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Mar 07, 2016 Release
1.9 compatible Introduction HideandCustomPlugins is a simple plugin which disables many commands, which show information about your plugins and replaces the message with custom plugin names in the config.yml. You can also edit the message of all disabled commands. With HideandCustomPlugins you can still auto-complete player names! Features The commands /plugins , /pl, /bukkit:plugins, /bukkit:pl, /bukkit:? and /? are replaced with fake plugins, which can be configured in the config.yml! The...

Ore alerter

Mar 06, 2016 Release
Gives you an notice in the chat when player is mining ores. Added NEW type of messages please see screanshot at the images you can now see how many ores someone has mined and in their color. Upgraded log system to make better logs Example: "[su, 06-march-2016 22:43:34] diamond ore broken by UGxSynteX at [x: -64, y: 69, z: 265] in world" New log.txt file daily so you can easly search a log for a date example: "log 06-march-2016.txt" You can choose from how many ores you'll get a message...


Mar 06, 2016 Release
Moved updates and support to spigot(<- link)! You'll still get important updates here, but that's it. Need more features? Take a look at my other plugin, PremiumVanish! == Description == This is an advanced vanish-plugin that lets other players think that you're not on the server. == Features == Invisible players are completely invisible Hides invisible players in the playerlist [Tab] Adjusts the amount of players in the serverlist (configurable) Hacked clients can't detect invisible players...
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Mar 05, 2016 Release
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Usage and configuration: ►Download (releases) ►Commands and Permissions ____ ►Basic regions setup_ ►Advanced regions setup_ ►Configuration files Advanced features: ►Save/restore region blocks_ ►Change the language_ ►Limitgroups Troubleshooting: ►Frequently Asked Questions_ ►Common errors Support: ►Ask question_ ►Request feature_ ►Planned features_ ►Report bug_ ►Open bugs Development: ►Changelog_ ►Compiling_ ►Modules, packages and classes overview...


Mar 05, 2016 Release
Version 7.23 Its recommended to run your server in online mode! Minecraft is a excellent game. If you want to play it, you should buy it, like every other game you play. Description Adds per player passwords to your server. This will increase your server's protection against griefers and account thiefs. Keep these two things in mind: The protection is only as good as your passwords. The server is still less secure then a server in online mode. My plugin is not limited to offline mode servers,...
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Mar 05, 2016 Release
Welcome to CityZen! CityZen is the premier City-management plugin. With simple-yet-powerful City creation and management tools, your players can run their own autonomous Cities, complete with micromanagement, block protection, rewards, and loads of options. What is it? CityZen is a City Management plugin that works with three basic concepts: Citizen - Any player on the server. Citizens can join a City, can own Plots, have Reputation, and can receive Rewards. City - A group of Plots with...


Mar 04, 2016 Release
PasswordProtect - Protect your server with a password Version v1.3 Description This CraftBukkit plugin aims to offer a simple server password which is the same for all users. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN FOR A USER SPECIFIC PASSWORD Without logging in the user is jailed in a pre defined cuboid and ported back once he leaves the jail area. You can define jail areas for each world and configure which actions like block breaking, chatting or flying should be disabled. There is an additional ability to...


Mar 04, 2016 Release
AntiThreat AntiThreat is a simple small plugin that may expand over time. You're free to request anything to be added to the plugin. Any help getting inspiration is appreciated. It will tell operators (or anyone with the needed permissions) when suspicious things happen on the server. For example, when an account joins from the network another account has already connected from once, it will be notified. This is to prevent banned players from joining again with alts. Commands /antithreat ~...


Mar 04, 2016 Release
{ Chat | Wiki | Website | Source | Dev Builds | JavaDocs } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 Support PlotSquared: Overview PlotSquared is the most advanced multiworld plot generator and management system! The generator offers a level of control unmatched by any other plot generator, control percentage composition of each plot section, or even use a schematic for road or plot components. It is also capable of running alongside other generators such as terrain control...


Mar 04, 2016 Release
Restricts VoxelSniper to regions or plots you own. (e.g. PlotMe, WorldGuard) [Overview] This plugin will restrict the use of VoxelSniper to regions you are the owner of. - Snipes outside your region will be cancelled instantly. A region can be from any of the plugins listed below. [Requires] You will need to be running VoxelSniper 1.569 or greater - VoxelSniper (not compatible with VS 7 yet) - ProtocolLib (only required if you want fast-mode in v0.3.0+) - 1 or more from the list below:...
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Mar 03, 2016 Release
Log blocks in your world without MySQL or configuration! This plugin is a revival of the deprecated plugin Log, and is fully working in 1.8. This plugin allows you to track all block placing and breaking across your server without any configuration. No MySQL? No problem! Log runs without it. You can now catch griefers red handed without the performance heavy plugins like Prism or HawkEye! IMAGES Permissions (From plugin.yml) permissions: log.*: description: Gives access to all moderator level...

Anti-Griefing zone

Mar 02, 2016 Planning
To create your zone of anti-griefing, follow these instructions: - give @p barrier - place the barrier in one corner of your zone. - place another barrier in another corner. - then place the last two barriers in the last two corners, paralleling. - if you want to change its height, on each corner, place one by one, barriers that lead to your preferred height. - if you want to change the mode, enter the zone (make sure your zone is valid, or it wont work) and use /zonemode...

Vanish No Packet

Mar 02, 2016 Release
VanishNoPacket The unhackable Vanish plugin Download Help | Commands | Configuration | Permissions | Spoutcraft features VanishNoPacket allows players to control if they are visible to the rest of the players on the server. This is excellent for stalking potential bad users (griefers, hacking if you don't allow it, etc), observing players while they remain unaware of your presence. Use TagAPI to color vanished players blue for those who can see them! What makes VanishNoPacket awesome?...


Mar 01, 2016 Release
Ever wanted to just, kill a player over and over? Well, today's your lucky day! With this plugin, you can do /loopkill <player> and watch as they die over and over and can't do anything about it! Evil right? ★----------------------------------★ Commands: /loopkill <player>: Loop kills a player/Stops loop killing a player ★----------------------------------★ Permissions: loopkill.use: Allows a player to loopkill other players. ★----------------------------------★ Suggestions/Bugs? Leave them...


Mar 01, 2016 Release
Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game without any commands. Runecraft is the longest running Minecraft mod, dating back to the Alpha days. Runecraft boasts over 120 runes and is still under active development. Everything you need in one, immersive, magic plugin. Magic is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden...


Mar 01, 2016 Release
Login Me In V6: You can choose between save data on MySQL or players.yml in config.yml It is compatible with servers using 1.7 and 1.8 Protects: Inventories, Dropping Items, Chat, Commands, Taking Damage, Breaking Placing or Using Blocks INSTALL INFO: unzip the files inside the plugin folder. check that login.jar is inside the plugin folder and a folder named LoginMeIn is also inside the plugin folder start the server Commands: /register password /login password /unregister player password...
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Protection Fields V2 (Updated for 1.9)

Mar 01, 2016 Release
DOWNLOAD LINK AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE How to install (Nothing special) This plugin allows users to create fields that will protect their land provided they keep placing items in the chest. The shield will continually consume items from the chest/trapchest as power. If the shield doesn't have any power the shield will not protect your land. The following distances are customisable in the config.yml. Iron gives a radius of 9 blocks with 2 extra for glass Gold gives a radius of 14 blocks with 2...


Mar 01, 2016 Planning
FarmlandProtection Overview of my plugins: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infinityhunger/pages/my-plugins FarmlandProtection allows you to stop players from destroying farms in certain worlds if they dont have permission. You can change the list of protected worlds ingame and outgame. Commands, Permissions and Configuration: You can also use /farmlandprotection instead of /fp (but why?) commandeffectpermission /fp addworld (world)protect a worldfarmlandprotection.addworld /fp remworld...


Mar 01, 2016 Beta
Authentication Note: Latest version is for 1.9 Servers Authentication is a plugin where you can make sure new players and existing know about your server rules, By forcing players to do /accept before they can do anything else shows that they have had the chance read the server rules and if anything happens they don't have an excuse like "I didn't know the rules" Features Stops Players from Breaking, Placing, Interacting and Chatting on your Server until the player has /Accepted your Server...


Feb 27, 2016 Inactive
This plugin will let you do /untnt to undo tnt damage! It is definitely not perfect, and shouldn't be used on public servers, it is mainly for simple private servers with creative (for now). No permission setup is needed (permission defaults to true), but if you want to remove it from certain groups, the node is untnt.untnt. Bugs: Items that are dropped by the explosion are not removed by untnt. Does not restore metadata objects (wool works, but not things like chests & furnaces.) Does not...