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Jun 20, 2014 Release
What is BlockedMobs? BlockedMobs, is a unique plugin allows you to easily block the emergence of some monsters or animals. The built-in function is also MyJoinMessage where you can set your own short MOTD! You can block EnderDragon and Wither. You can also block the Creeper explosion! Have fun! Commands <none> Permissions <none> ScreenShots <none> Required plugins <none> Config Block... ? false = Allow spawn this mob. true = block spawn this mob! Creeper: false Skeleton: false Spider: false...


Jun 20, 2014 Beta
Description: SimpleWarnings is just that, a simple warnings system which allows server admins to set, check, and delete warnings. SimpleWarnings can be easily configured to execute custom commands on warning, auto-ban a user and/or execute a custom command once they've exceeded a pre-defined warning limit, broadcast a users total number of warnings to the server on join, kick a user when they receive a warning and much more... Quote:Upgrading to 0.8.8 or above? In Simplewarnings-0.8.8 the...


Jun 16, 2014 Planning
TrustManager- Trust-based permissions ranks Introduction TrustManager allows you to let your players rank up automatically using a system of trust. Great for large community servers, where promoting players manually is too time-consuming. With TrustManager, your permissions ranks are based on trust levels or tiers. This is great to put down potential griefers- people who may only play on your server once just to mess with your stuff, will never get past rank 1. You can make your second rank...

Plot Claim

Jun 16, 2014 Release
Plot Claim Version Tracker Current Version Updated to work with 1.7.9 Description Plot Claim gives you a few resources for allowing players to own land on your server. If you ever played Ultima Online, you can appreciate this plugin. How it Works You have two options for allowing players to place land. 1. Give them access to the /pclaim command. 2. Create a writ, or deed, that they can use to claim land. These may be placed on a vendor so they have to be bought by the players. Very...


Jun 15, 2014 Release
Features Is your world very damaged by Creeper and TNT explosions? This plugin will solve that problem for you! By putting this plugin in your server it will be preventing your server/world from all explosions. -------------------------- Commands There are no commands -------------------------- Permissions There are no permssions -------------------------- Configuration/Installation Just drop easily this plugin in to your 'Plugin' folder, restart the server and the plugin starts to do his...


Jun 15, 2014 Release
AnimalProtect Created by Damo1995 As you may or may not have seen down in the comments below, World Guard is looking at implementing the function of this plugin into theres. Please http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/animalprotect/pages/the-future-of-animal-protect/click here to see what is going to happen and the way forward for this plugin == What is AnimalProtect: == AnimalProtect is a simple but effective worldguard addon to block players killing animals inside regions they cannot build...


Jun 14, 2014 Release
SecureServer Secure Server adds an extra layer of security to your server. Players can set a password which they need to use to login. When a password is set the player will spawn in a secure room when they login which they cannot get out of until they login with a pre set password. The player cannot get out of that room until they /login with their password. When they have logged in they will be teleported to a point you have set. All emails and passwords are encrypted via MD5 hashing and...


Jun 14, 2014 Beta
Complete land protection! Important note: This project is under development and we do not recommend for now to install it on a production server. This plugin is compatible with Minecraft user name change! What can do Factoid? (not fully implemented) General Player name change ready (UUID reference). Fully parameterizable. Works with economy system (vault). Lands and Grief protection Cuboid land protection. Two possible selection system : WorldEdit and visual. A lot of possible configurations...

Location Watchdog

Jun 13, 2014 Release
Hello and Welcome to Location Watchdog! Location Watchdog is the new frontier in fixing grief before it's reported, tracking players' whereabouts, and maintaining justice. Do you frequently use CoreProtect or LogBlock? If so, you likely understand that both use something called a MySQL database. This is a large "file" to which data can be written quickly, easily, and safely. It can then be retrieved in just seconds. Location Watchdog uses the same principle to log player locations. Every 'x'...


Jun 13, 2014 Planning
What is this plugin? Grief Guard is a very light weight plugin which can help you stop griefers. What are the features? This plugin comes with its very own log file! The log can be founded in the plugin folder. The log file logs every time someone tries to do any of the blocked events! (TNT Protection, Block Protection and Lava Protection) - Block Protection: Disables the placing of any block! - TNT Protection: Disables TNT from exploding and from being placed! - Lava Protection: Disables...

AuthMe Reloaded

Jun 13, 2014 Release
AuthMe Reloaded /login|/register plugin! Prevent Name stolen ! AutoUpdate names through UUID AuthMe Reloaded prevents players who aren't logged in from actions like placing blocks, moving, typing commands or seeing the inventory of the current player. The possibility to set up name spoof protection kicks players with uncommon long or short player names before they could actually join. Login Sessions make it possible that you don't have to login within a given time period. Each command and...
FactionsPlus Logo


Jun 13, 2014 Beta
Factions Plus Add some meat to your Factions server! Configuration | Commands | Permissions | Media FactionsPlus adds features that the developers of the Factions plugin have not added, to enhance the experience of a Factions server. My other Factions-related plugins: FactionsAlias: add your own /f sub commands FactionsPerms: factions-based permissions (coming soon) Features Scoreboards Faction Warps Faction Jail Faction Announcement Faction Bans Faction Rules Extra Admin Commands WarZone...


Jun 12, 2014 Beta
HouseGuard This plugin is the successor of SpotProtection. This plugin brings new features and bug fixes, and also new commands. Integrated with Vault, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit. Features Various land by Player; Editable posts; Compatible with 1.5.2; Allows admins to change the commands; Commands to integrate features of the WorldGuard to the region; Update checker and notification; Commands CommandArgumentsDescription /houseShow available commands to you. /house build[regionName] [size]...
GlitchPatcher Logo


Jun 12, 2014 Beta
What is GlitchPatcher? GlitchPatcher try help you temporally patch unfixed glitch/dupe, before Bukkit or Mojang patch it. I will update plugin every time when I get glitch successfully patched. If you know any unfixed glitch, you can send it to my PM or post it to the comment. You can now download BETA version and try it your self. GlitchPatcher is open-source. You are allowed use source, but please give me same credits ;) Features Commands + Permissions Repairs 3 glitches: Iron Door, Anvil...

Simple Combat

Jun 12, 2014 Release
Simple Combat Features Stop players from logging out while in PVP or PVE. You can temp-ban them for a period of time and kill them if they combat log. Enable all, a few, or no worlds as you want. Very simple lightweight combat plugin. All features are configurable. -------------------------------------------------------------- Commands /cl help /cl reload /cl removeban <player> -------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions Permission to use the commands:...


Jun 11, 2014 Release
Note: When updating to v1.7 remember to delete your config file to let it generate the new one FarmProtect Ever tired of People standing on your farmplots , farmland and destroying your wheat, potatoes, carrots? Ever get angry that Full block protection plugins take a while to setup? Well Its your LUCKY day YOU just found FarmProtect Description FarmProtect is a simple light weight plugin which makes sure NOBODY (including your self) makes farmland turn back to normal by either jumping on it...
AntiCreativePvp Logo


Jun 11, 2014 Release
AntiCreativePvp IMPORTANT: In AntiCreativePvp v2.7 for Craftbukkit 1.7.9 we have switched to the new UUID system. How this effects your server is that you need to delete the flymode/godmode data files for the files using the new system to generate. Everything else should work as normal In AntiCreativePvp v2.5 we are using a new configuration system. Please delete your old config and let it regenerate a new one. We have also added data files so please do not edit them unless you know what you...


Jun 10, 2014 Release
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Development builds Follow my progress here: https://trello.com/b/oZj9Wwxk/reportrts ReportRTS stands for Report - Realtime Ticket System, it is designed to take the look and feel that long time ModTRS users are used to. WARNING! As of version 1.1.3 this plugin requires Java 1.7 (aka Java 7) to run! If you have...


Jun 10, 2014 Release
EasyProtection Para ver em português, clique aqui A very simple use plugin for protection You can protect all the blocks you wish, include chests, doors, levels and buttons. You can ban some blocks that you don´t want to be place, like lava, tnt, fire etc.. All the ops in the server can break all blocks. there is no permissions Commands will be implemented soon All the /block need to be defined in config.yml: --------------- #Set the messages for your language #To use colors use § + the color...


Jun 10, 2014 Beta
With mobs being able to loot items, if the chunk unloads the hostile mob along with the captured loot vanishes from memory. DeathChunkAnchor keeps the chunk loaded allowing some time for the player to return and slay any mobs that have stolen their items. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Keep chunks with recent deaths loaded. Keep surrounding chunks loaded. Set how long the keep a chunk loaded for. Requirements Java 6+ Optional A permissions plugin. Setup Add the...