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Mar 29, 2016 Release
Overview Existing anti-cheat plugins like NoCheatPlus may stop exploiters from speedmining or flying, but it does not stop players from obtaining items with excessively high enchantments or potions with extreme potency through exploitation of bugs. This plugin provides a structured log system to monitor players that use exploits to modify items and potions, as well as a simple set of commands to use against cheaters. Functionality This plugin has a scanning system intended to evaluate the...


Mar 28, 2016 Release
JustInvSee Code on GitHub: Code My first plugin: This is my first plugin on bukkit.org and I hope you like and download it! Commands: There are 3 simple commands: - /inv <player> see someone's inventory - /enderinv <player> see someone's enderchest - /armorinv <player> see someone's armor and item in his second hand Permissions: - /inv<player> justinvsee.inv - /enderinv <player> justinvsee.enderinv Downloads 10000 downloads [done] 15000 downloads [done] 20000 downloads [done] 25000 downloads...


Mar 28, 2016 Release
LandClaiming Description LandClaiming was developed for ZW_15 to work as a world protection plugin. With this plugin, players can claim any land, with any size or shape as long is it does not go over the max amount of claimed blocks (which is configurable). Commands /lock lock a block /lock <add/remove> <player> allowed players to use a block /unlock unlock a block /claim <claimed region's name> claims an area /claim <info> shows info about regions /claim <name> <add/remove> <playername>...


Mar 26, 2016 Release
LobbyEssentials LobbyEssentials is a plugin that will turn any of your bukkit worlds into a lobby. Features Disable chat messages Disable building Prevent starvation Prevent any type of damage Commands and Permissions /lobbyess - General Information (No Permission) /lobbyess help - All Commands (No Permission) /lobbyess setworld - Set the lobby world (lobbyessentials.setworld) /lobbyess chat - Toggle chat (lobbyessentials.chat) /lobbyess build - Toggle build prevention (lobbyessentials.build)...


Mar 22, 2016 Release
CCLogger v4.0.2 Features CCLogger logs commands, chat, and logins/logouts to a very easy-to-read log file. Logs commands. Logs global chat. Logs deaths. Logs logins/logouts. Additionally logs each player in separate log files. Full customization of how the log file is formatted. Instructions Download the plugin. Put jar in plugins folder. Start server. Edit config to your liking. Restart server. Permissions Removed permissions. Commands Removed commands. Credits MetricsLite to Hidendra


Mar 22, 2016 Release
RegionMarket - Sell and rent your regions! What is RegionMarket? RegionMarket is a plugin which allows you to sell and rent WorldGuard-regions on your server. It's very lightweight and will be updated and improved constantly. How does it work? RegionMarket is using signs to let the players rent and sell their regions very simple. Why use it? Selling regions is a very important thing for servers (e.g. CityBuild). This plugin provides a really simple solution for this. Features sell and rent...
ShareControl Header


Mar 21, 2016 Release
ShareControl is the plugin created to control the players in the creative mode. Страница плагина на RuBukkit.org | Page on SpigotMC Features MySQL and SQLite support Full support 1.7-1.9 Minecraft versions. Block place/break and item use Disable item drop/pickup Disable TnT Explosion Disable inventory interact Disable pvp and mob attacking Disable SnowGolem and IronGolem creation Disable Creature and Chicken Eggs Separate inventories to survival/creative/adventure, also, save your survival...


Mar 21, 2016 Release
->Old Bukkit.org Thread +++ Source Code +++ The Wiki<- Standard Installation and Basic Test Video: http://youtu.be/9Ke1vDRLsRw Just drop the FoundDiamonds.jar in your plugins folder and reload! If you're an OP, continue to the next step. If not, give yourself the permission fd.* (You'll give normal players fd.broadcast for broadcasts, and fd.monitor for admin messages and light level monitoring.) The best way to test the plugin and verify that it's working is to find some natural iron or coal...
MCClans Land Protection Logo

MCClans Land Protection

Mar 20, 2016 Release
MCClans Land Protection Description MCClans Land Protection hooks into MCClans. Land can be protected by placing Land Protection Fields. Players and entire clans can be given access to the protection fields. User Manual >> User Manual Server Admins >> Server Admins Info
FactionsPlus Logo


Mar 20, 2016 Mature
FactionsPlus is no more and has been replaced. See here: https://github.com/MarkehMe/FactionsPlus/issues/210 Factions Plus FactionsPlus is no more and has been replaced. See here: https://github.com/MarkehMe/FactionsPlus/issues/210 This plugin uses MCStats to send statistical information to MCStats.org, for more information read this. Alternative Plugins Warps http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factionswarps


Mar 19, 2016 Beta
MyHorse let's your players have more control over their horses! Simple, easy and lightweight. Name your horse Protect it from stealing & inventory theft Protect it from dying (Owned horses are invulnerable) Protect it from being unleashed by others Simple transfer of ownership of horses (great for buying/selling!) Put your horse for sale (Right-click to buy it) Keep a list of your owned horses Teleport to your owned horses Teleport your owned horses to you Option to allow putting a chest on...


Mar 19, 2016 Inactive
FileLog - lightweight chat and command logging for individual players (as opposed to one main log) What does FileLog do? FileLog logs every time a player joins, leaves, chats, and runs a command in their own .log file. FILELOG VS MAINLOG FileLog creates a file for each player, allowing you to easily find their logs, while the mainlog is for everything, can get very large, and is difficult to search. FileLog has a smart file-naming scheme: <UUID>-<name>.log, making it easy to find the log of...
Simple Ticket Manager

Simple Ticket Manager

Mar 18, 2016 Release
Overview Find it hard to handle problems on your server? Well with Simple Ticket Manager players can create a report, which will then be reported to all the admins that have the ticket.use node, informing them that there is a new ticket open and that it needs assigning to someone to deal with. Very simple to use and get problems sorted on your server sorted quickly. You can also view information about who dealt with the ticket and when the problem was sorted. To see how admins are dealing...


Mar 17, 2016 Mature
Exposes and bans auto soup hackers Configurable messages and delays Logging all data to a file Source code can be found on GitHub antiautosoup: description: Administrative command usage: /<command> <reload(rl) | check(c)> [player] aliases: [aas] aas.admin: description: Allows you to check violation levels and reload configs default: op aas.bypass: description: Allows you to bypass the check default: op aas.notifications: description: Allows you to get a notification when an auto soup hacker...
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World Downloader API / WDLCompanion

Mar 17, 2016 Release
This plugin allows server owners to control the World Downloader mod (sometimes refered to as WorldDownloader, WorldDL, or WDL) on their server, using its plugin channel API. It supports a wide range of functions, from simply disabling the mod to permission requests to only allowing downloading in certain areas. Why use WDLCompanion over other plugins? What features does WDLCompanion have? The main benefit of WDLCompanion is that it fully implements WDL's plugin channel API, rather than...


Mar 16, 2016 Release
1.9 compatible Introduction AdminHelper is a very useful plugin, which has many features. Who of the server team is online? Stop spamming and Caps Lock in chat and many more. Features CAPS LOCK and spamming is disabled. When you type 7 in the chat and you want this is a command set the node seventoslash in the config.yml to true. With the command /team you can show the staff of the server and who is online now. You can add so much staff you want in the config.yml. ClearChat , Globalmute and...

XRay Informer

Mar 14, 2016 Release
Thank you for 65,000 downloads! CoreProtect support is here!!! Do you have a minecraft server and have trouble with users x-raying? XrayInformer may be your solution to get rid of them. XrayInformer hooks into your server logging plugin and calculates data to tell you if a player is cheating with an Xray mod. Permissions and Commands Screen Captures Technical Info Works with: CoreProtect - or - LogBlock Videos In German In Polish What will be added in later versions? /xcheck player:all will...
VoxelSniper Splash


Mar 13, 2016 Mature
Source | Bugtracker | Documentation Lead Design & Programming gabizou, Deamon5550 VoxelSniper 7 is nearing release, VoxelSniper 5.x is no longer supported Development Builds Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Development Builds are available here: Development Builds Overview VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft....


Mar 13, 2016 Inactive
About this plugin This plugin allows the owners to create a permission-based block multiplier. Meaning in config you can create as many multipliers you want, what blocks they belong to, and check to see if they have the certain permission. This works with world guard so do not worry! Commands There are no commands, but the permissions are: - PickUp.use - Automatically picks the blocks Default Configuration Auto-Smelt: true #No permission for this Fortune: # For this option, you can define as...


Mar 11, 2016 Release
NOTICE: Versions 1.5.x are for 1.8 and older servers. Versions 1.6.x are for 1.9 and newer servers. Description: This plugin stores a player's inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval. It has many options, but configuration and use has been kept as simple as possible. Features: Places a single or double chest at player's death location containing the player's inventory Optional sign placement on chest, showing player name and death date Configurable list of block types that chests...