed and allows you to add bad words to a list so they cannot be used in-game. (BlockFilter) (CurseFilter). All components of this plugin can be disabled separate of each other. Commands: /blacklist | Displays Blacklist Info. /blacklist reload | Reloads the configuration...


Jul 23, 2016 Release
HelpMeMenu Give all of your players a custom help menu with your choice of commands they can see! --------------------------------------------------- HelpMe allows you to change the config.yml to your liking with supported color code with & and § symbols --------------------------------------------------- •========• Commands: /help /? •========• Versions: 1.8.x 1.9.x 1.10.x •========• --------------------------------------------------- If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them...


Jul 23, 2016 Planning
Custom helper plugin includes: - OP / Ops player (/twonhelper op <player>) - Rank / Ranks player (/twonhelper Rank <player> <rank>) - Prefix / changes player's prefix (/twonhelper Prefix <player> <prefix>), Allows colorcodes More features to come!

Death Counter

Jul 23, 2016 Release
This plugin provides the user with a personal death counter. They are able to check their death total both through a total and from enemy players. This may be useful in RPG servers, hardcore maps/servers, and for whatever you may come up with. Commands: /deaths - Provides user with their total amount of deaths /deathshelp - Provides user with help with the plugin Permissions: /deaths - deathcounter.deaths /deathshelp - deathcounter.deathhelp
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Jul 23, 2016 Release
B S S E N T I A L S, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 [̲̅A][̲̅d][̲̅d][̲̅s][̲̅:] /gm /rules /day /night /rain /clearinv /warp /setwarp /spawn /setspawn /invsee /spawnmob /removelag /welcome /google /wiki /bukkitdev /plugins ver Info BSSENTIALS, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 Bssentials will use only less then 1% of your RAM because the commands just do what there spost to do! Commands Over 30 usefull commands! And more to be added! Click the button to see a list: Permissions Click the...
VirtualPack Icon


Jul 23, 2016 Release
VirtualPack [ Configuration ] [ Commands & Permissions ] [ Download ] [ Source ] With this plugin, players can buy and use a workbench, an enchantment table, chests, furnaces, brewing stands and a bunch of other tools. Completely virtually. Accessible by chat commands. Required dependencies: Vault, WorldEdit. Optional dependencies: ProtocolLib (see Configuration/Materializer) Notice According to the Bukkit rules, I have to make you aware of: Quote:This plugin uses the Curse API to check for...


Jul 23, 2016 Planning
Hello, its the DuckcTeam, and this is our Simple GroupManager Plugin. It is a Standalone Plugin so it can be used with any other Plugin (except for other GroupManager Plugins) Compatible: 1.8-1.8.9 + UPDATE + The EHDGroupManager was Updated! New Features: - Groups can now access Permissions from other Groups! - Chaged the Look of some Messages! - Added /ehd info <Group> to view all Details for the Group - Added config.yml for seperating Group Stuff from Configuration! Some Information: We...


Jul 23, 2016 Release
Main Races | Classes | Traits | Chat | Commands | Configuration | SkillTrees | Permissions | FAQ | Version History What is RacesAndClasses? RacesAndClasses (RaC) was made to bring the best RPG experience to Minecraft servers. You are able to customize your own classes and races, making your server a world full of adventure! RaC is inspired by the biggest MMORPG game in the world, known as World Of Warcraft. Core Features of RaC Make different races and classes Every part can be customized...


Jul 23, 2016 Release
FlyMode Commands: /fly enable/disable /fly <name> enable/disable (Works also for Console) Permissions: flymode.fly flymode.fly.name Feautures: /fly Witout a name your FlyMode change /fly <name> With a name the FlyMode of the player change (Works also for Console) Config editable messages Config: Use the AND '&' for color codes and %player% for the other player Config: Fly_enabled: '&aFlyMode enabled!' Fly_disabled: '&cFlyMode disabled!' Fly_other_player_enabled: '&aFlyMode from %player%...


Jul 23, 2016 Release
alertCMD alertCMD is a customizable alert plugin for minecraft 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 commands and permissions the commands you can use are: /broadcast /bc /bcast /alert (only usable if you turn it on in the config) in the examples I will use /bc commandpermission /bc <message>alertCMD.* or alertCMD.send /bc reloadalertCMD.* or alertCMD.reload you can find the source code here


Jul 23, 2016 Release
1.7.X USERS DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.3 OR ABOVE! If the plugin isn't working on 1.8 or below, that's because you need to change the sound in the config as sounds changed in 1.9! This Plugin Allows You To Say Someone's Name In Chat And It Will Send Them A Message Saying "%player% has mentioned you" (By Default, Can Be Changed In The Config) And Will Also Play A Sound, By Default It Is "ORB_PICKUP" (Can Be Changed In The Config). This Plugin Works By Listening To Chat, And When A Player Name Is...


Jul 23, 2016 Release
PerWorldChatPlus Installation & Configuration | Commands & Permissions | Development & Implementation | Change Log Overview Run a server with multiple worlds? Hate having the chat go to all worlds? Well, PerWorldChatPlus is the right plugin for you. Not only does this plugin make chats perworld, it allows for grouping, global chat, and spying on all chats, and much more! Perfect for all servers who don't want chats to be in all worlds. Large or small, this plugin is for you. "A must have for...

Chat Formatting Tool

Jul 22, 2016 Planning
This plugin will help you to format your chat easily without using essentials chat. It's compatible with PermissionEX (for the groups) and Faction (for faction name and role). The config : # %player% = playername, %group% = player group (from pex), %prefix% = prefix, %suffix% = suffix, %faction% = faction, %factionrank% = faction role, %message% = message; default: '%factionrank%%faction% %group% %prefix% %player% %suffix%> &9%message%' opsPlayerRed: false FactionRole: Leader: '**' Officer:...


Jul 22, 2016 Release
What does it do? This plugin will inform players when a player joins or leaves the world they are currently in. This will only happen in that specific world. A server join message will also be broadcast, only in the world where the player joins. The same applies for leave messages. There is also an option to broadcast a first world/server join message. The messages are fully customizable, there is also an option to make the join/leave messages be broadcasted globally. Config The configuration...

Delta Chat Manager

Jul 21, 2016 Release
Have an lightweight and customizable Staff Chat ! Permissions : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/delta-staff-chat-plugin/pages/permissions/ Commands : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/delta-staff-chat-plugin/pages/commands/ Default Config : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/delta-staff-chat-plugin/pages/default-config-yml/ Metrics : This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique...


Jul 20, 2016 Release
Ultimate Chat with JSON events and easy tag/rank replacements Descrição em Portugues do Brazil: Clique aqui para ver! UltimateChat allow you (server owner) to show additional info on player names, clan tag, marry tags and in any tag you choose create, all using minecraft JSON. This info will be show when the player hover the mouse under player tag on chat. Click event are available too like click on player name and send teleport request, or click on Clan tag and see all clan player info....