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Nov 17, 2014 Release
* ES I have decided make a plugin for instant health,so I do this plugin from 0% and is a good plugin for "Premium Members" Features You instantly cure (cure hunger and also extinguish fire) in a simple command ... Commands /heal : Instantly replenishes the sender's health, food level, and extinguishes the sender if they are on fire. /healpl <Player> : Replenishes the player's health, food level, and extinguishes the player if they are on fire. /feed : Instantly replenishes the sender's food...


Nov 16, 2014 Release
Anonymous-Broadcaster Thank you for the 600+ Downloads! Introduction This Plugin allows you to broadcast to the entire server with or without the broadcast prefix allowing the players to advertise a faction or anything they would need. Also allows for you to clear the servers chat or your own! Commands /sbc <message> /abc <message> /chatclear /chatclear all Permissions broadcast.sbc : Permission to Broadcast with the prefix. broadcast.abc : Permission to Broadcast without the prefix...
TeamSpeak 2.0 (1.8)

TeamSpeak IP

Nov 16, 2014 Release
Englisch is below THANKS 4 DOWNLOADING OVER 2000+ TIMES Plugin supports 1.8 Servers with Spigot(Titels) German Funktionen /ts und die TeamSpeak ip erscheint /ts reload (kann man die Config datei neulanden kein neu start erförderlich bei config änderung) /tsupdate (Updated das Plugin von alleine) /Ts help (Zeigt Hilfe Seite) /ts update(Updated das Plugin von alleine) Installation Download die letzte TeamSpeakIP.jar Datei Stop den Server | (oder nicht stopen) Lege die TS.jar in den /plugins...


Nov 16, 2014 Release
Introduction Ever wanted to warp from signs without entering any confusing config.yml? Well now you can with WarpViaSign! Usage Download Any warp plugin. Download this plugin. Put them in the plugins folder. In-Game: Create A Sign Like This: [WarpViaSign] anywarp Note: In the following warp plugin you have downloaded, do /setwarp <warp>, then try the plugin. Commands /wvs - Main Command Permission Nodes warpViaSign.createSigns - Permission for creating a sign. Closing Note(s) Guys, It'll...


Nov 16, 2014 Planning
ExtraCommands is a very small, fun plugin that adds some basic commands such as /invtake (Copy's someones inventory and gives it to you! Note: if the player has a full inventory you may loose some items you have! use with caution.) over the weeks I plan to add various other commands ranging from fun to serious! Commands /invtake [Takes the players inventory and gives it to you, use with caution] /mckill [Kills the specified target] /fakeop /fakedeop [Sends the target a fake message.] More...

Nuke Physics

Nov 16, 2014 Release
Hey there and welcome to my Second Bukkit Plugin, NukePhysics! Ever wanted to spice up your server with some explosion fun? Is the boring old vanilla TNT not enough? Well then, NukePhysics! is the perfect plugin for you! NukePhysics! is a lightweight and simple plugin that allows players to create explosions where they are standing or looking, nukes (bigger explosions) and even meganukes (massive explosions). As a bonus, players can also rocket themselves into the air with several timed...


Nov 16, 2014 Planning
this is my first plugin!! Btroller is a troll plugin commands /burn (ticks) - burns a player 50 seconds /explode - explode a player more things i add soon!! permissions btroller.* - give acces to all commands btroller.burn - /burn btroller.explode - /explode TODO LIST add more trolls/commands fix bugs PLEASE TELL BUGS 1. server version 2. plugin version 3. error log sorry for bad english i am dutch Please donate to [email protected] plugins takes to much time so a donation is always...


Nov 16, 2014 Planning
Sorry for my bad English! What will this plugin do? The name will say it, you can set a nickname! You get the permission, typ the command, and done! You get your nickname! An example: Notch = MAAAAARRRRRRRKUSSSS Can you get a nickname with colors? Yes! It can! You can get a nickname with colors by using '&' in your nickname! You can find the colors here Commands and permissions Command: /nick Permission: nicknames.set There are also 3 aliases for the command '/nick'. You can also use '/n',...


Nov 16, 2014 Release
Sorry for my bad English! What will the plugin do? OMG OMG OMG, A DOUBLEJUMP PLUGIN?? Yes! That's true, a doublejump plugin! You can jump higher with this plugin! Really easy, not more to tell you :D Are there commands or permissions? No, there aren't commands or permissions, every player can jump higher with this plugin without permissions.


Nov 16, 2014 Release
Sorry for my bad English! What will the plugin do? This is a really easy plugin, you get the permission, typ the command, and done! You got a hat, it's a block. You can set dirt as hat, or a diamond block, or whatever you want! I like this! This is a nice plugin for funny servers with minigames, or survival servers! The command and the permission Command: /hat Permission: setahat.hat

Population Density

Nov 16, 2014 Mature
Automatically places new players where they can find wood, animals, ore, and space to build. Also priority-based login queue, reserved slots for admins, idle boot ONLY when nearly full, entity thinning for lag reduction, and optional limited teleportation. Never again will your players experience a marathon run, spawn room full of portals, or maze of abandoned builds. This is a zero maintenance solution for administrators, and players don't need to learn any commands! "This is THE plugin for...

Ender Bow (Teleporting Bow)

Nov 16, 2014 Release
Enderbow The Enderbow plugin is simple, it adds a custom Enderbow to the game that allows players to teleport wherever they shoot. To equip an Enderbow simply do /enderbow <player> and you will have your very own Enderbow! It requires enderpearls to be in your inventory to shoot it or if you are in creative it does not require anything. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this awesome plugin! Special thanks to worthless_hobo for the help on making my first plugin. :D
Ceberus Logo


Nov 16, 2014 Beta
This plugin will be ported to Sponge once it will be available. Cerberus is a SuperBlacklist for all server, this SuperBlacklist is based on many server statistic and update automatically. How it works ? Each servers who use Cerberus will send data about Ban,Kick,Jail,Mute and some other things. With this data, the Cerberus Server will examine, and Update automatically the Blacklist Database. How its detect undesirable player ? Each server can set is own "Tolerence Level" about player and...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Description Are you also get annoyed that you need many small plugins to bring the server up and running? With many small plugins, the server begins quickly to stutter. Now there is this plugin! A collection of many plugins and they are growing! Config # 1.0 updater: true mcjail: true commands: true simplesmelt: true teamboard: true mcstatus: true teammessage: true killreward: true killplus: true logspawn: true # 1.1 antipvplog: true pluginmanager: true # 1.2 jumpnrun: true timelock: true...
Slap-Me Logo


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Slap-Me Description Originally made by NightFly. Slap-Me is a bukkit plugin that allows you to slap, punch and falcon punch griefers, spammers or that really annoying guy who keeps pissing you off. I will also update this to versions like 1.3, 1.4,1.5 and 1.6 if I get asked. Original Plugin: SlapMeSilly Features Slap people. Punch people Falcon Punch people Commands /slap <player> - Slaps a player /punch <player> - Punches a player /falconpunch <player> - Falcon Punches a player Permissions...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
ctOS Connecting Our World To Hackers { Commands }{ Downloads }{ Planning }{ Main Page }{ Milestones } Description ctOS - ctOS is Central Operating System. This plugin is based on the hit game Watch_Dogs. The purpose of this plugin is to impliment Watch_Dog hacks into the game as vanilla commands. Technology makes everything easyier. Thats why with ctOS controling the city will be easy as pie! Chicago ctOS - http://chicago-ctos.com/ Watch Dogs - http://watchdogs.ubi.com/watchdogs/en-us/home/...
Cover v3

Chest Commands GUI

Nov 15, 2014 Release
Quote from filoghost:Please do NOT ask for support if you're not using the latest version! A simple and powerful plugin to create GUIs for users. Features Multiple menus support. Open menus with items, signs or configurable commands. Customizable placeholders and symbols. High quality code. Economy support, through Vault (optional). Auto update notification of new releases. Useful plugins Player Points - Allows to have another currency. Scheduled Commands - If you need to execute commands...


Nov 15, 2014 Planning
How To Download 1.) Install Plugin To your plugins folder 2.) Restart Your Server (MUST RESTART) 3.) Have Fun Enjoy My Plugin Description It offers swear protection it blocks people from being noobs and swearing you add your own words and if people grief they cant remove the swear words without console to reload console just do /rl or /reload we will update this plugin every so often if there are any bugs are when we are upgrading it Commands We dont have any commands as i said its easy and...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
SpectatorPlus by pgmann About · Commands & Permissions · Setup · Changelog · Source BukkitDev stable 2.0 · Github stable 2.0 · Jenkins Dev Build B2.1 Only builds coloured in green have been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use development builds at your own risk. Plugin test server mc.carrade.eu:59817 What does it do? Ever got bored standing behind a wall of glass waiting for the next game to start? Or if you're a server owner, do you dread the question "Can I have creative so I can...


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Slaps Ever got annoyed with a player and feel like hurting them in game but not irl? You can with slaps! Maybe they'll behave when embarrassed that someone slapped them! Command: /slap Permission: slap.use Features: Broadcast To Own Server Message when slapped and when you slap someone Easy, simple Very Small Plugin