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Staff Support

Jul 01, 2015 Release
Staff Support :D Staff Support is a plugin which can come in handy for owners, players and staff members alike. Current Features Include: Online Staff List Bans List Ticket request system Use of /staff: Use of /bans: Use of /ticket (Note: Only users with the perm staff.Member receive the ticket request): Permission for Staff Members: staff.Member (Required for /uuid and to be included on the /staff list) staff.Ban.list No permission is required to use the command /staff. Staff members must...


Jul 01, 2015 Release
NoSwear Description stop them from saying inappropriate words even on sign or chat Tutorial I appreciate if someone create new one Permissions Commands Feautures Stop chat swear Stop sign swear Kick from swearing ( Optional ) Explode them after Swearing ( Optional ) Can write own global permission node Can notify them if the server uses anti swearing plugin Can disable or enable join message with custom join and quit message with colors '&' Can perform a command after player swear And can...


Jul 01, 2015 Release
JGroupChat is a simple plugin where you can create a group chat and still have access to the main chat. With your chat created, you can invite players and send a message to players in the chat with the command '/c [message]' and still have access to the main chat, and new to JGroupChat 4.0, if you use '/Jgc Toggle' your chat line without '/c' will be sent to your group chat, although you will loose the ability to send main chat messages, you can still see other player's main chat messages....

Grief Prevention

Jun 30, 2015 Mature
AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. No configuration or database required! Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different anti-grief plugins, take away cool standard game features, publish a training manual / tutorial for...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
An extremely simple and lightweight plugin that shows your PEX Prefix and Suffix in chat. It also allows colors! The only command is /pchat and what it does is shows the colors available and their codes. The color codes are the same as essentials, so if you are switching from essentials chat manager, then it should be an easy switch. I just made this quickly for my server because I couldn't find an updated chat manager that works with PEX for 1.8 other than Essentials (I didn't wanna install...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
AdminFun Even Admins deserve to have fun. Important information: As of 2.3.0 NMS has been added. This means you must use the corresponding version of bukkit in order for it to work properly. About AdminFun is a bukkit plugin created by KingFaris10. It was later handed down to me, Trevor1134. AdminFun has grown to be one of the top plugins for admin entertainment. From broadcasting to shooting players up in the air, AdminFun has it all! With over 350k downloads, AdminFun is constantly growing...
FunAdmin image


Jun 30, 2015 Release
Overview FunAdmin is a fun plugin for admins. It allows them to: Have an easier way to edit there server, Commands to troll other players, and just some fun useless commands. Highly recomended for server owners, and is light weight. If you would like to download this plugin, look at the download list below, and get the latest version. Every download helps! Features • Config.yml • Shortcuts for commands • Helpful commands (heal, eat, etc.) • Troll command to set your enemies on fire!...


Jun 30, 2015 Planning
You have 3 options you can configure. An animated prefix that can be whatever placeholder(s) you like that is not larger then 16 characters (includes color chars) This can be an animation you create yourself line by line or a preset effect (for fast prototyping) An animated suffix that can be whatever placeholder(s) you like that is not larger then 16 characters (includes color chars) This can be an animation you create yourself line by line or a preset effect (for fast prototyping) A...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
Broadcast Broadcast allows you to broadcast an infinite amount of messages on your server. Broadcast is lightweight, easy to configure, and powerful, all in one quick and easy to use package. Simply download it, drag and drop all the files that comes with the download into the plugins folder. Next Open the messages.txt inside of the Broadcast Folder. That is where you write the messages u want to be broadcast ed. For Example. Line 1: Hello Welcome to ExampleCraft Be Sure To Donate Line 2:...

-> PrivateChatChannel <-

Jun 30, 2015 Release
PrivateChatChannel PrivateChatChannel is a chat plugin which can be for things like a private chat channel for staff, donators, or just special players. This plugin only adds one channel which can only be accessed by someone with the proper permission. You can configure the the look of the private channel. This plugin does not effect the default chat channel. Permissions | Commands Chat.Private - /pchat (message) | Sends one message in private chat. My Server

Complete Deaths

Jun 30, 2015 Release
Complete Deaths (WiP) What is Complete Deaths? Complete deaths is a Bukkit plugin designed to allow server-admins to completely customize death messages on your server. It's intent is to provide a lightweight frame and basic implementation to allow you to write your own death messages, or simply use a pre-built list of them to replace the existing ones. If it proves popular enough, I want to take your suggestions to add features that I feel would allow greater customisation and control. After...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
Bukkit-NICK Deutsch Features Bennene dich random mit /nick um.! Prima für Youtuber zum nicken gedacht! Über 100 Random Nicknames Es wird kein TagAPI und weitere API's benötigt. Wie kann ich es installieren? Ziehe es einfach in deinen .plugins Ordner und Restarte oder Reloade deinen Server! Commands /nick - um dir einen Random Nickname zu geben. /unnick - um deinen Nickname zu entfernen. Permissions nick.nick - Gibt der Gruppe das Recht sich random Nicknames zu geben! nick.unnick - Gibt der...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
ChatTools Description This is a simple plugin that adds in a few features to your server. Ingame info can be shown with /chattools. It adds announcements, and the ability to clear the chat. To change the announcements open the config file and you will have options to edit the delay between announcements, the announcement prefix, the announcements, and the number of announcements(max of 10). To clear the chat you type /cc and that clears the chat if you have permission. To clear YOUR chat type...
simpleyeller icon


Jun 29, 2015 Release
We are searching for testers, translators and contributors for multiple projects PM me (G_4s) if you want to help us out SimpleYeller translations English | Slovenian | German what is SimpleYeller here it is SimpleYeller. what does it do ? well it gives admins the ability to yell a title and or subtitle to the whole server or to a spesific player. more features to come. Screenshot Features yell a title and subtitle yell a title yell a subtitle yell a title and subtitle to a specific player...


Jun 29, 2015 Beta
Version: 3.3.0b Stage: Beta Description RPGSkills can offer new mechanics to your server and create a one of a kind feel. It has easy to understand commands, configuration files and overall playability. Custom arrow types with configurable arrow effects. You can set restrictions for skills(i.e.: as tools, weapons, spells) to certain levels therefore forcing players to level to achieve higher tier tool/spell types. Over 10 skill types and still growing! Built in features such as Anti-Drops,...

Fake Join and Leave Messages

Jun 28, 2015 Planning
FakeMessage is a simple plugin that allows a player to do /fake <join/leave> (Adding more messages in future) and it will send out a fake join/leave message which you can set in the config Permissions: fake.*: Lets the user use all /fake commands fake.leave: Lets the user use /fake leave fake.join: lets the user use /fake join Commands: /fake <join/leave> Config: http://hastebin.com/sudaquxevo.vala This should auto generate but this is just incase


Jun 28, 2015 Planning
Introducing CommandManager is a lightwight and simple-to-use Craftbukkit plugin that lets you create and block commands on your server. You can add custom commands that will display custom messages in the config.yml and you can block commands that maybe have no permissions etc. CommandManager is currently in a pre-alpha state and will release when it's ready. Commands | Permissions | Config.yml | How to install CommandManager | NoPluginDisplay Known caveats In the latest version there are no...


Jun 28, 2015 Planning
CustomChatClear - Simply clear your chat! People who are spamming are not very funny. So, keep calm and stop spamming your server! With this plugin, you can simply clear your chat with only one command! Features Full customizable messages Permissions Variables Commands /cc - To clear the chat Permissions CustomChatClear.cc - To clear the chat Variables %player% - For the players name My Server Server IP: Atherius.de


Jun 28, 2015 Planning
CustomJoinMessages - Simply edit your JoinMessages! With this plugin, you can simply edit JoinMessages, for many groups! Features Full customizable messages Permissions Variables More then one JoinMessage Commands None! Permissions CustomJoinMessages.join.Admin - Admin Join & Leave CustomJoinMessages.join.Donator - Donator Join & Leave Variables %player% - For the players name Upcoming Features Add Join-Message for Owner Add Join-Message for SrModerator Add Join-Message for Moderator Add...

UltimateCore (1.8!)

Jun 28, 2015 Release
Main Features Tickets Download Todo Ultimate Core is an easy to use plugin, that contains a lot of features. From wellknown features as /home and /warp, to full plugin and chat management. Features > Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns < > User Management: Banning, Muting, Freezing, Kicking < > Admin tools: Clear, Butcher, Killall, Effect, Invsee, Lag tools, Time < > Chatting: Custom Chat, Msg & Say formatting < > World management: Disable explosions, Basic world creation, Timber < >...