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Owning Areas

Jul 30, 2014 Beta
Owning Areas With this Plugin, Users can own Areas at the server by putting Specified Blocks at the areas they want. By putting those blocks the area around the block will be owned by the block putter and No one else could change this area. General Review This is the First version of this plugin, also its my first plugin as well so there will probably be bugs at start which I'll try to fix as soon as posible. For this Version the current Blocks which will be an area Owners are Iron Block,...


Jul 29, 2014 Release
Open anyone's inventory as a chest! in real time! Works with offline players! Open EnderChests of any player via command! Source Code hosted on GitHub Description Open a player's inventory as a chest and interact with it in real time. Access to the inventory and armor slots. Open any chest that has blocks on top (blocked chests) with AnyChest. Open a chest silently (without chest animation nor sound) with SilentChest. Open any player's EnderChest from a command. Drop item as another player...


Jul 29, 2014 Release
Locker protects your inventories (chests, hoppers, furnaces, ender chests, etc.) against the wrath of other players. Minecraft 1.8 ready! Access Protection Break Protection Explosion Protection Hopper Protection Custom Labels Easy usage No database required Performance optimized Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Installation Download Locker and...

WorldGuard Extra Flags

Jul 28, 2014 Planning
WorldGuard Extra Flag is extension to WorldGuard that add two new flag! deny-explode-block-damage | Block all type of explosion block damage! In WorldGuard example EnderCrystal's block damage isint deniable so you can block it now! =) teleporter-location | If player hit region where is this flag player is teleported to the location where you added this flag! How to use plugin? This plugin adds two (Listed above and what they do) new flag to WorldGuard. Simply use worldguard region command:...
Dynmap Example


Jul 27, 2014 Release
This plugin logs all players’ names to a sign block(Tracking Point) that come within a preset number of blocks (set by the player) of where the sign(Tracking Point) is located. To use this plugin all the player has to do is put down a sign block anywhere and add it to the list of existing tracking points(that get updated by the plugin, update time set by the server admin). Therefor if the player just wants to know who visited them when there were offline, or maybe a player was griefing their...


Jul 27, 2014 Release
Features Is your world very damaged by Creeper and TNT explosions? This plugin will solve that problem for you! By putting this plugin in your server it will be preventing your server/world from all explosions. -------------------------- Commands There are no commands -------------------------- Permissions There are no permssions -------------------------- Configuration/Installation Just drop easily this plugin in to your 'Plugin' folder, restart the server and the plugin starts to do his...


Jul 27, 2014 Release
ConsoleSecure Description ConsoleSecure Is a lightweight plugin made to help control people from potentially ruining a server. It does this by blocking certain damaging commands from being used outside of the server console. This stops potential griefers from being able to use these commands to their advantage against your server. This plugin takes little time to setup and comes with only a few permissions so admins can still use the commands ConsoleSecure disables. Permissions csec.op ~...


Jul 26, 2014 Release
A youtube video created by @deleted_9556897: Go to show off plugin. Thanks for your awesome work! A user can conjure up a bolt of lightning (or 100 bolts at once) simply by aiming and clicking with a stick (or other item as set in the config.yml file). I have seen many plugins that you can use a command to do this. But I do not find that very useful. And many of the ones that use an item to do this with no longer works because it is outdated. Left clicking causes one strike of lighting to hit...


Jul 26, 2014 Release
Community Bridge links up your Minecraft player accounts to their corresponding website/forum/CMS accounts. It uses the web application's groups to assign players to permissions groups and stores various bits of information about the player in the forum's database. Please use the issue system to submit bug reports, feature/enhancement requests and support requests. UUIDs Most of the programming is done. Lots and lots and lots of testing to do, however. If you'd like to help localize...


Jul 25, 2014 Beta
Define regions and let players buy them using any of the popular economy plugins. You can also make Free regions, that are reserved for new players. And much more! THE 2.0.1a-SNAPSHOT IS NOT YET THE UUID UPDATE UUID stalled due to quite busy lately. (-lifehome) Commands | Permissions | Config Required plugins WorldEditRequired for WorldGuard WorldGuardUsed by this plugin for region protection VaultThe link between this plugin and your economy plugin Your economy pluginSee Vault's page for a...


Jul 24, 2014 Release
AntiBoost This plugin logs multiple kills from the same player to another player to a text file to prevent boosting. No commands or permissions are required. Config The only thing that needs to be changed in the config by the user is kill-warning When a player (A) kills another player (B) x number of times in a day (the number in kill-warning), that information and a timestamp will be logged to boost-info.txt in the plugin folder.
Factions Logotype


Jul 23, 2014 Mature
Introduction This plugin allows you to create your own faction. The more followers a faction has the more land the faction can claim. The risk for griefing is low in claimed land since only the faction followers can build there. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war. Useful Links Full Documentation for Players Full Documentation for Server Owners Full Documentation for Developers GitHub Report a bug (don't...


Jul 22, 2014 Mature
Welcome! Let's begin with just a little description of this really amazing plugin named SmoothPlot. Well, SmoothPlot is plots-system that uses WorldGuard to manage regions for players. Generally it allows you to manage plots on your server without any commands. No more need for time-taking regions creation (selecting with wand, then typing bunch of commands...). With SmoothPlot all you need to do is build a plot (plot border and not even entire) and place there a sign. Plot like this you can...

SafeGuard 2

Jul 21, 2014 Release
SafeGuard 2 SafeGuard 2 is the successor the the original SafeGuard, and is designed with the sole purpose of providing maximum protection to the server from hacked clients. Using innovative multi-threaded checks, server configurable heuristics, and data backed by hours of research, SafeGuard 2 is a pretty amazing plugin. Current Checks: MOVEMENT_SPEED: Checks for supersprint, timer, blink, and sneak hacks, and No-Slowdown hacks (in webs). MOVEMENT_FLIGHT: Checks for flight and highjump...


Jul 21, 2014 Planning
This is my first plugin! I hope you like it!!! This plugin basically restricts tnt, lava, and fire from being placed! These are the number one cause of Griefing! More Blocks will be placed! ==== Configuration There is no config file for this plugin Command /gpinfo Info for the plugin Permissions! There is one permission for this plugin! griefpro.admin Recommended Plugins * MCBans


Jul 20, 2014 Release
Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord. Purpose Landlord aims to keep the minecraft experience simple and fluid for players while also protecting their land. The idea is for this plugin to protect player builds with minimal gameplay interference, while also allowing them to tweak the protection details in a simple and user-friendly way. Functionality Players claim land in chunks at a time for a configurable cost. That's all a player needs to do to protect their builds...
PlugProtect Logo


Jul 19, 2014 Beta
PlugProtect Main | Commands & Permissions | Signs | Videos | Developer Stuff Latest version: v1.1.1b All pages have been updated for the latest version. PlugProtect is a protection plugin aimed to be a successor to the old and popular plugin Alerter, which got abandoned by the developer a few years ago. It's pretty straight-forward, easy to use and useful. Plugin currently in it's beta stage, which means that features will be missing and/or not at their full potential. Aside from that, it's...


Jul 19, 2014 Release
UPDATE: I (chaseoes) am now updating this plugin. I'm working on improving it and you can expect an update soon! Duties provides a mode for admins and mods (those who do have the permission) which lets you save all your survival stuff and later be able to revert back to it. For example, you are adventuring in a cave, and someone tells you that someone has griefed his house. Just type /dutymode and go investigate it. When you're done, just type it again, and you are back again with all the...

Op Protect

Jul 19, 2014 Planning
Are you a server owner? Do you feel safe with other admins on your server? Do you think they might DEOP you? Let your worries wash away with a new plugin from A|X Coding. This plugin checks the config everytime someone enters the command /deop to make sure they are not deoping you. Simple Right? Config As of right now, there are only two options in the config. protectedplayer: List of player names to protect here. CommandOnTryToDeop: (Here you should put the command which you want the console...
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Protection Fields

Jul 19, 2014 Release
DOWNLOAD LINK AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE En Español How to install (Nothing special) This plugin allows users to create fields that will protect their land provided they keep placing items in the chest. The shield will continually consume items from the chest/trapchest as power. If the shield doesn't have any power the shield will not protect your land. Iron gives a radius of 7 blocks with 2 extra for glass Gold gives a radius of 12 blocks with 2 extra for glass Diamond gives a radius of 26 blocks...