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Mar 30, 2014 Release
NoBreak - the plugin that saves your server from being griefed. Version: v0.1 Description: You can add players the permission to break blocks, unless that they can't break any block! Features: Anti-griefing You don't have to worry for not protecting an area, your all worlds and areas will be protected! Changelog: Version 0.1 Released plugin. Version 0.2 Players that are OP will automatically have the permission to break blocks. Commands: /nobreak - Shows help about the plugin. Permissions:...
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Mar 30, 2014 Planning
What is Keys Keys makes it possible to lock every individual door with an individual key. So you will need a specific key to unlock a specific door. It's only working for wooden doors at the moment. How to use 1. Place a sign under the wooden door. 2. Write [keys] on the first line. 3. On the second line write the name of the door you want to lock. For example "frontdoor". IMPORTANT: No spaces! 4. Press done. You will notice that the third line is your username and the fourth line will be...


Mar 29, 2014 Release
Important Update: Version 1.4 The latest version fixes all error messages when the user is in creative mode! What is ItemTag? ItemTag 1.0 is a great and creative new way to trace back all kinds of problems, dilemmas, and even just returning lost property! Upon a player picking up or dropping an item, or selecting it from a chest or inventory, it will instantly tag the item with there name in the lore, so that no one else can steal and claim what they find and own. It even allows the...
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AccountGuard (IP Account Protection)

Mar 29, 2014 Release
Description AccountGuard prevents protected player's account from logging in if IP doesn't match to given. This plugin is very simple and lightweight. Installation Download the latest version of plugin Put it in your plugins folder Start / restart your server Enjoy the plugin! Commands & Description & Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission /agDisplay whole commandsno permission required /ag add <account> <ip>Activates the protection and prevents from logging in if IP doesn't match to...

World By World Whitelist

Mar 29, 2014 Release
Description Ever needed to whitelist certain worlds for certain player quickly and easily? This world management plugin is for you. This plugin allows you to whitelist individual worlds to control where players can go on your server using a simple permissions based system and very few commands. It is extremely light weight and takes up virtually no memory on your server, this kind of thing can be done with other plugins including multiverse but i could never figure out how and found it a bit...


Mar 29, 2014 Beta
KeepItems KeepItems KeepItems allows players to keep their items and/or experience when they die, whilst allowing fine-grained control via the permissions system. Quick links Downloads Source code Please donate if you've found this plugin useful, to help support future development. Bitcoin address: 16irtnP6a8fv14vdCoAqW5ug7TCUCR6gcg Quick setup If you simply want all players to always keep their items and experience when they die, add the following to the permissions.yml file in the root...


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Community Bridge links up your Minecraft player accounts to their corresponding website/forum/CMS accounts. It uses the web application's groups to assign players to permissions groups and stores various bits of information about the player in the forum's database. Please use the issue system to submit bug reports, feature/enhancement requests and support requests. UUIDs Regarding UUIDs, the issue is complex enough that I'd prefer the discussion to occur on the forum. If you want to get...


Mar 28, 2014 Release
Click here to go MCPanel. Hey there. I made this plugin for ease of use. I've seen other plugins, like admincraftpanel, where the website is down with some kind of database problem. I know that players rely on plugins/websites like this for when they're not using their normal computer.. so the idea of this was to make it dedicated. By that, I mean rare downtime. The killer of servers is downtime, and that's one thing that won't happen here. I hope you like what I've provided here, it may only...


Mar 28, 2014 Mature
MCTowns is a powerful way to manage towns. Create Towns, assign them Territories, and let mayors divide them up into Plots on their own. WorldEdit backend means you can use WorldEdit CUI and all of your favorite WorldEdit commands to create regions of any size and shape WorldGuard backend means lightning-fast performance and rock-solid stability Mayors can restrict town membership to only people they invite, or open it up to anyone who can afford a plot Saves you time and reduces the workload...


Mar 27, 2014 Release
WELimits This plugin is a simple extension on top of World Edit, that utilizes PermissionsEx to add specific block change limits for groups! It is sleek, and just adds that single mechanic that World Edit doesn't have itself. Dependencies World Edit PermissionsEx (or) GroupManager Setup / How it Works How it works, when a player logs on, it reads their Permissions Group, and sets their limit according to WELimits - config.yml. All you have to do is enter your groups in the config.yml and edit...


Mar 27, 2014 Release
LoreLocks is a plugin which allows you to physically secure your chests with chest locks and traps. Features Physical, Craftable Locks Lockpicking Innovative system to pick locks Pickproof locks Keys for locks Tutorials Locks Locks come in 6 difficulties, 1-5 change the cylinder count of the lock and the 6th difficulty makes the lock unpickable, or in other words only the person which has the key can open the lock. To create a key of a lock simply drop a lockpick on it. Depending on the...

Block Limiter

Mar 27, 2014 Beta
BlockLimiter What is BlockLimiter? Block limiter is a plugin designed to add permissions to block placing, or block breaking. This will allow you to have greater control over what people can build, and what they cannot. Features • Block players from using specific blocks, as defined in permissions. Commands Currently there is only one command at the moment. /blockID This command will print out the alphanumeric ID for the item in your hand. (It just makes it easier to find the IDs for the...


Mar 26, 2014 Beta
IPMaster Ban IP addresses of offline players! Keep track of which addresses players use and which addresses they are banned on! Find addresses that players share! And more.... == WARNING! Update to version 1.0.3 beta (or later) ASAP == The regular IP ban command does not keep track of player names at all, making it a limited solution. But every time a player logs in and every time you ban a player's IP address, IPMaster logs the player's name and address to the corresponding file. This allows...


Mar 25, 2014 Mature
PlayersInCubes helps you control when players can see each other based on their distance. Players that are far from each other will be hidden from each other, and shown again when coming close enough. Player "radar" and tracking cheats become less threatening. Fridays plugin ! Maintenance Phase Due to timing constraints i will likely not add much to this one, but keeping it updated as long as possible. Reference: Commands and Permissions | Configuration Features Players are being hidden from...


Mar 25, 2014 Release
How to Install: Just paste the NeosNoExplosion.jar in your /plugins folder and restart your Server. If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :) Functions: This Plugin stops the following Explosions: -TNT -TNT Minecart -Ghast Explosions -Creeper Explosions -Fireball Explosions And players still take Damage ;) In Version 1.1 you can disable or enable some explosions with the config! Here is the config: Commands: -No commands needed! Permissios: -No permissions needed! Upcoming...


Mar 25, 2014 Release
How to Install: Just paste the NeosNoEndermanGrief.jar in your /plugins folder and restart your Server. If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :) Functions: This is an easy Plugin to Stop Endermans placing or picking up Blocks. About us: Im the Developer of an German Server and i decided by myself to create plugins for our Servermod CraftBukkit. More Plugins will come soon! Visit our German MineCraftServer! Visit www.NeosCraft.de for more Informations!


Mar 23, 2014 Release
SafeWGTool (swgt) adds a set of commands for use withWorldGuard and WorldEdit. By now the main fields are: More convenient and safer commands for claiming regions, pricing, for region owners to add/remove others. Integrated concept for "fairness", commands need confirmation, showing a summary of involved players and if they are known or online at all. More convenient admin commands for creating plots, manipulating regions (flags, owners, deletion...) and selling plots (rbuy). Probably...

Restricted Areas

Mar 23, 2014 Release
Restricted Areas If you want to... Keep your server's world size to a minimum to save disc space Minimize chunk-load lag caused by having lots of online players all over the map (#1 cause of server-side lag) Have a raiding/factions server, but want the players to be able to actually find each other Are just plain sick of people camping at two-and-a-half-gazillion blocks from the spawn!! ...Then this is a plugin you might be able to use ;) Simply select areas with WorldEdit and set them as...


Mar 23, 2014 Mature
Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian About the plugin Ever thought about lays an endercrystal in your spawn and never be destroy? It is now possible with my new plugin, The player can not destroy the crystal ender with hits or bows only players with permission can destroy, but no explosion will not happen :) Sobre o plugin Já pensou em bota um endercrystal no seu spawn e nunca ser destroido? Agora e possível com o meu novo plugin , O jogador não pode destruir o ender cristal com hits ou arcos...


Mar 23, 2014 Release
CoreProtect-Anti-Xray Description CoreProtect-Anti-Xray is an Xray detector which is using the Logs made by CoreProtect to display how many ores a player has destroyed in a specific time span. Unfortunately the plugin also counts the blocks which are destroyed by WorldEdit if you have WorldEdit logging enabled in your CoreProtect config. The percentage refers only to the listed blocks. This plugin uses mcstats.org to collect anonymous usage data. You can see the collectet data here. If you...