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Nov 16, 2015 Release
NCPTools is a collection of plugins used for debugging NoCheatPlus. This is not meant for live servers. Found here: TestNCP | EventMirror TestNCP Shows all violations handled by NCP, including those not logged. Configuration You have to specify testers in the configuration. You can enter the names of individual players into the list, or add a '*' entry, which will mean "all players". The testers have access to the command "testncp input". You can specify if all violations get logged to...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
Created from request here: http://bukkit.org/threads/school-classes-plugin.390213/ NOTE: This plugin depends on MBTLib Commands: /class help - Lists all commands /class create <name> - Creates a class with specified name /class end - Ends the class /class join - Join the class /class leave - Leave the class /class check - Get the name of the current class and the version of the public Permissions: • class.admin or class.* • class.create • class.end • class.join • class.leave • class.check
Simple and Easy


Nov 15, 2015 Release
EasyMotd EasyMotd provides an easy way to create custom and random shown motds! Currently the Plugin works this way: After the first call this Plugin generates an motd.txt in which you can write all the motds you want, Whenever a player is pinging your server this plugin will send a random selected motd. After every change on the motd.txt you need to reload the motd file with the /reload command. In the future you will be able to add motds from ingame or the console and the file will be...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
Plugin Desc Ever wanted a plugin that lets you get prizes from mining? Then this is the plugin you want! MineChance allows you to get prizes from mining, with a config file that allows you to choose the chance of getting lucky and a command to run, message to broadcast, and what is told to the player when they get lucky! Default Config: EnableBroadcast: true broadcast: '%player% has received a diamond' EnableMessage: true message: You have received something! random: 1000 EnableCommand: true...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
NoTrashWarp NoTrashWarp is a Plugin ●It adds a Warp-System ●It adds a Sign-Warp-System ●You can add/delete/set warps! ●You can teleport you and athor Players to warps! ●To get Plugin-Information InGame, you can use the /notrashwarp command! Thanks for 230+ Downloads!!! Commands/Permissions PermissionCommandDescription -Permission-/notrashwarpto see the plugin Information NoTrashWarp.use/warp <warpname>you'll teleport to the Warp NoTrashWarp.set/warp set <warpname>to create / or change a Warp...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
About Scavenger This is a continuation of the Scavenger plugin originally written by SirHedgehog. This plugin will automatically recover items for players after they die. Features Automatic item recovery at death. Individual item recovery based on permissions if enabled. Automatic level and experience recovery at death. Supports SuperPerms Supports Vault based economies. Persistent recoveries. If the server is stopped before a player can recover inventory the inventory is saved to disk. Slot...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
About Instakill is a simple plugin that allows you to create custom items that will instantly kill any nearby mobs within a certain radius on right-click. Determine which players can use what with per-item permissions, and customize each item's ID (supports data values), name, lore, and whether or not it is single-use or if the mobs it kills will drop items. Installing Download the latest Jar and place it in your server's plugin folder. Restart your server to generate default configuration...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
What is CustomRepair? CustomRepair is a more complex repair system than essentials repair. It includes settings to edit messages, economy, cooldowns, particles and sounds. Installation Load the plugin in. Stop your server. Start it. Edit the config. Type /rreload. Commands and Permissions /(repair or fix) (all or hand) - custom.repair /rreload - OPs only Additional Perms: custom.repair.hand (Perms to repair hand) custom.repair.all (Perms to repairing all) custom.repair.* (Perms to all...
Plugin Manager Enabled

Plugin Manager

Nov 15, 2015 Release
Plugin Manager Prelude This tool was born from the nuisance of not being able to disable and enable plugins independently. The ability to have different plugins enabled or disabled is desirous when you want to make sure two plugins don't conflict while you're setting one up or when a plugin has a bug that players are exploiting, so you need to disable it conveniently. Keep in mind that this plugin is solely for on-the-fly server management and is not a completely efficient or stable...


Nov 15, 2015 Release
PerWorldChatPlus Installation & Configuration Overview Run a server with multiple worlds? Hate having the chat go to all worlds? Well, PerWorldChatPlus is the right plugin for you. Not only does this plugin make chats perworld, it allows for grouping, global chat, and spying on all chats. Perfect for all servers who don't want chats to be in all worlds. Large or small, this plugin is for you. Make sure to install Vault so that this plugin will work properly. New features highlighted and...

Not Insult

Nov 14, 2015 Release
Not Insult HOME | COMMANDS AND PERMISSIONS What is not insult Not Insult is a plugin that has a word's system that you can to control the chat of your server. Bugs, errors and suggestions... You found a bug? You have a suggestion? Good, please submit here. Config** You can configure all in the configuration file NotInsult/config.yml there you will find the blacklist too. Note: Please use v1.3 up, v1.3 down has several mudances


Nov 14, 2015 Release
EzAnnouncements This is my first plugin, so i hope you enjoy it! I originally made this plugin for my server play.pixelnova.ml but i decided i wanted to make it public to all players who wish to use it. EzAnnouncements is a chat broadcasting plugin, you can broadcast whatever message you configure it to say, you can change the interval in the config file. Features Fully customizeable messages Simple easy configuration ChangeLog Message Prefix Added Commands /ezannouncements reload - reloads...
Red Castle Media


Nov 14, 2015 Release
Got a problem with guests griefing your server without having full membership? This plugin is for you. Now you can stop any player from building, breaking, attacking, using, stealing, or griefing in any way possible without permission. This plugin is an extremely lightweight, but comprehensive alternative to most built-in protection systems. Features: Deny Build, or Breaking of blocks Deny chest access, door access, or bed access Deny pve or pvp Deny bucket or lighter use Requirements: Vault,...


Nov 14, 2015 Release
A simple, lightweight plugin that allows for flawless vanishing! Want to only vanish to one specific player? Then this is the plugin for you! Commands /nv [playersname] - Vanishes you from that specific player! /nv - Vanishes you from all players! /ns - Unvanishes you to all players - or a single player Permission Nodes ngVanish.nv - Gives access to /nv ngVanish.ns - Gives access to /ns ngVanish.bypass - Allows the player to see other vanished players Current features Per-Player vanish...
A bunch of words


Nov 13, 2015 Release
ChatLevel What am I? I am a plugin which gives you four chat levels. So, normal players have chat level one, moderators have chat level two, admins have chat level three and operators have chat level four. The permissions are listed below. An operator sends /chatlvlup and then global chat level raises to two. Players with chat level one can no longer chat, whereas players with chat level two and above can. The operator sends /chatlvlup again and now only people with chat level three and above...


Nov 13, 2015 Planning
Description Française ( French Description ) SpawnerDestroyer Qu'est ce que SpawnerDestroyer ? SpawnerDestroyer est un plugin permettant aux joueurs de pouvoir récupérer un spawner qu'ils devront avoir cassé avec : Pioche en bois ( Enchantement Toucher de soie 1 ) Pioche en pierre ( Enchantement Toucher de soie 1 ) Piocher en fer ( Enchantement Toucher de soie 1 ) Pioche en or ( Enchantement Toucher de soie 1 ) Pioche en diamant ( Enchantement Toucher de soie 1 ) Comment les joueurs doivent...
boiling cauldron

Boiling Cauldrons

Nov 13, 2015 Release
This can be aesthetic or functional or both, as it displays a particle effect above a cauldron and allows the player to cook food in the cauldron when fire or lava is placed under it. The max stack size and time for each item is configurable!!! Particle Effect: The particles are right above the water regardless of the water level of the cauldron. The normal function of the cauldron is not changed. This is just a small visual effect to make a server seem more alive. I saw a server place a...

Multiverse-Portals Ban

Nov 13, 2015 Release
Hello this is my first plugin i share online, i make this plugin to ban player from my pvp world if the player is not OK ;) The banned player can't take the portal (multiverse-portals) that work with Portal to Portal(in other world) and portal to world Requirements: java 7 Multiverse-core Multiverse portals Features: Ban a player from a world Custom messages in config file Blacklist some world in config file Allow some user to enter in a world (whitelist) Commands: /mpb ban <world> <player>...

Simple Staff Broadcaster

Nov 12, 2015 Planning
This is the broadcast feature from FirecraftMC servers. It is one of the feature splits of that plugin and there will be more. The config: I will be posting a link to the GitHub repository file Some more information This allows for simple broadcasting and uses an Alt code for the border. It does support color codes in the config, but the parenthesis must be there. It also supports the two variables. The header, body and message color are customizable. Screenshot...


Nov 12, 2015 Release
A suite of commands great for debugging your server, knocked-up with many nice surprises including awesome teleportation with just a stick, changing chat color (including magic color), finding the best building spot, and more with much much more to come!!! -Commands- /hello - Server greeting. /status - List of in-game status for debugging. /surpriseme - Teleport to random location in the world. Easier to find the best building spot. /play <soundname> - Play in-game sounds to your player just...