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May 19, 2015 Release
What does it do? Stables is a plugin that assists with Horse ownership, protection, and other horse related things. Vanilla has no ownership or tracking of horses, only if it has been broken or not. Stables changes this behavior. Requirements To use COST based virtual stables, Vault is required. Free storage does not require any additional plugins. Current Features Protect Horses from configurable outside damages, including PVP, Enviromental (falling/lava) and Monsters Adds recipes for Horse...


May 18, 2015 Release
PlotSquared (or plot²) is a feature rich and highly configurable Plot Generation and management system. Please visit Spigot for the latest versions of PlotSquared and support for said versions (as Spigot is updated to 1.8+) Source code: Source, JDocs Overview (PlotSquared is currently in development, and we are continually making improvements) You shouldn't run a server with an inadequate plot plugin. PlotSquared was created to be fast, efficient, and scalable. It comes as a world generator...


May 16, 2015 Beta
Anti-TNT Ever wanted a plugin where you can make it almost impossible for a player to use TnT to grief that poor beginners house? Well now you can with Anti-TNT the player's TNT block is changed into an Air block instantly and the server even gets a friendly reminder letting the staff know that there is a possible griefer out and about and to take appropriate action! -=+=-Commands-=+=- None -=+=-Permission Nodes-=+=- None This is still in planning/beta, have any suggestions feel free to post...


May 14, 2015 Release
Introduction DaFlightManager gives server owners fine-grain control over DaFlight-flymod users. It allows for features to be disabled/enabled, and even maximum fly/sprint speeds set, all defined by standard permission nodes. It also provides compatibility with the NoCheatPlus movement checks for Players using the mod. Permissions daflight.fullbright - allows use of the in-built fullbright feature daflight.flymod - allows use of the fly and sprint mod daflight.softfall - allow user to prevent...


May 11, 2015 Release
DropPermissions A simple, lightweigth bukkit plugin that blocks players from dropping items. If a player has a certain permission, they can drop items. This permissions can be set in the config.yml. This plugin is tested with CraftBukkit 1.8.3, but should be compatible with 1.8 and above. If you found any bugs, please leave them in the comments. Please take a look at my other plugins as well. If would like to donate to me, I would appreciate it a lot. It helps keep me going with my updates....

Gorea Restrict

May 10, 2015 Beta
This plugin does: Very lightweight plugin and does what it should do (cauldron supported too) Bans items from use (left-click, right_click configurable) Restricts per world with custom messages send to player. Generates a banned-list automatically, (highly configurable ) Remove items or blocks on interact Commands: See ingame help for a more accurate information Aliases: gr, grestrict /gr help , /gr ? : shows basic help for the plugin /gr ban help : shows advanced help on how to use this...

Clicks Per Second

May 10, 2015 Release
This plugin will work on 1.7, AND 1.8. Since this plugin has nothing to do with UUIDs, I wouldn't need to change anything to make it support 1.8. Clicks Per Second Have you ever wanted to stop people just stop spamming clicks? Well here is your plugin! Milestones! 1200 downloads! Thank you all! Features Works good against Anti Kill Aura, and Auto Clickers Custom Max Clicks Custom Click Intervals Custom Commands to Run - Multiple Allowed Timed Broadcast View Player's Clicks Per Second Worlds...

WorldeditRegions: WorldEdit addon.

May 06, 2015 Release
WorldEditRegions - Limit WorldEdit to regions. Supports: [WorldGuard, Towny, Factions, GriefPrevention, Residence, PreciousStones, Regios] Source code: GitHub OVERVIEW With this plugin installed, you are able to restrict or limit the use of WorldEdit to regions a user has permission for (e.g. WorldGuard region). Works with cuboid and polygonal selections Almost every worldedit command can be restricted Supports block pasting, brushes, and block copying Selections extending outside the region...


May 03, 2015 Release
Quote:Hello guys and ladies , you hear a problem with version 1.2.1 , launched the update solving the problem ! Error fixed in version 1.2.2. You have any ideas to add? Send a private menssage for me! Description The plugin serves to ban undesirable items in servers block , such as sticky piston, redstone torch, anvil , boats, minecrat and repeater. When a player tries to put one of the items on the floor the inventory it will be checked and deleted all items he has . Example : He has a pack...
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May 03, 2015 Mature
The most full featured and flexible self-service protection system in Bukkit. Highly configurable, MCPC+ compatible. For the latest builds visit my Jenkins Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. These pre-configured fields are just one of the ways you can configure PreciousStones. Use them all, use just the ones you like, or create your own. You can...


May 02, 2015 Release
SafeOp V1.3 (MC 1.8.1) SafeOp is an administrative tool used to ensure that admins will always have a way to become op. Even when hackers or other staff members rebel against the operators, operators will have a fallback command that, when run, will OP them again. SafeOp also checks to see if the admin logged into the server without OP. If they did, then it automatically ops them. Features: Allows a list of desired players to be opped (if not already) upon server entry. Allows a list of...
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May 02, 2015 Release
What this plugin does Wanted players to see what staff was open for apply? This is the plugin for you! Fully customize what you want them to see when they do the command /apply! Permissions No Permissions! It works for everyone! Coming soon... /ApplyUpdates /ApplyReloadConfig /ApplySetMotd Config This is how the config works- http:pastebin.com/whzb4qLV

Grief Protector

May 01, 2015 Inactive
Grief Protector V1.0 Grief Protector has several things about it: 1. Permissions: Grief Protector makes use of permissions to allow or not allow someone to build or destroy blocks on a server! 2. Config.yml: Grief Protector also uses a Config.yml file to customize what gets blocked and what does not. It is very helpful if you want water flow but also want to disable everything else or other circumstances like that! 3. Support for almost all Minecraft Versions: Grief Protector implements code...


Apr 30, 2015 Inactive
2StepAuth? Hm? Players with the appropriate permission can opt into the '2StepAuth' program which verifies if the person logging in to the server through a registered account is the actual owner. How does it work? The way it works is easy: Once you log in and register to the 2StepAuth program you will be given a link that leads you to a QR code, you simply get the Google Authenticator application (Available for iOS and Android) and scan it, it will give you a six digit code which changes...


Apr 28, 2015 Release
This plugin is 2.0v. Block2Air allows you to be able to turn TnT, BedRock to stone or air. The air is broken due to the way I coded the plugin but will be added sometime around 3.0v. This is more of a basic plugin. Donate here! (PayPal): [email protected] This allows more plugins and better! As well as allows more and better updates for this plugin 1.0v - Unable to place BedRock and TnT. 2.0v - New Prefix! - Unable to place Fire. 2.1v - Turns blocks to Air (Ironic) - Little...
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Apr 28, 2015 Release
The plugin has been recently released and we will add more features in the future. However, is an essential plugin for big and small servers. Submit bugs in chat or send a ticket. Ability to report the bad players on your server Ability to see the reports This plugin allows you to better manage your server overall! - /Report <Player> <Reason> adds this to the config file None! - Click the download button - Drag the jar file into your /server/plugins folder, restart your server and a config...


Apr 27, 2015 Release
DispenseNot by Nanoripper A super crazy plugin to stop players dispensing unwanted items like arrows, lava buckets etc. Features Multiverse support (Works only on the worlds you prefer, configurable via config.yml) Prevent any items from being dispensed in any world. Warning Sign Mode: Put a warning sign on top of the dispenser to inform the players who tries dispensing (Warning message is configurable via config.yml) Commands & Permissions /dispensenot reload - dispensenot.admin - Reloads...


Apr 26, 2015 Inactive


Apr 22, 2015 Beta
BCProtect provides protection against grief to ByteCart rail networks. This plugin works simply as an addon to ByteCart and adds a permission layer to various ingame operations related to ByteCart network. Installation You must install SQLibrary plugin to use BCProtect. Put BCProtect.jar and sql-library.jar in the plugin folder where you have already installed ByteCart.jar and restart your server twice. Usage To protect a region against grief, run the ByteCart command bcupdater region n where...


Apr 22, 2015 Release
Command Locker This plugin helps you make your server commands secure, with a password of your choice! Commands and Permissions This plugin uses the base commands /commandlocker, or the alias /cl. You can get access to all commands with commandlocker.admin. CommandPermissionUsage /cl lock [Command] [Password]commandlocker.lockLocks the command, with the said password /cl unlock [Command]commandlocker.unlockUnlocks the command /cl setpassword [Command]...