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Sep 14, 2015 Inactive
Balancer by Autrei == About == Every have players complain about no animals or ore? Get this plugin! After certain amounts of time it replaces all Pigs, Cows, Sheep, also Iron ore, Coal ore, Diamond ore, and gold ore! How to install Download latest .jar Put in plugins folder Reload/Restart server! Voila! Usage Break the blocks: Iron ore, Coal Ore, Gold ore, or Diamond Ore. Kill the animals: Pig, Cow, or Sheep. Time Cow, Pig, And Sheep: 7.5 Seconds Iron Ore: 6 Minutes, Coal Ore: 1 Minute, Gold...


Sep 10, 2015 Inactive
This is the InfinityPvP-FFA, i do not claim any rights to this plugin as i was just "payed" to recode it and bring it back to life, along with InfinityPvP-FFA. Anyways I'm posting this plugin because i was suppose to get payed for my work, but they back charged so i lost all my money and time so here is a new plugin! Commands /chatcolor - changes your chat color /fix - takes you out of vanish /leaderboards - shows you the leaders of the server /list - a new very custom /list command /ping - a...


Sep 09, 2015 Release
OpPowers This Plugin adds several new commands that ops can use. Commands /explode <player> [power] Creates an explosion at the player with the power specified, or with a power of 2 if not. /slay <player> Instantly kills the specified player /slap <player> Sends the player a message saying that you slapped them /move <player> <x> <y> <z> Moves specified player to the specified position /fly Toggles allowing flight for the sender of the command /vanish Hides the sender from all other players...

Staff Modes

Sep 08, 2015 Release
Staff Modesby Autrei About Staff Modes, is a plagin that, with correct permissions, will allow your staff (Mods, Admins, or You) to have a mode for working! /Mod allows mods to go Invisible, get Fly, and (Experimental)Disable attacking players, While /Admin put the player into a mode with GameMode, and diables attacking, along with it enables PickingUp Items(IF disabled), and Troll mode, which Gives Gamemode, and gives vanish, along with the troll stick(Which may do nothing, but you can use...
Simple Ticket Manager

Simple Ticket Manager

Sep 08, 2015 Release
Overview Find it hard to handle problems on your server? Well with Simple Ticket Manager players can create a report, which will then be reported to all the admins that have the ticket.use node, informing them that there is a new ticket open and that it needs assigning to someone to deal with. Very simple to use and get problems sorted on your server sorted quickly. You can also view information about who dealt with the ticket and when the problem was sorted. To see how admins are dealing...


Sep 06, 2015 Beta
NoInventoryType: == Descritpion == NoInventoryType is useful to toggle on or off any type of menu/inventory like chest, furnace, anvil, enchanting table, villagers... All of your players will not be abble to use any kinds of menu/type if you set a type on true. == Example == If you set "Chest" on "true" then all your players will not be abble to open a chest. == Config.yml == put true for desactivate inventory; put false for activate inventory; Anvil: false Beacon: false Brewing: false Chest:...

Prison Guards [1.8]

Sep 05, 2015 Planning
Prison Staff Main Features Taze Users For 20 Seconds, Disabling Their Ability To Move, Use Commands And Chat! Pepper Spray Users Giving Them Temporary Poison, Slowness and Blindness! Get Them Naughty Rule Breakers Away From You With A KB10 Baton! Shoot Them Runners With A Power 4, Flame 3 Infinity 3 Bow! Request For Users Swords With /Sword! Request For Users Armour With /Armour! Things To Come: 1.2: Different Potion Effects (?) 1,.5: Customizable Messages (Possibly) Suggestions? Bugs: 0...


Sep 05, 2015 Release
Info Description Have you ever wanted a KitPVP plugin that comes pre-configured, then this is the one for you. It comes configured with 7 Kits, messages and permissions for ease of use. Below are the commands and permissions! Commands and Permissions Rookie: description: Gives you the Rookie kit! usage: /Rookie permission: kitpvpplusplus.kit.rookie Soldier: description: Gives you the Soldier Kit! usage: /Soldier permission: kitpvpplusplus.kit.soldier Sergeant: description: Gives you the...

CommandBlock Logger

Sep 03, 2015 Release
Command Block Logger This plugin will log all commandblock placement and breaking to a log file stored under plugins/commandblocklogger/ it will log who broke it / placed it and the location that it was broken / placed at. How I got this idea I got the idea for this plugin when I ran a server and we had a "trusted" oped builder who decided to go rouge and place a bunch of command blocks around the world that would spawn valuable things like, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, exp, enchanted...


Sep 03, 2015 Release
Welcome Description Have you ever wanted to make people spawn at the same place everytime, then this is the plugin below. Make sure to check the permissions and commands below! Permissions and Commands 1. setspawn: description: Sets the spawn point aliases: sss permission: spawnpp.setspawn permission-message: You may not set the spawn. 2. spawn: description: Sends you to spawn. permissions: spawnpp.spawn permission-message: You may not go to spawn! 3. spawnloc: description: Tells you the...


Sep 02, 2015 Release
[center][bold]HubProtect[/bold][/center] [center]Protect your hub with just a few clicks[/center] This is a very simple plugin that removes all block breaking and block placing functionality from the hub of your Minecraft server/network. It is compatable with Bukkit/Spigot 1.8.x+, along with full support for BungeeCord. Minimum requirements: - Craftbukkit or Spigot 1.8.5 or above is installed on your Minecraft installation Optional (recommended): - A permissions plugin (e.g. GroupManager) so...


Aug 31, 2015 Release
Info Are you sick and tired of your users setting off huge TNT chain reactions and ruining the fun for everybody else? If you can't afford a better server, you probably are. NoChainReaction offers an option to lag caused by TNT, without completely removing it. Install the plugin today and improve performance on your server, while not completely breaking TNT cannons. Requirements Java 8; Bukkit/Spigot 1.7.10 or latest. Extra Information Feel free to request features. If I think they'd be a...


Aug 29, 2015 Release
Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wide, region-wide (parents) and region-specific | Region-limits for players,...
MCClans Land Protection Logo

MCClans Land Protection

Aug 29, 2015 Release
MCClans Land Protection Description MCClans Land Protection hooks into MCClans. Land can be protected by placing Land Protection Fields. Players and entire clans can be given access to the protection fields. User Manual >> User Manual Server Admins >> Server Admins Info


Aug 29, 2015 Inactive
Chatting constantly written: <player> hacks I have now made this plugin, that this is not the case! It starts reliably hackers. Terms: - Install and done The plugin Bans only NoKnockback hackers. For hackers, it looks like a normal game, but after 5 - 20 minutes it is from reason: Hacking banned! And if one leaves every 10 minutes and enters? Does not work! Can it happen that a normal player will be banned without hacks? Actually, no, it is very improbable, but I have hir a list when someone...


Aug 28, 2015 Release
What is "Register+" Register+ is a really cool plugin, that allows you to secure your server from hackers and griefers! It works also on Bungeecord server, beacause it use MySQL. If you don't have a MySQL database, the plugin wouldn't work! But I think, everybody must have a MySQL database. So when you are not logged in you can't write, or dig/build, interact, drop items and more! You can only use these commands: "/login and /register". Here are a few screens, but not all the rest you need to...


Aug 27, 2015 Release
enUS Version This is one of my first plugins, any bug, report please! A simple vanish system for your server, watch your players without them knowing. Commands /inv or /v || Main command Permission mightyc.invisible || == Permission for the system. == Versão ptBR Esse é um dos meus primeiros plugins, qualquer erro, reporte, por favor. Um simples sistema de vanish em seu servidor, vigie seus jogadores sem que eles saibam. Comandos /inv ou /v || Comando principal Permissão mightyc.invisible ||...

Report Player

Aug 27, 2015 Release
Report Player Have you ever wanted an easy way for your players to let you know if a player is hacking or cheating? Well with this you can you can easily see if a player is hacking and have any player do / report [player] and all the OP's on the server will be sent a message about who sent the report and who is hacking or cheating and if you have Notifications Installed you will get pop ups of on your desktop (but you must host the server on your computer to see them and I really recommend...


Aug 27, 2015 Release
Open anyone's inventory as a chest in real time! Works with offline players! Open ender chest of any player via command! Description This plugin allows you to open any player's inventory or ender chest and interact with it in real time. You can also do it for offline players! Additionally, you can also open any chest that is blocked with blocks above it with AnyChest and open chests silently (no sound or opening animation) with SilentChest. Some other nice features of the plugin include the...

PluginHider | German & English

Aug 25, 2015 Inactive
German Hallo Leute, heute stelle ich euch mein neusten PluginHider vor. Er ist zu 100% sicher und enthält keine Viren! Dieser PluginHider kann alle möglichen Befehle wie: /pl, /bukkit:pl, /bukkit:? etc. ausschalten, und sie mit einem Befehl wieder anschalten. Permissions: pluginhider.help | Permission for the help. Command: /+pluginhider pluginhider.plh | Permissions for all Commands. Command: /+plh English Hi guys, today I present to you my latest PluginHider. He is 100% safe and does not...