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PVP Stats

Sep 07, 2014 Mature
WARNING: I had to reorganize my packets. Plugins relying on my plugin WILL break. Please verify that dependencies are ready before updating to v0.8.4 and above! For debug testing please see the jenkins at the bottom! You want to keep track of your users' PVP actions? There you go. Drop the jar into your plugin folder, restart the server, change the config, restart - done! This plugin features saving of kills, deaths and killstreaks to a MySQL database, simple as that: Table name: pvpstats...


Sep 07, 2014 Planning
SkinChanger Welcome to SkinChanger plugin, you can use this plugin for change player's skin in the server without change his name! Information This plugin made by Rotm_Avitan! You must install the plugin ProtocolLib on your server before you install this plugin. ProtocolLib Commands /skinchanger - Menu. /skinchanger Change <Player> <SkinOwnerName> - Change Player's Skin. /skinchanger Clear <Player> - Change Player's Skin To Default. /skinchanger Credits - Who Made This Plugin. Premissions -...


Sep 07, 2014 Release
400 DOWNLOADS! THANK YOU! Introduction A plugin that will let you change your server list motd much easier. Of course you are able to use the common color codes. Keep in mind: This plugin don't provide ingame messages. It's done for the server list! ServerlistMOTD v.3.0 require ProtocolLib! v.3.0 is a BIG UPDATE! (delete your old config | IP_UUID.dat and UUID_NAME.dat can remain!) Please give me some feedback. Color Codes and Variables &0 Black &1 Dark Blue &2 Dark Green &3 Dark Aqua &4 Dark...


Sep 07, 2014 Release
•._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•` === One of the most effective anti-plugin theft plugins! === `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.• Protection against Plugin thieves! GCPluginHider will make hiding your plugins simple! The difference between GCPluginHider and Many others is, that we've tested this plugin on many networks and we found it impossible using the common techniques to find the plugins! The plugin is Light-Weight and won't use much server resources! The plugins main purpose is to protect your server against people who...
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BukkitStream (Android Remote Control)

Sep 07, 2014 Release
Support Dev with your Donation To write BukkitStream need a lot of time and work. If you are using BukkitStream, please support us ! New! A website to use bukkitstream without app ! http://bukkitstream.tk is now available! That website can be use on Computers and on your phone! Every device can now be connected (ex : Appel, Blackberry, Android...) General Presentation BukkitStream is a free app for android to control your bukkit server. It is a beta version. BukkitStream is available on...

[LIB] EndHQ Libraries

Sep 07, 2014 Planning
EndHQ Libraries Do you love the Bukkit library, but wish you could make some of the more complex possibilities easier? I've spent a while putting together good libraries that exist and writing my own. Features Easily put an image on a map! Interactive chat! You can send chat messages that do things when players click on them using a StringBuilder-type system! mkremins (Fanciful) Easy particle spawning! Entity Control! (1.7.2 version only) kumpelblase2 (RemoteEntities) It is very easy to use,...


Sep 07, 2014 Release
Mr Wolf. Hello there! Mr. wolf is an informational plugin,(and also my first plugin) what does it do? it displays Information about your server. but also adds Recipies, and events(V3.5+)! permissions and commands Warning: mrwolf.player does NOT apply to the default group, you need to give them permission! You can find all the commands, events and permissions at: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mr-wolf/pages/commands-and-permissions-page/ What this plugin does Allows players to show data...

MyTokens Importer

Sep 07, 2014 Planning
MyTokens Importer The MyTokens import is a plugin that is fairly simple all it does is allow you to import tokens from existing plugins into the new MyTokens system a list of the supported plugins are as follows OPTokens VirtualTokens TokenCurrency TokenShop This plugin requires MyTokens Permissions None - ALL COMMANDS REQUIRE OP AND CONSOLE ACCESS (CAN BE RAN IN-GAME BUT NO IN-GAME MESSAGE IS SHOWN) Commands /myti plugin - Import from a existing plugin Exmaples /myti optokens - Imports from...


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
AxeEffect How To Use Plugin You Must Turn Your Server Off When You Turn It off Copy The (Axe.jar) To Your Plugins Folder Then Start The Server How Use Commands You Can Use /Blindness Get The Blind Axe And Also You Can Use /Poison To Get Poison Axe /poisonblindness To Use The Both of Effect in Your Axe Dont Forget To Donate <3 <3 :)
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Sep 06, 2014 Release
Hey guys, I'm back with another bukkit plugin! This one is called NoobLogin What is NoobLogin... :/ Well to answer your question my good sir, Nooblogin is a Login plugin that enables people to register and login to your server! Why use this?!?!? When I can use others Why wouldn't you use this... XD The reason you should use this is because its very secure and if you have a server hosted and you dont want others to know your pass then use it!! :D So.... How do I install it?!?! Really?... Just...


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
Description PrimeShop is an aspiring shop plugin, providing a dynamic price calculation algorithm built around the volatility of supply and demand. Items can be set to increase in price as they are purchased and decrease as they are sold back, simulating open market conditions. All item prices are perfectly balanced and correlate among one another. Items can be purchased by GUI, command, sign interaction or offered by a Citizens NPCs. Features • Buy and sell items in-game via command, GUI or...


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
Description Free Stack and Pre stack All item Minecraft server on Frame Project Stand hoe . How do I turn Plugin ? It's so easy .. just drag the plugin FreeItem.jar in plugins folder ! , then start your server . When you start your server you will get folder name FreeItem . Open the folder name FreeItem and you will get config.yml ! . When you opened config.yml you will get like this picture: Commands * /FreeItem Help for plugin Permissions # FreeItem.place FreeItem.reload Bugs and Gt No bugs...


Sep 06, 2014 Release
Hide I've completely rewritten this plugin and i start updating the plugin. With this plugin you can hide yourself or other players. This is very usefull for hub server. Features - hide you and other players - item to hide players - permission to get never hide (e.g. for staff members) - permission to not not visible - you can define the messages Up comming features a command where you can define which players are your friend and that they should be always visible leave an comment what i...
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Sep 06, 2014 Release
Welcomes players to your server with a customizable message More Description When a player joins your server do you always type "Welcome Back", well no more! ServerWelcome does exactly that for you. Configure your own message to welcome back your players and even a customized message to welcome players to your server for the first time! When a player joins for the first time, it will display your customized message and an optional pre-set message that shows the new player what player he is to...


Sep 06, 2014 Release
ClassRanks News This project now is maintained by Krglok. Goodbye everyone! Linklist Commands | Config | Permissions | Setup | Todos | Changelog | Source Description Tired of adding people to your yaml files? So was I, so I created this little plugin. It provides a basic class system based on ranks, i.e. you have multiple classes that are divided into ranks. You can allow players to rank themselves up/down or just keep that for yourself, the admins, or another plugin e.g. CommandSigns....


Sep 06, 2014 Alpha
xDetection by AnonymousCodes What does it do? xDetection is a AntiHacking plugin. What does it not allow Fly Hacking Macroing Will this be updated Yes in the future i wish to add alot more features. Permissions "alerts.see" - sends the user any info on players that may be hacking. Commands None yet! How to use xDetection put it in your plugins file. reload your server. Enjoy hack free server!
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Sep 06, 2014 Release
SpeechBubbles CLICK FOR DONATOR PAGE !!!Donation!!! I'm working very hard on this plugin and i'm spending MUCH time in it to give you this FREE plugin You can now donate if you like my work... You can donate whatever you want! I would be very happy about 10 € .. i'll add you to the "Donator" page AND the ingame command /Speechbubbles donators.. Just write me a pm and i'll check it. But i'm even happy if you donate me just 2 € (USD is also supported i think) This is my third Plugin ! I hope...


Sep 06, 2014 Release
EvChatManager 1.4.0 ~ Main Features ~ Blocks the majority of foul language that players are always spewing out these days xP Has features that can be toggled on/off via perm-based commands. Easy start-up! Just put in your plugins folder and start your server, it takes effect right away. Simple configuration file with a few different setting options. ~ Commands ~ > /evcm anti-filth (toggle on/off) > /evcm anti-spam (toggle on/off) > /evcm colors (toggle on/off) > /evcm formats (toggle on/off)...


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
Basics This is my first bukkit plugin! Its not that good but Im attempting to learn java and eclipse to bring you better plugins in the future! Commands Hi - sends the player the message of "Hello! Welcome to the server!" Healme - Heals the player that types the command Fire - Stops the player from burning BasicsInfo - Give you the plugins info More commands comming soon!*


Sep 06, 2014 Planning
This is the first plugin i have released for bukkit. i am a new Dev and i hope to get a tun better this is just a simple plugin to clear the chat with the command /clearchat permission node: chat.clear