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Jul 26, 2014 Release
An advanced server management plugin! This plugin is for versions 1.7.9-R0.3 Build 3096+ - Lock the chat Locks chat to players without permission - Lock the server Kicks all players without permission and only players with permission can rejoin until disabled - Busy mode Players will not be able to send you messages or commands towards you unless they have permissions - Commandsee mode You will be able to see any command send to the console by players - Getinfo command Shows a player's...


Jul 23, 2014 Release
This Plugin is a replacement for the old chatmanager from PermissionsEx, which is no longer supported, but it can be used with any other public Permissions plugin, too. Pages Commands Permissions Values Dev Builds Additional Information I'm not the first author of it, I only keep chatmanager updatet and I added more plugins to it. I added an updatechecker which checks for new versions on this page, but if you want do disable it, you can do that in the updater-config.yml. Also I added Metrics...


Jul 23, 2014 Release
Buy ranks, permissions, or inherit a group of permissions simply by right clicking a sign Signs can require money, experience (exp and levels) + More (see below) This plugin is database free, meaning there won't be any effect of having millions of these things. This plugin requires Vault, you can get it by clicking here. [Overview] [Signs] You can disable signs, as well as change the text in the config.yml [perm signs] - Signs are database free (Locations aren't stored) which means it won't...
Factions Logotype


Jul 23, 2014 Mature
Introduction This plugin allows you to create your own faction. The more followers a faction has the more land the faction can claim. The risk for griefing is low in claimed land since only the faction followers can build there. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war. Useful Links Full Documentation for Players Full Documentation for Server Owners Full Documentation for Developers GitHub Report a bug (don't...


Jul 23, 2014 Release
EasyColorChat Permissions|Commands About EasyColorChat is a lightweight plugin that allows players to have a default chat color by simply using a command. Features Able to change the messages provided by EasyColorChat! Able to set what colors players can use! Able to set a player's default chat color with just one command! Able to set your own default chat color with just one command! Able to use an in-game help menu provided by EasyColorChat! Able to see all of the color codes with just one...

Prevent Cursing

Jul 22, 2014 Release
How Does It Works? The plugin Prevent Cursing and is a plugin made specifically for the chat. You can block specific words to prevent certain swearwords you find inappropriate or offensive to be said. How does it work? Simple. When you start your server it automatically generates a config.yml. In that config.yml you are able to prefix, message and add the words you want blocked. When a player says a sentence with a blocked word in it that event is cancelled and the player will receive a...
FirstJoinPlus Logo


Jul 22, 2014 Mature
FirstJoinPlus allows you to control every aspect of when new players join. Give new players a starter kit, a special spawn location, have the console run commands, launch fireworks, and more! Existing players won't get told they joined for the first time after installing this. Announce that a new player has just joined (optionally with the amount of unique players that have joined!). Launch a firework or show a cool smoke effect. Give the player a written book with welcome information...

Sword Asker

Jul 22, 2014 Mature
Sword Asker is a medium light weighted plugin for prison servers. For example: if a guard cannot count down fast enough or properly while trying to get someone to hand over their contraband item, well Sword Asker is a plugin that asks for people's contraband items including: /sword, /bow, /arrow and also tells both the sender and the target player what they need to do. Sword Asker also has a built in configuration file so you can change the messages if you don't like the current ones. Whether...


Jul 21, 2014 Release
NoPluginPlus About The Automatic Upgrade When a player has permission "NoPlugin.update" to enter you send a message about the update, if it has permission "NoPlugin.commands" to use the command "/NoPl update" to download the new version of this plugin, to find the new version you have to go to your plugins folder, a new folder called "update" was created, open it and find the updated plugin. How to disable? Config.yml > "Check_update: true" - Change "true" to "false" > Ready!! Acerca De La...


Jul 21, 2014 Release
1.7.x compatible Introduction AdminHelper is a very useful plugin, which has many features. Who of the server team is online? Stop spamming and Caps Lock in chat and many more. Features CAPS LOCK and spamming is disabled. When you type 7 in the chat and you want this is a command set the node seventoslash in the config.yml to true. With the command /team you can show the staff of the server and who is online now. You can add so much staff you want in the config.yml. ClearChat , Globalmute and...


Jul 21, 2014 Planning
FaceChat This plugin allows you to type in chat funny messages that contains a face of player based on player skin. Plugin was created according to the request. Features Show in chat player face after he joins server Show in chat player face and text message using special command Show in chat player face and text message for all chat messages (must be enabled in config.yml) Commands /facechat reload — reload configuration /facechat [player:<PlayerName>] <Message> — show message (if player...

Ultimate Core - UUID Ready!

Jul 21, 2014 Release
Main Features Changelog Tickets Forums Download Ultimate Core is an easy to use plugin, that contains the most standard features. In future updates it will contain enough to setup a whole server. Features > Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns < > User Management: Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking < > Admin tools: Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time & More < > Chatting: Custom Chat, Msg & Say formatting < > Protect your World: GTool, Disable explosions, Protected...


Jul 21, 2014 Release
MineverseChat Introduction: MineverseChat is a chat plugin that exceeds most others in raw functionality. From private parties to easy to setup channels this plugin fills all your chat needs. It even supports Towny, Jobs and a few other plugins for displaying custom chat prefixes. 1.6 version just released and awaiting approval! The latest beta versions are available here, they will be added officially to bukkit when they are approved. Check out the source here on github Features: Channels...


Jul 21, 2014 Release
Please use the ticket link to the right for issues! -> Accepting new feature requests! Please use the ticket link to the right! -> Scheduled Announcer is a very simple tool, which only does what's its name told us. It automatically sends a broadcast out of a list controlled by a scheduled. Features: Sends Scheduled Broadcast to all Players Easy to configure by 'config.yml' or ingame with the '/announce' command. Supports colors (&1, &2... &9, &a, &b... &f) and newlines with &n. Supports...


Jul 20, 2014 Release
PerWorldMOTD What it does This a simple plugin which allows you to add an motd for every world you have on your server. Everytime a player switches world, it will display the motd set in the config. When a player joins it will also send the motd specific to the world he joins on. (May add a toggle for this). When a player joins a world a sound (if specified) will play. Added PerWorld Join & Leave Messages. ie. all players in the world will receive a custom notification when a player join &...
xTeam logo


Jul 20, 2014 Beta
xTeam Plugin Brief Description xTeam is a team-based PvP plugin that allows for creating and joining teams, setting a headquarters and various other features. It is meant for use on hardcore PvP servers where land is not protected. This is a mod I've been working on for some time. Initially I figured a mod like this would be made eventually and I would just switch to using the alternative instead of mine but surprisingly I haven't quite found an equivalent. Factions is nice but if you want...


Jul 20, 2014 Beta
_ AutoDetector Hi! , This is my first plugin the plugin detects when a player joins or leaves and i changed the default message to other,It's a Simple Plugin I Hope it's Useful. Commands WARNING This Command Will Be Added In V1.2! /Autodetector - Will send you the help manual of autodetector v1.2 Permissions Version : 1.2 autodetector.rank1/2/3/4/5 autodetector.joinfull Version 1.3 DEVELOPMENT By SebasCapo And Willox To-Do TO-ADD ADDED Permissions V1.2 Join Full Server!! V1.2 In-game Help...

iFactions Advanced

Jul 20, 2014 Release
iFactions Advanced is an alternative to the widely popular Factions plugin or many of the other team-based land grabbing plugins like it. Plugins which allow players to create their own groups and to grab up land and battle with other groups have been quite popular for a long time. This plugin aims to streamline the factions system by implementing a lightning-fast database system, easy-to-use commands, and a permissions system which is customizable by each faction leader (each faction can...
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Jul 20, 2014 Release
Introductions BeServer is a easy but very useful plugin that will allow server administrators talk as [Server] in-game! Features Allow server administrators to talk as [Server] without using /say in the server console. Commands /beserver [Message] /beserverinfo Permissions beserver.beserver Give player the permission of using /beserver [message] beserver.info Give information about this plugin and it's creator! Configuration Not added yet, stay tuned.

RoleplayCmds 1.0

Jul 19, 2014 Release
RoleplayCmds RoleplayCmds is a plugin that I had created because of the lack of roleplaying commands that most plugins had. On my personal minecraft server, my players tend to RP in my separate worlds. I created this plugin in order to allow them to RP to a better extent. This plugin consists of a bunch of basic commands that I have created. If you have any suggestions to what I could add, please leave them down below in the comments, and I will check them as soon as I can. Commands and...