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Dec 21, 2014 Release
About ClientPermissions Note Unless otherwise indicated, this plugin will work with all versions of Bukkit and all permissions plugins that support SuperPerms. Introduction ClientPermissions is a lightweight plugin which allows supported client mods to be controlled using ordinary bukkit permissions. It is designed to provide a more powerful and manageable alternative to "block codes" (special colour code strings added to the server MOTD to disable certain client mods), allowing client mod...


Dec 21, 2014 Planning
This is a plugin which will notify everyone on the server the amount of diamonds someone has found when mined (STOP THOSE PESTY XRAYERS!). Very basic plugin :) Note: The diamonds have to be natural and by this I mean if you place the diamond ore then break them it will not broadcast it to the server


Dec 19, 2014 Release
Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wide, region-wide (parents) and region-specific | Region-limits for players,...
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Dec 19, 2014 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on BukkitDev ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Player and Overview | Download and Installation | Configuration and Tweaking ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is Factions? With this plugin players group up in Factions. You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can can edit their faction land. Factions is also...


Dec 18, 2014 Release
Description: This plugin stores a player's inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval. It has many options, but configuration and use has been kept as simple as possible. Features: Places a single or double chest at player's death location containing the player's inventory Optional sign placement on chest, showing player name and death date Configurable list of block types that chests can replace WorldGuard, GriefPrevention and Towny aware, will not place a chest where the player does...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
AuthMe is old, and now extinct... so... AutoMe was born! This plugin allows users who first login when the plugin's installed, to do /set. This plugin is for cracked servers! This will save the IP in the Config, which a admin can edit at anytime. Once it's set, it's there. If someone else that doesn't have that ip you did /set with, they will not be able to login! Added Dynamic Logins! With /Login - Safe, and Protected. No "Forgot Password!" - AutoMe - We Protect! We Stand Out! NOTICE Never...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game. It was the third ever SMP modification, following Hey0's mod, and Llamacraft. Gameplay modification is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. Player built simple teleporters that use unique combinations of...
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WorldGuard Land Claim

Dec 15, 2014 Release
WorldGuard Land Claim Purpose Allows administrators to charge users money for claiming a WorldGuard region and setting specific flags in their regions. This task was previously accomplished with plugins that charge for a specific command typed, like "/region claim *". The issue with this is that it charges the user even when a region is not successfully created due to errors with region overlap or names already being taken. This plugin solves that issue and adds the ability to create...
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No Explode Turtle

Dec 14, 2014 Release
Information Blocks TnT And Creeper Explosions Tnt Explodes But Doesn't No Damage To The Enviorment Creepers Will Not Explode Anything That Will Cause An Explosion Will Be Stopped This Plugin Puts A Dent In The Griefers Strategies No Random Craters ACTUALLY WORKS! No Lag No Console Error Messages Commands /Noexplode -Shows Plugin Information Errors With /Noexplode No Console Color Dont Use /Noexplode In Console! WalkThrough Of The Explosion Phase As an explosion happens... Tnt = Tnt will rise...


Dec 14, 2014 Planning
This is a simple plugin that will not allow block breaking or block placing. This is good for servers that don't want their blocks broken by other players. This plugin will not allow block breaking in every inch of your server Permissions and Commands: - NONE! You need OP Compatibility: - spigot-1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT (Build #1649) - bukkit-1.7.10-R0.1-20140817.180155-16 (Latest 1.7.10 build) Plugin Caveats: - This plugin partially works with WorldGuard. It has issue with /rg define idk build...
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Revamped Chest Protection

Dec 14, 2014 Release
IMPORTANT NOTE Please make sure you're using AT LEAST Java 7 or 8 when running this plugin! Java 6 and older is NOT compatible! What is RCP? Revamped Chest Protection is a new form of chest protection that has almost never been seen. This plugin allows for users to view the contents of locked chests, but they do not have the ability to move or take any of the items inside of that chest. Permissions PermissionDescriptionDefaults to rcp.lockAllows the player to lock a chest.Everyone...


Dec 12, 2014 Planning
FMCAntiaHack is the update of AntiCheat plugin, who was abandoned! I decide to continue this project because i see it's good functionalities and efficacy! Thanks a lot for the Bukkit Team who accepted me to work on this plugin! FMCAntiHack fight against: ZOMBIE_FLY ZOMBIE_NOCLIP ZOMBIE_CHEAT FLY WATER_WALK NO_SWING FAST_BREAK FAST_PLACE CHAT_SPAM COMMAND_SPAM SPRINT SNEAK SPEED VCLIP SPIDER NOFALL FAST_BOW FAST_EAT FAST_HEAL FORCEFIELD XRAY LONG_REACH FAST_PROJECTILE ITEM_SPAM FAST_INVENTORY...
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Frame Guard

Dec 12, 2014 Planning
Frame Guard FrameGuard is a simple plugin that stops all Item Frames from being edited or removed, unless they have permission, they are op, or if they are in Gamemode 1. Installation: Download the FrameGuard.jar file Place it inside your /plugins folder /reload the server Have fun! Commands: commands: fgreload: description: Frameguard Reload Permissions: permissions: frameguard.canrotate: description: Allows you to rotate Item Frames default: op frameguard.cansteal: description: Allows you...


Dec 11, 2014 Release
DcBanItems, will allow admins to easily ban items simply and effectively without a headache Thanks to our contributors flawlessbraz and carl230690 Works for: Spigot 1.8 Bukkit 1.7.10 and even works with modded servers if they allow plugins! Information Recently our community started to make plugins to gain better attention to our server and we have developed some really nice plugins that will help the minecraft community as a whole. Features: Allows admins to easily ban items from there...


Dec 10, 2014 Release
SafeItemFrames - NoItemFrameDestruction If you come across any bugs please let me know. Features This plugin will disable item frames from being broken. Essential for servers as of 1.7. Permissions There are no permissions as of right now. Commands There are currently no commands as of right now. How to use Download the plugin, upload it to your server, shut down your server, and then start up your server. Planned Features Permission to break item frames.


Dec 10, 2014 Release
NoLeafDecay - AntiLeafDecay If you come across any bugs please let me know. Features This plugin will stop leaves from de-caying. Essential for builders and creative servers! Build trees without them slowly vanishing (de-caying). Permissions There are no permissions as of right now. Commands There are currently no commands as of right now. How to use Download the plugin, upload it to your server, shut down your server, and then start up your server. Planned Features Command to enable and...


Dec 10, 2014 Mature
Download NOTE!: Development builds for LWC can be found at the below Jenkins server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff and may not have gone through any QA processes. Use them at your own risk! Development builds (Jenkins) Feature requests, Suggestions and Issues IRC - Live Chat ( irc.esper.net #LWC ) github wiki Donate LWC is the longest-lived single block protection plugin that protects both the block itself and contents of Chests, Furnaces, and Dispensers. It can...


Dec 09, 2014 Release
captainAuthenticator captainAuthenticator Get those pesky Password Cracker out of the way with a 2-Step Verification System Features Secure your Account with the 2-Step Verification System via Google Authenticator Lazy to put your Verification Code at your own Home. Dont Worry! There's a Trusted Computer System , too Want to Give your own Account to a Friend. Just Reset your Key! I have another Login System. Don't worry just add the commands at your Config Your Players does not understand...


Dec 08, 2014 Release
AddIdsGriefPrevetion allow you to add Mod Blocks in GriefPrevention from game: you have only take the block which you want protect and do the relative command. COMMANDS /addgp both - Add ID:* to BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust and BlockIdsRequiringContainerTrust. /addgp access - Add ID:* to BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust. /addgp container - Add ID:* to BlockIdsRequiringContainerTrust. /addgp explodable - Add ID:Meta to BlockIdsExplodable. /addgp fplayer <[ModFakePlayer]> - Add Mod FakePlayer to...

Strict WorldGuard Use Flag

Dec 08, 2014 Beta
StrictWGUseFlag makes WorldGuard's USE flag more strict. Making stealing from containers inside WorldGuard protected region with USE flag set to DENY almost impossible. Features Cancel all interactions in WorldGuard regions with USE flag set to DENY Support some Forge mods (tested with IC2 experimential machines). Supports all versions of Bukkit. Built against WorldGuard 5.9.1 Permissions Nah, this plugin handles permissions using WorldGuard's build permission and bypass permission. Source...