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Feb 28, 2015 Planning
What is ServerStaffList? Im sure most of you have had problems finding a working configurable staff list. Well here is one that works and is easy to configure!!! Commands /Staff: Displays the configured staff list! Permissions ServerStaffList.Staff: Gives "/staff" perm! Config The config can be edited to changed the /Staff in-game.


Feb 27, 2015 Planning
Server-Join-Leave-Messages Server-Join-Leave-Messages Warning Should now work with Spigot!! Commands N/A Permissions N/A Configuration N/A Coming Soon in near Future Features Currently Server-Join-Leave-Messages is a welcoming and a welcome back plug-in! Description Server-Join-Leave-Messages is a basic Welcoming and a welcome back plug-in. If you are running a hub server and want to use this plug-in fill free to ask one of the members of this plug-in to assist you ! Updates Fix leave message...
Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention

Feb 27, 2015 Mature
AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. No configuration or database required! Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different anti-grief plugins, take away cool standard game features, publish a training manual / tutorial for...


Feb 27, 2015 Beta
ChatEvents ChatEvents is a very simple plugin, but that has infinite possibilities!! You can add hover and click events or insertion (shift + click will insert text in your chat bar). This uses the tell-raw arguments to modify the chat. Each time someone talks, it will replace the message by a raw message. This message is configurable in the config under "format" (see below). In the config you can also set "events" for exemple on hover, on click or for insertion. There is a configurable...


Feb 27, 2015 Release
Create custom messages with your own commands. Erstelle eigene Chatnachnichten mit eigenen Befehlen. Die Deutsche Übersetzung der Bukkit-Seite findest du unten! English / Englisch About the plugin CCreloaded allows you create custom massages whit your own commands. In the next version (2.0) you can create aliases. Features Color code supported Simple to use Infinitely long messages Message templates Use playernames ( %name - %displayname - %groupname ) News and Updates You can see Updates...


Feb 27, 2015 Release
This is my first plugin, and it is a simple gambling one this plugin is for gamblers Commands: /gamble <amount> simply gambles <amount> with an average return of 1.0 (breaking even) (if user doesn't have <amount> they dont get reward) (the max a user can get is double the amount) Permissions: Add these to the group that you wish to be able to gamble Gamble.gamble - allows you to use /gamble TODO: DONE: - make sure a player has enough money - add in configs - added in an advanced mathematical...

Enforcer ban plugin

Feb 27, 2015 Release
Found a bug? Please submit a ticket addressing the issue as it will be fixed by the author. Thanks. A better way to ban players. Features: Ban list Ban reason Temp ban with date and time Who banned you Color code supported Future updates: /mute Bossbar support Commands: /ban <name> reason /kick <name> reason Servers that use this plugin: Needlecraft play.needlecraftmc.com


Feb 27, 2015 Release
Version 0.30 This add-on module for Dynmap provides an adapter for interfacing HeroChat's channels with web chat on Dynmap. This module serves as a replacement for the now-obsolete integration in Dynmap for HeroChat v4.x. This release requires the following: Dynmap v0.70 or later Herochat V6.5.1 or later Older versions of HeroChat (v4.x) are not API compatible with v5.x, and Herochat before v5.5 lack the needed APIs for this module, and will not function correctly. Settings for...


Feb 26, 2015 Release
NewTrans Created for the purpose of implementing the use of the Yandex API, and later edited to suit the Google API, NewTrans supports the translations of 90 languages to allow a larger international audience to communicate with you and other players of foreign descents. Internationalisation is an important part of owning a server especially if you want high player-counts at all times, and it's important that players are able to communicate between one another without too many issues...


Feb 26, 2015 Planning
A little Plugin to edit the standard Minecraft join message. Permissions/Commands: None Configuration (Standard) Messages: Join: '&7[&a+&7] &2%Player%' Quit: '&7[&4-&7] &2%Player%' //Very selfexplaining... Installation Drag and drop into the Plugins folder! Restart/Start/Reload your Server!

UltraHardcore Reloaded

Feb 26, 2015 Release
Just another UHC plugin? Well, not exactly. This plugin is a very complete UltraHardcore plugin, lightweight, actively maintained and updated, with a lot of features, for Bukkit 1.7.9+. ↓ Download links ↓ BukkitDev stable 1.2 · Github stable 1.2 · Development builds 1.3 GitHub and Jenkins builds are not checked by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risks. Fast access to the comments — Personal use Please note — the description below is being updated to the 1.2 version. By the meantime,...


Feb 26, 2015 Beta
Version: 2.3.1b Stage: Beta Description RPGSkills can offer new mechanics to your server and create a one of a kind feel. It has easy to understand commands, configuration files and overall playability. You can set restrictions for skills(i.e.: as tools, weapons, spells) to certain levels therefore forcing players to level to achieve higher tier tool/spell types. Over 10 skill types and still growing! Built in features such as Anti-Drops, Silk-Touch Spawners and Silk-Soil. Increased benifits...


Feb 25, 2015 Release
ClearChat My first Minecraft Plugin Features ClearChat to clearchat Might Add ChatMute UpdateAnnouncer Commands /clearchat - ClearChat Main Command /cc - ClearChat /fakeafk - Fake that your afk /fakenoafk - Fake your not afk /apple - Announce you like apples Permissions clear.* - All Commands clear.chat - /clearchat clear.cc - /cc clear.fa - /fakeafk clear.fan - /fakenoafk clear.apple - /apple

Better Broadcast

Feb 25, 2015 Release
Don't like server /say or even the /broadcast well I don't and I made this plugin Now I bet you're asking is this just gonna be [BB] <Message> Well no you can choose the colour and if you want the [BB] Commands /BB - Broadcast a message to the server /BBToggle - Toggles if the [BB] tag is showing (per player) /BBColours - Shows all of Minecraft's Colour Codes /BBReload - Reloads the config file Perms /BB - bb.broadcast /BBToggle bb.toggle /BBColours bb.colours /BBReload bb.reload /BBInfo...


Feb 25, 2015 Planning
Features Ban and Kick System Anti Swear Filter Clear Chat Information This plugin help people Admins with things such as, Banning a Rulebreaker, Kicking a Rulebreaker, Stops Cussing and lets YOU Clear Chat Overview This Plugin will have more features in the future, If you have any suggestions on what you would like to be added. Setup Commands and Permissions My Other Plugins! Help Have any Suggestions?, Just send me a Message!, A bug with my Plugin?, Create a Ticket!, Anything else?, Just...
Power MOTD logo

Power motd

Feb 25, 2015 Release
Power MotD Power MOTD is a motd plugin, it can change the motd in your server list and InGame. You can change the motd InGame with commands or in the Config.yml (located in /.../Plugins/PowerMOTD/Config.yml) (for longer messages of the day than the minecraft chat limit. (80 characters)) suports sign/chat colors -Example:- Welcome, &c&l%player% &r the time = &6%time% %n% &r This server is running &7%version% -Will be:- Welcome, winspeednl the time = 22:32 This server is running CraftBukkit...


Feb 25, 2015 Release
SupportChat is useful. Give it a try and you see you and your users will love it! Accouterments SupportChat gives your users the chance to get help. They just have to use one command to announce all admins that they need help. There's no more spam in the chat about users who need help. "/support" puts the user in a queue. Commands and Permissions As an admin you have more possibilities to work with SupportChat. Here's the "Admin Help Page" CommandPermissionDescription /sc...

Complete Deaths

Feb 25, 2015 Beta
Complete Deaths (WiP) What is Complete Deaths? Complete deaths is a Bukkit plugin designed to allow server-admins to completely customize death messages on your server. It's intent is to provide a lightweight frame and basic implementation to allow you to write your own death messages, or simply use a pre-built list of them to replace the existing ones. It's currently a Work in Progress, but it really shouldn't take long to flesh out completely If it proves popular enough, I want to take your...


Feb 24, 2015 Beta
Clans English: With this plugin you can easily create clans! Commands: /Clans - Main Command /Clans Löschen - Delete your clan. /Clans Einladen <Name> - Rename your clan. /Clans Umbenennen <Name> - Invite a player to your clan. /Clans SetHome - Set the clan-home. /Clans Kick <Player> - Kick a player of your clan. /Clans Erstellen <Clan Name> - Create a clan. /Clans Verlassen - Leave a clan. /Clans Annehmen - Accept a join request. /Clans Ablehnen - Deny a join request. /Clans Home - Teleport...


Feb 24, 2015 Beta
Societies Currently working on: Land-claiming, conquest and sieging!! Societies is a revived version of the original SimpleClans and is targeted to support a wide range of minecraft servers. At the moment Societies only supports Bukkit, but as new server implementations come up support will be added (Sponge support is confirmed). “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofmann SimpleClans was borne out of the need for a...