Bukkit Plugins




Jan 25, 2015 Release
This is my first plugin called SimpleFreeze! There isn't really much to this plugin, but you can freeze anyone with a simple command! Commands /freeze <player> Freezes specified player. /frozenplayers Lists players currently frozen. Permissions sf.freeze sf.list Config mute-on-freeze Whether or not to mute the player if they're frozen. kick-on-freeze Whether or not to kick the player once they are frozen. mute-message Message to player when muted. kick-message Message when player is kicked....

Lockette Fixer

Jan 23, 2015 Release
If you use lockette, and you updated your server from 1.7 to 1.8 .. you might have found that (like us) all of our locks were broken. Instead of looking like: [Private] Noket [Timer:1] they now look like ... Private Noket [Timer:1] ... So, we developed this plugin to fix that problem .. This plugin works by detecting player interaction and scanning a 6x6x6 area. If the object interacted with is anything protected by Lockette .. then it prevents the player interaction and fixes any broken...

Player Gimp

Jan 22, 2015 Beta
Player Gimp: Allows admins to gimp players so they cannot move, look around, or interact with the environment. It is essentially a freeze plugin with added features to prevent the player and their surrounding environment from interacting with eachother along with some added violent screenshakes when the gimped player tries to move Features Console support Gimped players screens shake violently when they try to move or look around Gimped players cannot interact with the rest of the world...


Jan 22, 2015 Beta
Also got those annoying (spam)bots joining your server? Use ServerCaptcha! What does it? ServerCaptcha is a plugin, which opens a GUI when a player joins. Players have to click the green wool, otherwise they will be kicked. You can configure when it opens: Firstjoin - Only opens a GUI when the player joins for the first time. Always - Always opens the GUI when a player joins daily - Opens the GUI once every reload, so if you restart your server daily, it opens once a day. Why? Many servers...


Jan 21, 2015 Release
WorldGuard is a powerful plugin with a large bag of tricks for server owners, server map makers, regular survival servers, and everyone in between! Create zones in your world that only permit mods or certain players from building within Set additional game rules on your server (deny wither block damage, falling damage, etc.) Set game rules on specific areas (food regen, health regen, disable PvP, TNT, control mob damage) in your world Blacklist certain items and blocks so they can't be used...


Jan 20, 2015 Release
TNAPVP What is TNAPVP? TNAPVP is a quick, non-permanent set up of team combat for events/pvp. Enables players to join 1 of 6 pre-set colour teams (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange) Team Chat! Join a team, then chat with team mates! (Not impacted by other chat plugins, unless they use /tc) Friendly fire off! You can't hit team mates, but splash potions still hit everyone! Teams reset every server reset or on command Works with Command Blocks, so you don't have to manually set teams for...

Block Breaker

Jan 19, 2015 Release
Block Breaker This plugin allow you to have no grief in your server, just the person who have "Break.Allow" Permission can break blocks. When the person with "Break.Allow" Permission joins he will receive a Magma Cream called Block Breaker. If he still with the Magma Cream he will be able to destroy every block, if he removes the Block from the inventory, he will not be able to destroy blocks. NOTE: WORKS ON 1.7.X & 1.8! Commands /break - Allows to get the Magma Cream called Block Breaker....


Jan 18, 2015 Release
CompletelyVanish vanishes you COMPLETELY from the server, even the owner cant see you. The commands: /visible:(/vis, /visible) == Unhides you so people can see you. They can fill out your name is tab and your name is in tab. /vanish (/v, /vanish, /invis)== Hides you from the server. People cant see you, people can't use tab to fill your name in, and your name isnt in tab. Configuration: No configuration! (might add in future versions) Permissions: completelyvanish.vanish: Permission to use...


Jan 18, 2015 Release
Have you ever wanted to prevent glitchers from being able to build a base on top of the nether in a factions server? You have found the right plugin! This plugin makes it impossible to survive standing on bedrock in the nether. It launches the glitcher about 200 blocks in the air and even if they do survive from feather falling or mcMMO acrobatic levels, it is really hard to be able to build up there! All ops will not be affected by this plugin. Permissions: netherkiller.ignore (ignores...


Jan 18, 2015 Release
This plugin gives four main features : Disabling teleport and building on Nether Roof Avoid generation on NetherRoof Fix beacons in Nether : bedrock is replaced with barrier block, and replaced with bedrock again on beacon destroy. Avoid fire formation from blazes and ghasts. You can set many things in the config file : checkpos-enabled: true # This will enable the check every x ticks specified bellow for all players in the Nether checkpos-ticks : 40 # This is the delay for each check. 20...
Districts Diamond


Jan 17, 2015 Release
Districts Districts is like GriefPrevention, but players can sell/buy, lease/rent their claims! Claims are made by command, or using a golden hoe. Once a district is claimed, the district is protected from griefing. District owners can rent out a district for a weekly fee, or sell the district for a price. District owners or renters can add trusted players to a district who then have most of the same rights as the owner or renter. Video Tutorial on the Plugin (Portuguese) Credits Video:...


Jan 16, 2015 Planning
Hi guys, What Is TheSurvivalPlugin? The Survival Plugin is an easy plugin for your survival worlds. It won't allow you to get in gamemode or you will get kicked from the server. What are the Requirements? You don't need any plugins for this plugin. I recommend you to use PerWorldPlugin found at: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/perworldplugins/ How to setup? Quite easy just place the plugin in your plugins folder and you're ready to go! Features /i and /give disabled BedSpawns per world...


Jan 14, 2015 Planning
Put on leather armor and watch what happens the leather armor will change color fast and Become a disco ball! This plugin will turn leather armor with No commands at all it will turn it into a color changing Leather dyed armor etc, Brown,Pink,Yellow you get it! this has no permissions and i will release the source later so you can make a cooler one if you want! Leather Armor is boring but with this plugin its not it will Tell your players Hey Leather is awesome! we should craft some of this...
Hub Essentials

Hub Essentials

Jan 14, 2015 Release
Hub Essentials This plugin has everything you would need for a hub server; server selector with bungeecord and command options, rank inventory, auto broadcaster, afk kicker, player visibility toggle item, custom book and many more features. Links Commands & Permissions Book.yml Config.yml HubBroadcasts.yml RankInventory.yml ServerSelector.yml WebsiteLink.yml Video by Wukkit Installation Requires Java 7 #1 Download the latest version of Hub Essentials #2 Drag your downloaded file (Hub.jar) to...


Jan 12, 2015 Release
Anti-Griefing at it's Easiest! Griefing Protection ProtectionStones allows a player to place a special block, and this protects their area from griefing. This small plugin was inspired by PreciousStones but only has the property protection blocks. This allows players to place one of three types of ore blocks to protect their property. The player doesn't require any special permissions, they just need to get one of the three following ore blocks which you can give or sell in game using other...


Jan 12, 2015 Beta
THIS WAS A TEST PLUGIN, WILL DO A FULL RECODE TO GET THIS PLUGIN TO WORK 100% Description SimpleVanish, is a plugin to make spying on your users easy. Nothing else really to it its that simple. - simplevanish.vanish - /Vanish <name> ~ Vanishes target player. - /V ~ Vanishes your self. - /UnVanish <name> UnVanishes target player. - /Uv ~ UnVanishes your self. More Information If you find any bugs please report them. Also if you have any ideas to add please comment.

Anti KillAura

Jan 11, 2015 Planning
AntiAura With AntiAura your Server will ban KillAura automatically! Important AntiAura requires the newest ProtocolLib to function! You can find ProtocolLib here: http://ci.shadowvolt.com/job/ProtocolLib/ Commands There are no commands! Config cmd: ban %player% Hacks! A command that is executed when a hacker is detected. %player% is the Playername. Donation If you like AntiAura please donate a few euros through PayPal: [email protected]


Jan 11, 2015 Release
Last tested January 10th. iWarn by Neal Intro The iWarn plugin gives you the baseball game effect of 3-strikes and you're out...for 2 minutes. Permission OPs have the ability to type /warn <target> <reason> and send out "strikes" to players with bad behaviors. Both arguments must be completed or you will receive the line "/warn <target> <reason>" to help you out if you forget the command by chance. How the plugin works 1st warning - Sends a message to the user in red text stating why they...


Jan 10, 2015 Release
Anti-Enchant is a Bukkit plugin which allows you to limit or forbid players on your server to use certain enchants on certain items. That's actually about it there is to say about it, it's quite simple! Please, after downloading, proceed to 'How to' page for further instructions. Source Code Latest version: Anti-Enchant 1.5 - January 4, 2015 Installing the plugin Simply drag and drop the '.jar' file into your 'plugins' directory for your server. Reload (restart) your server, and the plugin...


Jan 10, 2015 Planning
Plugin for item blocking. Allows to protect specific blocks in WorldGuard regions. Uses item names instead of item IDs. So, this plugin is mod-friendly. Source code: here Sorry about russian translation, I wrote a plugin for own server. Commands: /icy block [ignoremeta / nometa] [allowcraft / craft] - block item usage /icy unblock [ignoremeta / nometa] - allow item usage /icy protect [ignoremeta / nometa] -block item usage in WorldGuard regions /icy unprotect [ignoremeta / nometa] - allow...