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Sep 09, 2014 Release
Hello, today I will be bringing you a plugin called: Kangaroo-Rocket! What this plugin allows you to do is it allows your players to Double jump using a Kit or using the rocket! There are plenty of ways to use this feature! This plugin is great for hub servers or for KitPvP servers! Information below: INFO: If you are looking for older versions of this plugin, be sure to check out this page to see all of the versions: | Click Here | Version: Plugin version: 4.5 Bukkit version: 1.7.10 New...


Sep 03, 2014 Release
PermissionsEx (PEX) is a new permissions plugin, based on Permissions ideas and supports all of its features. But PEX is more! It offers different backends, powerful ingame management, fine grained restrictions for world modification. Documentation (wiki) Please use forum for help/discussions. Forum Current features Support for UUIDs as of version 1.21 Several backend support. Currently bundled backends is File (YAML) and SQL (MySQL, SQLite). Also it's possible to add your own. YAML backend,...


Sep 02, 2014 Release
Welcome Title WelcomeTitle 1.2 This Plugin Requires Spigot #1647 or above to work! This plugin will not work unless you are using spigot #1647 or above. With this plugin you can set a welcome message/title to the player using the /title feature in 1.8. You can customize the message in the configuration file.You can set fadein/fadeout/time using just commands or setting it in config. Commands and permissions /wtreload - Reloads the config (welcometitle.reload) /welcometitle - Main command...


Sep 02, 2014 Beta
Hello everyone, my Plugin is a simple one. Simply I love it to programming :D Features: You can check what they can Build ' (Building or breaking) You can check what they can Craft ' (Crafting), (with permissions simply ALLOW a item to craft) You can check what they can Wear ' (Armor) You can check what items they could Use ' (Items) ' = (can be disabled in the config) How to use: First of all download the plugin and insert it to your plugins directory at your Bukkit server. Than download...


Sep 01, 2014 Release
EggExperience I made this plugin originally for my server because i wanted a better economy and a way for players to actually get "Bottle O XP" legit! Now i have decided to release this to you. Eggexperience gives you experience when thrown its that simple but an incredible idea! There are many things you can use this for such as allowing players to get easier experience prices of eggs will go up on your "economy" server and u though at unusefull entity in minecraft will now be usefull! How...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
UUIDLib For Server Owners If you have been directed here by another plugin that requires this plugin to run, simply download that jar file and drop it in your plugins folder. You don't need any further information on this page. About This Plugin UUIDLib is a library that allows you to create an identifier using any character sequence that points to a UUID with Bukkit. This Library allows for enhanced security and ease-of-use when trying to identify players. For example, if you were creating a...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
This plugin allows players in game to run a few commands that make it easier to find members of staff in-game. This plugin main command is /staff. this allows players to see in game staff. Also the server owner/staff can customize the layout of the messages that pop up after typing the command. So each server will have there very own looking display to suit there wants and needs. Here is the list of commands at what they do. /staffhelp - ==== to save to reading this. It will show to you all...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Introduction Hello developers, you may know GetOpt from the glibc. A useful framework which provides the CLI parameter parsing. Now with ArgEngine this tool meets Bukkit. For users which already have used GetOpt I shall say that it works very different. How to use it? First you have to configure the general parsing options. OptionsSheet mySheet = new OptionsSheet(); // This is used to hold your configuration mySheet.exceptionOnUnknown = false; // Set the options as you need them...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
SimpleBazooka DOWNLOAD: Work in progress. . SimpleBazooka is a simple plugin which adds a Bazooka. There are 2 ways to get the Bazooka: - You can craft it. - You can cheat it. I'll make a better description later but it can take a while to code SimpleBazooka and other plugins Commands, Configuration and Permissions Commands: - /getbazooka - Gives you the Bazooka Permissions: - simplebazooka.get - permission for /getbazooka Configuration: - Configuration in progress! SORRY FOR THIS BAD...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Leiterkoenig German Hallo! Du hast Interesse an einem lustigem und spaßigem Lobbyspiel? Dann ist dieses Plugin optimal für deinen Server! Pages: Permissions Commands Setup Informationen: Stelle sicher, das in einem beliebigen Radius des Turms, PVP an ist, sodass die Spieler sich gegenseitig runter hauen können. Ich bin ein ziemlicher Anfänger im programmieren, Feedsbacks sind also gerne erlaubt und Bugreports selbstverstädnlich ebenfalls Die einzigste Welt inder Leiterkoenig aktiviert ist,...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Description: SimpleNoHunger "SimpleNoHunger" is a very lightweight plugin with 2KB, which allows you to have unlimited hunger, while you're playing in survival. This plugin also has a single permission, if you want to give that function to seperate groups or players. Permissions: - SimpleNoHunger.Hunger How To Install: Download the plugin Put SimpleNoHunger.jar in your plugins folder of your server Restart or reload the server


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
INTRODUCING - Hello and this is my plugin TRGAuctions! I hope you enjoy this plugin. !!!!You will need Vault and a economy plugin compatible with Vault!!!! Well lets start! FEATURES - This plugin lets you make an auction and you can bid on an auction to buy stuff TO DO - Make a "/cancelbid" command. Feel free to ask for more TO DO things for me! PERMISSIONS - First you have to set the permissions. You can use a permission plugin for this permissions or just the permissions file from the...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Simplest Solution for Secure Trading IntelliTrade will handle all your item trading needs! Run a server and want your players to be able to trade their items with peace of mind? Say goodbye to stingy players that will try scamming their riches. This plugin provides secure and automated trading of items! How it works Players can invite other players to a trade. A special trade inventory will open up, and your players can then click on the items they want to trade. There is a confirm feature,...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
PerfectSpawn PerfectSpawn is a simple spawn plugin which allows for quick and easy teleporting! Version 2.0 Installation To install, place the downloaded jar into your /plugins folder and run or realod the server! Commands /spawn - This teleports the player to the set spawn point! /setspawn - This sets the spawn for all players! /psreload - This reloads the config file for PerfectSpawn Permissions ps.spawn - This allows players to do /spawn ps.setspawn - This allows players to do /setspawn...
Joinworks Logo


Sep 01, 2014 Release
JoinWorks! JoinWorks is a simple and amazing plugin that launches a firework into the sky when a player joins the game. I created this plugin because I was tired of a non "Unique" way of warning and telling other players that someone has joined the server :D Install JoinWorks To install Joinworks all you need to do is place it into your plugins folder and restart/ reload your server. Information On join a Firework is launched Random firework every join Soon to Come! Permissions - So only...
Simple Portcullis


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Introduction BuildAssist is a collection of useful tools that make building things in Minecraft easier and more fun. It offers easy mechanics to build complicated structures more quickly, as well as structures that cannot otherwise exist. It is meant to be fun, and offer realistic costs for constructing things, but to remove some of the tedium of construction. Features Currently BuildAssist lets you: build a working portcullis quickly fill empty space with blocks of your choice (useful for...


Sep 01, 2014 Planning
Muffins Note: This is my first plugin :D We all love muffins don't we? Since everybody loves them so much why not have them in Minecraft! :D Features Gives a muffin to a player every time they do /muffin Permissions coming soon! Auto updater coming soon! Configuration coming soon! Craft muffins coming soon! Configuration Free! For now! Note: This plugin is a work in progress and will be expanding!


Sep 01, 2014 Alpha
Do you need a Light Weight hub plugin! Well I have answered your question! With Hubtatsic you can set your spawn of your server with any spawn plugin and hubtastic will automatically be set up! Just type /hub to be teleported to your ideal spawn! This is beyond amazing for small and/or growing minigame servers. No longer will you have to type /spawn in your server but /hub will replace it its that simple! ==== Download Hubtastic Now ==== Download Here: Hubtastic ==== Features And Commands...


Aug 31, 2014 Release
Welcome to ChatDisabled plugin, this plugin is for you to manage your chat! Sorry my english, I'm Brazilian. This plugin allows you to enable, disable and clear the chat of your server! Permissions: Chat.enable - Enable chat Chat.disable - Disable chat chat.clear - Clean chat Commands: echat - Enables chat dchat - Disable chat cchat - Clears the chat My channel in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VinyyHDHD


Aug 31, 2014 Planning
Crafted Download Download the .jar file from: HERE About New Crafting Recipes that will make your Minecraft game more experimental!There are over 35 new & awesome crafting recipes and for the next updates I'm adding more recipes! No config.yml needed and no permissions to make your life easier! Let's see how players evolve! Recipes See all the plugin recipes: HERE Commands CommandDescription 1/craftedMain plugin command. 2/craftedrecipesLink to the webpage with all plugin recipes....