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BSwear - #1 Antiswearing, Block 400+ words

Jun 01, 2016 Release
BSwear is a swear blocking plugin that BLOCKS OVER 400 WORDS!! with 1,000 DOWNLOADS, allways updated! ingame config editer! /rules command!, MADE BY 6 PEOPLE!, the BEST ANTISWEARING plugin!, NO LAG, NO BUGS!, UPDATED ALL THE TIME, 1.9.x, 1.8.x, 1.7.x, WITH A MUTE COMMAND Quote from TheBSwearTeam:Rated FIVE STARS! on Spigot Quote:Help spread the word about BSwear! http://bit.ly/bukkitantiswear BSwear is an ideal plugin for blocking 405 swear words that you don't want to be said! Optimized for...


May 31, 2016 Release
Join, Leave, and Death messages! About JLD is a very simple, lightweight, powerful plugin that allows server admins to customize the messages that occur when players join, leave, or die on the server. JLD = Join Leave Death. Installation Download the latest plugin version (or the version you need). Place the .jar file in your server's "plugins" folder. Restart your server to activate the plugin ("/reload" is NOT recommended). Commands Note: <> = required, [] = optional...
When opening a Gym


May 31, 2016 Release
PixelmonGyms Everyone upgrading to the latest versions (5.4+), you NEED to refresh the config so that it can add gymfee and gym#badge. Make sure u backup your old config. Everyone upgrading to v5.1+ see my guide on how to set up and prepare for the queues. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pixelmongym/pages/new-queue-system-how-to-use-it/ What is this plugin? This plugin enables you to set Gym Leaders on your server that are given a certain permission node to notify other players when the...
DisableCommandsPlus Logo2.0

Disable Commands+ [Disable Commands For ops, "*" permission, and basic players, Per-World, etc!]

May 31, 2016 Mature
DisableCommandsPlus What does it do? Lets you disable commands for ops, players with "*" permission, the whole server, per-world, per-player, and groups of players! Allows disable of banning, unbanning, oping, deoping, kicking, jailing, muting, and killing (Command wise) of certain players! Doesn't interfere with Console commands, so you can still preform all commands disabled in Console! Completely safe, and only players with console can change what commands are disabled, etc. What does it...


May 30, 2016 Release
FirstJoinMessages is a plugin that displays new players a welcome message and more you can add in config Quote: I also recommend Bssentials, BSwear, Shortcuts! Installing Download the FJM.jar Put the jar file in plugins Restart server Config F.J.M V0.4 and higher: # Thanks for downloading FirstJoinMessages # This is the server name that %servername% uses servername: 'Server Name' # Do you what the First Join messages (below) to be displayed in yellow? # set to false if you what to use your...


May 30, 2016 Planning
CommandView Features With this Plugin you can read all commands which players write! Commands /commandview - Activate, and Deactivates the Command view Permissions commandview.command - Allows you to use the /commandview command.
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May 30, 2016 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Download and Installation | Configuration and Tweaking ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is Factions? With this plugin players group up in Factions. You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can can edit their faction land. Factions is also...


May 30, 2016 Release
Customizable Private and/or anonymous messages! About Private is a very simple, lightweight, powerful plugin that allows for the sending of customizable private and/or anonymous messages to players! Very useful to send messages from the console if you don't like the default /tell or /msg formatting (command blocks, etc.). Installation Download the latest plugin version (or the version you need). Place the .jar file in your server's "plugins" folder. Restart your server to activate the plugin...


May 29, 2016 Release
Brewery is a Plugin for an alternate brewing process, including alcoholic Potions. The somewhat difficult brewing process rewards you with a diversity of Potions, which, through their effects, create a drunkeness that has never existed in Minecraft before. Learn the art of brewing through fermenting, distilling and barrel aging on your Minecraft server. Experience how, from spring water and wheat, through hard work, a cool beer is created. Distill high-proof liquor, which gets that unique...
EpicChat in action.


May 29, 2016 Release
Hello, I present to you my plugin so you can easily take care of the order in the chat! Plugin is easy to configure and has a lot of options. I encourage you to download and test it! If you find a mistake to tell me and I'll try to fix it. Please do not pay attention to the language because you write messages to show! Options my plugin: - Cleared chat - sloowdown - censure {website and culture} - auto message - chat off <reason> - chat on - Writing in color - Anti Caps Lock - Join / Quit...


May 29, 2016 Release
Reporter Description This is a reporter for your server. With this, all players can report a cheater or a staff's member. This plugin is in English but soon is translate also in French with a configuration file. You can't report yourself. Commands Only one command: /report <player> <reason> Permissions We have make two permissions: report.report for can report a player report.view for can view the report


May 28, 2016 Release
MyCommand Make your own, customized Minecraft commands Features: Make new commands!. (Also registered command) Run others command in new one Perform several commands in one Delayed commands with custom pause, warmups and cooldowns Make Shortcut/alias commands Run commands with any item , any block, signs, book and villager npcs. Various functions for costumize commands, like placeholders, scripts (if-else) and more. Console support Economy support (Require Vault) Command Scheduler. Bungee...


May 28, 2016 Release
DiscordBot​ DiscordBot allows you to host a Bot for your Discord server right from your 1.9 server and allow cross communication with discord and in-game chat. Commands for Discord Send/Receive messages to/from Discord Custom InGameFormat message, Doesn't have to be red like the photos Change the command Prefix for discord commands Bot Features(Discord Base) Messages specific channel in config (these can be turned off in config) GameUpdate - Messages when someone is playing a game....


May 27, 2016 Release
Ultimate Chat with JSON events and easy tag/rank replacements Descrição em Portugues do Brazil: Clique aqui para ver! UltimateChat allow you (server owner) to show additional info on player names, clan tag, marry tags and in any tag you choose create, all using minecraft JSON. This info will be show when the player hover the mouse under player tag on chat. Click event are available too like ckick on player name and send teleport request, or click on Clan tag and see all clan player info....
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May 26, 2016 Release
The Plug-in is compatible & avaible in Spigot Github PlayerJoinMessage PlayerJoinMessage is very simple plugin to allow you to set join and leave message in configuration file. Plugin has got 2 commands and 1 permissions, allowed you to get informations about the plugin and reload config file. Commands & Permissions CommandsDescriptionAliasesPermissions /playerjoinmessageGet information for plugin/pjmNone! /playerjoinmessage reloadReload configuration/pjm reloadPlayerJoinMessage.reload...


May 26, 2016 Beta
Hello everyone! Today I will be announcing a newly made custom plugin that allows you to contact staff members with one simple command. Here is an example of the command, And it comes up with this. If you have the permission galaxy.a.see, You will see this, but if you don't, you won't unless you are the sender of the command. You can easily create a reply to this with Skript plugin, or I might create my own. :) Permission nodes: galaxy.a.see - Permission to see users using /a

CommandAd (monetise your server & reward your players - EULA safe)

May 26, 2016 Release
CommandAd 2.3 Description If you run game servers on Minecraft, you're in luck - you can now monetise your servers effectively. We offer a fantastic alternative to donations that is EULA safe. MOTDgd Ltd is a UK company, and we are proud to be a leading game ad network in the marketspace. We have over 10,000 server owners signed up worldwide, with a huge presence in the Steam marketplace. Our video/banner adverts will be shown via a link, your users click on in the game chat. It will open...


May 26, 2016 Planning
BASICS PLUGIN Basics Plugin is a plugin which gives Admins/Players the usage of basic commands (like /sethome ...). Basics Plugin has its own anti-Grief System and even detects Lava/Water griefing!** Languages can be set in the config.yml Permissions: basics.griefcheck - Allows the user to be checked if griefing. basics.autobedspawn - Allows the plugin to set a user's spawnpoint at his position when he's sleeping. COMMANDS /maintenance (on/off) - Toggles maintenance mode


May 26, 2016 Planning
Detect your ping's ms without going to an external application! Have you ever wanted to know your ping ms if your pvping or just curious? Well, this plugin is made for you! Now you can be finally lazy and do other stuff without waiting 10,000 hours on your browser to work! Commands: /ping: Tell your ping's ms to see if your lagging. /ping (online_user): You can see the other's ping if their lagging. Permissions: pingpl.ping default: OP


May 25, 2016 Release
GERMAN PLUGIN Dieses Plugin erlaubt dir alles, was du dir in Minecraft je erträumt hast. Mein Plugin enthält Befehle, um zu fliegen, heilen, aber auch muten und zu reporten. Hier die folständige Liste aller Befehle: heal: description: Heilt dich oder Andere aliases: [heilen] permission: mc.heal feed: description: Fuettere dich oder Andere aliases: [fuettern] permission: mc.feed fly: description: De-Aktiviere den Flugmodus! aliases: [fliegen] permission: mc.fly invsee: description: Sehe in das...