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Jul 15, 2014 Planning
RankTrials RankTrials was a plugin that was made for this request. It was originally going to be called StaffTrials, however it now has many uses and can be used to count down kicking a player or banning a player by running the commands. Permissions sTrial.Admin - Permission to run the command /sTrial Commands /sTrial add <TrialType> <Time> <Player> <Command> - This adds a trial to a player and performs the command when the time is met. The command supports spaces, but can not include a / in...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
MineverseChat Introduction: MineverseChat is a chat plugin that exceeds most others in raw functionality. From private parties to easy to setup channels this plugin fills all your chat needs. It even supports Towny, Jobs and a few other plugins for displaying custom chat prefixes. The latest beta versions are available here, they will be added officially to bukkit when they are approved. Check out the source here on github Features: Channels system for controlled chat: Players can join...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
What does it do? Stables is a plugin that assists with Horse ownership, protection, and other horse related things. Vanilla has no ownership or tracking of horses, only if it has been broken or not. Stables changes this behavior. Requirements To use COST based virtual stables, Vault is required. Free storage does not require any additional plugins. Current Features Protect Horses from configurable outside damages, including PVP, Enviromental (falling/lava) and Monsters Adds recipes for Horse...


Jul 15, 2014 Beta
A plugin that can clear the chat in a command, and can global mute and unmute the chat with a command! Permissions: nutz.adminbypass: Gives permission to talk when chat is muted! nutz.clearchat: Gives permissions to Clear the Chat! nutz.globalmute: Gives permissions to Mute the Chat! nutz.globalunmute: Gives permissions to Un-Mute the Chat! Commands: /clearchat - Clears the chat! /globalmute - Mutes the chat so no one except staff ranking can speak! /globalunmute - Unmutes the chat!...

WorldEdit Selection Visualizer

Jul 15, 2014 Release
Overview WorldEditSelectionVisualizer (WESV) is essentially the famous WorldEditCUI mod in the form of a bukkit plugin, which means that players don't need to install anything on their client. When you select a region using WorldEdit, it visualizes your selection by spawning particles that form a grid around your selection. WESV only displays your selection to yourself. It supports cuboid, polygon, cylinder, ellipsoid and sphere selections. WorldEditSelectionVisualizer needs WorldEdit to be...


Jul 15, 2014 Planning
It's simple plugin to make a command whitelist. In it you can set commands that will be allowed, other will be blocked. Config: #This is a list of allowed commands commands: - /help - /spawn - /login #This is a message that will be displayed, when player uses other command. message: Command is blocked Player, who has a permission whitecommands.all can uses all commands!


Jul 15, 2014 Planning
This plugin is a really good way for VIP commands. One Permission, many commands. This way, we make your VIP easier to manage ;) Simply put the VipCommands.jar file in your Plugins folder and restart your server. CommandPermissionDescription /vFlyvipcmd.use.allEnable Fly. /vHealvipcmd.use.allHeals you. /vFeedvipcmd.use.allFeeds You. /vSpeedvipcmd.use.allGives you speed 4 effect. /vRemoveSpeedvipcmd.use.allRemoves Speed 4 effect. /vGodvipcmd.use.allGives you resistance 30 effect....


Jul 15, 2014 Release
. Deutsch: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Was ist FunnyEffects? FunnyEffects ist ein Bukkit-Plugin, das viele lustige Effekte hat. Befehle: - Freeze [/freeze] - Instant Damage [/insdamage] - Völlige Blindheit [/blind] - Alle Effekte in Minecraft auf einmal! [/funnyall] - Hilfe [/helpfunny] ...Mehr folgen!... Permissions: [Neu in v2.1] - funnyeffects.freeze [/freeze] - funnyeffects.damage [/insdamage] - funnyeffects.blind [/blind] - funnyeffects.f-all [/funnyall] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ English:...


Jul 15, 2014 Planning
EasyFreeze EasyFreeze ...for Bukkit EasyFreeze is a Bukkit plugin which allows admins or moderators to freeze players who are being unruly. EasyFreeze provides several types of freezing: Regular freezing - Freezes the player until they are unfrozen Permanent freezing - Like regular freezing, but the plugin stores the data to keep them frozen between server restarts Temporary freezing - Freezes a player for a given amount of time Commands /freeze [playername] [time] - invokes regular or...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
ChatCooldown ChatCooldown for Bukkit... ChatCooldown allows the admin to add a cooldown for player chatting and commands. The cooldown is configurable, and you can also configure whether you want to have a cooldown for commands as well as chat Commands and Permissions ChatCooldown has no commands, and only one permission chatcooldown.bypass - allows a player to not be affected by cooldowns Configuration The default configuration looks something like this: check-commands: true cooldown-length:...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
About With this plugin, you can easily ban or kick a player, BUT, it will broadcast a message to the entire server. Eg: Player X has been banned by Y. ==== Installation Simply put the KickNBanMessage.jar in your plugins folder and restart your server. Commands & Permission /Kick Permission: kicknban.kick /Ban Permission: kicknban.ban !Attention! Using this plugin will require you to add those permissions to the groups that need them. eg. Moderator. This plugin will OVERRIDE any other plugin...

Command Signs

Jul 15, 2014 Release
Make signs run commands! CommandSigns allows you to assign any commands to any block making it easier for your players to do their command-based business! Required Dependency Vault is required for CommandSigns. You can get it here: Vault Features Run commands from signs or any other block with a single click Signs can have any other text on them, the commands are linked to the sign behind the scenes Elevate user permissions to run any command you choose Restrict who can use the sign and when...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
Important! This plugin is dependent on uuidAPI and will not function correctly without it Click Here to access its BukkitDev download page Features Configurable words to block in chat Will ban automatically after certain amount of cuss attempts (Configurable) Fully automated to help remove stress off server staff members Listens to chat messages and commands Optional temporary-ban system A /togglecuss command for toggling the view of cuss words in your chat (configurable) The ability to...

Better Associations

Jul 15, 2014 Alpha
Better Associations Better Associations is a plugin designed to help associate different minecraft accounts based on their IP. The purpose of this mod is to stop players from using alt accounts on a minecraft server. You will be able to effectively limit the amount of accounts logging on based on ip, custom messages for banned players, and utilizing a large network to see every account the player is associated with. Functionality - Utilizes MYSQL databases to keep track of all player...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
Using multiple plugins to handle PvP in your server? Wanting a specific feature but didn't want to use yet another plugin just for that one feature? Just use PvPManager, it offers multiple PvP features and the list keeps increasing! The major features include punishing players who log out to escape combat, allowing players to toggle PvP easily, blocking commands/teleportation for players in combat, protect new players on your server and even prevent kill abuses! All of these features support...


Jul 14, 2014 Release
You want to discover server lags? The comand /timmings is not enough? Features no nms code, so breaks not on every update no server performance impact if you track nothing write log file into plugin folder *since v0.5* InGame-Features Detect massive Hopper actions (e.g. clocks, farms, ..) Detect massive Piston actions (e.g. clocks) Detect massive Redstone actions (e.g. clocks) Admin/Developer-Features see all registered listener for each plugin see event counts and how much events are...
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Simple Day Night (SDN)

Jul 14, 2014 Release
Version 1.0 Beta Test is now avaible ! The Big Update Coming in Minecraft 1.8. Simple Day Night (SDN) Vidéo Vidéo French -> Video Germany -> You have Bug ? contact Me BukkitDev PM ! Commands commanddescription 1/s dTo make the day. 2/s nTo make the night. 3/s reloadTo reload plugin.(Fixed in version 0.4) 4/s itemdGet item to make a day 5/s itemnGet item to make a night 6/s helpTo get all list commands Permissions Only OP Can execute a command !
EnhancedSpawners Logo 2


Jul 14, 2014 Release
Enhanced-Spawners 1,000 DOWNLOADS! THANK YOU! EnhancedSpawners is inspired by the plugin request from FlyingSpitball. The idea is to allow for spawners to be customizable, both in standard survival and by admins! It also allows for silk touch pickaxes to pick up spawners so that they could become portable! All you have to do is drop this plugin in your plugin folder and run! Once installed, you can use a silk touch pickaxe to mine and pick up your spawners! They retain their data too! And you...


Jul 14, 2014 Release
NoOP Description What NoOP does is it kills a player who does /opme Commands & Permissions /opme | No Permission | Kills A Player Videos Leave A Comment With Your Video! Config No Config! Donate To Do's Auto Updator


Jul 14, 2014 Release
Needed Beta tester! Please PM me if you are interested! THE MOST POWERFUL, OUTSTANDING BossBar plugin, that allows you to do (almost) ANYTHING on bossbar! Amazing Auto-messager Up to 64 letters per message Colorcodes Full command support PER-GROUP messages Amazing broadcasting feature Optional permission support TONS AND TONS of tags! Custom display and interval times per each message Option to pick messages randomly World whitelist Easy config Unlimited messages Custom per-message percentage...