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Primary Mailbox w/ Flag


Apr 25, 2015 Release
RealMail What does it do? Plain and simple, it replaces conventional chat-based mailing systems with something real, books and mailboxes. I'm really glad to finally get this plugin updated and I hope everyone else will be just as excited as I am. How does it work? Craft a mailbox. The recipe is like an iron helmet in the lower-half with a chest in the center of the helmet and a piece of wool in the top-right. Craft some stationary. The recipe is shapless, just a feather and a piece of paper....


Apr 25, 2015 Release
English: This plugin is another additional to the Server, widely known as Myth PvP. Arrow You the Best in PvP server be if he dies to another player will receive the same Myth instantly. This is a Basic Plugin for Fun. Português: Este Plugin é mais um adicional para o Servidor, bastante conhecido como Mito Do PvP. Você Seta o Melhor em PvP do ser servidor, se ele morrer para outro player o mesmo receberá o Mito Instantaneamente. Plugin Básico para Diversão. English: /mito = See current Mito...


Apr 25, 2015 Planning
This plugin contains a variety of commands for creating your own SkyWars minigame. You have have up to 5 arenas/maps and 1 hub. The plugin also includes custom death messages and warp and setwarp commands. This plugin was originally made to be private but me and my friends decided to make it public to the community. If you experience any bugs or problems while using this plugin, Please inform us as soon as you can. To disable the MOTD that comes with the plugin, Open the config.yml and set...


Apr 25, 2015 Planning
Announce your leave. This plugin will allow you to tell your friends that you are leaving the server. It will automatically kick you after 15 seconds, so there is no need to leave on your own. This is a basic plugin. What is the command? The only command their is, is /leaving. This will create a text, similar to this; Roofah is about to leave the server. Please say your goodbyes! Permissions, you say? This is the permission for the command. sys.leave Comment your suggestions below, and...


Apr 24, 2015 Release
ChatClean is a plugin that allows you to clean the chat for yourself and everyone, the highly successful spam-prevention plugin. Features: Cleaning chat for self. Cleaning chat for everyone. Showing help page. Commands: /cc - Shows the help page. /cc me - Cleans chat for yourself. /cc all - Cleans chat for everyone! /cc playername - Cleans chat for selected player. Permissions: cc.help cc.me cc.all cc.player Goals: 50 downloads 100 downloads 200 downloads Screenshot: Suggestions or support?...
Tablist - Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Tablist ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to show messages and variables from a player / for a player via Tablist in the game (can be ANIMATED), which will appear in the Tablist where every player is listed. These messages can be edited in the config, as well as the time between the "switches" of information which is shown. This information / These variables can also be coloured with color codes (for instance: &6) to enable the %money% variable you have to install Vault...
Titlebar Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Titlebar ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to announce a message via Titlebar in the game (can be ANIMATED), which will appear right in the middle of the screen. One thing that the Titlebar has in common with the Actionbar, is that it fades out after a while (can be adjusted) You can also set custom join- and firstjoin-messages (basically "Welcome to the Server"-Messages" which you can edit and animate as you like). to enable the %money% variable you have to install...
Actionbar Banner


Apr 24, 2015 Release
Actionbar ACTIONBAR || TABLIST || TITLEBAR This plugin allows you to announce a message via the new Actionbar in the game, which will appear above your health and armor bars. One of the many useful aspects of the Actionbar, is that it disappears after a few seconds (which can be adjusted in the config/command) so it won't sit in the middle of your screen and annoy you. You can also set custom join- and firstjoin-messages (basically "Welcome to the Server"-Messages" which you can edit and...


Apr 23, 2015 Release
NOTE http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/prank.5000/ is the same plugins as this. They're the same files and everything. == Summary == Prank is a plugin that introduces two (four for admins or other players of high rank) new commands, is very configurable, and has permissions for the commands. === Commands === /prank fakejoin {playername} - Use this command, and put a player name, and that will display a color-code compatible, and configurable message saying the person you put in the playername...

Chat Admin

Apr 23, 2015 Release
== Chat Admin == == About == Make controlling your chat easier. ChatAdmin allows you to control your chat in a way of: muting players, clearing chat and muting the whole chat. == Commands == /mutechat : Mute the chat /clearchat : Clear the chat /mute : Stop a player from talking in chat == Permissions == chatadmin.clear : Access to /clearchat chatadmin.muteserver : Access to /mutechat chatadmin.mute : Access to /mute == To Do List == Add a permission so you can't be muted Add a permission to...


Apr 23, 2015 Mature
Plugin maded and managed by xQxQx Commands here. Permissions here. MOTD IN-GAME: MOTD SYSTEM: MOTD SHOUT: Other plugins by me: GiveAllMoney: here. GiveAllItems: here. Video Tutorial on the Plugin YouTube Link Portuguese TUTORIAL Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/MOTD Configurate) DOWNLOADS: 10 ✔ 50 ✔ 100 ✔ 250 ✔ 500 ✔ 1.000 ✔ 1.250 ✔ 1.500 ✔ 2.000 ✔ 2.500 ✔ 3.000 ✔ 3.500 ✔ 4.000 ✔ 4.500 ✖ 5.000 ✖ 10.000+ ✖ DONATE IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THIS PLUGIN !!


Apr 23, 2015 Beta
ApplyMe is a very simple and lightweight plugin which can be used in any Bukkit/Spigot server. This plugin is aimed at server owners who are looking for potential staff. The main purpose of this plugin is to send a customised message to a user when they perform the command /apply if they have permission to. The customisable message (which can include links to form websites) can be set either using the command /applyset <message> or in the config.yml. The player's name who uses the command can...


Apr 23, 2015 Release
SendItem Hi my name is Tiamath and I would like to present my plugin "SendItem". In the following paragraphs I will explain what this plugin can do with a few example screenshots and an explaination of how to configure it. Requirements There are three versions of the plugin at the moment: CraftBukkit 1.7.10-R0.1: EssentialsGroupManager & Essentials CraftBukkit 1.8: PermissionsEx & Essentials CraftBukkit 1.8 - ALTERNATE VERSION: PermissionsEx & Essentials General usage of SendItem What is this...

Emotion Commands

Apr 22, 2015 Release
NOTE: THIS IS THE SAME PLUGIN AS http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/emotion-commands.6313/. I MADE THAT ONE TOO. Summary Emotion Commands is a plugin that allows you to express your feelings to the server with commands like /emotion sad, /emotion joy, /emotion disgust, etc. It's a very fun plugin for servers that I guarantee will bring more liveliness and fun to the server. Emotion List This is the list of emotions. So when I refernce <emotion>, I'm talking about whichever one of these you...


Apr 22, 2015 Release
[Español] [Videos] My ign: FireBreath15 Thank you for over 160,000 downloads! Long live trollers! What is it? iControlU is a Bukkit server plugin which enables server admins to control other players! Yes, mind control has entered Minecraft! With iCU, you can easily control a target's movements, chats, inventory, and more. Everyone loves to troll, and now you can troll at the next level! Using iCU is easy: first pick a target - the player who unfortunately gets to be picked on. Second: use the...
Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention

Apr 22, 2015 Mature
AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. No configuration or database required! Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different anti-grief plugins, take away cool standard game features, publish a training manual / tutorial for...
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BlockAd (Monetise your server with ads)

Apr 22, 2015 Planning
BlockAd Version: 1.0 Minecraft Plugin recalled temporarily while improvements are being made - sorry for any inconvenience - we want to make sure this works 100% effectively without an issue - we'll be back! - this was wrote on 24/04/2015. Description This plugin allows you to monetise your Minecraft server with video ads - provided by MOTDgd Ltd (MOTDgd.com). MOTDgd started in June 2013, and currently have over 2,000 server owners signed up (in the Steam community), and have now expanded to...


Apr 22, 2015 Release
Plugin Nolonger Discontinued The plugin will be updated to every new version and I do accept suggestions! THANKS FOR 8K DOWNLOADS! :D FakeLogin is a lightweight Plugin which allows you to send fake leave/join messages, to trick people into thinking that you logged in or out. This plugin works best with a Vanish plugin. Like the /vanish command in Essentials. Ever tried where you vanished and people noticed that it didn't say you logged off? That can now be fixed! How To Use Type /fakeleave or...


Apr 22, 2015 Beta
Version: 2.4.0b Stage: Beta Description RPGSkills can offer new mechanics to your server and create a one of a kind feel. It has easy to understand commands, configuration files and overall playability. You can set restrictions for skills(i.e.: as tools, weapons, spells) to certain levels therefore forcing players to level to achieve higher tier tool/spell types. Over 10 skill types and still growing! Built in features such as Anti-Drops, Silk-Touch Spawners and Silk-Soil. Increased benifits...


Apr 22, 2015 Release
Description With this lightweight plugin, you can control other player's chat messages, make them run commands, or fake a person joining and/or leaving the game. It is customizable and has permissions! Commands /player chat <player> <message> Makes a player chat /player command <player> <command> Makes a player run a command /player join <player> Pretends a player is joining the game /player leave <player> Pretends a player is leaving the game I will be adding more later!! Permissions /player...