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Dec 28, 2014 Release
Description Are you also get annoyed that you need many small plugins to bring the server up and running? With many small plugins, the server begins quickly to stutter. Now there is this plugin! A collection of many plugins and they are growing! Config # 1.0 updater: true mcjail: true commands: true simplesmelt: true teamboard: true mcstatus: true teammessage: true killreward: true killplus: true logspawn: true # 1.1 antipvplog: true pluginmanager: true # 1.2 jumpnrun: true timelock: true...
NoBrackets Showcase


Dec 28, 2014 Release
NoBrackets The easy way to an chat without <brackets>! NoBrackets is a plugin, that modifies the chat, so that you won't have any brackets like <this> with your name in it. It is made for little, vanilla servers, who don't want to have that brackets in the chat. It could be, that the plugin works with ColorMe or other chat formatting plugins. Here you can see an before and after format: Before and after Before: <Notch> Hello! After plugin installation: Current version The current version is...


Dec 28, 2014 Alpha
Description Sends a seasonal message to the user, Sometimes in different seasons you may send a wish to Santa, or other holiday creatures. Commands /help - Info for help with the plugin. /commands - A list of current commands you may run. /test - A command to test if the plugin is working correctly. /christmas - Sends a jolly phrase to the user. /santa [Text] - Sends a wish to santa. (Message not sent anyware) Extra Info I will update this plugin with bug fixes and new holiday messages! If...
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Dec 27, 2014 Beta
English: Hello guys, here I present my first cool plugin, SignCommandSuggest. This plugin makes it easier to make tutorials. === What can this plugin do ? === If you put commands on signs and if you right-click on it, the command appears in the chat. If you left-click on the command in the chat, the command appears in your entry field. At the command on the sign, please make sure, there is space between all arguments ! === What does it requires ? ===* It requires nothing. Just install it....
CommandRewriter Logo


Dec 27, 2014 Release
CommandRewriter is a small plugin that allows you to assign custom texts to custom commands. That means that you can assign a list of rules to the command /rules for example. You can use colors and define as many lines as you want. If the Minecraft chat does not contain as many chars as you need, you can directly edit the config.yml in /plugins/CommandRewriter/. Just reload after the editing. Features: Show the player a text if he executes a command Subcommand differentiation Colors Multiple...

Ultimate Core (1.8!)

Dec 27, 2014 Release
Main Features Tickets Download Ultimate Core is an easy to use plugin, that contains the most standard features. Features > Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns < > User Management: Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking < > Admin tools: Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time < > Chatting: Custom Chat, Msg & Say formatting < > Protect your World: GTool[SOON], Disable explosions, Protected regions[SOON] < > And much more! For all features click here! < Useful Links &...


Dec 27, 2014 Release
Description RankPrefix+ is a powerful Chat/Rank/Scoreboard Manager which allows you to make your Chat a bit more fancy and also apply the Prefix and Suffix of the Ranks on your Server to your Player's TAB-List and NameTag. But since the Plugin is that big and advanced, its Config may seem a bit complicated, but dont worry! There is a documentation on this Page a bit further down. Oh, and it also allows your Players to use Color codes with & in the Chat. Example Commands/Permissions...

vFreezePlayers (to freeze a player)

Dec 27, 2014 Release
1.7.9 AND 1.7.2 / VERY CUSTOMIZABLE English What is vFreezePlayers ? This is a simple plugin that allows you to freeze a player ! Commands : /freeze [player] : freeze a player Permission vfp.use : for the /freeze command Français Qu'est-ce que vFreezePlayers ? C'est un simple plugin qui vous autorise à bloquer un joueur ! Commandes : /freeze [joueur] : bloquer un joueur Permission vfp.use : pour la commande /freeze
BattleTracker 2 Logo


Dec 27, 2014 Release
Battle Tracker 2? Welcome to the new home of Battle Tracker. The original plugin Dev's discontinued this project and has been picked up by community members familiar with it. Expect bugs to be squashed, spankin' new features to be added, and new updates to keep coming! A new wiki is being setup with tutorials, information, and the likes as well as a brand new website. Thank you, - The BattleTracker2 team. PvP Death messages Customizable death messages for PvP deaths. Allows use of Herochat...


Dec 27, 2014 Release
- A Powerful upcoming chat plugin that intends to take on all aspects of Minecraft server chat from locking chat to muting players this plugin will master all aspects and provide the most customization to ensure every message sent out by the plugin is entirely up to you! Plugin Still In Development. - Please leave comments below if something is not to your liking in the plugin itself or you feel a certain feature is needed i would love to hear from you guys! Introduction As of now this plugin...


Dec 26, 2014 Planning
______________________________ GERMAN Hallo, das ist mein erstes Bukkit-Plugin (bis jetzt nur auf Bukkit-Servern getestet!). Das Plugin erlaubt den Spielern mit den Permission sich einen neuen Namen zu geben. Ihr könnt in der Config einstellen, ob eine Chatnachricht kommen soll die sagt, dass der Spieler das Spiel verlassen hat und dann der angeblich neue Spieler gejoint ist. Außerdem könnt ihr die Chatnachricht auf eueren Server abstimmen, also die Chatnachricht bestimmen und die Farben...


Dec 26, 2014 Planning
== Esconder == Functions Reducing the players lagg Commands /esconder hide all players /aparecer show all players Permissions Don't have permissions Instal Only put the plugin in your plugins folder Config Don't have Config in this version of plugin. Plugin don't complete.
Slack Logo


Dec 26, 2014 Release
Slack Link your server to Slack! Features Send chat messages and commands to Slack Send login and quit messages to Slack Uses minecraft username and avatar as bot information Blacklist players or commands from being sent to Slack Use permissions to block messages to Slack API to send custom events BungeeCord support (partial) See the console (coming soon) Formatting (coming soon) Send commands from Slack (coming soon) Download Stable builds Development builds of this project can be acquired...


Dec 26, 2014 Release
Zw2Afk - The AFK-Plugin you've been waiting for! Features Go afk and let it know everybody on the server! If you're afk and others want to sleep at night they can! You don't have to type /re to get a heartwarming come back message. Just move around a bit! This is a fully customizable Plugin for going afk, etc. Commands /afk - Go afk whenever you want! /re - Welcome back, Sir! It's as simple as that. If you type /afk a message will be broadcasted so everybody knows you're afk. Your name will...

ChatCleaner - Your Chat Cleaner!

Dec 25, 2014 Release
ChatCleaner - The easiest way to clean your Chat! Features lightweight (nearly no ram & space usage) fast efficient only 1,71kb small Permissions & Commands? /cc | cc.use Do you have a question? Q: Any upcoming features? A: Yes! I'm planning to release a multilanguage Version of this plugin. Also I want to add UUID Support for Minecraft 1.8.

Chat Control

Dec 25, 2014 Release
Chat Control "Have complete control over your chat in any situation!" About The Plugin The "Chat Control" plugin is an extremely light weight, yet insanely useful plugin. It allows you to have full control over your server's chat, including several useful commands that can be used for many different reasons. Features Several different commands that will be extremely useful on your sever. The ability to clear the chat, covering 50 lines with spaces to ensure that no chat from the past will...

Staff Chat

Dec 25, 2014 Release
Want an easy way for your staff to chat? Tired of /msg-ing every staff member? What if you could just add "#" before your message, and it will automatically go to the right players? If YES, download StaffChat - An easy way for Staff Members to chat with each other. Installation: Download StaffChat.jar. Put it in /plugins folder. Restart or Reload your server. Give the permission "staff.chat" to your staff members, or the staff group. (Optional) Configure the config.yml. Permissions:...
Thumbnail for GlobalChat


Dec 25, 2014 Release
GlobalChat Plugin German Video Tutorial by DevNuddel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdpiHAn5CU0 Permissions: - globalchat.chat- Gives you the Permission to use the /chat Command - globalchat.chat.bypass - Gives you the Permission to write in the Chat when the GlobalChat is disabled - globalchat.* - Gives you all Permissions for the GlobalChat Plugin! Commands: - /chat - With that command can you disable and enable the globalchat Currently Versions: English Version German Version Credits: My...

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Dec 25, 2014 Beta
First, what is this plugin about? Grand Theft Diamond is a Minecraft plugin based on GTA. The most ideas of this plugin are taken from 'GTA San Andreas Multiplayer'. You can rob safes and drive cars (Horses). There are custom guns and other items like Handcuffs, a flame thrower or a taser. You can select one of the two teams: Cop and Civilian. Civilians can become a gangster when they do criminal things like robbing a safe. But that's not all: Players also can buy houses and it's planned to...


Dec 25, 2014 Release
Includes all the features a server fire department needs. Table of Commands CommandAliasesDescription /alarm <prio> [reason]Broadcasts an alarm message to the world and alarms all units /FFmission/einsatzGives a firefighter everything he needs: Protection-Suit, Ladders, Water, Sponges /FFsetstationSets the firedepartment a firefighter teleports to using /FFroger /FFrogerTeleports a firefighter to firestation /FFgoTeleports a firefighter to the place where the /alarm-command has been sent from...