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Complete Softmute (Vanilla version)

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Extend GriefPrevention's softmute feature to vanilla's /me and /tell commands Alright, I finally took the time to create and publish a plugin that's useful. This plugin requires and uses GriefPrevention. This plugin hooks into GriefPrevention's softmute feature and replicates the vanilla versions of the /tell and /me command for players who are softmuted. How GriefPrevention's softmute feature works: Quote:If a player is softmuted, only they (and other softmuted players) will be able to read...

Job traits

Nov 25, 2015 Release
The player pays 15 diamonds to get a job, each job has its positives and negatives. /InfoJobs to learn about all jobs. Commands: /Astronaut to become an astronaut (toggleable) /Miner to become a miner (toggleable) /ScubaDiver to become a scuba diver (toggleable) /Soldier to become a soldier (toggleable) /infojobs to get information about this plugin permissions: /Astronaut lookcook.jobs.astronaut /Miner: lookcook.jobs.miner /ScubaDiver lookcook.jobs.scubadiver /Soldier lookcook.jobs.soldier


Nov 25, 2015 Planning
ClsInv Creative Asset Protection For those that don't like reading: YouTube Video Description This plugin helps prevent players from leaving creative mode with diamonds and armour stuffed into their armor slots. This plugins is designed for servers which have a 'Creative' world and don't want players waltzing back into survival with stolen items. This is where my plugins steps in, It not only clears the inventory but it also clears the armor slots too. That's pretty much all it does, besides...
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Nov 25, 2015 Release
This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the latest file and put it into your plugins folder. When the plugin first loads, it will create a config.yml...
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zPlayerFreeze | Easily freeze players!

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Great for interrogating players that break rules! ​ Features: - Frozen player stays frozen even if they attempt to re-log. - Config allows you to customise messages and the prefix. - Other players can't damage a frozen player and vice versa. - Frozen players can't place/destroy blocks, interact with blocks, drop items or use commands. Commands: /freeze [name] - Freezes a player (toggles) /frozen [name] - Check if a player is frozen or not /frozen list - Lists all frozen players /freezeall -...


Nov 25, 2015 Release
Infomações PT/BR: Esté Plugin foi feito para aqueles que querem limpar o chat por varios tipos de motivos tipo Flood , Divulgação de outros Servidores , Spam etc... Comandos: - tchat (Permissão: tchat.admin) Sub-Comandos (Ex: tchat <sub-comando>) - off (Desativar o Chat no servidor) (Permissão para Ignorar: tchat.chat.ignore) - on (Ativar o Chat no Servidor) - clear (Limpar o Chat) THG Coder: Contato: http://bit.ly/THGCoder O Plugin também tem sistema de mudar as mensagens e permissions na...


Nov 25, 2015 Release
NoGapple What is NoGapple and what does it do? NoGapple is a plugin I made and was requested by Gratatah. It disabled Enchanted Golden Apples from being crafted in a workbench. It also does not let anyone eat them. Changelog 1.0 - Initial Release Planned - Configurable Messages - Permissions - Toggle on/off in-game - Fix bugs if any. Bugs - None Yet. P.S: This is my first plugin, I'm still learning so if you see any bugs/problems please don't hesitate to comment. Also, I am hoping it works....
Throwing Block Example


Nov 24, 2015 Release
This Bukkit plugin allows you to throw blocks, and even mobs! Yes, throw blocks, and mobs. You can get a special pickaxe from your admin or mod and click to throw blocks to your hearts desire! There are several extra features for the admins, too. Commands The main command is /throw, which can be used to give pickaxe/sword (/throw <pickaxe/sword> [player]) or enable or disable throwing blocks/entities (/throw <block/entity> <enable/disable>) Config The administrator can set the velocity, and...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Steel What Is Steel? Steel is the Bukkit implementation of Flint, a platform-agnostic minigame engine. How do I use it? If you want to run a minigame built with Flint, simply place the Steel.jar file in your server's plugins folder. If you want to build a minigame with Flint, have a look at the official tutorial. Plugins using Steel Below is a non-exhaustive list of plugins utilizing the Steel engine. If you'd like your plugin added to this list, shoot me a PM. TTT External Links Source Code...


Nov 24, 2015 Mature
Bug fixes and general improvements are in the works! Ever had to get permission nodes for plugins on your server, but found that you either had to look for it on their website or individually look in plugin.yml? Or maybe you found a list of nodes, but it had the description next to it so you couldn't just copy and paste them all at one time? Well, this plugin is for you! GetPerms is a plugin that will pull permission nodes from each plugin on your server! This plugin will output them in two...
Hotels H Logo


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Hotels Hotels is a plugin that allows server admins to create hotels and rooms within them, then rent the rooms out to their players. Below is information about the plugin. I advise you have a read through it. But don't take my word for it, try the plugin out for yourself! This project is also available over at Spigot Requirements (The following versions of plugins suggested are the ones that work with this plugin) Minimal Requirements: Compatible Spigot or Bukkit version Compatible version...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Info This plugin gives you full control of what ops/admin/moderators can and cannot do. It notices when a user runs a command, then it checks if that user have access to run this command and if they dont have permission it will cancel it and give them a warning. This plugin also overrides all permissions plugins and even op. It intergrates with some other plugins such as GreifProtection and Groupmanager. This is not a replacement for any anticheat plugin or permissions plugin. It does require...


Nov 24, 2015 Beta
==== Features: ==== Allow Players with the correct permission disguise his identity! Stops YouTubers being Targeted! - ==== Future Updates! ==== I have some huge updates coming soon, Mostly a Config so you can choose your desired disguise names, Currently there is only 14 random names that it will choose from but there will be a lot more with an editable config to choose what names that could be used :) Also the names are random so you cannot set your own name :) Unless you want that added...
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Building Game

Nov 24, 2015 Release
The Building Game GitHub | Complete Guide | Signs | Messages | FAQ If you want to keep up with the updates, follow me on twitter: @StefvanSchie For help please visit the forum first before posting a comment! 💀 Mention bugs here || 💡 Post new ideas here About: The building Game plugin was requested by a friend of mine, and I started programming it. Now I want to share this plugin to play with your friends! Description: The Building game is a game where you have to build the thing the plugin...

TTT (Trouble In Terrorist Town)

Nov 24, 2015 Beta
What is TTT? Inspired by the popular Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble In Terrorist Town, this plugin attempts to emulate the game in Minecraft. At the start of a round, players are assigned a role: Innocent, or Traitor. It is the job of each group to eliminate the other. While the traitors are outnumbered, they have the advantage of knowing the role of all players. It will be up to the Innocents to decide who should live, and who's a traitor. Note: This plugin requires the latest version of...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
Bukkit won't receive updates as often as Spigot Commands /Adv Filter | Toggle the filter on/off /Adv Reload | Reload the config files /Adv Add <Link> | Add a link to not be censored Permissions AntiAd.allow | Allow that user/group to advertise AntiAd.mod | Access to /adv AntiAd.alert | See an alert when a user advertises Features Blocks the message | Not too sensitive. Warns Staff | Message Configurable Warns User | Message Configurable Allow Links | Configurable Links Reload Config | From In...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Run a console command as a reward or punishment or Start a Skull Collection / Give permissions to something....
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Nov 24, 2015 Planning
Description This plugin allows your players to change their skins by command. These skins have to be downloaded from Mojang, because Minecraft clients only accept from Mojang signed skins. But you can choose every skin that another minecraft user currently has. Moreover it will be possible to set a custom standard skin. If you want to, this plugin can set this standard skin for all players who still have the default steve or alex skin. Features Lightweight Easy to use Implemented cache to...

Lock Security

Nov 24, 2015 Release
LockSecurity! The easiest to use container protection plugin on Bukkit! This plugin allows the ability for you to lock your containers with a key, and only be able to open the container if you have the key in your hand! There is no way that the chest can be accessed by another user unless they have a key with the ID binded to the block you have locked. IMPOSSIBLE to access any functions of the locked block The plugin is simple to use and get started. First, all you have to do, is craft...


Nov 24, 2015 Release
With ItemWorth you can set the worth of items, and on right click players will receive money equivalent to the item's worth. For example: Joe has an item that is worth $150. He then right clicks with the item in hand. The item is consumed and Joe gets $150. Dependencies: Vault A Vault compatible economy plugin (iConomy, Essentials, Accentials) Commands /iw - The base command for the plugin /iw set <amount> - Sets the worth of an item in hand /iw give <player> <item> <worth> - Gives the player...