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Apr 09, 2015 Release
YourGS YourGS is a new plugin made to let you buy chunks easily! All you need is WorldGuard, WorldEdit and Vault + Economy-Plugin on your Bukkit-Server. Version: 1.8 What is new in 1.8? Fixed a bug with custom versions and Version-Checker Added new command-system for faster command-execution Added custom modifiable /gs info file Added 2 commands, /gs animals - shows the amount of animals on your gs and /gs kickall - kicks all non-members from a region Performance updates... Instructions...


Apr 08, 2015 Release
TNAPVP What is TNAPVP? TNAPVP is a quick, non-permanent set up of team combat for events/pvp. Enables players to join 1 of 6 pre-set colour teams (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange) Team Chat! Join a team, then chat with team mates! (Not impacted by other chat plugins, unless they use /tc) Friendly fire off! You can't hit team mates, but splash potions still hit everyone! Teams reset every server reset or on command Works with Command Blocks, so you don't have to manually set teams for...


Apr 07, 2015 Release
Bukkit Swear Jar What is this plugin? SwearJar is another bad word filtering plugin that will instantly mute a person if they say a word that is on the list in the config.yml (and please configure it!). The only way to get unmuted is to pay the amount specified in the config - the default is $50. Dependencies! This plugin depends on Vault, which depends on Essentials. Make sure these are installed and configured properly for your server. Features! Immediate mute of players without the...


Apr 06, 2015 Planning
AntiHack puts an end to these problems! Fullbright Nuker Reach Swearing (the list of blacklisted words can be customised) Hitself Kill Aura (forcefield) Auto Enchant Drop Inventory Flight High Jump Walk on Water Sprint without Food Common mods used to hack It works by cancelling events when an event occurs outside of what is considered normal in Minecraft. People with the correct permissions will be notified when a player uses most hacks and for less harmful hacks like Fullbright it just...


Apr 05, 2015 Release
RapSheetPlus 100 downloads! To celebrate, here's 1.8 and UUID support! Easily track player's crimes and past activity with ease Charge, convict and log crimes with RapSheetPlus. Features include: Charge players of crimes - Supports descriptions with spaces Crimes can be Convicted - Mark it as confirmed and dealt with Show logs and crimes of players with a single command Separate command for showing your own log - for non-admins? Sealing of crimes - Prevent people without a certain permission...

[RTM] ReturnMyChat!

Apr 05, 2015 Release
Project has been resumed! Description: The Bukkit plugin "ReturnMyChat" Enables server administrators, Server owners to help cut down on some of spam, Which can include Death Spam, Join, Leave, Even disabling the chat so only admins can talk, This was made set in the mind that Servers that plan on being a "Hub" Can Easily disable Messages which may be caused by Players Interactions, Simple to use plugin doesn't require many reloads or editing of long and advanced configs, just one command and...


Apr 05, 2015 Release
This plugin will allow you to create a backup of your entire server and upload it to Dropbox. Installation Download the file Place it in the plugins folder Start the server See below for further installation notes Dropbox Open your console Run /BackupLikeMe Dropbox Go to the link, login, hit the buttons Copy the code Run /BackupLikeMe Dropbox <code that you got> Have fun with your Dropbox linked backup plugin FTP Stop the server Open the config.yml Edit the host, port (if needed), username...


Apr 05, 2015 Planning
What it does Do the command /Bro <Message> to broadcast to the server what you want to say. Whats better than the leading brands? First, the plugin is very beta, but, When you broadcasts is says you name. So if you have the right perms, when you broadcast, it says (For me) Effej123 says to all servers... :. Now other staff can broadcast with there name. To do. Make the message customizable Umm, Thats it. Permissions To broadcast : StaffBroadcast.Broadcast Default : OP Have questions? Post...


Apr 04, 2015 Release
LogAll # # # The ultimative tool to log ALL actions on your server! UPDATED I decided me to update this plugin and add lots of new features! 4.4.2015: Updated to 1.7.10 (File for 1.7.9) 4.4.2015: Updated to 1.8.3 (File for 1.8, 1.8.1) TESTED ON 1.7.10! The plugin is fully compatible to all bukkit releases (including 1.7), so download now to get the ultimative log experience ;) Description LogAll is a small little plugin used to log all actions, that are performed on your server. Features THIS...


Apr 03, 2015 Release
What it does Prevents fire above netherblocks from being put out directly. You have to set a block in it or remove the netherblock below to put it out Version 1.0.1 will also protect trapdoors next to the fire (take a look at the plugin icon ;D) Version 1.0.2 allows users to create fireplaces Version 1.0.3 fixes the problem, that users could not put fire in the nether out. Fireplaces with trapdoors are still protected. Version 1.0.4 getTargetBlock was not reliable for fire protection...


Apr 02, 2015 Release
With this plugin you can't place or destroy blocks in the world. Commands: /wprotect Its shows the version and information. Permissions: Destroying blocks: worldprotect.break Placing blocks: worldprotect.build Goals: 100 Downloads 250 Downloads 500 Downloads 1000 Downloads Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlEU2qyxbGM&feature=youtu.be


Apr 02, 2015 Beta
English: Only op players, players with a certain permission or players added in allowedplayers.txt are allowed to join the server. Deutsch: Dieses Plugin erlaubt nur Spielern mit OP, einer Permission oder Spieler die in die allowedplayers.txt eingetragen sind beizutreten. Installation English: Just put the OPJoinOnly.jar in your plugins folder of your server and restart it. Deutsch: Ziehe einfach die OPJoinOnly.jar in den plugins Ordner deines Servers, danach restarte ihn und editier die...


Apr 02, 2015 Release
How to Install: Just paste the NeosNoExplosion.jar in your /plugins folder and restart your Server. If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :) Functions: You can stop the following explosions via config: -TNT -TNT Minecart -Creeper Explosions You can enable or disable if the explosion causes player damage in the config! Here is the config: Commands: -No commands needed! Permissios: -No permissions needed! Upcoming features: - Disable Wither Explosions - Disable Fireball Explosions...


Mar 31, 2015 Release
How to Install: Just paste the NeosNoEndermanGrief.jar in your /plugins folder and restart your Server. If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :) Functions: This is an easy Plugin to Stop Endermans placing or picking up Blocks. About us: Im the Developer of an German Server and i decided by myself to create plugins for our Servermod CraftBukkit. More Plugins will come soon! Visit our German MineCraftServer! Visit www.NeosCraft.de for more Informations!


Mar 31, 2015 Release
Commandspy allows you to see player and server commands, what people write on signs, now fully compatible with UUIDs! This plugin has many uses, from showing people how to use commands, to catching rogue admins and snooping on player's 'private' messages. This can even be used for admin chat, but it starts to get annoying with all the 'Command not recognised.' messages though... All struck-through features are features which were previously present, but were not included in the 3.1 rewrite....
Creeper Explosion


Mar 31, 2015 Release
Version 0.5.0 A simple plugin to prevent land damage from explosions. Features: Prevents land damage by Creepers Players are still hurt by explosions Explosion animations/sounds are still present Fireballs, TNT, and Other explosions can also be controlled Explosion damage can be allowed below a certain y-axis Links GitHub | Source | Other Plugins | Twitter


Mar 30, 2015 Planning
MySQLWhitelist About MySQLWhitelist is a plugin which uses a MySQL database to run a whitelist. It does this to create a range of functions that you can do with a webserver and PHP. Commands /whitelist (alias /wl) - The main menu command. /wl add <pl> - Add a player to the whitelist. /wl remove <pl> - Remove a player from the whitelist. /wl clear - Clear the whitelist. /wl list - View the whitelist. Permissions whitelist.menu - Access to /wl. whitelist.add - Access to /wl add....
No Break

No Break

Mar 30, 2015 Release
What is no Break? No Break is an extremely easy to use, extremely lightweight plugin that disables block breaking and placing for players without a permission. Intro Ever wanted to disable block placing/breaking without the hassle of having a huge plugin where you have to configure everything? Hate it how players you don't trust can grief to their hearts content? Then No Break is the plugin for you! No Break is great for hub servers, because super lightweight, using the least amount of code...
Simple Ticket Manager

Simple Ticket Manager

Mar 29, 2015 Release
Overview Find it hard to handle problems on your server? Well with Simple Ticket Manager players can create a report, which will then be reported to all the admins that have the ticket.use node, informing them that there is a new ticket open and that it needs assigning to someone to deal with. Very simple to use and get problems sorted on your server sorted quickly. You can also view information about who dealt with the ticket and when the problem was sorted. To see how admins are dealing...


Mar 27, 2015 Release
A lightweight plugin to keep track of player misbehavior in the form of "strikes". Allowing you to see a player's strikes, edit them, and see the players with the top strikes. I was searching around for a plugin that did this and could not find any updated one, so I decided to let it be my first plugin. Commands /getstrikes [player] - Tells you the strikes of whatever player you tell it /addstrike [player] - Adds a strike to that player /removestrike [player] - Removes a strike from that...