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Apr 19, 2014 Release
About PLUGIN UPDATED, NOW WORKS PERFECTLY WITH 1.7.2. How it Works: The latest version works with ALL versions of and supports all future versions without any updating. This plugin uses a combination of NMS and Bukkit code to deliver the fastest biome teleportation possible. The plugin uses a 16/8 2D directional search mechanism, to find the the nearest biome to you, another player, or a different location all together. The plugin almost instantly teleports you to the biome specified. THIS...

TextSigns (MechSigns)

Apr 19, 2014 Beta
TextSigns/MechSigns What are they? TextSigns allow you to put more text on a sign than it can normally have. You can put "Rules" on a sign, right-click, and it shows you a small rule-board in chat.. What if I want to make a plain message with this plugin? Well then, you can make a Message sign! Type "Message" on the first line of a sign to make it. You can then right-click on this sign, and have text show up. Of course, you will need to edit the configuration so you do not have the default...

UltraHardcore utilities

Apr 19, 2014 Planning
Description This is a fairly simple to use UHC plugin, designed to make setup as easy as possible. I got the idea after hearing Guude complain about how difficult it was to set up. If you have an questions/bugs/requests don't hesitate to submit a ticket! Commands /setSize <size> – sets the size of the world. Note: /setSize 500 will make the area 500x500, centered around the midpoint. (Defaults to 2000x2000) /setMidpoint <midX> <midZ> – sets the midpoint of the map. (Defaults to 0,0)...

Dynamic Icon

Apr 19, 2014 Mature
Dynamic Icon allows you to dynamically change your server icons. You can have 50 server icons, and it will randomly choose one to display. It allows for 2 modes, "random" or "player_head". When set to random, it will randomly select a server icon in the folder (root/plugins/DynamicIcon/serverIcons). If set to player_head it will show the skin of the player pinging it (Please note that when set to this value the plugin relies on an external site called cravatar.eu). If the player hasn't logged...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
FreeHeal Official Page/Info Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, FreeHeal! FreeHeal is a plugin which allows anyone to heal themselves, or others for free! If they are feeling mean, they can also kill others or kill themselves! This page will get more info as this plugin progresses! The plugin will be updated frequently, so if you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comment section below! Video Tutorial WILL BE RELEASED IN A FEW DAYS!...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
Information Built against 1.6.4. Untested otherwise. The plugin has one command, /faq. When the command is followed by a listed topic then it will provide the information associated with it in the config. This is a very rudimentary plugin that I put together in about an hour while I'm learning bukkit/java. Because of that, I can't claim it's flawless and the writing is probably a little unorthodox but it's so simple that I can't forsee any issues. Commands /faq - list all topics, taken from...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
MotD, Tips, Obituaries, Macros, Customization Trigger messages on login, disconnect, timers, commands, death and more. Personalize messages with tag replacements. Features Trigger messages or commands on login, disconnect, timers, or even player death and command uses. Decide exactly who can set off a message, and who gets it. Name players individually or by group (via Permissions). Line breaks on words, colour continuations (thanks to modified vMinecraft code!) Personalized,...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
WGEssentials is an extension of WorldGuard that adds several custom flags. The general motion of the plugin is to make server administration and protection easier. As of right now, plugin allows arrows to be disabled in certain regions to prevent "Safe Hopping", or when a player uses shift to hover over a block while he is outside a region. Another feature of this plugin is it allows anvils in regions to have unlimited durability. New flags will be added in the future upon request or need!...


Apr 18, 2014 Planning
Description Ever needed to test something as a player but hate having to reop yourself in the console? This adds a feature that easily allows you to reop yourself by using an in-game command. Features - Easily reop yourself - It uses permissions, so it's safe! - Extremely lightweight, takes up practically no ram! Commands /reop - Reops yourself if you have the correct node. Permissions reop.use - Permission to use reop. Add it as an op to use /reop Installation 1: Download Reop 2: Download a...


Apr 18, 2014 Planning
FullChatClear ( English ) Full Clear Chat Plugin is a simple plugin which empties a full Minecraft Chat. This is very helpful against unwanted spam or advertising of other servers Thank you for using this plugin :) Mfg CraftingDev ------------------- Do you have ideas or want to report a bug? Then they write to me, I help you ;)


Apr 18, 2014 Release
Current Version: 1.2 Description Features You can edit the Time where the Player can write ... You can edit all Messages and the Time TODO / Commands /aantispam reload | Reloads the Message /aantispam set <Time> | Set the wait time ingame Config aAntiSpam: Time: 30 Message: '&bYou can only write every &e%time% &bseconds.' Permissions aantispam.ignore - Ignore the Time aantispam.op - Permissions for the Command Languages en | you can translate

Holographic Displays

Apr 18, 2014 Release
░█░░█░███░░ Ever wanted to create floating name tags, but without entities below? This plugin allows you to create custom Holographic Displays. ░█░░█░█░░█░ You can edit them line by line, providing an easy management system. You can load a hologram from a text file, or even from an image. ░████░█░░█░ There is plenty of commands to edit them, to add, remove or change lines. The holograms are loaded dynamically and efficiently (Read the ░█░░█░███░░ description for more)...


Apr 18, 2014 Planning
MoreHealth Adds 10 Hearts For The Player Commands Added ╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍┓ Commands: /mh - add 10 hearts ╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍┛ Installation ! 1: Download MoreHealth.jar 2: Put MoreHealth.jar in your server's plugins directory 3: Start your server 4: Test it by doing /mh (remember to add the permission !) 5: if the plugin works correctly, Add 10 hearts (You have to be in survival !) ============== Permissions ============================= " morehealth.enable " - adds access to the...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
What is FramePicture? FramePicture is a Plugin, who can show Pictures in your Frames. -> How to install 1. Download the newest FramePicture.jar from DevBukkit.org 2. Stop your Server 3. Drop the FramePicture.jar into your plugins folder. 4. Start your Server 5. See the Tutorial -> Tutorial 1. Install the Plugin. 2. Join to your Server. 3. Set a Frame 4. Search a Photo for the Frame 5. Type "/fp set URL" in the Chat 6. Click on your Frame 7. Finish. You have the Picture in the Frame. ->...


Apr 18, 2014 Beta
Description: This Plugin stops insulting in a chat. If you have installed the Plugin there is a folder with the name AntiInsult if you go in it you will see that there is a blacklist.txt. There you can type the insults in, in the following format: Word, new line - Word, new line - Word, new line - ... If a Player trys to insult a other Player he will get a Message that he has to stop this and the Message is getting Cancelled and he writes: **************** Permissions: antiinsult.bypass <-...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
Or'sAutoMessage Description Or'sAutoMessage PLugin is a plugin who allow you to create How many Messages you just want to thats will Appear in the minecraft chat every 3 Minutes you can use it to advertise. and there's command is special for these plugin the command is report when player write the command report its send a message to all the admins are online if there are 0 admins online its will write "no admin online" How to Use go to the Config and just type "-" and your message for...


Apr 18, 2014 Planning
SpawnEnderCrystals - Spawn EnderCrystals in the world! Description: Did you want do add EnderCrystals to you world? Now your can it! With SpawnEnderCrystals you can tou can spawn Ender Crystals Where you want and it is protect os user who have not a permission cant break the EnderCrystal!! How to install SpawnEnderCrystals : Stop the server! Download the file: Up/Right. Drop it in your plugin bukkit folder. Start the server. Stop the server. Configure the config. Start the server. Enjoy!...
Change Color 2


Apr 18, 2014 Release
SpeechBubbles This is my third Plugin ! I hope you like it :) SpeechBubbles creates a speechbubble above the player Screens: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/speechbubbles/images/ My server : MC.ArcadeNetwork.de You can test the plugin on my server - just join and write something :) If you have any questions or problems feel free to add me on skype: Kitt3120*- or ask me on Youtube : Thecrafterslp* This Plugin is still in beta. New features will be added soon Installation&How to use...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
Seeya is an advanced SQL punishment plugin which supports the recent UUID addition. About: Seeya is a simple yet advanced punishment plugin. What are its features? UUID Support MySQL storage Support for modifying punishment reasons Efficient Language File - Change messages to your servers language from english Punishment detail - Reason, Time, When etc.. Web interface included Much much more.. Notice: v1.0 uses the mojang api and v1.1 uses my uuid cache for obtaining uuids, this will be...


Apr 18, 2014 Mature
Stable build: v2.0.0 Dev build: v2.0.1a Source: here Find this on the Bukkit Forums Problem installing? Click here Create a ticket jCommands is developed by Jozeth and is a lightweight plugin which currently has more than 50 commands such as /day to /boom, you can manage a small server off of this plugin. Once you've installed the .jar on to your server and started it, players.yml will be created, so don't delete it and keep it safe as it has your players set homes and locations. Quote:This...