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SDMC's Plugin

Nov 28, 2014 Release
This is my first plugin, and it's a custom plugin for my server SDMC's Plugin: Commands: [ ] = Required < > = Optional /sendme [Player] [Message] - Sends that player a message /tele [Player] - Teleport To A Player Permissions: None at the moment Planned Features: Chat Colors Anything Else You Guys Want!!!!


Nov 28, 2014 Release
ClearChat ClearChat Deutsch ClearChat ist ein Plugin welches dir erlaubt den Chat jederzeit zu leeren JEDOCH sehen die Administratoren mit der Permission 'ClearChat.Clear' den Chat weiterhin jedoch die Spieler nicht solange sie die Permission 'ClearChat.Clear' nicht haben. Natürlich kann man jede Nachricht in einer Config.yml ändern. ClearChat English ClearChat is a plugin that allows you to chat at any time to empty HOWEVER see the administrators with the permission ' ClearChat.Clear ' chat...


Nov 28, 2014 Planning
Description Originally built for Glitchx0R, XPSuffix allows players to have a suffix after their username set as their xp level. In order for a player to have their xp level as their suffix, they must have the permission xpsuffix.use. A maximum level can be set so when they go over the max it shows it for example as 100+ or 200+. There are currently no commands, nor do we plan to add any. Examples: [Member] blobic123 (100+) - Demonstrates if the maximum level is set to 100 [Visitor]...
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Admins Menu

Nov 28, 2014 Release
This plugin is designed as a GUI plugin, that is specially for admins to use and enjoy. This plugin adds features into the server, making it easier to do thing through a very well lay'd out GUI menu. This menu has features such as setting it to day, creative, and survival mode, weathers, and much more. This plugin adds such a system into the game, it is easy, and enjoyable to do things without having to go through some process's. This plugin makes instead of typing, you type /m for the menu,...


Nov 28, 2014 Release
In the most recent versions of the oh so popular Factions (1.7 and above), you may have noticed that the faction chat feature was removed. Faction chat really comes in handy at times to easily talk with whole groups, whether you're planning with your allies to take down that faction you just hate that or discussing top secret plans with your clan. This plugin is there to fill in that gap and bring back this high demand feature, aiming to replicate what has now been removed from Factions. The...


Nov 27, 2014 Release
MuteChat - A plugin to control chat MuteChat is a plugin that allows anyone with the permission to mute chat so only they and others with that permission can talk. Commands /MuteChat toggle - Toggles/Detoggles the chat Permissions mutechat.toggle mutechat.chat Extra This is my first plugin, I will hopefully upload more plugins in the future that can help you control chat!


Nov 27, 2014 Release
Overview Overview NickRestrict is a plugin designed for servers that want their players to be able to change the colors of their name without changing anything other than the colors. Configuration There is no config! Installation 1. Download the NickRestrict.jar file 2. Drag the .jar file to your plugins folder 3. Start your server (or restart if it's already running) 4. Done! Commands /nick [nickname] /nick [player] [nickname] <-- requires the permissions node "nickrestrict.other"...

iRoll The Dice

Nov 27, 2014 Beta
Slap-Me Description iRTD is a Roll-The-Dice plugin which allows the player to get random positive or negative effects. Simply type /irtd to receive a random potion effect or type /irtd list to list all of the possible effects. Features Dice Cooldown Dice Log 23 Possible rolls Enable or Disable effects Configurable effect length Commands /irtd /rtd /rollthedice - Rolls the dice /irtd <list> /rtd <list> /rollthedice <list> - Lists the possible rolls Permissions irtd.* - Let's the user use all...


Nov 27, 2014 Release
== ChatProtector by theQwerty101 == About ChatProtector, configure it to block out swear words. When a player says a word added to the config file it will not display the message and send a message to the player not to curse. The /ClearChat command will clear the chat of EVERYTHING then Display a message saying its been cleared. Commands /ClearChat (Clears the chat of all messages) Known Bugs No known bugs Features I'm Working On Anti Spam (can not say somthing more than twice) Permissions...


Nov 26, 2014 Release
AdminService: A simple plugin that allows you to warn your users when you are in help mode or service How to install: 1- Download "AdminService.jar" 2- Drop in "Plugins" in the folder of your server 3- Run you server 4- Fun! How to use: Use the command "/service" to enter service mode and below you see a message like the following: Returning to place the command will leave the service mode and will appear this command: If you are not OP you a message like this appears: Coming soon: 1-...
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Easy List

Nov 26, 2014 Release
Easy Lists Thank you for 500 Downloads!! This is a simple, very easy plugin to run. You have to instal it and add the names to the ranks of your choice. The ranks in this plugin are Owner, Co-Owner, Developers, Moderator, and Admins. With the addition of a Donor list as well, where all names of donors will do. This plugin is very easy, just instal it into your server, and reload or start your server. Once you've done that you must go into the config of the plugin and configure it to your...

Gift Plugin

Nov 25, 2014 Beta
Your project's name should contain the name of your project. The name of this project is Gift Plugin Your project's description should contain a sales pitch within the first 500 or so characters, as this will be displayed on the projects listings. This plugin should make friendships in no time. Your project's description should also contain detailed information on what your project has to offer, how to install it and use it, and so on. The Gift Plugin allows players to send various gifts to...


Nov 25, 2014 Beta
PerWorldMessages is a plugin which controls chat plugins that broadcast messages like /broadcast or /global. In the config you can set in which worlds does messages show from which plugins for example -Enable Worlds: - world_nether: /broadcast -Disable Worlds: - world_end: /broadcast Now if a player types for example /broadcast Hello Bukkit! That broadcast will only show in world_nether and it will not show in world_end as it's disabled. The plugin is glitchy with bungeecord and I hope I can...


Nov 25, 2014 Beta
jYoutubers Português jYoutubers é um plugin para ver a lista de Youtubers Online com todas as mensagens configuraveis Comandos /youtubers - Para ver a lista dos Youtubers Online Permissões perms.youtubers - Para aparecer na lista dos Youtubers Online Instalação Baixe o jYoutubers coloque em sua pasta "plugins/" Configure as permissões Ligue seu servidor Configuração Configuração English jYoutubers it's one plugin to show list of Youtubers Online with all messages configurables Commands...


Nov 25, 2014 Release
Slack Link your server to Slack! Features Send chat messages and commands to Slack Send login and quit messages to Slack Uses minecraft username and avatar as bot information Installation Drop the plugin in your server folder. Create a new incoming webhook and set it up however you would like. Start and stop the server. Copy the webhook URL and set webhook: in the config.yml to that. Start the server. Verified compatible with CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Glowstone. Support For support questions...


Nov 25, 2014 Beta
This is a simple plugin with intuitive commands and permissions which allows to create message lists and broadcast them to players. It stores all data in two MySQL tables so several servers can safety use the same message lists. It doesn't use events at all, only Bukkit's Scheduler, so should be lagless. Message and list options Each message list have some simple tuneable options: enabled (boolean) — no broadcasting if false. random (boolean) — if false messages are broadcasting in id...
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Nov 24, 2014 Release
Welcome to MyMenu! MyMenu allows for the creation of interactive chests (Menus) that can be used by both the admins and the players. These menus have extreme customization and everything can be set up from in game. Menus can contain any item you want to put into them, and each item can have a different displayname, the option to run a command, the option to send the player a message, or the option to be unclickable and just show the player information. Getting Started: Getting started with...
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Nov 24, 2014 Release
SpeechBubbles CLICK FOR DONATOR PAGE If you're using Spigot with the 1.7/1.8 protocol hack, clients connecting with 1.8 won't be able to see holograms properly. Download the patch here: http:www.spigotmc.org/resources/holographic-displays-patch.1039/ Test SpeechBubbles You can test SpeechBubbles on the official Testserver (not online yet) Server sponsored by Revolta Hosting Revolta Hosting GET -10% WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE : SPEECHB2015 Spend me a Pizza I'm working very hard on this plugin and...

Kit Pro (Alpha)

Nov 24, 2014 Planning
KitPro Alpha Copyright This project was made by Sam4599 and may not be copied and/or cloned under any circumstances! Help and wiki pages Click on them Commands In game purchases What people think Main page (You're on it now) (Whats the point in this link then?)


Nov 23, 2014 Release
Commands: DescriptionPermission /eamDisplay the help of the plugin.eam.edit /eam listDisplay all automessages.eam.edit /eam reloadReload the Config.yml.eam.edit /eam add {Text}Add an automessage.eam.edit /eam remove {MessageNumber}Remove an automessage.eam.edit /eam cooldown {Seconds}Set the time between two automessages.eam.edit /eam prefix {Text}Set the automessageprefix.eam.edit /eam spontan {MessageNumber}Display a message right now.eam.edit /eam flag {Flag} {Option}Set a flag to true or...