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Jun 13, 2015 Planning
PowerBans About PoweBans is easy use plugin that gives you rights to ban example grieffers from your server. PowerBans allows you to also set time to ban that shows when will ban expire. Installing this Plugin Few easy steps that shows how to install this plugin: Stop your server. Put plugin file in to your /plugins folder. DO NOT put it in wrong section or it wont work! Start your server again! Your plugin should work perfectly Commands /ban (name) (time) (reason) Plans New Command /pb kick...


Jun 13, 2015 Release
A Simple Anti-TNT Plugin Which Stops Damage To Blocks Around It. This Feature Can Also Be Turned Off Using A Command And Turned Back On. This plugin works and 1.8 and higher as far as i know. Commands: Permissions: Description: /tnton | tnt.on | Allows TNT Damage /tntoff | tnt.off | Disallows Players To Place TNT Suggestions will be welcome :)


Jun 10, 2015 Planning
Prevents players from falling into the void and dying by teleporting them to the players spawn location. Either their bed or the default spawn. Will probably add more features later where players can choose where they get teleported to.


Jun 10, 2015 Release
NovaGuilds is my own guilds plugin, still in development, but I want to hear your opinions and ideas. Please leave feedback! Vault is required! BarAPI is required unless you turn it off in config! HolographicDisplays is required unless you turn it off in config! Downloads http://novaguilds.pl/ Source Setup Download latest version Put it in your plugins/ directory Also put there Vault Add BarAPI and HolographicDisplays plugins if you need. Restart/reload the server Edit config.yml to setup...

Auto Restart Ultimate

Jun 10, 2015 Planning
A lightly but awesome plugin which restart your server with a cooldown !​ Description in english and also in French! Because of an HouseBreaking the plugin creation will be slowed... All our excuses ​ (Beta Plugin) English​ (Im french so my english is limited sorry) Features : -Restart (and not reload) your server with a simple command! -Cooldown (10 seconds) before the restart ! -No config files :) - Stop and Start the server! The Plugin is used in our server GeniusLight ! (Not open yet) ===...


Jun 10, 2015 Beta
Forge-Permittor Description of the plugin Hello Folks, This plugin is a complete recode of tekkit (lite) permittor. But with a lot more support. First of all you know as Minecraft Server owner that protection for Custom Blocks Or items is rare. If you now have a Cannon Ball shooting plugin or a Very large Modpack Protection is always been a pain in the but. This plugin will automatically find items and blocks that protection plugins normally forget to add. Yes you read well automaticly. So no...


Jun 08, 2015 Release
WorldGuard is a powerful plugin with a large bag of tricks for server owners, server map makers, regular survival servers, and everyone in between! Create zones in your world that only permit mods or certain players from building within Set additional game rules on your server (deny wither block damage, falling damage, etc.) Set game rules on specific areas (food regen, health regen, disable PvP, TNT, control mob damage) in your world Blacklist certain items and blocks so they can't be used...
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Jun 08, 2015 Mature
Download WorldClaim: v2.1 Source Code: GitHub Make sure you have Vault, WorldGuard (>6.0), and WorldEdit (>6.0) installed! Description And Features WorldClaim provides a chunk claiming system to players, and does this by hooking directly into WorldGuard. Players claims chunks. They can claim successive contiguous chunks up until the configured limit is reached Configurable price and amount for chunks Configurable max number of chunks a player is allowed to purchase All the actual claim...


Jun 07, 2015 Planning
REPORTER DESCRIPTION FR Ce plugin permet de report des joueurs potentiellement entrain de hacker. Le report çe fais par la personne qui vois le hacker. Il utilise la command /report et tous les administrateurs (ou ceux qui ont la permissions) pourront voir le report. En cas de besoin de report vous pouvez à n'importe quel moment utiliser la commande /report !! EN This plugin allows deferral of potentially hack spirited players. The persone who make a report by the person who can see the...


Jun 07, 2015 Planning
MCFilter is a new kind of global ban system which aims to ban only the most terrible and annoying hackers and griefers. Any player banned on our list will be blocked from joining your server and your admins will be notified and told why they were banned. Super lightweight Uses a curated list of offenders Also bans IP addresses of public proxies and VPNs Will NEVER ban a legitimate player Decide if people can see when a player is blocked from joining your server with the permission...


Jun 07, 2015 Release
Login Me In V6: You can choose between save data on MySQL or players.yml in config.yml It is compatible with servers using 1.7 and 1.8 Protects: Inventories, Dropping Items, Chat, Commands, Taking Damage, Breaking Placing or Using Blocks INSTALL INFO: unzip the files inside the plugin folder. check that login.jar is inside the plugin folder and a folder named LoginMeIn is also inside the plugin folder start the server Commands: /register password /login password /unregister player password...


Jun 06, 2015 Planning
This plugin will ask questions to all new players It will also give them a ten second question which they need to answer within ten seconds Highly configurable All answers to questions will be recorded Stops players moving until they answer the questions Hinders bots and griefers Customize your questions and answers in the file /plugins/HorseQuestions/questions Update checking (disable with updatecheck:false; in the file /plugins/HorseQuestions/config) Customize your 10 second questions in...


Jun 05, 2015 Release
A french Plugin Description WorkPvP is a simple plugin which allows you to enable and disable easily the PvP on your world using a simple command. When any commands of my plugin is sent, a broadcast will be sent to all the players on the server to prevent when the PvP's state change. You can easily customize your broadcast Message with the following config file. Commands /pvp on: Enable the PvP on your world /pvp off: Disable the PvP on your world How to Install WorkPvP ? 1. Download the .jar...


Jun 05, 2015 Release
Version 7.23 Its recommended to run your server in online mode! Minecraft is a excellent game. If you want to play it, you should buy it, like every other game you play. Description Adds per player passwords to your server. This will increase your server's protection against griefers and account thiefs. Keep these two things in mind: The protection is only as good as your passwords. The server is still less secure then a server in online mode. My plugin is not limited to offline mode servers,...


Jun 05, 2015 Release
[Login+] Login is by doing of AuthMe Reloaded Sorry if the German to English translation incorrect is Permissions and Commands /loginplus | /loginplus <setspawn> /login <pw> /register <pw> <pw> /changepassword <old pw> <new pw> Permissions Config # [Login+] By Marco606598 Youtube: Marco Mayer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuZKKGXKe8wUw2R5FB5fxA Login: boolean: Register: 'true' SpawnLocation: 'false' Spawn: SpawnLocation: X: 406.3451396200883 Y: 63.0 Z: 835.6999999880791 World: world...


Jun 04, 2015 Planning
I've done this plugin for Infern0g0d, who had problems with spawn griefing by nether portals. COMPILED WITH SPIGOT 1.8 Features - Prevent the creation of nether portals Command - /nonetherworlds (/nnw) - /nonetherworlds reload (/nnw reload) Installation - Put NoNetherPortal.jar in the plugins folder. - Start your server - Modify config.yml for a custom worlds (default world_nether). - Enjoy :D TO DO - Requests?


Jun 03, 2015 Release
StaffMode Overview So you are sitting there trying to keep up with your server with all the players. You just hit over 100 players on at once. But about %25 of those players are hackers. Now you try to help as many people as you can but... too many people are bugging you at once. So you get StaffMode. A revolutionary tool that you can use to keep your server in balance. Using other plugins To use other plugins just drop one of these plugins into your plugins folder. PluginPageTutorial...

Orebfuscator 1.8 FIX

Jun 02, 2015 Release
Orebfuscator 1.8 fix This plugin is a fork of lishid's plugin, but this plugin works at 1.8 and above. This plugin is only temporary so that users can get orebfuscator for 1.8 now. When lishid makes a update I will remove this plugin. For help please go to the plugin page of lishid. (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/orebfuscator/) Requires the spigot 1.8.3 version of ProtocolLIb. NOTE: I'dont own ProtocolLib and this plugin is NOT tested by the BukkitDev staff...


Jun 02, 2015 Beta
English: Only op players, players with a certain permission or players added in allowedplayers.txt are allowed to join the server. Deutsch: Dieses Plugin erlaubt nur Spielern mit OP, einer Permission oder Spieler die in die allowedplayers.txt eingetragen sind beizutreten. Installation English: Just put the OPJoinOnly.jar in your plugins folder of your server and restart it. Deutsch: Ziehe einfach die OPJoinOnly.jar in den plugins Ordner deines Servers, danach restarte ihn und editier die...
No Break

No Break

Jun 02, 2015 Release
What is no Break? No Break is an extremely easy to use, extremely lightweight plugin that disables block breaking and placing for players without a permission. Intro Ever wanted to disable block placing/breaking without the hassle of having a huge plugin where you have to configure everything? Hate it how players you don't trust can grief to their hearts content? Then No Break is the plugin for you! No Break is great for hub servers, because super lightweight, using the least amount of code...